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Brick by Brick
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01-14-2022, 12:58 PM

"Come on! Give me 20 more!!" In almost a Drill Sergeant raised voice, Austin Ramsey shouted at Jason Cashe. Austin was a member of FIGHT NYC and the Head Buck at the Velvet Rabbit. Since Thanksgiving, Austin had been a key feature in Cashe getting in better shape. "Almost there!" Austin shouts as he holds a phone and is recording Cashe doing arm curls. A beanie on his head kept the sweat from rolling down his face as their workout was coming to a finish.


Cashe farts. "That was from the Soul!" He says with relief. It was a ripper and had some spice to it as he flinches like a dog does when they fart. He was almost surprised. Austin on the other hand lunged back as the smell filled the breathing space.

"Ohh my gawd!" Coughing, gagging as Austin waves in front of the phone recording. "What did you EAT?!"

"Kind of smells like Doritos.." Cashe offers his opinion on his own fart. As he holds his nose plugged, Austin just shakes his head from side to side.


"Big Money Oswald! Like you, a currency is a part of my name. The e is silent but by no means does cash rule everything around me. You make money, I'm here for moves made and moments created.

Like you, I slack with the submission side of things. We all have weaknesses and in that aspect, we share that one. You're just a big son of a bitch! An agile bigman that has money to flaunt and will tell anyone who will listen that Money Titans are the IT in this bITch but this ain't a Tag Team affair, it will just be you and me. Xtreme Rules applied and you've got the makings for an opportunity to add some excitement..

I like moments. To do what isn't expected. You're a big dude but you can move like a cat licking on a crack rock and I'm here for it because it provides me with a challenge! Maybe not a Thunder Knuckles level of challenge but a warm up to TK. See, that is my next milestone. To step in the ring with TK and find out if my previous victory over him, over the Bastards was a fluke. It won't be a Tag Match but the same moment is available for the taking. With you? It's just a step towards that milestone. Towards that moment, you become no better than another highlight to the reel as I plant seeds and let the roots begin to grow within this promotion.. You will simply be the water that feeds that growth."


Crunching. Chewing. Those were the noises heard as Jason Cashe comes into view. A family sized bag of Doritos in hand, his eyes were stained red as him and Austin had just finished getting high. Offering Austin some chips, the offer was responded to in a disgusted glare.

"I might never be able to eat Doritos again.." Austin shakes his head as he pulls a blunt from his mouth and lets the smoke slow flow out from between his lips.

"These are Cool Ranch. Different smell entirely!"

Tossing the bag onto a coffee table. Cashe picks up a big cup and holds it with both hands as he takes down a few gulps to wash down the chips. "So who is this guy you're fighting again?" Austin questions, he knew Cashe was training right but as of late, Cashe had a new focus on his career.

"BIG Money Oswald!" Cashe answers with some enthusiasm behind saying his opponent's name. "He is a big boy too.. Whole lot of man right there but they all fall when their legs can't carry the weight under them."

"AUSTIN!!" A stern voice hollers from somewhere else in the house. Cashe flinched as did Austin as they both paused.

"Oohhh you're in trouble!" Cashe says with a smile forming on his face.

"She just wants to see my Fuck Me Pose.. Think Superman but waaay more fun for me!" Austin counters. The voice belonged to his wife, Todrick Tabor. Another member of FIGHT NYC. Getting up from the couch, Austin passes the blunt to Cashe and leaves the den they were in.


"Billion Dollar Man huh? Borrow me a G.. Lend me some funds so I can pay off the hospital bill because MY foot might be fine but I might lose some toes when they break off in your big ass come Anarchy! This is the wild life man! We will be in this shit with NO rules! At this point after what, three Xtreme outings for me? Like they want to see if eventually it'll be I who takes the belt off Elijah Martin..

I've heard folks like Thad Duke say how this is the low tier show. How NOBODY cares about the Anarchy Championship or this show but guess what? I care. I care because it goes hand in hand with how people view me. I'm NOT the poster boy, I'm NOT the name that people expect to see on marquee but I plan to be that. If you aren't reaching for the next bar up then you can't climb and you sure as shit can't protect your chin or chest. You're 6'8 and I'm going to climb and conquer..

I like violence but I'm not a deathmatch guy. I like dropping motherfuckers on they necks and bringing tears and fears to their hope for success. I'll take my tickles but big man, you're in a pickle and I'm chopping you up. Money can buy a whole lotta shit but it will not, cannot buy you this win. To some looking in from the outside, we are on a shit show. I plan to shit when you show up… I just got here but Anarchy is a flex that will keep my name in it's mouth as I build my foundation. Brick. By. Brick."

[Image: tt82AUo.png]

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