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X-treme Wrestling Federation BOARDS » XWF Live! » 24/7 X-treme Championship
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Tommy Wish Offline
An "Ordinary" Guy

XWF FanBase:
Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

11-17-2022, 04:14 PM

We see her idling in the X-Treme hallway after her encounter with Lux, then in a dark corner she was thrown something at her area, it was a note that said.....

Hi... Myst... REMEBER ME?

She tosses it on the floor, as she walks off a figure in a ski mask hits her with a crowbar to the back. The masked person then starts hitting her with the crowbar, she then turns around and this person hits a HideYaFace on the concrete. Then he takes of his ski mask to show his face to the downed Myst.

"I knew one day it'll come to this.... i gotten the message from Tha Soulja to hit tha champ."

Then he "gently" puts her shoulders down on the ground with the crowbar, and the ref see's the commotion and counts the fall...



-Insert Catchy Slogan Here!-
[Image: Tommywish.jpg]
1x Freestyle Champion
2x X-Treme Champion
SOTM January 2019
RPOTM Of July 2022
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Jenny Myst Offline
The Queen of X-Treme
TITLE - X-treme Champion

XWF FanBase:
Very random

(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

11-17-2022, 05:10 PM

What is with all of these first class nobodies thinking that they deserve a shot of the title? Do you want this? Come take it in an actual match. You all are cowards because you know you can’t see me or be me. You decide to cheap shot me when I’m not paying attention. Well I’m not falling for that again.

*Jenny grabs Tommy’s ear, pulling on it. She knew the sick freak liked it. As the referee counted to two and their hand was up for a three count Jenny did what she will ALWAYS do.

She kicked the fuck out, rolling out of the pinning combo. Picking up her title belt she kissed it.

Something you will never get, because, unlike you, the belt deserves a little TLC.

She waves it to Tommy as he stood there, frowning like a chastised puppy.

Kick out number 2 in one day. She felt accomplished but also felt like she needed sanitizer, STAT
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