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A Nightmare Story Part 3 RP#3
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07-10-2013 08:08 AM

A Nightmare Story Part 3
Sixteen and Out.

It had been twelve years since the now sixteen year olds mother had left him sat in his chair on the pier in San Francisco. He can’t remember his birth parents but he does have a vague recollection of a woman who had previously been in his life, he had assumed for many years to be his mother.

He had spent a good portion of his life living in an orphanage with many other boys around his same age and older. The orphanage would house the boys until they turned sixteen in which point with the help of a mentor as they were known they would be sent back into the real world to more of less fend for themselves. There were boys leaving from around them everyday, the mentor would come in to the orphanage and then would leave with the next boy who had become too old to be looked after anymore. Today is the boy we all know now as Nightmare’s birthday. He is Sixteen years old.

As he was walking around the orphanage saying his goodbyes to the other boys who he had grown up with for the past twelve years he classed them all as his brothers and he knew he would miss them dearly. As he walked down the long corridors of the large house that over looked the ocean he took in one final time the basic light decor that he had been living within for the majority of his life. He continues popping in and out of the rooms along the east wing corridor saying his farewells to his friends. Finally at the end of the corridor he walks into the reception room where the boxes of his belongings are stood in the corner, he had cleared out his room in the early hours of this morning to ensure he had enough time throughout the day to spend some time with everyone before his mentor would arrive to pick him up. Looking around the reception and towards the front desk the lady behind the counter smiles and nods towards the chairs on the other side of the room where a man in a brown jacket, corduroy trousers with loafer on his feet sits looking through a yellow file. As he moves closer he can see the name on the file, Thomas Kilbane. This was his file.

The man quickly gets to his feet as he notices the nervous looking young man approaching. With a smile he extends his hand and shakes the sixteen year olds hand. After there brief introductions the mentor hands Thomas a backpack. Thomas sits down in the seat in the reception and his new mentor sits next to him. Reaching into the bag he pulls out a bottle of coke and has a swig. This was Thomas’ one request for his mentor to bring with him for this day. Thomas was a big fan for Coca Cola and living as he had as an orphan his opportunities to taste the fizzy liquid was limited. As Thomas cracks the top and takes a swig his new mentor who’s name badge gave away his name as being Geoff began to talk to him once again explaining what will be happening next for the young man.

Geoff: Ok, so Thomas from here we will be heading to your new apartment. I am sure you are made aware that this will not be the most luxurious of places in the world but it is a starting block for you, a place where you can get settled and learn to deal with life out there on your own.

Thomas head drops as a worried look spreads over his face as the prospect of being alone for the first time dawn’s on him.

Geoff: Don’t worry Thomas. I can tell you are tough kid and will do just fine. Anyway I will be with you for you first three months of being out there. Plus you will have by-weekly meetings with your counsellor where you can express any problems you feel may be affecting you.

Thomas: It’s just scary you know, I am sixteen years old and I have been living in here with all the routines, breakfast at this time, dinner at that, whenever we went out of this place we were guided by one of the staff members. I don’t know any different. How am I supposed to get a job? I have never even had an interview before?

Geoff: Don’t worry about that we have already sourced you a job, you will be starting next Monday. Its nothing spectacular just some manual labour down the docks but it is a start for you.

Thomas: Apartment and a job. Who would have thought that would happen for me.

Geoff: Well it isn’t all bad when you reach that tender age of sixteen. Soon you will have your own money and you will be able to begin treating yourself to little bits and pieces you would never have had before.

Thomas: I am just looking forward to buying my first proper meal.

Thomas smiled and Geoff retaliated as he stood up from his chair ruffling up Thomas’ hair with his hand.

Geoff: Come on kid, its time to get out of here.

Thomas finishes his bottle of coke and dropped the bottle into the rubbish bin next to the seat and gets to his feet. The pair of them head over to the corner of the room and pick up a couple of boxes of Thomas’ belongings each and head out of the orphanage for the final time. Most likely to never see any of his friends he was leaving behind again. It was widely known that any of the kids that aged out of this orphanage are rarely ever seen again. This had worried Thomas but his worries had been diminished slightly after this meeting with Geoff, know body had ever mentioned a mentor before.

The pair is now sat in Geoff’s car with the later starting the engine and pulling out of the orphanage driveway. Thomas watches as the building that had been his home for the majority of his life disappears into the distance. Geoff had said that his new apartment was just a few miles away so this drive shouldn’t take to long…

The Apartment

Geoff leads Thomas into his new apartment block introducing him to the front desk manager Stanley. Stanley seemed like I nice guy who welcomed Thomas to the building offering his services to anything issues that Thomas may find himself facing. It was a basic apartment block just fifteen studio rooms. The living room consisted of a single bed in the corner and a small couch. Also in this room was the kitchen with their bare necessities nothing more and nothing less but Thomas wasn’t complaining. He had heard of kinds of stories of other kids who had aged out of the orphanage and never had a place to live. This place was good he thought to himself as he sat down on the edge of their bed.

Geoff enters the room after he had finished the phone call he had taken whilst they were making their way up the stairs.

Geoff: So lets go take a look at your shower room, it isn’t much but it is better than nothing.

Thomas agrees and gets to his feet following Geoff out of the room. The communal shower room was just down the hall. It had a row of single private showers along the far wall and a few sinks with mirrors set about randomly on the other walls. Thomas was used to sharing so this wasn’t bad at all.

Geoff and Thomas head back to his room so Thomas can unpack the few processions he has. There isn’t much so it doesn’t take long, there was a couple of pictures of him and some of the other boys at the orphanage playing football, his notebook where he used to draw when he was locked away in his room at night. They were mainly comic strips but the other kids seemed to enjoy reading them.

Geoff: So I have to go now, you will be fine. I will be back at 9am tomorrow to pick you up. We have to go to the bank.

Thomas:The bank?

Geoff: Yes the bank you need somewhere for your new employers to pay you. Once we have sorted that out we will be heading down to the docks, your new boss wants to meat you so you can sign a few things and get some equipment you will be needing, uniform and stuff like that.

Thomas nods and says his goodbyes as Geoff leaves the room and the young boy alone for the first time. Thomas just sat on the sofa for a good twenty minutes in silence unsure on what he should do with himself. It is amazing that for the first time you have the freedom to nearly do anything you want to do, almost endless possibilities but you just can’t think of anything. Thomas gets up from the Couch and lies down on his bed as his eyes slowly drift shut with the thoughts of his new life running through his mind.

The Nightmare

Thomas is looking through the eyes of his three year old self, looking up at the women that he once new as his mother. He can’t remember her name or anything much about her but the words that had came out of her mouth on the final few moments together could be remembered vividly.

As she spoke to him for the final time the tears begin running down his cheeks as he looks up at his mother. He doesn’t understand fully the words that she spoke but it was obvious she was upset. As the cold wind blew her hair wildly her tears get heavier before she slowly walks out of Thomas’ site leaving him sat looking through the stinging tears out to the sea.

As Thomas sat there all alone the confusion of what was happening played on his young mind, where was his mother? When was she coming back? He is hungry. It’s almost time for his breakfast. Obviously at three years old his thoughts were not as clear cut as that but in his nightmares remembering certain things his older self would fill in some of the gaps. He never knew what happened top his mother but he did hear a story once before about a woman that had thrown herself off of the top of the golden gate bridge on the very someday that he had been found alone at the pier. In his Nightmares there would be vivid images that he was stop atop the Golden Gate Bridge, he would be whatever age he was when he was having the nightmare and he would witness the women leaning herself out from the railings. Just before her fingers would slip from the rail she would look over to Thomas and reveal herself as to be the face he once remembered as his mother. Thomas would scream with all his energy but no sound could be heard until he eventually wakes up in a sweat.

He can never really know for sure that the woman that fell from the bridge was his mother as in his nightmares but he had always hoped that she would return for him one day, but she never has.

To Be Continued…

Present Time

Nightmare is still stood atop the cliff face looking out to sea. He has stopped thinking about his failed mission to remove the evil king Madison from the throne. He will not accept this as a failure as he did not fail. The longer he has been stood here thinking it all over what went wrong it eventually dawned on him, the only people to fail was the people of the XWF themselves.

He had been sent to the XWF to protect them, to remove the evil king Madison and the XWF did everything in their power to stop that happening. The XWF have showed that they are just as evil and corrupt as the king himself.

Nightmare’s mission has now changed. He no longer wants to bring order to the XWF the way the people of the XWF would like. No from now on he is bringing order to the XWF from his own design. The only way all of the souls in the XWF can be fixed is if they are taught a lesson, if they all live out there Nightmare’s week in week out.

This will begin at the PPV when Nightmare becomes one of the most powerful men in the whole of the XWF by conquering those placed in front of him again and becoming the European Champion. Dean Moxley McGovern, your reign as champion is coming to the end at the hands of your worst nightmare. As for the others taking part in this hell in a cell match, Jessie Diaz, Brian Braxton, Sid Feder AND John Austin, you will have to wait for your chance because this is my time.

We will all meet in a match up the wrestling world affectionately knows as Hell in a Cell. This is an appropriate name for a matchup of this type. A steel cage will cover the entire ring and there will be 6 competitors within that cell battling it out to see who will be victorious. The reason this is my time and not any of the others, no Sid Feder, not Jessie Diaz or John Austin is because I have already lived and walked through hell. I have been to hell and I have moved past it. This match is built for me and I will not fail again.

Now Once I am the new European Champion that is when all the fun will begin. There is a change coming to the XWF don’t fear otherwise, retribution will be had, redemption will be served and nightmare’s will strike all that stand in the way.

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