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Wrong place at the wrong time (UFO #2)
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"The Phantom" Jack Kronus

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07-11-2013 10:21 AM

[Image: 2241126-835483-abandoned-house-in-the-forest.jpg]

We find ourselves looking at an old abandoned house in the middle of a forest. As we get closer, we decide to peek throught a broken window. Inside we are able to see Jack Kronus sitting in front of an old fashioned fireplace. As we look around, we see many paintings, old chests filled with many kinds of precious metals and even an armour stand. From looking at the spiderwebs around everything, we realise that this house hasn't been used in many years. We look again at Jack and we see that he has a camera in his hand. He is probably going to shoot a promo, and we don't want to miss that! We try to get closer to the window, so we can hear him talk. After making sure that the camera is working, he starts recording.

Hey there Gilmour! How are you? Jack Kronus here. In your last promo, you said that we haven't met yet. That's true. You might not know who I am, but belive me, I do know who you are. You see, I was the UFO champion before you won it. I don't mind losing my title when I lose it fair and square, but as you might remember, I DIDN'T EVEN GET PINNED! That title should be mine! I should be the UFO champion, not you! You have no respect for that title! How come you were able to take a shit on it? You have no respect for it at all! Well, if you think that it will stop me from taking it back, you are dead wrong. I don't care what happens to that belt. Even if Crimson Dong masturbates on that title, will take it home next Saturday! When Leap of Faith arrives, I will show everyone who the real champion is.

You might be wondering where I am. Well, I will show you. Since you showed us your mother's house Peter, I would like to show you my old family house. This house has belonged to my family for nearly eight hundred years! Each one of us has stored here something special. For example, this sword.

Jack picks up a two-handed sword that was hanging on the wall. In the handle, we can see a bunch of precious stones shining brightly.

This steel sword once belonged to Sir Kronus, a knight from the king's Royal Guard. This painting right here once belonged to Kronus Moretti, a rich merchant from Italy. As you can see Peter, everything in this house has a story. And when the time comes, I will store something else here. Something of great value to me...

Jack finally reaches the end of the hallway, where a trophy stand is leaning aganist the wall. Jack then zooms the camera to reveal a nameplate that reads:

Jack Kronus, FTW UFO E1999 Champion
July 13, 2013
Heinz Field
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Yes Peter, I have already bought a trophy stand to store my UFO belt. I will win this Battle Royal, and no one will stop me from getting what is rightfully mine! Chris Legend... the guy that tried to steal my belt, but that ended up stealing a replica. I have defeated him once, and I will do it again. Same thing goes for Adam Rollins. As for Jason, I know you want a piece of him, so I will let you have him. Death Merchant and Reaper: you might not know me, but after our match, I will make sure you won't forget me. As for you Peter, I have to admit: you will be my toughest opponent yet. Not because you are the UFO champion, not because you are one third of the Trios Champions and certainly not because you are the Xtreme Icon or some shit like that. You will be my toughest opponent yet because I am still trying to understand how am I supposed to throw your fat body over the top rope. I mean, it is impossible! It breaks every single law of physic. I don't know how, but I will throw you out of the ring! Get ready Peter. The Revolution is coming!

Jack turns off the camera and places it on top of a table. Kronus then picks up the old sword and starts cleaning it with care. Suddenly, a loud crack is heard. We look around to see where the sound came from when we realize that we had just stepped on a broken bottle. We look at the window to see where Jack is, but he is nowhere to be seen. We turn around to run away, but The Phantom is already there. With one swing of his sword he makes a deep cut on our leg, to make sure that we aren’t able to run.

“No one can know where this house is. I can't risk putting all of these treasures in danger. I am deeply sorry…” Jack says, as he pierces our chest with the sword. We feel an unbearable pain, like nothing we have felt before. The wounds are too deep to be healed. It is our end. The last thing we remember is seeing Jack with a shovel, digging a grave. At least the bastard had enough respect to bury us. Motherfucker...
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