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Playin With A Cave Pussy.
Author Message
Tommy Wish Offline
An "Ordinary" Guy

XWF FanBase:
Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

10-11-2022, 10:28 AM

We see Edwina walking around the drylands, and she get’s hit with a tranquilizer that knocked her out and we see a Van picking her up with someone hauling her inside. About couple of mins later, we see her roped on a chair with a tape on her mouth inside the corridors where we see Tommy coming up to a restrained Edwina who was hostile towards him.

“Look you cave bitch, I want something from you that my boy JB can’t get nor refuses to get off you… and it’s that belt you have I have placed on the wall beside you. You see, I wanted to leave you be with this belt, and have your longest reign in with your own boundaries. But, here I am trying to get if off you for JB, but he told me straight up to Cavenapp you.”

He then takes the tape off her mouth, and she started screaming Cave woman lang towards him, which caused him to hit her with a club to her head. JB then whispers in his ear, and Tommy then nodded.

“Well I am  gonna take back what I said, now I want to just…. oooh, I want to beat the hell outta you, but I know your husband is around here to save a cave whore like you. You might been able to have Edward bust his man nuts in your Wizards Sleeve, but that isn’t gonna stop me from taking that belt of you.

Go back to being a housewife towards a man who is much better off running out of the caves into someone else’s bedroom, you don’t need to waste your precious resources here…. though you got some nice eh f—- FUK IT!”

He hits her with the Club to her gut to make her fall off the chair, and he Edge’d pins her with the ref counting the fall…


-Insert Catchy Slogan Here!-
[Image: Tommywish.jpg]
1x Freestyle Champion
2x X-Treme Champion
SOTM January 2019
RPOTM Of July 2022
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Liam Desmond Offline
Head of the Department of Video Archives
Management Lv. 2

XWF FanBase:

(Physically attractive male on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes.)

10-30-2022, 03:17 PM

A loud slurping noise coming from a large fast food cup of soda can be heard coming from the hallway, as Liam Desmond is walking down after a successful Savage when he walks into the nearby open door and sees-

“Oh, uh... hi!” Liam says, before looking over the three people present. Wow... they looked awful! They looked like they haven't cleaned themselves... or eaten anything... or even gotten any sleep... in weeks! And judging from that position-

“Wait, were you pinning her this entire time? That's crazy!” Liam said, knowing he'd have to hop into action now. Luckily, with the power vested before him as an XWF General Manager, he had a very crucial power he could use in situations like this. “I got this!”

Liam Desmond takes off his button-up shirt to reveal A REFEREE'S SHIRT UNDERNEATH!

“I always wanted to do that! Anyways...” Liam gets down on all fours to count the pinfall!




Winner and NEW XWF Freestyle Champion: Tommy Wish!

“How about that?” Liam said as he got onto his feet and delivered the title to Tommy. “Sorry that took so long, but here's your new belt! Uh... might wanna get all that dirt polished off first, though...”
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Charlie Nickles (10-30-2022)
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