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Who Cares? Tape 2: Kickin wit an old friend.
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03-09-2022 10:38 PM

[The scene opens to see people playing in the front yard in the hood in Baltimore, and see people passing by and hanging around the place. Then we see Reggie driving down a row townhouse, where he parks his car and he heads to one of the townhouses with a busted screen door with a broken doorbell, he knocks on the door and he see’s a woman who could pass off as Tiny from Xscape, In her booty shorts and a white t shirt with long braids getting him into the house. He then heads to her living room, and she hugs him and she hands him some sodas to him. Then he sits on the couch, as she sits besides him.]

Reggie: What’s up Nicoletta, it’s been a long time since we seen each other since high school, and I think even one of the block parties you invited me too since 2005. It’s been a long time!

Nicoletta: Oh yeah? It’s been awhile boo… so how was life in San Diego?

Reggie: It was bullshit, I did a bid for some crime I didn’t do. I was an accomplice towards the scene, and this guy told me to do the wrap for him. He told me, “ay chico, take the fall and I’ll pay you for it!” and I foolishly took him seriously. I got me some baby mama and child who left my ass and shit… so in short, it was bullshit.

Nicoletta: Ah mane, I see… you want anything to eat? I am making some hamburgers and side of salad if you want to eat. I’m nearly done with making some by the time you called me!

Reggie: Sure, let’s eat in the dining table, we need to catch up and shit..

[Then he heads to the dining table that wasn’t big and he gets his food on a plastic plate with the burger and salad on the side with some light ranch. She fixes her plate as well, and they sit across from one another, and start to eat their food. Then after they finished the plate, he takes the plates off the table and tosses them in the trash. Then she puts on her fuzzy slippers and heads to the deck on the warm, sunny afternoon as she sits on her patio chair. He sits besides her, and they talk about stuff.]

Nicoletta: You still talking to Whitney, the photographer chick? I remember you always told me that you and her would get married and shit since we had that journalism class in freshman year.

Reggie: Funny enough, I saw her at a town I was going to head to for some wrestling gig I was booked a couple of years ago. We hit it off, but something went wrong and we lost some contact and all that shit.

Nicoletta: Damn, she was a cool chick too, and I thought y’all would be a cute couple… but oh well, and wait you a wrestler? I didn’t know that at all!

Reggie: Oh yeah, I’ve been wrestling for like the last decade or so, but it isn’t worth bringing up honestly.

[Nicoletta then punches him in the arm, as he looked slightly annoyed as he had a grin on his face over what he told her. She takes a sip of her Bacardi in a shot glass, then she offers him some but he shook his head no. She downs another one, and they speak.]

Nicoletta: Reggie, you didn’t inform me to watch you on TV? I mean, I know I work constantly but I have plenty of time to see you on tv and shit. Chico, you need me to your manager?

Reggie: Nahh, I ride solo dolo… unless you want to be my Sheri Martel to my Booker T, then sure. But keep in mind, I be flyin all over the place to different venues and all that, so I’d tell you you to keep your day job.

Nicoletta: You aren’t fun… whateva, but anyways… you still out there, getting your dick wet or what? I know you be out there wit dem hoochie mama’s.. you anit gotta lie ta me, boo.

Reggie: Oh okay, well I guess I’m still being a chicano dog… and I don’t mean to be, but you know how I am.. I am a shy cat, but can still hold a convo that somehow leads into them drawls off. Nicol, I am involved with two chicks who had me raw dog them last week ago.

[Nicoletta eyes widen up, and she cocked her head to the side and rolled her eyes in disbelief, but she lightly taps his shoulder as he tries to be all cocky by nodding his head. She then pours another shot to drink.]

Nicoletta: Oh I see my lil chicano is out here, this is why I can’t stand you. You act like you shy and all that, but I can sense that it’s your way to be slick. You want to know why I didn’t let you back then?

Reggie: I’d like to know?

Nicoletta: I had many dudes hit my box, but you… I gave you hints at those parties invited you to, and you didn’t pick up any signals.

Reggie: Hey, we was young at the time… I thought you wouldn’t be interested in a bi racial, geeky, video game playing, “smooth” guy like me. I thought you just friendly and all that.

[Nicoletta then rolls her eyes at him, and she gets up from the chair, and she sits on his lap and he was shocked by this. As she lingers on his lap, his phone rings and he checks his message and see it was Sophia texting him to see where’s he at. He turns it off, and places it back to his pocket.]

Nicoletta: Oh, you got one of your hoes hitting you up… I should let you go, and be the dirty dog you be!

Reggie: Man, Nicol… she anit important right now, and with your ass on my you know what… I want to relive those times you kept on tryin to explore those “lost” times we had before I moved to San Diego.

[Nicoletta looked at him, with a slight shock and curiosity, he kisses her and nodded to make a choice. She then gets off his lap, and she leads him back into the house, and she locks the deck door, and from that point it fades off.]

I strike again with these ladies, I guess I do have that kinda abilities to convince them to trust me. I know I might not be the best looking dude, but I know how my words can make people feel from the inside and out of their bodies and all that. I guess, my old high school friend convinced herself to give me shot, after all these years. Do I regret not knowing before then? Nope, I knew someday I’ll hit that and keep it pushing; I might make JB and T proud that I can hang with the grown motherfuckers they be. Either way, I anit worried about nothing at all, and period!

Just like I am not worried about Ash and Llyod, those two might as well end up in a missing poster in my area, because I don’t know where they been as I was getting myself busy with other things. I mean, hello, I know I anit the treat but c’mon… I guess, I might as well say I have this win in my end for once in a multi person match and not just in singles. I guess, with how things are looking like, I don’t even want to discredit them at all but now it’s getting kinda hard for me to not do that. I hate to be a hater, but these two are nothing but wasting their times on the payroll, just wanting to be used as Mini Morbid’s punching bag for the mini’s division that’s going to be something if they don’t squander like the bombshell joint that went nowhere. I might end up giving the GM that idea of putting these two in it, just so the minis can get over, and if that happens you all didn’t hear from me!

Jokes aside, I am pretty much living my best life since I lost the X-Treme champion since last ppv and I have been taking it easy from not having to deal with all that heat. I mean, yes from time to time I have that urge to take Marf out and get the strap back, but that’s a darn lie as I told myself that I would stay the fuck away from it. The only thing I miss is being in X-Treme rules type of stipulation to be involved in. Where I am free to go buck wild and not have to worry about rules, and just beat the ever loving piss out of my competitors. As you can tell, I don’t know much from a wristlock to a wristwatch, but I do know how to beat the hell outta people with weapons at my disposal.

But should I even bother to go that far? I might as well let them two duke it out, and I come in and steal the victory… maybe just kick it, and not give a damn on the outcome of the match. With how I feel about them not giving a fuck about this match, makes me even more sad to know that I have to break and tear them a whole new one!

But that’s alright by me because…

No son una pérdida de tiempo y dinero en esta empresa, y espero que cuando los golpee a ambos, consideren dejar esta empresa de una pieza o tendré que enviarlos en una bolsa para cadáveres. ¡Para ustedes, Ash y Llyod, ambos pueden irse al infierno mientras lucho contra ustedes dos!

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