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Euro Title (RP 4-Final)
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07-11-2013 01:38 PM

>>Knowledgeable Nightmares (Part 4)

[Image: jimmyjacobsbanner_zps2e23a96b.png]

We last left John Austin being bamboozled, gobsmacked, seersucker; whatever you want to call it, the man was left speechless by his therapist, Doctor Michelle Thomas. Austin got up the nerve to ask the doctor out on a date and Michelle told him he needs to win the European title if he wants a piece of ass, go figure right? of course she has to make it challenging for John and couldn't have told him to beat one of the developmental guys... BUT NO, it has to be against 5 of the best in XWF.

We all know John can handle it. We now find our action hero in the parking lot of XWF's multimillion dollar studio headquarters. John is currently parked in his truck and on the cell phone with someone. By the looks of it, John has not got any sleep in the past two days.

I ran out of meds and every-time I run out I go fuckin insane. I haven't had any sleep for the past two days and now I got to go cut a fuckin promo for the match coming up at the pay per view....yeah? I can do that. Hey listen, I am already late as it is, let me call you when I am done.... haha alright later man.

John presses end on his cell-phone. He takes his last swallow of Canadian Mist from the bottle.

AHHHH now that's some good whiskey.

John throws the bottle down in the backseat and opens up a pack of gum. He begins to chew a piece before he heads into the building. He grabs his shades to cover his blood-shot eyes.


John shuts the door with force and makes his way towards the building. He opens up the door and the sounds of phones ringing can be heard miles away. John walks up towards the front desk and talks with Linda, the XWF head secretary. If you have a meeting, this is the first lady you have to talk to before you even meet with the head honcho. The boys call her the "wicked witch of the west" but John is good friends with Linda.

Xtreme Wrestling Federation...please hold.

She presses the maroon colored button on the phone and places it down.

Heyyy Johnny boy.... how look like hell frozen over

John begins to talk but remembers to keep his voice down because the hangover is present but yet John is still drinking? He is a true alcoholic.

Yeahh I have had a rough couple days to say the least. I am suppose to go do a promo for the upcoming pay per view. Can I go ahead on backk?

Linda picks up the head piece and presses a button on the set. She begins to talk quietly to the person on the other end. A few moments later she slams the phone down.

Go ahead on back, they are ready for you.

John begins to walk down the hall-way and towards the recording room. We see a lot of the yes-men and behind the scenes crew walking around. John notices the pictures hanging on the wall leading towards the room. He sees a multitude of shots of Luca Arzegotti with John Madison, Sebastian Duke, Dean McGovern holding the European title in the air and one of Paul Heyman. John stops at Paul's picture.

The god of wrestling looking great as ever.

John opens the door into the recording room. To give everyone a idea of what this place looks like, imagine a Hollywood sound stage and this would be where we have some of the current XWF members shoot their promos. John goes up to the camera man and greets him. We see a company stooge come running over and place a microphone on John's shirt collar. The stooge pushes John onto the set.

HEY! Keep your hands off me...I am big star.

You're late Mr. Austin

And so is your wife....OHHHH! see what I did there?

The man walks away in disgust and John tries to sober up. He begins talking to the camera man before he starts.

Listen Greg, I am suppose to cut about a min promo on the match. ONLY this time, I am going to go a little longer, so don't stop rolling ... what?... I don't care what he says, look, I will pay you a grand to keep .... haha yeah I thought so.

The camera man begins to count down John, we hit one and the red light begins to glow at the top of the camera.....


So let me tell you a funny thing that happened this weekend, I ran out of my meds. Now most of you watching know I deal with post traumatic stress and I have to take medication to suppress it. WELL IT'S BEEN TWO DAYS AND I HAVE NOT HAD ANY SLEEP!.

John takes off his shades and we see his blood shot eyes. John holds his head in pain from the shouting.

I have no meds, I have been on a drinking binge the past couple days and I have had no sleep. I tell this to the higher powers here at XWF but they still wanted me to cut a f*cking promo. They don't understand, when I get like this, I am like that punk bitch Sid Feder....I act like a loose cannon. See that's something I don't understand, you guys cheer him yet he is a criminal. Do I need to start caring around a pistol, will that make me awesome in your eyes?

John reaches under-neath his shirt and brings up into view, a .44 Magnum aka Dirty Harry's gun for all you Clint Eastwood fans out there reading this. John raises the gun up to his head and begins to laugh. He pulls the hammer back. We hear someone off camera begin to yell.

[Image: 44MAGNUM_zps16cc7bcb.jpg]


He pulls the trigger


The gun fires but nothing comes out of the barrel. John begins to laugh out loud in a psychotic kind of way.

You thought I was going to end my life? this ain't f*cking shock theater you dumbasses. I am not that lost child of the storm Sid Feder. Sid comes into our match as the top dog, if you want to be the best in this company, you have to defeat Sid Feder and I am going to do that at Leap of Faith. You see I have to go through four other people as well. A Seattle slut, Brian Braxton, a child molester and ...Nightmare. All these individuals are pieces of shit. They are the scum of this earth and they all should THANK Paul Heyman for letting them have the chance to rub elbows with Mr. Wrestling.

John places the glasses back over his eyes.

I don't need to speak some cryptic language like Nightmare. I don't need to look up little girl's skirts like McGovern and I certainly don't need to be walking around, preaching the gospel of some dead over-rated musician like Diaz does. My name is John Austin and I am three times, no make that ninety nine times better than my opponents in the Hell in the Cell match. If you want to watch a wrestling match, pop in a tape of Giant Baba vs. The Destroyer but if you want to see a blood bath between six of the best in XWF then watch Leap of Faith. I promise you, I am going to walk into that demonic structure and walk out as the champ.

John brings the gun back up to his head and pulls the trigger once more.


*sinister laugh*

John walks off set as our scene comes to a close. At Leap of Faith, John Austin has his biggest match to date. He is taking on five of the best for the European title. Will John conquer this tall mountain. Watch the pay per view.


To find John, turn those lights out because he will then appear...
XWF LEGEND and the only man who punked out Duke TWICE
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