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Vancouver Tape 1: Lucid Dreamin w/ Neon Guts
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05-11-2022, 08:25 PM

[The scene opens up to Reggie inside a jewelry store in white oak, and he looks around the shop at the chains, links and other fancy things. As he was looking around, he notices a multi colored chain with an image of Angelica Vaughn on it, that was encased in a box. As he got up close to it, one of the security men had stopped him from going closer to it.]

Bouncer: Excuse me sir, you can’t be around this box, it’s only for the Kenzi Grey estate to acqure for.

Reg: I wanted to just look at the details of it, that’s all. No harm, no foul.

Bouncer: No, you need to be away from this area. Or else…

Reg: Fine, fine… I’ll stay away from this box.

[Reggie walks away from the encased chain, and he looks at $20 dollar knock off Rolex watch. He looks at the watch, and noticed it had a knock off golden hue, with diamonds encrusted on it, then am middle aged Iranian man in a suit comes up to the table, and talks with Reggie.]

Owner: Welcome to the High Life District, how may I help you today this afternoon?

Reg: No help sir, I am just looking around, never been in a place like this before.

Owner: Oh that’s great! Well, just look around, and get back to me when you are ready okay?

Reg: Sure.

[Then he walks around the store, and noticed there was a lot of high rollers, pimps, rich folks and even high end drug dealer in the store. As each of them passes him by, they look at Reggie and laugh at him since they see him as a poor man. As Reggie ignored there laughs and glares, he goes back to the Vaughn chain, where it was worn by one of the drug dealer’s girl, who screams and hugs her boyfriend who looked like Tony Khan in a Gucci sweat suit combo. Before the owner comes to set a price for it, Reggie bumps into her by accident while passing and the both of them got angry and confronted Reggie.]

Dealer Boyfriend: Hey man, watch where you are going! You almost ruined my girls chain with you being all blind and shit!

Reg: Um, okay… my bad, I guess.

Dealer Boyfriend: Screw you!

[The boyfriend pushes him near the window of the store, and Reggie turns around and see’s the guy who had some white stuff left on his nose with his fist up. Reggie then tries to calm the man down, but he kept on shouting slurs at him, then he leaves the store and he follows him to the parking lot. Reggie then ends up decking the cokehead in the head with his fist, and he goes to his car and drives away from the store. About two hours later, he was at an outdoor lounge where he had a table to himself to eat some hotwings and drinking some apple cider. As he was eating his wings, the same man who he knocked out earlier sees him and confronts him but this time with two goons besides him.]

Dealer Boyfriend: DO you know who I am?... Do you?

Reg: Uhh, not that I should know or care about.

Dealer: Boyfriend: I am Urbania Youkoslovic Tariq! Or Urb for short and you disrespected me and my girlfriend at that store earlier, and I want you to pay for it, spic!

Reg: Whoa whoa, chill chico, you know what you had it comin for being all sideways with me in the first place. You disrespecting yourself for being a choca right now, so I suggest you and your little krew to leave me alone.

Urb: Boys!

[Then his goons take him out of his seat, and both men drags him to the empty side of the lounge and beat him up. Then Reggie was all bruised up, but still got on his feet until one of them knees him in the gut, and they pull a gun over his head. Then Urb signaled his goon to shoot him but the girl stops Urb from putting the hit on him, and Reggie got on his feet and pulls out his mini pistol, and aims for Urb, but security broke it up quickly, and during the scuffle, the Vaughan chain feel on the floor, and he took it as he was being forced off the premises.]

[About time had past, and he was at home in his bedroom, holding the chain he picked up the floor, and he looked at it, and he drops it on the floor and smashes it with hammer into pieces. During his hammer smash, his cell phone goes off, and he noticed it was JB who was checking in on him. He stops the hammer attack, and picks up the phone.]

JB: Reggie, are you okay?

Reg: Why you wanna know about that?...

JB: I saw you on the news about your lounge incident earlier, and even they claimed you punched out a dude at a jewelry store? Reggie, what’s the matter with you man, I thought you stopped all that bullshit since you started to wrestle again!

Reg: Listen JB, the guy had me corned with his goons, and he wanted to end me, so I had to do what I needed to do. Plus, he’s the one who started it with me, and he decided to take beyond me knocking him out.

JB: But Reggie, I know you don’t want to be going back to the jail cell, you need to learn how to calm the fuck down.

Reg: Me too calm down? I don’t know who you think you are talking too, you don’t need to dictate to me on what to do. You aren’t my father, John.

JB: I never ever claimed to be your father figure, I am worried about you leading into dark pathways man. But like you said man, you live your best life, Ill hit you up later.

Reg: But J—

[JB ends the call, and Reggie felt upset over how it went down. From that point, he spirals into depression, where he end up destroying his PlayStation 4 with a hammer, his TV, and even rips up his pillows where he sleeps at. Then he kept thinking about that incident at the lounge, and he pulls out his mini pistol from the cabinet, and aimed the gun to his temple. He goes to his bedroom mirror, and before he could pull the trigger, hears a voice off the distance.]

???: Don’t do it, Daddy!

Reg: who said that!?... Who Are you?

???: It’s me Papi!... turn around!

Reg: Wha…

[He turns around to see Miranda, at the tender age of nine, in her schoolgirl uniform holding almost unrecognizable small teddy bear that he recalls seeing her with it since she was born. Reggie rubs his eyes and she runs up to him to hug him, and he was confused but slowly embraced her.]

[Then the whole room turns into a ring out of nowhere, and he lets her go to see the broken chain come to life, and attack Reggie and its puts him through a neon glittery table with a hole that sucked him in. As he was free falling into neon nothingness, he crashes into the same jewelry store box where he was trapped where the chain was. Before anything happens, his alarm wakes him up in his hotel at Vancouver, and his travel friend, Pablo, wakes him up to go get some breakfast. As they were eating, Reggie was pensive about what he just dreamt about.]

Pablo: Reggie, what’s up man? You looking kind of worried about something.

Reg: Well man, it wouldn’t make any lick of sense, but uh… it was this weird dream I had that involved people in my life, the ones who depend on me the most. I feel like I let them down including myself as well…

Pablo: Maybe it was all that tequila we drank last night, and we did watch a bunch of action flicks as well. You know we just got to BC like last five days ago, and we pretty much were wilding up.

Reg: I’m aware but… you know, dreams can be lucid enough to make you think it’s real… ever had those type of dreams before, Pablo?

Pablo: I mean once every few months, I keep a dream journal and everything, maybe you had your first lucid dream. Ah yes!... you did, it felt real huh?

Reg: You can say that again, look let’s get out of his place, and hang out in Vancouver for a day. Being in this hotel is boring as shit.

Pablo: You said it brokski, I know a few places we can get into!

[Reggie and Pablo leave the area, and head back into their hotel and get ready for the day. Then they leave the hotel, and wonder off into the cold streets of Vancouver, as the scene fades into the neon guts of a table in half.]

“I guess dream can be vivid enough to make you think it’s real. Maybe it was all just a projection of my thoughts all rolled into one. Whatever the case might be, it’s just a reminder what I am as a person. I never been the one to shy away from my own inner demons, and it can show in various ways in many things as well. Stealing a chain, killing myself, and putting myself and things in harms way and all that. I should invest in a journal to keep track of these things, and not lose it like how Vita lost her belt in a game of simon says in the hallway. Not a dig at her, she’s too holism for me to do all that to her, maybe she could have been my neon guts, but she ran off.

I’m not pressed about my loss to her, she needed to get the streak over somehow, but now that was in the past and I have to focus on someone else. I don’t like to say too much mean things, but if I may break the rules for this one time, I want to tell the world that this person I’m facing in a tables match should get her some protection on her body, because woodgrain isn’t in style at all. I might end up ruing her chance at fashion week in Paris.

Last I heard, they did wear a whole table on their bodies, so maybe she can fit the bill?..

If I had that Donatella Versace long money, I would have personally imported a whole Versace table to give to her and her friends to cherish, before I send her through it with my bare hands. Maybe, she can be the one to make being put through tables fashionable, and might give her that clout she needs to go big. Yes, I am talking about Angelica Vaughn, the chick who I am facing on Saturday. I know I have a huge task on taking her out of commission in her homebase. I hate to be the one with the bad news, but sometimes the hometown hero needs to be taught some lessons or two.

Vaughn, when I dreamt about you being that necklace chain, I wanted to steal you away from the world and make you mine, but then I turned that away to just smash you into pieces. Like the saying goes, “You can't always get what you want” and I guess I can’t have you. I know you are in your million dollar home with your girls, and maybe eating some cats and all that fun stuff, but just know that I will make sure to make my dream come true in beating you down until your guts are neon and bright.

No King Tut on me, but I want the Queen to be in the Canadian tombs somewhere outside the county lines. Vaughn, you might be the one who your neighbors say is going to bring home the victory, and that is fine by me. You can seek that validation, you can seek that whole thing about being a strong, tall, white lady who rolls deep with the fakest mean girl clique. Hell, you can even say that, I am beneath you in every single thing in this place and life, I wish to have your rich life, but the color green don’t come easy to a minority excluding some others in your clique who can exploit that fact alone.

Básicamente, sé muy bien que no ganaré en esto, y garantizo que los poderes fácticos serán influidos por la mercancía, así que tengo que hacer un esfuerzo para derrotarte y convertirte en papilla.

Esa mesa será tu nueva amiga al final de la noche. Me pondré duro, me pondré Spike Dudley en tu trasero.

No solo seré yo quien sienta esas astillas por la mañana, tú también lo sentirás en tus entrañas de neón.

¡Nos vemos en el ring el sábado, perra rica!”

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