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[Image: V3i33MC.png]



- vs -

- vs -

- vs -
- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

The Spokane Arena roars with excitement as another XWF Saturday Night Savage!! Pyrotechnics shoot off and music blares as the camera shot zooms over the crowd then switches to the broadcast station where Heather Hallowell and Pip Collins are standing by!

PIP: "Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of XWF SATURDAY NIGHT SAVAGE!!! Do we have a show for YOU!"

HHL: "It's going to be a great night, Pip! The Charlie Nickles selected, newly crowned XWF Television Champion Jenny Myst will be defending her title against Garry Ray-Ray Nelson in his second XWF match ever!"

PIP: "That's right, Heather! Along with that, we'll be opening our night with Thunder Knuckles defending the Xtreme Championship against Marf!"

HHL: "And Dolly Waters taking on Reggie Estrada inside a steel cage! Dolly will be competing for the Universal Championship coming up in the Chris Page hosted Cannabis Cup!"

PIP: "And lots more, folks! Let's get to the action!"

The crowd voices their usual displeasure towards the arrival of Marf and he grins at the top of the stage. He gives a quick wave followed by flipping off the crowd before turning back behind the curtain. He comes right back out, pushing a shopping cart full of god knows what. It’s a big Costco cart too, not one of those dinky little Walmart ones. Marf slowly makes his way to the ring, jawing at several fans in the front row along his way. At one point he steals a drink from one of the kids in the front row and takes a gulp before tossing it away to the kid’s dismay.

Heather: Well here comes Marf, showing his usual class right off the bat.

Pip: Show some respect! That’s former Xtreme Champion Marf to you!

Heather: Really? You’re on his side?

Pip: Oh lord no, I just enjoy busting your nonexistent balls.

Heather: Of course…

Twenty midgets with sparkers in both hands held as high as their little arms can reach, line both sides of the entrance ramp. Thunder Knuckles steps out with the Xtreme championship wrapped firmly around his waist. He has two large duffel bags, one hanging off each shoulder. Slowly he begins to walk down to the ring while glaring a hole through Marf in the ring. Marf stares right back at him and the tension building up to an atomic level. TK approaches the ring and begins mouthing some not so pleasant words in Marf’s direction. The referee steps in front of Marf while he leans in and yells right back at TK.

- vs -

Heather: This is getting heated quickly and TK isn’t even in the ring yet!

Pip: There are a lot of children in those first few rows that are going to be asking their parents some uncomfortable questions tonight…

Looks like BoB is ready to blow up already thanks to this!

Pip: Listen to this crowd, they are worked right into a frenzy!

TK reaches ringside and slides the two duffel bags into the ring. He rolls under the ropes and continues to stare down Marf. TK stands up and Marf beckons him to bring it while stomping his foot on the mat for emphasis. The crowd is roaring in anticipation as TK is practically bouncing up and down. Both men are chomping at the bit to get to one another as the referee looks nervous to even be in the ring with these guys. TK leans down to one of the duffel bags while never taking his eyes off of Marf. The ref looks on in morbid curiosity while the fans are chanting for war.

Marf stands by the ropes so his shopping cart full of goodies is nearby. TK unzips the first duffel bag and reaches in before pulling out a pair of nunchucks. Marf sneers but remains in place while TK doesn’t break eye contact and begins to put on a clinic with the nunchucks. The crowd goes crazy for the display. Marf sneers while nodding and then goes through the ropes and reaches into his shopping buggy. He pulls out a long, oak staff and begins spinning it with an impressive display of his own. The crowd is absolutely eating it up.

Heather: This is shaping up to be one of the most violent wars ever for the Xtreme title!

Pip: Both these warriors are well versed with many weapons!

Heather: That ring canvas is going to be completely drenched in blood by the time this is over.

Pip: Kinda makes me feel bad for the ring crew…

Heather: No you don’t…

Pip: No I don’t…

TK growls at Marf before tossing the nunchucks outside the ring and to the floor. TK reaches into the unzipped duffel bag and this time pulls out a steel baseball bat. TK points the bat at Marf before swinging it around a few times to the delight of the crowd. Marf yells something inaudible at him before tossing the oak staff away and going back into his shopping cart. Marf comes right back with his own baseball bat. Even though it is wooden, it is also wrapped in barbed wire and appears to have a few nails sticking out the end of it.

The two men pause and then charge one another. They both swing and the bats crack off of one another. TK and Marf both back away. TK looks at his steel bat and then throws it away. He bends down and rifles through the opened duffel bag but looks unsatisfied. He turns and unzips the other bag and pulls out a god damn flame thrower. Marf sees it and quickly tosses his own bay away before diving back into his shopping cart. Marf pulls out a huge, medieval mace and turns back to face TK right as he blasts a fireball into the air while the crowd goes apeshit.

Heather: This is insane! Folks put the kids to bed!

Pip: I think we’re about to witness a double homicide!

Heather: And I repeat, put the kids to bed. This is not for the faint of heart!

Pip: What are we about to watch!?

TK and Marf step closer to one another as the crowd are losing their minds. The referee is screaming for them to tone it down and just as they are about to go at one another they finally seem to listen. TK drops the flame thrower while Marf puts down the mace. TK motions for him to bring it and Marf obliges. They lock up in the middle of the ring. At first it is a stalemate with neither man gaining an inch. After a moment or two, TK slowly pushes Marf back a step, and then another. He almost gets a third but then Marf somehow pushes back.

Now Marf gains a step. Followed by another and another. TK stops there and brings Marf back a step before they both shove off each other. Like a pair of predators, the two fuming men start to circle one another. The crowd is deafening and there are bound to be some ringing ears tomorrow morning. TK stops and makes a few ninja like motions with his hands while Marf stops and shifts into a defensive stance. TK twirls and spins while Marf makes a symmetric movement but one step too soon. TK counters and strikes with the Finger Poke of Doom! Marf immediately drops flat to the mat and begins convulsing while the crowd goes silent and TK lunges on top to hook both legs.

Heather: What the…

Pip: …bloody hell…





TK jumps up and celebrates in mock surprise while Marf sits up and snaps his fingers like it’s some kind of tough break. TK walks back over to him and helps him to his feet before they both shake hands and burst out laughing together.

Heather: You have got to be kidding me!

Pip: I guess BoB isn’t so frail?

Heather: That was completely disrespectful!

Pip: Doesn’t matter now, that counts as a title defence…

Heather: Son of a…

Pip: Commercial!

The camera cuts to Ring Master as his music is played on a PA system throughout the junkyard. We see the massive Ring Master walking through a maze of crushed and uncrushed cars until he arrives in a little clearing at the center of it all, where a referee has been patiently waiting for god knows how long.

PC: “Ring Master is coming to Savage tonight fresh off a great match against Thunder Knuckles for the X-treme championship at Leap of Faith.”

HHL: “Ring Master took a Leap of Faith in himself, and TK made sure it didn’t pay off at the pay per view. But now Ring Master has another opportunity ahead of him: a big match against a former Anarchy champion and one of CCPE’s most notable signees!”

Ring Master checks in with the referee before walking over to a stacked car and trying to spin it’s wheels in rhythm to his entrance music. Somehow, someway, the extremely strong man is able to get the wheel of the stacked car to start spinning, despite being forcefully pressed between two giant hunks of metal.


You hear him before you see him. Elijah Martin starts repeating his phrase over and over as he wanders through the maze of vehicles in the junkyard. Eventually we see Elijah Martin step between two crushed cars and into the little clearing the XWF made in the middle of this junkyard. Elijah points at Ring Master and starts talking mad trash as he walks his way.

PC: “Elijah Martin looks ready for the match tonight!”

HHL: “Elijah Martin said he doesn’t consider his opponent to be a true master of the ring, and he said he wants to show everyone that he’s right!”

PC: “By winning a junkyard rules match?”

HHL: “That’s exactly right, Pip!”

- vs -

Ring Master and Elijah Martin stand across from each other in a small clearing amidst the rows of crushed and soon-to-be crushed cars. The referee that drew the short straw for this match looks between the two wrestlers cautiously as the bell rings. Ring Master has a couple of inches and nearly 100 pounds on Elijah Martin, but that doesn’t stop the CCPE member from charging forward first! Elijah tackles Ring Master into a row of cars before lifting his head up and immediately teeing off on his now cornered opponent. Ring Master tries to push Elijah Martin back, but it’s no use, Elijah’s a mad dog and he’s off his chain by the start of the match!

Right hook, left cross, uppercut- Elijah Martin is unloading all his boxing combinations on Ring Master with the speed of a teenager losing their virginity. Ring Master keeps trying to push Elijah back so he can get some offense in, but holy hell, Elijah is on him like white on rice! The referee cringes as a particularly nasty punch hits paydirt right above Ring Master’s eye.

PC: “Ring Master has been busted open!

HHL: “This match just started and Elijah Martin is already eating his opponent’s lunch! This match has been all Martin so far!”

A bit of blood splatters on the car as Ring Master’s bell gets rung. Elijah goes to end the combination with a fearsome haymaker, but Ring Master moves his head just in time to send Elijah’s whole forearm through the car’s glass window! Martin pulls back his arm and it is covered in shattered glass and blood up to the elbow. Elijah looks at his glassed up hand, then to Ring Master’s face. He cocks his fist back and goes to unload on Ring Master with a little something special, but Ring Master headbutts Elijah first! Blood starts running down Elijha’s nose as he is forced to take a few steps back.

HHL: “Elijah was going to cut Ring Master some more with that glass in his fist, but the Ring Master saw struck first that time!”

PC: “Let’s see what Ring Master can follow up with!”

As Elijah steps back Ring Master grabs him by the throat before throwing him back-first towards the car, practically trading places with the man. Ring Master then starts unloading with punches on Elijah, just like Martin was doing to him earlier! It only takes a couple of blows for Ring Master to open a similar cut above Elijah’s eyes. Ring Master caps off this parallel combination with a huge punch to the gut that forces Elijah to keel over, and start dripping blood onto the dirty ground.

HHL: “Ring Master looks to have turned the tables here!”

PC: “He might just turn this junkyard into a circus yet!’

Ring Master pulls Elijah forward before forcing his head between his thighs. Ring Master lifts Martin up for the powerbomb, clearly intending to drop him on the row of cars they’ve been fighting on. As Ring Master goes to bomb Elijah, however, the wily CCPE signee is able to slip up and over Ring Master’s head, landing somewhat roughly on the ground right behind him!

Ring Master turns around to get another hold on Elijah, but Martin grabs a handful of dirt from the ground before throwing it right into Ring Master’s eyes!

PC: “POCKET SAND! It’s a trick as old as time!”

HHL: “That wasn’t pocket sand, Pip- that was just junkyard dirt!”

PC: “That’s even more hardcore!”

Ring Master clutches his eyes and begins walking around the junkyard aimlessly. The man’s eyes are extremely red, and even beginning to swell a little bit. A few instinctual tears begin to clot in Ring Master’s eyes as his body tries to get rid of all the dirt and grime. Elijah Martin slowly picks himself off the dirt before rubbing some of the blood from his onto his shirt. Martin looks at the glass in his hand and tries to pull it out, but it hurts too much, so he quickly gives up on that hope.

Elijah shakes his head from side to side before he spots the Ring Master some fifteen of feet down the junkyard, leaning on a crushed car as he tries to wipe the dirt from his eyes. Elijah Martin looks around before he sees a crowbar leaning against a car. Martin grabs the crowbar before setting off after Ring Master.

The referee follows Elijah every step of the way, telling him to put down the crowbar and settle things the old fashioned way.

HHL: “I don’t think the referee likes that crow bar very much, Pip!”

PC: “He doesn’t like it but he can’t do anything about it, cause this match is JUNKYARD RULES!”

Elijah steps up to Ring Master before raising the crow bar over his head. When Elijah goes to swing it, however, he’s met with a swift punch to the jaw that forces him to drop the crowbar and turn slightly away from Ring Master. Ring Master shakes the rest of the dirt out of his eyes before grabbing Elijah Martin around the waist and flinging him onto the crushed car with a belly-to-back suplex! Elijah crashes onto the roof of the crushed car with a metallic thud!

HHL: “Elijah took too much time, his opponent was able to recover from the eye dirt!”

PC: “It was a smart move by Ring Master to put so much space between himself and Elijah after that trick, and it clearly paid off for him!”

Ring Master grabs Elijah Martin’s head before roughly slamming it onto the roof of the car over and over again. After Elijah looks way worse for wear, Ring Master decides to climb onto the roof of the crushed car right alongside his opponent. He picks up Elijah and hits him with the Slam of Fury!!!! Ringmaster rolls onto Elijah for the cover.....





The Celt walks to the ring with a tear away kilt, a claymore strapped to his back, and a trag wrapped around his forearm arm. He enters the ring and stares at his foe, undistracted by the pre match chaos around him.

The lights go dark and then the opening riff of Metallica's Master of Puppets screams from the loudspeakers as the lights flash on and off the X-Tron with each strum of the electric guitar. As the drums come in the Blacksnake appears at the top of the ramp, walking down the middle of the aisle with no reaction to the fans at ringside. As he gets to the ring apron, Johnny takes a brief look around the arena and then slowly slides under the bottom rope and into the ring.

The lights in the arena go completely dark as 'One for the money by Escape the Fate' hits the speakers. Only a spotlight hits the very top of the stage as you see a man and his wife standing with his back turned the back of the shirt reads 'Casino Kid'. Pyro goes up into the air from both sides of the stage as all lights then come on and Justin York and his wife turn and begin down the ramp, Taunting fans as they go. Once entering the ringside area, he takes a walk around the ring rudely gesturing the crowd and taunting some more before holding the ropes for his wife to enter and getting into the ring and giving his signature middle finger to the camera with a cocky smirk while boos reign down from the arena.

- vs -
- vs -

HHL: "I have to say, Pip, the CASINO KID looks a little out of place in this one.."

PIP: "Size doesn't always matter, Heather…"

Heather isn't kidding! The Celt stands at 6'6 and weighs close to 300 pounds, Blacksnake is at 6'2 and over 200 pounds, and the York stands under six foot and weighs under 200 pounds….

HHL: "But you have to admit there's an obvious size advantage for two of the men in this match-up."

PIP: "I stand tall by what I said!"


The match-up begins with Justin York and Johnny Blacksnake sizing up the Celt from across the ring. They all stand their ground for a few moments until Blacksnake rushes across the ring and attacks first! The Celt ducks below a running over-head chop and shoves Blacksnake into the corner! While his back is turned, York rushes across the ring and hits the Celt from behind with a running knee sending him into the same corner as Blacksnake who shoves the Celt when they come face to face. The Celt stumbles back and cracks York in the head with an elbow by mistake, but does decent damage!

When York stumbles back the Celt barely notices what he did and powers back forward, booting Blacksnake right in the face! The Celt then picks up York and throws him into the corner at Blacksnake!

PIP: "The Casino Kid had a good strategy at first… Double teaming the big man and looking for an opportunity was wise of him."

HHL: "Considering his size disadvantage, right?"

PIP: "I wish you would move on from that!"

The two men separate from the corner after being piled up in it as the Celt roars at the crowd to a loud ovation. He circles around and comes back to Justin York and pulls him the rest of the way to his feet back his head. He throws York's arm around his head and lifts him vertically in the air and holds him, again showing off his awesome strength! He holds York up a bit too long, however, when Blacksnake comes from behind and takes out the Celts knee with a shoulder block! York manages to land on his feet when he's dropped. He sees the Celt down on one knee and takes a quick bounce from the ropes and torpedo drop kicks the Celt on the side of the head knocking him down! The Casino Kid springs back to his feet and smiles out to the crowd to a shower of boos. Blacksnake is not amused by the cockiness from the Kid and waits for him to turn around. When he does, Blacksnake picks him up and slams him down with a spine buster! He pulls a leg for a cover……


Kick out after one!

PIP: "It looks like the short amount of teamwork these two gentlemen had going on wasn't working for Mr. Blacksnake."

Blacksnake rises to his feet as the Celt springs back up, too, and rushes after him clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside! He falls hard to the floor and lies motionless. The Celt turns and gets kicked in the face from Justin York sending him stumbling back into a corner! York runs and leaps up onto the middle turnbuckle, which barely gives him height on his opposition, kisses his fist, and starts burying punches into the top of the Celt's head! Even with that being at the crowd's dismay, they still count along with every punch that lands!






The Celt powers back after five solid strikes and shoves the Casino Kid off of him! The Kid runs back after him, though, and grabs the Celt by the head… spins around and lands a tornado DDT in the center of the ring! Blacksnake slowly starts to stir on the outside while York continues to work the Celt in the ring.

PIP: "Justin York would do well to keep the Celt grounded here. He's done it so far with the shots he's managed to get in."

HHL: "Having Blacksnake in there helped him out a bit, too, Pip."

York lifts the Celt up to one knee, when the Celt fights back with a quick blow to the torso! He lands another… And another! The Kid staggers back, but only to be whipped into the ropes! He bounces off fast and ducks a big boot from the Celt then slides under the bottom rope to the outside! He taunts the Celt to another shower of boos from the audience and takes a stroll around the ring. As he makes the first corner he is shoulder tackled by Johnny Blacksnake who springs to life out of nowhere! He then grabs the Casino Kid and slams him into the steel steps head first!

PIP: "Oh no! Blacksnake bounces back into the match with impact, folks! The Casino Kid's luck still looks to be running on empty."

Blacksnake eyes up the Celt who's waiting for him in the center of the ring. The Celt smiles, nods, and welcomes Blacksnake into the ring urging him on. Blacksnake doesn't hesitate climbing the apron and stepping through the ropes… The Celt takes a few steps back and the two men begin circling the center of the ring. They meet in the middle with a tie-up and the Celt overpowers Blacksnake and pushes him into the corner. The official is instantly on him to back away, which he does, only for Blacksnake to get a cheap kick in and trade places with him. With the Celt back in the corner, Blacksnake holds the top rope and manages to land several kicks with the referee directly in his face counting him out. Before the count of five Blacksnake backs off and waves off the official. He turns his back to the Celt as he takes a slow lap around the ring, which he finds was a mistake when the Celt powers out of the corner and lands a lariat from hell that folds Blacksnake in-half! Reaching down, the Celt brings Blacksnake right back up to his feet and lifts him high above his head in a gorilla press! He holds Blacksnake in the air for several seconds before stepping forward and letting him drop to the mat behind him!

HHL: "That had to be seven feet in the air!"

Blacksnake slowly rises up from the mat, but is flattened again when the Celt takes a bounce off the ropes, jumps as high as he can, and drops an elbow onto his back. The Celt rolls him over and holds Blacksnake's shoulders to the mat for a cover……



Kick out by Blacksnake!

The Celt wastes no more time and slams a hard boot down across Blacksnake's throat!

PIP: "He calls this the Triumph! That's a big shoe to be pressing down on your throat! Blacksnake has to tap out! There's nowhere to go!"

While Blacksnake struggles under the Celt's boot, Justin York slides into the ring behind them and runs past them across the ring… He springsboards off the middle rope and catches the Celt with a cutter! Blacksnake tries rolling away to let his esophagus regain its shape, but before he can… The Casino Kid is on the top rope…

HHL: "The Casino Kid looking to take advantage here! The Celt just got flattened with that springboard cutter out of nowhere and now Blacksnake has no idea what's coming to him!"

York takes his leap and hits GFB (Go For Broke), a 630 splash, and nails it! He pulls on the leg for the cover!





GOLD by The Beaches hits over the PA System. The arena lights turn yellowish/gold and Adi heads out from behind the curtain. She raises her arms in the air as she heads towards the ring. Adi slides into the ring under the ropes. She jumps on the second turnbuckle trying to get the crowd involved as she bops her head to the song waiting for the match to begin.








The lights in arena turn into an explosion of pinks, purples, greens, rainbows, unicorns on fire, lucky charms, rivers of sugar, and mountains of Meow Mix Ocean Explosion tuna treats as Angelica Vaughn walks out onto the ramp. She pauses with her hands on her hips, letting her cape sway gently, and gives her opposite coast home crowd a wide smile. Behind her, a blur of black and red speeds forward and under her arms as Sarah Lacklan slides in front of her and matches her pose, her head nearly a full foot under Angie's. Sarah tilts her head way way way back and up and flashes her Billion $$$ Smile, and the two wink at each other. Angie then takes her hands off her hips and pushes Sarah forward, making the former Universal Champion squawk in wide-eyed surprise, before the two make their way down the aisle.

Halfway there, Angie slows to a stop, her face turning slack, with her jaw falling to her chin. Ahead of her, Sarah sighs and rolls her eyes before backing up to Angie and, with a gentle firmness, pulling her away from that Cute Boy she had noticed sitting in an aisle seat. Angie looks longingly at the verified Cute Boy while Sarah shakes her head.

Once at ringside, Sarah slides into the ring underneath the ropes as Angie climbs the steps. Sarah gets to her feet and pulls down the top rope with all her weight, allowing Angie to step over the top rope like the most giant of giant wrestlers. As Angie walks to the center of the ring and stands with her hands on her hips, Sarah takes a microphone from Tigs and gives her a big wink.

SARAH: Hello, everyone! My name is Sarah Lacklan-

The crowd, dutifully, responds with the sound of a trumpet’s fanfare.

SARAH: World’s Greatest Life Coach and I am here to introduce to you the very FIRST member of the Family First of the XWF and my absolute (non-spouse) #RideOrDie. She is standing at the eternally totes-too-tall height of five feet and eleven inches...


SARAH: ...and weighing in today at about...oh...I'd say about thirteen or fourteen well-fed kitties...and because she likes dumb, useless, God-awful farm chores-

Sarah shutters in disgust.

SARAH: -she is fighting out of the Supes Totes Amaze Ranch in Texas...she is the Leggy Blonde of Legend…President of the Deborah Hodge Fan Club…the FUN-raiser of the XWF...the Vaughnemous A.N.G…

The crowd waits patiently as Sarah takes a deep breath.


Angie raises her hands into the air as a bedazzled spotlight shines down on her.


The crowd breaks out into a chant as Angie leads them with pumps of her arms.


- vs -

The bell rings as the two women lock up. Adi and Angie are completely opposite, one being tall and lanky and the other being a little shorter with more definition. Adi breaks the tie up early with her combat sports background. She drops down to her knees and lifts the taller Angie, dropping her onto her back. Once on top, Adi reigns down a series of punches to the sides of the head, and Angie eventually is able to shove her off. Adi pops up and gets into a fighting stance with her fists up as Angie doesn't seem to know what hit her. Vaughn pulls herself up with the ropes and fixes her hair.

PC: Priorities

HHL: You know it.

The two circle and tie up again.

Angie this time tosses Adi into the corner. The bigger woman runs and splashes her competitor in the corner. Angie goes to town with a series of elbow jabs, before whipping Adi into the opposite corner. Running at her for a splash again Adi gets her legs up, landing on her feet behind Angie. She locks the hands, and hits a suplex. Bridge.



Angelica kicks out. Adi is back up. Angie gets to her get ad is attack with fluries of offense instantly. Adi knees her in the gut and hip tosses her to the center, DDTing Angie. She goes for the Boston Crab, grabbing the blonde's leg, but Vaughn is able to kick away and roll out of the ring.

Adi stays on the offense, however, and goes for a springboard drop kick that knocks Angie back into the barricade. Knowing she can't win the match outside, Adi rolls Angie into the ring again. Cover.



Shoulder up.

Picking Angie up by the hair she goes to whip her into the corner again but Angie its A Mule Kick to back her off, then a palm strike. Kneeing Adi in the gut the challenger drops to all fours. Angie jumps and connects with a Basement Dropkick.

Adi is up again and Angie comes off the ropes. Adi catches her but the Vaughnemous one counters. Tilt-a-whirl-head scissors into a small package.



Adi pops out!

PC: Wow, versatility shown here from Vaughn. Who knew she had that?

Adi pops up and lands a drop kick that knocks Angelica back. She charges again and goes for a clothesline, but Angelica ducks, coming off the ropes herself and delivering on a flying clothesline! She is in total control but neither woman has been able to keep the other one down for a three count.

Adi crawls towards the ropes and Angie grabs her by the legs. Adi is under the middle rope. She reaches up trying to stop Angie, but the taller woman has the length leverage. She pulls her up hard with a decapitator, slamming her upper torso and neck into the middle rope. Adi is coughing, grabbing at her upper chest and tries to crawl out of the ring.

Angie grabs her legs and pulls her back to the middle of the ring. On one knee, Angie grabs her by the hair and stands her up. She clubs Adi in the back of the head and sweeps the legs. Adi lands against the middle rope again and Angie hauls off with a Roundhouse Kick.

PC: There is the mean streak that Vaughn has. We don't see if too often but when we do it is very pronounced.

HHL: Adi has weathered the storm to this point however. Vaughn hasn't been able to keep her down for three.

Pulling her back by her hair, she goes to stand Adi up again. Gold clubs Angelica in the gut, and when she bends down she clubs her over the back of the shoulder blades. A hard backhand chop and a spin.

Swinging Neck Breaker!

All of Angelica's momentum is gone as Adi drops to one knee. Angelica is down. Adi gathers herself and crawls into a cover.



3--Adi gets a shoulder up!

Angie goes to roll her back up but Adi reverses. She uses her background in combat sports to gain leverage, twisting around behind the lanky challenger. She uses a bit of Angelica's repertoire against her as she locks in a modified bow and arrow hold. She puts pressure on Angie's back as the vaughnemous one cries out, reaching for the ropes. She continues to lock in the pressure as Angie reaches for the ropes. The ref asks if she wants to quit.

She screams NO!

Angie tries to use her legs to and spin out of it. She is finally able to break the hold by using her momentum on a spin to get to a somewhat vertical base. Adi gains momentum right back taking a handful of hair and using a hair pull neck breaker to bring her back down. Angie is holding her back, wincing. She is in a bad spot here. Adi signals that she wants to put her away.

PC: It may be Gold-Rush time here!

She goes to grab Angie again and the long legged challenger hits a Bicycle Kick out of nowhere! And she got all of it! Adi is down! Angie staggers for a moment, but then rushes forward and hits VAUGHNEMOUS as Adi is on her hands and knees!!!!! Adi is out!! Angie falls onto Adi for a cover!!!





PC: And up next Heather, a contest with some added attention.

HHL: Undoubtedly, Pip. Reggie Estrada tangling up with Dolly Waters inside of a steel cage tonight. Many are wondering how this match could impact the Universal Championship match at the Cannabis Cup

PC: Of course Dolly Waters being one of the three to face Universal Champion ALIAS in just a few short weeks at the Cross-Promotional Mega Event

HHL: And in what is an unfathomably stacked card, the XWF Universal Title match is, of course, the most anticipated bout.

The smoke fills up with red on the stage, as the arena lights flickers. Then once we see "The Rebellious One" on the X-Tron, then we hear the voice of Bone Thugs and Reggie walks down to song. Then we see him with walking down the ramp, and stop at the camera gives it the finger. Then he rolls into the ring, and goes to the top rope and poses. Then he jumps down, and chills on the corner as his theme cuts off.

PC: It will be Waters, Kido and Nickles taking on Space Jesus in just a few weeks, but right now Dolly Waters has Reggie Estrada to deal with, and sleeping on a competitor like Estrada is never a good idea.

HHL: Estrada said he wanted to see the best out of Dolly. He wanted to see the name brand that Dolly had built on display. With her ups and downs throughout her career, you never quite know which Dolly you might end up with: the hyper-athletic speed demon destined for a hall of fame career, or the spacey, injured at times aloof version of Dolly who’s known to rear her ugly head from time to time

PC: Dolly meanwhile has likened Estrada to a pit stop on her road to capturing the Universal Championship at the Cannabis Cup. We’ll find out who has the edge next!

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling and Dolly Waters appears under the XTron. She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle. She climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.

With both Dolly and Reggie in the ring, the steel cage lowers down from the rafters and rests on the ring apron.

PC: No pin falls! No submission!

HHL: And certainly no disqualification!

PC: The only way to win is by escaping the cage door, or climbing over the top. Waters. Estrada. Steel Cage. Only on Saturday Savage!

- vs -

The cage settles into place and the bell rings. The pace starts off furious as Dolly bull rushes toward Estrada. She hesitates with a spinning mule kick that causes Estrada to block in error, leaving the side of his neck open for a leaping back fist. Estrada crumbles into the fist, and Dolly quickly wraps around his head, falling on her back and popping Effie back upward with a falling jawbreaker. Estrada is standing, clutching at his chin, stumbling backward. Dolly springs to the mat and charges Reggie again, who again counters in error. As Reggie tried leaning forward for a grapple, Dolly falls shoulder first into Reggie’s knee. The clipping trips Reggie into the air, flipping him forward where he lands back first on the mat. Dolly is quick, she slides onto Reggie’s probe body with a sliding forearm smash to nose. Grabbing a hold of Reggie’s hair, and wrapping around his head, Dolly cracks Estrad’s forehead with a pointed elbow, turns her arm and cracks him again in the jaw with another forearm.

Reggie appears to be in a bad way, some light color dripping from his nostrils. Dolly mounts a knee down into Reggie’s chest, but with a sudden survival instinct kicking in, Reggie powers up with the lighter Dolly’s knee still pressed ol into his chest. Waters has her arms wrapped around Reggie’s head trying to hold on, but Estrada is overpowering her. He’s up to his knees, and then a vertical base. He takes off running with Dolly onboard, and goes to power bomb her. But Dolly springs back from Reggie’s chest, flipping backward and landing on her feet. But Reggie smashed in, blasting Dolly with a running clothesline that sends her flipping in the air again, only this time landing on her neck near the base of the cage.

Reggie has recovered and has a clear advantage now, grabbing Dolly up by the hair flinging her face first into the steel wall of the cage. Dolly bounces from its surface like a rubber ball, mangling and twisting through the ropes before falling awkwardly to the mat again. Reggie taunts Dolly then lifts her again this time snapping her down quickly with an exploder suplex the rocks the ring ropes even pressed against the steel. The mailing doesn’t stop there…

PC:Heather this match started hot fit Dolly, but has quickly swung in Estrada’s favor!

HHL:Estrada was the first to introduce the cage into his attack, Pip! This bodes well for Reggie here

He picks Dolly up again, lifting her and throwing her face first into the cage like a yard dart. Dolly splatters against the cage wall like a big on a windshield, and slides down, falling between the ropes and the cage. Though rattled and spent, Dolly begins pulling up between the ropes and the cage

But she’s planted again!

A running dropkick from Reggie blasts her into the cage wall, causing the structure to bow. She appears to be out of it. Reggie heads for the cage door, and steps through the ropes, he’s making his exit…


Waters runs up along the ropes and the cage, meeting Reggie right at the turnbuckle post where she leaps and cracks him in the head with a fierce kick. The door flings and slams a few times before settling closed. Reggie has fallen back toward the center of the ring, and Dolly is standing now between the cage and the ropes. She scales the wall of the cage up just above the top rope. She turns to face Reggie and drops onto the top rope, then springboards off

Frog splash!

But Estrada lifted his knees! Dolly crashes and bends around Reggie’s knees and gasps out for air. Reggie scrambles up to his knees, and scrambled toward Dolly who is in a crawling position writhing on the mat. He buries a scooting knee into her rib cage, then grabs for her head to blast her with another knee. But Dolly makes a quick and desperate recovery, shooting around Reggie’s side, sending a stiff elbow into his gut. He bends over just enough for Dolly to shift their weight, she wraps his arm, and rolls Reggie into an arm bar like she’s going to lock in her Rolling Waters YES! Lock, but instead rolls over Reggie’s back and cracks him in the back of the skull with a falling knee. Reggie’s face slams down and us pinned between the mat and Dolly’s knee. Dolly has her hands down on the back of Reggie’s head and pulls her knee back again, smacking Reggie in the ear this time. He’s doing everything he can to cover up, but the fists, forearms and elbows she’s striking with now are fast and on point. His face continues to smack the mat where aced stain is beginning to thicken.

PC:Dolly has been long known for the speed and tenacity of her strikes, Reggie Estrada is finding out now first hand!

HHL:Watching Dolly Waters in the ring Pip is like watching a Honeybadger at work, she’s that tenacious and that deadly.

Reggie is desperate, trying to roll away. He has to roll to his back and offer Dolly a free shot at his front side. When she loves to mount his chest again like earlier, Reggie wraps around Dolly and flips her over, where he has no choice but to smash her in the skull with a headbutt. The counter works and buys Reggie some time as both he and Dolly lie on the mat. The crowd coming to life urging the both of them back to their feet.

Reggie is up but Dolly isn’t far behind she runs right at Reggie and whiffs with a dropkick. Reggie dude stepped it, but Dolly with her incredible motor is already back in her feet and charging again!

But a kick to the sternum that sets up Reggies Mashful Stunner!

But Dolly grabs the leg!

She spins Reggie around!


The RKO flattens Dolly and Reggie begins climbing the cage wall.

PC:A timely counter to Dolly’s counter there and now Reggie Estrada is in position to win this match!!

HHL: He’s already near the top of the cage!

But the crowd roars in reaction to Dolly. She’s up to her feet, and sprinting toward the cage wall. A leap, and she vaults onto the top rope, and latches onto the cage just above. She climbs up, quickly catching Estrada who has just begun to straddle the top beam.

Dolly swings on the beam and pulls up next to Reggie who’s already pounding closed fists onto her back. But Dolly fights through. Reaching up and clawing at Reggie’s eyes. The two sit atop the cage unbalanced. Reggie thrusts forward at Dolly who kicks him in the face. Reggie slips and bangs and grasps onto the side of cage. Dolly climbs down beside Reggie and kicks him in the side. He bends inward, ready to brace for another blow, but Dolly leaps down from the cage wall.

PC:What is she doing?

Dolly runs for the ropes opposite of the cage wall, then gets a full head of steam, jumping up with a foot on the opposite cage wall before turning back and running at the cage where Reggie is still hanging. She leaps and dropkicks the cage wall at its braces. Reggie slips down, and is forced to jump onto the mat where Dolly is already running again. He catches her on the rebound…

Mashful Stunner!


Dolly and under the sternum kick!

She runs past Reggie who slips trying to follow her, she uses the turnbuckle this time, running up the first abs second pads before turning around and spotting Reggie.

He never sees it coming!

Running Waters!

PC: Estrada is down in the center of the mat and Waters is headed for the door of the steel cage!

HHL: A hard fought victory tonight for Dolly Waters, as it appears now she’ll exit the cage unchallenged!

Dolly grabs through the ropes at the cage door and pushes its hinges.



The crowd goes wild!

HHL: The Universal champion is blocking Dolly’s exit from the cage!

ALIAS sits atop the turnbuckle, looking down on Dolly, and making the path through the ropes impossible to get through. She backs off, and he cocks his head to the side like a dog, studying Dolly. She stands her ground, eyeing the champion cautiously.

HHL: These two are half of the XWF’s Universal Championship match at Chris Page’s Cannabis Cup! Last time they were in the ring together, Dolly wound up kicking ALIAS out of it! Literally!

PC: If that mangy hobo is here to get some revenge, then I might just start liking our ‘champ’!

HHL: He and Dolly have been friends previously!

PC: But now he’s blocking Dolly’s path!

Kicking his legs out, ALIAS dismounts from the turnbuckle, causing Dolly to take a step back. This gives him space for a perfect landing. He rolls his shoulders and cracks his neck, staring straight into his ‘friend’s’ eyes.

ALIAS: I’m sorry, am I in your way?

He looks back to where the door swings, ever-so-slightly, unlatched from the cage.

ALIAS: Please, don’t let me stop you.

He steps to the side and with his arms, motions for Dolly to go through the cage door, but she hesitates, keeping a watchful eye on her soon-to-be foe.

Reggie Estrada stirs, beginning to rise to his feet.

ALIAS grins a wickedly crooked smile. He circles Reggie like a shark.

HHL: Oh no. ALIAS and Reggie Estrada have NEVER gotten along! They’ve fought multiple times! And ALIAS looks like he’s about to make it one more!

Dolly Waters steps in front of ALIAS, blocking the path towards Reggie.

ALIAS continues to grin.

ALIAS: The door’s still open, Dol…

No thanks to you. You need to leave, dude! He’s beat, and this match is over.

ALIAS, arms to his sides, moves in closer on Dolly.

At that point, a certain golden streak shoots from backstage into the ring, soon positioning himself right in front of ALIAS! The crowd goes wild at the new challenger’s appearance!

PC: Wait a second!

HHL: It’s Raion Kido! The Lion is coming to assist Dolly Waters!

PC: To assist Dolly Waters, or to face ALIAS?

HHL: One invariably entails the other!

The Lion stands side to side with Dolly Waters as ALIAS does not budge an inch. But neither does Dolly, nor does the wrestler from Osaka.

[color=#gold]KIDO: This has gone far enough. I’m not letting you do as you wish![/color]

Where in the- where the heck did YOU come from?

She looks toward Raion

PC: Here comes this kid trying to play the hero, but hey - might as well get himself beat up and get a taste of what it means to go against the Champion!

HHL: That’s because he IS a hero, PIP!

PC: Stereotypical Japanese weirdo.

Dolly, ALIAS and Kido begin to size each other up and the tension in the air can be cut with a knife, but at that point, the lights go dark…

HHL: Now what!?

PC: Now we have a full party!

And just as PIP has said, once the lights come back on, Charlie Nickles has popped right behind the Lion, and clocks him with his back turned! ALIAS seizes the moment, and starts pacing in a circle around Dolly.

HHL: It’s a veritible powder keg in the ring right now!

PC: Why wait until the Cannabis Cup? Let’s sanction it right here, right now!

But Reggie Estrada, from nowhere shoots at ALIAS’ knees, a brawl ensues. Dolly tries breaking Reggie and ALIAS up but is inadvertently clocked by the Universal Champion. She stumbles back, falling into Kido causing him to walk into a Devil Hook Drop from Charlie. Dolly swings at ALIAS with a wild back fist that he’s able to time perfectly with a side step, leaving his challenger-to-be bashing her fist into Reggie’s skull again. Dolly is then snatched up from behind by Charlie and put in a sleeper hold. ALIAS tackles into the both of them, all three falling on top of Kido where gusts begin to fly.

But at that point, there’s two more entrants into the fray!

HHL: It’s “Nefarious” Ned Kaye!

PC: And Jason Cashe! What are these two doing here!?

HHL: Well, we’ve seen both of them join forces with Theo Pryce, so he must be behind all this!

The Lion has managed to come back and is holding on against Charlie Nickles, but just at that moment, ALIAS turns and is now going after Raion Kido! Dolly is lying on the mat grabbing her face from an unspecified attack. Two-on-one is hard enough for the Lion, but soon the two assailants are cleared out by the DioGEE and the Nefarious One!

HHL: They’ve just come to help Raion Kido!

PC: Oh, the great Japanese hero now needs backup?

HHL: He was getting ganged-up on, PIP, and twice he was attacked from behind! And it’s not like HE knows what’s going on, judging by what we’re seeing!

But now! What’s this?! The Bastards Marf and Jim Jimson, they’ve hit the ramp and are entering the cage door!

Jimson is knocked silly by Ned Kaye with a haymaker, and Marf is locked up with Cashe in the center of the ring. ALIAS and Charlie are pounding away on one another while Dolly and Kido ride to their feet. Dolly blasts Charlie in the back with a shotgun dropkick that frees up ALIAS, the two lock eyes for a moment before the champion is struck with a roundhouse kick by Kido who falls to the bat out of exhaustion with ALIAS. Dolly moves toward ALIAS with an instinct to help him to his feet, but hesitates

All of the Bastards have been sent out of the cage by Ned and Jason, and they’re helping Kido to his feet! It looks like the Lion has no idea what’s going on, but soon one more figure makes his appearance on the stage.

This match is over!


HHL: It’s the man himself! King of the Kings, one of the owners of the XWF, and the man behind Cashe and Kaye! And it looks like we finally know where the attention on Raion Kido was coming from!

Theo Pryce makes his way down to the ring walking past the likes of The Bastards. He walks up the steps and climbs through the ropes. He looks over at Cashe and Kaye and then over at Dolly Waters who is still trying to catch her breath. Theo then looks over at ALIAS and then lastly Raion Kido. He doesn’t saya word to any of them, instead he climbs back out of the ring flanked by Cashe and Kaye and then heads back up the entry ramp. They trio get a few steps up the ramp before Theo turns back around to the ring…

You coming?

ALIAS, Dolly Waters and Raion Kido all exchange looks with each other before Mr. 24/7 steps forward, rolls out of the ring and then joins Cashe, Kaye and Pryce as the now group of 4 finish the walk up the entry ramp and disappear into the back.

The Savage cameras pan across the rabid crowd at the Spokane Arena before the lights focus on the center of the ring. In it sits a large chest directly to the left of the entrance way on the ramp to the ring, with an old school lock on it. It says "TOYS" across the top, looking like the words were carved in.

Tig O' Bitties: This match is a TOY BOX match. The winner will reach deep down into the assorted box of "toys" and pull the title out to become Television Champion!

The American Flag waves proudly, united, strong, just like the nation of which he represents. Garry Ray-Ray Nelson emerges from the back, his majestic mustache on point, a few smears of motor oil on his face from having worked on the tractor just this morning. There are no days off for the farmer, after all.

Tig O' Bitties: Introducing first, the challenger, from Nelson County Kentucky, Garry RAY RAY Nelson!!!

He strides down to the ringside area, slapping hands with all the children, giving salutes to the ones that have their Garry branded American Flag do rags. Ever the patriot, he ensures that his American track suit to touch anything, even the ropes, as he makes it into the ring. He raises his hands, large and caked with dirt from working the fields, to the sky, and the corners explode in a fireworks display of red, white, and blue.

PC: NOW THAT IS AN ENTRANCE, HEATHER! Makes ya proud to be an American, ya know?

HHL: He had had one match here. It is quite an entrance, yes, but remember he has a veteran coming to that ring. A veteran who is more dangerous right now than ever before!

The arena lights go dark, and then fill up with a purple hue.

There is a white and pink fog that rolls through the entrance way as the sound of a child giggling can be heard in the background of the arena.

Tig O' Bitties: And his opponent, the XWF Television Champion........hailing from Las Vegas Nevada, JENNY MYSSTTT

Jenny walks out through the fog with Lance's ear on a lanyard around her neck. She has the TV around her waist. She picks the ear up and mutters something into it before smiling and skipping down to the ring.

PC: And here comes the funny farm.

HHL: The Television Champion is a unique one, for sure. But never count her out. She beat a legend to get that belt, and Ray Ray has to be on his game tonight to survive this one.

Jenny gets into the ring and Tigs offers a hand to take the belt. She steps back, almost looking offended. Tigs offers again. Jenny grabs the ear and puts it to her own. She brings the ear down and then narrows her eyes at Tigs.

PC: We've seen this before. Get outta there Tigs!

Jenny takes a step towards Tigs as the ref gets in the way to separate the two. He is able to get Myst back into her corner. When the ref turns his back, Jenny charges. She grabs Tigs as she is exiting the ring, pulling her back in by her hair. Jenny tosses her by the hair into the center of the ring and begins to stomp on the ring announcer. GaRRy, doing the right thing, clotheslines Myst from behind. Tigs scoots out of the ring under the ropes. Myst, holding the back of her head, looks up at GaRRY. He looks at her with disdain. She gets up, using the ropes. They stare at each other as the bell rings.

- vs -


Jenny begins to giggle. She puts her hands behind her back, clasping them. She steps again, this time up to GaRRY. Her expression goes flat, and she snarls.

"Slap me."

PC: She is calling out the slap fighting champ here. Nelson county's finest! Do it, Garr! DOOO ITTT!

HHL: Does nobody ever learn? You never feed into this. You don't play her games. She WANTS Garry to hit her. It's all a game to her.

Garry looks at her like she fuckin nuts. She actually wants him to slap her?!

"Slap Me!"

Garry looks at the ref, he shrugs. The bell run, slapping isn't illegal. He turns back to Myst.

"SLAP ME!" she yells.

Garry hauls off and decks her. Hard. She hits the mat. Rolling over, holding her cheek, she starts laughing.

She gets up and charges Garry. He grabs her and tosses her back first into the corner. He runs and delivers a big boot. She stumbles out to the middle where he scoop slams her to the mat. Rolling over, she is laughing again. He kicks her hard in the back before pulling her back up. He locks in a full nelson and lifts her off her feet by her arms/shoulders. She uses her kicking momentum to get her feet back. She back kicks like a horse, kicking him in the shin, but he doesn't break the hold but rather rag dolls her, shaking her back and forth.

He tosses her down back first. Garry kicks her in the ribs and picks her back up tossing her back into the corner. He wraps his big hands around her throat, choking her. The ref can't count to break the hold, because in this match there are no rules.

PC: Garry is completely in control here. He has been a locomotive since the opening bell and he doesn't need to get fancy.

He lets go and Jenny slumps to a sitting position against the turnbuckle, coughing. Garry walks to the center of the ring, throws a fist up to the crowd. They cheer. He then turns and charges at Myst, going for the running knee. Last second is she able to scoot out of the way. He crashes knee first into the turnbuckle. Myst, still coughing, stands up. Garry, holding his knee, makes his way back out to the center of the ring. This time Myst hauls off and slaps him. He stands up straight and stares at her. He grins.

"That the best ya got toots?"

Myst goes for another slap but he grabs her arm, bending her backwards. He bends her almost to 90 degrees, the back of her head touching the mat. She is fighting to get back to a vertical base, but Garry is winning the strength battle. Jenny is able to get about halfway back to vertical when he pulls her into position for a DDT, but she wiggles around, grabbing him around the waist. She goes for a suplex but he elbows out of it. She staggers back and then charges. She walks right into the John Deere Buster (spinning spinebuster). She is planted on the mat and Garry seems pretty satisfied.

PC: We have watched a lot of Myst matches over the years. I am not sure we have ever seen her be physically dominated like this. Garry is in COMPLETE control. One more move like that and he can walk to that toybox.

HHL: But how many times have we seen her do something crazy to change the momentum? Sure, Garry is in control now but Myst....uh....finds a way.

PC: Nice Jurassic Park reference, and relevant.

HHL: Thankya!

Myst is stirring, albeit slow. Neither competitor has even glanced at the box on the stage to this point. He lifts Myst up and sets her in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. He hits Grizzly Wintergreen Straight Cut (Big Slap to the chest from the top rope) and she leans back, almost falling off as the crowd "OOOOH's". He goes for another big chop but Myst clubs him, knocking him off the bottom turnbuckle and landing his feet on the mat. She then hooks the arms, getting under him.


She flips him into the code red then quickly comes off the ropes for a flipping senton, landing on Garry's midsection. Sitting up she runs a hand through her pink and blonde hair, breathing heavy. Garry doesn't stay down long and she comes off the ropes with a drop kick. This sends him into the ropes, and she comes off the ropes on the other side. She goes for a clothesline, attempting to knock him over the ropes but he lifts her, dropping her from over the top rope and crashing her to the mat outside.

Garry does the dust up symbol with his hands and rolls out of the ring.

HHL: This is where Myst is most dangerous. Garry needs to have situational awareness here.

Myst is stumbling away. He follows. Catching up to her, he grabs her by the arm, spinning her around. She reacts with a club to the head, knocking him back. She hits a standing drop kick, sending him back first into the apron, and then a powerful uppercut. Garry responds back with a hard shot which sends Myst back into the barricade. Garry persues, but out of the blue Jenny snatches a beer from someone sitting in the front row and in a flash throws it in the face of the challenger. He stops in his tracks for a split second, which gives her time to wrap around his waist and drive him back first into the ring post. Garry winces as his back connects with the steel. Jenny fires a couple quick shots the the head then a kick to the gut. When he bends down she plants him.


The big DDT onto the mat! There is no give on the mat as Garry's head bounces off the hard surface. Jenny grins, muttering something. Her head then snaps towards the chest at the top of the ramp. Garry is getting up slowly, and Jenny looks back towards her newest opponent. She runs at him. He swings. She takes out his base with a leg sweep. Climbing like a monkey up the side of the ropes, she jumps off with a springboard splash, landing on Garry's middle. The scrappy champion then picks him up, shoving him back into the ring post. She jumps, putting her feet on his sternum.

Monkey flip!

Garry's back lands hard on the mat. He winces and grabs at his back as Myst stands over him with a child like smile. She claps, jumping and stomping her feet. She looks back up at the toy box and squeals, clapping again before running up the ramp towards the box.

PC: She hasn't done enough to keep Garry down for long. Lets hope she finds that title quickly, for her sake!

HHL: I am rather enjoying this match, Pip! I thought for sure there would be blood by now!

She gets to the box and plops down, sitting Indian style like a little girl as she grabs the lock. Pulling the key out of her bra she smiles, her head bopping back and forth as she hums along to whatever music is playing inside her head. She is completely oblivious to everything around her.

Garry is now up, and apparently had went under the ring. He has a sledgehammer in his hand as he walks up the ring, cursing under his breath. Jenny has no idea.

PC: Oh my. That is one pissed off redneck, and he's got a sledgehammer! I can only imagine what he intends to do to that crazy bi---

HHL: PIP! Cable....we're on cable!

Just as she puts the key into the lock, Garry grabs her by the hair and pulls her back. Jenny, eyes wide, tosses the key off the stage into the electrical area below! Garry drops the sledge hammer, says something to her, and lifts her over his head. He takes a step forward and powerbombs Jenny ONTO HER OWN TOYBOX!

There is a dent in the wooden top.


"HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT" from the crowd. Myst, now a limp noodle, lays bend backwards over the box. Garry shoves her off. He looks down over the stage where the key went, then back at the sledgehammer. Picking it back up, he grins, Grizzly Wintergreen falling from his lips. He takes the hammer and begins to smash at the lock, trying to smash it off the old box. He is able to smash the lock off. Grinning, and looking down at the still motionless Jenny, he gets down on one knee and pries open the lid.

When he does, there is a big POOF. Dense purple smoke covers the stage. The smell is horrendus. Like something died in there and had been there for quite some time.

You can hear Garry coughing. The smoke eventually clears and Garry, who has a hand in his elbow nook coughing, covers his mouth and puts a hand into the mystery toy box. He begins to rumage through the box, pulling his hand out every once and a while when something sharp pokes him. He throws several teddy bears, dolls, doll heads, and match box cars out of the box. He recoils his hand again, this time a small cut is on it. Reaching back down in he pulls out a doll head but it has been wrapped with barbed wire.

"Fucken lil bitch!" he throws the wire covered head.

He doesn't noticed this time that Myst has begun to move, and was crawling towards the collection of toys that Garry had thrown. Holding her back, tears in her eyes, she picks up a toy. Garry is still throwing toys out when Myst steps up behind him. She cracks him over the head with one of the doll heads, and it crumbles like a cinderblock. The head had a brick inside it! He falls sideways. Myst drops back down to her knees, holding her back. She crawls to the box and reaches in. The crowd gasps collectively. She pulls out a grenade.

PC: OH MY GOD! IS THAT THING LIVE?! Someone stop this crazy broad before she actually kills someone!

HHL: It is all fun and games in the ring, but that is a grenade Pip. I can't even imagine what will happen is she.....oh my god, don't!

Jenny begins to pull the pin, slowly. Just as Garry gets to his feet, though wobbly, he notices what she has. She runs and tackles her. She pulled the pin and when he tackled her, the grenade flew out of her hands. It landed a few feet from them. Garry hits the deck, covering up. After a few seconds, nothing happens. Garry uncovers and looks at Myst, who is laughing and pointing. It wasn't real. Garry, whose face is now red with a blend of anger and embarrassment, charges Myst like a bull out of the stocks. She ducks, hitting a drop toe hold. His face smashes off the box. Dip spit goes flying. He bounces back up and she sweeps the legs again. Sitting up, Myst delivers a penalty kick to the chest with a loud thud. Garry goes down holding his chest. Myst grins, going back to the box and pulling out an aluminum baseball bat. She looks at it with a big smile.

"Batter up!" she giggles, bringing the bat down on Garry's mid section. She giggles again as he groans, holding his middle. She goes to smash Garry again, but he grabs the bat. He is trying to wrestle it away and ends up pulling her in close. He gets the bat away from her but Myst quickly locks in the guillotine lock. She begins to yell.


She is firmly set in the hold. Garry is flaling, trying to get out of it but she is hanging onto him like a koala on a eucalyptus tree. Garry is trying to get to his feet, using his size and strength advantage to counter the hold. After about a minute in the hold he does get to his feet. With a second wind seemingly, he runs Myst back first into the X-Tron set up. Her already damaged back smashes into the steel. She breaks the hold. He then tosses her by the hair, landing again on her back, onto the steel of the ramp. She gets back up and wobbles into another vicious spine buster onto the ramp! Garry kicks her away. Frustrated now and just wanting the match over he walks over to the box and tips it upside down. He empties out the contents which contained a blanket and pillow, 3 apples, a few vials of a strange yellow liquid, more dolls, a squishmallow, and several razor blades. But no title belt. He shakes the box again, nothing comes out. Shaking the box again, nothing comes out. He tosses the box to the side and throws up his arms in a "what the fuck" motion to the cameras.

He turns around to Myst, who has the pepper spray she pulled out of one of her cups. She sprays him in the face. He grabs at his face and she picks up the baseball bat. She fires a hard shot into his mid section, bending him over. She locks him in position as the crowd buzzes. She goes for Myst Opportunities, but it's blocked! Nelson slips out, spins around and nails Jenny in the side of the head with BLOOD ON THE PLOW!!!! Jenny's eyes cross as she stumbles backwards! Nelson takes another step and cracks Jenny in the face with another sending Jenny soaring off the stage to the floor several feet below!!! He turns around and heads towards the toy chest and, just like momma said, lifts it up and dumps it out! The remaining "toys" all fall out to the floor including the Television Champion which Garry Ray-Ray Nelson claims in victory!



HHL: "In his second match in the XWF!! Incredible!"

PIP: "Nelson had an opportunity tonight and he capitalized on it! We have a new Television Champion ladies and gentlemen! What a night! We'll see you next week!"

Garry Ray-Ray Nelson celebrates on the stage with he's newly won X dubbya F Television Championship as the show fades to black.

Special thanks to:

Jenny Myst
Dolly Waters
Charlie Nickles
And all those who roleplayed and submitted segments.

COMING SOON..........

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06-20-2022 03:09 AM

Wow. Just wow. WHAT. A. SHOW!

Great work from the staff getting this up with minimal help from match writers. Yo peepz, if you want shows earlier: sign up to help write matches! Don't make MR. BIG write all the matches by himself, he is just one small man with very moderately sized hands!

Regardless, great work from everyone except TK and Marf, the fuck was that?

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