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Family First, Part IV: Double A
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04-12-2022 12:50 PM

...and that’s how I ended up with my 7-0 record against Vita. Let me tell you, Baby Birds, that it was HOT in that volcano! Of course, that still pales in comparison to my, like, 84394830982-0 record against my BABY sister, and-”



Now way, are you craxy?! Look what time it is! Better get going. Until next time, this is YOUR reason for being reminding you that, in the words of the greatest wrestling mentor EVER (#MissYouSensaiSMOOCHES):

‘Bitches get stitches.’

[Image: iPCOdh6.gif]

Sarah Lacklan switches off the camera and settles back in her chair, a thoughtful expression on her pale face. Red eyes look around, taking in the innards of one of the sound studio within the cramped, but loved, Dark Goddess Production Studios, from the meager set she used for her vlogs, to the cameras, to the-


Sarah raises one of her meticulously plucked eyebrows and turns her head toward the door as it opened inward. A buxom brunette wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck sweater walked in and Sarah felt her face nearly split in two with her grin.



Sarah leaps to her feet as Ashley Anderson, her lifelong friend and the on-again-off-again administrative assistant for the Grey-Lacklans, rushes forward to meet her. Sarah laughs, as she usually does, when Ashley’s unnecessarily large chest smashed into her neck like a gentle airbag deployment during one of her…minor…traffic incidents.

“What are you doing here?”

Ashley holds up a document folder.

“Inventory of your dresses from the Queen Mother. Figured I could…”

She trails off as her eyes narrow at Sarah.

“...what are you wearing?”

Sarah reaches up and touches her face, her fingers finding the visor and eyepiece attached.

“Oh, just my 7-of-9 gear. Was doing stuff before my vlog.”


“Yep! Kenzi was Raffi, and believe you me, resistance was futile.”

As Sarah gets lost in the warm memory, she doesn’t notice Ashley’s grimace.

“...lesbians are the worst…”



Sarah narrows her eyes for a moment but Ashley flips open the folder.

“I almost lost count when I was compiling these…honestly, Sar, Lord Lacklan indulged you WAY too much when we were teenagers…and I had the servants make the adjustments you requested. They should all fit Miss Itty Bitty T-”

Sarah clears her throat.

“-Miss Valenteen. Though I continue to question what has gotten into you.”

She raises her eyes from the folder and looks down at her short friend. Sarah finds herself raising her eyebrow yet again at her friend’s look.


“It’s my job to keep tabs on you, Sar. You pay me more for that than any of the CoolTube stuff. And with how you treat this girl…”

She shakes her head.

“I’d swear you were courting her.”

Sarah’s eyes flare with anger…luckily blinding her to another muttered “...lesbians are the worst…” and she points a finger at Ashley.

“FIRST of all!”

Ashley smiles and waves away Sarah’s anger, one of the precious few capable of such a feat.

“I’m just razzing. But it IS a little weird. Usually it’s YOU being taken under an older woman’s wing.”

Anger defused, Sarah shrugs.

“It’s my turn to give back.”

Ashley nods at this.

“But what about when she fights Ms. Vaughn? Who will you support if things get weird?”

“Oh please, that’s easy, Ax.”

Sarah smiles with a mischievous glint as she waves away Ashley’s question.

“Family first.”

She reaches up and takes Ashley by the shoulders.

“But enough work. Tell me of home! Have the blueberries begun to flower?”

Ashley laughs as she tells her tiny friend of Springtime in Lacklanland.

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