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Prettiest Card In The Deck
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06-22-2022 09:57 AM

Unknown Location

I’m sitting back in a plain old metal folding chair, in the middle of a dark hallway that has zero redeeming or identifying features to it. Y’all should know by now the typical wardrobe, but for the mentally impaired - white tank top, blue jean shorts, traditional Yankees baseball cap, clean pair of white Nike sneakers. I’m also messing around with a deck of playing cards, doing fancy cuts and shuffles with both hands.

After the hard fought victory I earned over my CCP Enterprises colleague Bam Miller, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as the next step in my time with the Thursday Night Anarchy product. I took a booking against Ring Master this past Saturday in Spokane, then I’ve got my six man tag for Warfare in Columbus, Ohio. So when I got the phone call from Chris Page about Vinnie Lane wanting to reward the efforts Bam and I had by putting us in a match for the Anarchy Title, it was a little bit shocking - not because we didn’t earn it, but because I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get an opportunity to redeem myself for losing the championship three months ago at March Madness.

My mind got naturally preoccupied in recent weeks to the point where going for a second reign as Anarchy Champion was the furthest thing from my mind - I was putting all my attention into Jason Cashe and Company, as well as trying to expand my reach in the company by taking more bookings on Savage and Warfare. Sometimes, all it takes is one conversation of complete happenstance, and now… the championship Eye of the Tiger is ready to roll again!

I abruptly stop shuffling the deck of cards and now give my full attention to you.

When I was a teenager, one of the hobbies I got into was playing card games - gin rummy, poker, spades… anything where I could gain a mental edge and win a little extra cash on the side. I played so much that I eventually got introduced to the right people about my card handling skills and started dealing some of the highest stakes underground poker games when I was only fifteen years old. I would continue dealing those games throughout high school and during my early years of training and working the small independent wrestling shows, because it was the best and easiest untaxed income I could ever imagine making.

And now in order to regain my precious Anarchy Championship, I have to get through five opponents inside of an Elimination Chamber, which is one of the most violent, painful, brutal in-ring matches you could possibly put yourself through. We start with…

::peels the top card off the deck and reveals::

The three of clubs, a card that is very unassuming and in pretty much any kind of hand of poker, will change absolutely NOTHING about who is winning the hand - that would be the perfect summation of Unknown Soldier, who I have already beaten once before in singles action and I can’t envision him being ANYWHERE close to the end of the match when the champion is eventually crowned. He’s a waste of space and the charity case of the match, so let’s just move on to…

::peels the next card off the deck to show::

The five of diamonds, another relatively innocent card that won’t change a whole lot in a poker hand, but it has a slightly higher chance of making an impact than a lowly deuce or three. This card represents Mister Good Times himself and another dude I’ve faced before in the ring that has never impressed me whatsoever, Stevie McKeown. Does he have a better chance to win than Unknown Soldier - yes, does he have a LEGITIMATE chance to become the new champion - fuck no. Now we get to…

::peels off another card::

The eight of hearts, a tricky middle of the road card that could potentially give someone a set or even a disguised straight if someone is holding like a seven-nine or Jack-nine. I would give this one to Mastermind, who has been ramping up his talents in the ring and shaking off the cobwebs mentally to put himself into championship contention again. He could be a credible threat, but not this week. Mastermind is still someone on the outside looking in because he hasn’t gotten back to his peak yet, while I already know what it means to compete at the peak of one’s skills in order to bring home a championship. For my next trick…

::yet another card::

The ten of spades, which is for Bam Miller. He’s a colleague in CCP Enterprises which makes the suit of spades extremely appropriate. A moment like this was bound to happen, where we would be pitted against each other for championship gold - if I somehow don’t win, I wish my brother the absolute best and hope he walks away with the gold, which brings me to…

::the next card is::

The queen of diamonds, the woman who beat LSM for the Anarchy Championship not too long after I lost it, La Reina. I have lost a tag match to this woman because my partner dropped the ball at the end, and honestly the only reason I have this woman ranked this high is because she is the defending champion. Otherwise, I know what I am capable of doing in championship matches, because I have faced more premier talent in the last six months than all of my opponents COMBINED! When management wanted a challenge for Corey Smith, I volunteered… when Charlie Nickels needed an opponent, I stepped up… when Centurion wanted a legitimate contender, I walked up and BEAT HIM!! The bottom line is this - I CAN NOT and WILL NOT lose in the Elimination Chamber, because nobody can beat the prettiest card in the deck…

I peel off another card from the top, revealing the Ace of Spades, before the camera fades out.

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