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Reggie's TV Tape 1: New Beginnings... Bullshit Assumes.
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04-06-2022 08:40 PM

[After a month had passed, he cut off ties with Rebecca and Sophia, after they told him that he wasn’t good enough for them. He still keeps in contact with Nicoletta, but not as frequently. Now, Reggie is in his new apartment with all his furnishings intact since he moved out of Baltimore into Columbia’s high-rise apartments. He is outside his apartment, where he's at the pool area chilling in his shorts and a tank top on a chair. As he was reading his book, he sees a young kid no older than ten in his bathing trunks with a pen and paper for him to sign.]

Kid: Hey uh, aren’t you Reggie Estrada?

Reg:Yep, I am, how may I help you sir?

Kid: Yeah, ugh… can you sign an autograph for me?

Reg: Sure, where do I need to sign?

[Then the kid shows him a picture of a bloodied Charlie Nickels, and he shrugs it off and signs on the picture with a marker that says “To Charlie’s Career” with a black marker. The kid smiles as he heads back to the pool chair area, as he continues to read his book. Then about an hour later, his phone goes off and he see’s JB calling him which he picks up.]

JB: Ay yo Reggie? I heard you moved out B-Mo, how did the move go?

Reg: It went alright I guess, I been planning to move out of there since the start of this year.

JB: Got tired of all the noise, hoodrats and the likes?

Reg: Eh, if you say so honestly. I know for me, I just need a new space to call home. I was thinking if we could meet up at a bar somewhere later on tonight in the area, if you want you can tag along T as well.

JB: Well i’m game, just slide the addy on me, and T is doing some shit right now in Texas or whatever, so he’ll be a no show.

Reg: Alright dude, imma hit you up later.

JB: Aight, bet.

[Then he continues to read his book, then a few sunsets later, Reggie is in his black button up shirt, black jeans, and some cheap Air Force one’s in black with his hair tied in a ponytail waits at the parking lot near the bar where he is gonna meet JB. JB shows up a few spaces down to park his hoopty, then both men see one another and head to the bar. Then they head to one of the empty lounge seats, and they order up something to drink as they chop it up like the good ol days.]

JB: Reggie, my boy, I see you've been getting busy with some honeys in the area. First, you have been with Sophia and that Rebecca Black chick, now to something else. You still talkin to them or what?

Reg: Nah, they cut me off from them, all because they wanted me for themselves when in reality I wasn’t built for that kinda life. I mean, I got chickas here and there, but I just don’t put too much stock into them.

JB: I feel you, I mean shit even I had a few honeys who I don’t put too much stock in as well, it’s all in the game. So long’s you got yourself lookin fresh, that counts right?

Reg: Oh hell yeah.

[Then the waiter passes them the drinks they ordered, and they end up seeing three college aged women come up to their table, and all three of them try to hit them up. One of them does a selfie with both of them, and they sit beside them, they are named Staci, Tiffany, and Lola who tries to entertain them.]

Lola: Oh Reggie, you are so sexy I want you to have my kids!

[Reggie blushes as JB pats him on the shoulder, as Staci starts to rub on JB’s big gut as Tiffany was on her phone being bored. Then three frat boys come up to the table to interrupt the moment.]

Frat Guy 1: Hey Staci, why are you here with these two losers?

Staci: Oh come on George, we are just having fun with these guys. They are known rappers and wrestlers on the market right now.

Frat Guy 2: Lola, you hispanic whore you were supposed to be my date tonight! Now, I am going to have to rip–

Lola: Oh shut up Hen–

[Frat Guy 2 slaps Lola in the face, as Reggie stands up to confront him.]

Reg: Hey man, you need to chill chico, you didn’t need to slap her bro.

Frat Guy 2: Oh shut up you wetback, beanier piece of shit! Lola we are going home now!

[Lola gets her arm pulled by Henry the frat guy, then Reggie bashes a beer bottle over his head, and he stomps on him until JB holds him back, then the frat guys ran off before Reggie could escalate it even more. Then the three chicks went back to their dates, as Reggie sat down and drank his liquor as JB looked on with glee.]

JB: Damn, I didn’t know you had that fire in you for a stranger like that broad.

Reg: I don’t like seeing women or anyone being disrespected like that at all. Not even on my worst day, I'd like to see someone being that much of a dick to anyone.

JB: Well Reggie, I guess that means you can handle shit on your own when things get off, I fuck with that. That’s why I got you out of that prison in San Diego and all that.

Reg: Yeah… let’s not talk about that shit, it still haunts me till this day what I went through over there.

[Reggie then shakes his glass as he takes a timid sip, as JB tells him “my bad” with his gesture. Then JB takes a sip of his drink, and looks on his phone to see his name in the headlines.]

JB: Ay yo Reg, you heard on ZmT that your name was brought up in a sexual alligations suit against those chicks?

Reg: What?

JB: Check it out!

[JB shows Reggie his phone on the news, and Reggie shakes his head at these false allegations that were placed on him. Then he hands his phone back to JB, and his phone goes off to see Sophia calling him, which he answers.]

Reg: Hello, what do you want with me?

Sophia: Oh nothing, me and Rebecca wanted to check on you, and to let you know that we are suing you for sexual misconduct with us. We can drop the charges if you pay us a large sum of money.

Reg: Hol up, you gonna extort me like this? Man, fuck off with that nonsense bruja.

[Reggie hangs up the phone, and JB see’s him pissed off about this. Reggie daps JB and leaves a tip on the table as he walks out of the bar pissed off, as the scene cuts off.]

Man, I felt like a king moving out of B-Mo’ to Columbia, I had a few skirmishes here and there, but it was whatever. I was glad to hang with my boy JB but had to cut it short due to these so called allegations placed on me. I mean, yes I had a threesum with them but it wasn’t like I went anywhere further than that. I should have known they would pull some shit like this, but it’s whatever to me. I know if I went to court, they wouldn’t even bother to proceed with the trial and dismiss that shit with the quickness. Now, I gotta beware of these brujas and they ways before I catch a fucking MeToo case.

I might not be the most hottest man in the land of X-Treme, but still I get myself caught up with chicks who aren't worth much of pot to piss in, besides my old high school friend. Now, enough about me and my women issues, now I have a big issue that I am glad to say I would like to settle the score with.

I had history with Charlie or Charles Nickles in the past, and to put it bluntly it was shitty between us. I wouldn’t even douse him in water if he was on fire set by Flynn and NKWC’s words in a fight. I don’t like him, or what he stands for in this company, but he’s sure a lucky man who received a Television Championship for all his time in this place. He got more status as Al Snow of sorts in his own division of Headcheese. All that is missing is a wild Pepper steak to flank his appetite, since he managed to eat away his chances of having a family.

While yes, he took mines, he took his own in the process as well since he keeps on overfeeding himself with his own bullshit. I know he has a buffet of options of how this match will play out;it'll be like the Klumps farting up the scene if he decides to pick which one of the fat suits he’s gonna play in. I know Charlie is more or less a public nutcase who gets what he wants, that’s fine by me. I am not not mad about that fact at all to be honest, hombre can fit in where he can get in.

Me on the other hand, I know I don’t fit in on the scale of a Television champion at all, let alone in the league of other champions before Charlie. Fifteen minutes might be the draw from the past in old southern wrasslin before I was around, but used in this context now seems to be an antiquated feeling. I know how they want to bring that old school prestige to that strap Charles is holding at this moment, but I know for a fact that I might not even come home with it.

Does that mean I won’t put up a fifteen minute slobberknocker with Charles the tuna?

Tienes toda la razón, le daré una paliza a este pedazo de basura!

Oh, I don’t even think for a second that I am afraid to beat down Charlie in his own little twisted games in order revitalize a belt that needs a new home away from an abuser like himself. But, I know that Stockholm syndrome will benefit him since Goldi is a whordi for Charles. I don’t promise I will manage to reach the 3 minute mark, but I sure guarantee that he will end up leaving in a broken mess that he already is from the get go.

Charlie Nickles, your day will come when Goldi is off into the sunset with a man like me, since all you can do is make her your bitch when it should be the other way around. I know you don’t think I am your equal, so you feel like you have a sureshot of keeping that whore on your dick you fuck every night too.

Bueno, Charlie, todos los perros tienen su día, y terminarás teniendo que darle ese hueso a otra persona. Me aseguraré de que no olvides todo el dolor que me hiciste pasar con tu mierda. Verás un lado completamente nuevo de Reggie cuando esos quince minutos lleguen a ese X-Tron.

Hasta pronto amigo

A Flithy Animal
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