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OK Charlie
Author Message
Doctor Louis D'Ville Away
Hello, my friends

XWF FanBase:
Very random

(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

11-18-2022, 08:43 PM

It was a dark and stormy night.

The wind blew and whistled an eerie tune through the dying trees.  The crispy, stiff breeze moved the tree limbs, bowing and bending them, causing them to moan and groan as the last moments of their life slowly slipped away for another season.  The leaves, remnants of that life, rustle around on the ground in little twirls and they whirled around in mini tornados through the abandoned playground.

Abandoned, you ask?  Well, it is in the middle of the night after all, good sir!  Of course, the playground would appear 'Abandoned'....

I see your point and it IS dark.  So dark that you wouldn't see the rust build-up on the chains for the swings or jungle-gyms.  Dark enough that you wouldn't have noticed the filth built up on every square inch of the place.  At this time of night, you wouldn't have noticed the grass and high weeds overgrown throughout, untouched in who knows how long.  If we would fast forward, or if you're bored, we could just wait a few hours until daylight, you would see that this once busy place would have no visitors.

At least that's been the case for a while.

On this night, the crying trees and rustling leaves were accompanied by something else.  A quiet, annoyingly repeating series of murmurs, but they're too light to make out.  After a few moments you pick up on the sound and not a second later, onto the scene hops a blonde little girl, chirping to herself in mumbling nonsense.  A closer look would show you that it is none other than XWF Xtreme Champion, Jenny Myst!

What was she doing out here at this hour?  You never know with her, I suppose.  Regardless, there she was.  In the flesh.  Alone and about as vulnerable as a little bunny rabbit in an open field, her norm. 

Mid-hop, Jenny stopped and peered over to one of the rust swings and, without wasting another second, darted for it!  Not minding the rust or filth, she sat down, grabbed the chains, and began to kick back and forth!  Slowly picking up momentum, she laughed out loud and giggled to herself all alone in the playground!  At least that was what she thought until she felt a hard shove from behind.


She tried to say but could not.

Who's back there?

Again, a thought but no speech.  She attempted to plant her feet, but they just drug on the ground one way or hit hard coming down the other.  It didn't stop the momentum she was picking up from each push either.  Higher and higher she went.

Stop!  STOP!

Her brain just wouldn't make words.  On a back swing, she saw a figure standing in front of her.  It took a few more swings to realize exactly who it was looking up at her.

[Image: 1yh2QCA.png]

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Jenny swallowed her gum at the sight of none other than Doctor Louis D'Ville standing before her in the darkness.  She was finally able to dig her heels into the dirt and stop herself from swinging and when she looked up, Doc was right in her face.

Hello, my dear!

Doc with each hand grabbed a pigtail from each side of Jenny's little head.

It's been so long!  Let's see that pretty smile!

He started to pull, and Jenny's head started to stretch…. 

Like a fruit roll-up, Jenny's head stretched and stretched until….


Like a book, Jenny's head ripped in half and her body, like the nasty sack of crap that it is, plopped to the ground making the now #1 world's most disgusting sound.  Doc then casually walked over to one of the moaning trees and snapped off a tree limb which he used to flip the sack over and place a foot on it.  Suddenly, the ground below them rumbled and an arm shot up out of the dirt!  A reanimated, retired wrestling coach emerged, checked the shoulders, and began the count!!!


[Image: Kd641BT.png]
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Jenny Myst Offline
The Queen of X-Treme
TITLE - X-treme Champion

XWF FanBase:
Very random

(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

11-18-2022, 09:25 PM

The mask Jenny was wearing begin to rip off like a tee shirt in Hulk Hogan's prime. When it split down the middle, the Doctor held it in his hands.


She had a big smile on her face, and she waved. Then, dropping to her knees she began to laugh hysterically.

[Image: JTFkbcO.gif]

"You....hahahahah........this guy......haahahahaha hooooo hooo hhaaa"

Doc looks perplexed as she continues to laugh so hard she is crying.

"Maybe 5 years ago this pin attempt would have had me so nervous I leaked a little. Maybe 5 years ago you would have pulled one over on ol' Jenny. But Doc...nobody cares about you anymore. You're a figment of the past. This is MY world now........

Do you really think those old joints could handle the grind of being the X-champ? Just quit while you're ahead, before you get hurt."

She spun the old senile man around, signaling off camera. A nurse came in and got the now confused looking man.

"Come on, lets go Louis. You shouldn't wander away like that! We'll get you a nice puzzle to do in your room."

She looks at Jenny.

"Poor thing doesn't even know where he is anymore."

Jenny nodded.

"You....kicked out, right?"

"Damn right."


She puts a hand on the Docs shoulder and ushers him out as Jenny shakes her head.
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Charlie Nickles Online
The Nickleman

XWF FanBase:
Hardly anyone to be honest

(booed by most fans; hurts people even when not supposed to; often angry and shitty)

11-19-2022, 03:03 AM

Charlie Nickles watches on from the shadows as a somber sadness overtakes his spirit. He shook his head from side to side as he watched the one-time great be escorted out of the scene by what was most likely a CNA. At first you may have thought the woman was a nurse, but upon closer inspection you're not sure she's actually that qualified. It also looks like she has a roll of stolen oxys sticking out of her scrub bottoms. As she escorts the OLD man past the NICKLEman, Charlie can't help but swipe the stolen pills from her. 

Oh heavens no.....that can't really be the late, great Doctor, can it? Come back to life to just stumble around aimlessly.....I have to do something about this.

The Nickleman slides the stolen pills into his own pocket before walking away from this sad scene all together, his next scheme already forming in his mind.
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