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Royal Pain (ufo title rp #2)
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07-09-2013 11:08 PM

We open the scene to a aerial shot of the Igloo in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a sunny day in the city with a temperature of about 80 degrees. We are counting down the days until LEAP OF FAITH and everybody is anticipating a historic night in the steel city. The camera shows the arena in all it's glory as well as people of all ages and sizes walking down the roads at a reasonable pace. Cars and buses do likewise. We now cut to a shot outside the Igloo as we see Peter Gilmour standing in front of the entrance to the building. Peter has on blue jeans, black shoes and a NY Rangers jersey with his name and number (#69) on it. Surely, he's going to get a ton of heat for wearing that jersey in the home of the Penguins. But he could care less what the fans in Pittsburgh think. They haven't done anything in the past 5 years. A few people walk past Peter and give him dirty looks.

Fan #1: Go back to New York you loser!


Peter looks at the fans bashing his favorite team and giving him the finger in the process. He just stands there and takes it all in, not wanting a confrontation. Peter then laughs wickedly as he just looks on. Peter then starts to walk forward and then sits on a bench near the side of the arena. He takes a moment to gather his thoughts. After a minute or so, Peter looks into the camera and begins to speak.

Peter: Well, it seems that Leap of Faith is going to be bigger than ever. Everyone is gearing up for this huge event which promises to be a sellout at Heinz Field. Fans are already making their prediction videos and even the guys on the radio are doing the same. I know some of the guys in the back are already here and training for their big matches. As for me, I am trying my best to focus on defending two titles in two different matches. This will truly be my toughest test to date. Can I retain two titles in the same night? Do I have the endurance to withstand a ton of punishment in both these matches? But the most important question is can I pull this off? Well the answer to that is... YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I CAN!

Peter chuckles a bit as it seems he was amused by his own question.

Peter: I know I can retain the Trios Title and this little title right here.

Peter flashes the new INSANE title which used to be the UFO/FTW title until Peter renamed it, though it's unlikely the name change will last.

Peter: This is the brand new FTW/UFO title which I have called the INSANE title. Kind of has a nice ring to it doesn't it? INSANE. It's almost like the Xtreme Title but this is much harder to retain because you never know when you will get challenged or pinned. So you got to be on your toes at all times. But I have faith (no pun intended) that I will retain this title. But it won't be easy because I will have a ton of challengers just ready to throw me over the top rope since this is a battle royal. Now the last time I spoke, I mentioned some of the guys who are already in this match. Guys like Reaper, Death Merchant and Jason E. Smith. I mentioned how they are just nobodies and how I will throw them out of my ring with ease. But as I was roaming the XWF webpage, I saw a few more guys who want a piece of the Xtreme Icon and the FTW/UFO title. Well all I can is, BRING IT ON! I'll take on the entire locker room if I have to. Let's get to the new blood who has put their name in the hat for this match.

Let's start with Adam Collins. Now this guy has an attitude problem. What's your deal Adam? Are you mad that someone stole your lunch money or your computer? Come on man. I mean your entire promo was just bashing the XWF. Are you serious bro? Why would you want to disrespect this great company that's been around for 13 years (if my math is correct.. which it never is). I've been here for about 3 or so years and I never disrespected this company. I've said some mean things to the owner and GM'S but I never disrespected the company that Jon Brown built. I respect Jon Brown for creating the best federation in the land by far. There have been so many guys and girls who have come through these doors. I can't name them all because it would take too long. Plus I hardly remember anyone from 2009 back. But for you to diss the XWF is a slap in the face to everybody who has put their blood, sweat and tears into this company. So for you to call us nobodies makes you a nobody! You don't impress me Adam. You think you're going to walk out with this title? Over my dead body! I am going to enjoy whipping your ass and launching you into the 20th row. And believe me I can do it. I am not a nobody Adam. I am the FTW/UFO and Trios Tag Champions. You're just some snot nosed punk who decided to become a wrestler. What a joke! You are like Sidney Crosby. All talk, no hype. Oh it's true people. Sidney Crosby is a complete joke! Mark Messier is a much better player than him and old man Mario Lemieux combined. Adam, just do us all a favor and don't even show up to this match. Stay home and watch me decimate the entire roster ok? Thanks.

Next is Hunter Moore. Gee, another guy named Hunter. What's with people naming their sons HUNTER? I mean it's such a lame name. It doesn't scare anybody. Why can't people name their kids cool names like John, Aaron or even Peter? But Hunter? Whatever man. Now Hunter, you are another rookie here in the XWF. You've been here for a month but yet you haven't done anything here other than lose on Madness. You expect me to take you seriously? Dude, you have no shot in this match just like the others who have tried to bash me have. Nobody is going to stop me from retaining this title and my Trios Title. So Hunter when we meet in the middle of the ring, I will personally end your life. Count out that!

Finally we have "The Phantom" Jack Kronus. Wow, the phantom. Are you that guy who keeps calling my cell and hanging up? Fuckin' stalker. Maybe it's another phantom. Who cares. But Jack, I don't think we've ever met. But it will the last time because I am going to end your career and throw you out of my ring. Just like the others in this match, you don't stand a chance.

So that's all there competition in this match?! Come on guys! I thought I'd have to work to retain this belt but looks like I'll just be getting a good workout. This match is going to be too easy but I won't count anybody out just yet. This Saturday night, there will be a battle and people will be broken and bloodied. But when all is said and done, I will be the last man standing as I retain my FTW/UFO title. I will do something the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins haven't done in years and that is WIN! So to everybody in this match, I wish you all good luck. You're going to need it!

Peter laughs wickedly as he gets up and leaves the scene. We start to fade out with an aerial shot of the city and the arena. We now begin to fade to black.


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