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MADNESS: Angled Brand "Spoiled" Summer Page
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01-12-2022 10:01 PM


In-Ring Name:"Spoiled" Summer Page

Wrestler's Real Name:Summer Page

New to XWF or a returning roster member?:New

Wrestler Date of Birth:11/12/99



Hometown:New York City

Personality:Summer is the youngest of 5 girls of a New York Billionaire and a product of an extra marital affair her father had with his mistress. Summer grew up spoiled, entitled, superior to others and thinking about herself first and foremost. Attributes that carried over to adulthood.

Looks Description:

Ethnicity:Irish & Italian

Pic Base, if any:Mandy Rose

Strengths:Intelligent, Cerebral, Quick, Excellent cardiovascular shape, Ruthless:Can be good for her when she focuses it in the right way.

Weaknesses:Emotional when things don’t go her way leading on the angry side or frightened/ cowardly, Over-Confident: When she is in control of the match she gets too wrapped up in herself and starts to celebrate before actually winning. Ruthless: Can be bad if she loses her temper and can lead to a mistake.

Entrance Theme Music:S&M By Rhianna

Special Entrance (if any):

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
1. Spike DDT
2. Slingshot Suplex
3. Snap Suplex
4. Snap German Suplex
5. High Knee
6. Chick Kick
7. Springboard DDT
8. Knee Drop From the Top Rope
9. Legdrop From the Top Rope
10. BME (Best Moonsault Ever)

Trademark Move(s):
1. 'Sweet & Sassy'
2. 'Golden Rule'
3. 'In Your Dreams
4. 'Total Knockout'
5. 'Spoiled Rotten'

1. Frankensteiner
2.Reverse Neckbreaker

Finishing Move(s):
1. 'Perfect 10' – Figure 8 Leg Lock
2. 'Pure Perfection'
1. Figure 8 Leg Lock,
2.Perfect Plex

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots:Using Mase & Brass knuckles

Additional notes:
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