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Anarchy 11-17-22
Author Message
"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane Offline
The Guy

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(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

11-19-2022, 08:42 PM


[Image: BbV3NBt.png]



- vs -

- vs -

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- vs -
ELIMINATION ROYALE to Determine Ruby's Opponent!!!

Eliminations can occur from pins, submissions, or being thrown over the top rope!

The winner will face Ruby later in the evening to determine the NEW number one contender to the Anarchy Title!

#1 Contender Tournament FINALS!
- vs -
Ruby will face whoever wins the Elimination Royale earlier in the evening!

OOC: ANARCHY RULES is 1 RP with a 1K WORD LIMIT unless stated otherwise. Tag Team matches require one collab RP per team rather than two separate ones.
Hard deadline for Anarchy will be WEDNESDAY, 11-16-2022 at 11:59pm board time. Good luck!


The pyro is loud as HECK inside the hallowed halls of the Mid-South Coliseum, but the fans are DOWN WITH IT!!!

CamBots whir through the rafters and pick out fans from throughout the crowd, showing off their homemade signs…



NED: 0


More pyro pops off as the drones find “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane alongside his broadcast partner, Bama T. and the adorable Chihuahua Sassafras!

Vinnie Lane: “Hey HEY! It’s time again for the wildest show in the XWF, the roller coaster ride known as Anarchy! We’re gonna find out who our new number one contender is tonight, folks because Bad Medicine is right around the corner and EDWARD doesn’t even know who his opponent is… it could be Ruby, or it could be a whole lot of others!”

Bama: “Don’t forget we got a couple other barn burners as well, the in-ring debut of Cletus as he takes on Gina Van Zyl, who was real impressive last time out… also Alphriya Adler against Jamaican Jimmy in HER debut!”

Vinnie Lane: “Jess Anderson continues her journey down the optimal path against That Guy as well… but the big focus will still be on that contender match. We know Ruby is in it, but her opponent is gonna be figured out RIGHT NOW!!!!”

Bama: “Let’s get to the ring, Vinnie!”

Cameras move to the ring where all eight competitors are already waiting…

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
ELIMINATION ROYALE to Determine Ruby's Opponent!!!

Eliminations can occur from pins, submissions, or being thrown over the top rope!

The winner will face Ruby later in the evening to determine the NEW number one contender to the Anarchy Title!


Basically as soon as the bell sounds, while it’s still echoing in the arena even, Darren Dangerous pulls out a gas can and pours the contents all over himself. The gas smears with the blood on his forehead, because he is always bleeding, and then Darren pulls out one of those weirdly long matches like people use on their barbecue grills!

Darren strikes the match and then touches it to his body - HE GOES UP IN FLAMES!!!

Erik Holland is not intimidated by the fire at all, and he steps in front of Darren, begging him to bring it.

Darren obliges! He runs forward screaming, but before he can connect with Holland, Centurion charges forward with a flame blanket! Where the heck did he get that? How did he know he’d need it? So many questions!

Centurion hits Darren and hugs him in the blanket, and the bull rush sends both men flipping over the top rope to the outside!

Eliminated - Darren Dangerous

Eliminated - Centurion

Across the ring, Unknown Soldier has decided to throw caution to the wind as he climbs the turnbuckles… AND LEAPS OUT OF THE RING ONTO DARREN AND CENTURION???

Soldier actually catches on fire due to the peculiar lube he greases himself up with all the time, and he runs screaming the back giving the sign of the devil horns with both hands as he strips off his gear to keep the fire at bay!

Eliminated - Unknown Soldier

Back in the ring, Raab and Jason Cashe are trading stiff blows until Erik Holland clobbers Raab from behind and then chucks him into a corner. Holland starts stomping the bejeezus out of him and Cashe tries to join in… DAMNATION ALLEY from Holland to Cashe!

Cashe back to his feet, but Holland grabs him by the head and grinds his face across the length of the top rope, then flattens him again with a LARIAT!

Raab attacks Holland once again from behind, snaring him in the CHOKEINATOR!

Holland is up, but he’s got to lean against the ropes for support… here comes Cashe with a running clothesline…




Eliminated - Jason Cashe

Xavier Lux mixes it up with Raab after that, and HGH drops Holland from behind with a running bulldog…

When HGH stands up though, he’s locked into the MIND SLEEPER by former Anarchy Champion Mastermind!

The Misfits all rush to ringside as Mastermind ends up choosing to release the submission hold and starts pushing HGH over the top rope instead…

Kris Von Bonn, Scarlett Donaldson, Melanie Childs, and even Antony the Jerk all arrive like a mob and start trying to pull HGH from the ring from the outside as Mastermind pushes from within… but HGH has his arms and legs tangled through the ropes expertly, and he just isn’t budging!

And here comes the EDWARD CLAN! EDWARD, EDWINA, and EDWARD JUNIOR THE SECOND race down to the ring swinging the Anarchy and Freestyle Championships over their heads, and they take out the Misfits! Antony the Jerk begs off as his crew gets laid out at ringside, and in the ring Mastermind gets rolled up from behind by HGH!



Mastermind kicks out!!!

Lord Raab takes HGH out with a running knee, and Xavier Lux decides to turn his attention to Mastermind, pulling him up and whipping him into the turnbuckles across the ring… THE TOXIN!

Mastermind’s bell is rung and Lux drags him up the ropes and sets him up for his devastating finisher, but as he gets Mastermind up onto his shoulders, Antony the Jerk pops up on the apron and knocks Lux off balance!

Both men fall to the mat, hurt, but still not eliminated!

Raab and Holland are tearing each other apart with vicious strikes, and Raab gains control after trapping Holland’s arms and slamming a series of nasty headbutts right into Holland’s face!

Holland is staggered, but when Raab looks for the KILLERBUSTER Holland frees himself and scoops Raab up… THE TOXIC AVENGER!!!

It looks like Holland is going to follow up with a cover, but HGH from behind nails THE INJECTION SHOT!!!

HGH with a lateral press on Holland!



Holland with the shoulder up!!!

HGH stays on Holland, though - he pulls Holland to his feet and hits THE DOUBLE DOSE! Before he can apply the armbar, though, Raab spears him to the mat!

Raab beats HGH in the face and yanks him up by the hair… KILLERBUSTER!!!

Raab lets out a primal scream and then sets his sights back onto Holland, who is still down… KILLERLOCK!!!

Holland is stuck in the hold as Raab has it locked on tight! Holland is hanging in there though, showing a versatile ability to not submit…


Lux with a cover on Raab!




Raab jams both his thumbs into Xavier Lux’s eyes, and Venom has to roll into a corner and turtle up…

Mastermind grabs Raab from the back! THE MIND SLEEPER!!!

Raab flails and fights, but he droops to his knees eventually. Mastermind grapevines his legs around Raab and pins his arms to his sides so that he can’t even tap out!

The official sees Raab’s eyes rolling into the back of his head and waves it off! Raab is unconscious!

Eliminated - Lord Raab

Mastermind grins as he stands and then he pulls Raab up and tosses him over the top like a bag of trash. Raab lands hard on the concrete, but Mastermind doesn’t see HGH sneaking up behind him!

HGH launches Mastermind over the top as well, then quickly turns around looking for someone new… he doesn’t see that Mastermind never hits the floor! In fact, Antony the Jerk throws himself onto the concrete and allows Mastermind to stand on his own body to pull himself back into the ring!

HGH, meanwhile, finds himself on the receiving end of some spontaneous teamwork when Erik Holland whips him to the ropes and drops him with the DEATH RACE 2000! Right after hitting the mat, Xavier Lux connects on him with a shooting star press!

Lux stays on HGH with a cover!




Eliminated - HGH

That leaves only three men remaining, but it doesn’t last long as Holland and Lux turn their brief cooperation upside down and start brawling.

Lux batters Holland with some martial arts strikes while Mastermind simply waits and bides his time in a corner, getting his strength back.

Holland catches Lux with a wild punch, and he cracks him on the crown of his skull with an elbow strike, then buries him into the mat with a LIMBIC RESONANCE! Lux is out cold!


Eliminated - Erik Holland

It’s one on one!

Mastermind stalks the downed Xavier Lux and waits until the man has rolled over onto his belly… THE MIND CONTROLLER!!!

Lux is in agony, but Mastermind has that hold on and sunk in DEEP. Lux wails and punches his fists into the mat, but he refuses to give in despite the pain he’s in.

Mastermind cranks back on the hold for a while before throwing Lux’s legs down in disgust and arguing with the official. MM tells the ref Lux must have given up already and that the match should be over, otherwise he’ll end up crippling him… but the ref says no, Lux simply would not submit and he is still fighting.


Mastermind keeps arguing and has no idea that Lux has managed to get back to his feet, wincing and holding the small of his back…

Mastermind turns, and Lux leaps into a standing hurricanrana! He sits down on it and turns it into a pinning combination!




Eliminated - Mastermind

Winner by Survival  - “Venom” Xavier Lux

Vinnie Lane: “Xavier Lux has done it! He’s going to face Ruby in tonight’s finale for a chance to become the Anarchy Champion!”

Bama: “The man just went through hell Vinnie! Erik Holland nearly killed him! Mastermind tried to fold him in half! Now he’s gotta go up against the brand’s top name? That ain’t fair!”

- vs -

A shower of rainbow colored lights falls upon the stage just as "Bad Girl" by DAYA begins to play. Aphriya Adler then explodes from behind the curtain jumping and reaching out to the crowd, each side of the stage. Then it seems as though the rainbow lights escort down the ramp. Her energy is high and quite contagious as the crowd cheers for her. Aphriya tries to touch each fan's hand that are outstretched down the ramp. She seems to glide into the ring under the bottom rope seamlessly. She bounces to each side raising her hand to the crowd with a bright smile.

The music begins to fade and the gameface comes on. Removing her jacket then keeping herself loose in the corner awaiting the battle to begin. Adler hops back and forth in anticipation as the crowd continues to cheer her on.

Vinnie Lane: “Whoa, sounds like Aphriya Adler really has the backing of the crowd tonight!”

Bama: “Yeah baby, they're showing strong support already.”

Jon Lajoie’s F**k Everything hits and the crowd doesn’t really do anything while Jamaican Jimmy dances his way out like the idiot he is. He tries to dubstep and nearly sprains an ankle before finally just hobbling to the ring. He does some sort of demented dance taunt thing while Adler rolls her eyes. The fans have no real reaction to Jimmy.

Bama: “It blows my mind that this guy is getting paid at all.”

Vinnie Lane: “Harsh, dude.

The bell rings and the two immediately head for one another. Jimmy goes to shove Adler back but she sends him stumbling over with a well timed judo throw. Jimmy gets back up and angrily ties up with her. Adler quickly shifts out of the lock up and twists Jimmy’s arm. She forces him forward and then fires off a nasty leg kick to the chest. Jimmy stumbles backwards and Adler hops up and hits him in the chest with a jumping knee.

Jimmy falls back and lands himself in the corner. Adler gives him no time to recover as she runs over and hits a quick splash. Jimmy bumbles forward and is taken down with a drop toe hold. Adler transitions quickly into an ankle lock. She wrenches hard on the left leg while Jimmy hollers in pain. He claws his way to the ropes to break the hold while Adler releases and gets back to her feet. The crowd is once again getting behind her while chanting her name.

Vinnie Lane: “Jamaican Jimmy in a world of trouble here.”

Bama: “Aphirya Adler is the real deal!”

Adler steadies herself as Jimmy pulls himself back up. Adler throws a leg kick that hits Jimmy in the left leg. He buckles for a moment and Adler is quick to take advantage. She grabs Jimmy into a clinch and begins to hit all sorts of nasty strikes. Jimmy looks dead on his feet before Adler then goes from a clinch into a DDT. Jimmy smacks the mat with an ugly thud before Adler rolls him over and makes a cover.



Kick out by Jimmy!

Vinnie Lane: “Jimmy just barely kicked out!”

Bama: “His goose is cooked…mon!”

Adler gets back up while the crowd really come alive for her. She drags Jimmy back up to his feet but before she can do anything else he surprises her with an eye rake. He grabs her and takes her down with a sloppy Russian leg sweep. Putin would likely have him excommunicated for it. Jimmy rolls over and gets up, going over to the corner now. Adler wipes at her eyes and tries to get up while Jimmy climbs to the top rope.

The crowd is chanting for Adler in unison as she rises back to her feet. She seems to still be struggling to see while Jimmy taunts her from the top rope. He brings his fists together and signals for the mighty double axe handle. He aims carefully and then leaps off, directly on course for Adler’s skull. Jimmy comes flying down with the double axe handle but at the last second Adler nails him with the Night Night superkick! The crowd erupts as Jimmy is dropped. Adler makes the cover.




Winner by Pinfall - Aphriya Adler

Vinnie Lane: “Totally awesome showing for Aphriya Adler tonight!”

Bama: “Just listen to the crowd! They love her and she gave them a great show baby!”

The fans are blowing the roof off the place while Aphriya Adler stands on the middle turnbuckle, arms raised in victory. She takes it all in, enjoying the moment and not realizing or noticing the large, hooded man entering the ring. The man removes the hood and reveals himself to be none other than Marf! Adler hops down from the corner and turns around right into a vicious clothesline that turns her inside out. The cheering fans have switched gears and are booing at a deafening roar.

Bama: “Aww what the hell!?”

Vinnie Lane: “Dude! Family show!”

Bama: “I know, I’m sorry. It’s just, this sicko has no business on our show!”

Vinnie Lane: “I won’t argue that, man. Security needs to hurry up!”

Aphriya Adler tries to pull herself back to her feet but Marf takes her down with a running boot to the side of her head. He rolls out of the ring and grabs both a microphone and a steel chair. He slides back into the ring and stands over the fallen Adler. He raises the chair up over his head and then brings it down with authority, cracking Adler across the back with it viciously. Marf then drops down to one knee and speaks into the microphone.

Welcome to the XWF. Don’t take this personal kid, there’s a long list of others soon to have the same fate…

At this point, Jamaican Jimmy has slowly gotten to his feet. Marf looks up and spots him. He smiles sadistically before popping to his feet, steel chair in hand. Jimmy slowly turns, still in a daze and Marf cracks the chair across the front of his head with a sickening sound. Jimmy hits the mat and immediately begins to bleed from his forehead. Marf drops the chair and surveys the destruction he’s caused before dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring. He leaves as medics and trainers rush to the ring.

Vinnie Lane: “That was cryptic and weird. Even for Marf. Definitely not stoked about what’s next for him…”

Bama: “That mad cat gives me goosebumps!”

"5 out of 6" by Dessa hits, and the crowd cheers on as Lexi Gold steps out from behind the curtain. Normally she was all smiles and taunting her fans, but this time she did none of that. Instead, she walked down the ramp with a serious expression on her face and focused on getting to the ring. She had on some skinny jeans, a plain white tied up t-shirt, cropped jean jacket and some boots. She made her way up the steps and got into the ring through the bottom rope, then walked over across the ring and grabbed a microphone from the ring attendant before standing in the center of the ring. She motions for her music to be cut before she raises the mic to her lips and begins to speak. The fans continue to cheer.

Thank you for that. Normally I come out here with a smile on my face, and I'm happy to be here, but today is not that day. I feel like a lot of my emotions have been played with. It all stemmed from September. Everyone that has been following not only my professional life, but my personal life as well will tell you that me and Elijah Martin have been broken up for months, but still chose to remain good friends, and I was fine with that.

She lowers the mic to her side and looks around. The crowd hears the mention of his name and starts booing him, then she sighs into the mic and continues.

I must admit I was worried, because in my last marriage I tried to remain friends with my ex, but he wanted nothing out of me, so I just decided to leave him alone and not push the subject on it. Anyway, that was the past, though. I figured things would be different this time with Elijah, but as the weeks and months that progressed he started to develop a weird side to him which I never saw before. For example, lurking in the corner backstage while I walked around. If that's not creepy, then I don't know what is…then this mysterious dolls appeared from out of nowhere one day, then last week something so horrible, yet unexplainable happened

She lowers her head down for a few minutes, then straightens it and tries to speak into the mic once more, but has trouble doing so. The crowd offered words of encouragement as she tried again to speak. You could sense some sadness or anger in her eyes.

That bastard had the nerve to break into my home when I wasn't there, break my belongings and what made matters even worse is I walked into all that, and I felt threatened and scared. When he held me in his arms, I saw the devil in his eyes and I felt it by the tone of his voice. It was truly disgusting. Who knows what he was able to do if the cops hadn't showed up that night. I'm still shaken up by his actions, and also angry that I put my trust in him so easily.

She flips her hair back and turns her attention to the entrance-way.

What was the purpose of all that, Elijah? If you wanted my attention, you didn't have to resort to the shit you pulled. I lost all my respect that I had for you. I'm appalled you have the audacity to get up every morning, and you act like nothing has happened. I'm tired of being on edge and feeling afraid. It's time I grow a thicker skin, so sweetheart if it's a fight you are looking for I'm right here. Unlike you, I don't need to come into your home to intimidate you.

She walks towards the ropes and leans against it, waiting to see if he comes out. After another ten to fifteen seconds, there is finally a blackout in the arena, as “The Other Side” by Alter Bridge hits the speakers. About 30 seconds into the song, Elijah Martin slowly walks onto the stage and into a purple spotlight. Martin is dressed in black jeans, a black hooded sweatshirt, and of course… his black protective mask. The music fades into a resounding chorus of boos from the Anarchy crowd, and Elijah teases them to get even louder by waving his hands to them. After roughly a minute, Martin pulls a microphone out from the pocket in his hoodie and prepares to address the world.

Elijah: Miss Gold…

The crowd grows louder with their disapproval of Martin, but his eyes are just as cold and heartless as they ever have been in recent weeks.

Elijah: Lexi baby, how do you like that doll that you found on the floor a month ago?

Her blood was boiling over that question. Crazy to think that doll was sitting on the couch inside her locker room as we speak. She grabbed her mic and walked closer to him until they were nose to nose.

So, it was you who left the doll there, because you knew I happen to like dolls. I should have known it was you who planned it. Just like you planned this whole thing, didn't you? You never wanted to be friends, did you? You obviously wanted more and when you didn't get what you wanted you acted out in the most disgusting ways. You bastard.

Elijah lets out a boisterous laugh before responding to Lexi.

Elijah: The last time I checked, you being so infatuated with my capabilities in the bedroom was just A LITTLE MORE than “wanting to be friends,” so you have some nerve trying to accuse ME of whatever wishes I may have had for our relationship.

What the hell are you talking about? Is that mask that you're wearing too tight that you are losing brain cells? Seems that way to me.

Elijah: Lexi, it’s all very simple - you couldn’t handle how hard I was pushing you to the best version of yourself, both in AND out of the ring. And now, it’s time for you to receive my NEW version… of TOUGH LOVE!

She looked at the crowd, and they started chanting "Asshole" towards him. She smirked at the response they were giving to him as she nodded, then cleared her throat.

The only thing you did was try to push me to be like you. Do you remember once upon a time when you talked me into interfering in one of your matches back when I was just starting even though I was not comfortable with the idea. You know, I should have known right there and then that you will never truly get rid of your evil ways. You were just good at hiding it.

Elijah: Well then, if that is how you really feel, why don’t you DO SOMETHING about it?! I mean, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a dance partner at Bad Medicine - would you like to have this dance with me?

She paces around the ring, thinking about the offer, and the hell he had put her through. She stopped and looked him in the eyes and took a deep breath in.

Luckily for you, I don't have a match either and after the hell and humiliation you put me through, I want some payback of my own, so you know what... you're on! Oh, and one more thing, sweetheart,  after you lose to me at Bad Medicine, perhaps you should consider hanging up your boots after all.

Elijah reveals an evil smile and slowly takes a few steps backwards, but then suddenly stops smiling and walking.

Elijah: Just remember - I didn’t teach you everything that I know, but I pretty taught you everything that YOU know… sweet dreams, mamacita!

She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, motioning for him to return to the ring, but it was obvious he had no intention of that as he continued to walk back up the ramp and turned around to head backstage. Meanwhile, she dropped the mic and her music played again, then exited the ring. She clapped a few fans’ hands before walking up the ramp and eventually disappeared behind the curtain.

Vinnie Lane: "Radical! We’re onto our second match of the night and we’re in for a humdinger!"

Bama: "Vin, I think we need to check your definition of a humdinger."

Vinnie Lane: "Whaddya mean, Bama? Both these superstars are starving for a win! We’re about to see a tooth-and-nail fight for a win here!"

- vs -

As our video feed shifts to the ring, “The” Jessica Anderson is already in the ring, doing a little shadowboxing! Looking sharp! Looking quick!

Vinnie Lane: "Jessica Anderson feels like she’s on the precipice of something big here, Bama!"

Bama: "...The hell planet are you living on, Vin. She’s lost every match this year, except one. Which was a draw by double-knockout!"

Vinnie Lane: "It’s not all wins and losses, Bammer! Sometimes, it’s just building momentum, moving pieces into place! And while the last few weeks haven’t been great stats-wise, we’re seeing a new spark in ‘THE’ Jess Anderson!"

Some Guy...

Some Guy

Yeah, That Guy.

That Guy bursts through the curtains with a microphone.

Vinnie Lane: "Welp! Making his Anarchy debut, it’s… That Guy!"

Bama: “...Who the hell is that, Vin?”

Vinnie Lane: "You should know, Bama! It’s part of your job to do appropriate research before the matches!"

Bama: “Oh yeah, V? Well, then, why don’t you tell me this guy’s whole deal?”

Vinnie Lane: "...Y’all already know!"

Bama: “I can’t be any clearer in saying that I do not.”

That Guy raps the opening bars of his entrance theme.


He walks along the side of the entrance ramp to the fans in the audience.


He holds the mic out to the crowd. No one says anything...


He does it again... Nothing.


The same. Silence.


He hands the mic to someone from the ring crew, as to not break it, before sliding into the ring, ready to go!

Bama: “Welp, that cleared up a lot.”

Vinnie Lane: "This guy has a lot of spirit!"

‘The’ Jessica Anderson moves to the center of the ring. That Guy, cheerful as always strolls up to meet here.

The official meets them both and calls for the bell!


That Guy, affable as always, shows his 100-watt smile and extends a handshake!

Vinnie Lane: "Sportsmanship! I may not know a ton about this guy, but I like what I see!"

Without missing a beat, ‘The’ Jessica Anderson steps inward…


Bama: “That’s what I like to see! RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!”

That Guy gets ROCKED by the elbow strike, giving his back to his opponent to check his face! The official admonishes Anderson, but she blows him off! Anderson grabs That Guy by the back of the neck. Aaaaaaaand…


For possibly the first time in her career, Anderson goes for a cover…



THR-NO! That Guy digs deep and kicks out!

Vinnie Lane: "Despite Jess’ blitz offense, the pride and joy of… wherever’s he’s from… manages to kick out!"

Anderson is already up to her feet, clubbing forearms to the back of That Guy’s neck.

That Guy manages to power through the strikes to get back to his feet… As he does, though, Jess wraps him into a clinch! Followed by several hockey punches to the gut!

Bama: “Hot damn, I love this new Jess Anderson! This is an old-school mugging!”

Vinnie Lane: "Unfortunately for That Guy, Jess isn’t giving him the space to even get his horse off the starting block!!"

Anderson’s gut punches rock That Guy back towards a turnbuckle… As That Guy is fully cornered, Anderson does not let up, extending kick after kick into That Guy’s chest!

Finally, the official steps in, starting a five-count! Anderson just keeps the kicks coming!

Bama: “That might be Flynn’s Optimal Path kicking in! Jess is trying to get as close to a five-count as possible!”

At 3, she backs up. That Guy looks like he’s taken quite a licking, catching his breath…

Meanwhile, after the official finally finishes chewing out, Jess comes in running! Looking for a corner clothesline!

But That Guy forward-somersaults under the strike! Jess lands in the ropes and gets tangled!

Vinnie Lane: "What a counter by… That Guy!"

As Jess struggles to get free of the ropes, That Guy leaps onto the middle turnbuckle and raises his arm to the crowd!

Vinnie Lane: "Here we go! Ten counts punches!"



…Hmm, the crowd seems to have missed the timing on the first one.

Bama: “Hmm, the crowd usually loves counting along with punches.”

Vinnie Lane: "I think they just… missed the first one and aren’t confident enough to leap in now!"

Sure enough, at the 10th punch, That Guy leaps off Jess, who’s looking woozy and battered…

As Jess stumbles something out of the corner, That Guy drops his shoulder and… HEAVES JESSICA INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY!

He starts to rotate!

Vinnie Lane: "That Guy! You are cleared for takeoff!"

Airplane Spin!

He spins and spins and spins and snips sipns and nipss and pniss and whooooooooooooa…

Vinnie Lane: "Oh man, even I’m getting dizzy watching this spin!"

After many, many, MANY rotations… That Guy drops ‘The’ Jess Anderson back to her feet. That Guy is looking a little unbalanced… Meanwhile ‘Jess’ is crawling on her hands and knees, looking for a trash can to lose her lunch into…

Vinnie Lane: "Whoa. A strong start from ‘The’ Jess Anderson, but That Guy is in firm control right now!"

That Guy grabs the top rope… And starts stomping his right foot…

Anderson dizzily tries to find her balance… She grabs the bottom rope on the opposite corner of the ring, trying to steady herself…

That Guy tunes up the band… Eager to strike!

Anderson… manages to whittle her way up to her feet.

The band stops… Anderson slowly turns around…



At the last possible moment, Anderson dives to the right dodging the kick! That Guy’s boot gets nothing but air!

As his foot lands to the mat, Anderson catches him in a schoolboy!

The official counts!



…..That Guy springs his back off the ground!

A split-second after the THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Winner by Pinfall - “The” Jess Anderson

…The crowd implodes with volume. Not excitement, not elation, but sheer disbelief! Their minds are rocked to their very core!


That Guy springs up, ready for more match… but it’s already over!

Jessica Anderson rolls out of the ring, sprinting to the back, pumping her fists, shouting with exciting! Her head is in her hands, in complete shock that she pulled it off!

Vinnie Lane: "HOLY COW! ‘The’ Jessica Anderson! Winless on Anarchy no longer!"

Bama: “Jehosephat, Vin! It’s an absolute miracle!”

Anderson scrambles behind the curtain, eager to celebrate her win.

…That Guy looks up the ramp at his opponent… And beams, clapping his hands. He seems genuinely happy with how excited she seems. He tries to direct the crowd to start an “AN-DER-SON” chant.

…Unfortunately, his luck with getting the crowd to react remains limited…

Vinnie Lane: "That Guy may have lost the match, but is still mature enough to applaud his opponent’s success! What a great That Guy he is."

That Guy continues to applaud happi-

And out from behind the curtain…

Red, white and blue belt across his shoulder.

It’s the XWF Universal Champion!


Mark Flynn!

Wearing his suit and his salesman grin.
Vinnie Lane: "Oh God, not this guy."

Bama: “What’s the problem, V-Man? …Flynn’s just been cutting promos and inspiring the lost and low superstars!”

Vinnie Lane: "Inspiring or ambushing? Flynn’s been a grade-A jerk and a bully! He’s been picking on people still trying to reach their peak and dislocating arms. He’s an DWEEB."

Flynn, mic in his hand, wields a microphone. He raises it to his face.


…Flynn grins. That Guy returns the smile, completely affably.

”...See, I was GOING to come down there and dislocate both your arms. Force medical personnel to stuff your broken torso onto a gurney. DEVASTATE YOU TO YOUR CORE.”

”But. You losing to JESSICA ANDERSON? ‘The’ previously winless Jess? Who after FOUR, SHORT WEEKS ON THE OPTIMAL PATH SUCCESS SYSTEM™ has turned her career around?”[/orange[

[orange]”That’s more of a statement than any beating can deliver.”

Flynn points to the sky.




“And MICHEAL GRAVES…”[/orange]

Flynn chuckles.

“Micheal Graves… THINKS he’s on the Optimal Path. But ol’ Gravy’s taken a wrong turn onto a road of his own creation.”

Flynn shakes his head.


“Ol’ Gravy is too fucking stupid to follow a path that I’ve laid breadcrumb after breadcrumb to follow. And his dear friend, Mark Flynn… THE SUCCESS STORY.”


“At this point, if I want Gravy to follow the way to the Optimal Path… I’m just going to have to carry him there…”


Flynn drops the mic and heads back behind the curtain as his music blares.

That Guy seems… completely emotionally unaffected by the knowledge that Flynn planned to pound him to near-death. He’s still just looking pleased-as-punch.

Bama: “What an appearance by a dominant Universal Champion! And he’s completely correct! Ever since the OPTIMAL PATH entered Jess Anderson’s life, her career has completely turned around.”

Vinnie Lane: "...All I’ll say is I hope Micheal Graves gives Flynn a taste of his own pain at Bad Medicine!"

- vs -

Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva plays as Gina steps though the curtain, she smirks as she walks down the ramp. She stops halfway and raises her hands above her head before running the rest of the way to the ring. She leaps up onto the apron, then leaps over the top rope.

Vinnie Lane: “Well, Gina Van Zyl looks plenty ready to go! She’s got a tough first opponent, but that fire in her eyes can’t be understated.”

Bama: “She’s like a little spitfire out there, baby! Look at that smile! Calm and collected yet totally confident, she is! I can’t wait to see what she’s got in store!”

Vinnie Lane: “Well, she’s going to have to bring it tonight considering just who her opponent is…”

The short, bassy dual riffs of 'Gone Guru' begin to echo across the arena: a signal for impending doom.

dun dun. dun dun. dun. dun dun. dun dun. dun.


No sign of CLETUS, anywhere. Had he missed his cue? Did he get lost in the arena?

Bama: “Uh… boss, where’s this new guy at?”

Vinnie Lane: “I… have no idea. He should be here right about now…”


No. He has no sense of sportsmanship, no personal rules. You can't expect him to come running down the ramp, it could be from anywhere in the arena.

Bama: “Still no sign…”

Vinnie Lane: “Just… give it a sec, dude. He’ll be out here before you know it.”


Where is he!? Where will he come from this time!? WHERE!?!

Bama: “I’m starting to get a little concerned-”




Vinnie Lane: “There he goes, dude! I told you he’d be coming!”

Bama: “That boy can MOVE, baby!”

The cameraman in front of him looking for a good shot of him running gets trampled! Fans trying to hold their hands out for a high-five are in for a WORLD of pain as Cletus just runs right through as they slap against him! Even a little child who’s excited for a close-up spot in the action tries to get Cletus’ attention, but as Cletus runs, he knocks the small child’s popcorn right all over him! The kid starts crying over it - what a shitbag!

Vinnie Lane: “Might wanna look out, Gina-!”

Cletus hops over the barricade and comes right into the ring! Gina Van Zyl notices JUST in the nick of time, rolling out of the opposite set of the ropes as Cletus stares daggers right at her from inside! He begins manically pacing throughout the ring, not bringing his gaze off of her in the slightest!

The ref looks to be getting in Cletus’ ear to try and calm the big man from Slap Mountain down, but it’s no use. It’s just going in one ear, and out the other… The ref manages to gingerly push Cletus back into the general area of his corner, and motions for Gina to hop back on in so he can get this match started. Gina clearly looks wary, all things considered, but slowly she nods and goes far into her corner.

Vinnie Lane: “This might be an… interesting match…”

Bama: “I do not wanna be Gina Van Zyl right about now.”



BUT GINA QUICKLY GETS OUT OF HER CORNER AS CLETUS BARRELS RIGHT INTO IT! He looks a bit taken by surprise as Gina goes right on the attack to try and take advantage of this! Punches and kicks aplenty! Upstairs! Downstairs! Everywhere in between! She’s trying her best to bring the fight to Cle-


Vinnie Lane: “Holy- We hear a lot of slaps all the time Bama, but that one, you could just… feel it from all the way over here! Cletus is really proving why he’s from Slap Mountain after that one knocked Gina Van Zyl silly!”

Bama: “She’s gotta be seein’ stars after that shot, Vinnie…”

Gina is immediately forced onto her knees after that slap, but is at least able to recognize being placed right in position for Cletus to follow up is the last place she wants to be, so she’s quickly able to use her knees to crawl out of there. Cletus is immediately on the pursuit though, trying for a big stomp-

Gina manages to aim a kick right to Cletus’ gut! The Appalachian Mansquatch doubles over from the impact, the wind being taken out of his sails! Gina nods, feeling she might have something of an advantage here! She gets onto her feet, before trying to go for a legsweep- AND CLETUS GOES DOWN!

Bama: “Hoo baby - look at Gina go! She’s not letting Cletus’ size overwhelm her! She’s got a good head on her shoulders!”

Vinnie Lane: “Let’s hope she can keep that up, though…”

It doesn’t take long at all for Cletus to try bringing himself back up onto his feet, but Gina sees the opportunity given to her! She bounces off the ropes, flying through the air - SPRINGBOARD BULLDOG! Cletus gets taken down yet again as he lands right on his head! Gina lets a smile creep onto her face as she leaps onto him for the cover!




Vinnie Lane: “Did he just do that from a deadlift while lying down?!”

Bama: “What kinda freak of nature is this boy?!”

Vinnie Lane: “A guy who’s Slap Mountain-born and raised, apparently…”

Gina manages to get back onto her feet, shaking out the cobwebs. She doesn’t let herself get into her own head though, seeing Cletus and immediately trying to run back at him! She doesn’t get very far though as she runs RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT!

That one floored her! Gina feels a busted lip starting to sprout just from that one impact, bringing her thumb across and wiping up some of the crimson tears sprouting from it. No time to relax though, as Cletus once again just plucks her right off the floor by the wrist and hoisting her into the air!


Gina is in a bad way right now, and it doesn’t look to be getting any better for her, unfortunately! The sickly, rotting grin of Cletus shows itself as the ref goes to check on Gina. Cletus doesn’t care though - he shoves the ref aside, seeing Gina huffing and puffing to try and breathe properly. He’s looking to end this right now!

Cletus once again plucks Gina up by the wrist, hoisting her firmly right onto his shoulders! He starts marching around the ring, showing every inch of his strength as the audience ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s amidst concerned whispers about Gina’s health. Cletus looks to be trying to end this now!



Vinnie Lane: “Well, Gina is known to try and do whatever it takes to win… I don’t like it, not one bit, but this may be the only way she can survive this match at this rate…”

Bama: “It’s a miracle Gina’s been able to last in there so far, let alone the fact that she’s been bringing the fight to Cletus while she’s at it! Can she even keep this up, though?!”

Bama’s question is quickly answered as Cletus is still trying to rub his eyes out. Gina sees the opening right in front of her, and she knows she can try grounding the big man, right here, right now! A smile comes onto her face as she runs up behind the blinded giant-


Cletus. Doesn’t. Even. Move.

Gina manages to scurry back onto her feet, backing up as Cletus blinks himself into having vision again, sloooooowly turning towards her.

Vinnie Lane: “Wuh-oh.”

Bama: “This ain’t gonna be good! RUN, Gina!”



Bama: “How’d she pull that off?! Cletus has got nearly a foot over her in height and over fifty pounds on her!”

Vinnie Lane: “Smart positioning and tactics! No way she’d be able to pull that off while they’re just standing, but when Cletus is on the move like that and unable to stop himself? Genius move!”

Gina hops onto Cletus for the cover, but the ref is still knocked out from Cletus squashing him earlier! Gina curses under her breath, dragging herself over to try and revive him. But before she can do so…


Vinnie Lane: “Where the HECK did Lord Raab come from?!”

Bama: “That boy just came out of thin air! Gina didn’t even have a chance to see that one coming, and she just paid the price!”

Vinnie Lane: “Yeah, I don’t really think his business is with her, dude…”

Lord Raab puts the stomps to Gina to keep her down for longer as he slooooooowly turns around, eyes squinting at his real target who’s just managed to bring himself to his feet. Cletus grunts and snorts at Lord Raab, but Lord Raab is having none of it! The two forces collide in a clash of the titans!

Vinnie Lane: “Look at all that weight being flung about, Bama! Nearly five hundred pounds between them! I pity the guy who’d have to ref a match between them!”

Bama: “Cletus has just been going through a match, though! Lord Raab is completely fresh since his battle royal hasn’t even happened yet!”

Indeed - it’s that difference in energy that allows Raab to comfortably get ahead of Cletus in their strike exchange, and Cletus is now on the backfoot! Raab grabs Cletus by the wrists-


Cletus is now completely groggy after all those strikes to the noggin, and Lord Raab sees his chance! He places one gloved hand onto Cletus’ filthy throat, and… CHOKEINAAAAAAAAAATOR!

Vinnie Lane: “Lord Raab just chokeslammed Cletus all the way to down below, dude! He got HAMMERED!”

Bama: “You have to imagine that this isn’t about to end any time soon between them…”

Satisfied with his work, Lord Raab exits the ring, going out over the barricade.

And just as he leaves, Gina Van Zyl is slowly coming to, realizing what’s happened as Cletus is still out of it, but somehow he’s… he’s stirring?! The Appalachian Mansquatch is still somehow not completely out of it yet!

But he’s on the border of it! Gina manages to wake the ref up and doesn’t waste a second longer! She hops right onto the apron, climbing to the top turnbuckle as she has her target in her sights - 450 SPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!

Vinnie Lane: “Savannah Winds! Gina Van Zyl sure did move like the winds there!”

Bama: “Have to imagine she’s thankful that she just dodged a bullet there, all things considered…”





Winner by Pinfall - Gina Van Zyl

Bama: “Gina stealing a win here and getting off relatively scot-free while she does so. Wild thing we just saw here, Vin…”

Vinnie Lane: “You said it, partner, not me! Gotta imagine Cletus is gonna be out for blood next week, though…”

Did you know that John Madison Jr. who's from Austin, Texas, was trained in Calgary by a prestigious mentor?

#1 Contender Tournament FINALS!
- vs -
“Venom” Xavier Lux
Ruby will face whoever wins the Elimination Royale earlier in the evening!

Vinnie Lane: “Well it’s time for us to finally determine the number one contender for the Anarchy Championship, Bama! Either Ruby or Xavier Lux is heading to Bad Medicine to face EDWARD for the gold!”

Bama: “It’s been a real long time comin’ Vinnie, but this ain’t no fair fight! Lux’s already been through a war right here tonight, Ruby’s fresh as a daisy!!”

The lights in the building start to flicker, matching the opening riffs and drums of Disturbed's 'The Infection'. After the intro, a brief pyro explosion goes off in the entrance and as lyrics of the song begin, Xavier Lux steps out from behind the smoke left by the pyro. He stands there sporting his finest black and green gear and a black CCPE T-shirt. He looks around at the crowd who give him a mixed reaction, not knowing which "Venom" is going to show up tonight. He focuses on those that do cheer, and even try to fight the boos with a brief “Venom! Venom!” chant. He smirks before making his way down the ramp, keeping his focus on the ring. Once he gets to ringside, he hops on the apron, wiping his boots, showing his respect to the canvas where he is about to practice his craft. He then gets inside and makes his way to the corner, climbs to the second turnbuckle and again just looks around at the crowd who is still giving him a mixed reaction. He takes off his CCPE T-shirt, and acknowledges a fan here and there and picks one whom he tosses the t-shirt too.  We can then easily see the tape wrapped around his ribs - he clearly moves like he is still feeling the effects of the brutal battle royal earlier in the night. He then hops down from the ring, checks in with the ref and then gets ready for the match as his music dies down.

Vinnie Lane: “Here comes Xavier Lux, Bammer, and you're right - he looks the worst for wear for sure!”

Bama: “I know we got time constraints an’ we got to have this settled by
Bad Medicine, but this just ain’t fair to the man they call Venom!”

Ruby pops up from a hidden compartment in the floor of the stage before hitting a super hero landing and then posing with her hands on her hips while the crowd cheers for her wildly.

She runs down the ramp tossing pre-autographed 8x10 color glossy photos into the stands!

Vinnie Lane: “It’s Ruby! The fan favorite! The face of the blue brand from day one, Bama!”

Bama: “That she is Vinnie! Three time champ, locker room leader, without question the person associated the most with the Anarchy Brand!”

Ruby gets to the ring and whips off her banana-lime cape, handing it to a ring attendant and warning him that he will NOT be able to fly with it, so he shouldn’t try because he might get hurt.


The bell hits and Ruby holds out a hand to shake with Lux… but Lux mows her down with a hard shoulder tackle instead!

Vinnie Lane: “Cheap shot from Xavier Lux!”

Bama: “What choice does the man have! Besides, it ain’t a rule that you got to shake hands… Ruby’s just naive!”

Lux puts the boots to Ruby, then hits a snap leg drop across the back of her head when she rolls over. Lux looks like he felt it too, as he winces and grabs his ribs.

Ruby is up first actually, and she launches herself onto Lux’s shoulders before spinning around and flipping him into a victory roll!



Lux kicks out!

Lux sits on his backside while Ruby hits the ropes and flies off with a diving clothesline!

Ruby then runs to the corner and races up the buckles as Xavier Lux gets to his feet… Ruby launches herself backward with a corkscrew plancha which takes Lux down again, and Ruby once again makes an attempt at a cover!



Lux rolls his shoulder off the mat!

Ruby looks like she wants to grapple with Lux, as she sets up for a lock up… Lux instead throws a pump kick and knocks the Super Dear-O to the mat!

Vinnie Lane: “Once again, Xavier Lux cutting some corners here… but like you said, he’s coming from a disadvantage!”

Bama: “Cutting corners? The man is in a fight! He came this far by doing whatever it takes, not by being polite!”

Lux hooks Ruby by the heels and pulls her up like a forklift, then sends her back down to the mat in a modified powerbomb!

Ruby crawls to a corner and pulls herself to her feet, but Lux is right there to hit a running stinger splash to her back! He shoves Rubes out, and as she backpedals to the middle of the ring Lux leaps at her with a running European uppercut, sending her to the mat once more!

Lux climbs the ropes and takes flight! He slams into Ruby with a beautiful frog splash, and he immediately grabs his ribs and yowls! He takes a couple seconds to regain his composure, but then he hooks Ruby’s leg and lays his weight across her chest!



Ruby powers out!

Bama: “Right there, Vin-Man! That coulda been a three if Lux wasn’t sore from earlier tonight!”

Vinnie Lane: “You could be right, Bama!”

Bama: “You don’t got to sound so surprised every time you say that!”

Xavier Lux is clearly annoyed at not getting the win, but he gets back to work quickly by whipping Ruby into a corner. He charges in after and lifts his boot for the TOXIN!

But Ruby hops over the oncoming kick and jumps off of the turnbuckles into a sunset flip! Lux’s shoulders are down!



Lux pushes Ruby off of him at the last second!

While Lux is still on one knee, Ruby tries to send a boot to his face - but Lux catches it! Lux stands holding the foot of Ruby, making her hop in place. Ruby backflips and kicks Lux right on the point of the chin!

Lux hits the mat hard and Ruby sees her opening, heading once again to the top rope… Ruby flies off…



Xavier Lux dives onto a cover of Ruby!




Lux thinks he’s won the match when the official shakes his arm, and he stands up holding his hands in the air….

The official has to explain the situation, and Xavier Lux is none too pleased about it!

Vinnie Lane: “Shades of Venom’s The Cure there, Bama, just not off the top like he prefers it!”

Bama: “Ruby came off the top, it’s basically the same thing… this match should be over!”

Lux slams his hands to the mat and then goes up top! He gives a signal to the crowd and then balances himself before jumping off into a shooting star press!


Ruby popped off the mat just in time to grabs Lux in mid-air and drive him down with her signature cutter! Lux is KO’d!

Ruby with a pinfall!




Winner by Pinfall - Ruby

Vinnie Lane: “It’s over! Ruby will face EDWARD at Bad Medicine… what a match we just saw!”

Bama: “I think we would be seeing a different winner right now if this was a fair fight, Vinnie! Xavier Lux better get his rematch!”

Anarchy comes back on the air and standing in the middle of the ring with a huge grin on his face is the grand poobah himself, Vinnie Lane. He has a rolled up document in his left hand, a microphone in his right. He clears his throat and waits for the crowd to quiet down.

Vinnie Lane: "Ladies and Gentleman of Memphis, it is with great pleasure that I stand before all of you and make Anarchy History!"

The crowd cheers again.

Vinnie Lane: ”As many of you know, a former champion has been causing a headache for me and the management staff here at XWF for the last couple of weeks. Linked back-up with his mentally unstable girlfriend, who also happens to be our current X-Treme Champion, this guy has turned his attention onto Rain Kido. He has made Kido’s life hell the past few weeks, and we have decided to grant Raion’s request of a match at Bad Medicine….”]

This makes the crowd cheer again.

Vinnie Lane: ”......yes, it sounds like a great match, right? Well, this man doesn’t have an XWF contract. The team and I were not comfortable putting a top star of ours in an unsanctioned match due to safety concerns, both for Mr. Kido and the man in question who is, at this moment, still a civilian. Because you guys are the best fans on the planet, and you wanted to see it, and because I have nothing but respect and admiration for Mr. Kido and his accomplishments, I am going to grant another one of his requests……”

Bama: "Boss man is feeling it tonight! We are about to witness a HUGE moment on Anarchy y'all!"

Vinnie Lane: ”.....In my hand, I have a CONTRACT for this man. On this contract, it officially makes him a roster member of the XWF for one night, and puts him in an OFFICIAL match against Mr. Raion Kido…….in my hand is a contract for none other than Chris Chaos himself.”

The crowd is a mix of boos and cheers and Vinnie has a big smile on his face. He brings the mic back to his mouth again but he is abruptly interrupted.

Bama: “We know that music! It can’t be! Is he here?! Is he really here?!"

The riff ends as the smoke billows from the ramp way. As the beat drops the crowd in Memphis goes nuts as Chris Chaos walks through the curtain and only the ramp, officially, for the first time in almost two years!

[Image: zwl6POT.gif]

Bama: It’s him! It’s Chris Chaos! Whoever thought they’d see the day when we would have Chris Chaos on Anarchy! The XWF Top 50 All Time Chris Chaos is here in Memphis TEN-A-SEEEEE!

Chaos walks down the ramp, and up the steps. He looks at Vinnie through his Oakley sunglasses.

After a few seconds of staring at Vinnie, he walks over and grabs a mic from the ring personnel. Vinnie is still smiling, soaking in such a big moment on HIS brand.

Vinnie Lane: ”How’s THIS for Brand Evaluation, huh?!”

The crowd cheers. Vinnie has a smile a mile wide. Chris has a serious face.

”Do you remember when you hit me with the chair back in 2017, Vin? When YOU single-handedly cost me the Universal Title because you thought Gabe Reno was the more progressive champion….the one who was the new up-and-comer, the new face of XWF and a fresh start away from my iron rule. Nobody could beat me, Vinnie, and trust me many tried. I was going to be your Universal Champion for a long, long time. You made a decision that not just affected your company, but my life. I think we both know how the Gabe Reno experiment went. Looks like you’ve got some gray hairs there…”

He reaches out to touch a hair on the side of Vinnie’s head, and he smacks his hand away. This gets a small smile out of Chaos before he gets serious again.

”And when that blew up in your face and you had a full fledged problem on your hands, who did you turn to, huh? ME. You wanted me to put your dog down for you, and I did just that. I ended his XWF career and put him on the shelf forever, got him out of your mullet for good. How did I get repaid? I got a series of title matches to get MY belt back…..and they all ended the same way, didn’t they Vin?”

Vinnie Lane: ”With you losing?”

”Very good. I see Roxy Cotton hasn’t sucked out all of your brain cells. But why don’t we examine HOW I lost them, eh?”

Vinnie Lane: ”Chris a history lesson isn’t why we’re out her–"

”The bell ringing anonymously, a referee sent to stalk my personal life and fast count me whenever he got a chance, matches that were me versus Apex as a whole, stupid stipulations…..even when I go the one on one I deserved….shenanigans…….but every single time you needed a big match, more ratings, a main event for a pay per view….who did you call? ME! Whenever you needed to push your champion to the limit and give the fans a match they would remember for years, who did you call? ME! I’ve held every title in this company multiple times, but you never let me get close enough to take that Universal Title again did ya? You just couldn’t handle seeing it around my waist again……I was your ace in the hole when you needed a match but I was never good enough to be YOUR champion…….”

Vinnie Lane: ”Chris you’ve been in more Universal Title matches than I even care to remember. Hell, your Universal Title match booking rate dwarfs Charlie Nickels’! And thats saying something. About the same success rate too…..”

OOOOOOHHHHH from the crowd.

”I had to become the most decorated champion in the world OUTSIDE of your company…..what does that tell you?”

Vinnie Lane: ”That’s a bit of a reach. But the answer as to why, I cannot give you that. Either sign the contract or don’t I don’t really……”

”You came out here to gloat, all excited that your favorite muleboy was coming on your basic cable JV event, and now that I am not saying every widdle thing Vinnie wants, suddenly you’re trying to play me off like the Oscars? Was I supposed to come out here and shake your hand? Give you a hug? THANK you for bringing me out to this third rate arena in this third rate city just so you can look like the hero once again? You’re no hero, Vin, and you know it…… Whats the matter Vin, you have a little sweat on your collar. You look a little pale in the face.”

The tension in Memphis could be cut with a knife.

Vinnie Lane: ”Look. I didn’t call you out here. Your presence for my announcement wasn’t needed and wasn’t wanted, frankly. I just wanted to tell everyone watching on the go home show before Bad Medicine that I have made you an official XWF contract and sanctioned the match with Raion. That’s all. No more, no less. You want to have a history lesson and re-hash all your fuck ups, this isn’t the time or the place. You want to gripe? Come sign the contract, pour yourself a cup of Joe and vent all you want…… my office is open and I would be glad to listen to you complain there for as long as you nee—”

”No, you’re going to listen to me, right now, you son-of-a-bitch! You’re gonna listen to me right now for all the times you screwed me over. I swear to god, I’ll screw you over. I won’t show up to Kansas City. Go ahead, give Raion the forfeit victory and go on the media and your little radio shows slandering my name….but your ratings will go into the toilet, your big Pay Per View will lose its luster, and your golden boy will be less than pleased. HE wants this just as much as anyone, Vinnie, and if your ego ruins his chance to get his ass kicked by me, then what will you do? You’ll lose yet another top talent and be stuck giving Charlie Nickels titles matches he doesn’t deserve and pushing Bobby Bourbon to the moon because your only talent higher than C tier you have left. Every single superstar that has made this company the juggernaut its been the last half decade has walked out on you Vinnie and if you lose Raion Kido because you can’t handle the truth from my mouth then maybe then you will see for yourself just how this place has crumbled from the era.”

Vinnie Lane: ”FINE! Fine, you arrogant son of a gun, fine. You want your little vent session? You wanna take up my airwaves and run airtime up because you haven’t been relevant to anyone since before COVID, fine. Get it out, babyman, get it out. We’re here, we’re listening.”

Chaos’s lip snarls.

”It has taken men like Mark Flynn ten years to hold that belt around their waist. It has taken men like him a decade to weed through the favoritism games and finally say he’s worth a spit to you here. 10 years, Vin. I did it in six months. There hasn’t been someone with a push like mine since me because there hasn’t been someone truly worth it, until now. You know why you wanted me away from that title, Vin? Was it because I didn’t earn it in the ring? No….it’s because you can’t control me. You can’t control what I do, what I say, whose career I end. Raion Kido is marshmallow soft with a good boy demeanor and a need to be liked by people who half of them can’t even tell you where he’s from. He’s a good little puppet Vinnie, and that’s why he got my push and won my title…..we all saw how long that lasted, didn’t we? You want to put your eggs in Kido’s basket, you want to do your little buddy a favor by giving ME, the most dangerous man on this planet, a contract and a match at the Pay Per View?”

Chaos’s snarl turns into a grin.

[chaos]”It’s his funeral, Vin man, and his blood is on your hands. I hope you’re there, I do. I hope you’re ringside, so you can watch live and in person with those baby blues of yours as I tear down the hero you’ve built, and show you why I am the best to ever do this.”

He drops the mic, looking at Vinnie, breathing hard through the nostrils. Vinnie is looking back at him, equally as frustrated. Chaos smiles at him and turns to walk away. Just then a person in all black, including a ski mask, jumps the barricade and runs towards Vinnie. Security chases them but the person is much faster. They run into the ring and give Vinnie a big hug.

Bama: “Well, there is an admirer of the XWF Commander and Chief here apparently. After that tense exchange, he will need a hug!”

The security guard reaches the ring and Vinnie puts his arm out, saying it's ok and that the child sized person just wanted a hug. They let go of Vinnie and clap, jumping up and down like they just hugged their hero. Vinnie smiles and turns around—----


Chris Chaos damn near breaks Vinnie Lane in half with a spear!

Bama: "Good lord almighty! Chris Chaos just turned Vinnie Lane inside-freaking out! The boss is down and Chris Chaos loves every moment of it!"

The security chasing the person in all black is in the ring. Chaos hauls off and decks him, knocking him down. He turns and looks at the small person in the black hoodie, who backs up with their hands out. He picks up the contract that flew out of Vinnie’s hand, and pulls a pen out of his coat pocket. He signs the contract and drops it on the downed and writing chairman.

Bama: “Its official! It’s official! Chris Chaos versus Raion Kido at Bad Medicine, and the baddest man in the business is BACK in the XWF!”

The small black person is next to Chaos now. He turns his head and stares at them. They behind to slowly remove the ski mask and we see pink-tipped blonde hair from under it. The crowd buzzes. The person removes the mask.


Bama: “Oh hell! It was a damn set up all along! The Queen of Extreme and her Chaotic King have just pulled the wool over all our eyes AGAIN!”

Jenny and Chris stand over Vinnie smiling before locking hands and standing over them, their arms raised as the crowd begins to throw trash in the ring.

Anarchy goes off the air from Memphis.


Jenny Myst
Maddy Junior
Lexi Gold
Finn Kuhn
Mark Flynn

[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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