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MADNESS: Angled Brand Darcy Graves
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06-09-2022 10:27 PM

Darcy Graves
[Image: b96b13828160f1f941609934b76cd55a563bddbb.jpg]

Wrestler's Real Name: Kinley Page
Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: 26 / April 3, 1996
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 9 St
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?): Heel
Pic Base: Ivy Nile

Backstory/Important Character Details:
Kinley Page was born on June 8, 1992, in Derry, Northern Ireland. Her father was a wrestler in his own right, while her mother stayed home with her and her sister. When Kinley was about 7, she began travelling with her father, learning the different arenas around the world, and meeting other wrestlers. When she was ten, she started training with her father, and some of the other local talent within Derry. At 14, she had made her debut at a local show, known as Darcy Graves.

Kinley then travelled with her father, mostly wrestling at the local shows in Ireland and Northern Ireland, putting her name out there. At 17, she had moved towards England, and started working shows there from time to time, while finishing up high school in process. She won a few independent championships, over her time travelling through her home country, as well as England. She took the last couple years, to heal up any nagging injuries, as well as to spend more time at home. Now, Darcy is looking to start travelling once more, and make her name wherever she can.

Strengths: Ring Competent, Enviroment Awareness

Weaknesses: Stubborn, Hard-headed

Entrance Theme Music (Provide YouTube link as well as name and version): Artemis by Lindsey Stirling

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for use in match/show writing):
The lights go out in the arena. The screen starts to slowly flicker, as a music box is heard throughout the arena. The lightning then cracks across the screen, the music box is seen on the screen cracked in half. Artemis begins playing, as Green and Yellow spotlights are shone on the middle of the stage. A man in a long trench coat comes out first, stepping through the spotlight. He moves over to the left, as Darcy is seen stepping out into the light, looking out at the fans smiling a bit. She then poses as her father claps. The lights come on, and Darcy begins her walk down the ramp. She grips the chain around her neck, then looks out at the fans scoffing at them, as she passes them up. The music starts to pick up, as Darcy makes it to the bottom.

Darcy then looks into the ring, before she moves over to the stiars she slaps the mat, then turns towards the stairs with her father still in tow. She climbs up onto the apron looking out, then her father holds the ropes open for her, she climbs through them. She then flexes for the fans once more as her father, looked over at the ring announcer.

Ring Announcer: accompanied by Ciaran Page, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 126 lbs. She is Darcy Graves!

Darcy then turns around smiling at the person. She backs into a corner sitting down as her father moves to that corner to stand with her. She then passes him the chain, then stands up, lifting herself on the ropes, watching for her opponent.

In-Ring Style (Technician? High Flyer?): Techincal, Strong Style, High Flyer

10 or More Standard Moves:
1. Multiple kick variations
a. Corner drop
b. Front missile drop
c. Repeated shoot to a kneeling opponent's chest followed by a roundhouse to the opponent's head, with theatrics
d. Roundhouse
e. Feint Roundhouse transitioned into a Spinning Wheel

2. Multiple suplex variations
a. Belly to back, sometimes from the top rope
b. Belly to belly
c. Cravate
d. Double underhook floated over into a cross armbreaker
e. German
f. Northern lights
g. Snap underhook
h. Super
i. Tiger

3. Gory Bomb
4. Reverse Code Red
5. Complete Shot into Koji Clutch
6. Tornado DDT
7. Parallel Snapmare
8. Shotgun Stunner
9. Death Valley driver
10. Double knee backbreaker
11. Double underhook piledriver
12. Springboard moonsault
13. Enzuigiri
14. Front sleeper hold
15. Inverted powerslam
16. Lariat
17. Running knee strike to a cornered opponent
Trademark Move Name(s): Waking the Dead, Grave Keeper
Description(s):Running single leg high knee, Bridging dragon suplex

Finishing Move Name(s): Grave Vice Cross, Grave Diver
Description(s): (Anaconda Cross Lock ( the opponent's other arm is also trapped as it is wrapped over the opponent's chest and pinned under the wrestler's arms), (Swanton Bomb)

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Flying through a table, Hitting with Kendo Sticks

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?): No Death of the character, she'll fight in a lot of matches. She is not a shallow character, she tends to be a bit boastful. ]
EVER do?):
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