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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Perverted Fantasy
Author Message
Tommy Wish Offline
Some Guy In The Corner.
TITLE - Freestyle

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05-28-2022 12:48 PM

OOC: Trash Talk/Anything Goes.

We see Machina in the Freestyle Hallway, and she's a picture on the wall. She then touches it, and she is placed inside a room wearing the exact attire from the picture. Then a hooded man comes at her, and he grabs her by the throat and slams her on the blue mat. Then he takes off the hood to reveal it was Tommy, who then grabs her by her foot and kisses it, as she struggles to fight him off.

“I told you before, I told you to keep this belt warm… when you had won it from Vita, I knew that she wouldn’t handle the belt, hell you are the modern day Becky Lynch with the two gold thing going on. I wish, I could do these things to her but atlas I couldn’t even bother to get the job done.

So now, you are involved with the newcomer this Sunday from now, and it’d be a shame if you had to make a sacrifice to lose this belt to me, because I know you might come home with that coveted Anarchy championship, and thinkin about you and her gets me in the solar plexus!”

Then he locks her in a Fetish Lock.

“I want you to feel the pain that Vita felt, I want you to know how much I don’t want you to suffer against a man like me… but, you got what I want. I purposely fucked up my attempt to vye that belt off of her, because I knew you’d be the one to get it. I would say, you are stupid enough to fall for the trap, but I get it…

You’re greedy and don’t want to share the wealth… Well now, I want you to either surrender the belt to me, or have me break your ankle and make you scream for mercy… but, I know you are a strong bitch, and I like that shit, so I will keep this hold on longer until you give up or give in.

You have the choice, my love… if you don’t want to give up, let’s see what you get against me, because I can keep this going all night long until you arrive in dubai…”

She breaks it off, and gets on her feet, then he simply kicks her in the gut and J-Bomb’s her on the blue mat, in the same postion as the photo as he held her down.

“What a good fighter… it would be a shame if our playdate goes down in flames… JUST LIKE YOU AND LA RIENA!....

Let me bask in your humiliation, as I get what I want, Machina!”

Then he covers her..



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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (05-28-2022)
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05-30-2022 09:34 AM


New Freestyle Champion - Tommy Wish

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