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11-17-2022, 12:17 AM

Every city. 

Every town we travel to be it business or personal. We spend one night in a home that doesn't belong to us. We spend a day doing recon, finding out who owns it, where they are, how long they will be gone. How friendly are they with their neighbors. It's best to hit the middle class because they are the ones with family values and the money to take trips. 

So this isn't new. What was new is that in her hand, Josslynn held a hammer. I knew why but maybe it's best that I start a bit earlier.. 


"This is filler. This is me knowing that this match is another opportunity I sure as hell haven't earned. I guess neither has a few of them but I am not as inclined to once again be in another match where I don't belong. 

Belong. A topic that has been on my mind as of late. Maybe it's the losses. Not in losing but in something that Centurion had said. I have shrugged shit off too much. I have moved on and just rode the wave which takes me to whatever random booking that Management puts together. 

Do I belong here? I know I can compete. I know I can win but am I, have I put forth the real effort to show that I am willing? What's the record time for elimination? How fast do I need to be eliminated to have that achievement? That could be fun!"


"It's like Russian Roulette. You skip the scouting. We find a house with the lights off that looks promising and we just hit it. No residence checks."

Josslynn was letting his words process. There was a risk to it. Plenty of questions she had letting the concept linger. They had always done their homework. 

"What happens if someone is home? Family? Children? Pets?"

Cashe shrugs as he looks from the road over to Josslynn. They were stopped at a red light. "We deal with whatever we come across." Not letting it go any further, he laughs. "I'm joking!" Letting his head shake from side to side as he grips the steering wheel with both hands. 

"Why not? I can handle it!" She protests. 

"Handle what?" Scoffing at her quick willingness to go through with it. "If an angry Wiener Dog comes rushing us with his smile bones giving us frowns? The fuck you gonna do?"

"I dunno. Wrestle it?" She said with a straight face. 

"Whaaaaa?!" Cashe's laugh echoes in volume. 

"I have to wrestle Holden Ross. I wrestle you all the time.."

"You better not use the same moves on him as you do me!" He said playfully but his expression was quite serious. 

"I wanna do this.." 

"Use the moves you use on me in your match against Holden?"

"No, you silly bastard. The random house selection.. I want to pick the house though!" Her voice had some excitement to it.


"Part of me, the person I was trying to be 2 months ago, was desperately trying to represent the Asylum brand. Almost every other name on THIS roster competes on the other shows and I was attempting to wave the flag of Anarchy. Now.. I'm conflicted. 

I signed the contract. I am exclusive to XWF but looking back, really looking at my own reflection, I cannot truly say I have felt at home in XWF. Until that changes, I'll gladly take a payday to play filler for a randomly booked match.."


So now you are caught up. She picked a house and I was only slightly concerned that there was a car parked in the driveway. Didn't matter, she made her choice. Getting inside was easy.. 

"Shhh did you hear that?" I heard nothing and nothing moved among the shadows. I leaned down closer to her and whispered back. 

"What did you hear?"

"Over there.." She quietly responds. She was looking towards the hallway. It didn't seem like anyone was awake. Maybe nobody was home. We needed to look, we had a routine for checking the homes. 

"Room check." I signaled to her in a whisper. She nods and heads towards the hallway. I checked a closet off the living room before moving into the hallway where I caught a glimpse of Josslynn going into the first room on the right. 

"Damnit.." I mumbled to myself but the words escaped my lips. Usually I didn't follow after her but that was when I was sure nobody was home. The risks and dangers we could face were different. Someone could be home. Someone could be equipped with a number of weapons to defend their castle. I hurried through the door on the right and found Josslynn standing at the side of the bed. 

I stood frozen like my body didn't expect to see what I was seeing. A man was sleeping in the bed. His bare chest exposed to the ceiling and laying in his armpit was a woman. She was naked but lying chest down into him. Josslynn lifts the hammer, gripping it with both hands as it rises above her head. 

I grab her around the waist, pulling her from the room and out into the hallway. I shut the door quietly. The visibility was way better now than before, my eyes were adjusted. "What are you doing?!" I asked the most obvious question available. 

"No witnesses." She says as if this wasn't new. 

"What?!" I almost let my voice go to volumes it didn't need to go. I wasn't mad, I was surprised. "You were gonna hammer them? Are we unaliving people now?!"

"No. Just a tap with a hammer. Knock them out not murder them!" 

A tap she said.. With a hammer. I'm not sure if I was a little scared of her or aroused by her grrrr but I knew that I was in love with this crazy, shy but murderous woman. She was my motivation, far more than just filler.

[Image: tt82AUo.png]

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