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Soft Deadline ~Paranoia: The Facts. Balloons. The Dupe. And The Help~
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12-06-2021 10:12 PM

Scene opens on a very tired looking close up Adi Gold's face, talking to who we assume is Thad Duke.

Part 1: The Facts: Adi Gold as Number One Contender.

"Here's the deal. I'm on a high. Not that stinky wacky tobacco high. Or the white nose candy sometimes referred to as Cocaine. Not that kind of high. But I am feeling good. I won the opportunity at a shot at the Supercontiental Championship when I beat Kat C. Jones at XWF Bad Medicine. That same night, my sexy boy toy you, Thad Duke would lose to that evil Corey Smith, to retain his XWF championship belt. That's cool. But that meant that Adi vs Corey. Gold vs Smith. Addison Goldblum versus Cornelius Smithers would happen down the road. That's my high. Thad you have been supportive. You has, babe. I know yer' bummed that you couldn't beat one of your archenemies in Corey Smith at the PPV for his Supercontinetal belt. Instead, Ol' Core' has to deal with me... That's where my high comes from. It's getting a chance at my first belt. I first shot at success in this wrestling bizz-nass. I mean if Thad himself couldn't beat Corey Smith, do I even stand a chance? That's not the point. I'm on such a high... and that's some where down the road. My highness is filling up so many balloons. Balloons that could pop..."

Part 2: The Balloons: They Pop and Ruin Thangs'

[Image: adiwarfare1.jpg]

"My dilemma. Betsy Granger. She is one of the best in the business. She was literally rewarded at the Top 5 Wrestler out of 100 stars of 2021. That's really cool. I don't have a problem with Betsy. She is truly one of the best. She has always been kind to me. But when I found out I will be facing her at XWF Warfare... well three things came to mind. Number one: How are our sexy butts not main event on this program? WTF? Number two: Is she going to steal my thunder going into my upcoming match against Corey Smith for the XWF Supercontiental Championship match? And number ... what number are we on? Wait... Main eventing, thunder stealing. Oh yea. Getting a shot of her own. Say this... if I lose to Betsy... the great Betsy. Numero Five-o on the TOP STARS OF 2021 LIST!! She wins. Adi loses. Does that put her in title consideration for the belt shot I earned. What next? Betsy beats Adi... Adi loses to Betsy... Betsy calls this out to management. She gets her sexy ass into my title match with Corey Smith... which means I'm the third wheel. Corey Smith, the Champ. Betsy Granger, one of the greatest. And Adi Gold. Who? No... no. I can't let that happen, babe... but there's also this...

Part 3: The Dupe: Special Commentator with a Classic 101 Dupe.

"Corey Smith... the special guest commentator at ring side. Seems simple on paper. But everything seems simple on paper. Math. English. My Cartoony Pictures of Naked Bodies you love. They all come off as easy and simple when you look at it that way. But let's do some MATH in our head-brains for example. 375 times 832 minus 92 plus 92 divided by 172(c=MC32).... yeah. What does that equal? Nice try, you have no idea. Same here. It's hard and wrong. Or take English also. No paper remember. 'A horse walks into a bar and the bar tender says 'why the long face' and that same horse kills it's self a night later. But the bartender reads it in the paper... and kills himself too.' So... how many vowels are in that sentence? And what's the adjective? Or... wait. See. No paper. It's impossible. And finally My Cartoony Pic's of Naked Bodies. Can you picture it, babe? NO! You cannot. Because there is no paper to SEE it. It's so awesome when you do see them though. Very erotic and detailed...

My point is...

Corey Smith as a simple guest commentator seems like a good idea at WARFARE. But the fact is... he is out to either talk trash about me and take me out or... or... here's the twist. He wants Betsy in the title match. He is bound to lose to belt to me most likely, because I rock. But while I am dating the hottest man in the wrestling business, you. I am no mainstream name. Adi Gold is just another star looking to get famous. Get out of this sport and become a movie star or some shit. Wrestling isn't Adi Gold's passion. She doesn't like being in the ring where the fans spit at you, where the roster disrespects you by peeing in your coffee thermos... and when in ring competitors shit all over you. It happens. Ask my brother, Fisher Goldblum. He once had a bear he wrestled shit all over him when he was sawing the live bear up for meat... with a jigsaw. Sure, the bear was just reacting situation of dying a horrible death... and yes Fisher did get arrested for this stunt. But that doesn't mean wrestlers don't shit on each other. Yer' telling me Charlie Nickles never pooped on Thunder Knuckles face before? Nah. Not buying that. Corey Smith knows this... he knows I'm just considered Thaddeus Duke's arm candy. The 'better half'. Not worth his time. SO if he can get the great Betsy Granger in the mix, he can lose his belt in dignity. But not this year...

... or next year..."

"Babe... babe... I love you... but what are you going on about?"

The scene cuts to Thad Duke laying in bed as Adi sits next to him rambling on about... whatever.

Adi: Thad, I am serious. This is my second match in XWF. If I lose... if i lose to Betsy Granger. Which I must say is very, very, very, very, very Possible. Did I say 'very' enough? She is like... wow... one of the best. And with Corey Smith as a distraction on commentating at ring side. This could shot gun blast a hole in my head... my head plans.

Thad strokes his hands through his hair and gets closer to Adi and places his head in her lap.

Thad: Babe. You got this. Betsy is good, yes. But just be positive. Corey Smith... he is a different story. But... whatever, just stay positive, babe.

Adi: I am trying to be positive. But I am nervous. Kat C Jones... some will say. Okay, most will say "ADI GOLD GOT LUCKY". They are saying this in front and behind my back. I know they are. Kat C Jones is awesome. I respect her to no end. But maybe... just saying... MAYBE I did get lucky. But does lightning strike twice? And if it does... will it hit the same place again? By that I mean by me winning and beating Betsy Granger...? Thad? Thad... THAD!!!?!?!?

Thad can be heard snoring as he falls asleep on her lap. Adi frowns and gently kisses him on the forehead and moves him to the pillows. She gets up, putting on her housecoat. She walks over to her phone on a dresser. No messages. She walks out of the room to find one of the older maids dusting off photos of Thaddeus Duke's framed pictures. Adi approaches her.

Maid: Miss Gold. Anything I can help you with?

Adi pouts.

Adi: Well nothing that really concerns you and stuff...

Maid: Oh okay...

Adi: But...

Maid rolls her eyes.

Adi: I am not sure what to thinky about thingies. I mean I just returned to the ring. And now I face Betsy Granger in my second match.

Maid: Betsy Granger? She is a wonderful person. Great wrestler...

Adi: OH! So you have heard of her? Like, ok, in yer' honest opinion... Do you think she is better than me? Like as a wrestler? Person? Is she prettier than me too? TELL ME MABEL!!!

Maid: Mabel?

Adi: That is your name isn't it?

Maid: Um, Jane. Jane is my name.

Adi: What? I've been calling you Mabel all this time?

Maid: You have?

Adi: I think so... who are you again?

Maid: Well it's Jane, ma'am...

Aid sighs.

Adi: Ok, I am not doing a documentary on yer' life or anything. I asked you a simple question. Is THE Betsy Granger better than me? Is she? Honesty, now. I don't some bullshit answer for you, Mabel... just be honest. No trouble. No consequences. Just the truth.

[Image: adiwarfare2.jpg]
Maid: Um... honestly?

Adi nods and cups her ear with her hand.

Maid: Well, Miss Gold. You are terrific. You are. But...

Adi: Yes...

Maid: Well... Betsy is one of the greatest as you said before. You are good. You are popular. You are very pretty. But damn, Betsy Granger? C'mon...

Adi looks sad. She nods and pats the maid on the back. Adi then walks to the house phone.

Adi: ...just a second Mabel...

Maid: Jane... Miss Gold...

Adi puts up her finger silencing her.


Maid: Whaaaaa???

Suddenly two large men open the door and immediately rush the old lady maid, Jane. The maid tries to argue but she is gagged and pulled out of the room, feet dragging. Thad appears behind Adi, giving her a little scare.

Thad: Sorry, babe. Um. What's all the commotion about? Why is security taking Jane The Maid outside?

Adi: Long story, hun. Long story...

Thad: Shall we discuss it over breakfast? Damn, I'll get the chef to make us some French toast.

Thad kisses Adi and smacks her on the butt as he goes back to his bed room. Adi see's a butler watching all this take place. Adi pulls her hair back and approaches the butler.

Adi: So Jeeves... who is better? Adi Gold or Betsy Granger?

Butler: Um... you. Adi Gold...

Adi smiles.

Adi: Yep... I agree. Get going, now...

The butler rushes down the hallway as Adi nods she passes a mirror and looks at her reflection.

Adi: GOLDgeous...

She walks away as the scene fades to black.

[Image: QoP2P5V.png&name=small]
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