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What is Fire and Ice? A brief tutorial.
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11-30-2021, 12:03 PM

So by now you have all seen the teaser at the end of Bad Medicine for our next PPV. If you haven't then wtf are you even doing here? Go and read Bad Medicine and then come back...........

......Ok we good? So what is Fire and Ice? In a sense it is kind of a War Games type event but inspired by Game Of Thrones .

What are going to do is have teams, how many teams and how many people are on the team is up to how many people want to participate in the event. Each team will then get a House Banner.

We will then book the card like we would any standard PPV with title matches, contendership matches etc. Whichever team scores the most victories their house will get a prize. We may assign point values to different types of wins. For instance winning a regular match is 1 point, winning a contendership match is 2 points, winning a title match is 3. Or we would just keep it simple, 1 point per win. We are still working out some of the details such as that or what the actual prize would be.

So while we will have set teams/houses you will not be competing in War Games matches. The GM's will actually be drafting the teams. Ideally we can get at least 4 teams but it doesn't actually matter as you are not competing in any team vs team event. We hope to do a live draft in an XWF discord chat channel that everyone could listen in on as we do it.

Those are all the details we have for now but we will be sure to update you as we finalize things.

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