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Dior Freestyle (RIP Pop Smoke)
Author Message
John_Black Offline
Still Unknown To Tha Masses

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

01-16-2022, 06:33 PM

[It opens up to various tweets on the screen by various people on about John Black.]

@TimmyDom32s Said:“Fuck John Black, he isn’t a draw”

@Page'sWeeDealer92 Said:“BOB should have dropped THUGS a long time ago!”

@Atty's5ooty92x! Said:“Chris Page should have made John Black RETIRE!!”

@Jim'sNumaFan32 Said:“Fuck THUGS and REGGIE!... they a waist of spac311”

[Then it smash cuts to laptop being beaten into pieces by some kids with bats, and the camera pans out various hood shit happening. Then it cuts to JB sitting on a chair with one light on obscuring himself in a hallway, as he spits his verse.]

Man I’ve been dealin with the hate since I started
When it rained it poured down in Africa
I tasted blood, sweat and tears since 2012
And I can’t get over how people wanna switch
I held down this shit for a few summers now
When others want to rot and fade away
People wanna rage quit, people want to fade
I got my thugs on deck ready to aim and load back
No guns, just some hands and feet on some street shit
No Dior, no Diamond pinky ring, no boot licken shit
I be climbing that thug mountain since 2019
Tag belts came and went, Net bet came and went in space
Now all I got is myself the blame for a fallen TV belt
But can’t be too upset over it, since they don’t fuck with me
Networks exces can go jump off a cliff for all I care
I’m just going to do me, and me I’m unlikely fail
I got enough bodies to ship to Mexico docks
As it rains it pours, no Christian Dior for HGH and Boot Licher
They don’t need to know I’m coming to bring the pain hard
Three ways are my thing, since I got me another comin soon
Three bodies in the ring, one may fall under the pressure
I anit gon fall under the pressure of two ass kissers
They gon have to feel what others had dealt before them

[Then we see a HGH and Boots look alike being beaten up by some goons in the street, as another cut shows two graffiti art guys spraying something on the wall. Then it cuts back to JB standing at the window, as he still remained in the shadows as he spits his second verse.]

HGH all I see is a pretty boy who’s on his jock shit
I don’t need to see that pinky ring, since I’mma jack it
I anit promsin you a good time, but a beat down
I don’t like a punk like you runnin his mouth
Thinkin you the top dawg in the world of pussies
Which one are you? Cat or the dog?
Which ever you pick, that’s how you be
HGH don’t think for a second ill not break your neck
Because I don’t need the law to tell me what to do
Speakin of the law, hey officer Boot Licher
How many rules you enforced on the streets?
Not many from what I’ve been told officer
You couldn’t hack it in the force
Or the force couldn’t hack you
So now you in the ring
Thinking that you are bound to keep order
When you know you for a disorder
Within the misconduct of wasting people’s time
You need know your place in the pecking order
Or else you’ll need to be under a bodybag
Just like your now dead pal HGH and his days on BOB

[Then the HGH and Boots look a like run off in their boxers, as the goons took their clothes, wallet and other valuables. Then it cuts to the graffti art guys stopping, and bailing as the police arrive. Then we see a half lady twerking, as two goons in metal mask with guns stand beside the shadowy figure of JB, as he spits his last verse.]

Let me keep things simple, HGH and Boots gon end up in smoke
As they going to pop down to the other side of the town
I am not going to keep it clean, since that’s not me
I don’t think people know how much I got inside me
Even Gexi Lold don’t need or want a kid from me
Let this be a message for those who want to step to me
I am JB the mother***** who don’t play around in the fire
Or you’ll get burned to the stake on some witchhunt shit
So who you people sidin’ wit in the trenches?
It don’t matter to who’s side your on
Because it’s every punk for themselves
I know I won’t be the top dog in this bout
But who knows, I’ll just add pressure them bitches anyway
As it’s time to play with me, you gon find out what it means
To be thuggin and buggin on some Teddy Long shit
So my final question, Who side you on?

[Then it shows a mural of a dead HGH and Boots Licher, as the scene fades with JB looking at the window, as the camera pans outside of the window.]

An Outsider Thug.
[Image: killer-mike.jpg?w=300]
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