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07-11-2013 09:46 AM

Steve Sayors is seen standing in front of a smaller version of the xtron.

Steve- Hello everyone, thank you or turning into yet another exclusive. Once again we have footage from a recent live event which was not see on television. It took place in the first mariner arena in Baltimore Maryland in prep for this Saturdays Leap of Faith paper view.

Camera switches over to The Incredible People making their entrance into the arena. They are facing off against a couple no name guys. During the match Matt and Jack looked in trouble and Jacob had gotten knocked down by one of the other competitors until Lightning comes out interfering in the match which helps Matt and Jack pick up a win. All four men after the match continue beating on the no named wrestlers and finally stop after a minute or so. Matt then takes a mic from ringside.

Matt- That right there people, is tag team wrestling!

The crowd erupts in boos

Matt- You people are just jealous of us, you wish you could be like The Incredible People. You all are nothing more than pieces of shit who are going absolutely no where in life. Your minimum wage jobs which some how gave you money to enter this event. Don't you people have other things to do with your minimum wage money? Like paying to take the bus so you can go get your food stamps and what not?

The crowd is booing very loud and becoming more rowdy.

Matt- Now we all remember what happened at my paper view debut right? Well this time it's different. Back then I only had Jacob with me and me and him got over powered by the three other men in the match. This time I have not only Jacob Lewis, but I also have Jack Killborn and Lightning. Together we are called The Incredible People. Like I have said in the past the incredible way is the right way. I know you people don't like me and I personally don't give two shits. I'm gonna do a little thing now that I like to do when I'm at these live not taped shows. I like to talk come out to the crowd and have a little talk with some people. Jack, do you see anybody who looks like they got the balls to get face to face?

Jack- Oh yeah, that scrawny little fuck right there!

Matt- The crack head in the Tupac shirt? Alright.

Matt slides out of the ring while the other three men get on the apron watching Matt.

Matt- Alright buddy, you look like you got some beef with me. What do you have to say?

Fan- Fuck you, fuck Canada, and fuck the incredible people. Y'all just a bunch of pussy ass bitches!

Matt- Oh okay, we are pussy ass bitches. You know who you remind me of? That mother fucker Lebron James and Dwight Howard. You speak Ebonics just like those two. Now, who's your favorite wrestler?

Fan- I like the academi!!!! Yeah!!!

Matt- Ah, the academi. Alright, Eli James and Eric Rex. Well sir I got some news for you. They are gonna get their asses kicked all over Heinz Field this Saturday. And just like you they are low life pieces of garbage. Is this your family? Wow, your son gets his ugly looks from his father.

The fan flips out and swings at Matt and spits on him. Matt then takes a drink sitting next to the fan and throws it in their face. Jacob, Jack, and Lightning come and pulls Matt back as the security restrains the fan from jumping the barricade. The incredible people then roll back in the ring.

Matt- See that Baltimore! I just proved a point! You people are disgusting! I saw some of the shit coming into the arena through out your little city. And by shit I mean people. Jesus Christ! You people should feel embarrassed. Your football team just won a Super Bowl and you can't even dignify yourselves to improve the hygiene of yourselves. I hope you are aware when tourists see that, they don't wanna come back.

The crowd is beginning to throw things in the ring.

Matt- Yeah that will make yourselves look better. Keep it coming, I'm letting you know now if I get hit in the head by something I'm coming out there I don't give a fuck, nobody is holding me back.

Jacob- I will be there right behind him, us four will gladly take on everyone in this arena.

Matt- Lets get back to business, as you have seen over the past week Lightning is now a proud member of The Incredible People. He completed his first task tonight by helping us pick up a win against those nobody's. His second task is far more important than the one he did tonight. The first task was nothing more than a test to see if he had what it takes to bend the rules a little bit. We all saw he passed. His next task will be assistance at Leap of Faith. If you people don't know what Leap of Faith is it is a paper view, something most of you can't probably afford. But at Leap of Faith Lightning is going to do the same thing he did this evening especially if we have trouble in the ring. So that's a warning to The Academi, and The Crimson Knights. The incredible people are coming out in full force at Leap of Faith and we will be walking out tag team champions.

Matt drops the mic and the four men make their ways up the ramp. As the scene ends.

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