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Alrite? (ft. BGTL)
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05-11-2022 11:57 AM

//This was missing from the May 2nd show, so thought I'd just post it here so it wouldn't go to waste.


The camera shows Molly Barnes in stand-up and she looks bloody annoyed. She is dressed in full in-ring attire and has her hands on her hips.

Molly: "Alrite, lads? Well, you know what actually? Things aren’t alrite, are they? As if it wasn’t enough that I got cheated out of the battle royal by a wee bulky harlot, me cousin comes in on the special Anarchy battle royal and nearly wins the bloody thing, too! She’s never even stepped into a ring before, she doesn’t know what a ruddy headlock is! World’s going down the pan, lads. Innit?? But let me tell you, tonight Mad Rhymes and meself are going to get some payback for what BGTL did a few weeks back. Bobbi’s been ecstatic about getting to kick Claire’s venereal diseases back into her arse. As for meself, this is a great opportunity to break out big, innit? Finally I can show everyo-…"

But Molly is suddenly and very rudely interrupted by an off-camera voice. The camera pans slightly to the side.

Claire: "There you are!!!"

Claire Rogers walks up to Molly, standing quite a few inches shorter than the Salford Supernova, and presses a finger into her chest.

Claire: "Been looking for you, ya dumb bitch! You think you , that fat whore Bobbi and that juiced-up freakshow are just gonna get away with what you did?? Fuck that! Matter of fact, why wait? Let’s settle this fucking thing right now, you piece of garbage dumbass Euro-trash! Alaska or not, this is AMERICA!"

Molly: "Never heard of Brexit, mate? I’m not sure we’re even European anymore, innit."

Claire: "And speak like a sane person or I’m gonna hammer your fucking teeth out! Maybe if you speak with a lisp people will actually understand what the fuck you’re saying!"

Molly: "Do pipe down, mate, I was just hyping the match up, innit?"

Claire: "That’s it!"

Claire was ready to start swinging, but her wrist was grabbed by someone behind her. A much taller and, to Claire’s dismay, stronger person.

Ximena: "Come on, Claire, save it for the ring. Backstage brawls were fashionable in the nineties, not now. Besides, this isn’t Anarchy."

Claire ripped her hand out of Ximena’s grasp, and scowled.

Claire: "Fucking hell, Ximmie, sometimes I wonder whose side you’re on."

Ximena: "Yours, but also reason’s. Reason being something you severely lack at times."

Ximmie looked over at Molly.

Ximena: "Don’t get TOO comfortable. Once the bell rings, I’m letting her loose. And myself as well."

She guided Claire away from Molly but not before Claire could throw one last look of disdain at Molly and spit on the floor.

Claire: "I fucking hate the British. Bunch of pussies!"

Molly rolled her eyes, and waited until BGTL were out of earshot before turning back to the camera.

Molly: "Well, that was something from Edgy McEdginton, Lady High Lady of Edgeville, innit? I think that girl’s got a fair bit of anger issues. But no fears, lads, as me cousin Vicky likes to say, they’re well gonna get beatings! Anyway, gotta go now lads, gotta go scoff down some beans on toast for some energy. Cheerio and all that!"

And Molly jogs off.
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