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HONORED GUEST: Here For Cross-Branded Event "The Rebel Princess" Cassie Wolfe
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09-02-2022, 04:52 AM Photo  "The Rebel Princess" Cassie Wolfe -->

Wrestler's Real Name: Cassandra Richardson (commonly goes by Cassie Wolfe)

Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: 19 (11/7/03)

Height: 5ft 3

Weight: 118ibs

Hometown: Greenock, South Australia (now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada)

Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?): Face

Pic Base: Cora Jade

Backstory/Important Character Details: Born in a small town in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, Cass has been a fan of wrestling since she was a young age but her family never had the money for her to enrol in a good school, at least not one in her native Australia! However, fate would intervene on her behalf in a rather twisted way.

When Cass was eleven her family learned some horrific news, that one of her aunts had been brutally murdered by her husband two years earlier and the crime had finally been reported by her older cousin Charlotte, known today as the SCW Bombshell Krystal Wolfe, after she had escaped her father’s horrific abuse, Charlotte would move to America a couple of years later to start training at the Go Gym but Cassie knew that one day she would follow her cousin into wrestling.

Flash forward to 2021 and Cassie, having just moved to Las Vegas with her parents, would get that chance, when she turned eighteen she declared to her parents that the only thing she wanted as a birthday present was to start training to become a wrestler using Krystal’s success in SCW as an example of how wrestling talent might run in the family’s blood, though hesitant, her parents agreed on the condition that Cassie studied at a local community college as a backup which she agreed showing an aptitude for IT in the process.

Cass would soon enrol at the PTA Gym a few weeks later, the wrestling school was run by former SCW wrestler Matthew Kennedy who, a few months later, would debut as Krystal’s new manager, it was through this connection that Cassie and Krystal met for the first time since she was a preteen but Krystal, alongside fellow wrestlers Jessie Salco and Ariana Angelos who had gone to the gym with her, suspected that something was wrong and persuaded Cassie to let them train her on her the side.

The older wrestlers’ instincts would prove to be right come the new year as Cassie, though a natural in the ring, had a rebellious streak a mile wide which led to her butting heads with the head trainers at the PTA Gym and things almost came to ahead when a male student body-shamed Cassie a few weeks into the new year reducing the teenager to tears and lading her to run off to the women’s bathroom where she locked herself in, Krystal issued an ultimatum to Matthew to expel the student or she would fire him as her manager and take Cassie to the Go Gym to finish her training which Matthew reluctantly agreed too and fortunately, Krystal and Jessie, who was at the gym that day, would lift Cassie’s spirits up with a pep talk.

However in the first cycle of the new year, things would quickly go downhill for Krystal starting when she failed to make it past the opening round of the 2022 Blast from the Past Tournament, one of her major goals for 2022, at which point Matthew and Marty would exude more control over Krystal having her cut a scathing promo the following week, knowing that this wasn’t like her older cousin Cassie ran to Keira Fisher, the last Bombshell to challenge Krystal for the Bombshell Roulette Title and the closest anyone came to dethroning her, for help, the veteran Bombshell granted it starting by taking Cassie to Team Hero’s compound in Florida for a week of training.

That week of training happened to coincide with a rematch for the Bombshell Roulette Championship between Keira and Krystal that served as that week’s Main Event, it was a brutal and controversial fight but in the end Keira dethroned Krystal ending her 273 day long reign just short of her goal of three hundred days, in the weeks that followed Matthew’s empire would come crumbling down around him and Krystal’s ego was brought down to earth by the loss.

Cassie would be expelled from the PTA Gym during the final weeks before Blaze of Glory X but that was the least of Matthew’s problems as Krystal and Cassie had gotten a huge windfall from the billionaire ex wrestler Jenny tuck and a settlement from Matthew in a class action lawsuit from every ex student as they had all quit in protest of Cassie’s expulsion, Team Hero would take over the PTA Gym and turn it into Hero Academy with Cassie as they’re first student.

Cassie would have a mostly uneventful 2022 from that point, aside from making the mistake of sassing Keira and paying for it and Krystal buying her Summer XXXTreme X tickets as a pre-birthday present (the cruise ended on the day of her nineteenth birthday) leading to Cassie meeting her first girlfriend Becky in the process! Now that she has graduated from Hero Academy Cassie is ready to take the wrestling world by storm.

Strengths: 1. Strong Work Ethic: She might be a stoner but once Cassie puts her mind to an idea, she’ll see it through to the end
2. Prodigy: Cassie was identified as a natural in the ring from her first day of training, to the point that her trainers were the only ones who could keep up with her.
3. Speed and Agility: Already a natural athlete who excelled in sports in high school, Cassie has applied this to her wrestling

Weaknesses: 1. Inexperience and Youth: Being only nineteen and a recent wrestling school grad, Cassie has a lot to learn about the wrestling business and will make mistakes that more experienced wrestlers can exploit
2. High School Injury: Cassie suffered a leg injury during a soccer game in high school and was prescribed medical marijuana to help with the pain, she still smokes the stuff but the injury can crop up
3. Her Sass: Cassie is a smart ass to put it mildly and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, this has gotten her in trouble more times than not.

Entrance Theme Music "Wolf Within" by Jonathon Young and Caleb Hyles

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for use in match/show writing): The opening riff of “Wolf Within” hits the speakers and once the lyrics kick in Cassie Wolfe emerges from the back excited to start the match, with her hands on her leather jacket’s sides the rookie wrestler turns her back to the crowd.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Greenock, South Australia and now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, “The Rebel Princess” Cassie Wolfe!

When her name is announced Cassie spins around flashing the metal horns sign with her left hand and clapping fans hands with the other, when she reaches the ring Cassie jumps onto the apron before giving her hair a full flip and removing her jacket to give to a stagehand, she then jumps over the top rope and into the ring, rolling to her knees and basking in the moment.

In-Ring Style (Technician? High Flyer?): High Flyer

10 or More Standard Moves:

1. Dropkick
2. Arm Drag
3. Suicide Dive
4. Hurricanrana
5. Superkick
6. Moonsault
7. Shooting Star Press
8. Flying Clothesline
9. DDT
10. Suplex

Trademark Move Name(s): Air Aussie, Down Under Driver, The Greenest Wizard, GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL
Description(s): 450 Splash, Brainbuster, Shining Wizard, Running Soccer Kick to face of seated opponent

Finishing Move Name(s): The Coronation, Heir to the Wolfe
Description(s): Corkscrew 630 Splash, Running Powerbomb into Lungblower

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Doesn't have any

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?): Cheat to win
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