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Reggie's Mexican Trip Tape Uno
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12-16-2021 08:19 PM

[Opens to Reggie in Mexico City, Mexico doing some sightseeing and a random tour of certain cities of the place. About a three hour tour bus ride to the temples, they get out of it and they all take a tour of the place. As the day went by, he stopped along at a local restaurant near the tourist places to have a light lunch, then he sits down and is greeted by one of the waiters.]

Waiter: Hola señor, que le gustaría beber

Reggie: ¿Que fue eso denuevo?

Waiter: ¿Quieres algo de beber?

Reggie: Oh sí, me gustaría beber algo, ¿puedes tomar un agua?

Waiter: ¡Vamos, señor!

[Then the waiter leaves him be, and he watches some local news in Spanish, then he see’s a six year old boy coming up to him, with a pen and paper as he was a bit too shy to ask him for an autograph.]

Kid: Hello sir, I would like to… um…

Reggie: You want my autograph?

Kid: Yes please!

Reggie: Anything to my fan, who’s this out too?

Kid: Shout it out to Cage, he rules!

[Reggie then stopped mid-way through, and smiled at the kid, then his water comes to him and he takes a sip and finished signing an poster of Cage. He handed the poster back to him, and the kid left all gleefully. Then Reggie was still watching the news, and noticed something about Cage being on it for some stuff he said. As he took another sip, the waiter comes back to him.]

Waiter: Hola señor, ¿está listo para ordenar?

Reggie: Sí, ¿puedo comer unos tacos grandes de pollo con una guarnición de arroz? ¡Extra picante en el pollo, por favor!

Waiter: ¡Vamos, señor!

[As the waiter wrote his order down, another person with a Cage poster come up to him to sign it. This time, he looked at someone who could pass off as Donald Trump Jr in a t shirt and black jeans with his hair slicked back. He then comes up to Reggie, and spits in his drink and starts to shout in his ears, which Reggie no sold as he looked at the tv above the bar. Then the man starts to grab his braids, and that set him off.]

Reggie: Whoa there, the fuck are you doing to my braids?

Cage Mark: You suck and you don’t deserve to be in the X-Treme title scene in XWF! Cage is going to beat you!

Reggie: Yeah, still what does my braids have to do with it, you can support who you like but please don’t disturb my midday lunch please.

Cage Mark: Fuck you, you mullatto piece of shit… you don’t need to be in Mexico, you don’t know a lick of Spanish.

Reggie: Sé que eres un hombre estúpido que tiene un pene pequeño que no tiene mujeres en sus DM.

[After Reggie told him off, the Cage fan starts to put up his fist and Reggie still not reacted towards this mark, as he meal came the man pushes the waiter on the floor with his food, and then Reggie stood up to the man and he punches the crap out of the man. He then helps the waiter onto his feet, and he simply hands the man about 35 pesos for his troubles and leaves the restaurant. Then about a couple of hours later, he’s back into his single bedroom apartment AirC’n’C where he’s at the balcony seeing the lively city as he sits on a chair, drinking some corona beer. His phone goes off, and he sees that it was Dolorita, which he begrudgingly answer his phone.]

Reggie: What do you want?

Dolorita: Heeey Big Chicano! It’s been awhile, and I wanted to see how things been.

Reggie: Things been fine, how is your new life with Hernendez and your child?

Dolorita: Speaking about them, Hernedez died by a drive by shooting from some gang called Los Aztexs over him setting up shop into their territory, and Miranda…well, she also dead as well, the last time she called me was she was in the hospital for severe injuries.

Reggie: Oh, that sucks to here… I guess.

Dolorita: YOU GUESS!?!?!... why aren’t you upset about what I just told you?

Reggie: I’ve learned to let go of the past for my own future, you chose to have a life of being some low life instead of me, and our child pretty much left me out of her life. So, I want to feel bad, but I am done with feelin like shit for others.

Dolorita: Estás muerto para mí y espero que olvides que nosotros---

[Reggie just immediately cuts the call off his phone, and blocks her number. Then he just outrights shuts his phone off and leaves it in his bed room and goes back out to the balcony, then the scene simply fades away.]

===(Soy un capullo)===

“Since I decided to take a vacation out to Mexico City, which was purely planned in advance, I wanted to explore the south of the boarder a place where I never had the chance to truly be a apart of it as a young man, ever since my family home burned down and I was off in some human trafficking to the boarder with my extended family. As much I don’t want to remember my past like that, I don’t let that experience define who I am a person. I might not be a favorite to some few expats into my tour of the city; but they all can go kick rocks for all I care.

But some of them are kind of to wild for me to handle, just like that guy who spat on my drink and ruined my food with the waiter, not because he support Cage and his views of how the American system is on the side of an elephant… but how he is as a person. I don’t know why, but I went to easy on him, but I don’t need to bring more violence within my life then it’s already been place in. One good punch to his dome, was pretty much over for me. I know Coleman don’t got no glass jaw like that, so I can give him the benefit of the doubt for my brief interactions with him in XWF.

Cage, I don’t like you, and I never like what you stood for when you showed up in XWF all these months ago, when I Estrada-nized your ankle that was just sense of how frail and weak you are. You are a man who blinded by the fortunes and fame, with a mix of David Meltzer inside your culo waiting to be plucked for eight star matches in the Tokyo Dome. That even the casuals would deem so important, that someone like Billy B would want to have a heart attack when you run your mouth and do your flippty do ha in the ring. For me, I don’t need to worry about that type of stuff since I am least likely to care what star is in XWF, if I don’t get no flowers for my time in XWF neither should you, Cage.

That flower you have is that coveted X-Treme Championship, it’s wrapped in so much barbwire that you can’t even bother to keep it anymore. It’s prickles your flesh as everyone is practically is chasing you for it as we speak, I’ve seen those guys and girls take a piece of your time as you try to escape them from trying to deflower your barbwire belt. I know you will try to go into the distance to keep your coveted flower, but it’s time for me to be prickled with it’s cold embrace. You already had your turn with it, and now it’s mines for the time being; who knows? I might end up not getting it back for a third reign and can live freely without being attacked by someone like Bam Miller on a consistent basis. Only time will tell Cage, and all I know is that time is too expensive to waste and timing is of the essence.

So Cage, I’m letting it be known that it’s time for me to beat you down, and give you your roses at your grave, since this will be the last moment of your time as the champion… I will make sure that you look like a million dollars in that ring, so you can have your eight stars and elevate your once promising reign as the X-Treme champion of XWF.

See you in X-Mas, Punk."

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