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I Got 99 Issues, Bitch You're A Scratch
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01-11-2022 09:58 PM

The frigid wind nipped at her nose and slapped at her cheeks, causing color to rise up in them as she burrows deeper into her snuggly scarf, reaching up to tug her hat lower over her ears. The moon glowed in the flawless sky, the stars glittering like gems against the velvety backdrop. Her breath expelled through her ruby tinted lips, creating small puffs of smoke that danced into the sky until there was no more trace of them. Shearling lined boots encased her to the knee, the buckle making small clanking noises as she strolls along the sidewalk, her eyes taking in all the lights and shops, some closed, but many still open, even at this evening hour.

The hem of her coat kisses her at midthigh as she tucks her hands deep into the pockets.

Paris was charming and pleasing to her eyes with the little touches of drama here and there. The lights on the Eiffel Tower lit up in the distance, were a welcome sight to her touristy eyes, and she had no shame over it. The quant shops that lined the road she wandered down, clothing, knick knacks, books, home goods... all artfully arranged in the windows. A boulangerie there. A fromagerie there. The boucherie. Plenty of places to choose from to eat, or cafes to simply sit down and sip a nice coffee as you people watched.

Yes, Lycana could see herself falling in love with Paris.

Even if it did kinda stink of piss.

It seemed to have become her thing, venturing out at night to prowl either the woods around her home, or here, the streets of France. She had left Reika and Addy completely zonked out after the long plane ride, complete with both the delay and the long layover they had encountered. Eva had shooed her out the door, seeing the cerulean haired witch's fidgety nature, claiming she was tired of her stalking about the room while she was trying to read. And she was grateful. She had needed to go out and walk some of the nerves loose.

She wasn’t sure why she had been in such a state lately. Her world was always in shambles, chaos being her normal mode of operations, but lately, just the sheer weight of it all had been pressing down on her, causing her to constantly be on edge, never able to really settle down and relax.

Maybe it was because she was alone.

Whenever her life had gone batshit before, she had someone there to lend an ear or a hand. Now? Now the people in her life had all either been chased away, gone missing, or were dead. Or, in Arcana’s case, under some sort of deranged rulership by someone that would likely make the demons she knew quake at the knees.

Maybe it was time for her to start putting certain things to the side, give up chasing everything that she had been.

She wouldn’t.

She knew herself far too well for that.

She comes across a rather jovial looking place, the bright signage proclaiming it to be called Quéquettes. Lycana’s lips curve upwards. What a pretty name for what appeared to be a little eatery! She approaches, and opens the door, stepping inside the dimly lit interior of the entrance. Soft music pulsed, and it didn’t seem too busy. She couldn’t see beyond the partitions set up, but that was no matter. The most elegant man she had ever encountered appeared, plucked and arched brows rising sharply as he takes in the appearance of this new guest.

Shit, she hoped she wasn’t underdressed.

Regaining himself, he speaks, asking if she would be the only one. She confirms, and this time, a mere twitch of a perfect brow betrays him. He scoops up a menu and motions to her, before briskly.... well, the only word she could use for it was strutted, away leaving her to scurry along behind. She didn’t catch too much of her surroundings, only ascertaining that it was indeed pretty quiet, and the glow from the lights didn’t do much anyway.

She was ushered into a seat, handed her menu and he whirled away in a flurry of snug pants and cologne.

She shrugs off her outwear, then starts to peruse the menu. It seemed that the mascot was a little bird, how cute! The noise in the place amps up as she flips through, perhaps a larger sized group having come in behind her. The menu had some items she wasn’t familiar with, but the Jus de Bitte seemed like a fun one to have as a drink! She senses motion beside her as the server comes to a stop, and she turns with a smile on her face.

And gets an eyeful of manhood.

Barely contained by some stretchy material that was just holding on by a prayer.


She would swear on it!

She manages to snap her slack jaw shut, slowly looking up the expanse of bared flesh in front of her, into a pair of sparkling green eyes. He was lean, with tousled brunette hair and light bit of scruff on his face. He greets her with good cheer, and she manages to return it, only stuttering slightly while ordering her drink. She hands him the laminated paper expressing her gratitude, keeping her eyes firmly focused skyward, her cheeks a brighter red than his Speedo.

And then he walked away.

Oh, good fucking heavens.

Twin globes, tanned and firm, out and about for the world to admire.

As she gapes, she slowly becomes aware of more men working their way through the room, manly bulges barely contained by either thongs or skimpy underwear.

Where the hell had she gotten herself? She whips out her phone, fingers furiously whipping over the keyboard of Google Translate.


She was in a place named Peckers.

A gorgeous ombre drink is set down in front of her by Red, who is accompanied by another man, this one with a bright lime green thong on an athlete's body, dark chocolate-colored eyes, and a riot of black curls that fell down to his shoulders. “You’re Lycana! I’m a fan! Here’s your Dick Juice, it's one of my faves.” he says, in heavily accented English as Lycana chokes on her first sip.

Dick Juice.

…..... It tasted great.

She coughs, turning her gaze upwards, fastidiously avoiding the objects pointed in her direction. What did one do here? Was it rude not to stare? Was she supposed to risk getting an eye taken out if a button popped? She was going to get a kink in her neck as it was. “You know who I am?”

“Oh yeah, we’re big fans of the XWF here. A bunch of us actually got tickets for the show tomorrow night, to come and watch live in the stadium. Would you mind autographing?”

“Oh, of course. I don’t mind at all.” Lycana takes the Sharpie that is produced from... where the hell had he pulled it from? Wait, what did he want her to...

He hands her two plain pieces of paper.

Phew... for a moment there she had... nevermind.

“What are your names?” she inquires, uncapping the marker.


“And Lucien.”

She scrolls out a personalized message for each, signing her name with a flourish before handing them back to them awkwardly. She still wasn’t used to things like this happening. “Here you go!”

“Could we?” Matisse holds up his phone. She nods and slides from her seat, taking selfies with first one, then the other, before turning into the middle part of the sandwich for one with both of them. She finds herself relaxing under their cheerful good nature. She picks up her drink and gulps it. “Thank you! I hope we can get a couple more autographs and pictures while you are all in Paris.”

“A couple more? You’ve seen others already?”

“Oh sure. Some come in. Your friend this week is pretty much a Gold Star member. And the owner asked one to help out tonight!”

“My friend this week?” Lycana looks confused. “Oh do you mean... you mean Corey? Corey Smith?...”

“There he is!”


She cranes her head around, trying to see where they were looking. She doesn’t see anything at first, but then her eyes fall on a familiar form and the world shrinks away around her, the edges blurring until the only thing she sees is the muscular man with the blond ponytail. Her breath catches in her throat as she flies backwards in time.


She stood quietly outside the door, nervously wringing her hands together.

Why exactly was she here?

She had been asking herself that a lot this weekend.

To comfort Jimmy certainly, to find out Arcana had left him had been quite the shock... not as big of one as finding out the WHO, but still.

After her run in with John Caedus, and her narrow escape back, Arcana’s absolute terror of him, then having to face him in the ring... Only to up and dump Jimmy... for him. It just didn’t make any sense at all to Lycana. And seeing just how locked into John that she really was the day befofe, enough to try and take Lycana out? It made things even more dire in her opinion.

Perhaps she came to find some answers.

Perhaps she just came to be his friend, when he so desperately needed one, even though she didn’t think he would admit it.

Jimmy was a complicated man for Lycana to figure out.

Which was why she had been standing here on his doorstep for the last five minutes trying to build up the courage to knock. And she didn’t know why she needed courage in the first place. She sucks in a deep breath and steps forward, raising her hand to knock on the door when it is whipped open, and she is left standing dumbly with her fist in the air. Jim stands there in baggy shorts and a tight white tee shirt, his eyes suspiciously reddish from exhaustion as he looks her over. “Why you just been standing there girl?”

“How did you...”

He points up at the security camera that she had apparently been oblivious too.

Of course.

“Oh.” she is saved from further embarrassment by him stepping to the side, motioning for her to come in. She steps by him into the open area, turning to face him as he shuts the door behind. “What are you doing all th’ way out here Ly?” he trudges by her, not waiting for an answer as she trails along behind, moving into the living room filled with XWF memorabilia. He flops down onto the couch, turning his haunted eyes on her.

“I was asking myself the same thing.” she admits, slowly sinking down to perch on the edge of the couch next to him, slipping her shoes off and tucking her legs up under her. “I guess I came out to see how you were handling... everything.”

He gives a short laugh, staring blankly at the items mounted on the wall. “How do ya think?” She lets her eyes roam over him, to the ashtray full of roaches set on the side table beside him, and back again. “Not well...” she says softly. “I know how I would be.” He doesn’t answer her for long moments. “I’m... I feel..... empty. And for her to drop me for....” He gives a slow shake of his head, voice trailing off as he stares at the floor. “I never thought...” She looks down at her fingers, running her thumb over her nails, a habit born from nervousness. “Especially not... not with him.”

“After what happened when I was there... what he did...” Lycana swallows, remembering how it felt to be in John Caedus’ presence. The chill that had crawled up her spine. Something wasn’t right with the man, he was even more of a stone cold killer than she could be. He was too... methodical and detached. “Yeah...” Jimmy fixates on a point on the wall, seeming to disappear into himself. “And she saw it when I came back here... She was horrified.”


“She was scared to get in the ring with him, wasn’t she?”

“Mhm.” he repeats.

“But she did... and then after...she...” Lycana slows to a stop. “Left me. Yeah.” Jim’s eyes never leave their spot, his voice deadpan. Her hand creeps out, moving along the back of the couch to cover his. “I can’t explain it. She seemed so happy...” Jim makes a noncommittal noise. Shit. This wasn’t helping. She was never very good at this comfort thing; she never knew the right words to say. Maybe she shouldn’t have come...maybe she should just go back to the hotel with Eva and the girls... maybe she was just making it worse. “I’m so sorry Jimmy. I wish I could say something to make it better...”

Her fingers wrap around his and squeeze. “But I just... I can’t even wrap my head around this. This isn’t like Kaiya at all, it's not....”

“I just don’t understand...”

The soft words draw her eyes up to his face, still looking over at the wall. The emptiness in his eyes... it was like Arcana had literally reached into his body and driven a dagger into his heart. Her own heart gives a painful thud in her chest in response, twisting in sympathy for what he was going through. She didn’t even realize she had reached out, until her fingers were there, following the curve of his cheek, trying to offer some comfort.

His head turns, icy eyes capturing her own sterling hued ones, as he locks onto her, his expression unreadable. His gaze dips to her mouth, then returns to look into her eyes once more. Lycana gazes back, frozen in fascination as she watches something flicker across his face, swallowing past a sudden lump in her throat. His own hands come up, on either side of her face to cup her cheeks. He pulls her lightly towards him, and she goes, willingly, unable to help herself, until their faces are mere inches apart. He pauses, looking down at her once more, as if seeking something...

A long moment passes.

And then he dips his head, slanting his mouth over hers in a warm kiss.

Her heart stutters then stops, as her world spins on its axis. His lips were firm, yet gentle, urging her to respond.

She does.

With the softest of sounds, she kisses him back, heartbeat returning with a hard thump, hands settling on the warm expanse of his chest as she leans forward, balancing on her knees as their mouths gently explore one another. She makes a small murmur of protest as he pulls back a few inches, her eyes fluttering open to see him studying her. She flicks her gaze back down to his lips. Her heart begins to race, her body involuntarily moving forward towards him, mouth hovering over his, until she finally gives in to the desire smoldering inside.

“Jimmy...” a whisper before she places her lips on his once more. A gentle kiss, one filled with innocence, hidden feelings held beneath the surface for so long...

One that lights the match, igniting the kindling deep within.

With a low growl, Jim deepens the kiss, hand cupping the back of Lycana’s head, the other wrapping around her to pull her onto his lap. She presses against him, mouth parting eagerly as her tongue darts into his, teasing his own. Her arms snake around his neck, fingers tangling in his hair as she nips at his lip, a sharp squeak emerging that turns into a soft moan as he smacks an ass cheek. His other hand follows, each one cupping a side, pulling her harder against him. She rolls her hips, teasing, earning a guttural groan from him in return.

She wraps her legs around his waist as he stands, clinging to him as he carries her across the house, up the stairs and into the bedroom, mouths never breaking from one another.

He tosses her onto the bed, she bounces once and then he’s over her, his warm, solid weight pressing her down into the mattress as their mouths clash once more. She slides her legs around him, locking her hold on and spins, slamming his shoulders to the bed, leaving her seated atop his hips, reminiscent of when he had come to her 24/7 hallway. She smirks down at him, eyes glittering as she takes ahold of the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing it to the side.

The imagery flickers, the scenes appearing as flashes through her mind's eye. (* full written version of smut scene exists available on request)

His hands running up her ribs, his mouth warm on her flesh.

Finding herself bared to his appreciative gaze, his murmured praises giving her a heady feeling.

Jim sliding down her body.

“Good girl.”

The noises she wrested from him giving her a rush of power.

His hand tangled in her hair, taking control back from her.

Her head tilting backwards as he trailed his mouth up her neck.

The sight of his deeply tanned hand on her pale skin in the mirror.

The sights, sounds, scents... all of it swirling together to create a heated moment of passion.

And then after...

They silently lay together, her head pillowed on his bicep as he idly plays with her hair. She slowly returns to earth from the clouds she was riding on, sighing softly as she cuddles closer. She had never experienced anything like that in her life. Granted, she didn’t have a ton of experience to base anything off of, but she was willing to bet what had just occurred between the two of them, was not the norm. Nothing could have prepared her for the intensity of it all. Hell... if you had told her that she was going to end up in bed with Jim Caedus, she would have laughed her ass off. But she had. She had fucked Jim Caedus.

She had fucked Jim Caedus.






What in the world had she been thinking? He had literally just gotten dumped by Arcana, and here she was jumping in the sack with him. It wasn’t like her... she didn’t do this sort of thing.

She was not a bed hopper, going from one man to the next... If she was being honest, there was some kind of pull towards him. A magnetic force that she couldn’t seem to resist. Perhaps it was just his charm. She certainly couldn’t be the only woman to fall to it, given his reputation. She had thought she had seen something in his eyes... but maybe it was just lust. Maybe she was just there, a convenient distraction, soon forgotten. She hesitates, her nature getting the better of her as she speaks up, not making eye contact.

"So... was this know...just...some...sorta in the moment thing?”

A long stretch of quiet as she winces. Well, that was a mistake. Way to sound super needy Ly. She peeks up at him, to find that he is quietly staring at her, one corner of his mouth tilting up ever so slightly, the expression in his eyes soft. “No.”

She blinks, opening her mouth to ask just what it was, then closes it again, her nerves taking over. That might be stepping over a line. She felt rattled... not like herself... Guilty. She didn’t know why the guilt was so heavy. But she couldn’t shake the feeling, wondering why Arcana would do such a thing... She had come here to comfort Jimmy, and here she was... romping with him in the most carnal of ways instead.

Lycana disentangles herself gently from his arms, slipping across the bed as he sits up to watch her. “Maybe... this was a bad idea.” She starts searching the floor, gathering up her clothing, but unable to find her panties. “Why do you say that?” He moves to sit on the edge of the bed, one brow arched. “I don’t know... it's just... I mean... it was so sudden... and you were... you weren't... and I... and you... and I.... didn’t mean... and... Maybe we shouldn’t have done that.”

She goes to whirl around as she says it, stopping abruptly as she gets an eyeful of chest, not noticing that he had stood and come up close behind her. His hands go around, pressing on her lower back as he kisses her, long and deep.

“Let's worry about that later.”

In one swift move, he scoops her up, hands under her ass, slamming her back against the wall. All thoughts fly from her head on a gasp, her legs tangling automatically around his waist.

She comes back to with a start, standing there in Peckers, staring at the nearly nude man in the black, skintight shorts, the one that she had managed to avoid for a mere two weeks. Her face blazes wildly as heat rushes to her cheeks. Guilt reared its ugly head deep in the pit of her stomach once more. She had been unable to shake the feeling that she had betrayed her friend, despite the fact that Arcana had not only ended things with him, but that she had tried to kill Lycana herself. She had not been, and still was not in her right mind, so was it really Arcana doing all these things? Yes and no. Maybe Lycana was wrong and Arc really was doing this on her own free will. Maybe Lycana was grasping at straws to assuage the rush of self-reproach she felt every time her mind rolled back to that little event.

“The owner, he asked Mr. Caedus to step in because he was very impressed with his... member, yes? He saw the censored imagery on the website and said that it would draw in the customers, a special guest star. That is a popular thing. The girls, have all come...” Lucien chatters away

She had lost control of herself.

It had been a very long time since that had happened.

Well truth be told, that had been anger. She had never...

Jim seems to turn in her direction, and she makes a dive worthy of an Olympic swimmer under the table.

“... did have to give him a special uniform but.... What are you doing?”

“Are you okay?”

Two questions fired off at her at the same time by the pair of very confused Pecker boys. “Fine! Fine! I just dropped my... my....” she mumbles something unintelligible as she remains under the table, scrambling for a way to avoid coming face to face with Caedus when she was feeling all sorts of ways. Especially in this environment. “HAT!”

“My hat.”
She says quieter, tugging the soft knitted item down over her hair.

They stare at her.

“You weren't holding your hat.” Matisse arches a brow, looking back and forth, the other shooting up to join its brethren in the region of his hairline. “Girl... if you don’t spill all the details, I swear...”

“I don’t know what you...”

“Oh, you do!”

“I don’t!”



“Maybe we will just call him over and ask?” he holds his hands up to his mouth, as if he was about to shout.

“Stop!” she hisses, her eyes darting over towards the blond, who was leaning a hip on the table containing a bevy of starry-eyed women who were all giggling like a deranged flock of birds. “I’ll tell you, just... get me out without him seeing me.”


He grabs her jacket, plops it over her head and steers her swiftly around the tables leaving a laughing Lucien behind, through the door at the back, through a small employee gathering area, and out into an alleyway. He yanks the coat off of her and hands it to her, with a gallant bow.

“My lady. Now, why are you running away from that handsome creature? Girl, you should be trying to get some more. Shit, I would.”

“I probably shouldn’t have the first time.”

“Why not?” he leans in, eager for the gossip.

“Aren't you cold?” she eyes his skimpy attire.

“Oh no, I’m not going back in for a coat so that you can run away. No ma’am. I will turn into an innie before I do that. Spill.”

“Well... he was dating my friend...”

He gasps. “Nooooo...”

“But she left him....”


“..... for his brother.”

Lycana suppresses the helpless giggle that rises in her throat. What the hell was her life? From almost getting killed, magical beings coming for her every which way, starting to make amends with her brother after admitting she was a werewolf and arguing over who killed their family, to standing in an alleyway of Paris, with a man in a thong, talking about a one-night stand.

With Jim Caedus.

Jesus she was insane.

She continues, Matisse’s color commentary alternating between sending color rising to her cheeks and making her laugh out loud.

Maybe this was what she needed... what she had been missing, a friend. Eva was great, but being her age really she couldn’t just sit and talk to her about everything and anything. She had lost everyone close to her, so she might as well enjoy this for now. As she giggles, her phone goes off and her flicks at the screen, the lit-up test message on there making her happiness die a swift death.



“You know Cor, it should surprise me that you decided to try and take the moral high ground route for this little verbal war, but it doesn’t. You did the same damn thing last time when we faced off, so you just fell back into what you know. The problem is, you didn’t account for everything that happened over the past months. You just assumed that I was the same person, and well... you sounded like an absolute jackass.

Throwing down your lacy little glove with the stipulation that I would have to come to your commune and help the less fortunate if I lost.

I wish I could have seen your expression upon finding out that the nonhuman who would never do good for anyone but herself was doing charity shows and already doing that.

But it didn’t stop there, nope. You had to go the full distance and bring up something that nobody ever has before! My record! Corey, I pretty much hear about it every single time that I go to step in the ring. It’s the easy target for people to aim for, the low hanging fruit. Except for some of them, it doesn’t matter. It just makes it even more embarrassing when I do win. I had selected the more recent few months, to do the comparison because I thought it was a more accurate way to see what we each were doing going into this, given that you had taken some time off to heal. But hey, if you want to go all the way back to the beginning, we can do that.

It’s a long list of losses. I don’t deny it, but as you so kindly pointed out, a large chunk of them were tag team matches. And I would like to ask you Cor, do you know how many times I’ve been pinned in a tag team match?


Like I said to Alias, lesson learned.

By the way, when the hell did I join this fed as a “tag team specialist”? Last I checked, I signed on green as grass, not knowing a damn soul as a singles competitor... Months later the Dissentients were formed as a tag team within the Left Hand, I’d hardly call that signing on, nor proclaiming to be a specialist in anything.

I did happen to notice, that you also extended that list to look longer by placing the tag team members, with the exception of TNGB, in a row like yourself and R.L. Edgar. Adorable. Oh! And three of them when it came to a six-man tag team match, with R.L., Demos and Ned. You can shrink that list by at least a third length wise. I won’t even get on you that I chose to lounge in the corner for that Betsy Granger match, letting her beat the shit out of Ash Quinn to retain her Shooting Star. And out of all those matches, how many was I actually the one in action, taking the loss?


As for yours, you forgot some!

Since you went alllll the way back to High Stakes and my match with Atara, you have to start there for yourself, don’t you darlin’? It’s only fair!

So, you have a loss there to Duke- see, if I can KO myself and you give Betsy the credit, you can KO yourself and Duke gets it here.

Then we have TNGB, Bobby Bourbon, another loss to Thad for the War Games captains match, followed by your loss to Jim Caedus... which was still a sanctioned match as much as you wish it wasn’t. See, if you are going to get on me for all my losses, you can't try to brush any of yours under the rug!

So in a year... if you want to get real into things, I have been pinned a grand total of four times... and you have been pinned three times.

Shit doesn’t seem quite as impressive now, does it?

Still happy that you decided to go back to the start instead of just leaving it when you came back like I tried to?

So, you think your moral compass is iron clad eh?

I beg to differ.

You can’t take me seriously, because I have losses to people that you beat during War Games and Leap of Faith... I guess that just means whoever I beat is the lowest of the low huh?

That include your buddy R.L. who got a taste of my inside cradle during the tag turmoil?

I mean, you did say my win to Chris Page didn’t account for a single thing, because he was the weakest Uni champion in years... But didn’t he win that belt from your friend Thad? Didn’t he have a nine month undefeated streak? Annnnnnd didn’t he beat R.L. Edgar as well?

And yet, I beat him.

And I'm a nobody.

What does that say about them?

Do you think before you speak Corey? Or do you enjoy subconsciously dropping your pants and shitting all over people that you claim mean something to you? Did you even make that connection in your head that you were casting crap on them, by trying to throw dirt all over one of my wins?

Probably not... because Corey Smith doesn’t really think of anyone but himself.

Corey Smith is not a fucking good person in the least.

Oh, but Coreytopia....

Means jack when the person continues to actively be a shit human being, who is only out for themselves.

Someone with really strong morals for good, a “Golden boy” wouldn’t support making fun of those with special needs, would they? But you have. More than once. I have seen it quite a few times within your promos when I was learning about you. Someone would mock those with developmental challenges, and would you rise to the occasional and tell them that they were wrong for doing so?


Down’s Syndrome, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome... nothing is off limits in Corey’s world.

See, now I know you aren't the only one... but you ARE the one who is standing here in front of me claiming to have an iron clad moral compass.

Matter of fact, you and a buddy were joking it up with an item used to help people, usually children I might add, who require pressure to help them with overstimulation from the outside world. What did you do Corey? You made the implications that your opponent wanted to endorse it... implying that being non neurotypical is a negative thing.


But hey, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked given what you think good and evil is.

What was it you told me Lux was Corey? Do you remember? I certainly do... it was back when you were yelling at me because I told you that I wasn’t evil and that upset you, because you thought I was.

After getting on me for “pretending to be evil” and failing at it.

In any case, you told me that I should look into your past, saying “I have shared this body with the most strong willed, passionate force for good the world has ever seen.” speaking of Lux.

The most passionate force for good you say?

You’d think that someone like that would be even more inclined to protect those that need it most... but she didn’t, did she Corey? Nope. She is another one that just stood idly by as someone was talking about those who are autistic having “broken brains” and merely responded with a “Hmm, interesting.” Not only that... didn’t Lux KILL people? Not just once no, because she was also an assassin.

Matter of fact, didn’t she try to kill a CHILD using your body?

I thought that was bad Cor?

Black and white?

Or do the shades of gray only come in when it has to do with you?

Corey, you claimed to have shared your body with the most unholy being that was ever spat out onto the Earth in the Engineer, and I see that. I expect things like this from someone like him. It came to no surprise seeing the dreadfulness that he spoke.

That passionate force for good? The one who fails to protect the innocent, but will go off and kill people, including kids.

And then there is you. Equal parts noble and vile according to you...



Utter trash.

You had nothing but garbage invading your brain with those two. It took root, leaching out into your bloodstream until your whole being has turned into nothing but a disgusting sewer hidden behind the oh so charming boy next door exterior.

Doc was right about you when he said you were a coward. His reasoning being that you were “Letting others put their hands in the dirt so that yours might remain clean.” But you know what makes it worse now Corey? Is that you don’t even pretend to care. You have acting like this golden boy, this sweet, caring, kind soul, who is out to protect those that need it most, for so long... that you actually fucking believe it. You do these shitty things, then retreat behind your golden shell for protection, believing the masquerade makes you above everyone else.

Why do you think I asked if Reika would be safe on the grounds of your commune? You have not shown yourself to be the sort of person that would stand up to someone making fun of her.

But there you are, claiming you have iron clad morals.

You don’t have shit Corey.

You need to take a good, long look in the mirror and really start being fucking honest with yourself.

Something at least I do. I acknowledge everything that I have done, and still am. Making steps towards fixing them and doing what I can every single chance I get. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that happy shit. I am a constant work in progress, and I always will be. Two steps forward, and one step back in some cases. I have done a lot of foul shit in my life, but I am still a better person than you ever will be... because I am able to fucking admit it, and admit I am not nearly where I want to be. I don’t pretend to be some paragon of virtuous morals, unsullied and exalted. I work with the ones I have wronged, and take things as they go with them, allowing them to guide me and prove myself.

I still adore the way you ignore when I say certain things. Alias brought the gas can and blowtorch and was out to kill me? Literally bit a chunk out of my body?

Betsy took a red sharpie and drew a slash across my neck, ziptied me, and lit a fire around me?

Shawn Wylde kidnapped me and locked me in a shed which... also went on fire?

Alias lit himself on fire and stuck his flaming hand down my throat?

Amongst other things.


That’s all good... once again, in Corey’s Moral World.

Because goddammit Lycana, you talk real mean and vicious to people!

Like Mercy.

That was your choice to try and make a point? I mean, have you met the girl? Shit, have you seen her? Watched what SHE does to people? Heard her handler talk about how she creates art with bodies, and how she is an artist with weapons and likes to try to kill people in the ring? After the match of course, he won't allow anything less, don’t be silly. I mean she bit part of someone's cheek off and sliced another’s stomach open so that intestines were spilling everywhere.... BEFORE pinning Bianca.

But you're going to get on me for using some extreme threats on her that I would use my bare ass hands if she tried any of that shit with me.

Sorry, I forgot that in order to be considered cleansed, that I needed to tie my hair up in pigtails, smile and giggle at everything, and bend over whenever it was needed of me.

But I can’t be a better person than who I was.

Nobody can change that much Corey? Is that the flimsy stance you're taking to discredit who I very much am now? Who I have evolved to be over the course of nine months, and continue to do so? You know what, I think it's impossible for you to fathom because YOU are the one incapable of that much change. You are the one who cannot live up to the façade that you try to sell to everyone. The delusions that you are some kind of saint, are absolutely laughable to me. You are not a good person Corey. Period.

I don’t have to show that I’m remorseful to you, and I wasn’t trying to. I was telling you what an idiot you are for missing all the good that I’ve been doing the last few months. The only people that need to absolve me, are the ones that I have been building new relationships with. They are the only ones whose opinions matter. And to be quite frank with you, the only thing that I have to prove to you?

Is that you underestimated me.

And that you deserve to get your ass kicked.

And hey, here is another meanie Lycana moment: I'm pretty fucking elated that I get a chance to do so. If I get the opportunity to drop you on that giant, swelled head of yours? I’m gonna take it. If I can smash your face into the ladder and bust those precious lips? I’m gonna take it. If I get any openings to boot your balls up to your tonsils? I'm gonna take that too.

Because I have been waiting a long time for this moment.

And for the record Corey? I never called you a bully. I was just saying you were an atrocious asshole.

But if the shoe fits...

Here’s a little something for you.”

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