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ANARCHY: Micro RP Show Squiggly
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Squiggly Offline
Active in XWF

XWF FanBase:
Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

11-13-2022, 09:56 PM


[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Wrestler's Real Name: Unknown

Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: 70,000 B.C.

Height: Tall Enough to Ride the Fun Rides (6'6")

Weight: 666 Deep Fried Twinkies (245 lbs.)

Hometown: The Magical Land of ODD

Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?): Heel

Pic Base: Sinn Bodhi (Bald with Beard)

Backstory/Important Character Details: Squiggly is best described as a creepy, colorful, playful, deranged, birthday clown, carnival freak, masochist, sideshow monster. Something out of a really colorful nightmare.

Strengths: Strongman (Strong as a carnival strongman.), Dynamite (Explosive for a man of his size.), Masochist (Has a high pain tolerance from his many acts over the years.)

Weaknesses: Slow (Age has slowed him down recently. He can still move, but in explosive moments.), Seriousness (He is always joking around so he takes nothing serious. Can effect his focus.), Mustard (He hates it.)

Entrance Theme Music (Provide YouTube link as well as name and version): "Grease Paint and Monkey Brains" By White Zombie

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for use in match/show writing): ["Grease Paint and Monkey Brains" by White Zombie starts to play and we see the lights dim down. After the intro we see Squiggly come out from the back sporting a pig mask with clown makeup smeared over it. A large oversized tie rests over his ring attire as he approaches the ramp. He pulls a match from behind his ear and strikes it before lighting his tie. Firecrackers begin popping as Squiggly begins to tremble, almost seizure-like. The smoke clears as Squiggly continues shaking his head, twitching and shaking his arms as he heads towards the ring.

Squiggly comes to the edge of the ring where he ditches his tie and rolls in under the ropes. He stands up before he begins circling the ring, looking out at the crowd. He rips the mask from his face and lets out a deep belly laugh as he twitches and scratches at his bald, tattooed head.]

In-Ring Style (Technician? High Flyer?): Comedic Brawling Technician

10 or More Standard Moves: 
‣ Snap Powerbomb (Just a violent snap powerbomb. He almost breaks the opponents neck every single time.)
‣ Suplex (He usually does this on some sort of weapon or off of the apron to the floor.)
‣ Biting (He’ll draw blood on occasion.)
‣ Chokeslam (Does this on smaller opponents only.)
‣ Spinning Sidewalk Slam (Catches them off the rebound and does a spin before dropping them. Loves doing this onto open chairs.)
‣ Headbutt (Mostly a stiff headbutt, but sometimes he will lock arms with someone and reign down headbutts until their both split open.)
‣ Back Body Drop (Usually onto a weapon of some sort.)
‣ Low Blow (He'll usually back the ref into the corner before bringing his foot back into the opponent's crotch.)
‣ Bell Ringer (Claps the ears of the opponent to deafen them and cause confusion.)
‣ White Russian Leg Sweep (He does this with a kendo stick when he can.)
‣ Belly to Belly Throw (Tosses them like a bag of trash over his shoulder.)
‣ Double Arm DDT (Classic deathmatch move. Normally spikes the opponent on their head.)
‣ What’s that? (Points at the ceiling for a distraction before stomping opponents foot.)
‣ Eye Gouge, Fish Hook, Back Rake, Chokes (Dirty heel shit.)
‣ Blind Barrage (Pulls opponent shirt/singlet/underwear over their head before ambushing them with a flurry of overhead shots to the back and head.)
‣ Fireballs/Throwing Powder (Flash paper hidden in his pants for the fire.)
‣ Running Knee (Running knee to a seated opponent.)
‣ Big Splash (Running splash, squashing them in the corner.)
‣ Corner Barrage (He gets them in the corner and rains down a stiff as fuck barrage of punches, kicks, and chops.)
‣ Funnel Cake (Bronco Buster with some extra shake.)
‣ Crossface Punches (He gets the opponent in a camel clutch position but instead of locking in a hold he’ll throw forearm punches across their face.)
‣ Leg Drop (Hulk Hogan baby!)
‣ Falling Headbutt (He tends to stumble and fall into it.)
‣ Swinging Neckbreaker (A very quick snap swinging neckbreaker.)
‣ Crossbody (Gets a running start with it before launching himself across the ring.)
‣ Big Boot (Either running at opponent or catching them from the rebound.)
‣ Double Axe Handle (Mostly off the second rope.)
‣ Sunset Flip (Usually after knocking someone off the top rope.)
‣ Flying Clothesline (Very rarely used.)
‣ Maniacal Laughing
‣ Twitching
‣ Scratching at his bald head.
‣ Devils Horns
‣ Tickling Opponents

Trademark Move Name(s): 
‣ THE SCRAMBLER: Toss-Up Backbreaker
‣ GIGGLE JUICE: Various Colored Poison Mists
‣ CARNY ELBOW: Cactus Jack Elbow Drop off the Ring Apron and to the Floor.

Finishing Move Name(s): 
‣ JACK IN THE BOX: Double Underhook Guillotine Drop
‣ TILT-A-SWIRL PILEDRIVER: Tilt-A-Whirl Spinning Tombstone Piledriver
‣ SHOULD’VE HAD A V-H8: Stiff Palm Strike to Opponents Forehead

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots:
‣ Rubber Chicken Shot (Sometimes Loaded)
‣ Places cinderblock between opponents legs and smashes with sledgehammer.
‣ Seahorse with Nails through the Seat
‣ Popping balloons over opponents head (Loaded with powder, confetti, or thumbtacks).

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?): ALWAYS has his rubber chicken with him. Talks to it like it's a person.
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