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One Last Party Till Texas
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Tommy Wish Offline
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07-17-2022, 10:52 AM

[The night after Tommy had shot his segment for Savage, he ended up going to his house and opening his emails on his laptop to find out that he’s been receiving emails from Darlene Gentry who was in a medium level security prison. He sees one of them and it read that she’s going to be transferred within a week to another low level prison with some few female inmates. He then calls up JB and Reggie for them to meet him inside a secret house that was about five hours away from his own deep into the night. Tommy buzzes the door to open for them to enter the house where he was sitting at a table, with portraits of Mercy, Madison Dyson and Darlene Gentry on the wall. JB and Reggie sit at the table, while one of Tommy’s maids hands them something to drink.]

T: Welcome to the secret crib, how was the drive?

JB: It took us awhile, and how the hell do you live up in these areas?

T: Well, it’s a place away from my place, and i usually like to have this house be on AirZnZ for like half a grand a night.

Reggie: Half a grand? This place doesn't look like its worth that much, at least half of that is just for the scenery of the hills near the ocean.

T: You’re right, but hey I make money either way, so let me tell you both why I wanted you up here. You guys know Wargames is coming up right?

[Reggie and JB nod their heads in agreement, and Tommy hands the maid a 20 dollar tip and slides it in her chest, and kisses her, while signaling her that her job is done and she can go home. Then once the maid left the crib, he locked the front door and closed the blinds. Then he goes back to the table, and shows them three pictures of Mercy, Dyson, and Darlene on the table.]

Reggie: Who are these three broads you want us to see? I don’t know any of them.

JB: Well Reggie, I know one of them but not all, wait is that Dyson picture on the table? Anit she the one who you tried to slide in her DM’s with a couple of years back?

T: Yeah that’s her, I was thinkin I can shoot my shot with her again. But if not, then I guess I can settle for the HP Lovecraftian chick named Mercy who’s on my team.

JB: Well, okay then… but who’s the blondie chick though?

T: That’s Darlene Gentry…

Reggie: Wait, I heard that name before, didn’t she murked her husband for like millions of dollars in life insurance?

[Tommy nodded his head yes, while JB looked on with concern.]

JB: Wait, what are you implyin? I don’t know if I should be apart of his conversation.

T: JB, if you leave now, you need to remember we done some dirt in Florida about a month ago. So this isn’t much of a stretch, so hear what I have to say.

JB: Well whatever, what’s the plan?

[Then Tommy brings his laptop up on the table and shows them the emails that he and Darlene sent to one another in the past ten to fifteen weeks. Then JB and Reggie looked at one another, then back to Tommy.]

JB: You’ve been emailing her on some penpal prison shit?

Reggie: Yeah, what gives on that?

T: Basically, during my many drunken or sock sniffing fumes sessions, I managed to stumble up on the prison site and landed on her page. We hit it off, and we even spoke in code about a prison break, but not in the one she’s currently in.

Reggie: So that means what, you goin to bail her out of prison? I don’t know if you should do all of that stuff man, y’all don’t know one another.

T: Exactly, me and her don’t got nothing to lose, so we planned out a hostile exchange in a tunnel down the line when they are going to send her and ten other women on a prison van to another low level prison that’s about an hour from where she's in. She told me that she’s desperate to leave the system.

JB: Okay, but let’s be real here, how you gonna pull off that exchange? These are heavily armed transporters who aren’t going to stop the convoy.

[Tommy then presses a button on the table, and they see behind them a sketched out plan on the wall. Then they all looked at the plan, and they kept looking at it. Then they look back at Tommy who was taking a sip of sprite mixed with rum in a small glass.]

Reggie: Wait, you got two plans? I think the first one is more better, because the second one is stupid, you going to dress in drag and go to the prison she’s in to break her out seem pointless.

JB: Also, I think having two trucks blocking the roads seems plausible. But what about the weapons and body armor to protect you from getting blasted?

[Then he shows them another secret compartment in the living room, where he had weapons, ammos, and body armor. They all head to the area, and JB and T are shocked to see him having these around.]

JB: Yo T, you got another to start a fuckin war here! How did you get them in this crib?

T: Can’t tell you all that, but just know that I need one of you guys to bring some of this stuff to the beach house that Charlie owns. If you can’t drive it to the location, then just ship it.

Reggie: I don’t think we can do all that, but I know my friend Hector can set something up to where some of these items can be dropped off. When are you planning on the extraction?

T: In about three or four days from now. But first, I need to be able find time for Madison and Mercy, because you know… reasons. Also, I got to keep an eye on Soldier and Machina… you know, WarGames stuff.

JB: Hey man, i don’t know if you should trust them… but, hey… just focus on beating either Mercy’s ripped jawline or Dyson’s non existent booty cheeks for the both of us.

Reggie: …Also, try to win as well with your team too…that’s sorta important too!....i guess.

T: Alright i got y’all, thanks for the word of advice and Reggie, tell Hector to call me and to see if he can drop the stuff off at the address. If not, then i’ll work with what I got when I go to Texas this week. I anit worried about this wargames stuff, since it’s a one for all type of deal, if I go down they go down with me as well.

Reggie: That’s the shit bro! Preach on!

[Then all three men leave the secret compartment, and they party it up for the last time until he leaves to go to Texas this week, with music blasting, booze and food, and even some slores/freaks/locals around the neighborhood wanted to join in. Then it fades to the blood moon outside of Tommy’s secret estate.]

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