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Hell Hath No Mercy (RP 3)
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Andrew Morrison Away
The Storm Of Destruction

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07-11-2013 07:16 AM

(camera feed on)

(we see Morrison in street clothes at an apartment complex, we also see Alexandra Callaway in street clothes in the background in the playground area by a little boy)

Well, Johnny...I must say that even after all the personal and business stuff we have put each other through and despite everything, there was always something I had even a shiver of respect of you for. and yes that was being a decent father...and indeed yes, you were a father of the year compared to my old man...but you see Johnny, I can tell my father to burn in hell because I lived through that and I have that right to be hateful toward him and to want him to on the other hand decided to send me a PERSONAL message when I and you both shook hands and agreed there would be NO personal attacks between you and I. and so far that had NOT been bullshit.

I never spoke of your children, because I saw something in you I never saw from my dad and that was actually love for your children and a very small part of me applauded you for that, applauded you for being so pissed off, applauded Michelle for being pissed off. But I know that all that anger does is get in the way of what needs to be done...what needs to be done now broke what was an honest agreement the minute you stepped anywhere near that grave...and despite the fact that old bastard deserved it, it doesnt change the fact you crossed the I guess you showed me what kind of man you really are Johnny...and what kind of person Michelle is too...selfish, only out for themselves...because you know what Johnny, you are not the only one that has ways of digging up dirt and using it against them...

I know all about your history with my partner Alexandra Callaway.....

Alexandra, would you come here for a second..and bring the child...

(Alexandra walks up holding the hand of a small boy, with dusty brown hair and who seems to look a little bit in the eyes like Johnathan Cross)

I know ALL about your child that you hide from the XWF the child you thought you could avoid, you could abandon! And you sit here and try to preach you are any better of a man than me for what I COULD'VE done to your children!? What HAVE you done with this child? Absolutely NOTHING. No child support. No visits. You denied this child every step of the way, and so has Michelle. You label Alexandra as a whore, a lying deceitful bitch who only is after your money or trying to get at Michelle or back to you...Alexandra is trying to be a mother to this child...and all she wanted was for you to be a part of this child's life...but you didnt want it that way did you would rather go to graveyards and disfigure my good for nothings fathers tombstone than come here to be with your child...on his birthday...

Yes who is a deadbeat father now...yes you may not beat your children, you may not be a drunk...but even as dead as my father was to me, at least he was there once in a while..even if he were passed have NEVER been present for this child, you and Michelle have done nothing but resent and be hateful toward this child AND his mother for PERSONAL reasons and quite honestly, it makes me sick. You preach about family. You preach how much you love and cherish your children and you and Michelle hate me for trying to get it into your head to protect them by showing you what COULD happen.

Yet, where are you now? When one of your children could use their father the most? I do not see you here. I see Alexandra here trying her damnest to be both a mother and a father to your child while you and Michelle deny him, condemn him, and do nothing but attack the one person who despite all of her shortcomings, all of the mistakes shes made in her life, SHE is here and trying to be a good parent.

Johnny...we had made an agreement that I would not PERSONALLY attack you, your wife, or your family. And I held that agreement. What I did in that parking lot was a personal attack on myself and on my father. You CHOSE to make things personal.

So if you want to bring hell down on you, Michelle, and whomever else you want to throw into it..I will now have no mercy...OUTSIDE and INSIDE the ring...because after what I have heard, and spending time with this wonderful child..I have lost that shiver of respect I ever held for you. Dont you DARE sit here and tell me that you are any better of a man than I am..dont you dare tell me you are all about your children..because I see one child here who has never known his father, and quite honestly, SHOULDN'T know his father after the things he has done...

It is YOU that has opened the gates of Hell Johnny, and you will face no mercy from me or Alexandra..because its time you learned what hell truly is...both INSIDE the ring..and out of it...enjoy your time trying to find ways to make yourself look more and more like a hypocrite...and more and more like the piece of shit that you really are Johnny...I am going to go do what you SHOULD be doing today..the hell is coming Johnny, you'd be smart to stop trying to break us and prepare for your and Michelle's destruction...

Happy Birthday Thomas, come on little guy lets go play.

(they all step away from the camera and we see the three of them playing in the sandbox together and the child laughing and smiling)

(camera feed off)

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