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CCPE 2022 Cannabis Cup: Day 3 Session 2
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07-24-2022, 04:24 PM

Day Three Session Number Two takes the air live…

The Venue at the Velvet Rabbit fades in as the crowd roars loudly.

PIP: Ladies and gentlemen the opening contest for the final session of the 2022 Cannabis Cup is a Tag Team Attraction scheduled for one fall; introducing first, making their return to the ring as a Tag Team for the first time in five years, JOHN “THE BEAST” CABLE, THE TRISTAN SLATER… THE GLORIOUS NEW BREED!

Attention diverts to the top of the ramp where THE Tristan Slater stands if a full-on Glorious Pose under a single spotlight. His long locks are tied in a ponytail while he is wearing a light blue full-length robe fully trimmed in diamonds.

Appearing behind THE Tristan Slater is the larger frame of the Beast, John Cable. The lights come up as John walks with a purpose toward the ring while Tristan plays to the crowd with some over-the-top antics.

John reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron, he steps over the top rope and into the ring as THE Tristan Slater prances up the steel steps to the apron. He steps through the ropes where he takes center ring, he squats down while twirling both of his hands, Slater throws his arms out as he reaches a standing position where he screams out.


John Cable simply smirks as he shakes his head.

THE Tristan Slater removes the tie around his waist where he shimmies out of his robe displaying air-brushed tights with his left leg featuring the left half of John’s face, the right leg with the right side of Tristan’s face, and a pot leaf on his crotch.

Tristan spins around where the back features the faces of his opponents!

THE Tristan Slater breaks out into a full blow Rick Rude hip gyration as the music fades away.

PIP: Introducing their opponents… They are the team of Minoru Tanahashi & Koji Hamaguchi, Kuroi Hitsuji

Minoru and Koji emerge from behind the curtains, walking out to the top of the ramp to a nice ovation from the crowd. They start to make the walk toward the ring where Slater and Cable await. Koji climbs up on the apron while Minoru slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Both teams are ready to go as the opening bell tolls.

[Image: 3Tag2.png]

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for being a part of this historic event. Please join me in welcoming my commentary partner for the remainder of the Cannabis Cup; the Intrepid Reporter Denzel Porter!

DENZEL PORTER: Damon it’s a pleasure to join you in calling this final session of the Cannabis Cup, and we are underway with the reuniting Glorious New Breed taking on the Koji and Minoru.

Tristan Slater and Koji are starting things off for there respective teams with Minoru and Cable taking the ring apron for both teams.Slater and Koji circle each other but before they lock up Slater throws up the palm of his left hand toward Koji which stops him. Tristan starts twirling both of his hands garnering an “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH” from the crowd that only gets louder and louder before Tristan throws his arms up and out while screaming out.


To a pop from the crowd.

Koji, unimpressed with the antics, locks up with Tristan. They jockey for position before Koji snatches a side headlock. He cranks on the head before transitioning into a hammerlock. Slater takes a low center of gravity where he counters into a hammerlock of his own. Slater transitions back into a side headlock before taking Koji down as he transitions into a drop toe hold.

Slater pops up off the mat and into a set of jumping jacks while Koji is seen getting back to his feet.

DENZEL PORTER: No shortage of charisma on display by THE Tristan Slater.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Charisma or not, he’s wasting a ton of time, and Koji strikes me as the kind of dude you don’t want to get caught sleeping on.

Koji challenges Slater to chop him across the chest. Tristan obliged as he landed a knife-edge chop across the chest of Koji echoing throughout the Venue. Slater calls for Koji to respond, which he does with a vicious open-handed chop across the chest. Slater comes back with a knife-edge chop, Koji comes back with an open handed chop, Slater counters with a stiff forearm that’s answered by a stiffer forearm from Koji!

Koji follows up with a spin kick to the midsection of Slater before taking him back into the ropes, Koji fires Slater across the ring with an Irish Whip, Slater bounces off the farside and into a leaping knee strike to the jaw dropping Tristan to one knee. Koji takes a gut wrench and hoists Slater over with a gut wrench suplex! Koji makes the cover on Slater.



THR… Slater escapes with a kick out.

DENZEL PORTER: All four of these men have backgrounds in Japanese strong style, so I am not going to be surprised if we see it lean more that way.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Anyone who’s ever been in the ring with a Strong Style trained grappler will tell you they were in the fight of their life.

Koji gets to his feet where he picks Slater up, twisting his right arm and backs up making the tag to Minoru. Tanahashi steps through the ropes where he kicks Slater in the exposed ribs. Minoru takes Slater back into a neutral corner where he takes a front waist lock, brings Tristan out from the corner only to drive him back into the buckles where he sends Slater overhead with a Belly to Belly release suplex!

A cover by Tanahashi.



THR..Slater pops out of the pin attempt.

Tanahashi drives a knee into the spine of a seated Slater where he locks in a chin lock.The referee starts asking Slater to surrender which he refuses, Minoru cracks back on the pressure before Tristan starts to work his way back up to his feet, he turns into the chin lock where he delivers a side suplex into a back breaker!

DENZEL PORTER: Smart counter right there by Mr. Slater but he’s got to make a tag.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Absolutely correct, Denzel, now let’s see if Slater is able to reach the fresh man, being John Cable.

Slater steps back up to his feet where he gathers himself before picking Tanahashi up off the mat. He drives him back into the Glorious New Breed corner where John Cable tags the back of Slater and steps over the top rope and into the ring. Slater takes Minoru and shoots him toward John who delivers a boot to the face spinning Tanahashi back around where Slater hits a Superkick driving him back toward Cable where he locks a full nelson on Minoru.

Cable hoists him up in the air and drives him down into the mat with a Full Nelson Slam! The Beast makes the cover.



THR…Tanahashi kicks out!

DENZEL PORTER: Tanahashi escapes with a kick-out. Damon, they’re going to have to find a way to deal with the power John Cable brings to the table.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: You’re right partner, except that you’re overlooking one integral component.

DENZEL PORTER: What’s that?

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Strong Style is a lifestyle for Koji and Minoru.

Cable gets to a vertical base. He picks up Tanahashi where he takes him back into a corner where he shoots him across the ring and into the opposite buckles. John charges across the ring after him where he lands an Avalanche Splash, Cable then brings Minoru out from the corner with a SideWalk Slam.

Cable makes another cover.



THR…Tanahashi kicks out once again.

DENZEL PORTER: Tanahashi refuses to stay down!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: The Japanese aren’t exactly known for quitting.

Cable steps back up to his feet where he picks Tanahashi up. He takes him back into the ropes and fires him across the ring, Minoru bounces off the ropes where Cable catches him in a Tilt-A-Whirl that Minoru counters into a Tornado DDT! Minoru rolls toward his corner where Koji tags back in.

DENZEL PORTER: There’s the opening!

Koji enters the ring as Minoru gets back to his feet where they each take one on Cable’s legs and give him a wishbone! Minoru steps out to the ring apron with his hands in the air while Koji stomps away at the chest and midsection of The Beast before picking him up off the mat. Koji lands a stiff kick to the upper right quad of Cable, followed by a second kick to the upper left quad of Cable. John swings with a lariat that Koji ducks and lands a chop block to the back of Cable’s right knee dropping the big man to one knee! Koji charges and bounces off the ropes, Cable steps up to his feet where he catches Koji who looks for a flying cross body block. Cable follows up with a Fallaway Slam!

John works his way back to his feet where he makes the tag to THE Tristan Slater.

Tristan scales the turnbuckles from inside the ring where he leaps off the top rope with an 10 Star Frog Splash crashing down on top of Koji where Tristan nearly hits the lighting above the ring! Slater makes the cover!



THRE…Koji kicks out to a huge gasp from the crowd.

DENZEL PORTER: I thought it was over!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Judging by the collective shock of those in attendance, you’re not the only one!

Slater gets back to his feet where he turns and blasts Tanahashi off the ring apron with a forearm smash. He turns his attention back toward Koji who is starting to push himself up to one knee. Slater charges looking for a step up Enziguri that Koji ducks and it’s Slater crashing down to the mat on his stomach! Koji quickly transitions into a STF Submission!

The referee slides into positioning where he starts asking Slater to surrender.

Tristan refuses as he shakes off the referee while Koji continues to crank on the head and neck. Slater starts to inch his way toward the ropes where eventually he reaches out taking ahold of the bottom rope where the referee calls for and is given a clean break.

DENZEL PORTER: The ropes are the only thing that saved the Glorious New Breed.

Slater slips out to the floor to create some space as we see Koji coming out after Tristan where he spins him around on the floor looking for a right hand, Slater blocks and counters by driving Koji face first off the ring apron. Slater hurls Koji back into the ring where he climbs up on the apron delivering a slingshot leg drop across the throat of Koji! Tristan makes the cover.




Koji kicks out of the near falls as Tristan now transitions into a Crippler Crossface, or as he calls it a GLORIOUS Crossface!

DENZEL PORTER: Crippler Crossface! That’s one of his moves!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: But will it be enough?!

The referee is in position asking Koji to surrender when Minoru enters the ring stomping Slater in the back of the head breaking the hold! The referee gets Tanahashi out to the ring apron while we see Minoru rolling toward his corner so Tanahashi can legally tag himself back into the contest.

Cable paces the ring apron across the ring as he starts rallying the fans.

Tanahashi sizes up Slater who is getting to both knees where he delivers a buzzsaw kick to the temple! Minoru makes the cover!



THRE…Slater escapes with a kick out to a pop from the crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: How did Slater kick-out of that knock-out shot?!?!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Slater’s got too much left in the tank!

Tanahashi gets back to his feet where he takes back in Koji before picking Slater up and into a full nelson for Koji to bounce off the ropes delivering a dropkick to the exposed Slater for Tanahashi to snap off a Dragon Suplex!

Koji makes the cover by hooking the near leg!



THRE…Slater kicks out!

DENZEL PORTER: Frustration might be setting in if you're Koji.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Might be the understatement of the whole Cup!

Koji gets back to his feet where he immediately picks Slater up off the mat where he laces him across the chest with a knife-edge chop taking Tristan back into the ropes. Koji comes forward shooting Tristan across the ring and as Slater bounces off the ropes we see Cable make the blind tag.

Slater bounces off the ropes where he baseball slides between the legs of Koji!

Slater pops back up to his feet and when Koji spins around Slater lands an inverted atomic drop! Cable enters the ring as Slater holds Koji, Cable charges across the ring gaining a full head of steam as he bounces off the near side with a running boot to the face of Koji, sending him crashing down to the mat.

Slater escapes to the floor as Cable opts not to make the cover. Instead he picks Koji up off the mat where he throws him back into a neutral corner. The Beast comes forward with a series of right and lefts to the ribs and midsection of Koji before bringing him out of the corner where he takes him up in the air for a Razor’s Edge!

The crowd roars as Cable lands a devastating Crucifix Sit-Out Powerbomb!

DENZEL PORTER: That’s going to do it!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: If you’re Cable and Slater, you damn well better hope so!

Cable executes the lateral press hooking the inside leg.




Koji is saved by Tanahashi who enters the ring pulling Cable off the cover! The crowd pops as Tristan Slater enters the ring unloading with right hands and European Uppercuts to Tanahashi before sending him over the top rope and out to the floor with a lariat. The referee cuts off Slater and forces him out of the ring while Cable is shown getting back to his feet. He motions for a chokeslam as he hoists the right hamhock up in the air!

Koji starts to work his way back up to his feet where he staggers backward before turning around where Cable snatches him by the throat! He hoists him up high into the air before driving him down into the mat with a thunderous chokeslam! Cable drops down making another cover.




Koji shoots a shoulder up off the mat before the fatal count of three to a massive gasp from the crowd.

DENZEL PORTER: You talk about a way to open up the final day of the Cannabis Cup, look no further than what these four men are giving you right now! WOW! What a match!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: These guys are giving their all, but one has to ask how much longer Koji can endure this beating.

Cable steps back up to his feet where he picks Koji up off the mat. He takes him back into the ropes where Tanahashi makes a blind tag as Cable shoots Koji across the ring, Cable bounces off the ropes into a drop toe hold where Koji locks in a single leg boston crab as Tanahashi slips into the ring locking in a Crossface!

The referee lays the count to both men but Slater isn’t having it as he enters the ring Superkicking Koji in the face breaking his hold which forces Tanahashi to break his as he gets back to his feet. The referee gets Slater out to the ring apron as Koji rolls out to the floor.

Tanahashi picks Cable up off the mat where he lands a T-Bone Suplex! Minoru scurries into a cover on the larger Cable hooking his leg.




Cable kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Tristan rallies Cable from the ring apron as Tanahashi is getting back to his feet where he returns the favor as he blasts Slater off the ring apron and sends him crashing down to the floor!

DENZEL PORTER: There's a receipt from earlier!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Alright! The tides have shifted, let’s see what Kuroi Hitsuji can do with this opening.

Tanahashi looks over to his corner where he points to the top rope for Koji. Koji starts to scale up to the top turnbuckle while Minoru picks Cable up off the mat. He takes him up for a burning hammer! Burning Hammer by Tanahashi as Koji delivers a diving knee Drop! Koji escapes out to the floor as Tanahashi rolls Cable over making the cover!


Tristan Slater climbs back up onto the ring apron seeing the cover.


Tristan springboards off the rope with a shooting star press.


Slater crashes down on top of Tanahashi breaking the cover eyelashes away from the three count which blows the roof off the Venue at the Velvet Rabbit! A thunderous chant of “THIS IS AWESOME” echoes throughout the standing room only audience directed towards the four talents taking center stage.


DENZEL PORTER: Listen to the crowd! They are eating this up!

Slater rolls back out to the ring apron where he uses the ropes to start pulling himself back to his feet. Tristan extends his hand out toward the center of the ring as he screams for the Beast. The crowd continues to chant loudly as both Cable and Tanahashi are crawling toward their respective corners where both men make the tags at the same time!

Slater and Koji both enter the ring where they exchange a series of right hands back and forth before Slater takes over gaining the advantage before shooting Koji into a neutral corner. Slater charges in after him delivering a stepup knee strike to the jaw where he follows up with a running bulldog driving Koji face-first into the mat.

Slater gets back to his feet where he sees Cable on the apron,

He comes back over making the tag before charging across the ring dropkicking the right leg out from under Tanahashi sending him dropping off the apron and crashing face-first off the apron while Slater slides out to the apron. Cable enters the ring where he picks Koji up off the mat and takes him up on his shoulders in a seated position.

Tristan Slater scales the turnbuckles up to the top rope while Cable walks closer toward the turnbuckles.

DENZEL PORTER: Koji is isolated! What’s about to happen here!?!?

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Nothing good as far as I can tell…

Slater leaps off the top rope with a GLORIOUS Flip Piledriver to Koji off the shoulders of Cable spiking him violently into the canvas to a thunderous ovation from the crowd! Cable executes the cover.


Tanahashi climbs back up on the ring arpon.


Tristan drives his body into Tanahashi as he enters the ring pinning him back against the turnbuckles.


PIP: Ladies and Gentleman the winners of this contest, THE GLORIOUS NEW BREED!



Slater releases Tanahashi from the corner while Cable gets back to his feet and their arms are raised in victory. Tanahashi starts checking on Koji. THE Tristan Slater and John Cable hug it out in the center of the ring celebrating the victory on what could be the last ride for the Glorious New Breed.

DENZEL PORTER: Sportsmanship still exists.

Tanahashi helps Koji get back to his feet where they lock eyes with the Glorious New Breed. Tanahashi helps Koji as they walk toward Cable and Slater extend their hands. The crowd erupts as Cable and Slater shake the hands of their respective opponents before Tanahashi and Koji exit the ring.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: After a brawl like that one, the fact any of these men want to shake one another’s hands speaks volumes!!

John and Slater throw their arms up in the air listening to the reception of the crowd. John looks to leave the ring where Tristan stops him as he grabs him by the arm and pulls him back into the ring. The music fades as Cable and Slater now stare each other down. Tristan holds up one finger toward John before doing a Glorious Gyration to the roar from the New York Crowd that only gets louder when Slater points at John saying “your turn.”.

Cable waves it off to loud boos from the crowd.

Tristan refuses to let Cable leave the ring when suddenly Cable shoves Tristan down to the mat!

An intense staredown between the two partners takes place before John cracks up laughing and breaks out into Glorious Gyration!

Slater smirks from the mat as he gets back to his feet joining Cable in a Glorious Gyration before they high-five each other and exit the ring.

A short break from the in-ring action as we find TAURUS, still in his ring gear, now wearing his custom Velvet Rabbit robe, leaving it open as he appears to be showing the “baddies” around after leaving with them following his match with Tyler Cage.

TAURUS: Continuing on with the VIP tour, let’s go and check out one of the many fabulous burrows.

The large man spreads his arms, two women under each as he smirks and leads them towards a burrow.

TAURUS: The best place for a private dance experience with the buck or doe of your choice.

TAURUS opens the door, ushers the ladies inside, then turns to the camera and smiles.

TAURUS: Come back in thirty minutes and we’ll continue this tour so all the people watching this that couldn’t be here, can also see more of this wonderful establishment.

TAURUS turns to head inside as the pop of a champagne bottle is heard along with some giggling before a tiny black thong is tossed at THE Big Bull.

TAURUS: Let’s make it an hour.

The big man winks and heads inside, tossing his robe off before the door is closed.

Stacy Sting appears onstage and “Boot Fuckin’” Bill Foote saunter out behind her adjusting the belt holding up his blue jeans – the crowd pops for him huge as he waves and reaches for Stacy’s hand – who pulls it away quick. They take their place at the announce table.

PIP: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome from CU:LT WRESTLING, STACY STING and BILL FOOTE!

Foote: Look I am no doper but it’s nice to be here for the meth mug or whatever.

Sting: It’s the Cannabis Cup Bill and we are about to prove that CU:LT is more than trash wrestling. We have the CU:LT Classic Championship on the line right now.

The sounds of a horn replaying over and over on a track would take over the arena currently. Smoke slowly stared to gather along the CULT-Tron, an menpo half mask slowly appearing. Almost pulsing to the repeat of the horn, every time a letter would appear upon the screen, until the words "SHOGUN KAISER" appeared above the red mempo mask, in an eastern style of text. Suddenly the lyrics of one Big Punisher would echo about the arena hailing the introduction of the warrior soon to be joining the mayhem.

PIP: weighing in at 240lbs standing 6’4 fighting out of Tokyo, Japan by way of Munich, Germany… he is the CU:LT Classic Champion “The Dream Shatterer” SHOGUN KAISER!

Ay-yo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team
Your squadron'll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden
I'm carvin' my initials on your forehead
So every night before bed you see the "SK" shine off the board head
Reverse that, I curse at the first wack n*gga with the worst rap
Cuz he ain't worth jack
Hit 'em with a thousand pounds of pressure per slap

Foote: Holy fuck the longest ring entrance in the industry.

Some changes to the lyrics were used, subtle, but it was all to cater to the man who made his way out towards the stage. His short time in the states taught him one thing, the way he presented himself was everything in this industry. He worked tirelessly to make sure everything had its place, one can almost picture him practicing this entrance time and time again. First thing notable was the ring jacket he wore down to the ring. Long, and it was extravagant. Different colors of red, black, white and gold would be all over. A long golden chain, adorned with hundreds of different golden spikes would be around his neck hanging nearly to his waistline where the Classic Championship sits. He stood there, looking to the hopeful future claim for his kingdom. Stone faced only for a moment until that million dollar cocky smirk would appear on this lips. Flaring his ring jacket out behind him, he made his way down the ramp way, hands extended out to slap the hands of those who reached out towards him. All the while, the audience still being gifted by those lyrics that made a well told his story to some effort.

Sting: He does have the champion presence.

I'm pure adrenaline, uncut, straight to your gut, medicine
Raw cure for pain I coat your brain like polyurethane
Simple and plain, I'll explain it in layman terms
If you came to learn how to make fire, I'm-a make it burn!
Higher and hotter than lava this scholar
Is 'bout just as smart as MacGyver
To put honor inside the heart of a lion
Revolved in a life of crime
Fuck it I like the shine, Up in the white and lime
Comes with the pipe design
Plushed out! No doubt! Both pockets about to bust out
If you not in it for the spinach, GET THE FUCK OUT!

Foote: I’d rather be bludgeoned to death than hear this song again.

Up the ring steps he went, wiping those wrestling boots on the ring apron. Finally entering soon after, he moved to the middle of the ring. He looked from side to side before both arms slowly rose up and extended out to their full length. Hands moved upwards as both hands now were held up in a claw motion. This pose happen to link up with the lyrics. Gold, red, and black streamers started to rain down upon the crowd as he did so. His head still head high for a couple of more moments before he finally shifted his stance. Moving to the turnbuckle closest to the rampway, he bound up to the second rope and looked out to the crowd. Pointing to the ring, then to them, he once more executed that post. Lowering down, he turned towards the middle of the ring now. That jacket slowly sliding off of his body and tossed off to the side, his necklace removed and placed to the side as well – he unstraps the championship kisses it and hands it to the ref. Standing there in the corner, he was now seen in the entire attire, shorts and boots that matched the same color scheme as his ring jacket, even mimicking the same designs he had upon the jacket. Everything had its place, when the whole get up was placed together, it was like there wasn't a line out of place.

PIP: And the challenger…

"Afraid of Us" by Jonwayne and Noah Ortega appears on stage… a flock of hooded people behind him. When he raises his head – his eyes meeting the camera – the flock slowly spreads out and walks back through the entrance tunnel.

Foote: This kid has all the right tools to be a star.

PIP: From Quebec, Montreal weighing in at 186 lbs standing 5’10 he is The Leader of The Lost Generation… Noah Ortega.

Noah makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. He gets chest to chest with the champion but the ref separates them.

Sting: Looks like Noah is ready to show what he’s got.

[Image: 3Cult.png]

Sting: These two are wasting no time.

Noah ties Shogun up with a headlock to start things off. Shogun throws him to the tops and rolls Noah up as he bounces off.

Foote: The champion going for a quick pin.




Sting: Noah brushes that one off at an early two count. Who would have thought we would be showcasing our talent at the Cannabis Cup not even six shows in as a company.

Both men are quick to their feet and hit each other at the same time with rights. Both hit the ropes and nail a closeline at the same time laying eachother out. Noah and Shogun spring up and are eye to eye once again. A wild swing from Noah, ducked by Shogun, he throws Noah with a back suplex – Noah flips through lands on his feet. Noah with a gut kick, foot caught, Shogun pushes it up forcing Noah to lose his balance, but he back flips onto his feet then his a backflip drop kick pushing Shogun back. Shogun comes and nails a running knee in response and both take time to recover as the crowd at Cannabis Cup ring out with CU:LT chants.

Sting: We are only getting started in this CU:LT showcase and just look at the chemistry these two have.

Shogun with a superkick, Ortega side steps, he throws a haymaker, Shogun ducks grabbing Ortega by the waist and tossing him overhead with a German suplex. Ortega flips all the way over and lands on his feet. Noah runs as Shogun turns around and cracks the champion with a flying knee.

Foote: Good use of the knee there, spit flying from the champions mouth. Oh shit…

Shogun falls back between the ropes catching his thighs on the top one and slingshotting himself back into the ring with a lariat.

Foote: He just turned Noah inside out and now both men are on the canvas.

Both men meet face to face in the middle of the ring. Shogun lays a chop into the upper chest of Ortega. Noah responds with one of his own – they go back and forth until Shogun hits a European uppercut. Noah pokes the champion in the eyes and hits him with a snap suplex, floating over into a guillotine choke wrapping his legs around Shogun pulling tight.

Sting: We might have a new champion right here at the Cannabis Cup.

Shogun somehow plants his feet, he hoists Noah up who is shaking his head in disbelief as the CU:LT Classic Champion breaks the hold by suplexing him overhead with a perfect bridged pin to cover.





Foote: What a move there by Shogun proving why he was able to beat Brandon Moore for the title at Massacre in Miami.

Shogun lays some forearms down on Ortega. The champion waits for Ortega to get to his feet. Shogun wichita dropkick followed by an Enzugiri. Noah gets to his hands and knees and The Dream Shatterer almost shatters Ortega’s skull with a punt kick but the challenger is smart enough to drop flat on his belly and roll Shogun up.

Sting: Slick move by Ortega there.



Foote: The champ isn’t even gonna give this fucker a 2 count.

Ortega charges the champion and is stopped with a headbutt into a PK kick combo.

Sting: He calls that Amaterasu. It looks like Ortega is out cold now.

Shogun pulls Ortega up and wraps his arms around his waist. Shogun hits a German suplex, then an X-Plex and follows it all up with a Regal plex. Shogun then pulls Noah up and finishes him off with another huge combo – headbutt , then European uppercut followed by a Yakuza kick.

Foote: The Grand Line and the crowd is losing it for the champion. Noah Ortega has built a CU:LT following but Shogun is a bonafide wrestling superstar.

Shogun heads to the top rope signing for an elbow drop. Like he gets hit with a lightning bolt Ortega pops up… runs up the turnbuckle and nails a perfect Avalanche frankensteiner. Noah smirks as he uses the ropes to get to his feet holding his lower back from benign ragdolled earlier in the match.

Sting: Ortega just shifts the momentum out of nowhere. This kid is going to give it everything he has to walk away with the Classic Championship.

Ortega drops Shogun with a closeline, then nails a pitch perfect dropkick on the champion. Noah gives himself a pat on the back as he sits on the mat. Ortega kicks the champion in the lower back. He then pulls him up by the back of his neck and swings him to the corner. Ortega follows Shogun with a corner running step up kick. As Shogun staggers out of the corner Noah follows up springing off the ropes corkscrew roundhouse kick. The champion starts to fall toward the mat – but Noah keeps him up with a superkick then a spinning back kick finishing with a Pele kick.

Foote: Christ! They got more combos in the match than Taco Bell.

Sting: Shogun nailed some amazing combos and Ortega just gives it to him right back with interest.

Ortega pulls the champion up and locks him in a chin lock. Shogun shoves Noah off pushing him into the ropes and hits a beauty of a dropkick on the rebound.

Foote: Great footwork here by both competitors.

Noah pops up but is thrown back down with a Northern Lights Suplex. Shogun locks Noah up with a single leg crab – leaning low on his back. Ortega manages to get his hands on the ropes forcing Shogun to break the hold. Noah is up, but Shogun takes him higher putting him on his shoulders, but Noah slides down and he wraps up the arms of Shogun into double arm octopus stretch.

Sting: Noah proving he has all it takes to be a champion.

Shogun stays strong refusing to fall so Ortega switches position grabbing a double underhook floats over into a cross armbreaker taking them both to the mat and sinking the hold in deep. Shogun kicks for the ropes but his toes are just out of reach.

Foote: Ortega gonna rip the champ’s arm off and fuck him with it.

Just as it looks like Shogun might tap he manages to plant his feet – Ortega still yanks on the arm – but Shogun starts stomping down on his skull with his left foot forcing the challenger to let go.

Sting: Both these men are taking things to another level tonight.

Noah up hitting Shogun with rapid chops now pushing him back – Shogun responds with a forearm shiver. Ortega goes for another chop, but Shogun grabs the wrist, twists Ortega around and nails a ripcord lariat.

Foote: The Blitzkrieg… mother fucking bopped him.

Shogun makes the cover.





Sting: Ortega kicks out of the champion’s finisher and that has to get into his head.

Shogun pulls up Noah in frustration and swings him to the ropes – out of nowhere Noah springs off the ropes with a diving corkscrew crossbody.

Foote: Everytime you think Ortega is done.

Ortega off the top now with an Asai moonsault coming down perfectly across the abdomen of Shogun. As Shogun gets to his feet Ortega kicks him in the gut three times hard.

Sting: Shogun spitting blood onto the canvas now.

Shogun on his hands and knees again and this time Ortega smashes the champion’s face into the canvas with a stop hard on the back of the head.

Foote: Lost Souls! Ortega with a cover.





The crowd pops for Shogun as he shoots his left shoulder off the mat.

Sting: Both men just eating one another’s finishers.

Ortega punches the mat then goes to the top for a flipping stomp – but Shogun is there behind him and hits a super German suplex off the top rope – Ortega lands high on his shoulders as Shogun chants break out.

Foote: He killed that kid. Someone call his fuckin’ mom.

Shogun puts Ortega up on his shoulders, positioning him for the GTS. But Ortega snaps him back with a crucifix pin.





Sting: What what!?


[orange]Foote:[orange] Shogun almost kicked out – but Ortega snuck a win right there…. Shogun is shocked.

Shogun shakes his head arguing with the ref.. When Ortega hits the now former champion upside the head with the Classic Championship.

Sting: What a show of disrespect attacking after the match is over.


Noah raises the championship in the center of the ring as his theme plays. He steps through the ropes walking toward the back – but Shogun is sitting up and keeps an eye on Noah and the championship he knows belongs to him.

As Jason Cashe waits for an elevator somewhere in the bowels of the Velvet Rabbit, he keeps pressing the button over and over and over again - clearly he is one of THOSE people.

Finally, the doors spread open, but Cashe is befuddled and perplexed to see that the elevator is full of MINIS! Minis General Manager Quentin Quinn is there, dressed to the nines as always… but Cashe is having difficulty seeing straight due to the copious free drinks being handed out at the event, along with OTHER mind altering substances.

Cashe steps back, nearly tripping over his own feet for a moment as Quinn walks out of the car and straightens his jacket lapels.

"Jason Cashe! Just the man I wanted to see! I hope you don’t mind that I brought along a few CLOSE friends."

Quinn smirks, raising a hand to show his group of minis. Cashe gulps, wondering if he is having some sort of bad trip. Did someone lace the good stuff with Flakka? Shit, the Bing Bong Twinzz were here, so it’s a possibility…

"I have been diligently working for this company, building the most impressive roster of Minis the world has ever seen. Yet, upper management and these fickle fans have continued to look right over us and stare at the overgrown meatheads this industry has become overrun with. I never thought I would long for the days of Big Top tosses and insultingly tiny cars, but the XWF has been an embarrassment. An offensive insult against those of the diminutive race!"

The minis in the elevator start growling and snarling, and Cashe can see what direction the winds are blowing. He starts unbuttoning his shirt and cracking his knuckles.

"It is time for the Minis to make their mark on the Cross Promotional Circuit! Perhaps if outsiders witness our glory, the XWF will be forced, FINALLY, to treat us as the superior brand of athletes that we are! So tonight, I have brought along the rudest of the rudos! The most villainous of the villains! The least gobernable of los ingobernables! Feast your eyes, Jason Cashe, and then raise your fists in a pathetic attempt at self defense!"

[Image: CPVM8av.jpg]

The Knight Terrors!

El Búho!


The Puzzler!

[Image: iS6qaMo.png]
Li'l Elvis!

[Image: u3ge3BW.png]
Tremble the Clown!


And of course...

The reigning...




XWF Minis Champion for EIGHT YEARS...



Jason Cashe! You have been strutting around the XWF for months on end, acting smug, as if you were twenty feet tall! But I and the RUDOS of 95 Live are here to show you that SIZE DOES NOT MATTER!

Get him, my Minis of the Dark Side! Get him and bring the X-Treme Wrestling Federation to its KNEES… so that it may look in the eyes of its conquerors!!!

Quentin Quinn stands aside and all the minis charge at Cashe, grabbing his legs.

Cashe is able to kick Dodecahedron into a pile of trash cans, and then he shoves Puzzler back into the elevator, pressing the door close button rapidly. However, the Knight Terros climb onto Cashe’s shoulders and bring him down to his knees, where he is face to face with Tremble the Clown… Cashe seems terrified! Is Cashe afraid of CLOWNS!?!?

Tremble sprays a stream of viscous liquid from a flower on his suit, and Cashe screams as the black ichor hits him in the face, filling his eyes nose and mouth! Cashe falls to his back as the rest of the Minis start to kick and punch him.

Puzzler and Dodecahedron get back into the fray as well, forcing the elevator doors open after the car descends to the floor below.

The rest of the Minis lift the battered Cashe from the floor and THROW HIM INTO THE ELEVATOR SHAFT!

Cashe falls two stories before hitting the top of the elevator car, denting it with his impact!

Quentin Quinn smirks as he looks down upon the handiwork of his proteges - the twitching form of Jason Cashe, slowly being raised up to his level as Mini Morbid presses the emergency lift button.

Quinn laughs directly into the battered and messy face of Jason Cashe, eye to eye.

"Going down?"

And then the elevator falls.

The scene fades to black as the sound of metal hitting metal echoes in the air.

The arena lights turn gold as the intro of "Soldier Dream" by ROOT FIVE hits the PA.

ANNOUNCER: The following is a Falls Count Anywhere, Fatal Four Way Match, and it is for the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd roars, having been waiting for this all weekend.

PIP: Introducing first standing 6'0", and weighing in at 227lbs., from Osaka's Japan, "The Lion"... RAIOOOOOOOOOON KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDOOOOOOOOOOOO!!![/b]

Raion Kido appears on the stage, letting out a lion's roar.

"Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…"

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans' hands along the way. He slides into the ring on his belly and springs to his feet.

"Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Tsubasa was ten wo kakeru
Erabareta moushigo no you niiiiiiiiiiii!"

Facing the camera, Raion throws a one-two punch forward, before heading to the turnbuckle and doing the same to adulation feom the crowd, as his music dies down and is replaced.

PIP: And his opponent, standing 5'5" and hailing from Frankfort, Kentucky… Dolly Waters![/b]

The arena spotlights rush up towards the ceiling and Dolly Waters appears on stage. She marches to the best of Ode to Joy, the crowd roaring and her gaze set squarely on the squared circle. She climbs through the ropes and side-eyes Kido as she brushes past him, making her way to the turnbuckle herself - a single fist in the air. The crowd responds in kind until her theme abruptly cuts off and is replaced, just as Kido's had been.

PIP: And their opponent, standing 6'3" and weighing 265lbs, from Steubenville, Ohio… Charlie Nickles![/b]

Charlie Nickles steps leering out onto the stage and makes his way towards the ring. He rolls underneath the bottom rope and then explodes to his feet; a ball of frenetic energy. He immediately begins jawing in the direction of both of the other competitors, and when he climbs a turnbuckle himself and doesn't receive the same reception as Waters or Kido did, he turns that mouth and ire towards the fans in attendance.

And then the lights cut out. There is no music save for the rumbling murmur spiraling its way around the crowd. A lone spotlight falls upon the back row of seating, immediately opposite the entrance.

And there is ALIAS.

The light cuts out, and appears somewhere else in the crowd.

There is ALIAS.

Again it dies. Again it reappears with ALIAS inexplicably inside it in another part of the arena. This repeats several more times, carrying the XWF Universal Champion all around the arena, until every light in the building comes back on at once.

There is ALIAS, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the ring, surrounded by his foes - and the world.

PIP: And finally, standing at 6'0", and weighing 230lbs, he is the reigning XWF Universal Champion, "Space Jesus"... HE. IS. ALIAAAAAAAAAS.[/b]

The XWF Universal Championship lies on the ground in front of him, and the referee stoops down to pick it up. He raises it up for the other competitors to see what's at stake, but ALIAS himself continues to cast a steely gaze towards each of his opponents.

With ALIAS still seated, the referee rings the bell.

[Image: 3fatal4-XWF.png]

DENZEL PORTER: One of the most anticipated title matches on the card. I’ve been waiting for this one since it was announced.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I’ve heard a lot about a few of these fighters, Nickles is new to me though…

Raion Kido, Dolly Waters, and Charlie Nickles circle the champion, one eye on him and another flitting between each other. Nickles moves first, running towards ALIAS with his knee raised.

ALIAS springs to life and floors Charlie Nickles with his patented Fatality uppercut. Dolly Waters shoots in and ALIAS spins…

She drops, just like Charlie Nickles did. Raion Kido isn't given the opportunity to play it smarter. ALIAS surges towards him, like a force of nature.

Kido goes down.

ALIAS roars over the top of his fallen foes.

DENZEL PORTER: Alias might end this early!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I certainly fucking hope not! I want to see a damn war for the XWF World Championship!

With each competitor still down, ALIAS drops down on top of Charlie Nickles first.



Nickles kicks out!

Undeterred, ALIAS switches over to cover Dolly Waters.



Waters kicks out!

Completing the trifecta, the champ falls on top of Raion Kido.



Kido kicks out!

DENZEL PORTER: Can’t blame the man for trying.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Well that was anticlimactic!

ALIAS smirks, as each of the three others begin to clamber to their feet. Nickles, the first to have been hit and a known glutton for punishment, makes the quickest progress. ALIAS charges at him with a raised knee - just as Nickles had planned to do to him at the outset. It connects, however, and Charlie Nickles falls through the ropes. Dolly Waters sees ALIAS's back turned and charges. At the last minute, ALIAS drops down and Dolly falls over the top rope onto the apron. He isn't quick enough to dodge Raion Kido, however as the Young Lion is quick to dropkick ALIAS who falls back into Waters and knocks her into the waiting arms of Charlie Nickles.

With Waters in his grasp, Nickles drives the smaller competitor into the corner post at ringside, and she drops to the floor, clutching her back. Kido, meanwhile, starts laying a series of boxing strikes into ALIAS who barely gets his hands up. Kido backs ALIAS into the corner, and takes a few steps back for a run-up. He charges, but ALIAS ducks at the last minute and Kido finds himself colliding with the top turnbuckle. Stunned, Charlie Nickles takes advantage and drags Kido under the bottom rope, headbutting him in the process. ALIAS staggers towards the centre of the ring, just as Dolly Waters brings herself to her feet and rejoins the melee at ringside. Seeing all three targets in one space, ALIAS runs forward and throws himself through the ropes, wiping all three - and himself! - out with a suicide dive!

DENZEL PORTER: Damon let’s keep in mind that this IS Falls Count Anywhere.


ALIAS is the first to his feet, and again he finds himself standing over each of his opponents.

He grabs the nearest foe - Kido - by the hair, and pulls him to his feet. A quick eye rake let's Kido know what ALIAS will do to retain the Universal Championship, and the challenger finds some solace bent over the guard rail. ALIAS clubs him in the back, and sends him over the railing into the crowd. Before he has the opportunity to follow-up, Dolly Waters is back and hits ALIAS in the back. He turns to face her, like he's offended, but she just mouths to him 'Come on then' and ducks under a swinging arm. Lightning quick, Waters starts firing in strikes of all kinds, hitting ALIAS'S joints and trying to prevent any forward momentum. He backpedalling towards the ramp, and Waters continues the assault using the steps for added height as she flips herself into a hurricanrana that sends ALIAS sprawling up the ramp.

The camera cuts back to the crowd where Charlie Nickles is pulling Raion Kido completely out of his element, and the two brawl up the aisle. Nickles shoves a fan out of the way and snatches their chair, before swinging wildly at Kido. Kido ducks at the last minute and the chair smacks against the ground with a loud THWACK. That gives Kido a chance to drive his elbow into Nickles's elbow and put the wild man on the defensive as they continue to brawl their way throughout the crowd.

Nickles begins grabbing whatever objects he can - usually straight out of the hands of the paying public - and hurtles them like missiles behind him, trying to slow Kido down. It ultimately succeeds, as one cup of popcorn is followed by a fist that connects right between Kido's eyes. Having neared the guard rail once more, Nickles clotheslines Kido over and onto the ramp. Trying to follow afterwards, Nickles is met with a quick, rising kick from Dolly Waters that forces him back into the crowd. Waters then springboards up onto the railing and twists around with a spinning enziguri that wipes ALIAS out. She covers the champ!


Kido is able to break up the pin early. He deadlifts Dolly right up into a bridging German Suplex onto the ramp!



Charlie Nickles off the guardrail with a Cactus elbow breaks the pin!

DENZEL PORTER: This is an all out war for the top prize in the XWF on the line.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Just what I was hoping for!!!

Nickles gets back to his assault on Raion Kido. He grabs him in a headlock and starts dragging Kido back through the entrance! Swearing at some of the staff members, he cuts a path through them and runs full tilt with Kido's head under his arm towards a wall. At the last second, Nickles shoves Kido forward and his head collides with the foundations. He drops down and Nickles covers.



Kido kicks out!

Grumbling to himself, Nickles hoists Kido up once more. All of a sudden he's speared through a nearby door by Dolly Waters! The door bursts open and both competitors tumble down a stairwell. Kido staggers to his feet, and using a guardrail to help guide him, slowly follows down the stairs. At the bottom, both Waters and Nickles groan. Kido tries to cover Nickles but Nickles sloppily pulls him forward and Kido collides with the wall once more.

Waters finds her way to a standing position and stares at her surroundings. The casino! Just as soon a she recognises where she is, a running bulldog from ALIAS out of nowhere drives her face into the side of a blackjack table - and his own back o to the surface as well! ALIAS slides off the table and tries to crawl towards Waters but an elbow from Kido cuts him off. Kido gains control of ALIAS's body and senses movement behind him. He ducks to the side as Charlie Nickles rushes in with a big boot that wipes out ALIAS. From behind, Kido snaps Nickles back with a German Suplex that sends him flying back towards the stairwell. Waters tries to rise and get back into the mix, but Kido catches her with a Ura-Nage. He covers!



Dolly Waters kicks out.

DENZEL PORTER: Rion was eyelashes away from making history!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I think you mean a hair away…what is it with you and eyelashes, Porter?

From the corner of his eye, Kido spies Charlie Nickles heading back into the stairwell. He follows in after the Nickleman. Skipping two steps at a time, Nickles tries to get a good start on Kido but the Saint of Athena leaps over the railing and wipes Nickles out just as he opens another door. They spill out into The Warren.

DENZEL PORTER: There’s NO PLACE safe inside the Velvet Rabbit! All hell is breaking loose!!

Patrons, Does, and Bucks alike scatter as the violence finds its way beyond the intended reaches of the Cannabis Cup. Kido and Nickles both force themselves to their feet, and Kido gets straight back to business, launching through the air and taking Nickles out with a sling blade. He covers!


Dolly Waters crashes in from the stairwell just in time to break up the pin!

Kido rolls away while Waters clambers to an upright position. A spinning backfist halts any attempt by Kido at getting up and Waters begins to dish out kicks to the chest to both Charlie Nickles and Raion Kido, as both men find themselves on their knees. Nickles drops down first, leaving Kido prone for…


Dolly Waters connects with her patented shining wizard!

Kido is out!

Dolly Waters falls across him!


DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Good on her if she can take the title!





A white light blinds the camera (and the referee). When it settles back down, Waters is sitting up, pleading with the referee that it was a three count, but the referee argues back that he was never able to make the final count.

Because of the blink.

Because of…

A door to another warren swings open.

Because of ALIAS.

He rushes out into the corridor in the middle and starts wailing away on Waters. He kicks open the door to the stairwell, grabs Waters underneath the arms and biel tosses her down the stairs! Her body crumples awkwardly at the bottom, and ALIAS bounds down after her. Throwing Waters through another door, they come out onto the top floor of one of the stages, with a giant, two-storied pole extending down from the ceiling.

DENZEL PORTER: The Champion is back in the mix!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: This is absolute pandemonium and I am here for it! Voo, if you can hear me, have someone bring me a drink!

ALIAS stalks Dolly Waters, but Charlie Nickles is right there and blindsides him! He picks the prone Waters up and lands a picture-perfect sidewall slam, and then does the exact same to ALIAS! He covers the champion!



Late kick out from ALIAS.

Nickles is relentless. He drags ALIAS towards the railing… drops his shoulder into ALIAS's abdomen… and thrusts backwards! Charlie Nickles back body drops ALIAS over the railing, sending him plummeting a whole floor to the stage below!!!

DENZEL PORTER: Is tonight the night that Charlie finally vanquishes Alias?

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Is this a thing? Are Nickles and Alias longtime rivals locked in eternal war, with Nickles desperately clawing at the hope he can one day dethrone the Space Jesus?

DENZEL PORTER: Yes, actually!

A wicked grin crosses Nickles's face as he looks down at the mess of a human below him. ALIAS might be out of the match entirely! And Dolly Waters is ripe for the picking! Groggy, she gets up to her hands and knees. Nickles closes in. He hooks her arms behind her back for the Devil Hook Drop double-arm DDT. But… something stops him. He hears a commotion downstairs. Dropping Waters where she flops, Nickles peers over the edge to where ALIAS had fallen. The Universal Champion's body is still there - but Raion Kido is on that floor too! And he's moving in towards the fallen champion, with a referee there!

Nickles leaps into action! And by that, it means he climbs up onto the ledge surrounding the hole in the floor, and makes a leap of faith towards the stripper pole. He catches it! Charlie Nickles rides the stripper pole to the ground and lands the world's most ridiculous superhero landing right between Raion Kido and ALIAS. Even Kido is a little impressed!

It doesn't last long. The two rivals quickly launch into an exchange of blows that sends whatever leftover staff and patrons that were on that floor running. Nickles hurls Kido over a table and then belts him over the head with a stiletto that found its way off one of the dancer's feet. Kido drops to the ground and Nickles, with the stiletto still in hand, takes the heel and tries to gauge Kido's eye out with it! Kido fights back, but is still left with a scrape of the heel across his forehead that draws blood. Nickles tosses the bloodied heel to the side and simply boots Kido in the face. He covers.




DENZEL PORTER: How much more can any of these competitors take?!?!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Hopefully a LOT more, this is GREAT!

Satisfied with the damage to Kido for now, Nickles turns his attention back to the stage where ALIAS still lies twitching. He sees his opening and methodically walks towards the fallen champ.

"Hey, asshole!"

From up above, Dolly Waters calls down. And just as Nickles looks up, Waters jumps. Even though she is a Waters, she doesn't opt for the pole. Instead she aims straight at Charlie Nickles and wipes him out with a massive crossbody. It does nearly as much damage to Waters as it does to Nickles, and she begins crawling towards the Nickleman to make a cover.

The very moment that her arm drapes across the chest of Charlie Nickles, Waters feels a hand tugging at her ankle. ALIAS, not even able to stand, is trying to pull her back. Waters kicks out and knocks ALIAS's grip loose, but when she tries to cover Nickles again, ALIAS is still there pawing at her leg. Waters shakes his hand free again, and pulls herself to her feet. She kicks ALIAS's hand away and stomps on his head, just as Raion Kido starts stumbling towards her. His stumble turns into a run. Waters still has too much taken out of her to move in time.

Atomic Thunder!

Raion Kido cleans Dolly Waters's clock with a running lariat.

He covers!



ALIAS is back clutching at whomever's leg he can find and pulls Kido off Waters.

Kido grabs the current champion and flips him over into a snap suplex that causes ALIAS’s back to bounce hard off the ground. He writhes and rolls as he starts clawing his way towards another stairwell. Kido follows, and Charlie Nickles is right there behind him, shoulder barging him through the door.

For once, two men are able to fight as they make their way down the stairs. Kido bounces Nickles's head off the handrail; Nickles bounces Kido's head off the wall - leaving a small smear of blood behind. Still, both men fight. ALIAS essentially slides down the stairs behind them, trying to stay in the fray but not even having gotten to his feet since being thrown off the balcony. Just as the two men on their feet reach the next level of the building, Dolly Waters bursts through into the stairwell. She practically steps on ALIAS on her way down.


DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Voo isn’t going to be happy!!!

Charlie Nickles and Raion Kido fight their way out into Club Lex - mid-pool party. Once more patrons scatter in their presence, and their brawl continues until Waters emerges into the club as well. She scoops up two bottles of Dom from a nearby table - one in each hand - and dives off of a table to close the gap between her and the other two.


A bottle is broken over each of Nickles and Kido's heads. Both men collapse into a heap. Blood begins to trickle down Nickles's face and additional gashes appear on Kido's. Waters scrambles, finding an extra gear. She begins to climb atop another table with Charlie Nickles lying before her!

She jumps!

She twists!

Serenity Fall! That diving frontsault legdrop!

Nickles moves!

Waters connects with nothing but the ground!

Nickles, somehow, wills himself back to his feet.


He hits the double-arm DDT!

And covers!


ALIAS is on his feet! And he has his hand shoved down Charlie Nickles’s throat!


He drives Charlie Nickles back and into the pool!

ALIAS is drowning Charlie Nickles!

The ref thinks for a moment! All he can do is wait to see if Nickles loses consciousness!

Charlie Nickles struggles!

His splashes grow weaker, smaller, and less frenetic!

He's passing out! Or worse!

This is it!

Nickles is out!

The ref calls for the–

Raion Kido dives onto ALIAS to make the last minute save!



ALIAS lets go and Nickles floats away a bit, as Kido mounts ALIAS and starts raining down short elbows in the middle of the pool. This looks like the world's worst wet t-shirt competition. Water splashes everywhere and the pool takes on a slight reddish hue from the blood of both Charlie Nickles and Raion Kido.

Kido is able to get to his feet, and half supports ALIAS to do the same as he throws the champ onto dry land and…


Kido blasts ALIAS with his heart punch finisher out of the blue!



Thr– Dolly Waters with the save!

She monkey flips Kido back into the pool, and ALIAS somehow wills himself back to his feet.


She hits the shining wizard for a second time!



Thr– Charlie Nickles is alive! He makes the save!

Dolly is thrown into the pool as well.

Once more, ALIAS inexplicably wills himself to his feet. His eyes are open but nobody's home after taking two of his opponents finishers.


There's the third!

Charlie Nickles covers!




Both Raion Kido and Dolly Waters dog pile on top of Nickles and ALIAS to break the pin.

DENZEL PORTER: Incredible! This is anyone’s ballgame!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I’m with them!

Damon thumbs to the raucous Velvet Rabbit fans who are chanting HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! All four competitors are absolutely exhausted as they groan and try to pick themselves up. Waters and Kido get there first, with Nickles a couple of seconds behind and ALIAS still struggling. A stiff palm strike from Kido rocks Waters who responds with a lightning quick kick to Kido's chest. Nickles mouths something no doubt horrific and both Kido and Waters send a strike his way. He responds with a demented glee, begging for more to which the other two are happy to oblige. This only seems to fire Nickles up like some sort of trailer park Hulk Hogan. He shakes with fury and fully gets to his feet. Double clothesline to Kido and Waters! They both pop back up as quick as they can and when Nickles goes for the same thing, they duck under his arms. A quick glance between them finds some common ground as they both kick Nickles in the gut and hook him up for a double suplex. They wrestle him into the air and…





Up on the Club Lex level, the referee peers out of the hole in the side of the building, to see a mass of what used to be four separate bodies intertwined amongst a sea of broken glass. The camera catches the ref swearing as he tries to figure out what he should do. It tails the official as he sprints for the stairs and follows him all the way until he emerges onto the New York street where a group of people are gathered around the mangled mess of humanity. He slips some gloves on his hands to protect against the glass and…


It's impossible to tell who is covering him without pulling the bodies apart, but ALIAS is lying a little to the side of the group, flat on his backz with a boot across his chest.

The ref is saying this is a pin!

He swoops a swath of glass out of the way and drops down!



Is this it?



DENZEL PORTER: HOW?!?! I am in utter disbelief with what we are witnessing!


Even the ref can't believe it, but inhumanly, ALIAS - now cut and bloodied like the rest - forces the boot from his chest and manages to turn himself over. His hands in broken glass, he doesn't seem to care as he pushes to his feet. Pedestrians on the street pull out their phones and start taking snaps of him, bloodied and battered right in front of the Velvet Rabbit entrance.

Just as he did at the start of the match, ALIAS lets out a mighty roar.

He stares down at the bodies of his opponents. And that’s when he notices it…

There are only two bodies there now.

A small smile actually crosses over his face as he hears a footstep fall upon the broken glass behind him.

He turns to face it.

And is struck down…


Into the glass!

Raion Kido covers ALIAS!!!





Raion Kido has done it! There is a new XWF Universal Champion!

PIP: The winner of this contest, and NEW XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION… RAION KIDO!

DENZEL PORTER: NEW CHAMPION!! NEW CHAMPION!! Kido has just become the first man to ever PIN Alias! I don’t believe it!


Kido is helped to his feet as medics rush in to attend to all of the competitors, as Kido stands tall in the middle of the ring, the victor.

The cheers continue to rain down on Raion Kido as Theo Pryce, Jason Cashe and Ned Kaye make their way out from the back of the arena and into the parking lot. Theo Pryce grabs the Universal Title from the ring announcer who was waiting outside with the title like those Stanley Cup guys and presents it to an elated Raion Kido who is still trying to process the enormity of this moment.

Kido raises the title high into the air as Cashe and Kaye flank him leaving Theo to stand there off to the side basking in the glory of what he helped to create. Jason Cashe, Ned Kaye, XWF Universal Champion Raion Kido. The Trilogy.

The group celebrates for a few moments, soaking it all in before they make their way back into the ring. Cashe and Kaye first followed by Kido. But not Theo. Instead Theo walks over to Charlie Nickles who has just managed to pull himself up to his feet with the air of the ring ropes. Theo looks down at Charlie just as Nickles raises his head, blood and hair covering his eyes. Theo gives Charlie a second to remove that which is obstructing his vision and as he does so Theo lunges forward and grabs Charlie by the head, placing it under his armpit and then planting the former Television Champ on the cold hard concrete with his own finisher the Devil Hook Drop.

Theo quickly gets back to his feet before looking down at Charlie one last time.

”I guess that makes us even.”

Theo then joins the rest of The Trilogy in exiting the ring.

DENZEL PORTER: What a showing by all four; Charlie, Dolly, Alias, and Kido. How the hell are we going to top this?

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: We still have Corey Black vs Chris Page to go, that’s sure to appease even the most bloodthirsty fans in the house!

Another break from the action as we rejoin TAURUS and the baddies, all four now have their own TAURUS towel while THE Big Bull has opted for a Velvet Rabbit shirt as they have now made their way up to the casino, specifically the craps table. TAURUS smiles as he looks up

TAURUS: The Lucky Rabbit here is one of the finest casinos in the city and of course, we’ve got poker, blackjack, craps, all kinds of slots, a fantastic bar, and my favorite game, craps.

He raises up the dice and two of the ladies give them a teasing little blow while the other two kiss his cheeks for good luck. He tosses and it’s a win. A few more throws before he cashes out with a fairly sizeable stack of chips. He tosses a thousand-dollar chip to the dealer and heads off with the baddies in tow.

TAURUS: Now should we head down to the red room or should we continue the VIP tour with your very own special Shower Time with TAURUS show.


They all cheer and look quite excited as TAURUS has a wide grin on his face.

TAURUS: I know that plonker Cage is going to brag about winning, but I honestly feel like much more of a winner than him right now.

The baddies and TAURUS share a laugh as they head towards the elevators with TAURUS randomly tossing out chips to people as they make their exit.

PIP: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a DEATH MATCH!

The crowd inside the Venue at the Velvet Rabbit completely come unglued.

PIP: The only rules to this contest… There are no rules! Let the VIOLENCE commence!

The fans erupt upon the countdown clock ticking away to zero.

PIP: Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… He is “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!

The ovation grows louder as Chris Page emerges out through the curtain as “Judas” hits the speakers! Chris stands at the top of the ramp dressed in his TIA custom t-shirt that he’s cut the sleeves off, a pair of blue jeans, and black combat boots. His hair is pulled back into a ponytail as there’s no fear in h is eyes. Chris starts to make the walk toward the ring as the crowd gets louder and louder with many bowing down to CCP as he passes by. Once ringside Chris climbs up on the ring arpon where he steps through the ropes and into the ring.

Chris backs himself into a neutral corner facing the ramp as he patiently waits for his opponent.

PIP: And his opponent…


Voice: Even kings die. But he is..

A bell tolls. Again. A third time.

[Image: MOSHED-2022-6-12-13-52-7.gif]


The crushing sound of Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" blasts over the speakers, sending the crowd in attendance into a fit. Headbanging, horns in the air, the whole nine. They scream out the lyrics as on the stage emerges Corey Black, wearing a hooded black denim vest that has metal band patches all over it. Corey stands at the top of the ramp, looking out into the frenzy, nodding his approval. He makes his way down the ramp, taking his time to survey the carnage around him and get himself a good look at the ring before him. As he reaches it, Corey slides in under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, unleashing a roar and throwing the devil horns into the air toward the hard cam. He takes the vest off and drops it to ringside before heading to his corner and crouching down, waiting for the match to begin.

[Image: Kingvs-Chronic.png]

The referee in charge is in a neutral corner in a full bomb squad uniform equipped with a helmet covering his face to protect himself from any and everything that is about to unfold. He calls for the bell.

DENZEL PORTER: I asked how are we going to top what we just saw involving the XWF Universal Championship? I think I just got my answer. It’s Page vs Black for the first time in singles action!


The bell sounds as the crowd explodes into a massive chant of ” THIS IS AWESOME!” as Chris Page and Corey Black stare across the ring from each other. The building is rocking! The two men walk toward the center of the ring with the 6’4 frame of Page looking down upon the 5’9 Corey Black. Flashbulbs begin flickering throughout the Venue from cameras and cellphones snapping off pictures as the two men start trading some smack talk between two that leads to Page shoving Corey back several feet.

Corey smirks at Page before walking right up to CCP and slapping him across the face!

Chris laughs under his breath before they both shrug simultaneously and start throwing serious right hands! Black lands a right, Page fires back with a right, Black lands a right, Page lands a right, Black comes back with a right, Page snatches a double leg takedown and transitions into a mount position where he hammers down with right hands to the face of Black!

Page lands five or six shots before Corey reverses the positioning and takes a top mount answering Page’s right hands with right hands of his own! Black lands five shots of his own before getting off Page who rolls out to the floor with Corey coming right out after him. Corey spins Page around where Page thumbs him in the eye before taking him and driving his head first into the ring steps.

DENZEL PORTER: This one didn’t take long to break down. I have to implore anyone at home with young children, you might want to leave the room because there’s no telling what we are about to see.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: You’re most likely right, partner.

Page tosses the ring apron back pulling out a barbedwire-wrapped Kendo Stick!


Page measures Corey who starts to spin around where he swings for his head! Corey evades and Page whacks the ring post! Chris spins around where Corey unloads with a series of right hands causing Page to drop the barbed-wire kendo stick! Corey drives a knee into the midsection of Page before hurling him into the guardrail!

Corey picks up the barbed-wire kendo stick where he cracks Page in the ribs as he comes off the guardrail ripping at Page’s t-shirt while doubling him over. Corey takes the barbed-wire wrapped portion of the Kendo Stick and looks to grate it across the forehead of Page who blocks with his hands on the unwrapped portion of the Kendo Stick before mule kicking Corey in the balls! Corey lets go of the kendo stick as he staggers backward. Page spins around lunging at Corey as he drives him lower back first into the ring apron. Chris Page laces Corey across the chest with a stiff knife-edge chop!

Page laces him across the chest with a second and more vicious chop echoing throughout the Venue at the Velvet Rabbit.

DENZEL PORTER: There’s an uncomfortable tone that’s overtaken the Venue.


Page snatches Corey by the hair and takes him where he looks to bounce his face off a ring post! Corey reverses and positioning, sending Page bouncing face first off the steel post sending Chris crumbling to the floor! Corey goes ahead and tosses the ring apron back. He reaches under the ring where he pulls out a black tied bag and places it in a corner, he reaches under the ring pulls out a second black bag and places it in the same corner before reaching under the ring for the third time where he pulls out a Pizza Cutter.

DENZEL PORTER: Shades of AW’s Evolution 5 event several months back because Corey Black used a pizza cutter on Page then!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Alright, this is a bit overkill, don’t you think?

Corey holds up the Pizza Cutter to a mixed reception from the crowd as he comes around the corner of the ring where Page has reached all fours while Corey comes up standing over him where he snatches Page by his ponytail hoisting his head up. Corey takes the Pizza Cutter and starts slicing into Chris Page’s forehead! Blood starts pouring down the face of Page while Corey continues to slice deeper into his forehead! Chris screams out in pain until Corey shoves him face first down to the floor!

DENZEL PORTER: Page is losing a lot of blood!

Corey holds up the blood covered pizza cutter for all to see before tossing it into the ring.

Black redirects to Page who is pushing himself up out of a pool of his own blood where Corey snatches him up by the ponytail and hurls him back into the ring. Blood is pouring from Chris’s forehead as Corey slides back into the ring after Page. He gets to his feet where he picks Chris up off the mat, he drives him back into a neutral corner. Corey hammers away at the open wound on Page’s forehead while the referee hasn’t left the corner they have been in since calling for the bell.

Black brings Page out from the corner where he locks in a front face lock! He hoists Page up into the hair before driving him down into the mat with a Fisherman’s Brainbuster! Corey makes the first cover of the contest! The official comes out from the corner getting into position making the count.



THR…Page kicks out!

DENZEL PORTER: Corey knew he wasn’t going to put Page away but he’s making him exert a little extra energy on the kick-out while pouring blood.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I’m curious to see how much torture Page can take, in the event he and I ever step into the ring with one another.

Black gets to one knee stepping up to a vertical base. Corey shifts his attention toward the black sacks in the far corner. There’s a smirk that comes across his face while he walks toward the corner and snatches up one of the bags. Corey holds it up for everyone to see before untieing the bag and emptying the contents of thousands of stainless steel thumbtacks across the black canvas of the mat. Chris starts to stir while Corey takes notice and walks over toward Page who reaches out and grabs the pizza cutter unknowingly to Black as he snatches Page up off the mat and points toward the tacks as he positions Page for a Powerbomb!

Page suddenly takes the pizza cutter to the forehead of Corey Black causing Corey to lose balance and Page to crash down on top of him with a seated senton of sorts while slicing deeper into Corey’s forehead while Black’s blood starts to flow! Page tosses the pizza cutter to the mat where he starts biting at the open wound on Corey’s forehead as the official in the bomb squad suit watches from behind the lens of a blacked out helmet.

Page releases the bite on Corey’s forehead and starts hammering down with straight right hands into the open wound as the blood flows down Black’s face. Page shifts his attention to all the thumbtacks in one section of the ring. Page reaches down picking Corey up off the mat where he backs up toward the tacks and locks in a front face lock on Black. Page looks to hoist up Corey for a suplex into the thumbtacks! Corey puts ont he brakes blocking the attempt hooking Page’s inner leg with his own.

Page attempts a second suplex attempt that is blocked again and countered by Black with a Falcon Arrow driving Page down violently into the thumbtacks!



Corey makes the cover by hooking the inner leg with a backpress.




Page shoots his shoulder up off the mat while Corey gets to one knee before stepping up to his feet. He reaches down picking Chris up off the mat where hundreds of thumbtacks are pinned into his upper and lower back.

Corey hurls Page over the top rope and back out to the floor where he lands hard on the padding surrounding the ring. Corey steps out to the ring apron. Corey looks down upon Page before leaping off the ring apron with a frog splash!

Page draws up his knees sending Corey crashing down upon them into his midsection.

DENZEL PORTER: This one is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: In case fans at home are curious, there are puke bags underneath all the seats in the house, for this very match.

Chris starts negotiating his way back to his feet where his face is blood soaked. Corey clutches at his midsection as he uses the guardrail to get back to his feet. Page charges forward with a lariat sending Corey over the barricade and into the front row! Page staggers forward as he climbs over the barricade followed by the Bomb Squad Referee. Page hammers Corey with a stiff right hand knocking him up the aisleway.

Page headbuts Corey before driving a knee into the midsection where he sets up Corey, picks him up and drives him headfirst into the concrete floor with a Piledriver! With Corey down Page takes the time to procure a well placed table that he starts to open the legs on before flipping over onto the floor. Page turns his attention back toward Corey Black as he makes his way over stomping him in the bloody forehead.

Page picks Corey up off the floor where he walks him over to the table. He looks to drive his head off the wood top but Corey blocks with both hands! Page attempts to drive Corey face first into the table a second time, and again it’s blocked with both hands by Black who elbows Page in the rib before countering and bouncing Page’s face off the table! Corey backs away from Page before connecting with a Superkick that sends Page backward and onto the table!

The crowd erupts as Corey starts looking around at the setup of the Venue around him when he suddenly starts making his way up into the second tier of seating… and then up to the third floor balcony!

DENZEL PORTER: No! He’s not.. He can’t… He won’t….


Corey climbs up on to the railing on the third floor looking down upon Chris Page who is prone on the table! Corey looks across the sea of 5,000 before leaping off the balcony as he barrels down on top of Page with a Splash!


Echoes throughout the Venue upon the violent impact of Corey Black crashing down upon Chris Page and driving them both through the table and down to the concrete floor!

DENZEL PORTER: Corey killed Page!


The chant from the crowd continues to echo throughout the Venue at the Velvet Rabbit as both Page and Black lay within the debris of what was a table. The chant breaks down into a solid ovation as Corey Black is the first to stir as he pushes himself up off the body of Chris Page and back to a vertical base where he staggers backward before dropping to one knee. The blood continues to pour from Corey’s forehead as he musters the energy to stand back up. He staggers toward the lifeless Page before picking him up off the floor.

Corey reaches down to pick up Chris Page which is almost like dead weight but he gets him up and starts taking him back through the crowd and toward the ring barrier where he hurls Page’s broken body over the barricade and back to the ringside area. Corey can then be seen climbing over the barricade and to the ringside area. Chris Page starts to crawl away from Corey to create some space, Corey tosses the arpon back where he pulls out a Light Tube!

Chris uses the announcers desk to help get back to his feet where he turns around walking into Corey Black smashing the light tube over Page’s head shattering it into pieces while dropping Page where he stands!

DENZEL PORTER: This is getting very uncomfortable to watch. Page is busted, bloody mess with possible internal injuries after that stage dive by Black and now light tubes?

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: They’re called Deathmatches for a reason, Denzel. Most certainly not for the weak at heart!

Corey picks Page up and hurls him back into the ring where we see thumbtacks still stuck all over his back and lower body. Corey slides into the ring where he makes a cover. The well protected official is there to make the count.




There’s a massive gasp as Chris Page barely pops a shoulder up off the mat breaking the referee’s count to a collective gasp from the crowd. Corey rolls out to the ring apron where he drops down to the floor. He tosses the ring apron back where he pulls out a Ladder!

Corey slides it into the ring before reaching back under the ring where he pulls out a bed of barbed wire!

Corey picks the plywood with the barbed wire and slides it into the ring as the crowd is on fire!

Corey Black climbs back up on the ring apron where he steps through the ropes and back into the ring. Page can be seen getting to one knee where he steps up to his feet. Corey charges toward Page swinging with a lariat that the bloody Page ducks! Corey spins back around where Page takes a front waist lock.

He hurls Corey overhead with a release belly to belly overhead suplex into the thumbtacks!

DENZEL PORTER: Desperation move from Page sends Corey into the Thumbtacks!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Hit him again, he ain’t dead yet!!

Corey screams out in pain as he sits up revealing the thumbtacks in his back and lower body! Both men lay on the mat, blood flowing from each. Chris Page rolls over to his chest. He pushes himself up to his feet where for the first time in a good piece of time he can survey the scene seeing the bed of barbed wire.

Chris staggers toward the bed of barbed wire where he reaches down, picking up the plywood and positioning it against a neutral corner opposite of Corey who has rolled out of the thumbtacks. Chris walks across the ring picking Corey up off the mat where he positions him for a Powerbomb!

Page hoists Corey up in the air with whatever energy he can muster and delivers a running powerbomb into the Bed of Barbed Wire to another thunderous gasp from the crowd before breaking out into yet another ‘HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant directed toward the destruction inside the ring.

Page shifts his attention toward the Ladder that lays in the ring while Corey is mangled in the bed of barbed wire. He shakes his head before staggering toward the ropes where he drops down to the mat and rolls out to the floor. Page tosses the ring apron back where he pulls out four light tubes that have been taped together with duct tape.

DENZEL PORTER: Page is tapping into what he’s learned in CU:LT because I’ve never seen this side of CCP.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: The old dog learned some vicious new tricks!

Page slides back into the ring while Corey has nearly freed himself from the bed of barbed wire. His ring attire starts to shred as the spurs tear into his flesh while pulling himself up and out of the bed using the ropes. Corey staggers backward while turning around to see Page swinging the light tubes and crashing them over Corey’s head shattering them into pieces!

Corey crumbles to the mat with Page dropping down making a cover!




Corey kicks out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd! Page immediately snatches up an end of a light tube with a jagged edge and starts stabbing Corey in the forehead repeatedly showing a more sadistic side than most might be privy to.

DENZEL PORTER: Page is gouging into the flesh of Corey Black! Damon, I don’t know how much more of this I can watch.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I’m reaching my limit too, after seeing my son in law almost die in a deathmatch… But I can’t look away!

Page starts grinding the end of the light tube into Corey’s forehead before tossing it to the mat in front of a stunned crowd. Chris Page steps back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Corey up off the mat. He puts him in position for a Page Plant! Corey counters with a desperation back body drop sending Page landing hard on the folded-up Ladder on the mat!

Both men lay on the mat while our bomb squad referee is back in a neutral corner observing.

Page rolls off the Ladder clutching at his lower back while we see Corey starting to get back to one knee, his face a complete crimson mask.

Corey takes possession of the Ladder and starts to set it up back in a neutral corner upright. He shifts his attention back toward what’s left of the Bed of Barbed Wire and drags it out toward the center of the ring before kicking Page in the ribs as he reaches his knees, knocking him back over to the mat.

Corey’s attention diverted back to the neutral corner where the second black sack rests. He points toward it drawing a huge ovation from the blood-thirsty crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: What now?!?!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: What else does Corey Black have up his sleeves?

Corey walks over to the corner snatching the black sack. He holds it up in the air as he walks back over toward the bed of barbed wire. Black opens the sack emptying the contents of BROKEN GLASS shards across the bed of barbed wire!


Starts to echo throughout the Venue at the Velvet Rabbit. Corey empties all the broken glass onto the bed of barbed wire before turning his attention back toward Page! Black picks Page up off the mat where he puts him in position and delivers a BACK DROP DRIVER onto the bed of barbed wire and glass shards!


The uncomfortable nature sees some parents removing their children from the Venue as the HOLY SHIT chant only gets louder and louder. Corey Black makes his way back to his feet where he turns his attention toward the Ladder he’s set up! The anticipation starts to grow as Corey comes around the Ladder and starts to climb!

DENZEL PORTER: It’s official, Corey Black is officially insane.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Took you this long to figure THAT one out, did it?!?

Corey Black reaches the top of the Ladder where he looks down at Page who is now the prone one in the bed of barbed wire mixed with glass shards! Corey Black steadies himself before leaping off the top of the Ladder with a Frog Splash attempt that sees Chris Page escape at the final moment and it’s Corey Black who frog splashes the bed of barbed wire!

The physical toll this Deathmatch has taken is completely off the charts as both men are down.

Chris Page starts to slowly inched his way back toward Corey where he starts to roll him over, shards of barbed wire tearing at his shirt and onto his back in the bed of Barbed wire and glass shards where he makes a cover!



THRE…Corey Black escapes with a kick-out!

The bloody face of Chris Page tells the tale as he cuts his eyes toward the masked referee holding up three fingers but only gets two back from the referee. The blood loss from both men is unreal as we see Chris Page roll out to the floor where he pulls out another table, only this one is wrapped in barbed wire and light tubes!


Bellows out from all over the Venue while Chris Page opens the legs of the table and begins to set it up on the floor. He flips it over, sitting it upright before going back under the ring where he pulls out a container of LIGHTER FLUID and a book of matches.

Page opens the lighter fluid where he starts to empty it all over the table top wrapped in light tubes and barbed wire.

DENZEL PORTER: Enough is enough and now we have FIRE!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Everyone keep a lookout, Fix might be on the loose!

Chris Page takes a single match and strikes it creating the flame before tossing it on the table setting it on FIRE! Chris takes several steps back as a sinister grin forms on his face and evil intentions dance in his head. He turns toward the ring climbing up on the apron when suddenly Corey Black is running full speed ahead diving through the ropes with a Spear to Page sending both men sailing off the apron and crashing through the burning table wrapped in barbed wire and light tubes!

Ring Crew flood the area putting the blaze out with a fire extinguisher!

The smoke clears to see Page and Black laid out englanged in barbed wire and broken light tubes!

DENZEL PORTER: Neither of these men will ever be the same again after tonight!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Not that they were saints or sound of mind to begin with!

Corey pushes himself up off Page with blood now pouring from his right arm and shoulder as Page is convulsing which isn’t helping his case. Corey is up to one knee before willing his way up to a vertical base. Corey staggers toward the ring where he throws back the apron and pulls out two chair throwing them into the ring under the bottom rope.

Corey rolls back into the ring where he pulls himself to his feet and directs his attention toward one of the chairs. Corey picks it up, opens it up and places it near a corner. Black picks up the second chair and places it across from the first. Chris Page is starting to stir as he painfully starts to slowly pull himself out of the barbed wire as the back of his shirt is completely shredded and blood soaks what skin that can be seen.

Corey Black rolls out to the floor once again and tosses back the ring apron where he now pulls out a GLASS PANE!

DENZEL PORTER: Corey has bad intentions!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Color me intrigued, whatever will he do with these?

Corey slides it into the ring, he reaches under the ring a second time and retrieves a SECOND glass pane, and carefully slides it into the ring before rolling back into the ring himself where he picks up the first pane of glass and lays it across the seats of the chairs!

Black picks up the second pane of glass where he places it on top of the first pane creating a makeshift GLASS TABLE!

Corey drops down to the mat where he rolls back out to the floor yanking Page up and out of the barbed wire! Black takes Page and hurls him into the ring under the bottom ropes. Black climbs up on the apron where he steps through the ropes and back into the ring.

Page is to both knees where he looks up at Corey Black where he flips him the middle finger!

Corey simply shakes his head and makes his way over to Chris where he walks into a low blow! Corey staggers backward before falling down into the thumbtacks! Page steps back up to his feet, dazed and confused but gathers himself enough to make his way over to Corey where he picks him up by the hair.

Page places him in position before delivering the PAGE PLANT! (Angel Wings)

DENZEL PORTER: Page's going to do it!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I certainly hope so, he’s looking like he’s about to run outta blood!

Page rolls Corey over making the lateral press, hooking the inside leg.







Page slowly gets to his knees where he shakes his head while looking at the helmeted referee who shows him two fingers with one hand and inches with the other. Page is very slow to get to his feet but steps up to a vertical base.

DENZEL PORTER: Chris Page has got to be wondering what he is going to have to do to defeat Corey Black tonight!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I’m wondering that my damned self!

Page reaches down, picking Corey up off the mat. He drags him back into the only clear corner of the ring where Page steps up to the middle rope. He brings Corey’s head into a front face lock but Corey slips out and yanks Page’s head down between his legs where he connects with a superkick to the back of the head!

Corey brings Page off the ropes in a Torture Rack position where brings him out of the corner with a BURNING HAMMER!

Corey manages to drape an arm over the chest of Page!




Chris Page kicks out!

DENZEL PORTER: Page refuses to die!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: That’s the name of the game here tonight!

Corey, his hair soaked in blood as he flings it over his head, gets to one knee where he questions the count but the referee extends two fingers. Corey steps up to his feet where his attention diverted toward his glass table. The crowd is in a state of shock with the horrific nature this brutal contest has taken.

Corey reaches down, picking Page up off the mat where he brings him around the glass table and drives him back into the corner.

Corey hoists Page up to a seated position on the top rope.

Corey decks Page with a hard right hand rocking him, nearly knocking him off the top rope. Black steps up to the middle rope where he locks in a front face lock. Corey Black is thinking Superplex!

DENZEL PORTER: If Corey lands this it has to be over!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Don’t count Page out just yet!

Corey looks to deliver but Page latches onto the top rope. He pulls away and drives Corey face first off the top turnbuckle. Chris underhooks both arms of Corey Black where he hoists him up in the air and jumps off the middle turnbuckle where he drives Corey through the glass top tables with the damndest Page Plant!



Glass statter into thousands of pieces as Black and Page crash through them! Both men are laid the fuck out for several long seconds before Chris Page starts inching his way through the broken glass to Corey Black and makes the cover.




PIP: The winner of this contest, “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE

DENZEL PORTER: This one is over! Page has defeated Corey Black, but at what real cost!!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Who cares? As long as Page has a breath in his body, he will bounce back from this in no time!

Both Page and Black are down and out after the brutal display. Chris Page starts to push himself up off the body of Corey Black getting to one knee before finally getting back to a vertical base where the Bomb Squad Referee raises Chris’s arm up in the air.

Suddenly without wasting any time the referee takes Page up over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry that he turns into a GTS!

The crowd roars with boos as the referee removes his helmet to reveal…


DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I’m going to kill that son of a bitch myself!

DENZEL PORTER: Where ya goin partner? Riggs?

Damon HavoK Riggs throws his headset down and makes a mad dash for the intruder, as Matt Knox stares down at Chris Page before stepping on his chest to walk over him as he drops his helmet in between Corey Black and Chris Page on the mat, seeing Riggs coming for him, Knox quickly rolls out of the ring and jumps down to the floor. Knox jumps the barrier and rushes through the crowd as security give chase. Riggs makes his way back to the announcer’s table and puts his headset back on, his breathing short and quick.

DENZEL PORTER: Matt Knox was barred from the Velvet Rabbit! But for the second time he’s attacked Chris Page from outta nowhere!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: KNOX! That’s the second time you’ve violated The Velvet Rabbit. The second time you’ve jumped Page like a fucking coward. Trust me when I say this, when I come for you, you’ll see me coming and there won’t be a damned thing you’ll be able to do to STOP ME!

Trainer’s and EMTs hit the ring checking on the conditioning of both participants into what turned into one of the most violent affairs of 2022.

Back to the VIP Tour as we see TAURUS emerging from the doe and buck locker room area clad in some simple shorts and a Velvet Rabbit with a towel over his shoulder., the baddies following behind him having clearly enjoyed their private Shower Time With TAURUS performance.

TAURUS: Well I think the next stop on this tour should be the red room. I know that I am personally starved right now. Plus they have all the wonderful Cannabis Cup specials available down there. Could also try the special TAURUS bowl. It’s not technically on the menu, but they make it up for me. All the steak kabob stuff, plus the delicious broccoli and the tuna steak all sliced up. Gotta have plenty of protein to keep these muscles.

TAURUS flexes and the baddies all move in, two feeling his arms while one is feeling his chest and the other rubs his abs.

TAURUS: I am very glad that that wanker Cage brought you, ladies, with him.

TAURUS smirks as he spreads out his massive arms and starts heading down to The Red Room with The baddies as they giggle and continue rubbing his muscles all the way down the elevator. They step out and are greeted by the smiling staff, then quickly shown towards a table near the back. The camera moves around to show off more of The Red Room so the folks who can’t be there in person get a good view of the place. TAURUS and the baddies are now seated, well three of the baddies, one of them seems to have gone missing, though judging by the massive grin on the face of THE Big Bull…

TAURUS: Absolutely anything you want ladies, we’ll put it on Cage’s tab.

The large man grins and chuckles as he sits back and relaxes, with drinks being quickly brought out as the group is ready to enjoy the last stop on the VIP tour.

PIP: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and is a FIRST TIME EVER match! Introducing first, he is a Four-Time World Heavyweight Champion! Standing 5’8” and weighing 185 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is the current, reigning, XWF Supercontinental Champion, “The Mechanic” Peter Vaughn!!

The lights in the arena go out, causing the usual hysteria from the crowd. After a few seconds, Peter Vaughn's face appears on the big tron, darkly smirking down at the fans.

"This Time... It's Different."

After Vaughn finishes speaking, he begins to laugh. His laughter carries on as the Tron video overtakes his image, beginning with "This Time It's Different" by Evans Blue. Sparks begin to erupt around the stage, showering nearby fans who feel like they're a little too close to the action. As the fireworks die down, a figure appears through the smoke and haze. Peter Vaughn walks into view, bearing the XWF Supercontinental Title. He looks more intense than normal, barely seeming to notice the booing fans as he heads to the ring. He goes straight to one corner, waiting impatiently for his opponent to arrive.

DENZEL PORTER:: Peter has been waiting for this match for a long, long time.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: From what I’ve gathered, he and Raven have been in the same federations multiple times, yet something has always come up to block them from facing each other. In OCW, it was The Purge. In PW Valor, it was luck of the draw. Tonight, though, it’s finally going to happen.

DENZEL PORTER:: For the first time ever, we get to see the dream match!

PIP: And now, his opponent. He is broadly recognized as one of the greatest ever to enter the squared circle! He is a member of the XWF Hall of Legends! Standing 6’3” and weighing 222 lbs, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, here is James Raven!!

The entire arena slowly fades to black as the audience excitedly awaits the entrance of "The Peoples GOAT". The drum beat and guitar solo start and a series of white and blue spotlights come up and pan the crowd. Mike Shinoda’s voice is heard on the speakers singing.

“Now here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line, throw ‘em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind… filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose, string me up from atop these roofs, high and tight so I wont get loose.”

By now the fans are going wild and cheering as the spotlights slowly make their way to the top of the entrance ramp where a dim fog begins to form.

“Truth is you can stop and stare, rub myself out and no one cares, dug the trench out and lay down there with a shovel up, out of reach somewhere… yeah, someone pouring in, make it a dirt glass floor again, say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.”

The spotlights come together as one, and the fog fills the top of the ramp until the downbeat hits and a major blue and silver pyrotechnic display goes off and the rest of the arena lights turn up to full. When the smoke clears James Raven is seen on top of the ramp, his hands thrown up over his head and a huge smile on his face.

“I BLEED IT OUT!!! Diggin’ deeper just to throw it away, I BLEED IT OUT!!!”

James makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans and posing for pictures with several of them until he reaches the base of the ramp. Then, he pauses for a few seconds and sprints for the ring, diving in under the bottom rope and sliding into the center of the mat on his hands and knees. He poses for a second, then gets up and runs for the turnbuckle, climbing up and posing yet again for the fans before doing a 360 degree spin off and doing the same on the opposite turnbuckle. As his music fades out he stretches in his corner, and then waits for the starting bell.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Nobody can say that James Raven hasn’t made his mark already in the wrestling business. My question is, since he has nothing to prove, will he be less invested here tonight?

DENZEL PORTER: I don’t think James has ever entered a match without being 100% focused.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Maybe, but this is a make-or-break match for Peter Vaughn, wouldn’t you say?

DENZEL PORTER: I think both have a lot on the line. Peter is looking to claim his idol’s spot, while James is here to show the world that he’s still one of the best in the world. He won’t give up that spot willingly.

[Image: Jamesvs-Peter.png]

The bell rings, signaling that this match is now official. Raven and Vaughn walk forward, neither showing an ounce of fear as they face off. The crowd is chanting fully for Raven, showing their loyalty to the long-time star. Vaughn studies Raven for a few seconds in a stand-off, before finally raising his arm… and offering a handshake! Raven looks down at the hand, then at Vaughn’s face, considering the offer.

DENZEL PORTER: Peter wants to start with a show of sportsmanship!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Or he’s going to punch Raven at the first opportunity. You can never trust the Mechanic!

The crowd seems to be trying to warn Raven not to do it, yelling at him to take the fight to Vaughn. Showing surprising patience, Vaughn keeps his arm outstretched, staring at Raven. He speaks to him, with the camera’s mic barely able to pick up what he says: “Hail Raven”. After another moment, Raven opts to reach out as well, grasping Vaughn’s hand. The two wrestlers shake, with Raven clearly ready for the next move, only to have Vaughn release the grip and back off, smiling. The Mechanic bounces from foot to foot, his energy up as he’s ready to get going.

DENZEL PORTER: You were saying?

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Well, damn, I admit, I was wrong.

DENZEL PORTER: Peter’s been one of Raven’s biggest fans for years now. I think we’re going to see a very different style of wrestling match from him tonight.

The two wrestlers circle around each other, as the fans seem to be hyped up to an even greater level. Vaughn moves first, slipping behind Raven with a waistlock, but Raven quickly reverses it. He tries to turn it into a headlock, but Vaughn’s ready, avoiding his grasp and twisting around to get his own headlock. But Raven isn’t held long, quickly slipping out of it with Vaughn’s hand locked in, turning it into an armbar! Vaughn, though, flips himself forward, reversing the armbar and causing Raven to have to lash out with a kick to get free, with Vaughn avoiding the shot as he falls back to the ropes. He springs off of them, coming back towards Raven, who gets a single leg takedown! As Vaughn’s down, Raven goes off the ropes and comes back with an elbow drop, but Vaughn kips up, avoiding it! He turns, positioned in defense, as Raven kips up as well! The two face off, as the crowd roars!

DENZEL PORTER: What a technical display to start out with! You can tell both of these men have studied each other intently for this match!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: A great series of moves there, yet there was barely any contact. It’s still an even match.

Raven is nodding, showing some respect. Vaughn has a large grin on his face, something you don’t see him do too often. The two men lock up again, with Raven getting the headlock this time. Vaughn immediately shoves him towards the ropes, then tries to catch Raven on the way back with a hip toss, only for Raven to reverse it, throwing Vaughn down instead! He jumps up, charging, but Raven delivers another hip toss, sending Vaughn towards the nearby ropes. He pops up again, trying to come back, but Raven leaps up with a dropkick, knocking Vaughn through the ropes and to the outside! Raven steps back as the ref moves in, starting his count. Vaughn’s already up, though, pacing on the floor for a few seconds.

DENZEL PORTER: Peter will need to be careful not to get frustrated early. This match has a long way to go.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: He’s wanted this match for so long. I’m sure he’s visualized it hundreds of times, which could work against him if it starts to go a different direction.

Vaughn hops up onto the apron, watching Raven as he stays back, letting Vaughn come into the ring. The Mechanic comes in a little more cautiously now, locking up once again with the Hall of Famer. Raven’s got the height advantage, though, and he’s able to use it, moving Vaughn back towards the corner. But Vaughn reverses at the last second, getting Raven trapped instead. The ref calls for the break, and Vaughn nods, stepping away, surprising Raven at the quick release. Raven opts to come forward suddenly, going for a clothesline, but Vaughn reacts, ducking under the clothesline and catching Raven from behind, twisting him down into a roll-up!! The ref counts…


And Vaughn immediately seems to release the pin attempt on his own, popping off of Raven, who fights back to his feet! Vaughn seems to be apologizing, raising his hand, as Raven looks on in confusion.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: What is Vaughn apologizing for? That roll-up could have won it for him!

DENZEL PORTER: Yeah, but after so much time waiting for something, wanting it so badly even when it’s out of reach, would you want it over in just a few minutes?

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I bet there are many viewers watching this who have experienced something similar…

Raven, regaining his composure, moves forward, locking up again with Vaughn. This time, it’s Raven shooting Vaughn towards the ropes. As Vaughn comes back, Raven flattens out, letting Vaughn leap over him. On the rebound, Vaughn tries for a clothesline, but Raven ducks under it. When he returns, Raven is ready, catching a running Vaughn with a leaping hurricanrana, sending Vaughn to the mat!! Before Vaughn can recover and escape, Raven presses forward, grabbing Vaughn by the head and turning him into a swinging neckbreaker, planting him on the canvas! Showing no interest in prolonging the match himself, Raven makes the cover, hanging onto the leg…



And Vaughn kicks out with authority! Raven moves backwards, as Vaughn grabs the ropes and looks back at Raven while taking a knee, looking stunned that Raven tried to end it like that. Raven just shrugs, saying that’s part of the game.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Vaughn may want to prolong this, but Raven is looking for victory anywhere he can get it.

DENZEL PORTER:: Maybe this will wake Peter up, get him to stop treating this like a dream and more like a match.

Vaughn gets back to his feet, a little less steady than before. He moves towards Raven, who immediately gives him a knee to the gut, bending him over. Raven then grabs hold of Vaughn’s head, readying a DDT, only for Vaughn to get a gut punch to break the hold! Raven staggers back, surprised, as Vaughn straightens up and runs at him, spinning around Raven with a tilt-a-whirl arm drag takedown! Raven hits the mat, stunned, as Vaughn scrambles to get around him, grabbing at his head in order to apply a crossface submission! Raven is instantly struggling to fight it off, trying to keep Vaughn from fully locking it in. He scrambles for the ropes, dragging himself along, and manages to grab hold to force the break. Vaughn immediately does so, rolling to the side before getting up.

DENZEL PORTER: A lot of people don’t give Peter credit for his skills in the ring. He surprised many of the best in the world this year.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Like they say, Never judge a book by its cover.

DENZEL PORTER: Especially since Vaughn’s cover is completely different from the book itself.

The two wrestlers lock up again, with Vaughn getting a legsweep takedown to put Raven on the mat. He tries a leaping fist drop, but Raven rolls out of the way, with Vaughn hitting nothing but canvas. Raven pops up, grabbing hold of Vaughn and quickly lifting him into the air with a vertical suplex, throwing him down. He makes the cover, with the ref moving into position…


TW- And Vaughn kicks out again!

Raven, not surprised, is already bringing Vaughn up, He twists around Vaughn, taking a few steps before hitting a pendulum backbreaker!! Vaughn’s down again, with Raven making another cover…



TH- Vaughn shoves Raven off of him, rolling to his side!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: James Raven is starting to take control of this one…

DENZEL PORTER: Peter needs to find his usual aggression if he wants to stay in this one with the XWF legend!

Raven has hauled Vaughn up again, showing no signs of slowing down. He lifts Vaughn up, delivering an atomic drop that knocks Vaughn into the ropes, leaving him hanging there. Raven, seeing this, runs forward and clotheslines Vaughn, sending him over the ropes! But as Raven moves away, pleased, Vaughn skins the cat, hanging onto the top rope! He pulls himself back up, balancing precariously on the top rope for a moment before leaping off of it, catching a surprised Raven with a springboard bulldog!! Raven’s down, as Vaughn lifts himself up painfully. He refuses the pin attempt, though, heading straight for the turnbuckle and leaping up onto it. As Raven rises, holding his head, Vaughn leaps off the top… landing a diving double axehandle shot!! Raven crashes onto his back, this time with Vaughn scrambling on top of him…



TH- Raven kicks out in time!

DENZEL PORTER: Now that’s more like it!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Vaughn’s speed is always incredible. Who knew mopping floors for years was the way to build up your quickness!

DENZEL PORTER: Hey, the faster you cleaned, the faster you finished the job.

Vaughn manages to bring Raven back up, grabbing the star by the head and delivering a quick snap DDT! With Raven rolling onto his back, Vaughn moves back to the turnbuckle, climbing upwards. He sets himself, positioning for a high-flying maneuver. He leaps into the air, going for a Superfly Splash, but Raven rolls out of the way at the last second!! Vaughn groans, holding his midsection where he hit, then struggles to get up. But Raven has already hit the ropes and is rushing back… smashing into Vaughn with the Divebomb!!!! The spear smashes Vaughn to the mat, with Raven landing on top, struggling to grab the leg as he makes the cover…



THR- NO! Vaughn gets his shoulder up in time!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: That one hit so hard, I thought it was over!

DENZEL PORTER: James again proves that he can strike at his opponents from almost every direction, but Peter’s showing his resiliency again and again!

The referee moves in, checking on both men after the impact of that last strike. Vaughn’s clutching at his ribs, hurting badly, as Raven is massaging his shoulder from the impact. He’s still the first one up, reaching down to haul Vaughn to his feet. With Vaughn leaning there, bent over in agony, Raven moves a few steps back, lining up the shot for the F.Y.S. superkick! He steps in, snapping off the kick… and Vaughn immediately reacts as if expecting it, ducking under the leg and grabbing Raven around the middle, yanking him down into a La Magistral roll-up!! This time Vaughn doesn’t let go, and appears to have a hold of Raven’s gear for added leverage, as the oblivious ref begins his count…



THRE- NO!!!! At the last moment, Raven kicks free of the pin!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Looks like Vaughn’s getting back to basics, getting a hold of the tights there!

DENZEL PORTER: At this point, Vaughn might be running more on instinct, which means he’s liable to do anything in there to win!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: But will the win be as sweet if he cheats to win?

DENZEL PORTER: It’s a victory, of course it will be!

Both wrestlers struggle up to their feet, the match beginning to take its toll. Vaughn grabs Raven by the head, snapping him down with a sitout jawbreaker that knocks Raven back into the corner, where he slumps backwards, sitting there. Vaughn pulls himself up, looking dazed himself by the impact of that move. Seeing Raven in the corner, Vaughn steps back for added momentum, then runs forward, going for a leaping double knee… with Raven twisting out of the way, causing Vaughn to smash into the turnbuckle pads!! Vaughn topples backwards, holding his knees, as Raven shoves him away and quickly goes to the apron. As Vaughn works to get up, Raven springs back in, leaping into him with a flying crossbody for the pin…



TH- And another kick out!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: This one keeps going back and forth!

DENZEL PORTER: Two of the best in the business, showing us what they’re made of!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: But someone has to come out with the victory!

Raven, breathing heavily, pulls Vaughn up with him, seemingly speaking to the wrestler with words that can’t be picked up. Signaling that it’s over, Raven grabs Vaughn by the head and jumps forward for the Flight of the Raven… and Vaughn shoves him off at the last second, avoiding disaster!! Raven crashes to his back and rolls, holding his back in pain. He grabs at the ropes, hauling himself up, as Vaughn hangs onto the ropes on the other side. Seeing Raven up, Vaughn seems to build up some fury, his eyes wide, before he runs straight at Raven… crashing into him and sending both men flipping outside to the floor!!! They both take a hard impact, as the crowd cheers from the wild maneuver.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Vaughn just sacrificed himself to take down Raven!!

DENZEL PORTER: Peter has shown he has no limit on what he’ll do to win, even if it’s to his detriment!

The ref starts counting, doing his job, as the two wrestlers are still down outside the ring.




Vaughn’s the first one to stir, wincing as he pulls himself up. He sees Raven still on his hands and knees, with an exhausted smile appearing on Vaughn’s face. He steps forward, going for a Curb Stomp, but Raven moves, then grabs at Vaughn, twisting him around into the Ravenlock on the floor!!! Vaughn desperately fights to get out of it before it’s fully locked in…




Raven seems to finally realize the count is going up, as he looks to break the hold. He gets up… but as he reaches for the ropes, Vaughn grabs him from behind, snapping them both back with a Backstabber!! Raven falls to the side, badly hurting, as Vaughn rolls away, gasping for breath.



The fans are chanting like mad, wanting both men to get up, as the count increases. Vaughn clutches at the apron, struggling to rise up, while Raven struggles to get to his knees. Both men look towards the ring…


Hearing the 9, both Raven and Vaughn make a last-ditch effort, shoving against each other for a moment before they dive into the ring…

But the ref is already raising 10 fingers, signaling for the bell!!!


DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Oh, man, the ref really sped up there at the end, didn’t he?

DENZEL PORTER: I don’t know, but I can’t believe this one’s going to end this way!

PIP: Ladies and gentlemen the referee as ruled this contest as a double count-out!

Both Raven and Vaughn are back on their feet now, with Vaughn moving in to grab Raven’s head, seemingly thinking about going for the Keyholder. Raven struggles against him, working to pull away, perhaps thinking about another attempt of the Flight of the Raven. But the referee gets between them, separating them, saying that the match is over! Neither wrestler seems to want to believe it, moving to lock up again, but again the ref intervenes.

DENZEL PORTER: Let them fight, ref!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works, and you know it!

DENZEL PORTER: But to have this dream match end in a Double Countout… it feels so wrong!

Vaughn is bitterly arguing with the referee, saying that he can’t end it like this, but the referee is standing his ground. Raven has moved to the side, looking disappointed but resigned. He’s seen it all, after all. Vaughn, however, isn’t going to let this stand. As the referee starts to turn around, Vaughn grabs hold of him, snapping him down with the Revenged!!! The referee is out, as Raven turns back, surprised. He shakes his head as Vaughn rolls out of the ring, still furious.


DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Can Vaughn get fined for attacking a referee at a special event?

DENZEL PORTER: I suppose we’re going to find out. Oh, no, Peter’s not done…

Vaughn has reached behind the timekeeper, stealing the chair there. He comes back to the ring, looking like he’s ready to lose it at his dream match ending his way. Raven has turned away, starting to leave the ring, but looks back from the apron as Vaughn slides back in, lifting the chair high… and smashing it down on the referee’s back!! Some fans boos, while others, who didn’t want the match to end, cheer the strike. Vaughn rears back again… and Raven’s there, yanking the chair away from him!! He holds it high, as Vaughn turns towards him, still looking like he’s lost it.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Raven is saving the referee!

DENZEL PORTER: At the very least, he’s preventing more damage, and maybe helping to keep Peter out of jail tonight.

Vaughn looks ready to leap at Raven, chair or no chair. Raven is braced, ready to defend himself. But with a frustrated yell, Vaughn turns and rolls out of the ring, leaving Raven behind. He kicks at the ring steps on his way by, sending them toppling over, before heading up the entrance ramp, running his hands through his hair again and again. Raven watches him go, before turning and leaning over the injured referee, setting the chair to the side. We cut away.

PIP: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the 2022 CCPE CANNABIS CUP WEEKEND and is the FINALS of the 2022 Cannabis Cup Tournament!

The crowd erupts with a massive ovation.

PIP: Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… He is COREY SMITH!

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Identity” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down.

PIP: And his opponent.,.

PIP: About to make his way to the ring, he is representing CCPE… MARK FLYNN!

Mark emerges out to the top of the ramp in a dazzling blue robe as he looks out across the sold out Venue at the Velvet Rabbit before locking eyes on Corey Smith who paces back and forth inside the ring. Mark starts to make his way toward the ring where he removes his robe along the way.

He climbs up on the apron before stepping up on the middle rope holding his arms out as the crowd is ready for what is about to unfold.

[Image: 3CSvsMF.png]

What started with thirty-two has all come down to this.

[Image: FUSVgpnWAAg_8BS?format=jpg&name=900x900]

DENZEL PORTER: Either Corey Smith or Mark Flynn will be crowned the inaugural CCPE 2022 Cannabis Cup winner.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: My money is on Flynn, I want to see Smith eliminated!

Corey Smith and Mark Flynn walk out toward the center of the ring. The two men shake hands before backing away from each other, The referee calls for the bell and we are officially underway.

DENZEL PORTER: The next time that bell rings we will have ourselves a survivor.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: May his name be Mark Flynn!!

Flynn and Smith start to circle each other before locking up to a huge ovation. They are jockeying for position before shoving off each other with a stalemate. Both men lock up and they continue to jockey for position and a second stalemate takes place between both competitors.

Smith and Flynn circle each other once more where they lock up only this time they both look for back waist locks.

They smirk as they back away from each other.

DENZEL PORTER: Neither man wants to make a mistake, but before we get started I want to point out this is the fifth match in three days for both Flynn and Smith.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Good. That means they both have the same excuse for whenever they lose.

Flynn and Smith lock up with Corey snatching a side headlock. He cranks on Flynn’s head before being backed up into the ropes where he flings him across the ring, Smith bounces off the ropes where Flynn leapfrogs over Corey, Corey puts on the brakes, and Flynn and Smith spin around both looking for dropkicks!

They both get to a vertical base with fists clenched to applause from the crowd.

Both Smith and Flynn nod toward each other before they once again circle before looking to lock up where Flynn thumbs him in the eye drawing some boos from the crowd! Flynn delivers some quick forearm smashes to the face and jaw of Smith before taking Corey back into the ropes.

Flynn shoots Smith across the ring, Corey bounces off the ropes where he takes Flynn down with a running shoulder block. Corey bounces off the nearside where Flynn rolls over to his chest while Corey bounces off the ropes and leaps over Flynn.

Smith bounces off the farside while Flynn pops back up to mat where he leapfrogs over Smith sending Corey once again bouncing off the nearside where Flynn looks for a hiptoss take over that sees Corey flipping over landing on his feet where he and Flynn lock eyes as Corey displays a smirk.

DENZEL PORTER: Smith showing off some athleticism.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Come on Flynn, shut this kid down!

Flynn runs with a lariat, Corey ducks sending Flynn bounces off the ropes, Smith with a drop down, Flynn leaps over Corey bouncing off the farside, Smith pops back up to his feet with a leapfrog over Flynn upon his return sending Mark bouncing off the ropes and into a hiptoss by Smith!

Flynn bounces up off the mat and back to his feet where Corey takes him down to the mat with a drop toe hold before transitioning into an Ankle Lock! Flynn quickly scurries free and escapes the ring and heads out to the floor to some boos from the crowd.

The Venue complete turns on Flynn as he barks at the fans with obscenities before flipping off the front row.

DENZEL PORTER: The ever endearing Mark Flynn, everybody.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Nice guys never go down in the history books, remember that Porter.

Corey waits in the ring as the referee is laying the count to Flynn. At the six count Mark climbs back up on the apron before stepping back through the ropes. Corey and Flynn start sizing each other up one more time but before they lock up Mark Flynn calls for a test of strength! Flynn raises up his right hand as the jeers from the crowd can be heard. Corey looks up at the hand and then back down to Flynn before starting to raises up his right hand only to drop it and raise his left!

Flynn lowers his right hand as some laughter from the crowd back be heard.

Flynn raises up his left hand but before they lock Corey lowers his left hand and throws up his right! Flynn drops his left hand and reaches up his right, Corey drops it and raises the left, Flynn raises his left, Corey goes back to the right, as this exchange continues before Flynn gets frustrated with the entire thing and walks away as the crowd applauds Corey who shrugs his shoulders.

DENZEL PORTER: Seems like Corey Smith is playing some mindgames with Mr. Flynn.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Well, I hope Flynn is smart enough not to fall for them!

Flynn kicks the bottom rope out of frustration before composing himself. Mark walks out toward Corey extending his hand to shake it only to slap Corey across the face! Boos echo out at Flynn as Corey lunges at Mark who lands a leaping knee strike to the jaw rocking Corey! Flynn follows up with a double thrust to the throat before taking a front waist lock where he snaps off a Northern Light Suplex with a bridge!




Corey kicks out with Flynn being the first to his feet where he starts putting the boots to Corey Smith on the mat. Mark picks Corey up where he laces him across the chest with a knife-edge chop, followed by a second, then a third before driving Corey back into a neutral corner.

Flynn starts laying in stiff kicks to the quads and then ribs of Smith before shooting him across the ring and into the opposite buckles. Flynn charges in after Corey where he eats a reverse elbow rocking Mark back out toward the center of the ring! Corey comes out from the corner with a spinning backfist that drops Flynn to one knee where Corey quickly lands a step up enziguri!

Smith presses the cover.



THR..Flynn kicks out of the pinfall attempt.

DENZEL PORTER: Throughout this entire tournament Corey has shown he’s got educated hands which nearly secured him the Cannabis Cup.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Not if Mark Flynn has anything to say about it!

Corey gets back to his feet where he picks Flynn up off the mat where he throws a series of forearms to the right side of Flynn’s face before driving a boot to the midsection of Flynn doubling him over. Corey bounces off the ropes with an Ax Kick across the back of the neck driving Flynn to the mat.

Corey makes another cover hooking the near leg.




Another kick-out by Flynn with Corey locking in a rear chin lock. The referee slides into position checking the chin lock before asking Flynn to surrender. Mark shakes off the referee as he immediately starts to work his way back up to his feet where he is able to turn into the chin lock where he is able to counter into a rear wrist lock that Flynn transitions into a side headlock.

He cranks on the head and neck of Smith before snapping Corey over with a side headlock takeover seeing both of Corey’s shoulders of the mat.




Corey rolls his shoulder up off the mat before countering the positioning as he rolls Flynn over with Mark’s shoulders on the mat.




Flynn rolls back into the side headlock. The referee checks the headlock that’s countered by a head scissors. Corey applies more pressure but we see Flynn getting to his knees where he flips over Corey stacking him to the mat.




Smith bridges up and out of the pinfall attempt where he turns into Flynn while transitioning into a Piledriver! The crowd pops huge as Smith executes the cover hooking the inside leg.




Flynn pops a shoulder up off the mat to a gasp from the crowd.

DENZEL PORTER: What a sequence of covers leading to a Piledriver for the near fall!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Flynn’s still got some fire left, and that’s all I care about right now!

The crowd at the Venue inside the Velvet Rabbit is solidly behind Corey Smith as he reaches his feet. He picks up Flynn where another two or three forearm shots are hit before a back kick to the midsection doubles Flynn over a second time. Smith latches onto a front face lock where he snaps off a Suplex! Corey floats over into the cover.




Flynn kicks out. Corey Smith is the first to his feet where he snatches the right ankle once again looking for his Ankle Lock! Flynn rolls through sending Corey barreling face-fist off the middle turnbuckle and into a school boy from Flynn!




Corey escapes with a kick-out!

DENZEL PORTER: Flynn almost snuck one out right there!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Damn it! So fucking close. C’mon Flynn, stay on him!

Flynn beats Corey to his feet where he lands a stiff kick to the right quad and then a left kick to the left quad before a boot to the midsection of Smith where he delivers a swinging neck breaker! Flynn gets back to his feet where he taunts the crowd getting the jeers he’s looking for.

Corey rolls over to his chest where he starts pushing himself up off the mat. Flynn bounces off the ropes getting a full head of steam where he lands a curb stomp to Smith driving him down into the mat! Mark drops down rolling over Smith making a cover with a back press while hooking the outside leg.




Corey shoots a shoulder up off the mat with a kick-out to a huge ovation from the crowd!

Flynn starts hammering down with forearms to the face of Smith drawing boos from the crowd while the referee lays the count to Mark who breaks and holds both hands up at the four count. Mark steps up to his feet. Flynn rolls Smith over to his stomach as he quickly positions himself and locks in the surfboard stretch!

DENZEL PORTER: Flynn’s stretching Smith!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: That’s it Flynn, stretch him out and GOOD!

The referee slides into positioning where he starts asking Smith to surrender! Corey refuses to surrender as Flynn manages to keep the lower surfboard while transitioning into a Dragon Sleeper! The referee continues to ask Corey to surrender as Flynn cranks on the pressure before Corey manages to free his legs and flip backward over Flynn stacking his shoulders to the mat.




Flynn releases the hold to avoid being pinned by Smith. Mark gets back to his feet where he picks up Corey and looks to throw him over the top rope! Smith lands on the arpon! Flynn charges toward Corey looking to blast him off the apron only to eat a shoulder block into the midsection.

Corey follows up by sending Flynn over the top rope with a back body drop from the ring apron! Flynn crashes down to the floor!

Corey backs up on the ring apron to a corner post as he sizes up Flynn while the crowd starts to rally behind Smith. Mark starts working his way back up to his feet and as he starts to stand Corey runs down the apron leaping off with a twisting neck breaker taking Flynn and himself crashing down to the floor!

The crowd roars loudly as Corey slowly starts to stir clutching at his lower back.

DENZEL PORTER: Incredible twisting neckbreaker off the ring apron by Corey Smith!


The referee is counting both men out from inside the ring. Corey gets to his feet at the six count where he slides into the ring breaking the count and then rolls back out to the floor. Corey picks Mark up off the floor where he hurls him back into the ring. Corey climbs back up on the ring apron where he opts to start climbing up to the top turnbuckle! The standing room only inside the Venue at the Velvet Rabbit continue to root Smith on, and as he stands up on the top rope where he sizes up Flynn. Mark starts to get back up to his feet where Corey leaps off the top rope only to have Flynn knock him out of midair with a dropkick!

Flynn crawls and makes a cover!




Corey escapes with a kick-out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Flynn slowly starts to push himself up off Corey and back to one knee before stepping up to his feet. Flynn reaches down, picking Corey up off the mat where he lands a stiff forearm.

Corey comes back with a hard forearm!

Flynn thumbs Corey in the eye!

Mark bounces off the ropes swinging with a lariat, Corey senses it coming and ducks which sends Mark bouncing off the near side where Corey spins around with a well-timed leaping knee strike that sends Flynn crashing back into a neutral corner. Corey explodes toward Mark delivering a HELLUVA kick blowing the roof off the Venue at the Velvet Rabbit! Flynn staggers out from the corner before face planting on the mat.

The crowd is on fire for Smith as he rolls Flynn over making a cover hooking the near leg!




Flynn barely pops the left shoulder up off the mat breaking the count to a collective gasp from the sold-out crowd.



Corey quickly gets to one knee before stepping back up to a vertical base. Corey picks Flynn up off the mat where he rocks him with European Uppercut before going back to the spinning backfist that connects to the side of Flynn’s head rocking the King of the Midcarders.

Corey looks for another spinning backfist, this one is ducked by Flynn who counters with an inverted atomic drop drop followed by a drop toe hold onto the middle rope! Flynn rolls out to the ring arpon where he pulls himself to his feet using the ropes! He runs the apron delivering a vicious running knee strike to the temple of Smith knocking him backward to the mat!

Flynn wastes no time in scaling the turnbuckles up to the top rope!

Mark Flynn sets sail with a flying knee drop across the sternum of Smith taking not only the wind out of Corey but the crowd as well! Mark makes a tight cover hooking the inside leg!




Corey kicks out bringing the crowd right back! “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” echoes throughout the Venue directed toward the ring where Mark Flynn shakes his head in disbelief before he gets back to a vertical base.

Flynn with some frustration in his eyes picks up Smith where he backs him into the ropes delivering another vicious chop across the chest that echoes throughout the Venue before he fires Smith across the ring, Corey bounces off the far side where he ducks under a leaping knee strike and bounces off the near side where he catches Flynn with a Running STO!

Cover by Smith!




Mark Flynn narrowly escapes to a huge gasp from the crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: This ain’t over yet! The crowd is on fire at the Velvet Rabbit!


“LET’S GO COREY!” starts to echo throughout the Venue as he starts to get back to his feet. He finally is able to snatch the ankle and lock in the Ankle Lock! The chant breaks out into a huge ovation as Corey cranks on the ankle of Flynn with Mark positioned in the center of the ring! The referee is in perfect positioning as he starts asking Flynn to surrender! Mark is screaming out in pain as Corey continues to viciously crank on the right ankle!

Flynn refuses to surrender yet the referee continues to ask.

Flynn pushes himself up off the mat where he rolls through the ankle lock and transitions into a Crippler Crossface!

Flynn now cranks on the head while trapping the arm and shoulder! The referee starts asking Smith to surrender! Corey refuses to give it up as Mark continues to apply the pressure! The referee continues to ask Corey to surrender but instead Corey works his hands in position to pick the right ankle as he pushes himself up off the mat and rolls through the Crippler Crossface transitioning back into the Ankle Lock to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: I don’t think I’ve seen these counters as Flynn and Smith trade submissions! Ankle Lock to Crossface and now back to the Ankle Lock! Corey and Mark are leaving it all in that ring to close out what has been one of the greatest shows I’ve been a part of.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I’ve been party to some history making matches and events myself, but the Cup has been the downright craziest! And it had damn well better not end on account of an ANKLE LOCK!

The referee continues to ask Flynn to surrender, and again he refuses as he starts to bite his left hand while raising his right!

DENZEL PORTER: He’s going to tap! Flynn’s going to tap!


Suddenly Flynn pushes himself up off the mat and attempts another roll through only this time Corey is pugnacious as he maintains control of the Ankle Lock Submission!

The crowd is going crazy as Flynn screams out in pain before rolling through a third time and again Corey maintains his grip but this time Flynn is close enough to latch onto the bottom rope forcing the referee to call for the break.

DENZEL PORTER: Flynn might have just been touched by an angle.

Mark is able to slip out to the floor where he limps heavily along the ring apron. Corey steps out through the ropes where he runs the apron, Flynn spins around as Corey leaps off the apron with a running senton!

Mark side steps at the last second which sends Corey crashing down landing hard on the floor!

Flynn takes several seconds to kick his right ankle and move it around to gain back some feeling or placate through the pain as he limps toward Corey where he takes him by both legs, Mark positions himself before catapulting Corey face-first off the ring post!

DENZEL PORTER: Ah man, Damon I think Corey’s been busted open the hard way.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: These NYC fans are no strangers to bloodshed. Between that old Extreme promotion pushing the envelope back in the 90s and FIGHT! NYC more recently, they are accustomed to the crimson mask Corey’s wearing right now!

Sure enough as camera’s pick up Corey on the floor he’s been busted wide open. The referee is laying the count to both men were much like earlier with Corey we see Mark slide into the ring breaking the count and then rolling back out to the floor where he takes a mount position on Smith and starts hammering down with vicious right hands to the open wound.

The crowd boos intently at Flynn who gets up off Corey and lashes out at the crowd.

Mark picks Corey up and tosses him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Flynn gingerly slides back into the ring where he uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. He limps toward Corey who is a bloody mess thanks to the unofficial tag team partner of Flynn.

Mark takes Corey by both arms and starts to stomp repeatedly down into the bloody forehead of Smith! Shot after shot after shot after shot before finally stopping where the official attempts to check on Corey but is stopped by Flynn as he makes the cover.




Corey barely escapes with a kick-out blowing the roof off the Venue!

DENZEL PORTER: Corey Smith is digging down deep while showing the world there’s still fight left in him.

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: That’s only because Flynn’s not done BEATING the fight out of him!

Mark Flynn gets back to his feet where he snatches Corey up off the mat. Flynn takes Corey up in a Torture Rack where he lands an Argentine Backbreaker!

Flynn makes the cover by hooking the near leg.




Corey escapes again with a kick-out!


Flynn starts to show signs of frustration as he begins getting himself back up to a vertical base. He calms himself down with several deep breaths before he picks Corey up off the mat where Corey counters with an inside cradle!




Flynn escapes to a gasp from the crowd! Mark beats Corey back to his feet where he lands a running knee strike! Flynn snatches Corey up off the mat where he sets him up for a Suplex! Mark hoists Corey up only to have Corey flip over Flynn landing on his feet behind him!

Mark spins around where he walks into PAIN DE-LUX!

DENZEL PORTER: Corey Smith’s going to do it!


Corey drops down making a cover.




Flynn is close enough to the ropes he drapes his left foot across the bottom rope in site of the referee which causes the count to be stopped!

DENZEL PORTER: What a rollercoaster ride this has turned into!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: I think I’m going to be sick!

Corey cringes as he’s told Flynn’s foot is on the rope. Smith slowly starts to work his way back up to a vertical base where he wipes the blood away from his face. “THIS IS AWESOME!” chant bellows out from all over the Venue as we see Corey reaches down picking up Mark Flynn where he executes a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

Flynn starts to get back to his feet.

He turns around where he lands a standing moonsault to Flynn!

Corey makes the cover by hooking the inside leg.




Another kick-out by Flynn!

DENZEL PORTER: Now it’s Flynn that’s digging in the reserves!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: Damn right he is! Let’s go!!

Corey begins making his way back to his feet where he picks Flynn up and drives him back into a set of buckles. Corey backs up and then charges forward where Flynn comes out of the corner catching Smith with a snap powerslam silencing the crowd!

Flynn starts to stir as he reaches his feet.

Mark picks Corey up off the mat where he locks a front face lock! Flynn doesn’t waste time as he hoists up Corey with a vertical suplex that he transitions down into the CUTTER!

Flynn signals that’s it as he gets to his knees where he executes the cover!







The crowd explodes with a thunderous ovation that rocks the Velvet Rabbit as both men lay on the mat! Flynn rolls over to all fours with a look of shock etched across his face, Mark gets to one knee before stepping up to his feet.

Flynn signals for PAIN DE-LUX garnering massive boos from the crowd/

Mark Flynn sizes up Corey who is now starting to get back on his feet. Flynn comes forward with a Black Mass attempt! Smith ducks, sending Flynn spinning all the way around and into a boot to the midsection!

Corey locks in the front face lock where he hoists Flynn up in the air with the vertical suplex but before he can complete the Cutter Flynn gouges Corey in the eyes allowing Flynn to come back down on his feet where he takes Corey up in the air and with a vertical suplex before bringing him down with the Cutter a second time!

Flynn emphatically makes the cover with a side press hooking both the legs!




PIP: Ladies and Gentleman the winner of the 2022 CCPE CANNABIS CUP TOURNAMENT, MARK FLYNN!!

DENZEL PORTER: Flynn has done it! Mark Flynn has won the 2022 Canabis Cup in one hell of a battle!

DAMON HAVOK RIGGS: YES! That’s what the fuck I’m talking about!!

Flynn gets to his knees screaming out in adulation as his arm is raised in victory.

[Image: Mark-Flynn.png]

Denzel Porter removes his headset as he exits the broadcast table where he grabs a microphone and the Cannabis Cup. He makes his way into the ring as Corey rolls out to the floor to a solid ovation from the crowd.

Denzel stands next to Flynn as he is prepared to present him with the Cup.

DENZEL PORTER: This was originally scheduled to be done by Chris Page, but clearly he’s not in any shape to come back out here tonight. Mark Flynn, it gives me great pleasure to award you the 2022 CANNABIS CUP!

Denzel presents the Cup to Flynn who raises it up in the air to a mixed reception from the crowd.

DENZEL PORTER Mark, I know you’ve probably have a lot to say about your victory, but right now the burning question is WHAT IS IN THE CUP?!?!

Mark rests the cup on the mat where he removes the lid. He pulls out a pound of CCP’s finest herb, raising it up in the air for all to see. It gets a pop from the crowd but Flynn’s eyes dart to an envelope.

Mark reaches inside the cup retrieving it. He opens it where he pulls out a check. Flynn’s eyes grow wide as he turns the check around revealing a 2.5 million dollar payday.

… but that’s not all.

There’s another set of papers. Mark reaches in pulling them out to reveal a contract to challenge for the XWF Universal Championship (contract per Theo Pryce- not a 24/7 contract. You have to call your shot).

To the victor go all the spoils as Flynn celebrates his monumental victory.

DENZEL PORTER: The only way to close this out… is with ZIGGY MARLEY!

Match Credits:
Chris Page
Peter Vaughn
Cassanova English
Mark Flynn

Commentary Credits: Damon Riggs and Denzel Porter

Segment Credits: Taurus

Graphic Credit: Kat Jones

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- 2019 Locker Room Leader of the Year
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