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Judgment is Closer.. A little more is revealed (pt 1)
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07-10-2013 01:43 PM

Eli has invited a XWF camera crew to join him to an undisclosed location where he personally sent a helicopter to pick them up. It lands somewhere in an open field. A old pickup truck that's rusted is waiting on them with two men who help get the XWF crew and their gear from the helicopter. They drive about thirty minutes away to what looks to be a old-fashion village. No roads.. no traffic lights.. no stop signs.. people washing and drying clothes by hand outside.. getting water from a centralized well.. everyone dressed of rugged clothes.. ladies dressed modestly.. every building is built by wood. The XWF crew seems somewhat culture shocked. Everyone stares as the truck enters the village and looks at the XWF crew members wearing their nice clothes with their expensive camera gear. The truck looks to be the only vehicle around. They pull up to a lonely house about a mile away from the village.

[Image: b6774152-c18e-4b03-b296-93b1885a9e2d_zpsd4530681.jpg]

Eli starts walking towards them wearing an orange prison-like suit, which is way different from what he normally wears.

[Image: eliorange_zps039d1ce2.jpg]

He's sweating a lot and has a towel drying himself off.

Eli James IV "Welcome, boys. Unload their stuff, would ya?

The two men from the truck start unloading the XWF crew's belongings.

Eli James IV "Everyone keeps askin' about ole Eli. Well, I'm gonna let ya in. The only reason I'm doin this is because the time is approaching. I've been saying it for weeks, and everyone goes on about their business. It's business as usual, nothing different here. Heh. Well, it's about to be. Judgment is comin' quicker than I even thought. The door is shutting fast. It wasn't my decision for it to come up this quickly, but the people 'round here left me with no other choice. They don't want mercy. Their sins have reached the tip of heaven. It's comin'. Heh. Well, come on boys.. let me show ya around.

Eli leads them towards the house.

Eli James IV "Ya'll stay with me. You don't wanna interfere in what's happening.

Eli opens the door and leads them into the house which has limited light inside. They lightly look around and see people working in the house, but pause as they walk in and give a blank stare. They all are talking in a language quietly, but it's not a well-known one at least. Once they continue walking, the people stop staring and go back to doing what they were doing.

XWF Crew "Why the orange ju..?

Eli James IV "You'll know in time. Keep walkin'.

Some of the rooms have doors shut and locked as they walk down a tight hallway. As they get towards the end of the hallway, they notice a room with its door opened. A man is standing there looking at them..

[Image: c5fa0940-9e92-400b-9b31-cddbc4c71e5b_zps2e7f163a.jpg]

Eli James IV "Ya'll may remember him. That's Victor, who helped Eric Rex and the Academi.

XWF Crew "He looks different.

Eli James IV "A new world does that to a soul.

They continue walking and enter to what is the living room of the house. Eli extends his hand towards a dusty couch for them to sit in, and Eli goes to a rocking chair to sit down.

Eli James IV "To be a soldier in the army.. you have to do some training. You go to boot camp, and get denied certain things.. you are pushed to work as a team.. it's not easy.. but it teaches you how to do your job and survive. Every job you get you have to train for. Every place has different standards, different rules, different uniforms, and has a different purpose. Where you're at is that place for us.

You're denied all technology. No radio. No Television. No vehicles. No plugs. No electricity. The candles and sun are your light. Your chore is your entertainment. The Scripture is your food. You learn it. Then you can live it. You're taught all about it here. It's the preparing station for what lies ahead of your life. There's no lies 'round here.. just truth. Pure truth.

All these people here are family. They work together. If someone doesn't do their job, then everyone suffers and pays a consequence, If one falls, everyone falls. If everyone stays on the path then the job gets done.. and done right. Unity is a principal we hold very tight. Everything must work together and compliment each other it it fails.

Sinners start the purification process, then come here to begin the learning and discipleship of the Almighty's way. If ya look out that window beside ya, you'll see a old barn.

The XWF crew looks out the window and sees the barn.. and hears yelling coming from that direction. They look at Eli and before they can ask.. Eli has a big grin on his face and talks..

[Image: 070cb14f-b8de-467e-9e5e-666e390c5aa3_zps04cba94a.jpg]

Eli James IV "That's one secret nobody will ever know. That is where the sinner goes before he begins a new life there. Everyone you saw comin' in here... in the village.. in the house.. began there. They go there to rid themselves of their old identity.. their old ways.. and move into this house to begin the discipleship. After that phase has been accomplished, then we send them out to the village to begin living.. they depend and trust in only the Almighty and each other. Like I said, man.. unity is big here. Don't work together, well.. I won't go into all that.

We learn that sometimes to accomplish a higher purpose.. you must rid yourselves of pleasure. It may not be an evil thing you deny yourself of, but you deny it to yourself so you can accomplish the purpose. Everyone loves a grilled burger or greasy french fries or lots of sugar.. but if your goal is to run a marathon.. you must deny yourself certain pleasures to obtain the goal. Someone wants to live longer, then you have to not eat so much garbage. If someone wants to have life eternal, then you have to follow the Almighty. You must deny yourself.

Victor was a tough one, man. I talked to him for a while, and finally got him to admit he was a sinner in need of a Savior. I brought him here. He's been a strong back to us here. Strong-willed. Great heart. Now that he's been cleansed, he's here to get discipled. It's such a beautiful thing. You boys interested in changing your life for the good?

The guys look at each other frightened.

Eli James IV "Sometimes the person may not be ready for the change. They either go on and live their sinful life.. or we give them some motivation. Like I say, it's a beautiful thing.. this transformation that takes place. It's only a matter of time, man, when you either choose life or you choose death with eternal punishment. So calm down, boys. Just messin with ya. Hehehe. Well, you boys came on the right day. Today's a special camp meeting service. You might learn somethin.

Eli smiles and stands up from his chair. Victor walks in and Eli whispers something in his ear, then leaves. Victor looks at the XWF crew who are a bit frightened by the scenery inside and Victor standing over them. Victor gives a short laugh and walks off. The guys quickly get up and out of the house to get their gear. A tent is being put up in a wide open spot between the discipleship house and the village.

The white tent is finally up and chairs are being setup very quickly. People from the village are arriving to get underneath the tent and sit.. as well as people from the discipleship house joining them. People sit and talk quietly to each other as they await for the meeting to begin. Eli walks out in his navy blue suit by himself and gets on the stage.

Eli James IV "Before I begin the message this evenin'. I need to address somethin'. I've heard people chatter about how I don't tell someone their way is wrong if they are a friend or close to me... I've been hearin' people running their mouth about Eli chooses who he calls out.. heh.. I've heard some of you here and some on the promise land you don't think I tell Eric Rex about his sinful life because he's a partner of mine. Now, the person that started this gossip is paying for their sin. Now just in case some of ya think the same thing.. I'm gonna take out my phone.. call Eric Rex.. and tell him in front of everyone.

Eli reaches in his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. He puts it on speaker and begins to dial Eric's number. It rings.. it rings.. and it rings.. nobody answers. A voice mail comes up.. "You've reached Eric Rex. Leave a message.".. Eli looks a little upset, possibly thinking Eric is ignoring his phone call..

Eli James IV "Eric. It's Eli. It's time we have a one-on-one chat before our tag team match at Leap of Faith.. and before our partnership continues on. Listen, boy.. I've ignored your sinful ways because I saw that inside that soul of yours was something special. I thought all you were in need of was guidance to the light and truth spoken to ya. I gave you money for the orphanage.. I bought you clothes.. I've treated you and all your other boys well. What do you do in return? Ignore.. my.. call. That's ok, man. I'll just leave this message for ya. I've heard from the lips of Emma-Lee herself that you were trying to have sex with her.. eyeing her lady parts.. touching her skin.. making passes at her.. getting on top of her when the tornado was 'bout to come through. I welcomed you in my home.. on my property.. and that's how to treat me? You try to sleep with a innocent woman whose tryin' to keep herself pure before the Lord. Good thing Mary-Beth walked in when she did to stop you from forcing yourself on her. Eric, I don't like it when people take advantage of my hospitality.

Sal was suppose to talk to ya, but he said you wouldn't talk about it. I've been nothin' but good to ya, man, and all you do is want.. want.. want. You wanted money, and I gave it to ya. You wanted a safe place for them children, and I built an orphanage for ya. You want gold in the XWF, and here we are in line for the tag team titles. I've been good on my word. You.. you ignore my call. You took your already sinful nature and began taking it to new heights by taking advantage of a defenseless..innocent.. beautiful young lady.

Emma-Lee has had a rough past and worked hard to get where she is. She's been through hell. I took her hand and led her into the light. She fought hard against her will to become the lady she is today. I still truly believe there's light inside ya, man.. you just need Eli to knock out the wall so it shines through.

So if I were you, boy.. I wouldn't.. ignore.. my.. call. Hope to hear from ya soon, or I'll be paying you a visit before Saturday.

Eli started showing a little bit if anger while talking but kept his cool in front of everyone. He hangs up the phone and places it back in his pocket with a big smile on his face. The XWF crew begins setting up their equipment to tape. They get a little uneasy by hearing a man yelling in pain that's coming from that barn.

Eli James IV "The judgment is coming soon. It will not be short. It will not be what's always been in the imaginations of the people like literal fire falling from the heavens. The seat of mercy will remain available to those who want to repent and change the course of direction. Mercy will remain with us, but hidden underneath the wrath of the Almighty. Those who find mercy shall be able to sit at her table, and those who do not will not be safe from the pain that is to come.

The colors your eyes once saw as vibrant and full of life will be dull and dim. The sin you once enjoyed and embraced will quickly turn on you, and place its knife in your back. The sin you loved to do and refused to deny it in your life shall be the very sin you long to get rid of, but for it to never go away.

Justice will appear to be full of hate instead of righten the wrong. Love will appear to be hate, and hate will appear to be love. Everyone mind will be shaped by confusion and conformed by lies. People will be guided by an illusion of truth. You will see miracles and follow him as the One you've longed to appear. As the Almighty has said, an EVIL generation seeks after a sign. Do not be a part of that evil generation. Be a part of the apple of Almighty's eye and you shall be saved.

People will continue to rise against us for spreading the message of truth because will it convict the souls of man. You are to guard yourself with his light. Hide within his wings. Crave not the things of this world, but cling to all that is not a part of it. Let your hearts not be troubled with these sayings. Do not fear of the coming day of Judgment. Rest easy, for your salvation draws nigh. The rescue will be coming. Endure the coming wrath.

Do not look at me or each other as if you do not understand what I'm saying. You should understand. For if you do not, the evil one is standing at your hearts door waiting to enter your soul. Do not let him take the word of truth away and bury it into the earth. For this kingdom is not just of talk, but of power. May the power of the Almighty be displayed in us and through us.

The beginning has come and is slowly leaving. The end is near.

Do not wait. Do not hesitate. Move now. Move towards fresh air that Almighty gives. It's not polluted with waste. Fill your minds with his voice and ignore the ignorance that's growing among this world.

Some may tell you it's ok to live how you want right now, because you'll be reincarnated and get another shot. It's an illusion that you have many chances to make it right so why do it now. It's a lie. The good book says everyone will die once and then face judgment. There is no coexist among us and them. One is right, while the other is wrong.

Do not fall into the spell of 'there is no god'. The good book says they are a fool. For they should look at the universe and the world that surrounds them, for it all testifies of the great Creator. If there is no god, then each person has no responsibility for their action in the end. Justice may never be served. Not everyone who is guilty will be found out, therefore, justice dies. Shouldn't there be a judge to brings forth the justice to the wicked, even when our naked eyes have not seen it? Without a God, there is no purpose for life and no meaning to man. We are but mere accident formed by the universe which tells us there is no true right and wrong.. it's up to man. A corrupt man who only folds to his own opinion. Do not follow the river that leads to the meaningless life.

You are called to live life with meaning.. and purpose. You were formed and thought about by the Almighty. Your breath is more than your body at work, but your body at work with a eternal soul. Don't fall off the trail. Stick to the path that I've told you about.

You will never be your own god. There is only one. How selfish are we to strive to be our own god and do things our way. Do not become a selfish person. Live for each other. UNITY is what I've preached to you.

Sin will not be tolerated here. You are welcome to leave, and leave by yourself. You cause anyone to stumble, and I will deal with you personally.

Live right and you'll find your reward. Amen.

Eli raises his arms and the people start shouting. Eli gives a big smile, and leaves the stage enjoying the praise from his people. He walks over to the XWF crew..

Eli James IV "You boys alright?

XWF Crew "That was an.. interesting sermon, Eli.

Eli James IV "Glad you enjoyed it. Everyone needs some truth spoken into their lives..

XWF Crew "We really came here to try and learn a little more about you.. and if you had any more words for your opponents at Leap of Faith.

Eli James IV "I know, man. That sermon was just extra.. like adding seasoning to your food. Brings out the flavor more. Come on..

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