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07-11-2013 06:58 AM

Jacob Lewis is seen opening a door revealing Matt Lennox sitting alone at a table. He appears to be writing something.

Jacob- Matt?

Matt looks alarmed and throws the paper to the side.

Matt- What Jacob?

Jacob- I believe it is time

Matt- Okay, I will be right in. I will be right there.

Jacob leaves the room and Matt takes the letter and writes down a few more things and then folds it up and slips it in his pocket. He gets up from the table and makes his way down to the room where Jacob is standing outside the door.

Matt- So, he is ready ay?

Jacob- Take a look for yourself sir.

Matt opens the door and the unknown man is standing against the furthest wall. All you see is his shadowy outline.

Matt- Alright I've heard you have finally seen the light and the way of the incredible people.

Unknown man- Yes sir

Matt- I like you already. See I have a job for you already. You're going to help in this weekends match. You will help The Incredible People win the tag team titles. If you help us win, you will get good points moving forward I our faction.

Jacob brings over two chairs to the middle of the room. Matt sits in the chair that has more light on it, while the unknown man sits in the other chair. You can see more of him but not much.

Matt- Saturday is a big deal and I know you know why. This will be our first look at gold as a group. It's already obvious that Eric Rex and Eli James may not get along well because Eric only has his sights on Knight Mask. That is where you come in, you are going to come to ringside with us and if trouble begins coming our way. You are gonna do something about it! Jacob will be there as well if you need any pointers but its plain and simple so you probably don't need his help.

Jacob steps into view behind Matt.

Matt- Jacob, you know the drill when we go into battle.

Jacob- Yes sir, I and our new member will make sure you walk out new tag team champions.

A knock is heard on the door as Jack Killborn walks in.

Jack- You guys, Steve Sayors is here. He said he didn't wanna come but Paul told him to get down here and talk to us.

Matt- Bring him in

Steve walks into the room a little slow. He looks frightened because of previous actions made by Matt and Jacob. Jacob bucks at him and Steve cowers away quickly. All the men laugh at him as Jacob grabs another chair and has Steve sit down.

Steve- Wait a minute! He's he new member?! I can't believe it's.....

Jacob- Say another word, and we will have a repeat of last week. We will reveal him very soon. But you say nothing!

Steve- Alright, umm Matt. Paul wants to know why you have so much hostility against him and the rest of the management?

Matt- I have every reason in the world to hate the fucking management. They do nothing but screw me over. Like Wild Card Weekend, I wasn't even booked on the god damn card! I got lucky to get on the card only because I pinned Dean in the 24/7 rule for the Xtreme title. Shane Carver doesn't care about me, Jacob, or even you Steve! The rest of the clowns are nothing but puppets to Shane Carver. Especially Paul Heyman, I haven't seen so much ass kissing in my life. I bet you if Shane told Paul to jump, he'd ask how high. It's just bullshit Steve, and if they have a problem with me talking the way I do then send me away to another show. We all know Paul won't because The Incredible One brings Incredible ratings.

Steve- Over the past couple days, we've heard what you had to say about your opponents, especially Eric Rex and Eli James. What about The Crimson Knights?

Matt- What is there to say about those two morons? They rarely even defend those belts so its about time somebody forces them to defend them. I bet you when we win them we will be forced to defend them every chance we get to get in the ring. Crimson cobra served as a great gm which I will give him props for that, but like I said when I had to face against him at Wild Card Weekend. It is all different when we step in the ring. I don't care if you are crimson cobra, Scott Charlotte, hunter Payne or anybody else in the locker room. I'm coming into the match looking to make you bleed and suffer. As for knight mask, I don't know much about this guy. He seems like a hell of a wrestler in the ring but he's got himself an even better opponent in myself and Jack Killborn. We will take their titles even if it means they leave in an ambulance.

Steve- I'd like to give my next question to you, why did you join the Incredible People?

Jacob- He isn't going to answer that Steve. I told you to leave it alone!

Steve- Alright alright! I guess I will get going.

Steve gets up and Jack opens the door to let him out as Jacob pushes Steve real hard out the door way.

Jacob- You didn't see shit Steve!

The camera then switches back to Matt looking at the unknown man.

Matt- So, are you ready for you first task?

The man emerges from the shadows and it ends up being Lightning.

Lightning- Ha, whatever it is. I got this.

The camera fades on lightning.
Scene over.

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