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What is War Games?
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06-03-2022 12:22 PM

For those who might be new to the fed and have not taken part in War Games before it is a team vs team pay per view.

What we have done the last few years is have an early opt in thread for the PPV which consists of just War Games matches(No title defenses on the show) in that opt in thread if people would like to be considered for the role of a team captain we ask that they specify that in their opt in. The GM staff will then determine how many teams we need based on how many opt ins we get. Ideally teams of 4-5 people is perfect. Once we determine the number of teams then we pick the captains. We try to give people who have never before been a captain a shot before picking repeaters.

Once we have all of that figure out then we will gather all the captains to do a draft. Last year we did it on Discord in a voice chat and then uploaded it to our Youtube page so everyone could listen. Chances are we will do that again unless it becomes too much of a hassle to schedule.

Ideally I'd like to get the teams all picked out by the beginning of July so that team members have a chance to talk with each other and plan out any roleplaying they might want to do together.

The RP structure for the PPV will be the same as last year. 2 individual rp's per person with 1 team optional co-op rp.

My hope in having the teams decided a few weeks before the PPV is that if anyone who was drafted has left the fed then it gives us ample time to replace them.

So that's the basics of what War Games is.

Be on the look out for an opt in within the next week or two.

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