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07-10-2013 02:28 PM

Matt- This company has see its many stars. They all have risen to the top of the mountain, but they suddenly vanish like that. People like The Senator, and CM Punk. Both were on top of their games but like most great men, they had a falling point. Not this guy, it's only a matter of time before I claim my spot on the too of the mountain. But unlike the men I just named, it's gonna be hard to get rid of me. Especially when I have my incredible people with me.

Jacob Lewis and Jack Killborn step into view behind Matt.

Matt- Many people here in XWF look at us and think we are just a few dumb rookies. Well we might be fairly new to the XWF, but I think people here are so used to bums coming into this company that they believe all rookies are dumb. I will give a few examples hold on.

Matt pulls out a slip of paper.

Matt- These men to me, are classified as dumb, and they are fairly new. Some people aren't even with the company anymore even though they were brand new. Hunter Payne! In my opinion he is as dumb as they come and look! He's Mexican! He's got a whore too! So look Eli James you got yourself another hoe for your train. And yes Eli, I am aware they aren't hoes according to you, but who knows maybe you're into that incest thing. Lets see another dumb guy, oh yeah! Remember that Spawn Of Satan guy? Where'd he go? He came in talked shit and got the fuck out of here faster than Hunter Payne from the boarder patrol. Ill do one more real quick, ummm ah here we go. We got the two dumbest athletes on the planet who just stopped by XWF, Lebron James and Dwight Howard. What the hell, really people? You would think Shane Carver and the rest of the management would know that 3 big cry babies is enough! Notice people I said three, the other third cry baby of the XWF is Swift Ion. Well I think he's still with the company but I don't know, all I know is he bitches about everything. Moving on....

Jacob- Matt, we think he may almost be ready to join our forces. I think he's seen the light.

Matt- Hmm, lets take a walk shall we.

The three men walk down a little hallway and into a room where you see the unknown man sitting in the chair very quiet now and blankly staring at the tv. Jacob walks up and rips off the tape.

Jacob- Have you seen the light?

Unknown voice- Yes, The Incredible Way, Is The Right Way.

Jacob walks back over to Jack and Matt.

Jacob- Well?

Matt- We will reveal him soon enough Jacob. The people can wait a bit longer. Those fans show us no respect, we all know they are dying to find out who our next member is. So we should give them the same respect as they give us. I'd like to give a shout out to the lovely people of Shittsburg by the way. You people seem like typical American trash. Jack Jillborn here has something near and dear to your guys heart.

Jack pulls out a terrible towel and hands it to Matt.

Matt- So this is it! The infamous terrible towel. Look it even says terrible towel on it, I guess the people got something right. You know what, I got a little gift for the fans of the steelers down in Shittsburg.

Matt pulls out a lighter and sets the towel on fire and throws it on the ground. The towel burns to a crisp.

Matt- Come at me now Shittsburg! I am ready for you guys! I heard you all are some rapid people! The incredible people love to cause trouble, we live for controversy.

Jacob- How's about I take a couple stomps to this burnt thing. Show them how we really feel about them.

Jacob stomps several time on the burnt towel as the three begin laughing.

Matt- Jacob, you stomping on that reminds me of the match. Myself and Jack will be doing that all over the Crimson Knights and Eli James and Eric Rex. We will show them the real meaning of tag team wrestling.

The three men walk off the view of the camera as it fades on the view of the unknown man watching the tv still.

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