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The only reason I stayed in this tournament was cos of you, Cashe.
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"The Green Disease German Monster"

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06-22-2022 09:32 PM

It was one of those matches that Raab had nothing but pure excitement for, especially since he was the only opponent that was the main vital reason for wanting to win the match. One that he knows all about the most out of every other opponent in the match and Raab as he stands in an alleyway with slippery slime with a barrel of green flames lit, shining brightly than the previous opponent's Lord Raab has had to face.

Lord Raab: "Well, look who I have left to face. Why it's the one and only Jason Cashe, glad things haven't changed with you on winning all your matches in your block. There is a reason why I've been losing my matches in this tournament. It's because it's utterly pointless, especially when the shithead Sarah Lacklan runs it. I would be ashamed to care about winning matches in Sarah's dumb tournament because it hasn't meant anything to me until we fight in the ring and you're the only reason why I continued to be in this tournament in the first place. You have no idea how much hell Sarah has caused my twin brother, so I gave her a few lessons to never mess with my twin brother or me, especially about his kids, ever again. Also, my twin brother told me how you'd be banged up. I don't expect you not to be banged up, considering we both know about the past on that, don't we?"

It was the first time Raab had a confident smirk on his face, crouching on the paved floor and sees a reflection of his past of APW, mostly since everyone more or less knows about Raab and Cashe matches in 4CW.

Lord Raab: "For those who don't know, Cashe and I knew each other way before 4CW was around. It was two thousand and twelve. I stepped into APW and saw this guy who's full of toilet humour. I know that hasn't changed because that's who you are. But one thing you do get out of this guy, and god, I fucking hate him to the pit of my gut, is he does develop stars of the future. He's taken losses more than he should have to develop the next big thing in wrestling. You expect that out of Cashe. Also, I pretty much pointed out to Dolly the achievements Cashe has made and why? Because some part of me respects him, despite our hatred for each other. God, it makes me sick thinking about it."

Raab shook his head as he couldn't lie about his opponent this week, unlike all the other times where he clearly didn't give a fuck about his opponents.

Lord Raab: "Do you remember the time when I was the general manager of Raabamania and I fired your ass? That was the best thing I've done at that point, apart from us being a team in House of Howe. But what did you do? You put me in solitary confinement after I burned a house down because I was pissed off at how things in APW were being run. It took me a long damn time to get a title shot after moving to Asylum and that bitch Yarmouth kept getting title shots more than I did. I stuck it out and also beating President Jeff was another moment too. But the problem you had, you always brought Reaver/Knuckles along and no, not Knuckles in XWF if you stupid uneducated brains thought that."

Raab spits on the floor, knowing there was a lot more to be had with this match at least because Lord Raab didn't care for the tournament at all and he had proved that throughout.

Lord Raab: "Winning has never meant anything more to me than this match and you jolly know why. I hear you hanging around with Biggs and Chris Madison a lot, although I have been teaming with his girlfriend, Kat Jones lately, but this match you all are going to see between me and Jason is not for the faint-hearted and you think I'm going to slack off because I have with the other matches, Jason? You're damn wrong, as I said in the beginning, you're the only reason why I still contained to wrestle in this tournament, otherwise, it meant nothing to me. I can't wait to give you a trip down memory line like I already have. Also, it didn't help you being the piece of shit you are, cost me the match against Reaver to retain my APW Suicidal title. I remember that very well, but I did have you face Terry Marvin and you lose to him, didn't I? You wouldn't have fought him if it wasn't for me being the wonderful general manager I was. I earned it after beating Asylum's General Manager Reginald at a PPV match for that."

It was certainly a lot more said tonight from Lord Raab than he had spoken before and it only opened Henry's eyes to the information Lord Raab was giving out, going even deeper into his past. The flames lit lighter as Raab touches the slime slithering all over the pavement.

Lord Raab: "I haven't forgotten about you trying to burn me alive because I was giving you hell in 4CW. How ironic that I still use that same mask, but in a different colour because things have changed with me, despite your ignorant ass thinking I'm the same monster. I still am, but with more care. I joined this company to face and beat Sarah Lacklan. The point is you think you have a chance to win this match because of you winning every single match so far, but you don't because I've never been more motivated than to beat you in the ring. More motivated to beat you for the first-ever time in my career, by myself and it's shameful I have to admit I've never beaten Cashe, but that's going to change. I will beat your stinking ass once and for all. I'm going to destroy you. I'm going to make you wish you never screwed me over so many times. I will pin or submit you because that's how it is. Prepare to be Raabinated by The Green Disease German Monster."

The camera goes black.

[Image: AgO3KzJ.png]
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