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Euro Title (RP 3)
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07-10-2013 01:18 PM

>>Knowledgeable Nightmares (Part 3)

[Image: jimmyjacobsbanner_zps2e23a96b.png]

We last left off our hero, John Austin as he awakened from a horrible nightmare. Doctor Michelle Thomas and John arrived at a local "nut-house" to help volunteer. If you remember, Michelle promised to give John a private session after he agreed to start taking his meds and get rid of the Post Traumatic Stress once and for all.

We now begin at the office of one Dr. Michelle. Their session.....already in progress

Okay John...once again, what do you see here?

[Image: inkblob1_zps1802b918.jpg]

That's Nightmare....can't forget his ugly mug

Okay... how about this one

[Image: bl8_zps510eed70.jpg]

Jesse can clearly see them sweet ass tits of hers in the middle *sly laugh*

AUSTIN! I am trying to conduct a experiment here...act your age...Now...last one

[Image: 2fc23356-0d6e-4ea0-9c60-582e5f6941ae_zps9c80d0c7.jpg]

The rage and chaos that is going to happen at Leap of Faith...if you look closely Doc, you can see me in the middle with my hand held high to the sky

We see Doctor Michelle place the pictures down on her desk and begin taking down a few notes. John raises up from the couch and places his shoes back on his feet. He gets to a comfortable seated position. The good doctor turns off her radio that plays the easy listening sounds of Barry know...COPACABANA! ...anyone?....erm let's continue

Well Austin seems you have made quite a progress since your last visit with April. Have you been taking your meds as I prescribed you?

Normally John would hesitate and lie but he fires right back at her

I sure have doctor and it has made a WORLD of a difference for me. Last Monday I had a match with Shawn Steele and I took my medicine earlier in the day and had no problems.

Well good John. Do you think you have a handle on your PTS?

I won't lie to you doctor, I am still afraid of the match. I have and no-pun intended here, nightmares about being in the ring with these whack jobs.

Well it's okay to be afraid John. Wrestling may be considered fake but you're going to be in a match with five other individuals and you will be inside a cage like structure no-less. Chance for injuries are there, so it's okay to be afraid. Just take your medicine like normal and you will be fine.

John gets up from the love-seat and goes to open the door. He stops and goes over towards the doctor's desk. He sits in the chair in-front of her desk and slaps his hands on the table

Listen Doctor, I have known you for quite a while and I wanted to ask you... know what, I am done being chicken shit.....I find you to be fucking gorgeous...what will it take for you to go out with me?

Michelle gets up from her desk and walks towards John. She adjusts her glasses and leans in for a kiss. She stops midway and moves over towards his ear. She whispers...

You want me? the European title and you can have all of thissssssss

She leaves John speechless. He goes to say something but he can't spit the words out. John makes a motion that he is going to walk out of here. John walks out backwards, still shocked at the words from the good doctor. We see her begin to quietly laugh to herself as our scene comes to a close


To find John, turn those lights out because he will then appear...
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