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Trio Tag Tube Vidz
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07-11-2013 03:17 PM

"Oh loop swoop and pull The Rock and his buddies were sat in The Rock's enormous trailer watching video and stuff."


No not porn, Rocky isn't an animal. He is a gentleman. He only watches porn alone, by himself, in his trailer, with lubrication and a bowl fruity pebbles.

Anyway back to the point. The Rock and his buddies were watching youtube flicks as you do singing dogs and all that. So anyway we just finished watching a Britney Spears vid, you know the one with the bath. So the vid finished and we noticed the person who published the video was called GilmourBoyXWF. Well we were flabbergasted, could it really be? So yeah we clicked the link to see another videos that GilmourBoyXWF may have posted.

There was a few Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift vids, the Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Black Swan Scene you know the usual suspects.

But then we did stumble over a few home videos!!!

Oh my lord didn't we just and I am going to have to share one special video in particular.

Here is a video of the apparent "King of Wrestling" Peter Gilmour having a little boogie.

I warn you it is hot stuff!!!





[Image: fat_guy_in_speedo_dancing.gif]


Always trust The Rock!!

So this gave us an idea.

Could we find out anything more about our other opponents Unknown Soldier and Mr. Mystery I mean one of them is Unknown and the other is a Mystery.

Well it turns out if you dig deep enough on the thing they call the interweb then Unknown Soldier isn't as unknown as you may think, in fact we found his old MySpace page and I will tell you what, it isn't what I expected a champion in the XWF to look like under the makeup.

Honestly check it out.

[Image: ugly2.jpg]

Although he does look like someone who would do the sick shit that freakazoid does.

Anyway enough of that freak we need to find out more about the mysterious one. So will stumbled across a website. Who is Mr Mystery, The man behind the mask.

[Image: 0216_mears_tmz_video-1.jpg]

Not much better looking than Unknown Soldier I am sure you would agree. Anyway there really isn't much on this guy but we didn't care it is kinda boring anyway and there was more Vidz that my good friend dong had told me to checkout, some real catchy tunes.

Get out of my way
Just let the music play
Get out of my way

Cause I'm Trouble.

Man that is catchy banger.

There will be trouble for Peter Gilmour, Unknown Soldier and Mr Mystery if he decides to turn up to the PPV. Trouble in the form of Dwayne "The Schlong" Johnson, Dean Moxley McGover and Hunter Payne, were gonna bring it, you better hope you can biatches or else this enormous schlong is going to ruin your ass.

[Image: banner.php?text[0]=&size[0]=40&o...;preview=1]

1 x X-Treme Champion (For about 40 seconds)

[Image: 2yo3alf.jpg]
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