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Butthurt - It's a real condition
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06-22-2022 09:49 PM

Scene opens with Xavier Lux coming out of Miami General Hospital, looking over at some papers when he is approached by an XWF reporter. Lux is surprised to see him, not being used to being approached by reporters outside of a wrestling event.

Venom! Hey, I was wondering if I can get a word.

Sure, but please call me Xavier or Lux, I haven’t really been living up to the name lately.

Everyone has their slumps.

That’s what my closest friends keep telling me. Anyway, what is that you want?

Well, we haven't seen or heard from you since your most recent loss at Anarchy, so they sent me to do some recon on you to make sure all is well and I found out that you have been at the hospital this whole time. Is everything OK?

Everything is fine, but as you saw at the last Anarchy, apparently, I am “butt hurt” so I thought I would come and get it checked out, you know, to make sure it’s not a permanent condition.


…and it’s not, I'm all good.

That’s, uh, great to hear.

It’s a real thing apparently, I don’t know if you caught Ruby’s promo last week, but she spent most of it talking about Centurion’s ass instead of me. So I didn’t want to end up like him, know what I mean.

I really don’t.

It’s fine, let’s move on.

So, you're ready for your next match then?

Didn't know I had one, though the slot I took over for in the tournament was done. I believe the record is 3-2? With me adding 1-1 to whoever got the 2-1 record.

No, it’s not in the tournament, that is over and done with for you for now, it is yet to be determined if you made it to the next round or not… No one really knows how that tournament really works aside from its creator. But right now, it’s just waiting on a few last results: Ruby vs. Oswald and Wish vs. GH. Your match actually is vs. Liam Roberts.

Ah, a hand me down match against a jobber dude... Well, those seem to be the only ones I can win, so yeah, I guess I’m ready for it.


What, I said the doctor cleared me, is all good man.

Well, it’s just that you put your hands on an official after losing to Ruby, and from what I heard, that cost you quite a bit of money.

Money is not an issue for me, Oswald is not the only one with big money around here… But look, I shouldn’t have lost my cool, I shouldn’t have put my hands on that official, he was just doing his job.

I heard there may be an enforcer referee should you happen to lose your match vs. Liam.

This seems to trigger Xavier, as he grabs the reporter by his shirt and brings him in forcefully face to face with him.

What the hell do you mean if I happen to lose? You know something that I don’t pal?

What?! No! I was just saying if! You know, just in case-

I told you I am fine! I AM OVER IT!!

Xavier shoves the reporter away and he stumbles, tripping over a trashcan nearby and falling to the ground.

Um, yes, clearly… *rubs his elbow and then his neck* I think I need to go see a doctor, my neck, ouch… *cough* Hope someone caught this on video… *cough*

Ah is that what this is about? You trying to trigger me so you can ‘catch me in the act’ and put it all over social media to show the world that “Venom” Xavier Lux not only keeps on losing matches but has clearly ‘lost’ his damn mind. Is that it? I’m not mentally tough to handle this situation, right? 9-10 matches in six months, 5 losses and 4 weak-ass-wins and the man is having a breakdown, acting like it’s the end of the world?

He pauses.

Is not the end of the world, is it?

He stands there, lost in thought for a good minute. The reporter looks at him with a wary eye, not knowing what to expect next. Xavier seems to snap out of it however, and extends his hand to the reporter who hesitates but then takes it and Xavier helps him up.

No, it’s not…

Yeah, it isn’t… Sorry about the shove, if you do require some medical attention, don’t hesitate to go inside, I have an account, they'll send me the bill, I’ll take care of it. Thanks for the interview… See you around.

Xavier heads towards a nearby limo, the driver standing by the passenger door waiting for him; as Xavier reaches him, the driver simply nods and opens the door. Xavier gets in and the driver promptly closes the door, swings around to the driver side, gets in and drives away as the reporter watches on puzzled.

Um, you’re welcome?

I am not quite sure what to expect tomorrow.

Is this really XWF throwing an old dog a bone? Here I sit, at the lowest of the low, likely an opening dark match against an opponent who has referred to himself as just a jobber. I've done my homework on this Roberts guy, October of 2021, he accepted this fate proudly. Man, I thought I had become sad and pathetic, but this guy clearly is king.

Last time we saw Liam was in March and he briefly got in front of the camera to say that he rather get drunk than actually do his job, and I don't mean losing.

Well, I'm going to tell him what he told us then, go fuck yourself Liam.

Don't show up tomorrow night, I'm looking to let off some steam and you're the perfect person to put in front of me.

Stay home, get drunk, avoid this ass kicking.

Or show up, so I can rip you to fucking shreds.

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