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XWF And FightNYC Presents: The Denzel Porter Invitational Night Three
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Night Three Opening Segment

Fireworks go off in the Las Vegas Raiders stadium, as the sold-out crowd of 70,000 erupt in excitement as The Denzel Porter Invitational Event begins to start up. Denzel Porter sits in on commentary with Johnny Hitmaker and LCP as the hard cam lands on them.

Denzel Porter: WELCOME BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN to Allegiant Stadium here in beautiful Sin City Las Vegas Nevada as we get ready for the final night of what has been an extraordinary weekend of pro wrestling. We've seen some big upsets, beautiful moments and moments that have just left you speechless and I just know we are going to top all of that in our final night.

Johnny Hitmaker: And the hits just keep on a-comin! Everyone involved is gonna be able to sleep for 24 hours straight, no problem! Some for even longer!

LCP: You should contact your doctor Johnny Hitmaker.

Denzel Porter: I agree gentleman and I just like to say it's been an honor to share this commentary table with you these last few nights.

Johnny Hitmaker: On behalf of The Man With Two Brains and my colleague who’s the best when he doesn’t say anything, it’s been an absolute DELIGHT to be part of such a monumental event!

LCP: Night one was Awesome. Night two was GOAT’d… what’s night three got in store?

Denzel Porter: Alright let's get NIGHT THREE STARTED!!!

Match One

The lights in the arena go out as Black Sky by WAR*HALL hits over the speakers, as the beat drops around twenty five seconds in, a single spotlight drops on the ramp engulfing Gabriel Baal in light. His head is down, his fingers are pressed together. His ring attire is covered by a jacket, zipped up the front from the waist to the neck, but the jacket runs down to the ground at the back. He lifts his head as he begins to walk down the ramp. As he reaches the ring, he climbs the steps and waits, as the beat drops again, he extends his arms wide, and throws his head back casting off his hood and bringing the arena into light.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, he is representing The UGWC, he weighs in at 238lbs, from London, England I give you The Chimera, The Serpent, The Doctor GABRIAL BAAL!!!

He steps through the ropes and walks to the centre of the ring, when the beat drops one last time, once more he extends his hands out to the side.

Denzel Porter: Gabriel Baal looks focused and ready for this monumental match.

Johnny Hitmaker: As should EVERY professional wrestler! …But this is Gabriel Baal we’re talking about, and lemme make ONE THING… PERFECTLY CLEAR about THAT schmuck: he’s a DICK! His wife’s a DICK! And it filled me with great and unbridled JOY to see them lose the UGWC World Cooperative Championships to MY guys Baltimore Elite, who, I must reiterate, were ROBBED last night!

LCP: Funny coming from a guy not known for his profession.

Lemmy’s signature growl rips through the MGM Grand Arena, and the crowd starts cheering. However, instead of the regular version of the song, the arena plunges into darkness. After about 10 seconds, a spotlight illuminates a giant house of cards set up on the ramp. At this point, the acoustic version of ‘Ace of Spades’ begins to play, and The Gambler himself slowly rises from a platform beneath the house of cards.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, FROM Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 235 pounds... He is [IF CHAMPION - the (insert championship here)...] THE GAMBLER... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGG!!!

Ace slowly looks up, his weathered eyes scanning the crowd as he pauses for a few more seconds, then pulls a matchbook out of his boot, striking a match and tossing it onto the house of cards, setting it ablaze. After the first verse, ‘Ace of Spades’ transitions into the regular version of the song, and the lights spring alive as he makes his way down the ramp toward the ring, his arms outstretched for fans lining the barricade.

He stops short of the ring, then dives in under the bottom rope as red pyro explodes off each turnbuckle. Ace spins up to one knee, then takes another appreciative look out at the crowd before getting back to his feet and turning his attention to Gabriel as they both wait for the bell to sound.

Denzel Porter: The former EWC World Champion Ace King is a real wrestling guru many of his peers would say.

LCP: A guru you say?

Jonny Hitmaker: He's not wasting his time teaching you anything.

The bell rings

The two men circle one another a few times before reaching out and shaking hands. They circle a few more times before finally locking up, tightly. They battle against one another hard, neither man getting an advantage at first. Ace King begins pressing Gabriel Baal back, gaining three steps, but Gabriel gets his feet under him and presses right back to the center of the ring. Ace's Turn to lose some footing, Gabriel pressing him back an equal amount of steps before suddenly dropping down and hip tossing him across the ring. Ace King scrambles back to his feet and intercepts an incoming Gabrial, hip tossing him this time.

Gabriel scrambling up quickly. Ace King gets caught rushing in, Gabrial dropping to a knee and ankle picking him, dropping him face first to the mat. Ace pops back up quickly, using the ropes to stand, and turns on a bearingGabriel , putting a boot to his knee, then taking a step in delivering a knee to the side of the head. Gabriel hits the mat, but fends off a boot and gets to his feet quickly as well. Qce gets a hold of Gabriel free arm as he stands and sends him into the far side ropes, and as he rebounds, leap frogs over him. He drops down and Gabriel clears him, hitting the ropes again. On the second rebound, Ace-King hits a big power slam, snapping his hips and dropping the challenger swiftly and forcefully. Gabriel arches his back but again gets to his feet quickly. Ace pursues, but as he gets a hold of Baal, Gabriel shoves him back and hits a big drop kick.Ace still stands, but Gabriel drops him with another drop kick.

Ace scrambles back up again, but this time Baal snatches him in a front face lock, hooks a leg, and drops him with a suplex. Gabriel attempts a bridge, but Ace reaches under him and picks his ankle and breaks the pin. Ace King slides his way into his corner, and Baal allows him the chance to get back to his feet. For the first time since the match began, both men pause a moment and the crowd, having literally been on their feet the entire time, explodes into applause.

Denzel Porter : Holy hell, these two men are in perfect form tonight.

LCP: The chemistry is there for sure.

Johnny Hitmaker: You love to see competitors so in sync. …And HOPEFULLY Ace King SINKS his fists RIGHT into the abdomen of The Chimera! Kali ma! Kali ma! Kali ma!

The two get into a rhythm again and circle one another, both shooting a time or two, looking for an opening but not finding one. Finally, Ace jukes in but Baal turns it around, getting a waist lock from behind and holding it in tightly. Ace King looks for an escape and finally finds it by stomping on Gabriel's foot, reaching up, and grabbing Baal's neck. He maneuvers for a neck breaker, but Gabriel shoves him away and he hits the ropes, bouncing backward. Gabriel grabs him around the waist and pops his hips, jerking back for a German but Ace King flips out of it and lands on his feet, backing into a corner. Both men glare at one another and make a pinching motion with their fingers, indicating a “THIIIIS close” taunt.

Denzel Porter: They both tried pulling the trigger but were denied by the other!

LCP: Great minds think alike.

Johnny Hitmaker: Or fools as I like to say. Well, okay, to be fair, I don't know Mr. King, but if he loses tonight? TOTALLY a fool.

Both men come to the middle of the ring again, and before any lock up or clinch can happen, Ace King throws a hard right hand right into Gabriel's face. Baal is rocked, kicking his head back hard from the blow, before turning back and throwing a right of his own, clocking Ace King right in the jaw. A right from Ace, then a right from Gabriel, Ace ,Gabriel, Ace, Gabriel...

Denzel Porter: Someone is going to buckle here… how many haymakers can a man take?!

…Ace King ,Gabriel Baal,Ace,Gabriel, Ace….then Ace King again. And again, and then a knee to the midsection. Gabriel backs several steps and Ace King takes advantage. Taking a step up onto his opponent’s knee, he leaps up and cracks his other foot right off Baals skull. He goes down hard. Ace capitalizes, dropping an elbow on the back of his neck, then standing a dropping a knee onto his back. He jerks Gabriel up off the mat and whips him across into the far corner, running in and hitting a big body splash. Baal stumbles forward, and Ace doesn’t waste a moment, repeating the body splash in the opposite corner. Baal stumbles free again, but this time Ace King drop kicks him and grounds him. Gabriel makes an attempt to sit up and stand, but Ace rolls over and snaps his neck in a blockbuster maneuver, using the corner to get back to his feet.

Denzel Porter: Gabriel is down! and out after a flurry from Ace King.

LCP: He whelmed him alright.

Johnny Hitmaker: Whelmed? You’re an idiot. Gabriel better get it together. Get it together, gather it all up, and head for them thar hills!

Ace King lifts Gabriel off the mat and whips him the few feet into the nearby corner. He lifts the challenger up onto the top turnbuckle, tucks his own head between Gabriel legs, and walks him out in the middle of the ring. Whipping Gabriel hard onto the mat with an Alabama Slam, leaping over him and bridging in a pin attempt.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gabriel kicks out with aggression, rolling to his side and up to one knee. Ace is right on him, placing a well measured boot into Gabriels knee, but at the same time, Gabriel wheels around with a spinning back fist and knocks Ace to the mat himself. Both men get to their feet after a moment and rush one another, both ducking a clothesline. They both hit the ropes and Ace throws a hard shoulder block, expecting another clothesline from Baal and thinking to step to the inside of it. Instead, Gabriel leap frogs right over Ace King and hits the far side ropes.

By the time Ace is able to get his footing and turn to face Gabriel comes flying off the mat in a huge cross body block. Ace scrambles back up, but Gabriel is ready for him, lifting him up off the mat and dropping him across his knee in a backbreaker. Ace rolls to the mat holding his spine as Baal makes his way to the turnbuckles, sliding up to the top and waiting for his moment. Ace King refuses to stay down for very long, which is fine byGabriel, as he steps back, rushes forward slightly, and drops Ace with a quick DDT. Ace hits the mat but rebounds up slightly, his head wracked in pain. Gabriel falls to the mat, clinching Ace King's head with one arm, facing the side, and squeezing tightly.

Denzel Porter: Ace King is in trouble here. Not only has he been on the brunt of a seriously pinpointed attack by Baal here, but now he’s in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring, with nowhere to go and a long way to the ropes and no easy task with a grown man on him.

Ace King struggles and struggles, trying to pry at Baals fingers. Gabriel brings Ace's body closer to his, using pure strength alone to drag him toward his core. Kicking his legs, Ace King manages to bring himself closer to the ropes, but after a hard buck of his hips and kicking his legs up to slide closer, Gabriel traps one of his legs with both of his own. Ace flounders for a moment, concentrating only on breathing and keeping his senses about him, not struggling and wasting oxygen. Gabriel realizes the tactic, and after another long few minutes, releases the hold and gets to his feet, shaking his arms a bit. While Ace King might not have tapped out, his Oxygen flow was greatly reduced, and now he can do no more than lie there and breathe deeply. Gabriel lifts him off the mat a moment later and sends him into the ropes. Ace hits and comes rebounding back, and gets caught in the midsection with a palm strike. It doubles him over, but doesn’t put him down. Gabriel steps to the side, locks in a double wrist lock, and brings Ace in a step closer. He switches his hands around, and uses the wrist lock to lift Ace up in a suplex position. He holds him there a moment to get his footing, releases the wrist lock, and instead of just letting Ace fall straight down, he grabs a cradle, ducks Ace head, and hits a piledriver.

Denzel Porter : WHAT A COMBO!

LCP: No kidding that’s a full combo meal with a pie at the end!

Gabriel drops right into a pin from the extremely creative combo move and hooks the far leg

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kick out by Ace. Ace rolls to his side and clutches his head, the target of Gabriel attacks. He begins using the ropes to get to his feet a moment later, his challenger right behind him, waiting for his moment to strike. Ace seems to sense it however and, holding the ropes still, reaches back and executes a single leg mule kick to Gabriels midsection. It’s a weak move, and an out of character move, but it’s enough to double Baal over and give Ace time to breathe.

Baal takes a step forward in his doubled over state, and Ace grits his teeth and makes a sudden move. Grabbing Baal's head, he leaps through the middle and bottom rope, and drops Baal's neck across the bottom rope. Baal's neck snaps off the rope and he hits the mat, coughing. Ace takes a long moment to get himself together and slides back into the ring,, but it’s enough to double Baal over and give Ace time to breathe. Gabriel takes a step forward in his doubled over state, and Ace grits his teeth rebound a second time, but this time, just as Baal is coming off the ropes, Ace is there and meets him with a vicious Spear, immediately hooking the leg.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kick out by Gabriel . Ace King goes right back into action, rolling down Gabriel's body and snatching his ankle, standing, and latching in the ankle lock submission. Baal yelps in pain, grabbing at his ankle but unable to reach. With extremely quick thinking, Baal rolls free of the ankle lock, kicking Ace away, but he is not to be deterred. As Baal Gets to his feet, Ace King is right there and lifts him up for Eye in the Sky (Airplane Spin into a Running Death Valley Driver)!!!!!!

Denzel Porter: That’s got to be it!

LCP: I don't know about that Chief.

Johnny Hitmaker: How dare you question MR. PORTER, you boney pri-

Ace King scrambles for the far leg and hooks it.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ref stops the count, as Baal’s foot rests on the bottom rope nearby.


Johnny Hitmaker: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often!

Denzel Porter: Look at Ace he KNEW he HAD this match won right there! But Baal awareness saves him.

Indeed Ace seems frustrated, but nonetheless gets right back to his feet. Ace raises Baal off the mat, but Baal shows a streak himself, hitting a roaring elbow on Ace King.. Ace backs a step from pain, but Baal follows right up, with a massive SPEAR!!!!

Denzel Porter: What a Spear!

LCP: I could've done better…

Johnny Hitmaker: When did you even learn that move? When?!

LCP: Just now.

Gabriel sizes Ace King up as he kneels on one knee. Gabriel runs towards the ropes and jumps off the second rope and hits Ace with his The Freudian Slip. Rocking Ace in the hit with a brutal kick, but does go for the cover as he plays to the crowd and then picks Ace up for The Rise Of Order. He lifts him up and then plants him face first into the mat. He rolls him over and hooks both legs as the referee gets in position for the count.

Denzel Porter: Smart move to hook both legs.

LCP: Wrestling 101: hook both legs, to secure a win.

Johnny Hitmaker: That was actually insightful. …I think I’m going to be SICK!!





Ring announcer: Here is your winner by Pinfall Gabriel Baal!!!!!!

Denzel Porter: Great showing by Ace King from EWC, he was incredible tonight, but Gabriel Baal is the one that walks away with the win and bragging rights.

LCP: These matches just keep getting better with each Night.

Johnny Hitmaker: GOD! FUCKING!! DAMMIT-you know what? Remember what I said earlier about Mr. King only being a fool if he lost? Well, thanks for NOTHING, Ace-hole, you fool! You foolish fool!! Losing to Baal! The rest of this night BETTER be worthwhile!!!

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Tara Fenix/Wraith Segment

We cut backstage to a huge pop as Tara Fenix and Sabin/Wraith are seen in catering grabbing some top dollar munchies while discussing the Night Two results.

TARA FENIX: You did great last night. It was great to see you stand up to protect
your brother.

Sabin gritted his teeth when his mother referred to Dean as his brother; it didn’t make it any less true. Sabin let out a heavy sigh.

SABIN: If anyone is going to beat him up, it’s going to be me. It’s a brother thing.

TARA FENIX: He’s really not so bad, Sabin. He knows where he messed up, and he owned up to it…if I’m not mad, why should you be?

Her voice trails off, and suddenly there’s a smile from Tara as she looks off-screen. It’s enough for Wraith to notice before turning around here he is nearly staring into the eyes of one CHRIS PAGE which garners a thunderous ovation from inside the Stadium.

CHRIS PAGE: Hey guys, I didn’t mean to interrupt either of you… but piss baby had pants on so I figured I’d be safe.

There’s a smirk from Chris as he pats Wraith on the left shoulder while stepping past him where he and Tara share a hug for old time's sake.

CHRIS PAGE: Even running in the same circles it feels like forever, Tara.
They release the hug before Page takes a few steps away as he glances over towards Wraith who appears to be slightly offended.

CHRIS PAGE: Fool me once shame on you… fool me twice shame on me.

TARA FENIX: It has been a long time, but it’s always great to see you! You had a great match last night.

SABIN: It’s good to see your memory hasn’t started fleeting.
Sabin said with a smug expression. Tara gave him that look that only a mother could give, instilling fear for his life.

TARA FENIX: Terribly sorry about that, Chris.

CHRIS PAGE: Eh, what can you do… am I right?

Chris directs his attention back towards Sabin.

CHRIS PAGE: It’s not like you knew you’d be taking a wiz on an icon.
Sabin smirks as Tara smacks him on the arm.

SABIN: What?! Even Chris thinks it’s funny, right?

CHRIS PAGE: I’m going to say that you better thank your lucky stars you were an infant, and the respect that I hold for your ic mother…

Chris turns his head towards Tara.

CHRIS PAGE: It was kinda funny.

SABIN: Wait— wait, it was not funny! People are now calling me piss baby!

CHRIS PAGE: Wait…really?

Both Tara and Chris are stifling their laughter.

SABIN: Yes! Do you know how hard it is to get a mental edge over someone when they are thinking you’re a pissing baby?

TARA FENIX: I’m sure people are still trying to avoid that.

SABIN: Mom, I get some weird DMs.

TARA FENIX: Wait…Ashley?

SABIN: No. Not Ashley.

TARA FENIX: Okay! Good! I was about to go have some words with Bam.

Chris looks over at Sabin.

CHRIS PAGE: Sabin, just remember this… if you shake it more than twice you’re playing with it, and this is a public event which would then mean you’d have to register…

Some laughter from the Las Vegas crowd can be heard as some get it while others heads the joke sailed right over.

CHRIS PAGE: But hey, I saw you guys and had to come speak.
Chris turns back towards Sabin.

CHRIS PAGE: Real shit, if anyone gives you shit over being the Piss Baby you let me know, I don’t mind coming to squash that if the time required it. Piss Baby is my nickname for you, not the world.

Chris winks as he redirects towards Tara.

CHRIS PAGE: Enjoy the rest of the night. If you’ll both excuse me, I’ve got some business to tend too.

TARA FENIX: I’ve got a few people that I’m going to have to speak with, too. Call me.

CHRIS PAGE: We’ll set up a Zoom meeting this week.

Tara and Chris share another hug. Immediately after their hug, Sabin is standing face to face with Chris Page; Chris has his hand extended out to the young man who had waged war on night two of the event, and Sabin looks down at his hand momentarily…before finally shaking his hand.

SABIN: Always good to see you.

Sabin had said with a sincere smile.

CHRIS PAGE: Enjoy the rest of the show.

Chris Page gives his parting remark, leaving the mother and son to continue with their own conversation. Chris Page exits the scene, and the two continue their own conversation as the cameras return out to the arena.

Match Two

Denzel Porter: Up next ladies and gentlemen is a very personal bad blood battle from Project Honor as former lovers and now rivals go one on one in what many believe will be a physical no mercy type of atmosphere.

LCP: Well you know what they say: love turns into hate.

Johnny Hitmaker: Well for me I've always just hated you.

Denzel Porter: Haha, you two are always joking around, but it's time for the second match of the Night.

Johnny Hitmaker: Yeah, ha ha ha, we’re just joking around! We’re just joshin’ each other! Busting each other’s chops!

He scowls at Lewis.

LCP: Yeah I don’t hate John Boy…. I loathe. There’s a difference

The long intro of “Black Sheep” by The Clash at Demonhead begins to play through the arena. A single silhouette is seen at the top of the ramp. The silhouette is facing towards the titantron, hands clasped behind their back as they wait for the moment. The crowd claps along to the beat until Brie Larson’s voice finally fills the air and the silhouette turns around to face the ring as the arena lights come to life. Savannah Sunshine’s figure comes into view, but she is not wearing the usual grin. Instead, she's got a look full of fire and determination as she stares daggers around the arena. She doesn't pay any mind to the fans, simply makes her way towards the ring.

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Hello again, friend of a friend
I knew you when
Our common goal was waiting for the world to end
Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
You crack the whip shapeshift and trick the past again

As she heads down the ramp, she ignores the hands reaching out towards her. Though, the fans still seem to show some signs of support for the True Society member. As she approaches the ring, she walks over to the steel steps, climbing them until she meets the center of the ring apron. As she meets the center, she scrapes her boots, before climbing over the middle rope and into the ring. The clear change in demeanor is evident as Savannah seems to be in no mood.

I’ll send you my love on a wire
Lift you up every time
Everyone, ooh
Pulls away, ooh
From you

RING ANNOUNCER: Making her way to the ring, Representing Project Honor, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ... weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds … She is The Angel of Death ... Breaker of Chains … SAVANNAH AAANNNDDDRRREEEWWWSSS!!!!

Denzel Porter: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

LCP: Yeah I don't have to worry about that, I keep my wife happy.

Johnny Hitmaker: I find that hard to believe.

He pinches his fingers close together to slanderously imply something. Lewis sees this and begins to unzip his pants.

Johnny Hitmaker: Oh god sit down you pervert.

The sounds of a siren playing in the background of the whispers of a voice, the lights become dark inside of the arena as the OmegaTron lights up with a feed of static, showing multiple shots of Jason Long holding a collection of championships over the past five years.

“Please, remain calm, the end has arrived
We cannot save you, enjoy the ride
This is the moment you've been waiting for
Don't call it a warning—”

As the opening choir vocals to ‘Parasite Eve’ begins to play over the speakers and echoing throughout the arena as it erupts the crowd, a singular spotlight separates itself from the rest and shines down onto the entrance curtain. With the vocals from Oli Sykes kicking in, the figure of Jason Long steps out from behind the curtain to a loud ovation, with a large smile resting on his face as he stops at the top of the ramp. The King glances down onto the camera looking up towards him, a cocky smile being given towards the camera before opening up his jacket and pushing it behind him– beginning his walk down to the ring, mouthing off to the camera as he does.

“Really we just need to fear something
Only pretending to feel something
I know you're dying to run
I wanna turn you around”

With the lights all focusing down onto the ringside area, Jason moves along the floor and hops up onto the apron - on the side where the hardcam can get a good look at him - as he leans back against the ropes before entering through the middle ropes. Jason heads into the closest corner to him and climbs up onto the second rope, looking out into the crowd as the introduction is given.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent… wrestling out of Wexford Town, County Wexford, Ireland and weighing in tonight at one hundred and ninety-five pounds… he is The King of Wrestling… The Best Bout Machine… JAASSOOOONNNNNNN LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!

“It's the Parasite Eve
Got a feeling in your stomach
'Cause you know that it's coming for ya
Leave your flowers and grieve
Don't forget what they told ya, ayy, ayy”

Just as his name is shouted down the microphone, Jason out-stetched his arms wide and roars out to the crowd, keeping a smile on his face as he does. removes his leather ring jacket and throws it down to the ringside area before hopping down off of the ropes and leaning back against the turnbuckles.

Denzel Porter: Jason looks ready as he ever has been. I wonder if the break up will affect either competitor here tonight.

LCP: They're both pros and should be able to block those emotions.

Johnny Hitmaker: I have to agree with you for a change, Lewis. If they don’t wanna be bombarded with “loser” comments on social media, they’d BETTER not fuck around!

*Bell rings*

Savannah stands in the right corner with a fierce look on her face as she stares a hole through the cocky smiling Jason Long, who flexes in the left corner towards the fans. Savannah cracks her neck and walks to the center of the ring and Jason meets her.

Denzel Porter: You can cut the tension in here with a knife.

Jason smirks at Savannah and gives her a pat on the head and turns his back on her as hey plays to the crowd again with a smirk on his face.

Denzel Porter: Jason showing no respect to his former lover Savannah.

LCP: Something tells me he’s about to regret it.

Johnny Hitmaker: Look out, bud!! Ha ha ha!

Savannah eyes fill with rage as she stomps her feet then backs to the corner before launching herself towards Jason as she jumps in the air and plants her knees in his back that sends him flying into the corner. Before he’s able to recover Savannah keeps up the momentum and hits him with a close line followed by a bulldog as she plants Jason face into the mat. Then rolls him over to get on top and starts raining down punches and elbows on Jason.

Denzel Porter: Savannah is on fire right now.

LCP: She’s ghost pepper hot right now and Jason can not handle the spice.

Johnny Hitmaker: I think Jason's about to turn the heat up himself. What’s hotter than ghost peppers again?

Back in the ring Jason begins to block the punches better with his forearm. He then uses his legs to push Savannah off him flipping her over him and right on her back. Savannah gets back up but Jason is right there to meet her with his hand around her throat as he backs her up into the corner with fierce range in his eyes now as he points his finger in her face why yelling at her, but Savannah bites the finger he waves in front of him then uses her elbow to break hi hold off her throat. Savannah then runs towards the ropes and jumps off them and hits Jason with a springboard moonsault then goes for a quick cover.



Kick out by Jason with authority as He knocks Savannah off him. As Savannah gets up on one knee Jason meets her with a shining wizard, then applies a cross face submission on her in the middle of the ring and the referee gets in position to check on Savannah.

Denzel Porter : Jason got her in a tight hold right now, One has to wonder how much punishment she can handle.

LCP: Haha oh baby that one is too easy, I’m not even trying that one P.

Johnny Hitmaker: What are you rambling on about?! Keep it to the match, you WEIRDO!

Jason tightens his hold on Savannah as he applies more pressure to the cross face. The fans can be heard cheering SAVANNAH on as she starts to work her way towards the ropes. Jason tries applying more pressure to the hold but the CHEERS of the fans start to rock the stadium as they show their support for Savannah.

Denzel Porter: The people are clearly behind Savannah tonight.

LCP: That's what happens when you are a terrible ex.

Savannah, using the momentum from the fans, finally makes it to the rope and grabs hold and the referee tells Jason to let go but he shakes his head as the referee starts to count, he applies just a little bit of pressure before letting her go at the count of two. Jason walks around the ring with a smirk on his face as he waits for Savannah to get up and as she does he goes running in for a spear but Savannah jukea out of the way and Jason shoulder crashes into the pole.

Denzel Porter: Yeah that one is going to hurt in the morning for sure.

Johnny Hitmaker: He missed his target by a mile. Oh, sorry, I’m Canadian; he missed his target by a kilometre!

Jason comes walking out of the corner in pain as he holds his shoulder but Savannah meeeta him with a dropkick to the chest that sends him back into the corner as he drops down. Savannah gets a running head start and launches herself into Jason, using her knees once again to crash in his chest.

Denzel: Savannah showing Jason why you don't piss off your ex.

Savannah lifts Jason up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up herself and attempts to suplex Jason but he holds his body weight down and starts throwing punches into Savannah side repeatedly before she falls to mat hard on her back and Jason stands up on the turnbuckle as the fans get on their feet. Jason launches and hits a beautiful 450 splash on Savannah and goes for the cover.




Savannah uses her ring awareness to get her foot on the bottom rope and the referee is forced to break the pin count. Jason Long slaps the mat in frustration and looks at Savannah for a moment in deep thought.

Denzel Porter: You have to think this is hard for these two to put each other away. Bad blood or not these two used to love each other and I just find it hard to believe the emotions aren't following right now.

LCP: The only emotion showing is Jason's frustration, and I think he's getting desperate.

Johnny Hitmaker: Desperate times call for dirty tricks, I always say!

Jason smirks and starts back up towards the ropes and waits there as he measures Savannah, as she gets on one knee he bounces off the ropes and takes a leap in the air looking to hit one his most brutal finishers Vanity Killer (Curb Stomp).... But no Savannah moves out the way just as Jason comes down with the stomp, Savannah moves quickly and catches him from behind and pulls out a maneuver in her arsenal that's only used in desperate times: crushcrushcrush (double knee backbreaker into a crossfire). She locks it in tightly right in the middle of the ring and even takes one of Jason's arms and puts it in between her legs to keep him grounded better, and pulls back with all her might.

Denzel Porter: What a counter by Savannah on that exchange. I was sure Jason was about to end it all right there, but nobody knows you better like your ex-girl.

LCP: As long as they were together, she better had seen it coming.

Jason tries to make his way to the ropes, but Savannah is stretching him out like some pizza dough as she keeps yanking back with the cross face. After a few more seconds go by, Jason stops struggling or moving towards the ropes. The referee quickly checks on him. The referee grabs Jason's arm and let's go and it drops straight to the mat. The referee picks arm up again, and it drops back down to the mat. Savannah keeps talking back as the referee picks his hand for a third time it drops to the mat with ease and the referee calls for the bell. Savannah stands up from an ovation from the fans of 70,000.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner SAVANNAH AAANNNDDDRRREEEWWWSSS!

Denzel Porter: Great win by Savannah, she gets some revenge on Jason here tonight and a big victory as well.

Johnny Hitmaker: Great win by Savannah but that Jason guy never quit, he held on until he couldn’t anymore.

He instantaneously points accusedly at Lewis.

Johnny Hitmaker: Don’t you say ANYTHING!

LCP: A win is a win and this one was a great one for her and an incredible match we just witnessed.

Johnny Hitmaker’s face softens a bit.

Johnny Hitmaker: Oh, okay, that’s okay to say.

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Match Three

Match Threer

The fearsome drum intro starts for "Zetite" by Illnath, grabbing everyone's attention as a terrifying image of Supreme Machine's face glares down from the Tron. The entire arena then plunges into darkness, earning some screams of fright from the crowd after what they just saw.
As the fast-paced vocals begin, tunnels of flame begin erupting around the stage. They go off at different points in regular intervals, following the beat of the song and exploding upwards with a torrent of heat and fire. As the music increases in volume, every single funnel explodes at once, creating a huge fireball about the stage.

When the flames drop, Supreme Machine is standing there.

He has positioned himself at the top of the ramp, standing with his head bowed. His arms are tightly crossed around his chest. Supreme Machine then whips his head upwards and brings up a crucifix pose, with his gaze locking onto the ring battlefield that awaits him.

After a few moments have passed, with the crowd at peak anticipation/anxiety, Supreme Machine begins a slow measured walk down the aisle, looking ready to destroy any fan who dares reach in his direction. This is not a man you want to high five.

He steps over the top rope, making his way to the center of the ring. Showing no willingness to give up any of the territory around him, he stands, waiting for the bell to sound.

Micheal Graves walks through the curtain to little fanfare. Seemingly immune to the crowd's jeers, Micheal remains stone-faced as he heads down the ramp and rolls into the ring. Micheal casually heads to his corner where he looks bored waiting for this match to begin.

Graves stares across the ring at Supreme Machine and lets the big guy know how unimpressed he is with a disinterested yawn.

SUMA simply stares right back at him unphased.


Denzel Porter: Here we go two man that aren't afraid to hit hard or get dry if necessary, should be an even match up.

Johnny Hitmaker: We shall see Mr. P!

LCP: Even on paper but they still have to put the work in.

Graves starts to flap his arms like a chicken which only leads to SUMA sprinting across the ring and blasting him in the side of the face with a running big boot. Graves slams back into the corner and has no chance to move out of the way before SUMA closes the distance and begins to stomp him over and over again in the stomach.

The assault continues until Graves finds himself down in a seated position in the corner. From there SUMA takes his boot and presses it to the man's throat, putting as much force as he can muster into it as the referee scurries over and slaps him on the shoulder, telling him to break the maneuver. SUMA ignores the official until the referee reaches a four-count. Holding his hands up in the air innocently, SUMA backs off for just a second. Just long enough for Graves to start to pull himself back up. As he does so, SUMA blows past the referee and smashes Graves into the corner with a thunderous clothesline! SUMA lifts Graves onto the top turnbuckle and pulls him down into his arms, setting up for a muscle buster!

Denzel Porter: What POWER BY SUMA!

Johnny Hitmaker: Graves is in danger right about now.

LCP: That looked incredibly painful.

Tempus Fugit!!!

Supreme Machine stomps around the ring with his early dominance on full display before making the cover!





SUMA is momentarily shocked that Graves kicked out, but he quickly gets over it and jumps to his feet targeting the still down Micheal Graves! SUMA grabs Micheal by the hair and yanks him up to his knees! SUMA makes his bad intentions known to the crowd, but Graves interrupts those plans with an elbow to the midsection, but SUMA no-sells the blow and violently rips Graves from the mat, and quickly slams him back down with a thunderous powerbomb!

The crowd roars in delight at what they're seeing here, and that distracts SUMA just long enough for Graves to escape under the bottom rope to the outside.


When SUMA does notice, he quickly charges across the ring and steps over the top rope to the outside!



Graves catches him with a flurry of right hands, but SUMA powers through Micheal's offense before staggering him with a heavy forearm!


SUMA then whips Micheal into the steps where he hits at the knees and flips over the steel structure!

SUMA stomps over to where Graves landed.


But Graves has disappeared!?! SUMA looks around, confused for a moment until realizing that Micheal likely escaped under the ring!


"Come on, bring it back into the ring!"

SUMA ignores the official and kneels down, lifting the ring skirt to look for Micheal, and being met with a white burst of fire extinguisher to the face!


With SUMA temporarily blinded and choking for air, Graves takes advantage with a quick kick to the gut and a DDT before he rolls in and right back out of the ring to restart the count!


Graves positions the steps before turning his attention back to SUMA!


Micheal lays a few well placed stomps into SUMA before grabbing a handful of hair and pulling him up to his feet.


Micheal leads him to the steps and sets up for Grave Consequences, but SUMA overpowers Graves and backdrops him onto the steps! Graves bounces off of the unforgiving steel and lands on the other side favoring his lower back!


SUMA violently yanks Graves off of the floor and throws him over the top rope and into the ring!


SUMA steps over the top rope and into the ring as Graves hurries to his feet and catches him in the ropes with a flurry of right hands!

Denzel Porter: Beating that man like a scolded dog.

SUMA shakes off the assault and grabs Micheal by the head with both hands before delivering a powerful headbutt that sends Graves flying backward on his ass! SUMA steps into the ring and grabs Micheal off of the mat and throws him into the corner! Micheal pushes out, but does get far before SUMA crashes in with a huge clothesline! Graves slumps down in the corner out on his feet. SUMA grabs him under the arms and tosses him out of the corner and about two-thirds of the way across the ring before he lands and clutches his lower back!

SUMA stomps across the ring and grabs Graves by the hair and calls out to the crowd signifying that this one is over. SUMA doesn't seem to notice that Micheal is transforming into the larger and stronger DARK WARRIOR in his hands!

As soon as SUMA turns his attention back to Graves, Micheal explodes to his feet and stands nose to nose with SUMA! SUMA looks a little shocked by the events, but it doesn't take long for him to fire off a big right hand, but it doesn't seem to hit as hard as he expected and Graves fires back with one of his own that does seem to hit harder than before! SUMA takes a single step back from the blow and seems surprised at how hard the hit connected.

Denzel Porter: Thatpunch just made Suma reconsider for a moment.!

LCP: I think it pissed him off more than anything.

SUMA hits the ropes and connects with a big boot on the rebound! Graves hits the mat with a thunderous BOOM but springs right back to his feet. Unfortunately, SUMA is all over him and slams Graves back to the mat with a big running power slam, but NO! Graves again transforms, this time into his smaller and faster female form! The confusion caused by Graves shrinking to roughly half his former size allows him... uh, her to slip out before SUMA can complete the move! She hits the ropes and slides under SUMA's legs as he fires off a clothesline! She's quickly back to her feet and rebounding from the other side as SUMA turns to catch a wicked dropkick to the right knee that takes the monster down to one leg!

Lady Gravy hits the ropes again and comes in from behind with a flipping neck breaker!
SUMA is already pushing up to his knees as Lady Graves tangles his and her limbs together and rolls SUMA up into a weird pretzel-like cover!




Through sheer power, SUMA breaks Lady Gravy's twisted pretzel pinning attempt and both competitors rush to their feet. Lady Gravy hits the ropes again, but this time springboards off of them backward with a flying elbow, but SUMA catches her right out of the air and slams her down with the missed Powerslam from earlier! Lady Gravy writhes in pain for a moment before changing back to vanilla Graves who's not in much better shape but still pushes up to his knees.

A double ax handle from SUMA drops Graves back to the mat! SUMA grabs Micheal's leg setting up for a surfboard stretch and possibly Deus Ex Machinae, but Graves catches him with a stiff kick under the chin causing SUMA to release his grip and stagger back as Graves hurries to his feet and rushes in with a spear!

Micheal tries to capitalize, but SUMA fights back and soon both men are on their feet exchanging blows until SUMA gains the advantage with a few staggering right hands! SUMA stomps in to grapple, but Graves spits a RED MIST into SUMA's eyes!

SUMA backs off, removing his mask and revealing his scarred face to the world as he tries to rub the burning red liquid from his eyes.

Graves takes to the top rope and leaps off with a double ax handle that sends SUMA to the mat!

Micheal pulls SUMA into position for the crucifix powerbomb before calling for Grave

Micheal lifts SUMA up across his shoulders and stalls for a moment before slamming him to the mat! Micheal moves in for the cover, but SUMA comes to life and jumps to his feet! Pounding away at Graves before he can react! Suma picks Graves up and hits his finisher 'Apex Ultima' – Electric chair lift into an inverted package piledriver, and goes for the cover.




Ring Announcer: Here is your winner Supreme Machine!!!!!

Denzel Porter:Graves fought hard and gave SUMA a run for his money but in the end the Supreme Machines stands tall!

Johnny Hitmaker: Was a very hard hitting match, SUMA and Graves both looked impressive.

LCP: Yeah it was a wrestling clinic.

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Tara Fenix Segment

… Last year …
The screen is dark; however, you hear the ambience growing louder and louder as if the starting of a sporting event as the crowd is getting riled up, and the voiceover is heard almost drowned out by the sound of the audience.

VOICEOVER: Ladies and gentlemen! We are LIVE–

The voice fades away, and the screen begins to flash showing snippets from the cruise that disembarked on October 30, 2021 as it set out on its voyage for charity. It shows several action sequences before the sound does eventually drown out for the exception of the crowd chanting:

CROWD: Let’s go Tara!
CROWD: Let’s go Myo!
CROWD: Let’s go Tara!
CROWD: Let’s go Myo!

The image shows MYOJIN and Tara Fenix standing across from each other as they look to have their first competition against each other from that fateful night.

VOICEOVER: –NIGHT ONE of the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise!

The action sequences highlight much of what occurred on night one, starting from the opener all the way to the main event. There are flashes of the crowd showing everybody who was there as a guest, whether they were in the business, a celebrity, or just a fan. The sudden burst of fireworks are highlighted as the sound of people singing “happy birthday” is when it fades. The voiceover is heard again: “NIGHT TWO!” it says as the action sequences continue, and are even showing highlights of people being dressed up as the event had taken place on Halloween. The action shots cease as we hear the voiceover now say: “NIGHT THREE!” and we are met with more and more action shots culminating with Team Raven and Team Atara standing in the center of the ring, with Team Raven celebrating their victory.
The Tara Fenix Charity Cruise event was able to raise $14,877,841 in 2021.

Let’s raise the bar in 2022!

The following was pre-recorded…

The scenery fades in to show Tara Fenix sitting on a couch, and sitting on the opposite end of the couch is Chris Page. However, the camera is focused on Tara who is sporting a smile.

TARA FENIX: Hello, people!

She begins while waving her hands, and finally presses the palms of her hands together and a subtle bow of her head in appreciation for those watching from the arena or from their homes.

TARA FENIX: Last year, everyone was invited to help me celebrate my birthday and raise money for charity in the process which I am honored to say that we did raise over fourteen MILLION dollars spread out throughout various charities that needed more. This year, we are going to make it bigger…we are going to make it better…and I am inviting every single one of you to attend my birthday celebration in HAWAII!

TARA FENIX: I have teamed up with Thaddeus Duke in the construction of an arena in Waikiki that will be ready to host its first event this October as the Tara Fenix Charity Event, and we raise the stakes! It will take place on the weekend going into my birthday which, of course, is October 30th, landing on a Sunday this year. The pieces are already being set. If you did not get a chance to be part of the first event, I weLCP:ome you to come to the second event! With me is someone who needs no introduction–

Tara gestures over toward Chris Page.

TARA FENIX: Do you have anything you would like to add to the announcement of the Tara Fenix Charity Event?

The camera pans back revealing Chris Page as his attention is solely directed towards the camera.

CHRIS PAGE: The Tara Fenix Charity Cruise was, and is the event that has set the standard for what Supershows can be. It was instrumental in bringing in talents from all over the profession, putting together dream matches from all over the spectrum, and all being for a great cause. What kick started such events like the Denzel Porter Invitations to even the 2022 CCPE Cannabis Cup will no doubt take the state of supershows to a whole new level.

Chris directs his attention towards Tara.

CHRIS PAGE I was thrilled to be able to take part in this event last year… much like I will be thrilled to take part in it this year. I’ll officially announce my participation as the first talent to sign on for what will be another historic event for the sport of Professional Wrestling. I strongly advise each and every piece of talent within the sound of my voice to do yourselves a favor, sign up, take part, and above all else… Donate.

Tara is all smiles after Chris Page’s own speech, but directs her attention back to the camera in front of her.

TARA FENIX: And… Do you really think that I am going to sit this one out? I am going to need an opponent.

She says and winks.

TARA FENIX: There are people still talking about the main event from night three of the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise, and so people have asked…how am I going to top that? Big announcement coming for night one in the near future! More information will be provided in March. How about that main event, though? I am going to need some captains. The name of the game is charity, though, so as Chris Page did eloquently put it: SIGN UP. DONATE. This is going to be another event that you are not going to want to miss!

The camera pans out before eventually fading onto the still image advertising the second Tara Fenix Charity Event.

Match Four

Live on Night Three, it's time for the fifth match, and guaranteed to be the most brutal match of the night: the Deathmatch between Corey Black and Brandon Moore. Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, tacks, and everything a sick and twisted person can think of.

The lights in the arena fade slowly to black. A booming voice echoes throughout, the beginning of "Omerta" by Lamb of God plays.

"Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward.
Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both.
For a wounded man will shall say to his assailant.
'If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven.'
Such is the rule of honor."

Ring Announcer: "The following contest is the DEATHMATCH! Introducing first, he weighs into tonight's contest at two hundred and twenty two pounds! He is "The King Of All Wrestlers"! Ladies and gentlemen, this is CORRRRRRREEEYYYY… BLAAAAAAAAAAAACKK!!"

The crowd picked up the lyrics and has began shouting them at the top of their lungs as the song kicks in, a white spotlights hits the stage and there, standing in all his glory is the King of All Wrestlers Corey Black. Clad in his ring gear with a fur piece that goes over his head and rests upon his shoulders, a long cape protrudes from the back of the fur, purple on the inside and black on the outside. A helm sits upon Black's head, encompassing his entire cranium. His eyes pierce through the mouth of the beastly helm, mythical surely. It appears to be dragon-like in nature gray leaning black in color and glowing green eyes, but alas a crown sits upon it as well. Corey stands at the top of the ramp for a few moments, looking out into the raging crowd. At his leisure, he begins walking down toward the ring, almost stalking it. He walks over to the steps, scaling them and entering the ring through the ropes to a roaring crowd. He slowly removes the creature helm, looking out on the sea of humanity appreciative of his presence. The helm now placed in the corner shoots a few bursts of steam from its nose, delighting and popping the crowd once more! Corey takes the fur and cape off, dropping it next to the helm as a crew member retrieves them and Corey stands in his corner, stoic, waiting for the match to commence.

You hear that guitar start strumming, the lights fading to black, as Tera-Fied by Static X brings the noise. The arena stays pitch black through the 53 second long intro of masters of the craft just jammin'. And the vocals hit.

"Terminate, Tera-Fied! Smash it up. Draw the line. Fuck it up.
Rev it up. Modulate it. Penetrate it. You and me. Me and you. Everything. See it through. Take it all the way."

A faint purple spotlight screams through the dark to the middle of the stage, as a platform lowers to the floor beneath.


The platform ascends back to the stage, raising a man wearing a black pullover hoodie with the hood up and head down while he's crouched on one knee. He extends his arms out wide as a rain of pyro goes off all around and above him. He disappears behind the bright flash of explosions.

"Put it in the slot. Breathe it all in. Take another hit. Show me what you've got! Rhythm in the head. Hold the fucker in! Never got enough. Never got enough. Loving you to death. I put the trigger on hold."
The pyro dies down and comes to a stop.

The hood is flung from his head as he looks up and goes to his feet, revealing himself to be none other than The Despised Icon, Brandon Moore. He points out at a fan in the crowd with one of his extended hands as he walks across the stage in that direction. At least two thirds of the crowd are losing their shit as Brandon panders to them. He smirks as they eat this shit out of the palms of his hands.

Ring Announcer: "And introducing his opponent. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty three pounds, this is the 'Despised Icon', this is BRANDON…. MOOOOOOORRREEEE"

"Getting me higher. Put it inside. Set it on fire. Stick it in. Do it right. Live to win. End the fight. Bleeding out. All around. Grab it as you come and shoot it Far as you can make it go. Think of what it make you do."

Brandon heads toward the ring, dropping his showboating antics and getting serious on the way. Gets ringside and rolls into the ring beneath the bottom rope.


As Brandon slides into the ring, he guides himself toward the nearest corner, and rises to his feet in that corner using the ropes. He bounces a little before settling back against the turnbuckles, the world that surrounds him fades as he ignores it. All he wants is to hear the ring of that bell. That's when the fun begins.

"Until you're harnessing the spark."

Denzel Porter: This DeathMatch has the potential to be one hell of a match that we will all come to remember.

LCP: Knowing both of these guys, they're going to tear this stadium down.


The bell rings as Corey lunges forward, catching him with a European uppercut that drops Brandon to the mat. Brandon, caught off guard by the attack, rolls over to the corner, to which Corey follows and puts his boot to the throat of Brandon, choking him with his foot as the referee pulls Corey back some. He gets him to the corner and orders the bell to ring, which the bell keeper does, and Corey runs full head of steam and hits a low corner dropkick to the head of Brandon, sending him forward to the mat and causing Corey to hold his stomach as he sits on the mat. Corey grabs the razor wire, not caring that his hands are being cut, and drags the wire towards the middle of the ring at the ring ropes. Corey has to use a lot of energy to get up quicker than Brandon and tries dragging him by the head, but Brandon hits him with one good elbow to the gut, sending Corey back with a groan. Brandon elbows him square in the head and goes for a whip, but Corey stops before he hits the wire ropes. Brandon runs after him but gets drop toe hold, sending Brandon face first into the barbed wire, causing a loud reaction from the crowd.

Denzel Porter: That wire can tear flesh from Bone.

LCP: Not to self never get caught in barbed wire

Brandon starts twitching some, the effect of the razor wire digging into his skull shown from his body movement. Corey looks over, a shocked look on his face. That shocked look, however, turns into a look of craziness and evil as he crawls over to Brandon, flipping him over, Brandon's face slowly dripping red. Corey mounts Brandon, and lays quick rights to the open wound of Brandon, right after right after right and repeat. Corey pulls himself off, letting out a roar to the crowd before grabbing his stomach, getting another reaction from the crowd.

Denzel Porter: Corey Black not letting up on the assault

Johnny: He's also a showman by the looks of things.

While Corey show boats to the crowd, Brandon starts to crawl to the corner, reaching down by the post and down in the gap of the steel steps. Corey notices, thinking Brandon is trying to escape, walks over and leans his head close by Brandon to grab him, but Brandon swings back, hitting Corey in the skull, sending him back. Brandon slowly spins around, a smile turned to laugh comes from his blood filled face as he shows his hand, revealing a wooden spike. He slowly gets to his feet, wiping the blood around his eyes with his glove before walking over to Corey, tossing the spike out of the ring to the floor before he pulls in a duffle bag while the camera man examines Corey, who from the spike to the forehead is also cut himself from the shot with the spike. Brandon carries the duffle bag in and kicks Corey right in the ribs before setting the bag down and opens them up. He pulls out light tubes, and a bigger smirk fills his bloodied face. He goes to grab Corey, who instead lows blows Brandon, and uses Brandon to get to his feet, picking up a light tube and places it under Brandon's shoulders and locks Brandon in and delivers a tiger Suplex, Brandon's neck and shoulders making the tube shatter.


LCP: Yeah These two are living up to the matches name that's for sure.

Johnny: Two maniacs trying to kill each other.

Brandon slowly rolls out of the ring, his body already cut deep from the shattered glass pieces that covered his body as Corey kneels in the ring, and sees Brandon slowly pull himself up. Corey steps back some and runs and dives over the rope onto Brandon. Both men are laid out onto the floor, both from the shots that they have taken so early into the match up. The physicality, the danger of this match, it's not for the date of heart, but a match like this is what both men are willing to go through to get their revenge on the other. The referee cannot exit the ring as easy, so he has no choice but to watch from the ring as Brandon slowly starts to gain his composure and drags himself to the railing, as he looks over at Corey, who's doing the same.

They both lean on the apron, God knows how much blood they lost already, but Corey pushes himself off the railing and runs at Brandon, who drops to his knees and hits a gnarly low blow on Corey with the glove that has the barbed wire wrapped around it, and the face on Corey, the absolute pain he had on his face tells the story. He struggles to stand as Brandon keeps his arm in position, and Brandon looks up, an evil smirk growing on his bloodied face as he quickly yanks his arm back towards him, grinding the razor wire against the grapefruits of his opponent, dropping him to his knees fast.

He then grabs Corey by the head before slamming him face first into the metal grate that is the ramp way before slowly unwrapping the wire that's wrapped around his glove, the camera catching his face, his eye twitching straightens out the wire before stomping on the back of Corey, causing him to yell, but Brandon grabs the upper part of his jaw with his free hand and looks at the crowd before grinning. He then slowly brings the barbed wire around to his face, sliding it across his lips before having the wire between both of his lips. Brandon let's go and grabs both ends and pulls on the wire, causing it to dig into his mouth and lips as Corey screams in agony, while Brandon also jams his knee into his back to keep him still.
Brandon lets go of the wire and Corey before approaching the ring apron. He lifts the apron up, and a twisted smile comes on his face as he pulls out glass table… with RAZOR BLADES STICKING IN THE TABLE!!!

Denzel Porter: Just when I thought they couldn't take it up another notch.

LCP: There is always more you can do in DeathMatch Mr.P.

Johnny: The possibility is endless.

Brandon sets the table up before leaning on the edge of the ring, trying to gather himself before walking over to Corey Black and drags him to the edge of the ring. Brandon gets on then pulls Corey onto the apron and grabs him by the throat and points at the monstrous contraption placed below them. Corey elbows his way out before both men throw jabs at each other. Suddenly, both men grab each other and fall off the edge, going through the glass razor blade stuffed table as the crowd is going absolutely insane for this.

Denzel: HOLY SHIT!

Both men are laid out, their blood spilling on the floor as Brandon starts moving some and razors are shown to be stuck in his body, in his legs and arms and back. Corey follows suit, showing the razors lodged into his body as both men start crawling towards the ring apron, pulling themselves up and back into the ring.

Corey crawling towards the corner of the ring.

He crawls over to the corner and grabs a pair of handcuffs. He limps over to Brandon, but Brandon kicks Corey directly in the stomach, making him drop the cuffs. Brandon then kicks Corey 's leg in, making him fall forward. Brandon then pushes himself into a sitting position, looking at Corey then the cuffs. He coughs blood onto the back of Corey before grabbing the cuffs, then proceeding to cuff the hands of Corey together. He then uses the barbed wire to pull himself up before grabbing Corey by the ear and pulls him up roughly. He then grabs Corey by the chin and then tosses Corey over the post, causing his arms to be caught by the top of the post, putting him in a position where he is dangling over the post. Brandon falls to his back, slowly rolling out of the ring before limping over to the steel steps before pushing them off, revealing under them is a taser. Moore picks up the taser, pushing the buttons as the taser sparks, getting a spark and a grin.

Denzel Porter: I don't like the look on Moores face.

LCP: Something tells me Corey Black isn't going to be a fan of it either.

Johnny:Well I'm a big fan of this match, like who doesn't like seeing two psychos beat the shit out of each other.

He steps on the remaining part of the steps and teases Corey, dragging the taser across his body. He pushes the taser on his leg, shocking him, making Corey convolt. Brandon grins as he puts the taser against Corey’s neck. He goes to push the button, but Corey kicks Brandon in the nuts, causing Brandon to fall off the steps. The referee walks over, lifting the cuffs over the ring post, but cannot uncuff Corey as Brandon has the key in his pocket. Corey falls to the mat, struggling from the match.

Denzel Porter: Corey better think of something fast.

Corey starts crawling to the barricade, pulling himself to his feet as he sees Brandon back up, so Corey runs and jumps onto the steps then jumps off, hitting a kick that sends Brandon back first into the broken glass. Corey barely lands on his feet as he falls to his knees and crawls over to the body of Brandon before grabbing the keys from him. He uncuffs his hands before tossing the cuffs into the crowd. He crawls over to the apron before reaching under and pulls out a table… with thumbtacks and Razor Wire attached to it!!!! Corey with a struggle lifts the table up and slides the table into the ring. He grabs Brandon and pushes Moore into the ring himself. Corey goes to slide back into the ring, but stops himself. He kneels down and reaches under the ring again before pulling out a machete with a HUGE pop from the crowd. Corey stares blankly as the blood continues to pour down his face into his eyes. Corey slides into the ring, only to eat Brandon's 'FYF' to the side of Corey's head before making the first cover of the match.



Th- Kickout From Corey!"

Denzel Porter: Not enough damage done to put the King away.

LCP: Better turn the heat up Moore.

Brandon falls to his side as he looks at the table. He crawls over, pushing himself to his feet as he grabs the table and sets it up before climbing to the second rope, facing the crowd. He beats his chest, yelling as he gets the crowd extremely hyped up as he doesn't realize that Corey has picked himself up and picked up the machete. Corey responds by quickly slicing the back of Brandon's leg, getting a massive scream from Brandon Moore. Corey carefully climbs up beside Brandon and places the machete against Brandon's forehead. A sick and twisted smile comes from Corey as he slices Brandon's head, getting another scream before dropping the machete onto the floor. He then slowly lifts Brandon onto his shoulders in a reverse fireman's carry as the crowd get on their feet in anticipation as Corey gets to a standing position onto the two set of ropes before jumping off with a- AVALANCHE BURNING HAMMER THROUGH THE RAZOR WIRE AND THUMBTACK TABLES!!!! THE CROWD IS ON THEIR FEET!!! BOTH MEN ARE SHAKING VIOLENTLY FROM THE EXCHANGE! WAIT!! COREY MANAGED TO GET A ARM ON BRANDON!!




The bell rings as the crowd go on their feet as 'Omerta' plays as the referee raises the downed Corey Black arm.


Denzel Porter: What a fucking match!

LCP: Language Mr.P but yeah this one was incredible and brutal as hell.

Johnny: I have to are one of the best damn Death Marches I've ever seen. This was simply a legendary blood bath.

Being helped up by the referee, Corey leans against the ropes as he looks out into the crowd, seeing their appreciation before falling to his body and rolls out of the ring and lands on his feet. He limps up the ramp as the crowd claps for him and Brandon.

Match Five

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a HANDICAP STREET FIGHT!”

The crowd erupts with the announcement of tonight’s Main Event.

“Introducing first, they are TEAM XWF LEGENDS; introducing first, he is the One Half Owner of the XWF. “LOVERBOY” VINNIE LANE; his partners, first, he is the other Owner of the XWF, THEO PRYCE, GATOR and finally DOCTOR LOUIS D’VILLE

The Las Vegas crowd welcomes the XWF Legends as Vinnie Lane, Theo Pryce, Gator and Doc all emerge out to the top of the ramp to a pyro display that lights up the Las Vegas skies while garnering a louder ovation for Team XWF as Vinnie and Theo lead Gator and Doc towards the ring.

Johnny Hitmaker: Boo, Vinnie Lane, and I hope you hear that!!

Denzel Porter: Very excited to see what these XWF legends have to offer at this stage in their careers.

LCP:: Wait…. Wasn’t there a different team…. Who are these old dudes?

The foursome reach the ringside area where they all enter the ring. The fans are on fire for them as Vinnie panders towards the camera while Gator, Doc, and Theo look like they’re all business; at least Doc and Theo, one can assume Gator behind the mask. The music fades away.

Ring Announcer: “And their opponents…”

The crowd breaks out into a mixed reception upon the familiar tune hitting the speakers.

“About to make their way to the ring… First; he is the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, MAC BANE! And his partners, KEN DAVISON and KYRA JOHNSON… TEAM MAC BANE!”

The SCW Champion emerges from the top of the ramp with the SCW Championship securely around his waist as he’s followed out by Ken and Kyra. The three all look towards the ring at the four members of Team XWF knowing that they’re in for an uphill battle.

Johnny Hitmaker: I’m torn. On one hand, this team’s got a member of CCCP Enterprises, but on the OTHER hand, they’ve got TWO members of Hitmaker-Yamazaki Enterprises, the ENTERPRISE of Enterprises, and on TOP of it all, are the NEW UGWC World Cooperative Champions! So I GUESS what my question is… why are they called TEaM mAc BAnE and not Team Baltimore Elite?!

Denzel Porter: I believe it's because he was named team Captain.

LCP:: You know Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the USA? Look it up.

Mac starts to make the walk to the ring with Ken and Kyra closely behind him, their eyes not taken off the four XWF legends that await them inside the squared circle.

Johnny Hitmaker: You know, I just realized something. Don’t I still own Bane’s contract from back when I bought all of those Carnage Wrestling contracts?

Denzel Porter: I'm not sure on that one Johnny Hitmaker, but something tells me.Mac would not agree with your claim.

LCP:: Even if you do own them Johnny Hitmaker… they would be just like you. Worthless and not worth the paper they are printed on.

Mac climbs up on the ring apron where he calls for a microphone.

Johnny Hitmaker: Don’t give this MEATHEAD the mic, for John’s sake!!

Denzel Porter: I'm interested in what he has to say.

LCP:: So we are just gonna let anyone talk?

Ken and Kyra climb up on the apron on each side of Mac Bane as the ring announcer hands him a microphone while the music fades away. Mac positions the microphone at his lips as he looks over at the XWF Legends while he speaks.

MAC BANE: I know the four of you are licking your chops at the notion that this was nothing more than a glorified Handicap Match, and while Amber Ryan couldn’t be here tonight doesn’t mean that Team Mac Bane is rolling into this without a fourth partner…

Vinnie and company now have a confused look on their faces.

Johnny Hitmaker: Hopefully it’s not another BS member of CCCP Enterprises.

Denzel Porter: Johnny Hitmaker a little competition is fine.

LCP:: I may not like CCPE, but I respect the hustle.

MAC BANE: Allow me to introduce to you the final partner for Team Bane!

Upon finishing his statement the lights in and around the stadium go pitch dark which brings a massive ovation from the crowd as well as lighters and cell phone screens from all angles in an attempt to light up the stadium…

Las Vegas erupts as the countdown clock ticks away to zero before breaking into the familiar tune of “Judas” by Fozzy!

Johnny Hitmaker: I specifically asked for NOT another BS member of CCCP Enterprises!!

Denzel Porter: Well technically he's not a member he's the owner so you got your wish after all Johnny Hitmaker.

LCP:: I don’t know how that man is walking or why he’s awake this late. How is he gonna get the early bird dinner tomorrow? He’s gonna be all tuckered out.

All eyes are on the top of the ramp as a single spotlight hits the top of the ramp, a thick white smoky haze overcomes the entrance ramp, the ovation grows as seen walking out through the white smoke… “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE.


Page stands at the top of the ramp looking through Team Mac Bane with his eyes completely fixated upon Theo Pryce.

Denzel Porter- “The bad blood that exists between Chris Page and Theo Pryce is storied, and what better way for Mac Bane to counter the XWF Legends than WITH an XWF Legend!”

Chris starts to make the way to the ring.

Denzel Porter- “Page and Raven went sixty minutes last night, and now he’s walking into an 8-Person Street Fight to wage war alongside one of his CCPE counterparts.”

Team Mac Bane jump down to the floor where they’re removing ring jackets and the SCW Title as Chris Page is nearing the ring, he removes his spiked ring jacket along the way, his forehead is stitched up and bandaged over from last night’s affair as he joins Team Bane at ringside. He fist-bumps Mac, Ken, and Kyla.

Mac turns back around towards the ring where he leads his team into the ring!

Johnny Hitmaker: Welp! This is officially a nightmare. Like I was FORCED to last night, I ONCE MORE am forced to cheer for that ancient fuck!

LCP:: Teams are even once again and we will have an awesome main event.

Mac, Page, Ken, and Kyla stand opposite Vinnie, Theo, Doc, and Gator with Page walking straight up to Theo slapping him in the face to officially start the match!

The battle begins as Mac and Vinnie trade right hands as Theo comes back on Page with a double leg into a mount where he hammers down with rights, Ken and Gator are trading shots as well as Kyra and Doc as all hell is breaking loose within the opening seconds! Mac drives Vinnie back into a corner while Gator and Ken spill outside of the ring on one side with Doc and Krya on the opposite side. In the ring, Page reverses the positioning on Theo as he hammers down with piston-like right hands. Mac works over Vinnie in the corner as we see out of the floor Ken is looking to shoot Gator into the steel steps only to see Gator reverse and it’s Ken who’s sent crashing into the steps!

Doc looks to send Kyra into the front row with a lariat which she counters with a back body drop into the front row!

Kyra goes under the ring pulling out a steel chair before coming around the ring where Gator is unloading with a series of right hands to a downed Davison until Kyra cracks him across the back with the steel chair! Back in the ring Page is to his feet where he as Theo in one corner while Bane as Vinnie in the opposite, they look to shoot them towards each other with Vinnie and Theo reversing and it’s Page and Bane that smack into each other with Lane hitting a Sleeper Slam on Bane while Theo drives Page into the mat with a Side Suplex!

Vinnie makes the cover on Bane




The SCW Champion kicks out of the near fall as Page rolls out to the floor followed closely by Theo Pryce as we see Doc climbing back over the security railing. On the other side of the ring Kyra cracks a downed Gator across the back as Ken slides into the ring blindsiding Lane!

Johnny Hitmaker: PEARL HARBOR!!!

Denzel Porter: The Action is everywhere.

LCP:: There is so many people in this match that need Metamucil, it’s not even funny.

Ken helps up Mac Bane as they start stomping away at Lane! Out on the floor Theo has Page where he looks to drive him head-first off the announcer's table, Page blocks with his hands and counters by bouncing Theo’s head off the table three straight times before taking Theo where hurls him over the announcer's desk sending him spilling into the laps of the Johnny Hitmaker, Denzel Porter and the aloof LCP:P. In the ring Ken has Lane held by both arms as Mac hammers away with right hands! He rears back only to have his arm caught by Doc who spins around Bane where he headbutts him across the bridge of the nose before biting his forehead!

Lane throws his head back into the face of Davison, breaking his grasp!

Out on the floor Kyra swings the chair at Gator who is leaned back against the ring post, he moves out of the way sending the chair colliding with the post to a huge echoing throughout the stadium as Gator takes advantage with a release german suplex on the floor! Page slides back into the ring as Doc is shown hurling Mac over the top rope and out to the floor while Lane has sent Ken out to the floor and follows after him.

Doc turns around where he stares across at Chris Page.

They go face to face before Gator slides into the ring, followed by Lane and finally Theo as the XWF legends surround Page.

Johnny Hitmaker: KILL HIM- er, I mean, SOMEBODY’S gotta STOP this MASSACRE before it STARTS!

Denzel Porter: Not looking good for Page right now. Almost like a Lamb to the slaughter.

LCP:: no… someone stop this.

Page tries to talk himself out of this one only to have the crowd erupt as Lane, Theo, Gator, and Doc bum rush Page with a four-on-one mugging that the Las Vegas crowd loves! They hammer Page down to the mat before all four start stomping all over his body! Theo spins Gator around and gives some instruction, Gator quickly rolls out to the floor where he reaches under the ring pulling out a TABLE!

He sets it up on the floor as Theo picks Page up off the mat and takes him towards the ropes! Pryce puts Page in position for a powerbomb, and with the assistance of Lane and Doc they hoist Page up in the air before sending him over the top rope crashing through the table with a Powerbomb!




Johnny Hitmaker: Considering what I witnessed last night, I’m guessing this DIDN’T kill him. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Denzel Porter: By God I think they've just broken Page in half.

LCP:: Feel how you feel Johnny Hitmaker, just keep Lil’ Johnny Hitmaker in your pants.

The crowd’s chant is deafening yet Kyra and Ken slide into the ring with Kendo Sticks and Mac has a 2x4! Lane is the first to spin around where he’s waffled across the skull with a shot from Kyra which prompts Theo to spin around where Ken cracks his skull before Doc turns around and is met with the 2x4 to the rib cage that doubles him over for Mac to break the 2x4 across his back while driving him down into the mat!

Mac makes the cover!




Doc escapes with a kick out as Ken uses his kendo stick to deliver an assisted Side Russian Leg Sweep to Lane! Gator reaches under the ring pulling out a fire extinguisher while in the ring Pryce is doubled over by Kyra and shot to the ribs followed by once across the back driving him down into the mat! Ken covers Lane!




Vinnie shoots a shoulder up off the mat.

Johnny Hitmaker: Boo, Vinnie Lane, BOO!

Denzel Porter: Lane not going down easy.

LCP:: You really hate Lane. Just block him like I did on Twitter.

Gator climbs up on the apron as Mac, Ken, Kyra all turn his way where he blasts them with the fire extinguisher! Gator steps back into the ring with the extinguisher in hand, the white smoke clears as Gator smashes the fire extinguisher off the skull of Kyla sending her crashing to the mat while rolling out to the floor!

Ken is met with a shot to the ribs dropping him to both knees as Mac swings with a right hand that Gator blocks with the Fire Extinguisher! Mac clutched at his hand as Gator used the fire extinguisher as a forearm to the forehead of Bane, dropping him to the mat! Gator holds up the Fire Extinguisher for all to see garnering a loud ovation from the crowd as he turns around and into a low blow from the Godly one.

Gator crumbles down to the mat as we see Ken step up to his feet. Lane is pulling himself up by the ropes allowing Ken to send him over the top rope and out to the floor with a lariat. Ken’s attention goes to Theo who is getting to his feet where Ken takes a Muay Thai clinch and starts driving knees to the midsection of Pryce before transitioning and snapping Pryce over with a Northern Light Suplex with a bridge!




Pryce escapes the near fall.

Johnny Hitmaker: That should have by all accounts put Pryce away! They don’t call Mr. Davison “Godly” because he executes ginger moves.

Out on the floor Kyra is getting back to her feet where she comes around the ring where Lane is getting to his feet, she comes up behind with a Backstabber to Lane! In the ring Ken gets to his feet where he turns to check on Mac Bane only to find Doc in his way where he hits a thrust to the throat before taking Ken by the head and running his eyes across the top rope inside the ring!

Out on the floor Kyra has Lane locked in a Dragon Sleeper!

In the ring Mac starts getting back to his feet as does Gator who charges forward hitting Bane with a Spear sending them both through the top and middle rope while crashing down to the floor!

Johnny Hitmaker: Ooh, dat’s GOTTA hoit!

Denzel Porter: What a Spear!

LCP: Ohhhh look in the ring. Old dude number 53 is up to something.

Doc lands the DOC BOTTOM on Ken in the ring!

He makes the cover!




Kyra pulls Doc off the cover breaking the count to a gasp from the crowd! She quickly picks him up off the mat where he runs him towards a neutral corner and hurls him through the top and middle rope sending him crashing right shoulder first off the ring post!

Johnny Hitmaker: The Jawdropper is one real piece of work, and that one piece is nasty, nasty, NASTY! Nasty if your name is Doctor Louis D’Ville, anyway!

Denzel Porter: This match right now is action pack.

LCP: There is so much going on right now it’s hard to keep anything straight.

Kyra spins around where Theo is back in the mix landing a forearm smash! He lands a second and then a third before bouncing off the ropes only to be caught with the Lou Thesz Press! Kyra hammers down with right hands to the face of Pryce as the crowd is on fire for the action on display.

Out on the floor Gator yanks up the protective padding exposing the football field!

He picks up Mac Bane where he sets him up for a Piledriver! Mac reverses with a back body drop sending Gator crashing down onto the ground! Mac turns towards the steel ring steps where he separates the top portion. Gator starts working his way back to his feet where we see Mac charge forward bouncing the steel steps off the skull of Gator dropping him where he stands!

Back in the ring Ken has gotten back to his feet where he pulls Doc back into the ring locking in a front face lock where he hits a Fisherman’s Suplex! Ken rolls through where he picks himself and Doc back up off the mat landing a second Fisherman’s Suplex! He rolls through picking himself and Doc back up where a third Fisherman’s suplex with a bridge is delivered!




Vinnie Lane dives on top of the cover, breaking it before the fatal three count!

Johnny Hitmaker: THAT NOSY PRICK!!!

Denzel Porter: Great save by Lane.

LCP: Lane keeps the match alive for Team AARP.

Vinnie yanks Kyra off Theo where he drives her into the mat with a Rocker Dropper! Theo gets back to his feet where he snatches the ankle of Ken locking in an ankle lock! Vinnie charges towards the ropes where he hits a baseball slide dropkick into the steel steps sending them back into the face of Mac Bane!

The referee is in perfect positioning as he asks Ken to surrender!

Lane slides out to the floor where he hammers away at Mac Bane while Doc has gotten back to his feet where he stomps Kyra towards the ropes and under the bottom rope. He steps out to the apron where he drops down with a double axehandle across Kyra’s back. Ken is locked in the Ankle Lock of Pryce when we see Chris Page tossing back the ring apron where he pulls out his Barbed Wire Wrapped Steel Chair! CCP slides back into the ring where he takes his chair and drives it into the back of Theo Pryce, saving Ken! The shards of barbed wire rip at the back of Theo, opening him up in several places!

Johnny Hitmaker: The FIRST good act in Chris Page’s FAR too long life!!

Denzel Porter: My God the flesh of Theo just came off from that Barb wire.

Ken rolls towards the ropes as Page uses the Barbedwire Wrapped Chair and elbow as he drives it down into the forehead of Pryce busting him wide open! Page makes the cover!




Theo kicks out!

Johnny Hitmaker: Bloody hell!!! Bloody Theo too!

LCP: Its pure madness right now… Make sure to check out XWF Madness every other Monday!

Out on the floor Lane looks for a superkick on Mac Bane! Mac catches the foot of Lane and pulls him into a T-Bone Suplex on the floor! Doc reaches under the ring pulling out a Ladder! The crowd responds as he sets the Ladder up against the ring post before taking Kyra by both legs where he catapults her into the Ladder!

She bounces off the Ladder crumbling down to the floor!

Mac Bane comes around the ring blasting Doc from behind as he takes Doc and drives him face-first off the Ladder! Mac comes back around the ring where he tosses the ring apron back pulling out a BED OF BARBED WIRE!

Johnny Hitmaker: Oh, don’t let that get turned around on you, Bane! Team Baltimore Elite NEEDS to win tonight!!

Denzel Porter: Back and forth both team go.

LCP: This is going to come down to who wants it more, and right now it looks like….

In the ring Page helps Ken back to his feet as Theo is a bloody mess. Page spins around where Gator has slid back into the ring turning Page inside out with a Clothesline from Hell! Gator picks up the Barbed Wire Wrapped Chair as he turns his attention towards Ken as he jabs him in the midsection, doubling him over before waffling him across the back!

Gator turns his attention back to Page who is in a seated position on the mat as he takes the Barbed Wire Wrapped Chair placing it over the face of Page where he starts grinding the barbed wire into his face which rips away at his bandaging from Night Two’s events. Blood starts to pour down the side of his face as Doc slides into the ring and superkicks the barbed wire chair further into the face of Page!

Gator makes the cover.




Mac Bane breaks the count to a gasp from the crowd!

Johnny Hitmaker: Thank FUCK!!

LCP: Bane like Lane keeping the train go—ain. I tried.

Mac and Doc start trading right hands as Theo is pulled out to the floor by Kyla who sends him crashing into the security barrier. Gator has Page where he hurls him back into a neutral corner where he charges forward with a step-up enziguri before bringing Page out of the corner with a running bulldog!

CCP once more rolls out to the floor while Kyla slides the Ladder into the ring!

Doc and Mac Bane continue slugging it out before Mac gouges him in the eyes!

Mac hurls Doc through the ropes and out to the ring apron where he teeters above the Bed of Barbed Wire! Lane comes back into the ring blasting Mac from behind knocking him out to the apron! Lane steps out on the apron where he and Doc each take Mac Bane by the throat!

Kyra smashes Gator with the Ladder as she throws it in his face!

She rushes over blasting Lane and then Doc freeing Mac from the dire straits he was about to find himself in.

Johnny Hitmaker: If a ladder is being wielded by a woman, does it become a lasser? Trick question: Kyra Johnson is NO lass - she’s a KILLING machine!!

Denzel Porter: a ladder is dangerous in just about anyone hands.

LCP: That wasn’t even a good one Johnny Hitmaker. You’re slippin.

Kyra suplexes Lane back into the ring as Mac starts chopping away at Doc on the ring apron while Gator hits the SNAPBACK on Ken! He makes the cover.




Ken kicks out! Kyra connects with a buzzsaw kick to the temple of Gator as he looks to get to his feet while Mac Bane clotheslines Doc back over the top rope and into the ring. Kyra makes her way to the Ladder where she leans it back against a neutral corner. Mac stomps away on Gator before picking him up off the mat where he delivers a vicious Roaring Elbow that crumbles Gator where he stands!

Mac drops down into the cover hooking a far leg.




Gator escapes the near fall!

Johnny Hitmaker: The only way to beat a Gator is with an oar!!

Denzel Porter: haha I see what you did there.

LCP: Johnny Hitmaker please bro…. Leave the puns to me.

Kyra looks to fire Lane into the Ladder, Lane reverses and it’s Kyra who smacks back first off the Ladder spinning forward into a Superkick from Lane sending Kyra spilling out to the floor through the ropes near Page. Lane takes the Ladder as he sets it up in the ring near the ropes. Vinnie starts to climb the Ladder with his attention on Kyra and Chris Page who are both helping each other back up to their feet.

Inside the ring Lane reaches the top of the Ladder, he looks down at Page and Kyra as he leaps off the top of the Ladder with a Flying Cross Body Block crashing down onto both Page and Kyra to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

Johnny Hitmaker: Holy FUCK!!! I hope he ruptured a testicle doing that!

LCP: Wow Johnny Hitmaker…. just wow.

Mac Bane steps out to the ring apron where he is sizing up Gator for his Slingshot Lariat only to have a bloody Theo Pryce yank him off the apron causing Mac to bounce face-first off the apron! Pryce spins Mac around where he runs him lower back first into the apron several times before posting Mac by bouncing him face-first off the ring post!

Back in the ring Gator has dragged himself over into a neutral corner opposite Doc. Ken charges towards the corner delivering a running clothesline to Gator driving him back into the buckles, Ken runs full speed across the ring looking for a stinger splash to Doc who moves causing Ken to crash sternum first into the turnbuckles!

Gator comes out from the corner as Doc fires Ken across the ring towards Gator who scoops up Ken and bodyslams him down to the mat! Gator holds the ankles of Ken up as Doc steps out to the ring apron and starts climbing up to the top rope. Doc reaches the top rope where he looks down at Gator before screaming out.


Suddenly Page pulls himself up on the ring apron where he shoves Doc off the top rope sending him sailing down into the Bed of Barbwire to a thunderous “HOLY SHIT!” chant!

Johnny Hitmaker: That’s what you get! That’s what you get, GATOR! ‘Wasss uuuup” INDEED!


Gator looks over at Page as he throws Ken’s legs down to the mat. A crimson masked Page steps through the ropes where for the first time ever he and the XWF Legend that is Gator start to circle each other in the ring. The crowd gets louder and louder as these two superpowers are set to lock horns only to have Ken back to his feet blasting him from behind!

Ken spins Gator around driving a boot to the midsection where he lands a Flipping Tiger Driver that brings about a massive ovation from the crowd! Ken makes the cover!




The crowd gasps loudly as Vinnie Lane dives on top of the cover at the last second!

Johnny Hitmaker: That DOES it! I’m gonna bribe Hide to gnaw off Vinnie’s ankles!!

Denzel Porter: Nice break up by Vinnie.

LCP: Of course Johnny Hitmaker wouldn’t do it himself, he’s too much of a coward.

Out on the floor Theo pulls out a table! He pulls out a second table! Theo starts setting up one of the tables, he then sets up the second table stacking it on top of the first! In the ring Page and Vinnie trade shots before Page kicks Lane in the balls before delivering a standing spin buster slam!

Theo picks up Mac on the floor where he sets up Mac for a DDT!

Mac lunges forward driving Theo's spine first off the ring post! In the ring Page and Ken hurl Lane out to the floor at the feet of Mac who picks him up and lays him on the first table with the second table! Ken starts to scale the turnbuckles from inside the ring!

Johnny Hitmaker: BREAK VINNIE’S BACK!!!

LCP: Pretty sure sleeping funny would do that to Lane.

Ken reaches the top turnbuckle where he looks down at the empty table stacked on top of the table that houses Lane! Ken motions that he’s crazy as he does a swonton bomb off the top rope, Theo manages to yank Lane off the first table and to safety as Ken crashes through both of the tables to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

In the ring Kyra slides in where she comes up behind Gator with a school girl!




Gator escapes the falls while out on the floor Mac Bane takes down Theo and Lane with a double clothesline. Page rolls out to the floor where he and Mac toss back the ring arpon where another table is pulled out from under the ring, a table that’s wrapped in BARBED WIRE!


Denzel Porter: You be surprise what all you can find under a wrestling ring.

LCP: They are from the Land of Xtreme…. So I’m gonna guess A Lot.




Starts echoing throughout the stadium as Mac and Page set up the table wrapped in Barbed Wire while inside the ring Kyra sizes up Gator looking to deliver a Curb Stomp! Gator throws his head out of the way, sending Krya stomping down on the mat.

Gator pops up to his feet meeting Krya with a pop-up Powerbomb into a Diamond Cutter!

Page rolls back into the ring where he catches Gator with a boot to the midsection before driving him into the mat with a Page Plant! Page rolls Gator over making the cover while hooking the near leg.




A bloody Doctor D’Ville dives on top of Page, breaking the cover at the final second!

Johnny Hitmaker: WHY do these jabronis keep breaking up the PIN???

LCP: I would assume because they want to win?

Out on the floor Mac Bane Powerbombs Theo through the SPANISH announce table! He turns his attention back towards the setup Barbed Wire Wrapped table before going back under the ring where he pulls out a black bag. Bane opens the bag pulling out a bottle of Lighter Fluid! He starts dousing the table, turning towards Lane kicking him in the ribs. He picks Lane up putting him on the ring apron before reaching back into the sack pulling out a box of matches.

Johnny Hitmaker: Hope you guys brought marshmallows and weenies!

Before LCP: can reply, Johnny Hitmaker holds up a finger.

Johnny Hitmaker: Shut up, Pinkston.

LCP: I wasn’t going to say anything.

Mac climbs up on the apron where he takes a match, strikes it, sets the match box on fire before dropping it down on the table engulfing it in flames! The Las Vegas crowd is going insane as Mac picks up Lane on the apron where he locks in a front face lock! He hoists him up in the air before taking him off the ring apron through the flaming table wrapped in barbed wire with a Jackhammer!




Echoes throughout the stadium.

Johnny Hitmaker: “Holy shit” is RIGHT: we just witnessed a MURDER here tonight!

Denzel Porter: Someone better call the coroner.

LCP: Y’all wanna see a dead body?

In the ring a weakened Doc is hurled back over the top rope and out to the floor while on the opposite side of the ring Mac Bane slowly starts getting to his feet as the ring crew flood the burning table putting out the flames with fire extinguishers as Lane is motionless in the barbed wire. Mac picks up Theo where he hurls him back into the ring.

Page picks Theo up where he sets him up for a Page Plant!

Pryce counters with a back body drop sending Page crashing down on top of Kyra!

Mac Bane climbs back up on the ring apron, sizing Theo up for the Slingshot Lariat! Pryce spins around where Mac slingshots over the top rope swinging with the lariat that Theo ducks sending Mac Bane bouncing off the far side.

Theo backs up closer to the near side where he catches Mac with a drop toe hold into the bottom rope! Pryce opens Mac’s mouth putting it over the bottom rope where he backs away. He runs forward where he looks to deliver the Sovereign Stomp!

Chris Page comes from out of nowhere knocking Mac Bane out of the way taking the Sovereign Stomp with his throat across the bottom rope!

Theo Pryce pulls Page out towards the center of the ring and with a shit eating grin makes the cover…




Ring Announcer: Winners via pinfall @ 33:45- TEAM XWF

Johnny Hitmaker pounds the desk with both fists, shrieking as he does.

Johnny Hitmaker: No! NO! No no NO!!! This can’t BE!! I demand a recount! I demand the match continue! I demand a, a, a LAWYER!! I’m gonna call up Rabinowitz, Feinstein, and Chong!!

LCP: Johnny Hitmaker calm down. You’re gonna have an aneurysm….. on second thought…. Keep going.

Denzel Porter: What an incredible match to end not only tonight but what was a legendary three night event here in Las Vegas. I would like to thank everyone for tuning in these last three nights and hope you all enjoyed it as well as we all did. So long for now and hope to see you at the next Denzel Porter Invitational.

OOC Special Thanks From Denzel Porter

I would like to thank a bunch of different people for helping me put this event together and help with the bison I had for it. I couldn’t have done it without all of them and I greatly appreciate all their help and want to recognize the following people.

Fight! NYC
Splat TV
Theo Pryce
Vinnie Lane
Chris Page
Vhodka Black
Brandon Hendrix
Tara Fenix
Lewis Chad
Johnny Hitmaker!!!
Larry Tact
All The Handlers that participated

Thank you all for making a dream come true.

[Image: XCwEiv2.png]
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Vinnie lifts his head.

"Did I win?"

He passes back out.

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