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Trio Tag Tittie Twizzlers! (Joint Team RP)
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07-10-2013 04:10 PM

"One, Two, Three O'clock, Four O'clock ROCK,
Five, Six, Seven O'clock, Eight O'clock ROCK,
Nine, Ten, Eleven O'clock, Twelve O'clock ROCK,
I'm gonna ROCK around that COCK tonight."

Shit Dawgz Vin Diesel is singing Rock's favourite song to him. The shower water is hot enough to slightly burn Vins back as Sean William Scott lathers him up with soap. Rocky is drumming on his knees along to Vin's singing voice pausing every now and then to push... Plop! "This dump is ruining me."

Vin Diesel looks back over to Sean and they just grin to each other.

Vin: "Tough one to get out is it

SWS: "Perhaps you hid a strudel up there you forgot about."

The three completely straight men burst out into a chorus of laughter which is quickly interrupted by the sound of Rock bowel violently unloading into the porcelain dish.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Sniff, Sniff. That is vintage."

There is no sound from behind the shower curtain so The Rock reaches over and pulls it to one side.


He look around the curtain to see Vin and Sean holding there breath as well as their noses.

"It's not that bad."

Sean William Scott opens his mouth for just enough time to say"CUM"Vin then open's his mouth for just a second "STINKY","CUM"."BUM".

"Pifftt! Whatever bitches. Anyway where is my other bitch."

The Rock reaches up and rings a bell that is hanging on the bathroom wall.

Ring, Ding,Ding,Ring,Ding,Ding.

Eventually an out of breath Paul Walker bursts through the door.

"Paul: Yes Dwayne what can I do for you."

"Come wipe people's ass biatch."

Everyone laughs well except Paul who gingerly takes the paper from the role and waits for Rocky to stand up and bend over the toilet.

An hour later...

Rocky is stood on the set of The Ghostbusters 3 remake. Vin Diesel is stood with the Olsen twins. The Rock managed to persuade director Michael bay to cast Vin Diesel as Louis Tully a role previously portrayed by spectacle wearing funny man Rick Moranis. Sean William Scott is hanging out with Ashton Kutcher. Scott has a cameo role as the ghost of Jason Biggs' film career, a role he does truly cherish with his close connection to Biggs.

Rocky looks on as Seth Rogan is filming a scene. In the particular scene Seth's character Winston is hanging in the Ghostbusters HQ with Janine who is being portrayed by Mila Kunis. The Rock looks on as Winston is putting on all his best moves to try and get a date with Janine. "That bitch Zeddmore has no chance with a tidy broad like that."

"You do know there just acting don't you?"

"Tiger... What the fuck are you doing here biatch."

Tiger Woods approaches The Rock.

"Oh snap that's right your giving Michael Bay some adultery lessons."

Tiger: "Ha Ha, no Golf lessons."

"Hang on play, I thought fired your ass, yeah, he got that Irish lad in... Rory something, ummm, Rory Macdougledum or some shit like that."

"Tiger: Mcilroy?"

"Yeah boi, that's the fuzzy haired biatch. He's been really helping the Bayster to pot his balls."

Tiger: "Uh, that's Snooker, or even Pool."

"Whatever biatch get outta The Rock's face. He has some training to do before he steps into the ring-piece with dem three bitches Mr. Mystery, Unknown Soldier and Peter "Capital D" Gilmour.

In fact did you know that the only thing fatter than this monster schlong between my legs is Mr Capital D himself. It's true he is a massive lump of flesh with warts and all. Unknown Soldier has no schlong so he really is irrelevant to any of this, i don't even know why he is in the damn match. As for Mr Mystery he is just a bum who is riddled with every disease under the sun, hell I even heard he had the extremely rare shimmy shamny shooty bum bum disease, the details I won't share because its sicker than a Saturday night Dean Moxley McGovern who is one of my partners for the PPV on Saturday Nig... Oh shit! This is going to be bad.

The Rock looks over to where Tiger was stood but he is nowhere to be seen.

”Huh, where did that bitch go?”

”Who gives a shit I am here now”

The Rock looks over and Dean Moxley McGovern is walking over towards him.

”What da fuck are you doing here boi?”

Dean: “You told me the Olsen’s were doing this movie with you. Thought I would come get me some.

Rock: "No chance brother, the Olsen’s are like in there twenties now or some shit."

All of a sudden in the distance Rock and Dean see Hunter Payne putting flyers on cars, Joy is with him. Hunter Payne sees them and runs over.

Payne:" Excuse me, have you two heard the good news?"

Rock: "What that this almight Schlong is gonna soon have a Trio Tag Title wrapped tightly around it?"

Payne: "No I was talking about God..."

Rock: "Who?"

Joy: "You'll have to excuse Hunter as his kind of out of it right now. He's been having religious battles with Unknown Soldier."

Payne: "Yes, Dante... He will see the error of his ways soon..."

Joy: "Don't count on it. So what movie is this Rocky?"

Rock: "Ghostbusters mother fuckin 3. I told you this shit the other day. It’s gonna be awesome, you know why it’s gonna be awesome,why? because The Rock’s in it that’s why it’s gonna be awesome."

Joy: "OMG! Is that Seth Rogan?"

The Rock looks abit annoyed that Joy seeed to get so easily distracted from him when the chubby deep voiced comedian had walked past. All of a sudden Tiger Woods is back and he slyly put his arm around Joy

Tiger:" Hey they’re beautiful, do you know who I am?"

Joy: Umm Hunter?

Hunter Payne is too busy outreaching, or talking to somebody about God

Tiger: "There is not amount of hunting that could tame this wild cat."

Tiger Wood roars towards Joy in a strangely seductive way.

Joy: "Fine then. I'll handle this myself..."

Joy kicks Tiger in the balls, then casually continues their conversation

Joy: "But yeah, sorry about Hunter, he is kind of in his own world at the moment.... This is fun your kind of like the king of the set..."

Dean: “Hey Billy, bring me that ice will you we gort a man down?"

A young looking blonde boy comes walking over wearing gloves carrying some dry ice. "Our little golfer friend has got a knock in the nuts, can you ice him down please?” Tiger screams in pain as the dry ice is shoved into his groin by the young boy. Dean jumps around laughing his head off before talking with Billy some more.

Joy: "Woah!"

Rock: "So why in the blue hell does Hunter want to team with us if he is this Jesus nut?"

Joy: "Oh well, it's kind of like The Avengers."

Dean: "The Avengers?"

Joy: "Yeah, You gather the best around to team up. No matter what their backstory is and they kick ass. I mean they teamed Thor a Demi-God from another planet with the monotheistic Captain America. That didn't make sense. And that movie was amazing! Just like this team is amazing. That's my pick for a team name, The Avengers."

[pink]Rock: "No I always thought we were... umm I can’t remember. I can’t remember because of the beauty that is stood before me, Joy you are distracting me from everything, why? Because you are a honey, you’re a honey and you are making me feel like Pinocchio except it isn’t my nose growing it is this monster schlong in my pants. Come on Joy baby let me stir that honey pot."

Joy: "Not so fast Rocky. Take a look at Tiger..."

Tiger Woods is still on the floor crying

Payne: "Hey what did I miss?"

Joy: "Team name..."

Payne: "The Christians!"

Joy: "What? No... What. That isn't even clever..."

Dean: "I like The Licks?"

Dean sticks his tongue out in a licking his lips towards Joy… or was it Hunter… or Billy maybe?

Payne: "It's up to you guys."

Hunter eyeballs people looking at him and runs over to them

Payne:.... "Hey have you guys heard the good news?!"

Joy: Ugh, I gotta go. Here's my cell Rocky, text me when you two decide on a team name.

Joy writes her number, then hands Rock her number on a flyer Hunter was using and speeds off to catch up to him. Rock turns to Dean with a big smile on his face.

Rock: "See that shit bitch, I got dat number now all there is to do is make a little call and Rocky will be riding and grinding, RIDING AND GRINDING"

Joy suddenly reappears again.

Joy: "No you won’t."

Dean laughs as The Rock stands looking disgruntled as Joy walk away.

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