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11-12-2022, 11:27 AM

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane appears at a podium in front of some members of the media, grinning from ear to ear.

[Image: dVNqucr.png]

Ladies and gents! We have exciting news for the Madness Brand... here to explain in full is Madness General Manager Tula Keali'i. Take it away Tula, the floor is yours!

[Image: MSPycHR.png]

Thank you, Vincent. Now, as you all undoubtedly know after last Madness in Accra, Ghana, as we continue our tour of the Prime Meridian, the IDL Championship was vacated after title holder Elijah Copeland was forced from action due to injuries sustained at the hands of Holden Ross on XWF Warfare.

Tula disappears as footage of Ross assaulting Copeland plays in black and white still shots, followed by clips of Keali'i making the bombshell announcement on Madness, with the title no her shoulder.

[Image: MSPycHR.png]

Now, as I mentioned in Ghana, we WILL be hosting a tournament. This will begin THIS MONTH when we arrive in Cape Town, South Africa, on November 28th. Eight of the Madness Brand's top performers will take part in a single elimination bracket, with the semi-finals and finals taking place on the December edition of the show. That's right, the winner will take part in two matches on the same night! But that's not all...

Tula adjusts her microphone as the camera resumes focus on her.

[Image: MSPycHR.png]

As both Sierra Silver, who won an impressive battle royal many months ago, and Myra Rivers, who defeated all comers at the Relentless Hollywood Walk of Fame Ladder Match, have both secured guaranteed title opportunities... they will each account for two of the three participants in a TRIPLE THREAT match at our anniversary show in January! The third participant will be the winner of this tournament. The IDL Champion will be crowned in the main event of that broadcast of Madness! And... when Elijah Copeland is medically cleared, he will be the first in line for an opportunity to regain his championship.

Tula smiles and holds up a hand as Vinnie starts to reach for the podium's mic.

[Image: MSPycHR.png]

And that's not all, Mister Lane! We at Madness have continued to grow, ad as a result we have determined it is time to add a secondary title to our ranks. The Equatorial Championship will be held as the second highest singles championship on Madness, in addition to the already extant Gemini Tag Team Championships and the upcoming Delta Trios Championships! Details will be given soon!

Vinnie once again starts to lean in and once again is rebussed.

[Image: MSPycHR.png]

... and of course, the part of this announcement you are all waiting for... the names of the eight participants in our IDL Tournament! Former IDL Champion "VIP" Chris Mosh. The Abominable Holden Ross. "Death Wish" Hide Yamazaki. "The Vampire" Vita Valenteen. "Spoiled" Summer Page. Josslyn Spencer. Molly Barnes. And finally, the Golden One herself, Lexi Gold. Thank you, Mister Lane, that is all I have for you today.

Tula waves and leaves the area promptly, leaving Vinnie Lane to stumble together some form of a closing statement.

[Image: dVNqucr.png]

Uhhhhh... thanks Tula! WOW! Huge news from the Madness crew! I can't wait to see what shakes down in South Africa!

[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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