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Family First, Part V: Nedward, Part Deux
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04-25-2022, 12:39 PM

“-so I says to her, ‘Listen, Veeve’ (I’ve been calling her Veeve lately), ‘one of the big reasons I’m, like, 74-0 against you is that focus thing, right? I am ALL FOR being in a TON of matches all the time’ (#FightTheWorldAcrossTheWorld), ‘that IS a big part about how we Lacklans are so good at tournaments and one-offs and such, after all, but it carries a cost: YOUR next match is just the NEXT match in a long line of matches. But for your opponent? This match is THE match they can focus on. Lots of dissection and introspection focused on YOU while you’re spreading yourself and your attention across MANY. So, yes, fight and win against EVERYONE…but also consider that you WILL suffer for it.’ That totes makes sense, right Shinjiro?”





On the other side of the FaceTime screen, Shinjiro Nakamo starts, his chin-length blonde hair flying with the abrupt movement. On her side, Sarah Lacklan scowls, particularly as her odd red-tinted eyes see his light blue ones as the lids pop open. Of the three, only she was without their father’s eye color. Another example of her albinism being a double-edged sword of giving her so much singular attention yet robbing her of other things she would like to share.


She waves her hand dismissively and shakes her head, but then the signature glint of mischief sparkles behind her thick glasses.

“How is that diet going, Brother?”

The large man shuffles in his seat and looks away…though he doesn’t verbally respond. Angie SWORE that she and Shinjiro had long, long, LONG talks, but he was always so tacit around her. Ugh. Japanese men and their honor, or whatever.

“You are NEVER going to rebuild that #SwoleLikeShinjiro campaign if you don’t drop that 20 pounds! Speaking as a sports diet expert-”


“-and in conclusion, don’t forget to add flavor to your boiled chicken breast and rice with plenty of creamed onions! I’ve included my recipe in the attachment, obvs.”

She was happy to see Shinjiro was wide awake for her entire presentation.

“Believe you me, it’s certainly better than that Kido diet!”

She giggles at the tiny inclination of ‘The Mountain’s’ eyebrow. That was utter confusion, coming from him.

“Oh, it’s this lame-o thing Ang’s next opponent does…or did…honestly, I spend more time sleeping through his promotional videos than being kept at rapt attention that I’m not sure if it’s still a thing. Honestly, you’d think he was Nedward, Part Deux at this stage. Listen: His diet…like his wrestling…is technically sufficient…but hardly satisfying. Like, it gets the job done…it won’t kill you…but it won’t excite you, either. There is no flash or sizzle with Kido…just a monotonous block of over-explained and repetitive MEH that says a LOT without ever actually saying ANYTHING at all. Like eating lots and lots of broccoli but forgetting the salt and pepper to make it palatable. That makes sense, righ-”



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