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05-06-2022 09:27 PM

Dial tone.

Had she forgotten how to use one of these things? Christ, she had only been gone for 8 months! It was times like these that she hated her mental illness. loathed it. She had been mean to Ash for literally no reason, uncontrollable rage and frustration taken out on her best friend and the one who had been taking care of her since she broke her out.

Adulting sucked, but adulting alone sucked worse.

She dialed some numbers, humming along with the beeps as each number was keyed in. Her eyes squinted to read the sheet--her handwriting had gotten a lot more scribbly since being away, too. She typed in the last number and brought it up to her ear.

Her hand was shaking. Why was she shaking?! This was a simple thing, perhaps one of the most simple things a person can do, and she was nervous like a patient in the waiting room when the AIDS doctor walks out. She almost dropped the phone she was so nervous.

Anxiety and AHH start with the same letter for a reason!


She instantly hung up. Sweat had begun to bead on her forehead and she felt her chest tighten. Her breathing came in ragged gasps. Her lips, despite having fading black lipstick, were chapped and raw from biting them.


She felt herself jump nearly out of her skin, even though she didn't actually move.


At that moment she wanted to take the phone and chuck it out the window, to smash it into a zillion little pieces, to melt it with a flamethrower.

All she could do was cower away from it, scared like a kitten.


It will be over soon, it will be over soon, please be over soon.


----That wonderful silence when the phone goes to the voice mailbox.

Deep breaths. Relax. It can't hurt you anymore.

The manilla folder on the table in front of you told a different story. Your pain would be everlasting. You needed to get this gone. Since when was social anxiety an issue for you?! You used to be the most outspoken person on the roster and now you cannot answer a phone.

Go ahead, pull some more of that hair out.

With a shaky hand she picked the phone back up. She pressed a button on the back to light the screen back up, and there began the daunting process of typing the numbers in again. Even squinting at the same point in the reading of them, as if what just took place never happened.

Wiped from existence.

Like she would wipe Lexi Gold from existence on HER show this week.

But first, she had to see just how 'stable' things were for her, and just how much backup she truly had.

The phone rang again. Cue the anxiety. Here come the chest pains. This time her hand was wet from sweat as if she had just run her palm through her locks post shower.

The voice answered the line again, only this time more formally.

Taking a deep breath, she steadied her voice.

"Yes, is this the agency that runs the representation for one Elijah Martin, of XWF?"

It was. Swell.

"Yes, this is the representation for his girlfriend, Lexi Gold. We were wondering if you could us some info on something regarding your client?"

The voice on the other line inquired back about Lexi just texting Elijah, since, you know, they were dating.

"We would prefer if neither party is informed of this call or the contents of it. It is safer for both that way."

After reluctantly agreeing to keep this strictly between them and not inform either of their clients about the contents of said phone call (if she was a betting woman she would put her entire piggy bank down on the fact that they had their fingers crossed!) she asked the pressing question.

"Does your client truly love Ms. Gold?"

They seemed a bit taken aback by this. They replied that they do not get that deep into their clients personal life, and that they strictly represent them from a legal standpoint--contracts and such.

"We were wondering if your client would be willing to offer a sacrifice and put themselves into this match with our client. She is dead set on collecting a souvenir from Lexi, and from a human standpoint we just would not like to see that happen. Because--you know---Ms. Myst is soooo good. And totally not crazy. And smells good. And totally has the best toys--"


How rude!

Jenny smiled to herself, despite royally messing up that call and most likely blowing her cover, and got up from her chair.

Walking over the her closet she flung it open. Sitting inside were an abundance of what looked like deflated blow up dolls. All on hangers.


In her closet were full body suits made of what looked like skin. Perfect replica's.

Isabella Ravenwolf.


Kimberly Anderson.

Shelby Cobra

BOTH Sugay Sisters.

Miss Michelle

Kim Anderson

Madison Dyson.

The list continued. It wasn't limited to just women.

Her eyes scan the entirety of the closet.

Betsy Granger.

Gerri Vayden.

Atara Themis.

Angelica Vaughn

Latina Submission Machina

Her eyes lit up as she got to the end.

It was an empty hanger. She reached up and pulled it off the rack. "You're going to be my most special one yet!"

She kissed the hanger and put it back on the rack, slapping a sticky note on it.


She smiled, a real smile, for the first time in a long time.

She gripped Charlie's ear harder than usual.

"If a person doesn’t think there is a God to be accountable to, then what's the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges?”--Jeffrey Dahmer

"I love fresh meat.

New blood is so much more fun to spill. It's more red, catches the eye. You notice is more when they bleed.

I love the look in their eyes when they taste their own blood. The shock, fear, panic......thrill.

Savage lives up to its name this week as a Madness star tries her luck on the big show. The bright lights. Someone who has been mildly successful on the dark show and thinks she matters because she's banging the most sub par FORMER Anarchy Champion this company has had in recent years. I guess shit attracts shit, eh? Since you've been wasting away on the show half this roster didn't even know existed, you have probably been kept in the dark about what is going on up here in the big leagues. You probably need a crash course on just who the hell I am. You know Latina Submission Machina, the 'woman' who pried that belt away from your man and left him for dead? I made her tap out on national television and made the 'submission machine' tap out. If I wanted the Anarchy Title I would come over there and snatch it in the blink of an eye, and there is nothing your 'man' could do about it. Fortunately for him, and you, I have bigger fish to fry at Leap of Faith. First, so it seems, I have been tasked with injuring you. Not sure who you pissed off, girlie, but now you get to play my game and I LOVE games!

*giggling and jumping, clapping her hands*

"I also love crushing dreams. I love watching hopes and aspirations fly out the window like little birdies."

*she makes hand motions to show flying accompanied by whoosh noises*

"I am not ignorant enough to stand here and say that I am the best. I am confident enough to stand here and say, however, that I am not an easy out. You want to get this win, you have to earn it. Can someone like you, who has swam in the silky smooth waters of mediocrity step up to the plate? That is the beauty of Savage. Nobody gave me a chance, as I came from out of nowhere. I put that work in and made something of myself. Do you have that in you? Only you can answer that question."

*she picks up Charlie's ear, which is hanging on a lanyard around her neck, and plays with it between her fingers*

"I have faced a lot of different competition throughout my years here. I have seen many faces of all different types, and I have taken a souvenir from every one of them. Some physical, some mental. I have stepped into the ring with women from Mercy to Betsy Granger, from Shrek in a wig to Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars. All shapes, sizes and styles. Now I step into the ring on the show I made famous against a woman who already has that 45 year old housewife with 3 kids that lives on Prozac and vodka and is having an affair with her sons best friend look about her. Like the first girl on the cheerleading team to try anal. Like she's getting ready to complain about not being able to use an expired coupon. Like the teacher that sends multiple kids in the class nudes hoping one will fuck them.

No takers.

I have seen it all here, and I fear nobody. But you...oh I see fear in those baby blues! I see nervousness, anxiety, and best of all, doubt. Doubt in yourself. Doubt in your ability to get the job done against someone who they claim is just a rip off of your typical crazy goth chick who is feigning mental health issues to try to get ahead because her old gig got too stale. They say a lot about me, the difference is, I don't let them change me. You look like the chick that blew the whole Jamaican bobsled team in the 1988 Winter Olympics, Ms. Cool Runnings herself but yet I am the generic one?

It's funny what people will say. That is one thing you will learn when you get up here to the big leagues, missy. People talk. Most of them talk when you're back is turned. It is a way of life. I have made a career out of proving people wrong, out of rising to the occasion when I was left for dead, out of spearheading a division that those same people said could never be brought back from its rigor mortis. I did that, and I will do it again.

You? You walk around bragging about how happy you are to be spreading your legs for someone who makes 'average' the highest form of flattery. Not worth it. You just want the attention your daddy never gave you, but you're going about it all wrong. If you want people to pay attention to you, you have to do it inside the ring. You have to beat people like me to truly open their eyes. You have to make an impression on them and right now the only impression any of us get of you is the facial expression forced out when its your time of the month and constipation strikes.

I hate when that happens!

I took my souvenir from Demos, and look at the body I took it off of now! He went from a waste of oxygen to a waste of oxygen who is Television Champion! All because of my little "motivation". My little pound of flesh. Just think of what I can do for you! This is an x-treme rules match which means that literally anything goes! It means that I can do what I want to you with no repercussions! On the contrary, it means you can do the same to me.

But can you though, really?

Despite having a face that looks like someone stretched silly putty over their knee, you also look like you have a heart of gold. Real shirt off your back type.




When you step into that ring with me you have two options. Hurt or get hurt. Do to me what you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy because, win loss or draw, I am going to take my pound of flesh.

My souviner.

Bring your A, B, C, D and E game Lexi because if you don't, not only will you lose the match and most likely end up in the hospital, but you will be stripped of everything you thought you loved.

But it's 2022, what even is dignity anymore?

She closed the closet door and walked out onto the porch, lighting a cigarette she never intended to smoke.

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