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Captive Pursuit (RP #3)
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07-10-2013 06:46 PM


It had been a long day for Stevie yesterday. He couldn't really remember anything that happened after he got off of work, but that's not really abnormal. Helping entitled people find Fancy Feast was hard work. Why he still went in was anybody's guess. I got out of bed around 2PM and found his roommate LJ sitting at his computer in their shared living room. He was laughing hysterically. Stevie walked in, curious to see what it was.

"STEVIE, GET IN HERE!" LJ yelled between fits of laughter and not realizing Stevie was already right behind him. "Dude, I'm right here," Stevie said, pointing out what I just did. "Why didn't you tell me you started cutting promos!? Oh, my GOD, MAN! This is great!"

Stevie hadn't told LJ about any promos because Stevie hadn't cut any promos. At least, none that he could remember. "Start it over," he instructed LJ.

LJ refreshed the page and, to Stevie's surprise, there he was in his Merlin t-shirt, microphone in hand against a white wall made of cinderblocks. His eyes...were completely black. Well, that's new.

Stevie's promo went something like this: "Let me tell you somethin', brother! Leap of Faith is this Sunday and Stevie and all his little Tylerites couldn't be more excited! Ya' see, the Stevester's been workin' hard to get in shape for this thing. He's been runnin' upstairs, downstairs, frontwards, backwards, doin' jumpin' jacks, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, throwin' up because he's been workin' SO HARD! Tony Santos, Agent Orange, and Alex Shawn aren't gonna' know what hit 'em, DUDE! It's gonna' be ACTION-PACKED! It's gonna' be XTREME! The Stevester is gonna' go in that ring and is gonna' take home his gold title...Not just for himself...Not just for his mom just diagnosed with cancer...BUT FOR ALL THE TYLERITES IN THE WORLD! So kids, don't forget, dudes, if you wanna' grow up and be just like Stevie Tyler you gotta' remember to say your vitamins and EAT YOUR PRAYERS! WHATCHA' GONNA' DO WHEN THE STEVESTER AND ALL HIS TYLERITES SPILL THE BLOOD OF A THOUSAND SINNERS ALL OVER YOU!?!"

Stevie didn't even get upset this time. Gary's done a lot to him since possessing him. Stevie just walked into the kitchen (connected to the living room) and grabbed a Hot Pocket.

"Stevie, man...Why didn't you tell me your mom has cancer?" LJ asked.
"Because she doesn't," Stevie said before taking the first bite of that delicious pepperoni pocket.

"That's twisted that you'd use that, then," LJ like a judgemental jerk that just forgot his roommate was possessed.

"Dude. I have a demon. He lives inside me. Most of the time, at least," Stevie explained.

LJ spun his seat around to face Stevie who was now drinking milk straight from the carton.

"Gross, man. I keep forgetting about the demon thing." How could he after he'd been puked on all those times? LJ has a security job where he gets paid to pay attention. How in the blue hell?

Stevie's phone makes the noise Sonic the Hedgehog made in the first game when he lost all his coins. He's gotten a text.

"hey its julie. thanx 4 coming by 2 c me last night @ work. it was super lame til u showed up. still want me 2 pick u up @ 2:30?" Stevie spit milk all over the kitchen counter and himself. Gary had done it. Gary had set him up on a date.
"Clean that up, dude!" LJ shouted, throwing Stevie a crisp hand towel from the computer desk. Stevie, ignoring how crunchy it was, quickly wiped his face and the counter.

"Dudedudedude," he said. "Julie is coming to pick me up!" He started to undress. The Merlin shirt wasn't going to do it. Christ, he had no time to even shower. "I don't have time to shower!" he repeated me as he now stood with his pants halfway to his feet.

"Go and do it quick! I'll keep her busy!" LJ winked as he said it and Stevie punched him in the arm as he thanked him heading to the shower. He had time to get out and get dressed before she made it to his apartment. LJ hadn't bothered to clean up any, but he did put away the towel.

There's a knock at the doorbell. Stevie almost fainted. He knew she wouldn't like the Merlin shirt, but this dragon shirt was gonna' knock her dead. He answers the door to find her there. Julie who he's been in love with for 4 years and has barely been able to talk to her once. In a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, tight red jeans (is she a Raphael fan too!?), and her dirty TOMS.


"YOUR APARTMENT!" Julie interrupts. "Oh my God, I love it!" She darts back and forth across the room grabbing different action figures off of counters and playing with each one seconds at a time. LJ leaves the room. Partially to be polite. Mostly because seeing her move the stuff in the room is driving him insane.

"Who...Who's your favorite superhero?" Stevie barely managed to ask.

"Daredevil with no question," she replied matter-of-factly. Stevie felt himself blush. He'd been the only person he knew that cared at all about Daredevil.
"You?" she asked, bobbing her head to one side.

"Same," he responded, trying to sound cool.

"SHUT UP!" she shouted, punching him in the shoulder and kissing him, quickly, on the cheek.

This nerdy nonsense went on for about an hour longer before they got in the car and found themselves at Spill the Beans. Julies favorite coffee shop. Stevie didn't like the taste of coffee, but he didn't say anything. He ordered a banana smoothie and they sat in front of a window where Julie sipped a mocha.

After about another hour of nerdy nonsense and a slight argument on who would win between Hawkeye and Green Arrow (Hawkeye, obviously) Stevie started to feel ill. Initially, he was worried he was going to puke on her like he had his roommate. Then he saw it.

A figure in the window. It had to have been 9ft tall, at least. It's entire body was matte black and it's head was as wide as 3 heads side by side. And it was cone shaped. It appeared to have 3 eyes, but the 2 on the sides were closed. The one in the center was very small, but fixed on Stevie. It had it's hands pressed against the glass, and nobody else seemed to notice. Until it burst through. Then, of course, everyone panicked.

The thing came straight for Stevie, but before it got a grip on him, Gary tore himself from Stevie's body. Stevie grabbed Julie and darted out of the coffee shop. Gary punched the thing with a hard right and it started firing lasers from it's 2 eyes that had been closed. One singed Gary's knee, the others incinerated the shop's patrons. Their fight quickly knocked the establishment off of it's foundations. Stevie and Julie watched, mortified, as Spill the Beans crumbled.

The 2 monsters spilled into the streets where Gary was beaten down and his head dunked and held in a fountain. Stevie had had enough. Whether it was courage, stupidity, or just wanting to impress Julie, he ran at the monster. The monster grabbed him by the throat before Stevie could do anything. It lifted Stevie into the air and stared at him. Suddenly, Julie kicked it in the shin.

"OWWWWWWWW!" the thing cried. "Was that NECESSARY!?" It started to open it's laser eyes toward her, and she ran, screaming, down the street.
The thing put Stevie down. "I'm sorry. Did I ruin your date?" it asked. It had.

"Stevie, meet Dax. Dax, meet Stevie," Gary said.

"What?" asked Stevie, though he didn't really want to know. "WHAT!?" he asked again. REALLY not wanting to know.

"Don't worry. He's just drawn to you because he's lost here and he sensed me. He's just confused. I can fix everything." Gary snapped his fingers and everything was back to normal. Stevie was back in his seat at the shop. Julie perfectly covered in puke. He apologized and excused himself.

Stevie cried himself to sleep that night.

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