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XWF Presents: Bad Medicine 2021
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11-28-2021 09:23 PM



Special Bad Medicine Opening Match 11-25-21
- vs -

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Match
This match will take place on a special Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float
Win by Pinfall

Results for this match will be posted live while the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is happening

Savage rules

Match #1


- vs -
Kennel from Hell Match
Anarchy Rules

Match #2
- vs -
Standard Match
Anarchy Rules

Match #3
- vs -
Standard Match
If Money Oswald wins Thias Watts must retire.
If Thias Watts wins Big Money Oswald must become his tag team partner
Anarchy Rules

Match #4


- vs -
Standard Tag Team Match
Warfare Tag Team Rules
3 Rps/No Word Count PER TEAM

Match #5
- vs -
Tornado Street Fight
Savage Tag Team Rules
2 RPS/3K Word Limit PER TEAM

Match #6
- vs -
5 Round Octagon Match
1 RP/3K

Match #7
- vs -
Broom Closet Brawl
This match will take place throughout the arena but must end in a specially designated broom closet. Weapons encouraged.
1 RP/3K

Match #8


- vs -
- vs -
15 Minute Triple Threat
Savage Rules

Match #9


- vs -
Standard 15 Minute TV Title Match
Savage Rules

Match #10


- vs -
Standard Match
Warfare Rules

Match #11


- vs -
Standard Match
Warfare Rules

Match #12


- vs -
Warfare Rules

Match #13


- vs -
Xtreme Rules
Warfare Rules

Match #14


- vs -
Alias's Universal Rules
Champs Advantage RP Rules

The following match originally aired live during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The scene opens to what was a LIVE stream of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade being filmed from the sidewalk. The camera pans around the crowd and to Heather Hallowell and Pip Collins standing side-by-side, ready to announce the action!

Heather is dressed in a lady pilgrim costume and Pip is dressed as an Indian equipped with war paint and a couple of feathers sticking up behind his head.

HHL: “Hello everyone and welcome to the opening match for XWF’s Bad Medicine!! I’m Heather Hallowell…”

PIP: “How, Heather! I am Crazy Pony!”

HHL: “Crazy Pony?”

PIP: “Yeah. Like Crazy Horse?”

HHL: “I get it. But, Pip..”

PIP: “Crazy Pony.”

HHL: “Don’t you think your costume is a little…”

PIP: “Over the top? It IS awfully cold out… I could use a jacket.”

Heather goes cross-eyed and stares back at the camera. Beside the two, just off-camera, is XWF Head of Security, Little Feather, shedding a single tear.

HHL: “We are patiently waiting, fans, for the arrival of the XWF float, which is basically a moving ring… And we will be following along with the action the best we can! Who better than to have in the match?”

PIP: “The No Good Bastard, himself, Bobby Bourbon taking on newcomer Matt “The Raven” Knox! Now, wouldn’t it have been smarter to provide us with a float, too, Heather? Rather than trying to keep up with this thing?”

HHL: “The XWF works in mysterious ways, Pip!”

Pip and Heather are stationed at the very start of the parade, where a large group of New York’s finest ride in on motorcycles followed by the first initial Macy’s floats. After a while and a short break, the Hampton Marching Force strolls by.

PIP: “So, when exactly is this float supposed to get here?”

HHL: “Soon enough! You can barely contain the excitement, can you?”

30 Minutes Later…

The Go scene now approaches. A 14 foot-tall bowling ball followed by ten 16 foot-tall bowling pins then two bowling shoes come walking down the parade route. A chorus of screams can be heard as a Ford F-150 pulling a ring float that’s pulling another little float screeches onto the scene. The walking bowling pins scatter everywhere!

PIP: “There they are! STRIKE!”

HHL: “What an entrance! Now, we just need the competitors!”

Heather is correct as the ring is rolling down the parade route with just Head Official Chaz Bobo standing in the center of it. Time Keeper Nipsey Russel has a small float and where he has his time keeping desk following the ring float. Rolling up on a motorcycle is the first competitor of the match, Matt “The Raven” Knox!

He parks the bike alongside the road and it’s taken immediately by an XWF Official. Knox jogs up to the float and rolls into the ring.

PIP: “Now where’s Bourbon?”

HHL: “Wait a minute… Do you hear that?!”

The thudding from the rudder of a helicopter can be heard and soon enough is lowering itself down between the buildings on the street.

HHL: “Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me!”

A rope ladder lowers from the chopper and out comes Bobby Bourbon! It lowers enough for him to step off the ladder and into the ring! As the helicopter takes off, it disrupts the Super Saiyan Goku float and lifts it higher into the air! Several of the little Saiyans holding the float let go, but those that don’t get to fly through the air as the Goku float flies off track and into a building!

PIP: “Wow! This match hasn’t even started yet and the XWF has already caused some disarray!”

HHL: “That’s an understatement, Pip.. I hope those people are alright…”

PIP: “They’re Saiyans! Of course they are!”

Bobby Bourbon and Matt Knox are now nose to nose in the ring as Chaz Bobo steps between them. He sends them to their respective corners and signals for the bell!


The bell sounds and the two big men charge the center of the ring! They lock up to a stale-mate and push away from each other. They move in again and the brute strength from each of the men is still not enough to overtake the other and they shove away again. They circle the center of the ring, Bobby Bourbon takes a bounce off the ropes to test them out and continues until they make a full circle. They tie up again and Bourbon is able to trap Knox in a strong headlock. Knox takes Bourbon to the ropes, bounces him off, and sends him across the ring. Bourbon bounces back and the two of them meet in the center with two big shoulders that again just makes a thunderclap but does nothing to either man.

Knox gives Bourbon a nod, but isn’t given one back. Instead, Bourbon lands a swift kick to Knox’s midsection and lifts him up in the air in a vertical suplex! The 6’6 man slams flat on his back and reaches around in pain. Bourbon wastes little time and goes right after his opponent by grabbing him by the head and bringing him straight to his feet. He Irish whips Knox across the ring and lowers himself in wait, but Knox flips over Bourbon and rolls him up for the first pin attempt!



HHL: “Bourbon kicks out after two!”

Knox gets up and brings Bourbon half way up with him, only to plant him straight back down with a DDT! Knox picks up Bourbon and takes him over to the corner and starts peppering jabs into Bourbon’s face who just holds the top two ropes for balance as he takes each blow. Knox steps up to the middle rope and lands two more closed fists to the top of Bobby Bourbon’s skull before stepping down and running to the opposite corner. He measures Bourbon up from the opposite side and takes off running back!

PIP: “Oh this could be big!”

Knox lifts the leg, looking for a Little Drop of Poison… His trademark running boot! But Bourbon saw him coming and moved out of the way! Knox’s leg wrapped around the top turnbuckle and he got stuck straddling it for a moment…

HHL: “Ouch! The man is tall, but if only he was a little taller!”

He manages to pull his leg back over the rope just to be clotheslined to the outside! His head smacks off the apron and he falls to the road!

PIP: “It looks like they’re going to take this fight to the streets, Heather!”

Bourbon exits the ring, runs across the apron, and leaps off the side of it landing an elbow on Knox!

HHL: “Man I bet that hurt Bobby just as bad as it hurt Matt Knox… Bobby’s hip took all of the road on that one…”

It didn’t seem to affect the Bastard at all. He got straight to his feet and picked Knox up along with him. They stray away from the ring float and to the one that is slowly catching up to them.

HHL: “Oh no… I think the XWF is breaching another float….”

It’s the Olay float where the K-pop band Aespa is performing! Bourbon drags Knox through the crowd in front and slams him against the float! It knocks a couple of the performers down and the other two scurry away to safety. The two men exchange a couple of punches before Knox regains the advantage. He lifts up the near 300 pounds Bastard and body slams him down onto the Olay float. He climbs up on it then gets his legs taken out from under him and Bourbon trips him up. The float is made up of a platform where the band was performing and behind it is a giant head and upper torso. Knox takes a couple of steps and spears Bourbon through the chest and they both go through it and fall out of it back to the street destroying the float!

[Image: DNPm7Z5.png?1]

PIP: “I hate K-pop.”

Both men lie on the street and are finally getting rallied back to the ring by the official.

HHL: “Someone is definitely walking away with road rash.”

The two men separately begin staggering back towards the XWF float with Chaz Bobo tailing them. A group of clowns are passing them by, trying their best to avoid the two giant men beating the hell out of each other, but Bourbon manages to grab hold of one. He lifts the clown over his head and throws it like a javelin towards his opponent! Knox catches the clown right in the chest knocking him down!

PIP: “Clown abuse!”

Knox shoves the clown off of him, but the attack causes several other clowns to target the No Good Bastard! Some squirt him with water, some attack him with balloon swords, and the rest attack with whatever they can! Bourbon defends one attack and clocks the first clown! He takes two others and cracks their heads together! One jumps on his back… Bourbon pulls him around and Bobby-Bombs the clown straight down to the street breaking him in half! In the meantime, Knox had enough time to gather himself back up and line up an attack on Bobby! He runs over and just as Bourbon faces him, he lands a running boot across the Bastard’s face!

HHL: “There it is! A Little Drop of Poison! Bourbon is out cold!”

PIP: “Yeah, but NOW he has to get a 290 pound Bobby Bourbon back in the ring where he can legally pin him!”

The clowns all gather around Bobby and it takes ten of them but they lift him up and start carrying him to the ring. The clowntourage rolls Bourbon into the ring under the bottom rope where Matt Knox is already waiting and falls on his opponent!



HHL: “Another kick out by Bourbon!”

PIP: “Bobby better quit clowning around!”

Bourbon manages to roll away after the kick out. Knox follows up with a couple of kicks to his head, but they don’t seem to phase him. Bobby continues working towards his feet as his opponent continues to pound down with fists and forearms….

HHL: “Is Bobby hulking up?”

Bourbon finally manages to block one of the blows and strike back! Knox stumbles back one step but then attacks again! But it’s blocked! Bourbon lands another countering blow! Knox again fights back but it’s blocked again! Bourbon fires back with one, then two, then a third shot! He takes a bounce from the ropes and picks Knox up in a bear hug! He rushes to the corner and slams him….. Then leaps in the air landing an Oklahoma Bear Hug Slam!


HHL: “Bobby Bourbon with the big slam here! This could be it.. He covers and pulls the leg!”



PIP: “NO!”

HHL: “Kick out by Knox! This match continues!!”

Bourbon spits on the mat and grabs Knox by the back of the head. Knox immediately starts fighting back by landing a couple of punches to the midsection of his opponent! Bobby shoves Knox back down, but he rolls through back to his feet and attacks Bobby! He lands a fist across the chest sending the big man back against the ropes! The two of them are fighting at the front of the float where it is hitched to the truck ahead. Bourbon slips through the middle rope and lands on the apron as Knox continues to land kicks to his chest. Knox meets him on the outside and Bourbon continues to take the kicks but manages to fight them off and reach his feet. Knox goes for a high kick to Bourbon’s head, but it’s caught! Bobby Bourbon throws the leg down, grabs Knox around the torso, and belly-to-belly suplexes him into the bed of the truck!

HHL: “WOAH!!!”

PIP: “Look out!”

The truck buckles at the five hundred some pounds that slammed onto the back of it. Half of the bed breaks off from the cab and sparks fly all around as the float begins to drive uncontrollably down the parade path at 5 mph. The driver bails on the vehicle and the crowd ahead scatters as the truck pulls the float off the road and into the Central Park fence alongside the road and stops.

HHL: “This match is getting out of hand. I would hate to be sitting next to Jefferson Jackson watching this…”

[Image: ePnfQkM.png]

The two competitors jumps off each side of the truck and stumble over, past the ring, and back out onto the street just in time for the Brownsberg High School Marching Band.

HHL: “Oh God no.”

Bourbon walks over to a tuba player, grabs the instrument from the kid, and turns around to get a road cone thrown at his face by Matt Knox!!

HHL: “These are kids people!”

PIP: “Yeah! Think of the children!”

[Image: 7VJpkvc.jpg?1]

Bourbon swats the road cone away and as Knox gets to him he cracks him with the tuba bending the horn all wonky. He takes it up overhead and slams it down on the back of Knox! The marching band DISbands and scatters through the street! Before Bourbon can make another move, he is attacked from behind!!!

HHL: “What’s this?!?!”

PIP: “The clowns are back!”

The clowns that Bourbon had the battle with before attacked again and in a group surrounded him and started beating him down! There seems to be more clowns than before joining in on taking him down! By the numbers, they emerge out of the crowd and hop on the dog pile that has Bobby Bourbon under the whole thing! He disappears in the mass of clowns and looks to be done for as Knox begins to recuperate after the blows from the heavy brass instrument!

Suddenly, the mountain of clowns on Bourbon explodes! Red noses and wigs fly everywhere as the No Good Bastard emerges! Knox breathes heavy as he runs in to attack, but is blind-sided as Bourbon baseball bat swings one of the clowns and smashes Knox in the side of the head! Bourbon grabs two clowns at once and delivers a double chokeslam! He rips through the crowd more and more as Head Official Chaz Bobo AND the NYPD try to break the clowns away from the competitors!!!


PIP: “I can’t even keep track who is who anymore!”

HHL: “Oh knock it off Pip!”

Finally the clowns get separated and the ring float is back on the road!

HHL: “Well it looks like the float is back in the parade, Pip! Pip? Hey?? Where’d you go?!”

Inside the cab of the truck we can see two little feathers sticking up and Pip Collins behind the wheel of the once thought disabled Ford truck! Sparks fly behind the cab as the ring is once again in motion and the competitors have found their way back to the ring! They enter together and Bourbon takes the first swing, missing a clothesline! Knox bounces back nailing Bourbon under the chin with a super kick! Bourbon falls into the ropes, but then charges back and catches Knox with another bear hug! Bobby squeezes the life out of Knox who manages to fight back with blows to Bourbon’s thick neck! One after another until Bourbon finally releases the hold!

HHL: “Well it appears that I’ve been left to commentate this match on my own, fans! And what a match it has been!”

Knox fights off Bourbon into the corner and starts pelting him with kicks again, but Bourbon manages to block a couple and change positions! He delivers a fury of punches to the gut, but those are blocked! Knox spins Bourbon around into the corner again…. But before he can mount any offense Bourbon rakes the eyes!!! He grabs Knox as he takes a step up onto the middle rope…. He lifts Knox up onto his shoulder and leaps across the ring!!!

HHL: “Oh! Bobby-Bomb from the top rope!!! Sort-of!! What impact!! OH MY GOD THE RING!!”

The wheels in the back driving the float snap and the back of the ring begins dragging on the ground creating even more sparks!!!! Bobby hops onto his opponent for the cover…..





The X-Tron lights up with a live shot of Woolworth Tower in Manhattan.

HHL: Here’s a live shot of the home of New York’s self-proclaimed favorite adopted son, Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: Heather, believe it! 99% of the world might hate him, but the 1% that doesn’t, lives right here in the five boroughs!

HHL: Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

On the Tron, a double stretch Bentley limousine with New York plates: ‘BG FKN DL’ being escorted by the flashing reds and blues of New York’s Finest rolls up to a stop outside the tower. Chris Page steps out of the car just a tick before Thaddeus Duke and Adi Gold exit the building to the sidewalk, hand in hand.

The fans inside the Barclays Center come alive.

PIP: Are you starting to believe it yet, Heather? New York loves their Lionheart unconditionally!

Chris Page greets Thad with his usual grin and the bro handshake.

”Cars a bit much don’t you think?”

”I already own it, might as well use it.”

”You ready for tonight?”

”I was born ready man,” Thad replies with a smile.

”Since this is kind of an emotionally volatile situation for you, I did you the favor of eliminating a big distraction.”

Page opens the door to the limo and Thad peers at what’s inside. His smile widens and Adi Gold just about loses her entire fucking mind.

”OH MY GODDDDD!” she shrieks and barrels herself into the car.

”Now this is priceless…”

Thad steps into the car and Page lingers on the sidewalk for a moment.

”The things I do for my god damn clients,” he mutters to himself before entering the car and closing the door.

With a sounding of the police sirens, the double stretch Bentley pulls onto Broadway.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, Adi Gold and Chris Page, now en route to the Barclays Center here in Brooklyn!

PIP: What was in the car!?

HHL: Or is it a whom?

The lights on the entrance way go dark as "Blueprint 2" by Jay-Z begins... as the song reaches the 21-second mark and the beat drops, an explosion is heard and the stage lighting comes back up, revealing Elijah Martin standing at the top of the entrance way. After about ten seconds of standing still to take in the crowd in the arena, Martin casually makes his way to the ring, yelling some random things at the crowd on the way.

He walks around to the hard cam side of the ring and hops onto the apron towards the end of the first verse of the song. When the song transitions into the chorus with the beat drop at the 1:25 mark, Martin raises both arms in the air and yells "I'M THE KING, MOTHAFUCKAS!" After a couple of seconds taking in the mix of cheers and boos, Martin steps into the ring and just paces around a couple of times before stopping at his corner and taking an ass bump to sit against the bottom turnbuckle.

XWF Legend and CURRENT Anarchy Champion Centurion steps out from behind the curtains to the adoring crowd. Centurion casually strolls down to the ring slapping a few of the fan's hands as he does. He climbs the steps and then steps through the ropes, taking his place at the center of the ring. He removes the Anarchy title from his waist and holds it in the air for a few seconds to the fans delight before handing it off to the referee.

Match #1


- vs -
Kennel from Hell Match
Anarchy Rules

Officials make sure the inner cage is locked and secure as the outer cage starts to lower around the outside of the ring.

Vinnie Lane: “What a way to open Bad Medicine dude! A friggin’ KENNEL FROM HELL match for the Anarchy Title!”

Bama: “This one hits home for me, Vince. That punk Elijah Martin put his hands on my dear Sassafras, who I left in the back today out of extra safety. Don’t nobody threaten my family, Vinnie!”

Vinnie Lane: “I hear you, Bama… which is why we have TWO sets of steel between Elijah Martin and ourselves tonight! I was just as worried about you getting in as him getting out!”

Bama: “Oh I’m gettin’ in, Vinnie. I’m gettin’ in.”

Bama sets a huge pair of bolt cutters on top of the announce desk.

Centurion and Elijah Martin stare across the ring at one another as animal handlers escort four large doberman pinschers inside the outer cage. The dogs run around the ring snarling and barking after they are let loose from their leashes.

Bama: “That’s it? Only four?”

Vinnie Lane: “Well, actually, Bama…”

A spotlight shines down at the top of the entrance ramp, and we see...

[Image: GTY_chihuahuas_jef_140217_16x9_992.jpg]

Bama: “Vinnie is that Sassafras!?”

Vinnie Lane: “Oh it sure is dude… and he isn’t alone.”

Behind Sassafras, about two hundred additional and nearly identical brown apple headed chihuahuas show up and join him in his low growl toward the ring.

All of the chihuahuas strut down to the cages together like a swarm, and officials stand back and allow the phalanx of fluffy fellas to enter into the outer cage.

Bama: “My god… they are legion. They are many. May god have mercy on Elijah Martin’s soul.”

The outer cage door is closed and locked, and the referee calls for the bell!


Martin comes out of his corner like a prize fighter, chucking quick jabs out in front of him to keep Cent on his toes. Centurion minds his distance and tries to close in on Martin when he can, looking for any moment in which Martin might drop his guard or step off balance.

Martin changes up his approach and bull rushes Cent, bullying him into a corner and burying a shoulder in his guts, hammering him in the abdomen with repeated shoulder thrusts through the turnbuckles. Martin then lifts Cent up onto the top buckle and climbs up to the second, popping Centurion in the mouth with several hard, short right hands until Centurion smacks him in the nose with an upward palm strike!

Centurion grabs Martin and pushes off the ropes - spinebuster from the corner!

Vinnie Lane: “What an impact! Martin took a big impact off the top rope right there, Bama!”

Bama: “Dang right but not as hard as mis mama does on a Friday night!”

Vinnie Lane: “Bama!”

Bama: “My bad, my bad, I need to mind my manners. I was raised better. Bless his little heart.”

Centurion follows up with a rolling knee drop and then heads for the cage wall, beginning to ascend. He gets to the top of the inner cage before Elijah Martin springs to his feet and runs over, climbing up high enough to grab hold of Centurion’s boot, preventing the Anarchy Champion from climbing over the top.

Centurion tries kicking Martin off of him to no avail, and eventually Martin actually climbs over Centurion! He straddles his back and pulls backward… huge German suplex off of the cage wall onto Centurion!

Bama: “Sweet baby Jesus I think he broke the old man’s neck!”

Vinnie Lane: “Not a chance, Centurion is literally the only guy I know who does not skip neck day.”

Elijah Martin pulls himself back up and scales the cage again… but he stops at the top of the inner cage and turns around to where Centurion is still lying on his back in the ring. Martin gets a sick grin across his face and he sits his butt on the top of the inside cage wall… and leaps off with a splash!

Cent gets the knees up!

Vinnie Lane: “High risk from the challenger, Bama, and it did not pay off!”

Bama: “Elijah Martin might have got two collapsed lungs off that move, Vinnie! He is suckin’ wind hard right now!”

Both challenger and champion are on the mat trying to recover when the X-Tron lights up.

[Image: OiUKvdh-.jpg]

Vinnie Lane: “Oh what the crap is this now?”

Roxy Cotton, Vinnie’s fiancee, heads down the ramp as the crowd whistles and catcalls out to her. She is wearing an oversized trench coat covering her from chin to ankles, but as always she does have an incredibly expensive pair of stiletto heels on her feet.

Vinnie hangs his head as Roxy shows up at the booth.

Vinnie Lane: “Babe what the heck…”

Roxy Cotton: “Vinnie, you know how I feel about cruelty to animals! The wrestling ring is no place for dogs!”

Vinnie Lane: “Dude you HATE dogs. And birds. And chinchillas, specifically, for some weird reason.”

Roxy Cotton: “Chinchillas are extremely creepy on Twitter, Vinnie. But I still would never subject a bunch of puppies to this sort of abuse!”

Vinnie Lane: “You literally said before the show that you hoped all of these chihuahuas died of AIDS.”

Roxy Cotton: “Natural causes! Not because of dumb circus abuse! You know I’m passionate about this! I’m vegan! And I’d rather be NAKED than wear fur!”

Roxy starts dropping her coat but Vinnie was apparently prepared for this, as he manages to pull out a huge dressing room privacy shield from under the booth. He covers Roxy on every side, shielding her from the audience and the cameras, only leaving her exposed to Bama… who almost has a heart attack.

Bama: “Jesus Christ in Heaven Vinnie, that’s where babies come from!”

Vinnie Lane: “Shut it, Bama! Can I get some help over here?”

Security personnel show up with blankets and grab Roxy, pulling her away from the booth as she shouts a lot of really mean things at Lane. Apparently there are racial slurs that even apply to him!

Bama: “Good lord, Vinnie! She ain’t never been to charm school huh?”

Vinnie Lane: “I’d rather not talk about it - LOOK OUT!!!”

During the commotion, both Centurion and Elijah Martin had made their way to the top of the inner cage and were straddling it facing one another. Martin grabs Centurion by the back of the skull and slams his face into the top of the steel, then hooks his head...PROLOGUE OFF OF THE CAGE!!!

Bama: “He dude, Vinnie! RIP Centurion, the last representative of the Greatest Generation…”

Vinnie Lane: “What a move! Martin took a big hit too or he might already be out of the cage!”

Bama: “If Elijah Martin wins this match it’ll be the biggest tragedy since the Athenian Plague of 430 BCE!”

Vinnie Lane: “You know Greek history?”

Bama: “Yeah man I studied it in grad school. I got a Master’s in Antiquities.”

Vinnie Lane: “... you went to grad school?”

Bama: “Dang. So prejudicial.”

Back in the ring, Martin has approached the fencing of the inner cage and is mocking a flock of chihuahuas standing outside and barking at him.

All of a sudden, the dogs start to condense and congregate. Then, they pile onto each other and start forming the shape of a large man!

Bama: “Oh my god, Vinnie! They’s making a Chihuahua Voltron!”

Vinnie Lane: “I’m gonna get so many emails from people…”

The Chihuahua Megazord fully forms itself into a massive golem of lapdogs. This corporeal fever dream straight from the fourth circle of Hell grabs onto the cage and rips off a section!

Vinnie Lane: “Good thing Cent is unconscious right now, he HATES crap like this.”

The doggie of death steps toward Martin, who takes a step back… and then gets knocked forward by a huge dropkick from Centurion! Martin is sent bowling right through the dogs, who split back apart into dozens of regular chihuahuas, and out through the open cage wall and to the floor below! All the chichis start nipping at Elijah Martin and yipping like crazy!

Bama: “Oh man Vinnie I’m so nervous… is little Sassy gonna be all right?”

Vinnie Lane: I don’t even know which one is Sassafras anymore, honestly…”

Bama: “I gotta know. Vin, I’m sorry about this but I gotta call Miss Cleo!”

Vinnie Lane: “Who?”

Bama: “Miss Cleo! ONLY the most trusted clairvoyant since the Pythia at Delphi!”

Bama pulls out a cell phone and dials it on speaker.

[Image: 160726-miss-cleo-youree-harris-mdl.jpg]

Miss Cleo: “Is dat you, Alabama?”

Bama: “It sure is Miss Cleo! I know I called earlier about where I left my recipe for cheddar dumplings… you was right by the way, it was in my other fanny pack… but I need to know if my sweet baby Sassafras is gonna get out of this dang ol’ kennel from Hell match without gettin’ hurt!”

There’s a long sigh on the other end of the phone, and then in Cleo’s signature Caribbean patois accent comes:

Miss Cleo: “She be needin’ you, Alabama! Go in there an’ rescue yer baby!”

Then there’s a dial tone.

Bama stands up and rips off his headset.


Then Bama sprints to the ring and starts pulling up at the bottom of the outer cage wall, making a small opening just big enough for a chihuahua. One of the little doggies runs over with his tail wagging.

Vinnie Lane: “This is pretty beautiful, actually. That man LOVES his dog.”

Sassafras escapes from under the cage and Bama scoops him up, then heads back to the booth.

Bama: “Everything’s good now, Vin.”

Vinnie Lane: “Actually I jut googled Miss Cleo and it turns out she died in 2016.”

Vinnie Lane: “Anyway… Centurion just nailed the 1,000 Mile Slam on Elijah Martin right into a pile of chihuahuas!”

Bama: “Get his ass Andy! You’ll be bigger than that huge statue of Zeus Kassandra jumped off of in Cephalonia!”

Vinnie Lane: “Wait a minute… that’s just Assassin’s Creed! You didn’t go to college at all did you!?”

Bama: “.............................................................. no.”

Vinnie Lane: “Dang it Bama!”

Centurion scales the outer cage and is close to the top when a chihuahua clocks him right in the temple. Then a second one hits him in the spine!

Vinnie Lane: “Elijah Martin is flinging chihuahuas like 90 mile per hour fastballs! And it’s working!”

Centurion loses his grip and falls, landing right on top of Elijah Martin! The two men are both in a heap among the dogs, who are mostly just climbing all over them and kinda playing. The Dobies are fast asleep.

Then… from the ramp…

Bama: “Oh no… Vinnie…”

Vinnie Lane: “What in the heck!?!”

[Image: dFA5TDl.png]


Vinnie Lane: “I have no words…”

Doge Cat lumbers down to the ring and simply LIFTS the outer cage wall, ducks under it, drops the cage back down, and then grabs Elijah Martin in a choke hold… and tosses him right into the ring apron! Martin can’t believe his eyes, and the monstrous creature then turns to the chihuahuas and seems to communicate with them somehow. The dogs start chewing around the edges of one of the cage sections.

Doge Cat pummels Elijah Martin for a while as Centurion gets his wits about him and just stares, dumbfounded. Centurion glances at Vinnie at the desk and mouths ‘what the fuck?’ Vinnie just shrugs.

Whatever. Doge Cat opens up a hole in the middle of the ring and tries to drag Elijah Martin down into Hades (that’s for you, Cent) but Martin gets away! He sees Centurion outside the ring and dives forward, flying out of the ring!


Centurion is flung backward by the high powered move, and he hits the cage wall… which collapses outward! The dogs loosened it up!


Winner by Kennel Escape and STILL Anarchy Champion - Centurion

Vinnie Lane: “Elijah Martin can’t believe it! Centurion is knocked out cold but he’s outside of the cages!”

Bama: “That’s what you get you ugly sumbitch! Mess with my dog again, Ugly!”

After the broadcast came back on, we see Steve Sayors in the ring as he was hosting an interview with someone in the live audience. Before he could speak, Reggie’s theme song blast on the X-Tron, where he comes down to the ring with a disheveled look upon his face. As he enters the ring, Steve then speaks to him.

Sayors: "Welcome to the Barclay Center for Bad Medicine, how do you feel about being in this arena here tonight?"

Before Reggie can speak, he gets interrupted by “YOU SCREWED COLEMAN” and “FUCK YOU REGGIE!” from the hostile crowd, he looked at them and he spoke on the mic with Sayors.

Reggie: "I don’t feel the love, and where’s the love from this crowd? I know I screwed up Coleman’s ankle, but it was for a purpose. Hell, even the management tried to tell me not to do that post match attack to this newcomer."

Sayors: "Well let’s roll the clip..."

Replay:After the bell rang, Reggie gets up off the pile of snow and grabs a chair from the front row. As Cage is busy celebrating, Estrada hits him with the chair in the back.

HHL: "Oh no! What's Reggie think he's doing?!"

PIP: “It looks like he’s seeking revenge and making sure that after Coleman beat him that he’s not going to make it much further in this tournament….”

Cage turns around and he pleads with Reggie to spare him, but he ends up hitting him with the chair to his dome as hard as he could. He then hears the boo's flooding the arena, and he places the chair on his ankle and he goes to the top rope.

HHL: "Don't do it, Reggie!"

JB appears out of nowhere to stop Reggie from doing more damage on Cage, Reggie and JB argue but Reggie ends up Pillmanizing Cage's ankle.

Sayors: "I say what you did was horrible, and you need to think about the consequences of your actions. What if you were put into that position?"

Reggie: "Look Steve, like I told everyone before and after that I am no saint. I never will be a good person in the ring towards the others, where I come from… it’s ojo por ojo in the streets; he had it coming for talking his bullshit."

Before Sayors can speak… a familiar theme blast on the X-Tron..

PIP: "Sounds like Cage has a bit more bullshit to shoot!"

Reggie Estrada turns towards the ramp, ready to fight; when, all of a sudden, Cage Coleman slides in the ring and smacks Reggie with a chair from behind!

HHL: "The music was a diversion!"

PIP: "Steve, get out of there!"

Sayors drops the mic and exits the ring as Coleman whacks Estrada with the chair, once more. He delivers a couple stomps before setting the chair on the mat and lifting Reggie up onto his shoulders. Cage spins Estrada around and hits a Michinoku Driver onto the chair as the crowd "ooooooooo"s.

HHL: "Around the World!..............."

PIP: ".................onto a chair!!!"

Estrada shows no sign of movement as Coleman gets to his knees and runs his hand through his hair, a crazy look on his face. He then slides the chair out from under his foe and places it around his ankle.

PIP: "Cage Coleman's gonna do to Reggie Estrada what HE did to him last Savage!!!!"

As the bloodthirsty fans get to their feet in anticipation, Steve Sayors begs Cage not to do it from outside the ring. Coleman then charges at Reggie but, before he can jump in the air, Cage ends up dropping abruptly. He stares at Estrada for a moment before bending down and picking up the microphone Steve abandoned as soon as Coleman arrived.

Cage: "Sorry..................."

He apologizes to the audience before turning to his downed enemy.

Cage: ".................but I don't try and end people's careers!!!!!"

Coleman drops the mic on Reggie's chest and turns to leave the ring. He heads up the aisle backwards, staring Estrada down as he does so. Eventually, Reggie comes to and removes the chair from his leg, making eye contact with Cage Coleman at the top of the ramp. Cage then turns to leave as Estrada angrily tosses the chair aside.

The words "They only want you when you're 17, when you're 21 you're no fun...." appear in dark red letters on the 'tron before cutting into the thrashing death metal sounds of "Severed" by Kittie. The Tron comes alive with graphic shots of plastic surgery interspersed with shots of blood dripping on a bright white surface. Mercy appears at the top of the ramp, walking slowly and with a purpose towards the ring, where she slides under the bottom rope.

Bianca McBride comes down to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. She wastes no time as she baseball slides under the bottom ropes and looks over at the ref telling him to call for the bell.

Match #2
- vs -
Standard Match
Anarchy Rules

The bell sounds and Mercy flies across the ring screeching, dropping Biance McBride and straddling her, clawing and beating on her face.

Vinnie Lane: “Well, Mercy sure isn’t wasting any time…”

Bama: “She might got herself an appointment after the show, Vin-man! She’s in a hurry to put a pin in this one!”

Mercy yanks McBride up by the hair and flings her to the ropes… McBride comes off and jumps up to hook Mercy in a hurricanrana!

Vinnie Lane: “UH OH! Mercy caught her mid-flip!”

Mercy pulls Bianca back up in the air…


Bianca McBride’s head bounces off the mat and Mercy jumps back on top of her, tearing away at her face. Mercy twists Bianca’s nose one direction and fishhooks her lips in the other.

Bianca rolls onto her front to protect her face, and Mercy goes to town on the back of her head with elbow shots until blood is flowing freely from Bianca’s hairline

Vinnie Lane: “This isn’t gonna last much longer, no one can handle this much punishment… oh good, Mercy has the Mort Noire locked in! Maybe her name actually makes some sense!”

Mercy locks in the hold tight, and Bianca is ready to tap.. But before she can, Mercy released the Mort Noire! The referee looks incredulous as Mercy sits on the mat laughing, then locks in the hold again!

Bianca wails in agony and raises a hand to tap out… AND MERCY LETS GO AGAIN!

Vinnie Lane: “Mercy is just toying with McBride now! This has got to stop! Wait a minute, what’s going on…”

A group of people jumps over the barricade and rushes toward the stage. One of them appears to be John Taffer from Bar Rescue. There are also nine identical women who all have name tags denoting which magical power they have in place of a personality.

Bama: “Vinnie I think I know those folks!”

Vinnie Lane: “Yeah dude, we’ve all seen Bar Rescue.”

Bama: “No Vinnie… it’s the folks from that bargain basement Coalition!”

Vinnie Lane: “The UGWC’s here?”

Bama: “No not the good one… the one fulla rejects. See! Right there! Ain’t that Benny BJ?”

Vinnie Lane: “IT IS!”

The nonuplet sci-fi chicks get to the ring first and start trying to attack Mercy, but Mercy fends them all off, tossing them out of the ring one at a time where they all land on the concrete and sob about Thad Duke for some reason.

Benny Blowjobs tackles Mercy and forces her to listen to him recite poetry which he manages to read out loud in a such a way that you just KNOW it’s in a ridiculous font. His face blurs in that one effect every wannabe edgelord knew to use when they made an efed banner in 2005


Mercy bites a whole chunk off of BJ’s cheek, spitting it out into the sea of identical single drunk women. One of them says ‘brains’ as the flesh lands nearby, then looks around for some adoration on their amazingly original and interesting take on the zombie genre.

Bama: “Hey you think one of them ladies might be a mummy? I see a Dracula, a Witch, a Swamp Thing… we just need a mummy!”

Vinnie Lane: “Don’t give her any ideas, Bama.”

John Taffer gets his midsection sliced open and his shit-filled intestines spew all over the mat.

All of the Coalition guys stop and clap because they love that stuff. They finally saw something on XWF programming they like!

Vinnie Lane: “Hey Bama, do you see that death metal looking guy hanging by a noose from the rafters and jerking himself furiously?”

Bama: “Sure do, Vince! He must be fantasizing about getting Doctor D’Ville to carry him again! Looks like it’s working on the auto-erotic asphyxiation front!”

Vinnie Lane: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand he’d dead. No big loss.”

Back in the ring, Mercy has found Bianca McBride again and has her lifted up for another FADED!!!

Mercy slithers onto McBride as the official makes a count…




Winner by Pinfall - Mercy

Vinnie Lane: “So much for continuing the McBride legacy in XWF… actually now that I think about it, this IS the McBride legacy in the XWF!”

Bama: “Aw shucks, Vin, now look! They got that one short fella from Brooklyn with the speech impediment out here and they’re all playing with his private parts like they can’t live without his tiny member in their faces!”

The nine women carry Bianca’s body out of the ring and they all leave, carrying her off to the Coalition.

Vinnie Lane: “Whatever we have up next is bound to be better than this was!”

Ring Announcer: Our next match is a battle of the big men. Entering first New Orleans, Louisiana, standing at an amazing 7 feet 3 inches and weighing 335 pounds....THIAS WATTS!!!!!

Thias ducks his head under the base of the XTron and steps out onto the ramp. Shirtless and wearing only black jeans and black boots, Thias scans the crowd mean-mugging everyone. He ignores the boos from the crowd and walks to the ring, reaching the top rope from the floor and pulling himself up onto the apron before stepping over the top rope.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from Chicago, Illinois, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 326 pounds is "The Billion Dollar Man" MONEY OSWALD!!!

His music hits, soon the ramp opens up and slowly Oswald begins to rise. His ornate cane planted in the platform, dressed to the nines like always. The crowd starting to chant "MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! " Once he was equal to the stage, he flung open his arms to form a t, letting out a loud roar, before grinning as he steps forward, making his way as he slowly unbuttons his suit jacket, his tie, his dress shirt, and unbuttoning the Billion Dollar Championship belt, handing it, his clothes, and the cane, to one of his servants as it appears as he takes his stance to get ready to face off against his opponent.

Match #3
- vs -
Standard Match
If Money Oswald wins Thias Watts must retire.
If Thias Watts wins Big Money Oswald must become his tag team partner
Anarchy Rules

PIP: It’s Oswald versus Watts- Team or Career? We’re about to find out.

Watts and Ozzy each walk out towards the center of the ring, two giants with Watts standing taller than Ozzy.

HHL: Ozzy usually makes people look small but it’s Ozzy that looks smaller compared to Thias in this instance.

Ozzy and Thias trade some words before Ozzy swings a right hand! Thais absorbs the shot and calls for another! Ozzy comes forward with another clubbing blow that Thias answers back with a right! Ozzy lands a right, Thias lands a right hand, followed by a second and then a third backing Ozzy up against the ropes.

PIP: These two mastadons are throwing some serious haymakers to kick this one off with!

Thias shoots Ozzy across the ring, he bounces off the ropes ducking under a Watts clothesline where he bounces off the near side gaining a full head of steam before ramming into Watts with a running shoulder block that rocks Thias back several feet. Ozzy bounces off the ropes delivering a clothesline that rocks the larger Watts back several feet.

Ozzy bounces off the ropes a third time before running into a big boot to the face that sends him backward into the ropes where Thias is able to charge with a clothesline sending Ozzy over the top rope where he lands on his feet! Ozzy reaches under the ropes yanking the legs out from under him where he’s able to pull him out to the floor. He drives Thias lower back first into the ring apron before taking Watts and driving him head first off the ring steps.

HHL: Each man fighting for what they want; Watts wants to team with Ozzy but Ozzy wants to end Thais.

Ozzy takes Watts where he looks to send him crashing into the security railing, Watts reverses and it’s Ozzy that crashes into the barricade! Thias comes forward with a headbutt across the forehead. Thias takes Ozzy driving him face first off the ring apron before hurling him into the ring under the bottom rope back into the ring.

Thias slides back into the ring where he gets back up to a verticsal base. He picks up Ozzy where he chops him across the chest with an open handed chop before shooting Ozzy across the ring with an Irish Whip, Ozzy bounces off the ropes into a scoop up by Watts! He looks to deliver a Powerslam only to have Ozzy slide down the back of Watts.

Watts spins around into a thumb to the eye from Ozzy! Ozzy bounces off the ropes delivering a spear to Watts taking him downt to the mat! He makes the cover on Watts!




Watts kicks out to of the near fall. Ozzy takes a mount position and starts hammering down with right hands to the forehead! The referee lays the count to the four count to Ozzy before he gets up off Watts. He bounces off the ropes looking to deliver a leaping elbow drop! Watts rolls out of the way sending Ozzy crashing and burning into the mat.

HHL: Watts has to get some offense going.

Thias gets back to his feet where he starts stomping down on Ozzy before finally reaching down picking him up off the mat. Thias drives Ozzy backutral corner with a choke! The referee lays the count to Thias who breaks at the four count before going right back to a choke with his boot across the throat!

PIP: It’s like Thias is trying to prove his worth to Ozzy, he really wants this team thing to happen.

The referee lays the count to Watts a second time and again he breaks at the four count. Watts brings Ozzy out from the corner delivering a side walk slam! Watts makes the cover.




Ozzy kicks out. Thias gets up off the mat and back to his feet. He picks Ozzy up off the mat where he drives him back into the ropes. He shoots Ozzy across the ring, Ozzy bounces off the ropes ducking a clothesline, Watts takes off towards the near side while Ozzy towards the farside, both men bounce off the ropes and take each other down with the damndest double clothesline!

PIP: The damn ring just moved three inches with that impact!

The referee starts laying the count to both men who lay on the mat. He reaches the six count before either man start to stir, they each get to a vertical base at the eight count. Thias delivers a strong right hand rocking Ozzy backward, Ozzy comes forward with a right hand, Thias drives a knee across the midsection. He takes Ozzy hurling him into a corner. Watts charges froward and eats a reverse elbow to the jaw! Watts staggers out towards the center of the ring.

Ozzy climbs up on the middle ropes where he leaps off with a driving shoulder block that takes down Thias!

HHL: Ozzy is going to do it! He’s going to retire Thias Watts!




Watts kicks out!

Ozzy gets back to his feet where he reaches down picking Thias up off the mat. He rocks him with a open-handed chop across the chest! He takes Watts back into the ropes where he fires him across the ring, Watts reverses and it’s Ozzy that’s sent across the ring bouncing off the ropes into the palm of the right hand across the throat! Watts hoists Ozzy up driving him down into the mat with a chokeslam! Ozzy bounces off the mat, rolling over to his stomach as he starts pushing himself up off the mat only to be driven face-first into the mat with the CURB STOMP!

Ozzy throws his head back causing Thias to stomp the mat!

Ozzy pops up off the mat locking in Kirifuda Clutch.


Thias struggles only to have Ozzy jump on his back wrapping his legs around his waist causing Watts to loose balance and fall to the mat. He continues to struggle before finally tapping out before passing out!


Ozzy releases the hold as Thias rolls away,

PIP: Just like that Thias Watts career has ended by the hands of The Career Killer, Big Money Ozzy!

Oswald celebrates in the ring, raising his mighty arms in the air as Thias staggers up to his feet. He looks at Money Oswald and exhales, knowing he missed an opportunity. He heads for the ropes to exit the ring, but Oswald stomps up to Thias, making it look like he is about to break Thias down, but instead a big meaty hand is held out to Thias.

"I saw the promo. While I hate being called 'Little Money' you're one of the few people in this company I respect. Only person I've gone to war with and didn't have the upper hand or already pegged for defeat immediately. We've fought each other. It's time to make the tag team scene shit themselves. Big Money, Thias Watts. The two biggest, most imposing men in this entire company. So what do you say? I've got a name thought up. 'Money Titans' because when it comes to our matches, we bring the XWF a massive amount of cash."

Thais sucks at his teeth, and nods his head,

Money Titans, huh?

Oswald grins, half way sadistic looking, but all the way confident and chesty and returns a nod to Thias still holding out his arm.

Let’s make it rain then home boy!

Thias takes Oswald’s hand, for probably the BIGGEST handshake in the history of professional wrestling in the XWF.

The crowd erupts with applause.


HHL: Titans indeed, Pip! These are two of the biggest men in wrestling!


Thias and Oswald begin taunting the crowd,

Y’all suckass hoes catch that? Thias Watts and BIG Money Oswald bout to tear this tag team division up, you ‘eard me!? Fuck around! Find out!

”And you know what happens if you do find out? You fuckin’ find out why we’re money!”

Thias, who is known for being laced with cash, just like Big Money, pulls a hefty stack of bills out of his pocket, climbs the turnbuckle and begins making the hundred dollar bills rain on the crowd. Oswald seeing Thias do this, he joins in, pulling out his wallet and pulls out a stack of hundreds out and spreading the wealth with him.

HHL: One thing's for certain, Pip. Thias Watts and Big Money, the MONEY TITANS, is going to spell BIG problems for the XWF Tag Team division!

The scene fades as the crowd continues to roar in approval while being showered with cash.

Ring Announcer: Our next match is for the XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. The challengers coming in at a combined weight of 457 pounds, the team of "The Omega" Robert Main and Jim Caedus. They are.....APEX!!!!

The crowd pops as the opening cords of "All Along The Watchtower" starts playing as Robert Main and current XWF Xtreme Champion Jim Caedus come out through the crowd. The two men stop right at the guardrail and chat up a few fans before stepping over the guardrails and entering the ring.

Ring Announcer: And the CHAMPIONS....entering separately, standing at 6 foot even an weighing 210 pounds from Battle Creek, Michigan....MARK FLYNN!!!!

Matt Flynn comes out in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

Ring Announcer: And his partner, standing at almost 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 175 pounds, from Pyongyang, North Korea, the NORTH KOREAN WAR CRIMINAL!!!

North Korean War Criminal alks in perfect step to the tune of the North Korean National Anthem, wielding a ceremonial sword and immaculate military uniform. A wondrous orchestra of True Koreans trumpet out the most beautiful melody any man could ever hear. Two cadets walk several paces after him wielding the glorious flag of True Korea, waving majestically overhead, leading the way to a brighter future for all mankind. Wherever he is, the True Leader of the Free World, Kim Jong Un sheds a single of tear of pride for the Greatest Warrior on the Planet, aside from himself.

NKWC removes his military uniform's jacket and walks up the steps into the ring. The cadets catch the jacket and without letting it or the flag hit the ground and touching filthy North American soil, quietly scurry back up the ramp.

Match #4


- vs -
Standard Tag Team Match
Warfare Tag Team Rules
3 Rps/No Word Count PER TEAM

The bell sounds a Robert Main and Mark Flynn are starting things off for their respective teams while the sold out crowd in the Barclays erupts with a thunderous ovation.

PIP: What was originally slated to be Them No Good Bastards versus Apex was changed several weeks ago when Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal shocked the world by defeating the Bastards to take those Tag Titles that were on lockdown by the Bastards.

HHL: One thing is for certain, we’re about to be treated to one hell of a Tag Title match.

Main and Flynn circle each other around the center of the ring before they lock up. Main uses his size and strength as he backs Flynn up into a neutral corner forcing his back to the buckles. The official is on the spot laying the count to Main who breaks and backs out towards the center of the ring not taking his eyes off Flynn.

Mark takes a few seconds before he walks out of the corner back out towards the center of the ring. They circle each other a second time before locking up once more where again Main muscles Flynn back into the ropes with ease. The referee lays the count to Main for the second time and again he backs away at the referee’s four count.

PIP: Both Flynn and Main have got to be feeling themselves out here in the opening minutes. I believe this would be the first time any of these four men have been in the ring with each other, and we’re getting LIVE here at the Barclays for Bad Medicine.

HHL: Apex has been looking to reclaim those tag titles since making their intentions known shortly after Relentless.

Mark comes out from the ropes where he and Main circle each other for a third time, and when Main’s back is to NKWC he illegally enters the ring blasting Main from behind sending him towards Flynn who explodes with a sudden running knee strike! NKWC escapes out to the apron as Flynn hurries into a cover hooking the near leg.




Main kicks out to a pop from the crowd as Flynn transitions into a rear chin lock. He’s cranking back on the head and neck of Main as the referee slides into position asking Robert to surrender.

PIP: Flynn and War Criminal have come so far in such a short period as a team, and part of it is the in ring prowess of Mark Flynn.

Main waves off the referee as he starts to work his way back up to his feet where he turns into the chinlock forcing it into a side headlock, he backs Flynn up against the ropes where he sends him sailing across the ring with an Irish Whip, Flynn bounces off the near side ducking under a Main clothesline where Flynn bounces off the far side gaining more momentum before leaping with a flying cross body block! Main catches him in midair where he holds him for several seconds where he hurls him backward with a Fall Away Slam.

The crowd pops for Main as he gets back to his feet where he turns and blasts NKWC off the ring apron with a right hand!

HHL: Robert didn’t come to Bad Medicine to play nice as he just gave War Criminal a receipt!

PIP: But he can’t take his eyes off Flynn.

Flynn has gotten to one knee when Main spins back around and walks into a single leg takedown that Flynn transitions into a single legged boston crab. The referee slides into position as Flynn cranks on the right leg and knee, he asks Main to surrender who refuses. He starts to inch his way towards the ropes; Flynn, feeling himself losing the battle, walks Main back out towards the center of the ring where he drops down into an STF submission!

The referee slides into position asking Main to surrender, once again he refuses as Flynn cranks on the head and leg, respectively.

HHL: Smart transition by Flynn knowing that Main was too powerful he’s shifted gears all in attempts to wear down The Omega.

Main shakes off another referee's request to call for the bell as he starts to inch his way closer and closer to the ropes where he’s finally able to reach out and grab the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break. Flynn doesn’t release, causing the referee to lay the count to him. He reaches the four-count before Flynn releases the hold.

He gets to his feet where he’s admonished by the referee,

Flynn starts stomping away at the right knee of Robert Main before picking him up off the mat where he hurls him back into the corner that houses NKWC. He tags in as Flynn twists the right arm of Main while NKWC climbs up to the top rope where he comes off with a sloppy double axe handle to the twisted right arm and shoulder of Main. Flynn steps out to the ring apron as NKWC laces Main across the chest with several chops taking him back into a neutral corner. NKWC shoots Main across the ring into the opposite set of buckles before charging in after him where he eats a reverse elbow for his troubles!

NKWC staggers back several feet giving Main enough space to come out from the corner with a boot to the face of NKWC taking him down to the mat! Main bounces off the ropes where he looks for a jumping elbow drop only to have NKWC roll out of the way, sending Main crashing down into the mat.

PIP: I have to admit that I’m a little surprised that the Champions are controlling most of the opening minutes of this contest. Thus far they’ve isolated Main.

NKWC gets back to his feet where he stomps down on the chest before moving up to the head of Main. He drops down to his knees where he starts choking Robert garnering loud boos from the crowd while the referee lays the count to NKWC. The choke is broken at the referee’s four count before he goes right back to it, getting louder boos from the crowd forcing the referee to lay the count to him a second time.

NKWC breaks the choke hold as he holds up both hands while the referee admonishes him for the choke on Main. He gets up to his feet where he picks up Robert by the hair who starts firing away with shots to the ribs of NKWC breaking his grasp. NKWC swings with a right that’s blocked to a pop and a louder one as Main connects with a right!

NKWC swings with a second and it’s blocked, Main counters with a right hand. NKWC tries to kick Main in the midsection but Robert catches the foot with both hands getting the Barclays Center pumping as he looks around acknowledging the reception, when he turns back towards NKWC he’s thumbed in the eye which brings immediate boos!

Caedus is livid on the ring apron as he paces back and forth like a caged animal. NKWC drives Main back into his corner where he pins him against the buckles allowing Flynn to tag the back of his partner. Flynn climbs up on the middle rope where he applies a sleeper pulling up on Main as NKWC starts hammering away with right hands to the midsection as the referee lays the count to the Champions while the crowd erupts with boos.

The boos divert to cheers when Jim Caedus enters the ring illegally. Flynn releases his sleeper choke and points to the approaching Caedus who is cut off by the referee to louder boos from the crowd!

HHL: The Champions are playing the challengers against the referee and against each other! Smart, smart thinking knowing the credentials of Apex.

PIP: You had to have known that Flynn and War Criminal were going to exploit any and all advantages they can in order to leave tonight with the titles around their waists.

Caedus is forced back out to the apron but with the referee’s back turned NKWC chokes Main with both hands across his throat while Flynn, still on the middle turnbuckle on the outside of the ring starts hammering away with straight right hands to the head! NKWC brings Main out from the corner with a snapmare takeover as Flynn steps up to the top rope where he leaps off with a knee drop to the forehead of Main!

Flynn makes the cover!




Main kicks out of the near fall to a huge ovation from the sold out crowd. Flynn gets back to his feet where he sits Robert upright before delivering a straight kick to the spine! Flynn reaches down picking Main up off the mat where he aggressively starts laying in European Uppercuts to Main backing up into a neutral corner.

Flynn steps up on the middle ropes where he starts to hammer down with right hands to the side of Mains face! At the sixth shot Main snatches both legs of Flynn. The crowd pops huge as Main runs clear across the ring with Flynn where he delivers a Buckle Bomb! The crowd roars as Main and Flynn both fall to the mat.

PIP: Main with a running Buckle Bomb to Flynn! He’s got to find a way to make the tag to Caedus!

Jim rallies the crowd as Main starts to make the crawl toward his corner as a primed and ready Jim Caedus is ready and eager to take the tag, but as Main gets closer to the corner NKWC illegally enters the ring drawing the attention of the referee who cuts him off missing the tag to Jim Caedus!

NKWC is back out to the apron where the referee turns around to see Caedus stepping through the ropes and immediately cuts him off to massive boos from the crowd. This allows NKWC to re-enter the ring that Jim see’s but not the referee which only makes him continue to intervene. NKWC comes across the ring dragging Robert by the right leg across the ring and away from the Apex corner back over into the corner of the champions before stepping back out to the ring.

The official finally gets Caedus out to the ring apron.

HHL: Jim Caedus didn’t do any favors to his team by not letting a cooler head prevail.

PIP: Caedus is extra fiery on the apron, but yes, he played right into the Champions hands with that. Flynn isn’t dumb, he’s primed War Criminal with knowledge on what it’s going to take to knock off Apex.

Flynn uses the ropes to get back to his feet where he makes his way to his corner and legally tags NKWC into the match to louder boos from the crowd as he quickly steps through the top and middle rope, tripping on his way into the squared circle but quickly recovers where he starts stomping away at Main on the mat.

NKWC picks Robert up off the mat where he takes Main back into a neutral corner. He begins stomping at the right knee of Main before picking it up and laying it across the middle rope where it meets the turnbuckle. NKWC stomps away at the exposed knee as the referee lays the count to him. He reaches four before NKWC backs away only to come back forward with a choke hold! The referee lays the count to him a second time where he breaks away at the four count.

He’s admonished by the referee while Robert is able to bring his right leg back into the ring. NKWC rushes towards Main looking for a diving shoulder block! Robert manages to side step sending NKWC through the top and middle turnbuckles where he cracks his right shoulder on the ring post! The New York crowd starts to rally behind Main as he drops to his knees before starting to crawl towards his corner!

HHL: Main’s got the shot to make the tag!

Flynn drops down to the floor where he runs around the ring, he comes up behind Caedus yanking him off the ring apron causing Caedus to bounce jaw first off the apron to insane boos from the crowd as Main is not capable of making the tag as he gets back up to his feet.

PIP: Mark Flynn is on point with his tactics tonight!

Flynn makes his way back around the ring where he climbs back up on the apron where he makes his way to his corner. Main turns his attention back towards the neutral corner as NKWC clutches his right shoulder. Main runs towards NKWC looking for a clothesline into the buckles, NKWC side steps Main sending Robert crashing sternum first into the turnbuckles!

NKWC rolls Main up with a School Boy mixed with his feet on the ropes!




Main escapes the near fall to a thunderous ovation from the crowd while Jim Caedus climbs back up on the ring apron as NKWC stands to his feet where he spits at Caedus in the corner! Caedus re-enters the ring where he’s cut off by the referee allowing Flynn to re-enter the ring where he joins NKWC by stomping away at Main! The crowd roars with boos as Caedus tries to fight through the referee.

Flynn stops stomping on Main where he turns and slaps his hands together loudly before instructing NKWC out to the ring apron before the referee turns around following getting Caedus out to the ring apron he see’s Flynn picking up Main where he lays a stiff kick to the right knee of Main dropping him down to his left knee.

Flynn bounces off the near side looking for a running knee strike, Main falls forward ducking under the strike attempt, Flynn spins around into the right hand across his throat before being hoisted up in the air and driven down into the mat with a thunderous chokeslam which blows the roof off the Barclays Center!

With Flynn down we see Main crawling towards his corner where a very fresh, very game, very intense Jim Caedus has his left hand outreached as far as he possible can towards Robert! The crowd roars with massive boos as NKWC illegally enters the ring where he rushes towards Main yanking him by the right ankle. Main rolls over to his back using his left leg to kick NKWC off him to a louder ovation which only elevates to an eruption as Main leaps towards his corner tagging Jim Caedus officially into the contest!


Jim enters the ring where he charges towards NKWC mowing him over with a clothesline! His attention shifts towards Flynn who is served the same fate! NKWC pops back up to his feet where he charges towards Caedus only to be caught and sent sailing over head with a T-Bone Suplex! New York is on fire as Caedus pops back up to his feet where he meets Flynn who swings with a right hand that Jim ducks and is able to take a back waist lock where he folds Flynn up with a snap release German Suplex! Flynn and NKWC retreat to the floor as the rafters are shaking with the noise level inside the Barclays Center!

HHL: Jim Caedus is a house of fire!

Flynn and NKWC get together on the floor as Caedus bounces off the far side where he dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive to both Flynn and NKWC sending NKWC crashing into the security barrier while Flynn crumbles to the floor! Caedus pops up off the floor where he picks up Flynn and tosses him back into the ring under the bottom rope back into the ring.

Caedus slides back in after him as he pushes himself back up to his feet. Caedus waits for Flynn before driving a boot to the midsection that doubles him over. Caedus points towards Main in the corner who nods towards Caedus before backing away from their corner allowing Jim to pick Flynn up off the mat into a powerbomb where he runs and delivers a buckle bomb of his own while Main delivers a step up kick to the back of the head of Flynn just as he impacts the buckles!

Caedus makes the tag to Main as he brings Flynn out from the corner where he picks him up in position for a Heart Attack. Main bounces off the farside delivering the clothesline into the spinbuster from Caedus! He makes a cover hooking the near leg.




Flynn kicks out to a thunderous gasp from the crowd as Caedus steps back out to the ring apron while Robert starts to get back to his feet. He reaches down picking Flynn up off the mat where he locks in a Full Nelson before hoisting him high in the air driving him down with a Full Nelson Slam!

Main bounces off the ropes dropping a leg drop across the throat of Flynn before popping back up to his feet where he turns towards his corner where he tags Caedus back in who immediately climbs up to the top turnbuckle! He leaps off the top rope with a Flying Elbow Drop!

The crowd explodes as Caedus makes the cover on Flynn!




Flynn shoots a shoulder up off the mat to a huge collective gasp from the crowd. Caedus looks over towards the referee with shock in his eyes.

PIP: It took a little time but Apex has kicked it into high gear with several near falls.

HHL: It’s about time they snapped out of it.

Caedus reaches his feet while we see NKWC climb back up on the ring apron. Caedus takes Flynn back into the ropes where a blind tag is made by NKWC as Caedus shoots Flynn across the ring with an Irish whip, Flynn bounces off the far side as NKWC steps into the ring behind Jim. Flynn dives between the legs of Caedus with a baseball slide.

Caedus spins around into a spinning heel kick by NCWK! Flynn rolls out to the ring apron as NKWC mounts Caedus with a series of right hands while the referee lays the count. He reaches the four count before NKWC gets back to his feet where the referee is on the spot with admonishments. NKWC picks up Caedus where he takes him back into the ropes closer to Apex corner allowing Main to make a blind tag!

NKWC fires Caedus across the ring with an Irish Whip, Caedus bounces off the ropes as Main enters the ring behind NKWC, it’s Caedus who baseball slides between the legs of NKWC who spins around and eats a running boot to the face by Main nearly kicking his head off his shoulder as he turns NKWC inside out!

Main drops down into the cover hooking the far leg.




NKWC kicks out to a gasp from the crowd.

PIP: Apex continues to turn up the heat on the defending Champions!

Caedus is back out to the ring apron as Robert is shown reaching down picking NKWC up off the mat. He scoops him up over his shoulder where he delivers a snake eye to the top turnbuckle of a neutral corner. Main backs out towards the center of the ring where he takes NKWC up across his shoulders where he delivers the DEAD MAN'S HAND! The Barclays center erupts with a thunderous ovation as Main makes the cover!





Flynn dives on top of the cover at the last second saving the match and the titles!

PIP: Flynn makes the save for his team!

He starts stomping away at Main to boos from the crowd which shift towards a huge pop as it brings Caedus into the ring where he pulls Flynn off Main hurling him into a set of buckles. Jim Caedus charges full speed towards Flynn who throws up a boot to the face rocking the Xtreme Champion backward several feet. Flynn explodes out from the corner with a Superkick to Caedus with the momentum sending him spilling out to the floor through the ropes.

Flynn helps NKWC back to his feet before picking up Main where he holds him by the arms for NKWC who bounces off the ropes where he looks to get himself intentionally disqualified with a kick to the groin of Main! Main breaks free at the very last second causing NKWC to punt his partner in the nuts!

Flynn clutches at his junk as he falls down to the mat. NKWC checks on Flynn as we see Jim slide back into the ring while Main comes up behind NKWC taking him up with an Electric Chair that turns into THE GALLOWS! Caedus makes the cover.





PIP: Apex has just recaptured the Tag Titles in what turned out to be one hell of a contest!

HHL: What a start to the night, but PIP, I don’t want to call it, but was Caedus the legal man? I didn’t see a tag made.

The referee raises the arms of Main and Caedus as he awards them the XWF Tag Titles and Jim his Xtreme Championship as the Barclays center is on fire while Flynn is shown pulling NKWC out to the floor.

PIP: You know something Heather, you might be right there now that you mention it.

Main and Caedus continue the celebration as new Tag Champions have been crowned.

The music plays but no one comes down. The song goes on for another minute or so before an abrupt pause and then restarting of the song but again no one comes out. The crowd goes more restless with each passing second.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen I regret to inform you that Matt Knox has not been medically cleared to compete as a result of injuries he sustained during his Thanksgiving Day Match and his partner JC Keeton apparently got lost at the airport and boarded the wrong plane. As a result the opponents for Cashe and Riddle will be none other than.....


The opening riff of "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" starts blasting over the sound system as the fans come alive. At the 20 second mark Afton Pepper and Alaric Saltzman along with their Manager Vic Vinegar appear at the top of the stage. Salt and Pepper dance their way down the ramp as rainbow confetti starts shooting out of small cannons lining the entry way. The flamboyant duo roll under the bottom rope and play to the crowd for a few more minutes until their music ends.

Come and Get It.."

Eight more times the words are chanted. A handful of the crowd knew the song, a classic in Hip Hop. After the Ninth repeat of the chant comes a change.

"Dear, Mr. Ouija…"

The music swerves a bit as Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony rips the opening verse of "Mo'Murda". Cyrus Riddle and Jason Cashe appear from the back! Riddle with a bandana over his face as his eyes sharply stare out at the crowd before zeroing in on the ring. Cashe was moving his shoulders to the music and working the audience a bit more, slapping his chest and puffing on an imaginary joint before saluting the crowd! He skips forward, catching up to Riddle already near ringside.

Ring Announcer: At a Combined weight of 455 Pounds! They are the Ying Yang Champions! Cyyyyrruuus Riiiddle and Jaaaason Caaashhhe! Deeeee Ooohhh Aaaaye!!

Riddle moves to the right of the right, Cashe takes the left side. They both get up onto the aprons at different sides of the ring. Riddle via the stairs as Cashe leaps up on a knee, using the ropes to stand tall. They enter the ring and meet in the middle, slapping hands twice quickly before high fiving with their elbows. Removing the belts from their waists, they await the bell.

Match #5
- vs -
Tornado Street Fight
Savage Tag Team Rules
2 RPS/3K Word Limit PER TEAM

PIP: Was was supposed to be JC Keeton and Matt Knox versus Cashe and Riddle has is now Salt and Pepper versus Cashe and Riddle due to unforeseen circumstances. Either way, this is sure to be an interesting debut.

HHL: There’s a lot of hype coming in around Cashe and Riddle, and one can only assume they’re here to make an impression.

Salt starts things off for their team while Cashe elects to start off for his. He meets Salt in the center of the ring where he talks some proverbial smack before shoving Salt backward several feet. Salt immediately charges forward delivering a right hand that has absolutely no effect on Cashe; who instead looks over towards Riddle, pointing at Salt and laughing at the attempt. Salt swings with another right hand that Cashe blocks and counters with a series of snap jabs before landing a Bell Clap behind the ears of Salt.

He drives a boot to the midsection of Salt before taking Salt throwing him into the corner housing Riddle. Cashe starts stomping away at the midsection of Salt stomping him down into the mat before tagging in Riddle. Riddle steps through the ropes as Cashe exits. Riddle picks Salt up off the mat where he under hooks both of the arms before delivering a butterfly suplex to Salt who rolls towards his corner where Pepper tags in.

Pepper springboards off the top rope looking for a missile dropkick that Riddle simply steps to the side!

PIP: Salt and Pepper are just being outclassed in the early goings by Cashe and Riddle.

Riddle sizes up Pepper who gets back to his feet where he turns around into a Side Effect driving Pepper down into the mat. Riddle makes the cover.




Riddle yanks up Pepper off the mat breaking the count. Riddle steps back up to his feet where he is admonished by the referee for breaking the count. Riddle blows past the official picking up Pepper where he hurls him back into the corner housing Cashe. Riddle tags in Cashe who steps through the ropes. Riddle fires Pepper across the ring, he bounces off the ropes where Cashe hits a spear while Riddle connects with a hooking flying knee!

HHL: They call that the head and body!

Riddle pops back up to his feet with a cheap shot to Salt knocking him off the ring crashing down to the mat. Riddle is escorted back towards his corner and out to the ring apron while Cashe picks up Pepper up before hurling him back into the corner that see’s Salt climbing back up on the apron who tags back into the match.

PIP: Riddle and Cashe seem to be toying with Salt and Pepper.

Salt charges forward swinging with a right hand, it’s blocked by Cashe who counters with a left jab, followed by a right kick to the quad, immediately connecting with a spinning left back fist to the temple rocking Salt back into the ropes. Salt staggers forward into a T-Bone Suplex from Cashe as he makes the cover.




Cashe yanks Salt off the mat breaking the referee’s count who immediately starts to admonish Cashe as he gets back to his feet.

HHL: This is all about sending a very loud, very clear message to the Tag Team Division.

Cashe picks Salt up off the mat, throwing him back into the corner housing Riddle. Cashe tags in Riddle. Riddle charges full head of steam across the ring blasting Pepper off the apron. Cashe takes Salt, snapping him over to the mat with a snapmare takeover. With Cashe in one corner and Riddle in the kiddie corner across the ring. The opponent rises. Cashe races in, blasting the opponent with his 'Mark of JASON' which knocks the opponent back as Riddle rushes in from behind, hitting his 'Daydreaming' Back Lariat!


Riddle makes the cover.





HHL: A pretty resounding win by the team of Cashe and Riddle in their XWF debut there Pip.

PIP: Absolutely. These fellas just put the tag team division on notice.

Following the match, Jason Cashe and Cyrus Riddle stand in the ring. They seem tired from the match. At that moment…

No Good Bastards starts playing throughout the Barclay's Center.

HHL: Well fuck.

PIP: Heather!

An FDNY Ladder Truck pulls out through the massive Bad Medicine entrance ramp, causing the crowd to erupt in a roar. The huge vehicle pulls down the ramp and brakes. The aerial on top of it begins to extend over the ring itself, with none other than Bobby Bourbon and Thunder Knuckles, Them No Good Bastards, riding in the cherry picker! Riddle steps back cautiously as Cashe looks eager. Both men hop down from the boom and approach opposite corners, each carrying black boxes. Bobby and TK step atop the second ropes in their respective corners, set their boxes down on the top turnbuckle, and appeal to the fans, who are singing along.


Bobby hops down and grabs his box as TK soaks in the crowd he hasn't seen in over a month. Bobby eyes Cashe and Riddle as he approaches his partner. Cashe walks up to Them No Good Bastards.

HHL: TNGB is back!

PIP: Cashe seems happy about it!

Bobby turns to Jason Cashe with a smile. Cashe steps in looking to give a friendly embrace after his first match as an official XWF competitor. Bobby nails him with the black box he was holding, dropping him to the mat! The music stops as the crowd is in a furor!

PIP: What’s in that box!?

Cyrus Riddle charges at Bobby, but also is decked by a shot from the black box!

HHL: Both Cashe and Riddle are down!

Bobby cradles the box and opens it. He pulls a cinder block from it and holds it high for everyone to see. He then places it gently back on the mat as TK decends from the second rope, opening his box. He pulls out a microphone and hands it to Bobby. The crowd is raucus.

PIP: These fans are glad to see one of the greatest teams in history, even if they just did some gnarly stuff!

HHL: Cashe and Riddle aren't going to forget this!

Bobby and TK exchange a no-look firstbump and the crowd roars.

Brooklyn, how are you?

*NO GOOD BASTARDS!*clap, clap, clap clap clap*NO GOOD BASTARDS!*clap, clap, clap clap clap*NO GOOD BASTARDS!*clap, clap, clap clap clap*

I think they missed us, Brother Knuckles.

The crowd roars.

Ladies and gentlemen of the congregation, hear us now as we set about the task of the Bastard, in the name of the Bastard, for the good of all mankind! Jason Cashe, you, sir, have been an absolute mooch, partaking of my cheese whenever you saw it on hand, asking for it. Silly Jason, a Bastard only lays out free cheese to bait a rat into a trap! It seems the spring hath sprung, and we have caught a pair of rats, and that vermin must be exterminated post-haste. Speaking of cheese, TK has something for you!

TK reaches into his box and retrieves a cheese grater, which glistens under the ring lights.

HHL: Oh God, no!

PIP: This can’t be good!

TK kneels down, cheese grater in hand, beside Jason Cashe. He holds the dazed Cashe's head up, allowing the camera to get a good view of it, before running the utensil across his forehead! Cashe wails in agony, his feet stomping the ground due to the pain as blood begins to pour from his face.

HHL: Those No Good Bastards!

PIP: Jason Cashe got played!

As TK does this, Cyrus Riddle struggles to get to his feet. As soon as he does, Bobby kicks him square in the gut and positions him between his legs. Bobby hoists Riddle and Bobbybombs him into the cinder block, smashing the brick with his body!

PIP: Cyrus Riddle just got used as a damn hammer!

Bobby picks the microphone back up as TK delivers the boots to Jason Cashe.

Congregation, witness and listen! We No Good Bastards have come to bring deliverance! There has been a great injustice, and tonight we come to make it right and correct the mistakes of the past! These two had committed a wrong that is the greatest one can commit, and that is thou shalt not fuck with the Bastards! Aided by the antics of a crooked referee, they stole the OCW championships from our waists, only to get fucking released from the company just weeks later! Boys, when you come to tomorrow, when you look at each other and reconcile what happened to you, over transgressions that brought you absolutely nothing but to our fucking stomping grounds, y'all would do well to think long and hard about your next fucking move. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Take heed, when it comes to Us No Good Bastards, there will always be one hell of a reaction! However, people, don't just take my word for it. Brother Knuckles, these people have gone too long without your guidance and wisdom! Take this microphone, and enlighten the masses, broaden the minds of those here and watching around the universe! But first…

TK sidles up to Bobby.

...Let us give pause.

Bobby and TK bow their heads. After three seconds, the amount of time that is a death knell for most opponents of TNGB, both men raise their heads and Bobby puts the microphone to his mouth. However, before he can say anything, he is cut off by the capacity crowd in the Barclay's Center.


Bobby and TK smile. TK sheepishly shrugs as long as Shawn Warstein if Shawn Warstein was a sheep. They exchange a no-look fistbump and Bobby hands TK the microphone before running and delivering a punt straight to Jason Cashe's groin. TK smirks and puts the microphone up to his lips and begins to speak for the first time in almost two months.

XWF fans around the world! The Bastards are back and the tag team division is on fucking notice. Cashe, Riddle, Mark, Criminal-

TK pauses and gives his unique, only impersonated by lames, and the bane of The Disinfectants, jerking off hand gesture.

-and Apex. We're back and taking back what's ours. It's time to make the tag team division relevant. Again. Oh, and one last thing. Hey, money guy, yeah you. Don’t act fucking dumb now. I'm out here doing my fucking job. Its about time that you do yours, shit weasel. Pay your goddamn talent. IT'S NOT FUCKING HARD!

Bobby picks Jason Cashe up, looking at him. Jason looks back through his crimson mask, swatting feebly at Bobby as Cy Riddle writhes on the ground, his back looking horrific from the impact from the cinder block empowered Bobbybomb. TK kicks Riddle in the jaw. Bobby’s belly shakes as he laughs at the futile resistance of Cashe, then hooks his head. Bobby lifts Jason vertically as TK bounds for the ropes, actually springboarding off the second rope, catching Cashe's leg on the way down with the rebound.

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

HHL: That’s it! Somebody call...

PIP: The fire department? They're on the side of the Bastards!

Bobby looks down at the blood on his hands courtesy of Jason Cashe's mangled face. He draws lines of war paint on his face in it as TK raises one fist in the air. The other connects with Bobby’s, and neither man have to look as they exchange yet another fistbump. The crowd starts chanting.


HHL: These fans are bloodthirsty savages! This is just brutal!

Bobby walks over and hoists Riddle. He angles him towards the fallen Cashe! TK comes from a corner and snags an ankle!

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!


Bobby and TK roll out of the ring and approach the ladder truck, opening a compartment. Bobby retrieves an axe as TK grabs a Halligan bar. As they do, XWF officials rush the scene. They're holding back Bobby and TK.

HHL: It’s about time! Them No Good Bastards were looking to take Cashe and Riddle out of wrestling!

PIP: Somebody get some damn medics down here! This was a slaughter!

We cut backstage where we find APEX; the new XWF Tag Team Champions Robert Main and Jim Caedus, each with tag titles over their shoulders while Jim has the Xtreme Title over his left and tag over his right with the briefcase in his right hand. Rounding out the trio getting ready for his upcoming battle with Peter Vaughn is Drew Archyle.

” Just like that we control it all. Xtreme Title, check. Tag Titles, check. Briefcase, check. It didn’t take long for Apex to climb back to the top.”

A voice is heard coming off-screen as the members of Apex shift their attention down the backstage hallway where OLIVER MAIN is shown walking towards the trio.

”Look at big brother doing big things! Congrats guys!”

Oliver and Robert hug it out before Oliver moves on to Caedus where he tries to hug him but all his gold and briefcase only allow for a fist bump.

”Congrats on inking that deal little bro. When will we see you in the XWF ring?”

”About as often as I see you, hey-oooo”

Robert thows up a middle finger towards his brother who responds with a sly smirk.

”In all seriousness guys, great job out there winning those tag straps… and we all know Jimbo is going to thrash Bam Miller…”

Oliver shifts attention towards Drew who is shadow boxing off to the side repeatedly, softly saying the name “Vaughn” repeatedly as he is off in his own world. Oliver turns back towards his brother as he states.

”He alright?”

”He’s in his own world, Ollie. He’s been waiting on Vaughn for weeks. Not even Chocolate Almond milk is going to break that focus.”

”Isn’t his shit coming up soon?”

”Oh fuck, yeah, come on Drew you’re coming up after Atara/Tara.”

Drew stops repeating the name and shadow boxing. There’s no words from Archyle as he walks past Oliver, Jim and Robert. Robert and Oliver catch up with Drew leaving Jim in the hallway.


Jim states as he watches his APEX brothers walk further off down the hallway.


Jim spins around where BAM MILLER stands five or six feet away from Caedus.

“Oh how I’ve been waiting for you!”

Jim states as he sits his briefcase down removes the tag title from his shoulder laying it on the briefcase as BAM MILLER responds.

BAM MILLER: If that’s the case… Why wait? Let’s do this NOW!

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Bam motions towards a doorway off the hallway where a referee steps out into the hall. Jim lowers the Xtreme Title from his shoulder and reaches it out towards the referee who takes the title and holds it up signifying this Xtreme Title Match is about to get underway.

Match 13 sorta but not really


- vs -
Xtreme Rules
Warfare Rules

PIP: We’ve got ourselves an Xtreme Title Match right now!

Suddenly Peter Vaughn blindsides Caedus shattering a brick across the back of his head!

HHL: What the hell?!?! Peter Vaughn!!

PIP: He just shattered a brick across the back of Caedus’s head!

Caedus crumbles to the floor as Bam drops down rolling him over making the cover.





Miller gets up and snatches the Xtreme Title from the referee as he and Peter Vaughn quickly flee the area leaving Jim Caedus laid out.

HHL: Bam Miller and Peter Vaughn just stole the Xtreme Championship!

PIP: The match was started, it was legal, and under the Xtreme Rules being backstage this is all legal. Heather, Peter Vaughn just outsmarted APEX.

HHL: Insanity.

The crowd erupts with massive boos as they watch Bam Miller with the Xtreme Title and Peter Vaughn escaping with Jim Caedus's 24/7 briefcase.

The X-tron lights up to a scene outside the Barclays Center. Fans are congregating near the curb.

HHL: I assume the arrival of Thaddeus Duke, Adi Gold, Chris Page and whomever or whatever else is in that limo, is imminent.

PIP: The time is now!

The police escorted double stretch Bentley limo pulls up and the fans inside and out are raising a ruckus. Rolling to a stop, XWF security and the NYPD start ushering the gathering away from the curb and the limousine.

Moments later the door swings open and Chris Page is the first to step out. Stepping aside, the “man of the hour” steps out of the limo to a roarous response both in and outside the arena.

PIP: You still having doubts Heather?

HHL: Shut up Pip!

PIP: Because from where I’m sitting, these New Yorkers still love them some Thaddeus Duke!

HHL: Honestly, I can’t believe my ears!

Reaching a hand inside the car, Thad helps Adi Gold step out, and onto the sidewalk.

”Y’all ready to watch Smith lose tonight?” Thad asks towards the fans. To which, the fans cheer pretty loudly.

Still by the car, Thad reaches his hand in and whomever is still inside hands him what appears to be a stick, or branch.

HHL: What the hell?

Thad laughs a little and grabs the branch.

”An actual olive branch? Really?”

After laying the branch on top of the car, he’s handed a crutch which he momentarily hands off to Adi before helping whomever out of the car.

HHL: Holy shit!

PIP: Dolly Waters!

Once more, the fan response is very positive, this time for the emergence of Dolly Waters from the Thad Duke limousine.

HHL: Folks, I can not emphasize enough, NOT to read anything into this!

PIP: Read anything Into what?

HHL: Dolly Waters is with Thaddeus Duke, that much is true. What’s important to remember, is those two are more like siblings than anything else!

PIP: So Waters hasn’t turned her back on that lying liar that lies, Corey Smith?

HHL: I would suggest not, Pip.

PIP: How unfortunate.

The quadruplet of wrestling stars spend several minutes outside the Barclays Center signing autographs and taking group selfies. At one point, Thad gets the crowd into a frenzy and they start a “Fuck you Corey” chant. For which, he takes a backhand to the shoulder from Dolly Waters.

Ring Announcer: Our next match is a 5 round match taking place in an Octagon. Entering first standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 145 pounds, from Harford, Connecticut...."The Phoenix Queen" TARA FENIX!!!!

Every light throughout the arena flickers out while the crowd gives a premature cheer; when the beginning of “The Eagle Flies Alone” begins to play, a blue spotlight comes in at the same sequence and is shining at the curtain which gets the crowd riled up further. The cheers that The Phoenix Queen is receiving from the audience is outweighing anyone in the crowd that opposes her. The sound of the fog machines can be heard going off heavily as the stage soon fills with fog. The lights in the arena are coming back up creating a blue hue and just as the chorus kicks in, the crowd lets out a huge roar when they finally see Tara Fenix emerge from behind the curtain.

I, I go my own way!
I swim against the stream!
(Forever) I will fight the powers that be!

Tara is standing at the top of the stage wearing one of her designed jackets, and the hood pulled over her head. She is carrying a flagpole with a flag attached; she takes a moment to scan the crowd and see the number of her supporters and soon she raises the flag and waves it back and forth several times and the cameras do their own scan over the crowd and can see a number of people raising the same logo that is on the banner. The Age of the Phoenix. Tara continues to wave the banner for a few more seconds before holding it straight up and bringing the pole down to tap it against the stage and finally slings the pole over her shoulder while marching down to the ring. Some of the fans stretch their hands out for her, and she walks to one side with her arm held out slightly; however, her eyes remain locked on the ring. When she reaches the bottom of the ramp she goes to the nearby steel steps and quickly ascends. She stops for a moment and carefully attaches her own flagpole to the steel post where the Age of the Phoenix banner will be for the duration of the match.

I, I go my own way!
I swim against the stream!
(Forever) I will fight the pοwers that be!
The eagle flies alone!

After securing the flagpole to the ring pole, she takes two steps on the apron before sliding forward and down onto one knee; her head and eyes scan the crowd again while the crowd is chanting her name. She finally crawls between the middle and bottom ropes then charges to the far corner and as she lands on the second rope, she pulls her hood back and lets her arms go out with her palms up. She holds the pose for several seconds, then does a one-eighty off of the second rope to land back on her feet; she runs to the opposite end where the flagpole is, and repeats the process but this time holds the banner out for all to see the symbol. She does another one-eighty, lands inside the ring, and takes off her jacket while waiting for the match to begin.

Ring Announcer: And her opponent from Athens, Greece. Standing at 5 foot 10 inches and weighing 138 pounds...ATARA THEMIS!!!!

The honeyed rasp of Atara's voice blares over the facility's PA in unison with those words appearing on the multitude of screens and displays littering the arena.


The crowd pops and gets to their feet shouting in near total unison a single word.


Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage. Strutting with purpose Atara emerges from the back taking spot centerstage atop the ramp. Posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.

Grunge walking to the ringsteps, she climbs and stops at the top to posture again for her adoring public. Hand on her hip, the Grecian moves to the middle of the apron to blows a final kiss to the camera and enters the ring through the middle rope.

Match #6
- vs -
5 Round Octagon Match
1 RP/3K

HHL: "A wrestling match wasn't enough, these two are gonna settle the score inside the Octagon!"

PC: "Dana White couldn't have booked it any better, himself! Now, let's send it to Bruce Buffer for introductions!"

[Image: image-14967-800.jpg]

BB: "Ladiiiiiiiiiiiies AND gentlemen.................. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT'S TIME!!!!! 5 Rounds in the XWF Featherweight Division!!!!! Introducing first, FIGHTING out of the red corner..................... she stands at 5'6 and weighed in at 145 pounds! Fighting out of Hartford, Connecticut, Tara FEEEEEEEEEEnIX!!!!!"

The fans cheer for Tara as she bounces on her feet, ready to go.

BB: "And her opponent, FIGHTING out of the blue corner..................... standing at 5'10 and weighing in at 138 pounds! Fighting out of Athen, Greece, aTARA THEEEEEEEEEEmIS!!!!!"

Atty raises her arms up as her name's announced, sending her own fans into a frenzy.

Bruce Buffer exits the Octagon, leaving Atara and Tara alone with referee, Herb Dean. He asks them each if they're ready to fight, receiving confirmation from them both before calling for the bell.


PIP: "And here, we, go!!!"


Tara and Atty meet in the middle, where they forgo touching gloves and immediately start swinging. Their opening shots miss, causing them to back up and circle the Cage.

PIP: "Looks like they're feeling each other out for now."

HHL: "Whoever can establish reach first will have a huge advantage!"

As they circle each other, Themis and Fenix take turns reaching their hand out, with the other person batting it away. With her opponent preoccupied with her jab, Tara Fenix delivers a loud Leg Kick that receives a healthy amount of "Oooooos" from the crowd! Atty fights back, lightly tapping Tara a couple times in the nose, forcing her to retreat a bit.

PIP: "I think Atty made contact!"

HHL: "Doesn't seen to have affected Tara, if she did."

Atara throws another jab before diving for her opponent's legs with a Takedown attempt. Fenix sprawls and begins hammering away at the side of Atty's head, forcing her to cover up.

PIP: "Tara stuffs Atara's Takedown!"

HHL: "This isn't good, Atty's gotta get up and regroup!"

Fenix continues to pound away at her opponent, who does a good job of protecting herself. Tara tries to gain control of Atty's back but, as she goes to change positions, Themis is able to pop to her feet and barely miss with a defensive Uppercut. Tara takes a momentary step back, before coming forward again with a Punch, followed by another vicious Leg Kick.

PIP: "Fenix is trying to chop Atty down like a tree!"

HHL: "Atara isn't gonna be standing for long if she doesn't start checking those Leg Kicks!"

The two of them stand there a bit, light on their feet, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Eventually, Atty comes forward with a combination, which Fenix blocks and responds with yet ANOTHER Leg Kick. This one does enough damage to force Atara to shake it out a little, receiving another one for her trouble.

PIP: "I don't know how many more of those Atty can take!"

Tara, once again, goes for the same leg........................ but Atara catches it and uses her opponent's lack of balance to take Fenix down!!!!!!

HHL: "Atara's in Half Guard!"

PIP: "The momentum completely changed with that Takedown!!!"

Atty tries to work her way into Mount, but Tara has her legs locked tight with her own. Themis delivers some strikes to try and advance, but Fenix does a good job blocking them while, at the same time, keeping her opponent at bay.

PIP: "Tara refuses to let Atty get into position!"

HHL: "If they don't do anything soon, the referee might have to stand 'em up!"

Herb Dean tells the competitors to "Work", but Atara just can't do anything of worth other than some light taps that Fenix keeps blocking. With neither one of them showing any signs of advancing, the ref orders them both to stand up, receiving a positive reaction from the blood hungry crowd.

PIP: "Speak of the devil!"

Atty and Tara get up and circle each other some more as the bell rings, signaling the end of the round. Both women go to their corners and get some water/iced up as a man in a speedo walks around with a sign that reads ROUND 2.

PIP: "Why couldn't we get a ring girl for this?!"

HHL: "I ain't complaining!"

As the ring boy goes and sits down, Atty and Tara get up and get ready for the next round. Herb Dean checks to make sure both are ready to go before calling for the next round to begin.


Both women hustle to the center of the Octagon and come out swinging! With every punch one of them throws, the other dodges it and responds with one of their own. Despite throwing down with a passion, neither competitor can seem to connect with their opponent. That all changes the moment Atara hits Tara with a right cross that sends her stumbling backwards!

HHL: "Tara's been rocked! Atty has the chance to finish her right here!"

Themis continues forward, but gets blindsided with an Uppercut that knocks her on her ass as the fans gasp! Fenix dives forward on top of her, but a desperate Atty manages to shove her off and get back to a vertical base before her opponent can do anything relevant. With both women back on their feet, the two of them back off in an attempt to regroup.

PIP: "They each took a shot there, neither one of them wants to let the other to take advantage of it!"

HHL: "It only takes one good punch, or kick, to finish a fight."

The competitors hesitate to strike for a moment, until Tara Fenix goes back to the Leg Kicks. She connects with the first one but Atty, once again, is able to catch the second one and respond with two jabs while holding her leg in place! Themis winds up for one more to potentially finish Fenix, but Tara yanks her foot away and steps back just enough to narrowly avoid her opponent's punch. She goes to swing at Atty, but the Greek Goddess blocks it and goes for a Takedown! Tara prevents it with a sprawl, only for Atara to use the power in her legs to pick her opponent up and SLAM her down!!!

HHL: "And there's that Greco-Roman style wrestling Atty is famous for!"

Atara lays over top of Fenix in side control, but she can't work her way into the Mount. Everything she tries to bring her leg over, Tara blocks it with her own. A frustrated Themis begins delivering Elbow strikes to the side of Fenix's head, but they don't have much power behind 'em. Eventually, it looks like Atty's going to make it when, all of a sudden, Tara flips her over so that SHE'S on top!!!

PIP: "Tara just went from being on the bottom in Full Mount, to on TOP in Full Guard!!!"

Atara covers up as her opponent begins raining down with some heeeeeeavy hammer fists! Themis manages to block most of them, but Tara also slips through with a couple just as the bell for the end of round sounds.

PIP: "Talk about being saved by the bell!"

HHL: "I don't think Atty was in as bad of shape as you think she was."

PIP: "I don't know, those hammer fists were so strong, Tara was knocking Atty's hands into her own face!"

The fighters take their positions in their corners, where they get some advice from their trainers as the ring boy struts around with a giant 3 sign. Once he makes his way around the Octagon, he goes and sits back down as Herb Dean motions for Tara and Atty to get ready. Their cornermen leave the cage as they stand back up and prepare for war some more.

PIP: "Remember, this is a 5 Round Match and both women are more than capable of going the distance!"

HHL: "Absolutely, these two have great conditioning and know how to pace themselves for the long haul."

Herb Dean checks with both fighters to make sure they want to continue, receiving strong nods from each of them. He then calls for the bell and motions for them to fight!


Tara and Atty meet in the middle, where Fenix immediately strikes with a brutal Leg Kick that forces Themis to back up.

PIP: "I think Atara's hurt!!!"

Tara charges forward, pinning Themis against the cage in the clinch. There, she delivers a combination of Knees and Elbows that eventually drop Atata!!!

HHL: "Atty's down!..........."

PIP: ".............but she's not out!"

Tara drops to her opponent's level and begins hammering away in an attempt to get the TKO victory. Unfortunately for her, though, not only does Atty manage to intelligently defend herself, she is actually able to escape!!! She hurries to her feet, but her leg buckles underneath her and she ends up collapsing to the canvas. Once again, Tara Fenix gets over top of her in an attempt to finish it.

PIP: "I'm not sure Atty can stand!"

HHL: "I think you're right, Pip, she might be stuck on the ground for the rest of this fight!"

Atty uses her good leg to shove Fenix off, before attempting to stand up, again. Tara lines Atara up and goes for a Front Face Kick as soon as she's up............................ only to have it caught! Themis uses her opponent to stay up long enough to pull herself forward and take her down!!!!!!!

PIP: "A one-legged Atty just took Tara Fenix down!"

HHL: "That's the heart of Atara Themis!"

Atty lands on top of Tara in Half-Guard, where she immediately grabs at her arm and attempts to submit her.

PIP: "I think Atty's trying to end it before they end up on their feet, again!"

Tara and Atara fight to keep the other from gaining the advantage. Fenix desperately tries to prevent her arm from bending a way it's not supposed to bend, as Themis tries to turn it into a pretzel. Eventually, Atara begins to gain control, forcing Tara to find a different means of escape.

HHL: "Tara Fenix is moments away from a trip to the emergency room!"

Before Atty can break her opponent's arm, Tara begins to kick at her bad leg. The pain forces Atara to lose grip of Fenix's arm, allowing her to escape to her feet.

PIP: "This is exactly what Atty DIDN'T want!"

A cocky Fenix motions for her opponent to join her, but all Atara can manage is a knee. She waits there for a moment, long enough for the bell to ring and her to escape the round!

HHL: "I'd say she was saved by the bell, but she still has two more rounds to survive!"

PIP: "Looks like the doctor wants to check her out, can't say I blame him!"

Tara confidently struts to her corner as Atty is forced to crawl. The doctor walks over and looks at her leg as she struggles to get up onto her stool. After doing a couple quick tests, the doctor turns to Herb Dean and shakes his head, causing him to call the match as the fans boo.

PIP: "He's not gonna let Atty continue!"

HHL: "The fans might not like it, but this is probably best for Atty's career."

PIP: "Great job by Tara Fenix, she picked a part to target and chopped Atty down until she literally couldn't get back up!"

HHL: "Tara Fenix looked incredible, hopefully see more of her inside an actual XWF ring in the near future."

PIP: "Couldn't agree more!"

Herb Dean meets with Tara Fenix in the center of the Octagon, where he grabs hold of her wrist as Bruce Buffer enters the ring. Before he can announce the winner, though, a proud Atara Themis asks her cornermen to help her over so she can be there when the winner is declared, despite knowing it wasn't her. They walk her over, with her taking the last few steps on her own where Herb Dean grabs her wrist, as well, as he uses all the strength she has left to stay standing.

BB: "Ladies and Gentleman, Referee Herb Dean has called a stop to this contest at the end of the 3rd Round at the request of Dr. Ho Li Fuk.................. declaring the winner, by doctor stoppage, TARA FeeNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX!!!!!!"

Winner- Tara Fenix via doctor stoppage

Tara shows Atty some respect for her toughness before leaving the Octagon, where Atara and her team eventually follows.

PIP: "A fine display by both women, they certainly proved that being a warrior doesn't necessarily mean have a penis."

HHL: "Wow, Pip, I'm proud of you!"

PIP: "What? I'm just saying what they're telling me too."

HHL(sighing): "Ugh, we'll be right back."

Winner - Tara Fenix

We cut to the private parking lot for XWF Talent where we come up on Centurion who is headed to his car. He pops the trunk as he carries his travel bag behind him. The trunk opens and as he approaches he hears someone approaching fast.

He spins around but it’s too late as CHRIS PAGE has blindsided him knocking him down to the asphalt. The crowd roars with massive boos as Page starts stomping away at Centurion’s head and face with the bottom of his dress shoe.

PIP: Why is CCP attacking Centurion?!?!

HHL: The world is a bigger place and I hear Centurion had that one coming.

Chris picks Centurion up off the asphalt where he hurls him in the trunk of his rental car before slamming the door shut. He looks down at the ground where he picks up Centurion’s car fob. He looks at it before turning and throwing it out into the busy streets surrounding the Barclays Center. He turns towards the trunk of the car emphatically stating.

CHRIS PAGE: Countdown.

Page dusts off his jacket before turning and leaving Centurion to his own means.

HHL: The next match could certainly be called unique. I don’t know if we’ve ever had a Broom Closet Brawl.

PIP: We had never had a tranquilizer match involving a gorilla, either, until last Warfare.

HHL: It seems unorthodox matches are going to be part of Peter Vaughn’s repertoire in the XWF.

PIP: I still say he’s an OCW spy. But I can’t say I’ve hated his work so far.

HHL: I think he should be thrown out, after what he did to Gilligan.

PIP: You’re on a first name basis with that gorilla now? So all it takes to get to your heart is a red rose?

HHL: It’s nothing like that. I just feel bad for what happened to that gorilla.

PIP: Whatever you say.

Ring Announcer: Our next match is a BROOM CLOSET BRAWL. Entering first from Las Vegas, Nevada, standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 225 pounds....DREW ARCHYLE!!!

Drew Archyle walks out from the back as the opening chords of “Ready For This” hit the airwaves. The fans cheer along the entry ramp, with Drew walking past them, looking ready for a battle. He keeps his leather jacket on as he enters the ring, leaning against the turnbuckles and waiting for his opponent.

HHL: Archyle was put on the shelf this past month due to getting blinded by a Windex attack from Peter Vaughn in Thunder Pro Wrestling. He’s looking to get some revenge for that lost time out of the ring tonight.

PIP: I wonder how much of his vision he’s gotten back. Think he can tell me how many fingers I’ve got up?

HHL: If he sees you raising just that one, I’m sure you’ll get a response.

PIP: Wouldn’t want that.

Archyle waits impatiently as the crowd starts heavily booing. They don’t seem excited for the man who’s going to be coming out next.

PIP: I still don’t like or trust Vaughn, but he gave us one of the most memorable moments of 2021 last week.

HHL: Gilligan’s still trying to recover from his injuries.

PIP: So you’re staying in touch?

HHL: Shut up.

PIP: Ha ha… So where is this guy?

No one has appeared at the entrance yet, although Vaughn’s intro music and video continue to play. The crowd is already getting restless, unsure what’s happening. Archyle has started pacing next to the ropes, anxious to get his hands on the former janitor. Suddenly, the music and video cut out, leaving both the audience and the wrestler to wonder what’s going on.

HHL: Is Vaughn not here? Has anyone seen him?

PIP: Maybe he’s already been locked in the closet by Apex. Is this one already over? Can we ring the bell?

After a few more seconds go by, the screen suddenly comes on again… showing Peter Vaughn’s grinning face. The booing again erupts from the crowd, as Vaughn seems to be looking right at Drew Archyle.

Peter Vaughn: Hello, Brooklyn! And hello, Drew. Can you see me? Right up here, I’m the blurry one on the big screen…

Archyle definitely sees him, as he’s yelling for Vaughn to come down there so they can start fighting. He makes a few strong hand gestures Vaughn’s way, which Vaughn ignores. Instead, he raises two fingers towards the screen, waving them back and forth.

Peter Vaughn: At least follow the sound of my voice. You see, Drew, I know you’ve never been in a proper Broom Closet Brawl. But the main goal is to get to the closet. After all, what’s the point in me knocking you out down there? I’d have to carry your ass, just like myself and the rest of the Exiles have been carrying Apex in TPW.

This really pisses off the crowd, as well as Archyle, who looks ready to murder Vaughn.

HHL: The former OCW World Champion is talking pretty big, considering he’s not out here yet.

PIP: Well, I hate to say it, but he is right. This match can’t end until they’re inside the special closet.

Peter Vaughn: They were kind enough to put up arrows for you, Drew. Big ones. I think they put braille on them too, if that helps. Follow them, and I’ll see you at the end.

Vaughn laughs as the screen turns off, with the live crowd really angry now. After all, they wanted some of the bloodshed to be in front of them. Archyle, for his part, is already through the ropes and charging for the back, not willing to waste any more time getting his hands on Vaughn. He disappears through the entrance, with a cameraman hurrying to follow along behind.

Match #7
- vs -
Broom Closet Brawl
This match will take place throughout the arena but must end in a specially designated broom closet. Weapons encouraged.
1 RP/3K

HHL: So Vaughn is already waiting at the specially designed broom closet?

PIP: Damn, so much potential for violence wasted. I hope Drew grabs him and drags him all the way back to the ring, and then they fight all the way back to the closet.

HHL: Knowing Drew, it could happen.

We cut to the feed from the cameraman, as Archyle can be seen maneuvering through the hallways of the arena. He pushes past a few people just standing around, angrily making his way through.

Drew Archyle: Vaughn! Get your ass out here and take your beating like a man! You coward!

HHL: This may be the angriest I’ve ever seen Drew Archyle.

PIP: I think they might need to make sure there’s a hospital bed available next to the gorilla after this one’s over.

Archyle turns the corner, shoving at a nearby table, spilling the drinks that were set out on it. We can now see the arrows pointing the way along the wall, large signs that nobody could miss. Archyle grabs one off of a door and rips it up into shreds before throwing it down. He looks frustrated at not being able to do the same to his opponent. In the meantime, behind him, the door starts to quietly open. Peter Vaughn appears, stepping out, holding what appears to be a sawed-off broom handle. He’s smirking as he starts to approach Archyle from behind.

HHL: Vaughn’s not at the final closet at all! He’s set up an ambush!

PIP: Damn it, stop making it so hard for me to hate the guy!

Vaughn rears back, ready to swing… and Archyle spins around, catching the broom handle in one hand!! He yanks it away from Vaughn, throwing it to the side, with Vaughn looking completely shocked. Archyle then smiles, before reaching into his jacket pocket, pulling out a long glass bottle full of blue liquid. Vaughn pales, recognizing his own weapon that was stolen from him at the last TPW show. He starts backing up, his arms out in front of him, as Archyle smiles at the thought of payback.

HHL: Is that… Windex?

PIP: Time to shine up a janitor!

As Archyle steps forward, Vaughn darts backwards, jumping back into the doorway and slamming the door! Archyle, furious, steps forward and kicks at the door repeatedly, bashing it inwards and managing to smash it open again. He moves forward, only to stop in surprise. Behind him, the cameraman readjusts, to show that Vaughn is standing in there… and now sporting a set of welding goggles! He smirks at Archyle, pointing up at his acquisition from the closet he’s in.

Peter Vaughn: Not going to blind me now, you dumb oaf. I’m too smart for…

Archyle immediately swings the glass Windex bottle into the side of Vaughn’s head, shattering it!!! Vaughn collapses to the side, knocked senseless. Half of his face is now covered in blue liquid, while several cuts appear from where the glass cut him. Archyle doesn’t stop there, as he kicks away at Vaughn’s side, driving him backwards. Vaughn struggles to get up, but Archyle grabs him by the head, yanking off the goggles. It gives Vaughn’s face a strange look, as so much is covered with blue except around his eyes.

PIP: Drew created a smurf!!

HHL: A bloody smurf. Would Bloody Smurf be one of their names?

PIP: Only in the darkest corners of the internet, Heather.

The cameraman backs off as Archyle drags Vaughn out of the small closet, bringing him down along the hallway. He stops every few seconds to slam Vaughn against the walls, doing more damage. He’s cursing at Vaughn along the way, enjoying every moment of the punishment he’s dishing out. The two wrestlers stop at one corner, where another large arrow can be seen. Archyle makes sure Vaughn sees it, banging his head against the wall it’s on, which leaves a blue imprint behind. He then throws Vaughn in that direction, causing Vaughn to do a flip and crash to the ground, stunned.

PIP: Hey, those signs DID come in handy!

HHL: This could turn out to be a slaughter at this point. I wonder how far away the actual closet is.

PIP: It’ll never be far enough, I want this one to keep going as long as possible!

Vaughn crawls over to the nearby wall, dragging himself upwards. Archyle comes in from behind, grabbing at his shoulders. But Vaughn acts instinctively, throwing his leg up behind him, racking his opponent!! Archyle stumbles away, hurt, as he tries to shake off the numbing sensation hitting between his legs. Vaughn, given a few extra seconds, turns and jumps at Archyle, spinning around him to hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT on the floor!!! Archyle’s down, shuddering, as Vaughn pulls himself backwards against the wall, taking the extra time to try and clean off his face with his shirt.

HHL: Peter Vaughn’s not going down without a fight.

PIP: Hey, I’m perfectly fine with equal bloodshed. The more the merrier!

As Archyle tries to recover, Vaughn moves away from him, heading to another doorway. He opens it up, showing a small dressing room inside. Set against the wall, though, is a specialized-looking vacuum cleaner, which Vaughn drags out. As Archyle starts to get up, Vaughn turns and swings, smashing the heavier part of the vacuum against Archyle’s side! Archyle drops to his knees, with Vaughn then pressing a button, turning on the industrial-strength vacuum.

Peter Vaughn: A little off the top, Drew?!?!

Vaughn brings the hose around, placing it hard against the top of Archyle’s head!! The sound of the suction changes, as Archyle starts yelling out, trying to pull the attachment off where it’s yanking on his scalp!! Vaughn laughs maniacally as he works to keep it in place, trying to do as much damage as possible.

HHL: He’s trying to scalp Drew!

PIP: The man doesn’t have a ton of hair left on there to pull at, Vaughn! Damn!

As Vaughn moves to the side, repositioning towards the front of Archyle’s head, Archyle throws an elbow into his ribs, followed by two more. Vaughn staggers backwards, losing his grip on the hose. Archyle yanks it off, throwing it to the side. You can see a few red welts showing up on his head as Archyle gets up, rubbing at them. Vaughn shakes his head and moves back forward, kicking Archyle backwards to the wall. But Archyle rebounds off the wall, smashing into Vaughn with a Pendulum lariat!! Vaughn’s down, with Archyle pushing himself up and grabbing Vaughn by the shirt to start dragging him further down the hallway.

HHL: Both men are already starting to show a lot of wear and tear from this match.

PIP: Not enough.

HHL: You really want to see these guys badly hurt, don’t you?

PIP: Maybe not Drew. But Vaughn deserves it for being part of the group that attacked us at Relentless!

The two wrestlers reach an intersection, as Archyle takes a moment to get his bearings. The lights are dimmer here, but the sign pointing to the right can still be seen. Archyle wipes a hand across his chin, smearing a little bit of blood, before grabbing at Vaughn to start pulling him up. But Vaughn comes alive, shoving Archyle backwards instead, sending them to the left as they smash through an exit door!! The two men fly outwards, disappearing from sight as the door slams shut!

HHL: Oh no!

PIP: Well, damn, now this one’s going to go forever.

HHL: It’s not a joke, those doors won’t let anyone back in!

PIP: Don’t worry, the cameraman’s got them covered.

The camera gets closer to the door, with a hand reaching out to push one of the doors open. Outside, in the night sky, we can see Vaughn and Archyle fiercely going at it, each landing some good shots as they brawl away. The cameraman stops for a second to pull over a nearby table, scooting it over to block the door open, before refocusing the camera on the fight. We see Vaughn get the upper hand with a sitout jawbreaker, snapping Archyle’s head backwards. As Archyle tries to recover, Vaughn pulls himself up and jumps onto him, snapping Archyle down the stairs with a hurricanrana!! Archyle takes a nasty spill, crashing down about seven steps, while Vaughn bumps down a few himself. Both wrestlers are down, as the cameraman makes sure to stay out of the way of the bloody brawl.

PIP: If they fight all the way around the arena, they’ll eventually return to this door.

HHL: Neither might be mobile by then!

PIP: Look, even if it takes a couple of forklifts or shopping carts, someone will make sure these guys finish the match, alright?

Vaughn is slowly getting up now, limping and rubbing at his face where the chemicals from earlier are still burning. Even if it didn’t get in his eyes, open wounds and Windex likely don’t mix. He stumbles down to Archyle, dragging him upwards back towards the building. He’s talking quietly to Archyle, mocking him, as he holds him in a headlock approaching the doors. Vaughn thanks the cameraman for blocking the door open, but a second later, Vaughn regrets it, as Archyle comes to life, lifting Vaughn up into the air and throwing him forward with a spinning side slam… right through the table holding the door open!!! Vaughn’s at a strange angle, his feet in the air, with the debris now the only things keeping entry to Barclays available.

PIP: Someone call recycling, we’ve got another pick-up!

HHL: The splinters Vaughn is dealing with now have to be terrible.

PIP: Welcome to the XWF!

Archyle has moved forward now, showing his stamina as he drags Vaughn up and begins to reenter the arena, slipping a little on the remains of the table. He kicks them out of his way, as Vaughn shoves himself free, stumbling away. But Archyle immediately follows, jumping into Vaughn with a running knee lift!! Vaughn snaps against the wall, sliding painfully down it, as Archyle hobbles away for a moment, his adrenaline faltering. He shakes it off, grabbing Vaughn and rolling him down the right passageway. Vaughn lands on his side, grabbing at the edge of a doorway and pulling himself forward.

PIP: Think Vaughn is missing OCW yet?

HHL: I’m sure he didn’t expect to take this much abuse tonight.

PIP: Plans only work until you get hit in the mouth, something Drew Archyle loves to do to people.

The cameraman slips to the side, somehow having avoided any damage up until now. Gotta admire him for that. Archyle, meanwhile, goes over to where Vaughn is seemingly trying to crawl away, reaching for him… and then falling backwards, having taken a shot to the face from a wrench!! Vaughn pulls himself up, scooting out a toolbox that had been hidden in the doorway. He reaches down, grabbing a pair of pliers out of the box as well! Vaughn charges at Archyle, catching him under the chin with the wrench and knocking him backwards. Vaughn then applies the pliers to the side of Archyle’s arm, quickly tightening them with the skill of a pro, as Archyle yells out at the pressure being applied.

PIP: I hate to give him credit, but Vaughn really placed lots of weapons along the path to the broom closet, didn’t he?

HHL: You think he put them all out there on purpose?

PIP: It’s what I would have done.

With the pliers stuck in a vice grip on Archyle’s arm, Vaughn adds in another couple of shots from the wrench. Archyle falls to a knee, wavering, close to collapse, but still not going down. Vaughn gets behind him, placing the wrench into Archyle’s throat while pulling back on it, working to choke the wrestler out! Archyle struggles against the metal, trying to pull it away long enough to catch a breath of air. Vaughn seems intent, though, on knocking Archyle out, knowing the closet isn’t too much further away from them. He pulls backwards again, with Archyle gasping, in serious trouble.

HHL: I think Drew’s going to pass out!

PIP: Hope Vaughn has another plan on how to get Archyle’s body down to the closet. Hey, does it have to be every part of his body, or just a piece?

HHL: Don’t even think about it.

PIP: I mean, if there’s a hacksaw in that tool box…

HHL: Seriously??

In desperation, as the world starts to fade around him, Archyle does the only thing he can think of: he yanks the pliers off of his arm, slashing himself open, and swings the pliers upwards, catching Vaughn on the fingers of his left hand!! Vaughn lets go of the wrench, yelling out as he staggers backwards. Archyle throws the wrench away from him, taking in a few huge lungfuls of air. He starts to get up, as Vaughn looks on in stunned silence, still shaking his hand. He runs forward, jumping onto Archyle’s back to go for Revenged! But Archyle shoves himself backwards in return, smashing both men into the wall, leaving a huge dent in the crumbling facade!! Both men fall forward, with Archyle having bought himself more time.

PIP: Ooo, that one’s going to cost us. Did we buy insurance with Barclays?

HHL: I’m sure that’s all been taken care of.

PIP: Cool, now put Vaughn’s head through that hole, Drew!!

Vaughn still manages to get up first, groaning as he feels the damage done to his back. He slowly comes over to the recovering Archyle, grabbing him by the shoulder and hauling him upwards. But Archyle answers by dropping back down with Vaughn, hitting a cutter!! Vaughn’s back down, not moving after impacting the floor. Archyle slowly pushes up on his knees, managing to rise up. He looks down the hall, knowing the destination is right down there, but he hesitates, noticing the open toolbox. He goes over to it, reaching inside… and pulling out a couple of screwdrivers!! He brings them back over to where Vaughn is trying to rise up on his hands, jabbing one into the side of Vaughn’s head!! Vaughn yells out as he feels his forehead getting cut open!

HHL: This is getting to be too much.

PIP: Is that a flathead or a Phillip’s, do you think?

HHL: Who cares??

PIP: I’m sure someone in the audience is asking the same questions, Heather, and we owe them to answer it…

With Archyle still hanging over him, Vaughn attempts to shove him off, bracing his hand to push backwards. Archyle steps to his side, seeing his opening. He drives the screwdriver downwards, slamming it into the floor… managing to land right between Vaughn’s fingers!! Archyle and Vaughn both look down at the screwdriver, then at each other, before Vaughn throws an elbow up, knocking Archyle backwards. As Archyle tries to get his balance, Vaughn springs up, catching him by the arm and snapping him down to the floor with the Key Holder, a Ripcord DDT!!! Archyle’s down, as Vaughn sluggishly puts an arm across him, just laying there for a few seconds with nothing else happening.

PIP: Pins don’t count, moron.

HHL: At this point, you have to think both men are reacting more on instinct. I’m sure Vaughn wishes he could end this right here with a three count.

PIP: Well, it doesn’t work that way, so get up and keep fighting!

Slowly, Vaughn pulls himself up, remembering that he has to get Archyle down the hall. It must look like it’s a mile away, but Vaughn wipes some blood and cleaner from above his eyes and reaches down, hauling Archyle up. He drags him along, trying to get him towards the nearby closet door, which has a large sign out front that’s pointing to it. Suddenly, though, Archyle reaches up, grabbing onto Vaughn’s arm. Before the wrestler can respond, Archyle is dropping him to the ground, hanging onto the arm and applying the Nighty Night submission!!! Vaughn’s legs are kicking wildly as he tries to get free, but Archyle has the hold on perfectly, keeping him from escaping!! The crowd can be heard, cheering, as Vaughn’s kicks get slower and slower.

HHL: I think Vaughn’s going out!

PIP: Yeah, but submissions don’t count, either, remember?

HHL: True, but he’ll be a lot easier to get into the closet when he’s unconscious.

PIP: I don’t know, I’ve had to move dead weight before, and it’s not easy.

HHL: When have you done that??

PIP: … No comment.

With Vaughn no longer moving, Archyle releases the hold. He struggles to get up, his arm leaving a sticky bloodstain on the wall. He grabs Vaughn by the back of his outfit, pulling him along in a drunken stumble as they approach the closet.

Drew Archyle: This is it for you Petey. After I pin you I'm going to mop the floor with your blood.

Drew drags Vaughn's body closer towards the closet. Closer and closer. When Drew finally grabs the knob of the closet door he kicks it in and there standing ready to call for the bell the moment Vaughn crosses the treshhold.


HHL: What the hell?

Drew Archyle drops the basically lifeless body of Peter Vaughn to the floor and then stumbles forward into the wall. He slowly turns around only to be met again with another shot, this one right to the dome.

PIP: Well this doesn't bode well for Drew.

HHL: Is that?

PIP: I think it is Heather.

Drew falls forward into the arms of an as of yet unidentified man. The camera swings around around to reveal...


HHL: What the hell is he doing here?

PIP: Helping out a friend it looks like.

Xavier Lux leans over and grabs Archyle by the neck and lifts him to his feet. Drew looks at his attacker and as his eyes begin to bulge Xavier pushes Drew backwards where he stumbles over Peter Vaughn's still barely conscious body and into the broom closet ending the match as the ref signals for the bell.

HHL: That Son of A Bitch! Archyle was robbed.

Winner - Peter Vaughn

Vaughn leans down again this time helping up his friend and former OCW comrade Peter Vaughn. Vaughn looks completely shocked to see Lux standing there before him but the two shake hands before disappearing off into the distance as Bad Medicine goes to commercial.

Following the commercial break the XWF tron comes to life to make official what everyone when they saw him aided his good friend Peter Vaughn in victory over Drew Archyle. Xavier Lux is officially a member of the XWF roster.

[Image: XWF_New_Guy_Xavier_Lux.png]

We cut back to the trainers room where we find Jim Caedus getting stitches in the back of his head following the attack from Peter Vaughn which cost him his Xtreme Championship. Robert Main and Oliver Main show up upon hearing the news.

” What the fuck happened man? We leave you for a few minutes and you get jumped?!?! Who the fuck did this.”

Oliver observes the Tag Title but no 24/7 Case.

”Where the hell is his briefcase?”

”Fucking… Vaughn.”

Jim states as the Trainer finishes stitching his head allowing Jim to raise it up looking at Oliver and Robert.

”And now… I’m going to take back what they stole from me.”

Jim stands up where he starts to walk past the Brother’s Main. Robert holds out his arm stopping Jim in his tracks.

”You’re not going alone.”

”Suit yourself.”

Ring Announcer: Our next match is to determine the new Number One Contender to the XWF Television Title and is a triple threat match. Entering first from The Near Future and standing at 5 feet even and weighing exactly 100 pounds....CIELA LUIZ!!!

Ciela Luiz walked to the ring with little fanfare from the crowd. Ciela and Rampage stared each other down as Ciela walked into the ring and took control of her corner.

HHL: Ciela is going to have her hands full tonight, but if there is any young wrestler in the back who could get an unexpected victory here tonight, it’s probably her!

PC: Ehhhh….
Ciela Luiz comes down to the ring amid a mostly positive reaction from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: Entering second standing at 7 feet even and weighing a whopping 460 pounds, from Salisbury, Maryland....RAMPAGE!!!

Rampage walks to the ring with confidence as his entrance music blares. The crowd cheers from the former TV champion as he makes his way down the ramp.

HHL: Rampage is a former TV champion and with a win here tonight he’ll be putting himself right back into that title picture!

PC: I almost want to say Rampage is the favorite here tonight, Heater! I know Graves has decades of experience but Rampage has been on a roll lately!

Ring Announcer: And entering third, standing at 6 feet 6 inches and weighing 244 pounds, the man without a home...MICHEAL GRAVES!!!

MIcheal Graves walks to the ring and cracks his knuckles as his entrance music plays over the loudspeakers. The crowd boos him intensely as he takes his place in the ring and waits for the opening bell to be run.

HHL: Not much theatrics or fanfare from anyone with their entrances here today.

PC: These wrestlers all have something much, much more important to focus on than their entrances. They’re trying to win #1 contender rights to the TV title here tonight!

Match #8


- vs -
- vs -
15 Minute Triple Threat
Savage Rules

The bell rings and we are off to the races. Rampage and Graves bolt out of their corners and immediately get to it in the center of the ring while Ciela Luiz, all 5 feet and 100 pounds of her, watches the action with a curious eye as she climbs on top one of the turnbuckles. Rampage hits Graves with a right fist, then Graves returns the favor. Rampage decides to lock up with Micheal and the two men push each other back and forth until Rampage earns the clear advantage.

HHL: Rampage is the far bigger man here, it’s no surprise to see him winning bouts of strength. Graves is going to need to play a little dirty if he wants to walk out of The Barclays Center with a victory tonight.

PC: I don’t think size is everything, Pip.

Rampage pushes Graves into the corner before he wraps his meaty hands around Graves’ throat and starts choking him. The referee counts up to 4 as Graves starts going blue. Rampage releases the hold just on time before hitting Graves with a huge chop to the chest that causes him to fall to a seated position in the corner. Rampage follows up with a big boot to Micheal’s face before turning around to look for his other opponent…….


PC: Moonsault from Ciela Luiz!

Ciela Luiz lands perfectly onto Rampage...who just catches her before slamming her down to the mat with a bodyslam.

HHL: I thought THAT…..would go better.

PC: I guess size really does matter….

Rampage follows up the bodyslam by climbing on top of Ciela Luiz and hitting her with consecutive headbutts. After the fourth headbutt Ciela Luiz is busted open like a bleeding pig. Rampage smiles in satisfaction before hooking her leg for the pin fall.



KICKOUT! Ciela Luiz gets a shoulder up just in time….right before Graves breaks up the pinfall attempt with a crouching dropkick! Rampage rolls off of Ciela Luiz before climbing to his feet. Graves barrel rolls to his feet. Both men are now staring each other down from across the ring in anger as Ciela Luiz rolls herself out of the ring and out to the padding below.

PC: Good instincts there by Ciela to kick out of the pin!

HHL: And good job my Graves of getting over there to break it up in time!

PC: I think Rampage is going to need to do a lot more if he wants to walk out of this arena with a victory!

Graves and Rampage charge each other and lock up again, but this time Micheal Graves gets the upper hand! He hits Rampage with a neckbreaker out of nowhere!

PC: That’ll hurt!

HHL: But Rampage has a neck that’s bigger than your body, Pip! He might be able to take the physical toll that Graves is dealing out!

Before Graves is even able to attempt a pinfall Rampage is already rolling himself back up to his feet. Graves looks at the rising Rampage and then the ropes. Graves charges at the ropes, bounces off of them, and then comes right back towards Rampage!


Graves seems woozy after the headbutt connects out of nowhere. He starts stumbling around the ring and leaning on the ropes as Rampage starts walking over to him slowly and confidently. Rampage follows Graves as Graves wobbles around the ring. Graves gets to a turnbuckle and suddenly stops. He looks like he’s touching his mouth, or perhaps holding in a cough. Either way, Rampage grabs Graves by the shoulders and swings him around! Rampage cocks back a fist and goes to punch Micheal when, almost as if on cue, Micheal Graves spits a huge cloud of purple mist at Rampage! The mist covers Rampage’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth and he has no choice but to back off!

HHL: THAT’S CHEATING! That’s a downright dirty move right there!

PC: It’s literally one of his classic moves, Rampage should have been expecting it! It’s Rampage’s fault that he got caught with his pants down!

HHL: If the referee would have seen that it would have been an instant disqualification!

PC: Luckily for Graves I think the referee was distracted by some teenage girls in the front row!

Just then we cut to a shot of the referee watching some college coeds clap and jump excitedly in the front row. Meanwhile, Graves watches Rampage with a grin as he seems disoriented if not downright confused. As Rampage nears the top rope Graves charges at him and sends him out of the ring with a vicious clothesline! Rampage lands on his head and seems to stop moving after he hits the floor!

HHL: Rampage is not looking good right now!

PC: Wait….here comes Ciela Luiz! She’s not out of this thing yet!

Sneaky Ciela Luiz crawls back into the ring behind Micheal Graves. Before he knows what is up, she’s already rolled him up into a schoolboy pin! The referee immediately begins counting!




Graves blasts out of the pinfall attempt and rolls away from Ciela Luiz. The two wrestlers get back up to their feet at the exact same time. The red Ciela stares at Micheal Graves, who still has a whole lot of purple around his lips and mouth. They both lower their heads and grin, confident in their respective abilities as they charge forward for a lock up!

BUT THERE IS NO LOCK UP! Ciela continues charging forward only to be hit with a SYSTEM SHOCK (Double Ax Handle)! Ciela’s body bounces against the ropes before being pushed back to Graves due to the momentum. As she is thrown back towards Graves he lifts her high up into the air before bringing her down with the Graves Consequences (Crucifix Piledriver)! Graves hooks the leg as he covers her limp body. The referee jumps down for the pin.




Winner - Micheal Graves

PC: Wow, what a win here tonight by Micheal Graves! With that performance he just earned himself the right to a shot at the TV championship on the next Saturday Night Savage!

HHL: I still don’t feel good about how this one went- I’m not sure cheating needs to be rewarded here in the XWF!

PC: A win is a win, Heather. By any means necessary.

The camera cuts to the locker room where LSM is in tears reading an old letter from her mother. She's sitting alone in the backstage locker room as everyone else seems to be preparing for their matches or receiving medical attention. LSM then sits on the bench with some tissues to wipe her face, then Tommy comes to the room with some flowers to support her. T: I head about your mom, that's fucking hard and brutal to go through. To be honest, I’m shocked you are even here.

LSM: Mi Madre would at least want me to show up and try to support my friends....I also want to see Charlie lose. I know he's going to come crying backstage like a little child when Betsy beats him, and I want to be here to see it.

T: I know how strong of a woman you are, and how intense you can be, but what I see is a sensitive lady who has her heart on her sleeve, in this case your mask.

Tommy then laughs a bit, but noticed she wasn’t laughing so he stopped. Tommy then looked down and noticed the green boots LSM was wearing were the exact same ones he had gifted to her weeks ago.

T: Wow, I thought you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them… I thought you would leave them in your bag or something?

LSM: They're good, they're nice and firm, but still loose enough to not cause discomfort. Thank you for them, Tommy.

T: Look I wanted to give you these flowers I got out from a local flower shop in New York earlier in the afternoon. I just wanted to give you these out of respect for you, and I hope that you will continue to do well, even with this minor setback with a loss of a parent. I’ve seen some of my own family members dying and it fucking sucks… but what can we do?

LSM: Well, there is something you could do for me........

Tommy hands her the flowers, and she gets on her feet to hold them. She then smiles at the flowers and gave a sort of smile at Tommy, who pats her on the shoulders. She whispers hear request into his ear as Tommy starts smiling.

Ring Announcer: The following match is a standard 15 minute match and it is for the XWF Television Title. Entering first standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 260 pounds from Steubenville, Ohio. He is a former Television Champion...CHARLIE NICKLES!!!

The lights turn out for just a moment and when they come back on former Television Champion Charlie Nickles is suddenly standing in the center of the ring.

"And the Champion, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 130 pounds, she is "The Impossible Traveler" Betsy Granger!!!!

As the opening notes begin, the lights go out, save for a single spotlight on the top of the stage. Betsy comes out, but she’s only a silhouette at this point. Just as the drum strikes it’s second note, Betsy dabs and the lights come back. The song starts from the refrain as Betsy starts dancing down the ramp.

“Sin City’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when your gone-one-one”

Arms out, Betsy begins twirling around wildly, blonde ponytail whipping about with her, as she slaps hands with fans on both sides of the ramp. The chorus hits just as Betsy baseball slides into the ring.

“And I said ooooh, I’m blinded by the lights
I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
And I said ooooh, I’m drowning in the night
Oh, when I’m like this, you’re the one I trust”

As the chorus chimes on, Betsy bounces up and hops up onto every ring corner, pumping her fist and bobing her head in time with the song, getting the fans amped up for the upcoming bout. When she finishes playing up the fans, she starts bouncing in place, preparing mentally for the bout while Charlie gawks at her Television title.

Match #9


- vs -
Standard 15 Minute TV Title Match
Savage Rules



The bell rings and the Nickleman charges across the ring! He leaps after Betsy, but she evades the splash and Charlie hits the turnbuckle instead! Unphased, he slowly turns around and charges after her again missing a clothesline when Betsy ducks and bounces off the ropes.... She runs past Charlie, takes another bounce, and hits him with a spinning heel kick!! Charlie hits the ground, rolls a bit, and clumsily makes it back to his feet. He smiles and waves at the TV Title resting on the time keeper's desk and walks over to the ropes.

HHL: "Is he talking to the title right now?"

Betsy slides up behind Charlie and rolls him up!!



HHL: "Charlie kicks out!"

PIP: "The Nickleman better share a little bit of focus on the champion rather than the title.... Since Betsy walked out he hasn't taken his eyes from 'Goldilocks'...."

HHL: "I can't disagree, Pip... Charlie will have plenty of time to bond with the title IF he wins it tonight... As creepy as I think this... fetish is

PIP: "That's true love, Heather."

HHL: "It's something, alright!"

Charlie takes his feet and gives one more look towards the title before facing the champion. Betsy catches Charlie with a roundhouse kick across the head that nearly decapitates him! Charlie stumbles and is caught in a head scissor takedown that sends him rolling out to the floor! The Nickleman walks away, shaking the blurriness and fuzz out of his vision from landing on his head, and heads straight for the title. Smiling ear to ear, he reaches out for it... but he's interrupted when the champion suicide dives out of the ring onto him!! The official begins a count!!!



They smash through the table sending the title to the floor in the wreckage! Both Charlie and Betsy lie motionless for a moment.... Even after taking the worst of it, Charlie is the first to stir.



He crawls forward... screaming out for Goldilocks... He throws the pieces of table aside, digs out the title belt, and embraces it!!



Betsy sits up holding her right shoulder and stares at the Nickleman with a look of disgust. As Charlie cradles the title in his arms, Betsy recovers and makes it to her feet. She steps towards the ring apron and slides back into the ring...


HHL: "Betsy has an opportunity to leave Bad Medicine with the title through a count out as Charlie seems to be in a trance with the title!!"

PIP: "Umm, maybe... but, if so, who is going to pry the title away from Charlie?!"


Betsy stares out at the Nickleman who is paying no attention to the referee's count....


Betsy then slams her arms down and climbs out of the ring resetting the count!!!

HHL: "Betsy no! You had it won!"

PIP: "After all that Charlie has said and done... Can you blame her for not wanting it to end this way?"

HHL: "I GUESS I can't blame her...."


Betsy marches over to Charlie and attempts to rip the title out of his grasp and they have a tug-a-war!! Charlie refuses to let go as he rises up from his knees… Betsy screams and lets go of the title causing Charlie to stumble back… She runs towards him and leaps landing a dropkick to his chest sending Charlie toppling backwards and over the ring steps!! The title gets dropped on the ground, Betsy steps over it and keeps her focus on the challenger. The referee never restarted his count, he just repeatedly yelled at Betsy and Charlie to get back in the ring… threatening to throw out the match!!

Betsy grabs Charlie by the head and rolls him onto the ring apron. She scurries up the ring steps and steps through the ropes satisfying the official's wishes…

HHL: "Betsy has a lot more planned for Charlie before this one is over…."

The champion brings Charlie to his feet and tucks his head under her left arm. She takes him to the corner turnbuckle, uses the middle rope, and slams Charlie down with a tornado DDT!! Betsy doesn't go for the cover, instead she locks Charlie in a Sugar Lock! Charlie whines as Betsy stretches him while pressing her knees to his back. Continuing to moan, Charlie side eyes the outside of the ring and the TV Title which now sits safely on the time keeper, Nipsey Russel's, lap. Charlie squirms and manages to break hold!! He rolls away holding his neck and reaches the corner where he sits against the bottom turnbuckle. Betsy sees this and runs across the ring, somersaults, and splashes onto Charlie in the corner with her back! The challenger folds up, Betsy grabs him by the ankle and drags him into the center of the ring…. She goes for the cover!!!



HHL: "Charlie kicks out!!"


Betsy takes a short breath and stares down at her opponent. She doesn't waste too much time as she is back to feet and grabbing Charlie by the hair to lift him up, but the Nickleman reaches up and shoves a thumb into the eye of the champion…

HHL: "Ugh… THAT was vicious…"

PIP: "The old eye poke… Highly illegal yet just as efficient!"

Charlie is back to his feet. He lifts Betsy to his shoulders and falls with her to the mat with a powerslam!! He stands up and points out to Nipsey and the Television Title before leaping in the air and dropping a big elbow onto Betsy's midsection!! Charlie leaves an arm across her chest for the cover continuing to stare out at the title.



HHL: "Kick out Betsy!!"

PIP: "Charlie is giving a LITTLE more focus to Betsy and the match at hand here…"

Charlie gets to his feet and still hasn't broken his stare with the Television Title… He walks over to the ropes on that side and starts yelling down to the time keeper.

PIP: "What's he saying?"

HHL: "I'm not certain, but I'm sure it's nothing we should be repeating on LIVE XWF television…"

Charlie leaves the ring and gets in Nipsey's face who just holds up his arms and tosses the title to the ground… Charlie's mouth drops to the ground with it and his eyes slowly move up to the time keeper who is slowly backing away… Charlie grabs him by the collar and balls up his fist…..

HHL: "Hey!! You can't put your hands on an XWF Official!!!"

PIP: "Charlie's going to get himself not only disqualified from the match…. But fined and maybe even fired!!!"

Before Charlie swung, he noticed Betsy behind him on the ring apron… he turned to face her as she ran and leapt off hitting Charlie with a Hurricanrana Driver!!!

HHL: "Plante de Visage!!!!"

PIP: "You alright, Nip?!"

Charlie is out on the floor… Betsy stands over the fallen competitor and screams aloud!


The referee is out of the ring in the champ's face…

HHL: "The official wants this match under control, Pip… For a TV Title match this has seen a lot of action on the outside…"

PIP: "And Betsy doesn't look like she's in the mood for it!"

HHL: "She came in with a mission to tear Charlie apart and no one is going to get in her way!"

Charlie gets back to his feet and spins Betsy around…. He reels back with a fist and nails her between the eyes… The champion flails back and bumps the referee into the ring post! Betsy fights back and hits Charlie back…. The two of them battle back and forth and trade blows… Betsy spins around and hits Charlie with a roundhouse kick, but Charlie blocks! He grabs Betsy around the waist and tosses her around him with a belly to belly suplex!!

HHL: "Betsy looked like a ragdoll!"

Charlie immediately picks her back up, throws her up on his shoulder, and charges the same ring post that took out the official… The champ slides off Charlie's back and pushes off sending him into the post instead!! She then grabs him around the face and pulls back falling to her back, busting Charlie's with a double knee!!


HHL: "Time is dwindling down, Pip…"

PIP: "Time?! We don't even have a ref to call the match!"

HHL: "Well….. Keep in mind when the fifteen minutes are up this match will end in a draw and Betsy will retain!"

PIP: "I know how this works!"

Betsy takes a small breather before picking Charlie's limp body off the floor… but he's unable to keep his feet under him and drops back down. Betsy attempts to pick him up again, but Charlie once again falls back down. Frustrated, Betsy tries one last time, but as she did Charlie snatched the Television Title off the floor and cracked Betsy in the head with it!!!"

PIP: "Charlie was playing possum!!!"

HHL: "More like playing snake, Pip!! Betsy is out cold!!! How cheap is this guy?!"

PIP: "You tell me, Heather. I think the guy's been wearing the same pair of pants since War Games!!"

Charlie tosses Betsy's lifeless body into the ring then picks the referee up by the back of his belt and easily slides him under the bottom rope, too. As the ref gains life, Charlie rolls into the ring as well… He immediately goes for a cover……!!!!!!





HHL: "Betsy refuses to give in!!"

PIP: "It can't get any closer than that!"

Charlie can't believe it. He questions the official who replies by simply holding up two fingers while holding his neck from the previous bump he took.

Charlie slowly creeps over Betsy, pulling her by the hair up to her feet…. Betsy breaks free and gouges Charlie's eyes!!!

HHL: "Oh no!!!"

PIP: "That's twice Betsy broke the rules!! This match is out of control, Heather…. I don't think I can comfortably keep calling this!!"

HHL: "Come on, Pip!! The incident with the official was a mistake!! If you want to blame anyone, blame Charlie!!"

The referee must have missed it nursing his own injury…. Betsy spins Charlie around and locks him in a full nelson!!! She takes a step ahead of Charlie and……..


PIP: "Say what?!?! Are you speaking in tongues?!?!?"

HHL: "No!!! The full nelson facebuster!!! If Betsy hits this it's over!!!

As Betsy leans back to gain momentum for the finisher, Charlie slips out!!! He underhooks both of Betsy's arms and plants her on the mat!!!!

HHL: "Devil-hook Drop!!!!"

Charlie rolls Betsy over and covers her…..




PIP: "Charlie did it! Charlie did it!!!"

HHL: "What a match up… Both of these competitors let a lot of…. different emotions play into this match

The time keeper tossed the belt into the ring at the referee's feet and as he went to grab it it was snatched up by the new champion. He cradles it in his arms and walks over to the side to ask for a microphone….. As he is handed one he points to the sky……

PIP: "Is Charlie…. Crying?"

Charlie: "Yo Maria!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!"

HHL: "Good grief…"


We cut back to the backstage area where Jim Caedus and The Brother’s Main are near one of the production trucks.


A couple of stage hands are walking past Oliver as he stops them.

”Have you seen Peter Vaughn?”


One replies.

”The fucking janitor… the guy dressed like a janitor.

”Oh, nah man.”

Oliver catches up with Jim and Robert as the hunt for Jim’s briefcase continues.

The previous segments come to a close, as a video package plays over the XTron with clips from newcomers, Adi Gold and Kat Jones’ promo cycle the last two weeks. The video package fades out and the fans roar in anticipation for what should be an incredible bout here at Bad Medicine!

PC: Heather, it never ceases to amaze me when these rookies come around the XWF trying to bite off more than they can chew right away. This “Adi Gold”, is about to find out first hand what the XWF is all about.

HHL: I would hardly call Adi Gold a rookie, Pip. She’s a world class athlete who has success up and down this industry-

PC: -but not HERE, Heather. Not in the XWF, and CERTAINLY not against the likes of our very own, Kat Jones!!

HHL: Kat Jones literally had her first match in the XWF two weeks ago, Pip.

PC: But she’s an XWFer now. She knows what it’s like to be Bobby Bombed. She’s earned her stripes, and now it’s time for her to get little miss Adi Gold acclimated.

HHL: Well, for the sake of all that is righteous in that little mind of yours, we’re about to find out: Because here comes Adi Gold! And my goodness, the crowd is-

Ring Announcer: The following is a standard match and it is for the #1 Contendership for the Supercontinental Title. Entering first making her XWF in ring debut from Canada, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 120 pounds....ADI GOLD!!!

The crowd inside of the Barclays Center erupts at a fever pitch as The Magic Bomb pumps through the speakers. The XWF Universe loves all of these exciting new signees in the company. Adi Gold comes behind the curtain. Adi smiles looking down at the audience as she head down towards the ring. Adi ignoring the crowd as much as possible but all smiles. She does this until they get near the ring and Adi slides into the ring under the ropes as se prances around the ring. Adi smiles holding her hands in the air smirking.

Ring Announcer: And her opponent, from Cincinatti Ohio, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 128 pounds....KAT JONES!!!

"Release me"

The two words from the Public Address system in the arena cause the fans in attendance, already on their feet, to react with disdain and unappreciative shouts.

Kat Jones,, badass Cincinnati native of ill repute methodically makes her way to the top of the ramp from the gorilla position. Her black shorts and knee high boots are more characterizing of her facial expression and attitude toward the scathing crowd, than her highly decorative top full of self expression.

"No remnants were ever found of it
Feeling the hot bile
With every fake smile
Though no evidence was ever found
It never went away completely"

Kat walks toward the ring, methodically and without much concern at all, regarding the insults and jeers thrown in her direction.

"I try to hide from the unholy sound of it
Another day gone
Another night's dawn"

Standing before the ring apron, Kat removes her black leather jacket, whips it behind her, releasing it and allowing it to sail toward the ramp, ultimately letting out a bloodcurdling scream, before she enters the ring.

HHL: Sounds like an equal response from the fans. Equal excitement to see these ladies square up tonight

Match #10


- vs -
Standard Match
Warfare Rules

Adi stares down Kat, cracking her knuckles and her neck, a confident grin curling in the corner of her mouth. Kat appears unphased. Her glare is as cold as her pale skin and icy eyes. A large portion of the crowd begins chanting for Adi, but still a small, loud sect who favors the natural heels, and those who like watching new talent begin to counter the Adi chants in favor of Jones. The two women smile at one another, and both let the moment breathe as they take in the crowd.

HHL: A bit of mutual respect here early on from Gold and Jones. They’re feeling the energy of this crowd, the energy of this night, being on a stage like XWF Bad Medicine. They know the XWF is the Crown Jewel of professional wrestling, and the best fans in the world are welcoming these two the right way!

PC: This is brilliant cunning from Kat Jones. Letting Adi stand her and get all bloated from the hot air these fans are serving her, letting her head swell. Kat will use this later in the match, and take full advantage!

HHL: I don’t think that’s what this is, Pip, but I suppose we’ll find out.

The ref rings the bell and neither of these cunning veterans try rushing the other, rather they take a slow pace around one another, edging closer and closer with each pass. Just as Kat gets within arms reach, Adi grabs for her head with a single palm, but the crafty, technically sound Kat is able to roll out of the way, almost like she was baiting the quirky Gold.

Her speed and shiftiness land her behind Adi, where she pops up quickly to her feet, leaps and plants a standing dropkick into Adi’s spine. The powerful kick lashes Adi’s body, causing her to tumble forward to the turnbuckle. She catches herself with the ropes, and as Jones runs in, Adi flings her legs up and lands infront of Jones now as she bashes into the turnbuckle. On her feet, Gold sends a knee into Jones’ midsection and wraps around her head as she crutches. Adi jumps onto the ropes, and plants Jones face first with a springboard DDT

HHL: What a tremendous sequence there, that Adi Gold got the best of!

PC: Beginners luck




HHL: MY GOODNESS PIP! Adi Gold nearly scored the win right out of the gates, but Jones just BARELY kicking out there.

Adi pulls up from Jones, as Kat rolls back towards the ropes and pulls herself up to a knee. She looks at Adi and smiles, clearly having been caught off guard by Adi’s in-ring prowess. Adi returns a quirky wink as the two walk back toward the center of the ring. Kat nodding just before wrapping back up with Adi.

Gold tries working Jones to the ground, but this time it’s Kat who’s quicker, overpowering Gold and putting Adi to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kat slides on Adi for the pin.



Gold kicks out!

But before she can begin to recover, Jones is pulling her up to her feet by her hair. She whips Adi into the corner and follows right behind at full speed. As Adi turns into the turnbuckle, she’s caught across the face with a sickening mule kick. Adi topples out of the corner immediately, and falls face first into the mat.

Rather than pin, Jones likes her positioning being angled out of the corner. She leans over Adi and lifts her legs, crossing one over top of the other and sitting down on her back, locking in a Texas Cloverleaf submission. Adi grits her teeth until they feel like breaking before she howls out in pain, Jones wrenching the hold in ever tighter. The angle she’s in makes it difficult to reach for any nearby ropes, turning too far to the right or the left from that corner will force her legs to bend at an even more awkward position.

Adi screams out as Jones implores her to tap, standing up now on the submission, leveraging more weight onto Adi’s lower back and thighs. Adi tries scooting forward on her forearms, but there’s no ropes straight ahead of her, only the full length of the ring to the next corner. She gets her upper body lifted on her forearms which puts even more pressure on her back, and Adi cries out. The pain is overwhelming.

HHL: It’s looking like Adi Gold might have to tap out right here.

PC: That’s right, rookie. Give in, this moment is too big for you!

Adi gets up to one palm and lifts it from the mat about to submit.

She taps!


HHL: Kat Jones smacks into the turnbuckle - AND IT’S ADI GOLD NOW!.

Adi pulls Jones by the legs out from the corner and locks in a Boston Crab! Kat Jones is frantic, the pressure on her lower extremities is eminence. She drags her fingernails across the mat, beating and pounding on the canvas, doing anything she can to flip over before Gold locks this move in even further.

Gold, looking exhausted already, is pulling back, steadying her thighs on the mat and mustering all of her strength to get the maximum effect of this hold cinched in on her opponent. Jones is banging the mat in pain, just close enough to either side of the ropes to entice her to reach out, but still just far enough away to make the rope break impossible. The pain is agonizing, Adi pushes down now harder. Jones is forced to give up.

But she powers through! Probably pulling all types of muscles in her back, Jones musters everything to get up on her hands and use the strength of her legs to flip Adi over onto her back. Jones stands over top of Adi, her legs rolled up towards her shoulders that are pinned on the mat now.




The crafty reversal and roll up pin nearly scores Jones the victory. But Adi kicks out and flips back, springing onto her feet. Jones is up too now, and the two charge one another. Adi goes for a short arm clothesline, but she runs into a-


HHL: Jones covers Gold!





Jones is beside herself, she screams out and smacks the mat. She looks at Adi who is still reeling, and makes her way over to the turnbuckle. Kat begins climbing to the top, looking for a big move. But before Jones can even get turned to face her opponent, Adi stands and falls into the ropes, causing Jones to lose her balance and fall from the top, landing awkwardly on her neck and flopping out towards the middle of the ring clutching her head.

Adi sees the opportunity. She climbs the turnbuckle where Jones just was and sizes Kat up. The crowd is on their feet, sensing something big here from Gold. She leaps into the air, the lights of camera flashes illuminating her journey. It’s the Ad-Down! Adi tucks her knees and re-extends with the beautiful frog splash from the top rope and lands right on Jones.


The knees to gut got punch the wind out of Adi as she lands violently, Kat Jones cradles her up for the pin




Unbelievable! Adi Gold, still gasping from air, was somehow able to break out of the pinfall. But all of her efforts are for naught!

PC: This is it, Heather. Jones has Adi right where she wants her!

Jones grabs the all but beaten Adi Gold up by the back of her trunks. She rams her head under her arm, and lifts her by the trunks.


Jones with the cradle DDT!



Adi turns and plants Kat with a beautiful inverted DDT.

Adi covers!




Winner - Adi Gold

HHL: The crowd is going wild for Adi Gold, but what an incredible effort by both of these ladies here tonight!

PC: Pfft. Like I said: beginners luck.

Adi Gold gets up to her feet, smiling and raising a fist in the air, soaking in the love she’s being shown by the crowd. She feels footsteps behind her. Kat Jones limps up to Adi, and stares her down. The two eye one another, before Kat Jones extends her arm for a hand shake. Adi smiles and accepts the offering almost immediately. Kat Jones raises Adi’s arm into the air as the crowd continues cheering, showing appreciation for both Jones and Gold after that match.

HHL: What a showing of mutual respect, and what a match! Adi Gold picking up her first XWF win in compelling fashion here at Bad Medicine.

PC: Great debut.

Pip mutters under his breath,

HHL: What was that?

PC: Nothing.


We catch up with Jim Caedus and the Brother’s Main continuing the search for Peter Vaughn and Jim’s 24/7 Briefcase. They’ve made their way into the boiler room as as they’re all looking around.

”I don’t think he’s in here, bro.”

”I’m going to rip his head off when we find them!”

Jim Caedus blows past Robert Main swinging the boiler room door open leading the exit. Robert walks over towards Oliver.

”You might want to stay out of his way… I haven’t seen that look in his eye in a very long time.”

PIP: The hunt is on for the 24/7 case that Peter Vaughn stole earlier tonight.

HHL: I have to agree with Robert Main when he says that look in Jim’s eye spells nothing but trouble if he catches up with Peter Vaughn tonight at Bad Medicine.

The Brother’s Main exit the boiler room as Robert is heard.

”Wait up Jim!”

Oliver peers back into the boiler room.

”I sure picked a good night to make my debut.”

Ring Announcer: Our 11th match of the night is an Xtreme Rules match and it is for the # 1 contendership to the Xtreme Title. Entering first Canda. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 225 pounds....MARF!!!

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from places unknown. He stands at 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 179 pounds....SCHISM!!!

Schism butts a cigarette out on the floor and rises from a seat in the audience nose-bleeds. They make a nonchalant descent through the stadium, over the guardrail and under the bottom rope into the ring.

Match #11


- vs -
Warfare Rules

Marf and Schism meet center ring where they each show zero signs of intimidation before locking up in the center of the ring where they look to lock up but see’s Schism take the early shortcut with a thumb to the eye! He takes over with a series of right hands before bouncing off the ropes and into a boot to the midsection from Marf who quickly follows up with a Pump Handle Slam! He looks for the quick cover hooking the near leg.




Schism kicks out to a gasp from the crowd with the early near fall by Marf. Marf takes a mount position before starting to hammer down with right hands. He lands six or seven shots before he steps back up to his feet.

PIP: You have to think that Marf is looking to rewrite Savage a few weeks ago when Schism was able to defeat Marf in the TV Title tournament to crown a number one contender.

HHL: But this time Schism isn’t destroying a snowman, he’s going to have to get this one via pinfall or submission.

Marf picks Schism up off the mat where he fires him into the ropes, Schism bounces off the ropes ducking under a clothesline attempt, Marf spins around and walks into a double thrust to the throat! Schism boots him in the midsection before hurling him out to the floor through the ropes. Schism steps out to the ring arpon where he measures Marf and as Marf starts to get to his feet Schism comes off the ring apron with a double axe handle across the head!

Schism reaches under the ring pulling out a steel chair.

Marf gets back to his feet where Schism swings the chair at Marf’s head!

Marf evades and the smack of steel on steel echoes throughout the Barclays as Schism smacks the security barrier. He spins around with the chair in hand to a gouge in the eyes from Marf who snatches the chair out of Schisms hands and smacks him in the dome sending him crumbling down to the floor!

PIP: Sweet, sweet retribution is fueling the fire that is Marf Swayson!

Marf holds the chair high in the air with his left hand to a thunderous ovation for the violence displayed with that one single shot. Schism starts pushing himself up off the floor when Marf cracks him across the back with a second chair shot knocking him back down to the floor! Marf throws the chair into the ring before reaching down to pick Schism up off the floor where he’s met with a low blow!

HHL: Anything goes! Schism it not opposed to breaking rules in standard matches let alone these Xtreme Rules style.

Marf crumbles to the floor as Schism gets back up to his feet, clutching at his spine before he starts kicking Marf in the face before picking him up off the floor where he hurls him over the barricade and into the front row of fans!

Pip: We’re spilling out into the crowd here!

Schism climbs over the barricade snatching a crutch from a ringside fan. Marf starts getting to his feet where he’s jabbed in the midsection with the armpit end of the crutch that doubles him over for Schism to crack him across the back! Schism tosses the crutch before snatching Marf by the hair as he yanks him up the aisle way.

Schism drives a knee to the midsection before walking away where he snatches a nearby trash can. He brings it towards Marf while raising it up and as it reaches face level Marf comes forward with a running boot to the trash can, sending it smashing back into the face of Schism!

HHL: These two have developed quite the little feud coming into this, it makes me wonder if it will even be settled with whoever leaves this one with the victory.

Marf takes Schism through a tunnel off the floor that leads to a backstage area. He hurls him through the doors marked “CATERING”. Marf comes through the doors where Schism comes forward swinging with a right hand that’s blocked by Marf and it’s Marf who drives a boot to the midsection where he delivers a Falcon Arrow through one of the catering tables sending various foods flying all over!

PIP: Gotta love a good catering appearance!

Marf moves down to the next table where there’s a pitcher of sweet tea. He takes the tea and pours it down on top of Schism!

HHL: Tea for one, please.

Marf picks Schism up off the floor where he throws him through another set of doors spilling out into another portion of the backstage area. Marf follows as we see him clobber Schism from behind sending him into a janitorial cart knocking it over spilling the contents everywhere on the floor. Marf stomps down on Schism heavily before picking him up off the floor.

PIP: There’s no telling where this one is going to go.

Marf brings Schism back through a tunnel where he nails him with a right hand sending Schism back through the tunnel spilling out into the arena floor. Marf doesn’t immediately follow, Schism comes back towards the tunnel when he’s sprayed in the face with a white substance! Schism tracks backward as we see Marf emerge through the smoke with a fire extinguisher in his hands.

Marf comes forward with the fire extinguisher where he jabs it into the midsection of Schism before smashing it across his back dropping Schism to one knee. Marf drops the extinguisher where he picks up Schism, he scoops him up over his shoulder where he starts taking him back toward the security railing where he is going to body slam him down to the floor, Schism slides down the back of Marf while shoving him forward stomach first into the security barrier! Marf spins around where Schism clothesline him over the barricade back into the ringside area.

Schism climbs up on the security barrier where he leaps off with a fist drop off the barricade! Schism crawls towards the ring apron where he reaches under the ring pulling out a Table. He slides it into the ring to a pop from the crowd. He goes back under the ring pulling out a Ladder! He slides it into the ring before Marf starts to stir.

HHL: Schism has found a way to turn this thing back around. He’s got Marf and has thrown him back into the ring!

Schism slides into the ring after Marf where he picks up the steel chair from earlier in the contest where he sizes up Marf who is nearing his feet! Schism swings cracking Marf in the head sending him crumbling down to the mat. Schism makes the cover!




Marf kicks out of the near fall to a gasp from the crowd.

PIP: Only the second Pin attempt in this contest. One has to think whoever leaves as the Number One contender for the Xtreme Championship will have eyes on Caedus versus Bam which is up next!

HHL: Neither one of them can put the horse before the race.

Schism gets back up to his feet where he shifts his attention towards the Ladder. He picks it up off the mat where he then leans it back against the turnbuckles. Schism snatches the legs of Marf where he catapults him face and body first off the Ladder! Schism is back to his feet where he catches Marf who bounces off the Ladder with a back breaker! Schism opts not to make the cover, he gets back to his feet where he shifts his attention towards the table. He opens the legs of the table where he flips it over setting it up in the ring.

PIP: Schism has a table set up!

HHL: If that wasn’t awfully obvious.

Schism shifts attention back towards Marf as he picks him up off the mat. He runs him towards the corner that houses the Ladder looking to smash Marf face first into it. Marf blocks with his hands, counters with an elbow to the ribs before smashing Schism face first off the Ladder! He drives him face first off the Ladder a second time, followed by a third before locking in a Full Nelson! Marf backs away from the corner where he hoists up Schism into the air before driving him through the table with a Full Nelson Slam! Marf drops down into the cover!




Schism kicks out to a huge gasp from the crowd!

PIP: Impressive kick out from Schism!

Marf can’t believe Schism kicked out. He turns his attention towards the Ladder that is still leaning back against the buckles. He walks over stepping out to the ring apron before heading towards the turnbuckles. Marf reaches the top rope where he takes he sets himself up and rides the Ladder down looking to ride it down on top of Schism!

Schism manages to roll out of harm’s way sending Marf crashing into the mat on top of the Ladder!

HHL: Schism has a huge opportunity right here!

Schism starts to push himself back up to a vertical base as Marf gets to all fours. Schism explodes towards Marf with a running knee to the temple! Schism makes another cover.




Marf shoots a shoulder up off the mat!

PIP: Marf refuses to die tonight at Bad Medicine!

Schism cuts his eyes towards the referee with a look of utter shock. The referee shows him two fingers with one hand and inches with the other as he simply shakes his head and starts to work his way back up to his feet.

He picks Marf up off the mat where he takes him back into the ropes and fires him across the ring, Marf bounces off the far side as Schism drops his head, and in a seamless transition Marf delivers the Flip Piledriver!


Marf makes the cover.





PIP: Marf has come through clutch as he has now BAM MILLER in his sights as the new Xtreme Champion.

Marf has his arm raised in victory as he runs his hands across his waist.

When cut backstage where Jim Caedus and The Brother’s Main have made their way to a locker room that has the name PETER VAUGHN on the door.

HHL: Pip they’ve found his locker room!!”

Jim swings the door open bursting into the room followed by Robert and Oliver to find the locker room empty… well… almost… Jim is seething as he looks at…

PIP: A cardboard PETER VAUGHN cut out holding Jim’s 24/7 Briefcase!

The crowd roars with boos a the cutout shows Vaughn displaying his pearly whites, the briefcase held out with his right hand while the middle finger displayed on his left.

HHL: The mindgames by Vaughn are continuing.

Caedus lunges for the cutout of Vaughn ripping its head off as he throws is and the body of the cardboard cutout of Vaughn down to the floor.


An enraged Jim Caedus spins around blowing through the Brother’s Main snorting fire in his wake!


PIP: I wouldn’t want to be in Vaughn’s shoes if Jim Caedus catches him tonight.

HHL: XWF fans, up next… this gets said a lot… but undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated matches in our history and most certainly our recent history.

PIP: Corey Smith and Thaddeus Duke started out years ago as best friends, brothers even.

HHL: Through unwavering love and support of each other, the two of them collectively and separately unleashed their dominance upon the XWF for the last year and a half.

PIP: While Corey’s attitude has no doubt changed, it’s up to...


PIP: ……...

HHL: There is no gray here! Thaddeus Duke turned his back on Corey Smith and what we’re seeing tonight, is happening because he tried to end Corey’s career!

PIP: He didn’t try to end Smith’s career, Heather! The fact that he almost did, was just an added bonus!

The bell rings, bringing attention front and center to the ring announcer.

The following contest is set for one fall! And it is for the SUUUPERCONTINENTALLLL CHAMPIONSHIIIP!

The Barclays Center comes alive with excitement and anticipation.

HHL: The time for talk is over!

PIP: Corey Smith is entering the Lion’s Den, Heather! And it’s gonna be beautiful!

Introducing first!

From Coreytopia in South Florida...

What may seem like a shock, the XWF Universe is showering the Barclays Center with boo’s. Cheers eventually rise up, but it’s about a 60/40 split in favor of a negative reaction to champion Corey Smith.

HHL: I… I didn’t see that coming!


The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Identity” begins. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans despite their mixed response toward him before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for Thaddeus Duke.

PIP: Corey Smith looks like he’s a little shell shocked here… no pun intended!

HHL: When’s the last time Corey Smith was boo’d Pip?

PIP: I can’t recall a single time.

HHL: It’s kinda surreal.

PIP: They’re gonna make him earn it tonight, Heather!

His opponent and challenger...

The semi-negative reaction for Smith turns far more positive in anticipation of the arrival of New York’s favorite adopted son.

The lights flicker and go out for a quick moment.

As ‘Sirius’ picks up, only the ring and Corey Smith contained within it is bathed in the dim gold glow of the Thaddeus Duke mood lighting while the fan seating areas remain pitch black. As ‘Sirius’ fades out, the sound system falls silent.

In the ring, Corey Smith paces from one side of the ring to the other, refusing to take his eyes from the entrance way.

The guitar begins strumming in the aggressive remix of ‘My Name Is Human’ and the Barclays Center comes unhinged. They too are now showered in the gold Thad Duke mood lighting. With the beat of the first drum, a spotlight illuminates Thaddeus Duke in the upper portion of the lower bowl, among the fans. He’s backed up by bodyguard Cyrus Braddock and flanked by New York’s Finest.

From the Tribeca section of...


Weighing 2 hundred 17 pounds…


HHL: Duke Nation! Lives again for one night only!

Thad takes his time making his way down through the crowd as Corey Smith tries to stay patient in the ring, still pacing and not taking his eyes from his best friend.

PIP: It’s a party tonight in Brooklyn!

Security moves aside part of the barricade allowing Thad to finish making his way to the ring. Braddock stays on the floor as Thad ascends the steps. At the top, like he used to, he peeks over his shoulder at the screaming New York crowd and throws up the ‘I love you’ hand signal before proceeding to the apron and and stepping through the ropes.


Both men haven’t even removed their entrance gear and are forehead to forehead in the center of the ring. The official tries to separate the two but to no avail. The crowd is already worked up.

Younger XWF Universe: LET’S GO COREY!

Older XWF Universe: LET’S GO THAD!

PIP: You could get the tension between these two with a knife! I love it Heather!

The referee is finally successful in separating the two competitors as Smith and Duke back off to their own corner and remove their entrance gear. The official then summons them toward the center of the ring.

Match #12


- vs -
Standard Match
Warfare Rules

‘Points of Authority’ by Linkin Park plays and both Thad and Corey look toward the entrance way.

HHL: Theo Pryce!

PIP: This goes without saying, but one of the owners of the entire company!

HHL: Uncle to the challenger.

Theo Pryce stands on the entrance stage with a mic in hand, looking down toward the ring and taking his good ole time breaking his silence.

HHL: Why is he here!?

It occurs to me, Pryce begins. That this match has a bit of emotion attached to it.

Pryce paces a moment on the stage before continuing on.

In an effort to ensure that this match delivers to its fullest and we don’t end up with some kind of indecisive conclusion. This Supercontinental title match will no longer have countouts… and there will be NO disqualifications!

HHL: Theo Pryce! Laying down the law here in Brooklyn!

PIP: It’s hard to tell what Corey’s thinking but Thad is overjoyed!

The referee signals for the bell after Theo Pryce exits backstage.




HHL: The official never saw it coming!

Thad nails the referee with the superkick. Corey is stunned for a moment by the sudden turn of events which allows Thad the opportunity to take him to the mat with a double leg take down. He pounds away with fist after fist toward the face of Corey Smith, but the younger, smaller grappler is quick to cover up, blocking the heaviest of Thad Duke’s punches. On the mat, Corey switches it up, rolling Thad to the mat and now he’s the one throwing punches toward Thad’s face.

HHL: This match is starting as a literal fist fight between these two best friends!

PIP: Former!

With Thad grounded and protecting, Corey continues to wail away on him. Cyrus Braddock has different ideas and reaches in through the ropes with his long reach and grabs Corey by his ankle. Braddock quickly walks away as Corey stops his attempted assault and spies the large bodyguard of Thaddeus Duke. Acting quickly, Smith gets to his feet and hightails it across the ring and diving through the ropes, delivering a suicide forearm to the back of Cyrus Braddock’s head causing him to tumble and fall forward.

With Thad now vertical, he nears the ropes on the side where Corey Smith stands after having taken Braddock out for the moment. Corey and Thad lock eyes, rage filling each. Thad sits on the middle rope, inviting Corey into the ring as Thad mouths something to Smith.

PIP: What’s he saying?

HHL: I… can’t tell?

PIP: I think he’s telling Smith that that wasn’t supposed to happen.

HHL: I don’t know that I’d trust it, Corey!

From the floor, Corey tells Thad to get away from the ropes. In a rare, of late anyway, show of sportsmanship, Thad backs off the ropes toward the far side of the ring and rests his hands on his knees as Smith cautiously gets back in the ring.

The two men come together and lock it up old school style. Thad uses his height, weight and strength advantage to force Smith back into the corner. Duke backs off near the center and Smith steps toward him. Again they lock it up and this time Corey catches Thad in a side headlock. He wrenches for a second before taking Duke to the mat with a headlock take down. Thad though, uses his legs to head scissor Corey and pull him out of the headlock. Smith handsprings up out of the head scissor and Thad nips up, and both men are back to their feet.

XWF Universe: THIS! IS! AWE! SOME!

HHL: The Universe giving their approval of what they’re seeing so far now that cooler heads are prevailing here!

Thad and Corey circle each other again and lock horns in the center of the ring one more time. This time its Thad that locks in a side headlock on Smith. Smith though reverses it into a hammerlock on Thad and Thad tries to reach over his shoulder with his free hand but can’t quite grab a hold of Corey’s head. Instead, he rushes forward toward the ropes. With Corey not releasing the hammerlock, he goes right with him but as Thad nears the ropes, he drops to the mat and sends Smith out to the floor through the ropes.

HHL: These two guys just know each other too well!

PIP: It could be quite awhile before we can really start to see real separation!

With Corey regaining his bearings on the outside, in the ring, Thad charges to the far side ropes and bounces off. As he nears the near side ropes and begins to leap, Corey telegraphs and wisely side steps, but Thad cancels his intentions at the last second by grabbing the ropes and swinging back into the ring to the delight of the crowd.

Smith hops onto the apron and Thad backs off to let him back into the ring. Corey steps inside and takes a step toward Thad. Duke though takes him down to the mat with an arm drag. Smith pops back to his feet and again Thad takes him down with another arm drag. Smith again pops back to his feet. Thad goes for a hip toss but Corey flips and lands on his feet, maintaining a hold of Duke’s arm. Corey takes Thad down this time with an arm drag of his own. Thad slides half way out of the ring on the landing and looks up at Smith with a bit of a grin. Duke then drops to the floor to recalibrate as Corey checks on the referee who has started coming to.

HHL: Thad Duke, applauding his former friend Corey Smith!

PIP: A lot of people have wondered who would win between these two, Heather! For a long time, we never thought we’d get to find out!

HHL: Taking the emotion out of it, these two boys are two of the most talented competitors to grace the squared circle in generations.

PIP: No matter who walks out with the W tonight Heather, I’m not so sure one match will really determine who’s the better man!

Like Thad did moments ago, Corey Smith backs off, letting Thad get back in the ring. Once inside, the two men go to lock it up again, but Thad quickly ducks under Smith grabbing his arm on his way under. Duke gets upright again with Corey’s arm fully twisted. Thad twists it again then yanks down on the arm causing Smith to flop chest first to the mat. Maintaining a hold of his arm, Thad starts to lift him back to his feet. Back to a vertical base, Corey sends a shot to Duke’s midsection doubling him over. Corey lifts his leg and lays it across Thad’s neck in an almost Rocker Dropper position. Duke elevates to a full upright position and Corey does a backflip landing on his feet before lifting Thad and planting him on the mat with a belly to back suplex.

HHL: Smith now with a little bit of separation.

PIP: Separation is important, but what matters with competitors like these two men, is putting distance between yourself and the other!

Corey gets back to his feet and grabs a handful of Thaddeus Duke’s hair and helps him to his feet. With both men to a vertical base, Smith backs Thad against the ropes and whips him to the far side. On the rebound, Corey leapfrogs Thad and Duke bounces off the other side. On that rebound, Corey nails Thad with a pele kick and Duke drops to the mat clutching his forehead.

HHL: And the official is finally up and at ‘em!

Momentarily, Smith debates going for a cover but grabs Thad by his wrist and pulls him to his feet again before whipping him into the corner. Smith chases in after him and Thad side steps out of the way. Corey telegraphs the empty corner and scales the top rope and backflips into the ring behind Thad and grips him in a rear waist lock before planting Thad with a bridging German suplex.

HHL: Smith! With a page right outta Thad’s playbook!



HHL: Duke kicks out and this match continues!

Smith gets back to his feet and again pulls Thaddeus to his. Corey sends Duke into the corner and follows him in crashing into Thad with a knee to Thad’s face. Thaddeus staggers from the corner and Corey closes in on him from behind but eats a hard elbow to the midsection. Doubled over, Smith goes for a hard elbow of his own but Duke side flips up and over Corey Smith, landing on the opposite side before planting him into the mat with a side Russian leg sweep.

PIP: Amazing athleticism on full display here tonight!

HHL: And Thaddeus Duke might have bought himself the separation that he needed!

Taking several moments to gather himself, Thad finally makes it back to his feet and immediately drops a leg on Corey Smith. Thad rolls back to his feet and runs to the ropes. On the rebound he drops another leg on Smith before again popping back to his feet. He stands over Corey before sending a hard boot into the wrist joint. Followed up with the elbow joint. Shoulder joint.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke! Tapping more into his aggression here with the Garvin Stomp on the joints of Corey Smith!

Nearing Corey’s feet, Thad lifts them up and appears to be stepping through for a possible sharpshooter but changes up at the last second, driving his foot hard down into Smith’s midsection. You can almost see Thad gritting his teeth as he applies more pressure on Smith above the groin. Lifting his foot, he drives it down a second time, with a bit more authori-tah!

Thad finally finishes stepping through and grapevines Smith’s legs, planning to turn him over into the Sharpshooter, but just as Thad leans forward, Corey grabs Thad by his neck and rolls him up into a small package.



HHL: Thad kicks out and this match continues here tonight at Bad Medicine!

PIP: That one was a little too close for comfort!

HHL: It was! And Duke knows it!

Thad hurriedly gets back to his feet, wanting to stay on the offensive side of the match. Corey though, has a differing opinion. As Thad leans down to grab himself a handful of Corey’s hair, Smith sends a stiff kick to the top of his skull, rocking him backward. Still on his back, Corey sends a surprise punch to Thad’s throat dropping his challenger to his knees. With a kip up, Corey is vertical. Peeking over his shoulder to Thad, Corey runs toward the far side ropes. On the rebound, he leaps for Thad but Duke throws him overhead. Corey though, lands with his feet on the top rope and backflips over a turning Thaddeus Duke. On the way down, Corey gras Thad and plants him with a reverse DDT and quickly goes for the cover.



HHL: And once more, Thad kicks out but that was damn close!

PIP: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

HHL: The athleticism on display here tonight is just...

PIP: It’s on a whole ‘nother level, Heather, I agree!

Not wasting any time, Corey gets back to his feet and grabs Thad by his wrist, pulling him to his. After an arm ringer, Corey maintains a grip on the arm and bolts for the corner. Using Thad’s twisted arm for balance, Corey scales the turnbuckles and tight rope runs the top rope before leaping off, wrapping his legs around Thad’s had and spinning him around and back down to the mat with a hurricanrana to a boisterous pop from the New York crowd.

HHL: I think Corey Smith, perennial fan favorite, is starting to win over Thaddeus Duke’s hometown crowd!

PIP: And it’s unfortunate, really.

Smith pops back to his feet with the crowd starting to get behind him. Noticing the elevating crowd noise, Corey pumps his arms as he stands back and waits for Thad to get to his feet.

XWF Universe: OH! KAY! COR! EY! clap clap clapclapclap

HHL: It’s a smart move on Corey’s part here, allowing Thad to use his own energy to get back up!

PIP: Smith is young, but he’s a seasoned veteran at this point in his career, Heather!

HHL: And again, as well as these two know each other, it should really come as no surprise just how even and back and forth this contest has been thus far!

Thad gets vertical with his back to Corey. Smith bolts across the ring just as Duke turns around and plants his former friend with a running STO! Corey gets back to his feet and peels off toward the corner, leaning and waiting for Thad to get up again as the Universe starts to chant again.

For a moment, Corey peaks out at the crowd with their differing opinions with a slight smile.



Smith smiles a little as he covers his ears in jest when they chant for his former partner.

HHL: Corey, having a little fun with the crowd!

PIP: It’s disgusting! Imagine what he could do if he used his powers for evil instead of good!

HHL: Just like his brother?

PIP: Exactly like his brother! He’d be the Universal champion right now!

Thad gets vertical, but doesn’t turn to face Corey. Instead he shakes off the cobwebs. Running out of patience, Corey advances toward Thad, grabbing him in a rear waist lock. Thad sends a hard back elbow, but wisely, Corey avoids it. Thad sends the other elbow and again, Corey avoids it...


PIP: That’ll gain separation.

A mule kick from Thad to Corey sends Smith crumbling to the mat in agonizing pain. Lying on his stomach and kicking his feet against the mat, Corey tries to get up but can’t for the moment. Seeing this, Thad bolts forward and leaps in the air, dropping a knee against the back of Smith’s head a la Nature Boy. Smith again lays on the mat in agony, this time clutching the back of his head.

HHL: It wasn’t all that long ago Pip, that Thaddeus Duke kicked Corey Smith in the back of his head and we didn’t see him again for six weeks!

PIP: And the only reason that is, Heather, is because Thad didn’t kick him hard enough!

HHL: Unreal.

Again, the crowd breaks out in their dueling chants for Thad and Corey. In contrast to Corey who was having a little fun with it, Thad flips off the portions of the crowd chanting for Corey Smith.

Tired of waiting, Thad advances toward Corey and grabs a handful of hair. Out of desperation, Corey drives a forearm into Thad’s midsection, almost but not quite doubling him over. Corey sends another and this one doubles Thad over and sends him backward a couple steps. Corey wills himself vertical and quickly runs toward the ropes. On the rebound though, Thad is there to greet him by lifting him up, spinning and slamming him to the mat with a Double A Spinebuster!

Thad quickly floats over him and hooks the leg.



HHL: And Smith with a shoulder up!

PIP: Thad has one of the better spine busters in the business, Heather! That took its toll on his former lesser half!

After Corey kicks out, Thad wastes no time in getting back to his feet. With Corey sprawled out and flat on his back, Thad lifts his left leg. Planting his on foot on Corey’s hip, Thad throws himself over and to the mat with a leg snap, hyperextending Smith’s knee and torquing the hip joint.

Thad gets back to his feet and grabs Corey’s left ankle. He starts to turn him over into an ankle lock but Corey rolls through, taking Thad to the mat. Thad though, maintains his hold on Corey’s ankle while rolling himself to the floor. Pulling Corey with him, Thad jams Corey’s left knee against the ring apron.

With Thad still attached to his foot and ankle, Corey spins to his back in an effort to free himself, but Thad just switches hands and pulls Corey toward the ring post.

PIP: Smith just rolled himself right into that one!

HHL: As seasoned as Corey Smith is, Thaddeus Duke is right there with him!

Smith struggles with his free foot against the ringpost, but Thad punches out his ankle, allowing him to pull Smith crotch first into the post. Corey clutches the turnbuckle ahead of him as he writhes in pain. Thad meanwhile, rings Corey’s left leg around the post, awkwardly torquing the knee.

HHL: If you don’t know… you should!

Thad then wraps Corey up and locks in the ringpost assisted figure four as Corey Smith is powerless to stop him. The official begins a five count but to no avail in a no DQ matchup. Exiting the ring, the referee begs and pleads with Thad to break the hold but Thad refuses at every turn.

PIP: Just break his leg off, Thad!

After what seems like an eternity, Thad finally relents, releasing the hold. Getting back to his feet, the referee admonishes him anyway and Thad will have none of it as he re-enters the ring. Lifting Corey to his feet, he sends him across the ring, hard into the corner. Thad follows him in with a running jumping knee into the corner, then attempts a bulldog but Smith grips the ropes tight with one arm and shoves him off with the other, sending Thad crashing hard to the mat empty handed.

Corey leans against the ropes, exhaustion setting in, but he’s not out of the fight. Fuelling himself with the dual chanting crowd once again, he pushes himself off and takes hold of Thad, bringing him up on his shoulder to deliver a rare powerslam manuever. But Thad drops out behind Corey. He grabs his legs to pull him down into a pin, but Corey praces and lands a closed fist shot to Thad’s head. Thad lets go, and Corey again wrenches Thad to his feet and tosses him into the ropes. Thad grabs on to the ropes to stop himself, and that’s when Corey rams at him, splashing them both up and over! Corey clutches the leg Thad injured with the brutal figure four before as the ref urges them to both take it back in the ring.

HHL: Corey’s knee still looks pretty tore up from that ringpost assisted submission.

PC: Agreed! He’s gotta be done!

Thad is up first, and when he notices that Corey is hobbling to his feet, he goes in for the kill with a chop block to Corey’s knee….but Corey just barely manages to avoid it, turning it into a dropping elbow instead. But then Thad transitions the elbow into a headscissors submission on the floor! Corey flails to get out, all the while looking like he’s fading!

PC: Certainly not the way Corey wanted to be between Thad’s legs.

HHL: Ugh! Knock it off!

Corey fights back against the darkness closing in, scrabbling at the air, and then punching and clawing at Thad’s legs until he’s freed. Corey gets up and rolls back in the ring….where the big man Cyrus is just behind him! Thad’s fans pop for the interference, with clues Corey in, but not before the big man nails Corey with a huge punch. Corey flounders back into the turnbuckle, and when Thad reenters the ring, he surprises tells his heavy to back off! Cyrus does so, but he clearly did some damage as a thin trickle of blood is pouring out of Corey’s nose!

Thad hefts Corey up, looking for another big suplex…which lands! Thad goes to parlay that into another, but Corey fights, elbows Thad, and then rocks him with an uppercut. Thad returns fire with his own uppercut, followed by a series of chops that back Corey into the ropes. Corey then desperetaly grabs Thad’s hair and pulls him into a headbutt. Thad reels!

Corey, acting quickly, scales the turnbuckles as Thad starts to get back to his feet. Once Thad is vertical, Corey leaps…


PIP: Why four?

HHL: Because the first three sucked!


HHL: Thad spins out of the way!

PIP: Smith goes down hard!

Thad peels off toward the corner…

Corey starts to will himself back to his feet…

Thad stands in wait…

Corey is upright and turns…


HHL: Heat Seeker!


Thad hooks the leg.





With the lights out in the arena, no three count can happen. After all, the referee has to be able to see it in order to count it.

Thunder rolls inside the Barclays Center as very dim lighting lights up the ring.

Thad rests on his knees, having leaned off of Corey Smith. He stares towards the entrance way.

HHL: Ghosts of bad deeds past!

PIP: Thad looks like he’s seen a ghost!

A hologram of the King of Darkness makes its way toward the ring and Thaddeus Duke can’t take his eyes off it.

HHL: This is really reminiscent of Thaddeus Duke’s own XWF debut!

PIP: A hologram of his father, passed the torch to young Thad and here that hologram is again four years later, stalking toward the ring!

HHL: Stalking the Lionheart!

As the hologram stands on the floor looking up into the ring at Thaddeus, the younger Duke is a bit awestruck.

The hologram of Sebastian Duke reaches up for the top rope. The ring lighting comes back full force and the hologram is gone. But in the ring, behind Thaddeus is the real live, in-person Sebastian Duke.



Thad shakes his head with a little laugh and turns around to pin Smith all over again, but turns around right into the clutches of his father. Wide eyed with surprise, Thad is lifted high into the air and slammed hard to the canvas with a choke slam.


Sebastian Duke looks around the crowd cheering for him for just a moment before looking down at his fallen son and his sons fallen brother. Leaning over, the elder Duke grabs the barely conscious Corey Smith by his hand and drags him on top of Thaddeus Duke before making a quick exit out of the ring and up the aisle.

After a few long moments of stunned shock, the referee hits the mat for the count.





PIP: Sebastian Duke just got some retribution on his son by costing him the Supercontinental Championship!

HHL: It doesn’t matter how you slice it, Corey Smith is still the Supercontinental Champion but I’m sure this issue between Smith and Duke is far, far from over.

Corey has his arm raised in victory as he raises the Supercontinental Championship in the air celebrating the hard fought contest.


Cutting backstage Robert Main is yanking Jim Caedus off a crew member as he has him backed against a wall with his hands around his throat.

”Where is he!!??”

Robert manages to pull Jim off the crew member while Oliver pulls him out of harm’s way.

”You might want to get out of here.”

Oliver ushers him away as Caedus throws open a door revealing a janitor's closet. Jim simply slams the door as they’re approached by XWF journalist Steve Sayors.

”Jim Caedus, the hunt for Peter Vaughn continues tonight at Bad Medicine…

Jim decks Steve in the face dropping him where he stands.


PIP: Nobody is safe from the wrath of Jim Caedus!

[orange]” This is going to get a lot worse.”[/orage]

Ring Announcer: And nowwwww for our Mainnnnnn Event. It is for the XWF Universal Championship...entering first the challenger from Seven Devils, North Carolina. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 136 pounds....LYCANA!!!!

The lights in the arena fade down to black as a wolf's howl vibrates over the loudpeakers. Music hits as purple and lime green spotlights zigzag around the arena over the crowd. A purple glow emits around the entrance, lighting up the smoke that starts to billow around the stage as a figure slowly makes its way through. Lycana steps out onto the top of the ramp, looking out over the fans with a small smile. She spreads her arms out as lavender and green pyros shoot off behind her. She dashes down to the ring, sliding under the ropes. She gets quickly to her feet and hops up on the turnbuckle, she flashes a grin to the crowd before back flipping off. Her music fades and the lights return to normal as she turns around, ready for her match.

Ring Announcer: And her opponent. The Current XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION...standing at 6 feet even and weighing 235 pounds...from Destinations Unknown....ALIASSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Current XWF Universal Champion Alias enters the ring via the crowd to the delight of the adoring fans.

Match #13


- vs -
Alias's Universal Rules
Champs Advantage RP Rules

PIP: Here we go with the Main Event; the culmination of not only an incredible night, but the Universal Title is on the line!

Alias and Lycana stare across the ring from each other as the Barclays Center is at a fever pitch with tonight's events.

HHL: The history that rests between Alias and Lycana dates back to almost a year ago. It culminates now!

Alias and Lycana walk out towards the center of the ring where they circle each other before looking to lock up only to see Lycana go behind with a waist lock before dropping down yanking Alias ankles out from under him before leaping over taking a side headlock. Lycana cranks on the side headlock as the referee slides into position asking Alias to surrender but before he can get the words out Alias is already working his way to one knee.

He steps back up to the feet where he takes Lycana back into the ropes where she is sent sailing across the ring, Lycana bounces off the ropes where she runs over Alias with a running shoulder block takedown. Lycana bounces off the near side, Alias rolls over to his stomach, Lycana leaps over Alias as she bounces off the near side. Alias pops back up to his feet where he leapfrogs over the challenger sending her charging and bouncing off the far side where she is met with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Alias presses the cover.




Lycana kicks out as Alias gets back to his feet where he picks her up off the mat and chops her across the chest echoing throughout the Barclays Center. He lands a second chop before driving Lycana back into a neutral corner. He shoots her across the ring and into the opposite buckles with him running in after her only to be met with a reverse elbow. Lycana takes Alias driving him head first into the top turnbuckle, she runs across the ring bouncing off the ropes delivering a handspring elbow!

Lycana brings Alias out of the corner with a running bulldog! She rolls him over making the cover.




Alias kicks out!

PIP: Both Champion and Challenger trading near falls in the opening minutes of this Universal Championship Main Event.

Lycana locks in a rear chin lock. The referee starts to ask Alias to surrender which he quickly shakes off as he once again starts to work his way back to his feet. He turns into the chinlock where he looks to deliver a side suplex. Lycana flips over the back of Alias landing on her feet, Alias spins around and into a side headlock take over with his shoulders hitting the mat.




Alias counters with a head scissors! He cranks on the head of Lycana with his legs as she is shown getting to both knee before flipping over Alias stacking his shoulders to the mat a second time.




Alias bridges out of the near fall attempt while countering with a backslide!




Lycana escapes as both she and Alias are back to their feet where they run towards each other taking eachother down with a double clothesline.

The arena dissipates under a fierce blanket of snow and we go to a frozen tundra.

PIP: Great, where the hell are they now?

HHL: Well, as per Alias’ request, looks like time and space has gone cuckoo once again.

Lycana shields her eyes as she is being pelted by the blizzard; she stumbles the feet of snow in the endless wastes before spotting a silhouette several feet away, Lycana moves her hand away from her face and turns to a scowl as she marches forward towards the figure in the distance before placing a hand on it's shoulder. Lycana raises a fist hoping to knock down the Universal Champion but as her palm hits the ice-cold body she freezes in horror as a disfigured corpse spins around brandishing a broken sword wearing tattered and worn armor.

PIP: Ew! What the fuck!?

Lycana stumbles back and falls to the ground as the undead monstrosity howls at her with a haunting cry, glaring down with piercing red eyes it raises the weapon and throws it down but Lycana rolls out of the way and stands back up slowly backing away as the zombie make ground towards her, Lycana studies the creature and the horror in her eyes fades and turns into blinding rage; as the creature raises for another attack, Lycana stops the arm of her attacker and tears the decrepit arm clean off before swiping back at the zombie, it's hand still tightly wrapped around the sword and the blade slices through the creature's neck, decapitating it and it's body falls into the snow, the head flying through the air.

HHL: Lycana made quick work of that thing but where’s Alias?

PIP: And what does any of this have to do with Bad Medicine? Can’t we teleport to a Bon Jovi concert or something instead!?

Lycana drops the arm in disgust and inspects her surroundings before being pelted by a raging snowball. Lycana turns her gaze to Alias who playfully waves building another snowball in his hand, a desecrated corpse before him, slightly twitching. The snow seemingly melts before it touches Alias' skin, water quickly flowing from Alias' hand. Lycana is covered in a veil of frost-bitten glitter, the pair stare-off meters apart momentarily before Alias hurls the snowball which sails far above Lycana and disappears into the mist. After an awkward pause the two sprint forth, kicking up the untouched earth as they approach one another; Alias leaps forward and goes for a strike which Lycana dives under the arm and rolls to her back as Alias fumbles forward and gets back to his feet; Lycana is already on the champ and knocks him back into the snow with a knee to the face! Lycana turns back around but pauses as arms bursts from the ground and wrap around Alias' prone body and begin to pull him into the blanket of snow; rotten hands dig into Alias' flesh as they tear away at him. Lycana looks onward and winces in shock as an undead grabs her throat from behind and tries to claw at her eyes; Lycana struggles to push back against the creature as it pulls her away from her opponent and the opportunity for a pin.

Alias thrashes and pulls himself away from the arms and makes some room; Lycana is quickly descended upon by zombies which she struggles to fight against; her limbs flail making scarce hits against the growing crowd of undead; Alias gets to his feet and takes a deep breath watching as the crowd descend, Alias breaths out a cloud of fiery steam and charges the crowd itself; shoulder barging his way into the center and breaking Lycana out of the clutches of her attackers. The zombies fall to the side as Alias targets his opponent, throwing down rights and lefts as the undead stumble back around to the pair in some hope to take down his opponent before more undead arise. As Lycana’s nose bleeds, the moans of the undead grow closer as they approach only for the deathly howls to subside under the noise of guttural snarls from wolves leaping onto the zombies and stopping their march. Alias’ hits halt as he sees the pack begin to take out the horde and Lycana takes advantage, throwing out a strong right knocking Alias loose before he is taken away by a dire wolf, the size of a horse, sinking its teeth into Alias’ torso and shredding flesh as he ragdolls the Universal Champion away. Lycana sits up looking at the wolf’s eyes who stares back with an unnerving calm; before looking back to Alias’ body leaking blood onto the snow. The undead are in pieces now, some animated arms still stabbing at wounded wolves who shriek in pain. The pack surrounds the Universal Champion who rears back clutching his chest; his eyes meet Lycana’s in the distance who gives a smirk before the World-Eater is torn to shreds by the wolves in a frenzy.

Lycana stands to her feet, pushing her hand to click in her jaw from Alias’ assault; she makes her way to the pack as blood flies from the center but stops as the ground shakes beneath her and suddenly she’s overcome by an intense heat.

The snow stops.

As the wolves cry in agony.

Their fur seared.

And their flesh turns molten in the immense burst of fire.

And from a crater of dry, scorched earth.

[Image: giphy.gif]


Spilling ash into the sky, Alias engulfed in flames melts the snow with each step as he builds into a sprint and brings Lycana down into the ground, snow evaporates quickly as Lycana screams in pain under Alias, her porcelain skin becoming blistered and red at the burning man’s touch. Alias growls and places his left hand into Lycana’s mouth!

HHL: Alias! Burning alive is trying to end things here!

Lycana’s eyes widen, the snow around the two becoming a pool of water revealing ice underneath which steams and covers the area; the thick ice becomes to snap violently as Alias’ growl turns into a rage-filled cry as he shoves his hand into Lycana’s maw.

Only to be met with an equally strong roar as her lips burn, Lycana sinks sharp teeth down onto the Champion’s fingers and begins to tear with the ferocity of a rabid wolf!

PIP: The champ getting a taste of his own (bad) medicine as Lycana takes a bite of the left hand!

The two’s roars turn into muffled pain as they are locked together, neither trying to break away forcing their bodies to get the job done.

HHL: Alias only needs to wait out the pain, surely the flames are too much to handle for Lycana?

PIP: Lycana can keep cool under pressure. She still seems in one piece, looking better than the Human Torch anyway.

As the two struggle, an earth-shaking crack sounds off.

The ice under the snow shifts and blows powder miles into the air; the two sink briefly before the ice throws them into the air, breaking them apart and a colossal white whale breaches the ice and swallows our competitors whole before crashing back through the ice and diving under the dark waters.

PIP: … What the fuck?

HHL: Our competitors have vanished into the mouth of that leviathan. I’m… I’m not sure what this means for the match.

PIP: I know what it means, new champ BAY-BEE! Gonna need a bigger belt though.

The scene fades and drops of water hitting soft ground are heard. A dim light fills the void and Alias splutters water from his mouth, his skin singed but looking better than before as the flames die around him. He pushes himself up and looks around, covering his mouth as he tries not to gag at the immense stench of decaying corpses within the damp cavern. Lycana is a few feet away and struggles to stand on unsteady ground. The two meet each other’s gaze and stand-off once again; a grumble shakes their skulls as water laps in and out of the interior soaking their ankles and it becomes clear where they are.

PIP: They’re alive!

HHL: And inside the belly of the beast!

As the water enters the insides, the two try their best to stay steady, trying not to be pushed further into the stomach of the whale, the water rising every second. Lycana makes the first move, rushing Alias and slamming him into the mouth wall. The whale’s insides quake as Lycana throws a forearm into Alias’ jaw; the champ fights back throwing his forehead against Lycana’s and knocking her away and gets her to her knees with The Other Left! He descends upon the challenger but Lycana keeps the distance with a sharp low blow!

Alias stumbles back clutching his groin and Lycana takes advantage, rushing the mouth wall and leaping back delivering a perfect hurricanrana and throwing Alias down into the murky water. Lycana walks to Alias’ prone body and delivers a few hard stomps before placing her heel onto the champ’s throat and pushing down. Alias thrashes in, choking on the brown water and stomach acid entering his lungs before managing to get a hand on Lycana’s heel and pulling desperately causing her to fall. Alias sits up hacking and coughing as more water enters the mouth and the two are pushed further down the gullet.

Lycana stands up, the water lapping at her waist and she sees the severity of the situation. Alias stands too and glares at her; Lycana turns and runs in the direction of where the water is entering but Alias manages to catch up with her and pulls at the blue hair, throwing her back into the water. Alias keeps making distance as Lycana emerges, a corpse floats by and she spots a rusted sword, an idea creeps into her mind.

As Alias desperately battles against the raising water, the whale lets out a pained moan and the insides shake violently. Alias loses his footing and sees Lycana hacking at the mouth wall with the weapon! Blood pouring down and mixing with the murk. The two fall as the whale thrashes and out competitors disappear under the water, falling back quickly as the whale makes ear-shattering cries. Lycana is carried away as is Alias who reaches out to grab something, his hand catching the uvula of the whale; he sinks as Lycana latches on to his ankle, sword in hand. Alias looks down then back up; Lycana feels the weight of the sword.

PIP: Stab him, Lycana! STAB HIM!

HHL: She does that and they both go down. They both need to think clearly right now.

Alias breathes heavily, his grasp struggling and he looks to Lycana and throws his head to the uvula. Lycana looks between them and gives a nod back, she places rusted sword between her teeth and begins to climb Alias who aids her with his spare hand; once able she takes the sword and stabs deeply into the roof of the beast’s mouth who lets out a ghastly wail.

The pair scream in pain and fury before falling into the black abyss below them.

The scene fades to black.

We go to the interior of a bar. Three men sit at the bar as one tends, they appear to be in mid-conversation.

MAC: Charlie you can’t just bring a sack of dead rats into the bar.

Charlie sets down the bloody bag with a confused expression.

CHARLIE: Well you need the rats to attract the cats!

MAC: And what are the cats for!?

Mac appears exasperated, throwing his palms at the sack. Frank stares at the middle-distance eating pickled eggs while Dennis patiently folds his newspaper and places it down, looking at Charlie.

CHARLIE: Well, you need the cats to lure in the dogs. Obviously.

Charlie scoffs looking to Frank who nods in support. Mac places his hands on his temples and looks to Dennis.

MAC: Dennis! Can you please tell Charlie he can’t just bring this into the bar.

DENNIS: Now hold on, Mac, I believe Charlie has a solid plan here. He needs the rats for the cats which are bait for the dogs.

CHARLIE: Obviously!

DENNIS: Obviously! But what I believe Mac is trying to get at here, and correct me if I’m wrong, but we don’t need dogs here. At all! I don’t see any reason to bring ANY animal into the bar.

Charlie leans a hand on the bar and thinks.

CHARLIE: Well, it’s a food chain. You get the rats, then the cats come and then the dogs come for the cats and then people come for the dogs!

The room goes silent for a second.

MAC: So are you trying to get customers to the bar or just lure people here?

CHARLIE: … Well… I mean it’s the same thing right?

The three burst into overlapping debate but Frank breaks the argument.

FRANK: What time is it? Get the TV on I need to see how my newest venture is going.

Dennis raises an eyebrow.

DENNIS: Did you do a scheme without us? I love schemes, what you got brewing, Frank?

MAC: Yeah, I wanna be a part of a scheme!

FRANK: It’s not a scheme! I got Wolf Cola sponsoring some dingy wrestling show, I wanna make sure they’re giving us appropriate air time.

CHARLIE: Hey! Maybe the dogs can help give you air-time!

The three look at Charlie and then the wall of Paddy’s Pub explodes into rubble as a giant whale crashes through the exterior, killing them all.

PIP: I’m so done with this company.

We suddenly blanket back into the Barclays Center as Alias and Lycana are both laid out in the center of the ring. The crowd is at a fever pitch rallying behind both competitors.

HHL: They’ve found their way back here to the Barclays, and the question is just how much has been taken out of them?

The crowd is split with their responses as we see both Lycana and Alias starting to stir.

PIP: Whoever leaves with the title tonight is going to have earned it!

The chants from the crowd fuel both Champion and Challenger as they start to work their way back to their feet. It’s Lycana throwing a hard right hand. Alias comes back with a right hand of his own! Lycana shits to a forearm smash to the jaw, Alias comes back with a European Uppercut rocking Lycana back into the ropes. Alias comes forward shooting her across the ring, Lycana bounces off the ropes as we see Alias drop his head for a back body drop, Lycana counters with… CHRONIC FLUKE!





Alias kicks out of the inside cradle to a huge gasp from the New York crowd. Both Lycana and Alias both reach their feet at the same time with Lycana swinging with a clothesline, Alias ducks and it’s Lycana who spins around walking into EAT THE LEFT HAND!

HHL: Mandible claw! Alias has it locked in!

Lycana tries to fight her way towards the ropes but Alias has a death grip on her as he moves her back towards the center of the ring where she drops to one knee!

PIP: Alias might be on the verge of successfully retaining!

HHL: Lycana’s fading!

Lycana gives one last surge of energy only it's just not enough as Alias forces her down to the mat where she goes limp.





PIP: I’ll be damned Alias has done it! He’s successfully retained the Universal Championship.

The ref reaches throw the ropes and takes the Universal Title from the ring announcer before handing it over to Alias.
HHL: He sure did Pip. Lycana laid it all on the line and almost did the unthinkable but it just wasn’t meant to be on this night…

HHL: Now what?

PIP: Looks like the number one contender to the Universal Title is going to make his presence known to the champ.

As the words “The Exile’s” splashes across the XWFTron, Peter Vaughn, new Xtreme Champion Bam Miller, Betsy Granger and Xavier Lux all make their way out of the back and down to the ring. Betsy pulls her friend Lycana out of the ring and makes sure she is ok before suggesting she go to the back so that something doesn’t accidently happen to her.

The Exiles all climb into the ring one by one and essentially circle Alias with Peter taking up a position directly in front of Alias, looking the champ directly in the eye as he holds up Jim Caedus’s stolen briefcase.

Peter Vaughn: Peter Vaughn: It's been a hell of a night, hasn't it, fans? Did you get to see everything you wanted to see? Did you get the ending you expected?

The crowd is openly hostile now towards Vaughn and his group. A few are being kept from rushing the ring by security. Vaughn looks down at the carnage, a large smile on his face as he focuses on the championship belt nearby.

Peter Vaughn: Earlier this year, I had everything I ever wanted. I was a World Champion. I was hearing my name getting spoken by the media, actually with a little respect. And then that fed decided to nuke itself, and I found myself coming into the XWF with everyone assuming I, and others like me, were going right back to the bottom to start over. That's never going to happen again. I've got allies now, I've got the funding, and soon, I am going to be the XWF Universal Champion!!

The cursing and trash-throwing from the audience finds a way to somehow increase.

Peter Vaughn: What you see here, all around me? This is the future of the XWF. Not losers like Jim Caedus or Drew Archyle, and certainly not Apex. They won't be allowed to dictate the future of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Everyone here deserves to be a champion, and is going to be a champion, because that's what I've promised. Tonight, the Exiles have made their statement: this is now our home, and nobody's going to take it away from us again. Nobody. In fact, why delay my correnation? They say possession is 9/10ths of the law. And right now I possess this briefcase which means in about 10 seconds I’m now going to possess that Universal Title.

HHL: What did he just say?

PIP: Sounds to me like he plans on cashing in on Alias’s title with Caedus’s case.

HHL: Is that even legal?

Out of no where Bam Miller smashes his new Xtreme Title into the back of Alias’s head sending him crashing to the mat.

PIP: I guess we are about to find out.

Miller, Granger and Lux all start laying the boots to the back of Alias’s head as Vaughn parades around the ring with a case that doesn’t belong to him. A ref slides into the ring and tries grabbing the case out of his hands but Vaughn just pushes him away and screams at him instead.

Peter Vaughn: What do you think you’re doing? I’m cashing in right now.

Ref: You can’t do that. It’s not your case.

Peter Vaughn: Watch me.

Vaughn rams the case into the refs hands as his Exile partners back off of a now bloody and basically unconscious Alias lays in the ring not moving. Vaughn looks down at his prey before kneeling down and covering him for a pin.

Peter Vaughn: Count it ref! Count it!

Bam Miller grabs the ref by the back of the neck and tosses him down to the ring and yells at him to count which the ref reluctantly agrees to do.



The crowd explodes as the whole of Apex, Jim Caedus, Robert Main and Drew Archyle come storming out of the back with Robert’s brother Oliver Main in tow.

The four all come sliding into the ring and immediately start attacking the various members of the Exiles.

Oliver pairs off with Betsy. Robert with Xavier, Jim with Bam and Drew tackles Peter Vaughn which sends the case flying up into the air.

Oliver grabs Betsy by the back of the head and slams her face into a ring post repeatedly before tossing her out of the ring. Robert almost decapitates Xavier with a clothesline and then kicks him out of the ring with a few well placed boots to Xavier’s mid section. Caedus has Bam on the ground and he’s laying waste to the new Xtreme Champions face while Drew Archyle does the same to Peter Vaughn.

HHL: Well business has definitely picked up here Pip.

PIP: It sure has.

Jim Caedus lifts Bam Miller to his feet and tosses him over the ropes before picking up the Xtreme title and tossing it into the crowd which sends Bam scrambling after it.

Drew Archyle lifts a now bloodied and battered Peter Vaughn up off the mat and to his feet before tossing him into the waiting arms of the Main Brothers. Each of which grab one of Vaughn’s arms and hold him in place. As Betsy and Xavier Lux look on not really sure what to do next as they are clearly outmatched here.

Jim Caedus walks over to the ref and says a few words to him before looking down at Alias who still hasn’t moved since the savage attack by The Exiles.

Jim Caedus: Sorry Alias. This isn’t how I wanted this to go at all. Not sure if you can hear me bro but whenever you want your rematch just come calling.

Jim Caedus
- vs -
Universal Title Match

Caedus kneels down and gently lays across the fallen Universal Champion as the ref slides into place.

Drew slaps Vaughn across the face waking him up and snapping him back into the moment.

Drew Archyle: You don’t get to sleep through this you piece of trash.




Winner and NEW XWF Universal Champion: Jim Caedus

The ref picks up the Universal Title off the mat and hands it over to Caedus who immediately holds it up in front of Peter Vaughn’s bloody and bruised face.

Jim Caedus: You want this so badly Vaughn...COME AND TAKE IT!!!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Bad Medicine fades to black with Apex standing victorious in the ring.

Special Thanks To:
Chris Page
Big D
Vinnie Lane
Dolly Waters
Charlie Nickles
Mr. Big
John Black
Jim Caedus
Peter Vaughn
Thaddeus Duke
Corey Smith

And all you gems for your fantastic roleplays and segments.




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11-29-2021 12:19 AM

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11-29-2021 12:22 AM

"I would like to wish a hearty welcome back to my brothers, Them No Good Bastards!

Unfortunately, it seems like they will be competition. The Money Titans will have to meet up against Them No Good Bastards, and I won't be holding back. Just know, it won't be personal when we win against you guys."

He smirks as he fans his wad of money

"It's just what's good for business."

He smirks.

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11-29-2021 07:18 AM

*We cut to a backstage clip from the Barclays Center, sometime after the main event of Bad Medicine. The camera is focused on Peter Vaughn, who's getting patched up by the doctor in the back. The doctor's mumbling to him about possibly needing stiches, but Vaughn just ignores him, glaring off into the distance. An XWF interviewer walks in, seeing his opportunity to get a few words with the wrestler.*

Interviewer: Excuse me, Mr. Vaughn, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on what happened earlier tonight...

*Vaughn turns to the interviewer, seeing the mic getting placed in his face. He stands up, turning the interviewer's way... and then grabs the man by the arm, suddenly dropping him with the Keyholder! The interviewer is on the ground, shuddering, as the doctor quickly waves to his co-workers to get out of there. They all flee, as Vaughn gets up, reaching down to pick up the mic, a bloody bandage hanging off one spot on his head where the doctor didn't finish.*

Peter Vaughn: So, you want to hear my thoughts? You want to know what I'm thinking??

*The interviewer doesn't answer. Obviously. But Vaughn treats it as if he did, turning to the cameraman, who bravely doesn't run away..*

Peter Vaughn: I'll tell you what's on my mind. I think those Apex boys should be renamed the Sore Losers Club. You see, per the rules of the match, I CLEANLY defeated Drew Archyle. He ended up in the closet, he lost, I won. Per the rules of their match, Bam Miller CLEANLY won the Xtreme Title from Jim Caedus. He pinned him, 1, 2, 3. I said beforehand that it's not always about strength. It can be about strategy. And I proved once again to be a master of strategy. So much that I had the Universal Title in my grasp.

*Vaughn is pacing back and forth, stopping every so often to kick the interviewer in his side. That's likely going to be a fine, but Vaughn doesn't care.*

Peter Vaughn: Did you notice how Apex didn't arrive until AFTER my plan was in motion? I can see it now, Jim Caedus standing there in the back, telling his fellow Apex members "Please, guys, please, for me, don't rush the ring yet. Let them take care of Alias first, I can't handle him, he's too strong, I won't win my title without the Exiles' help". What a gutless coward. He had to wait until Alias was down and out before making his move, showing Apex to again be the gutless bullies of wrestling.

*After lowering his head for a few seconds, Vaughn turns, yelling, and kicks over a cart nearby, spilling medical supplies across the floor. That's not enough for Vaughn, who picks up the cart and throws it to the side, smashing it into the wall. After a few seconds, Vaughn turns back to the camera, seemingly completely composed again, as if the outburst helped him control the rage.*

Peter Vaughn: Well, Apex, you won tonight. Congratulations. But I'm telling you right now, I'm not going away, and neither are those who believe in the fight. You have to be stopped, no matter what it takes. Tonight only confirmed that once again. So you boys have a good party. You go off and celebrate Caedus' win. But you'd better not separate yourselves. You'd better stay together 24/7. Because if not... you never know where we might find you.

*Vaughn walks off-camera. The cameraman seems to breathe a sigh of relief, then starts to step towards the interviewer, only for Vaughn to reappear and kick the man once more, sending him groaning onto his side. Vaughn then turns and stomps off, slamming a door behind him.*

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11-29-2021 08:46 AM

(11-29-2021 07:18 AM)Peter Vaughn Said:  

*We cut to a backstage clip from the Barclays Center, sometime after the main event of Bad Medicine. The camera is focused on Peter Vaughn, who's getting patched up by the doctor in the back. The doctor's mumbling to him about possibly needing stiches, but Vaughn just ignores him, glaring off into the distance. An XWF interviewer walks in, seeing his opportunity to get a few words with the wrestler.*

Interviewer: Excuse me, Mr. Vaughn, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on what happened earlier tonight...

*Vaughn turns to the interviewer, seeing the mic getting placed in his face. He stands up, turning the interviewer's way... and then grabs the man by the arm, suddenly dropping him with the Keyholder! The interviewer is on the ground, shuddering, as the doctor quickly waves to his co-workers to get out of there. They all flee, as Vaughn gets up, reaching down to pick up the mic, a bloody bandage hanging off one spot on his head where the doctor didn't finish.*

Peter Vaughn: So, you want to hear my thoughts? You want to know what I'm thinking??

*The interviewer doesn't answer. Obviously. But Vaughn treats it as if he did, turning to the cameraman, who bravely doesn't run away..*

Peter Vaughn: I'll tell you what's on my mind. I think those Apex boys should be renamed the Sore Losers Club. You see, per the rules of the match, I CLEANLY defeated Drew Archyle. He ended up in the closet, he lost, I won. Per the rules of their match, Bam Miller CLEANLY won the Xtreme Title from Jim Caedus. He pinned him, 1, 2, 3. I said beforehand that it's not always about strength. It can be about strategy. And I proved once again to be a master of strategy. So much that I had the Universal Title in my grasp.

*Vaughn is pacing back and forth, stopping every so often to kick the interviewer in his side. That's likely going to be a fine, but Vaughn doesn't care.*

Peter Vaughn: Did you notice how Apex didn't arrive until AFTER my plan was in motion? I can see it now, Jim Caedus standing there in the back, telling his fellow Apex members "Please, guys, please, for me, don't rush the ring yet. Let them take care of Alias first, I can't handle him, he's too strong, I won't win my title without the Exiles' help". What a gutless coward. He had to wait until Alias was down and out before making his move, showing Apex to again be the gutless bullies of wrestling.

*After lowering his head for a few seconds, Vaughn turns, yelling, and kicks over a cart nearby, spilling medical supplies across the floor. That's not enough for Vaughn, who picks up the cart and throws it to the side, smashing it into the wall. After a few seconds, Vaughn turns back to the camera, seemingly completely composed again, as if the outburst helped him control the rage.*

Peter Vaughn: Well, Apex, you won tonight. Congratulations. But I'm telling you right now, I'm not going away, and neither are those who believe in the fight. You have to be stopped, no matter what it takes. Tonight only confirmed that once again. So you boys have a good party. You go off and celebrate Caedus' win. But you'd better not separate yourselves. You'd better stay together 24/7. Because if not... you never know where we might find you.

*Vaughn walks off-camera. The cameraman seems to breathe a sigh of relief, then starts to step towards the interviewer, only for Vaughn to reappear and kick the man once more, sending him groaning onto his side. Vaughn then turns and stomps off, slamming a door behind him.*

Robert rolls his eyes adjusting the Tag Team Championships that are hanging around his neck.

” Peter, did I just hear you say watch our backs…? My man how many of your cronies do we have to shoot down before you get the picture? I beat you over in Thunder Pro Wrestling… Oliver, beat one of your boys. I mean there seems to be a reoccurring theme here.”

Robert smiles…

” You bunch of underperforming fools already know where you’ll find us… Oliver, Drew and I will all be at Friday Night Fury where we all have matches and I’ll bounce Xavier Lux’s head off the canvas… See ya soon!”

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(11-29-2021 12:22 AM)Money Oswald Said:  "I would like to wish a hearty welcome back to my brothers, Them No Good Bastards!

Unfortunately, it seems like they will be competition. The Money Titans will have to meet up against Them No Good Bastards, and I won't be holding back. Just know, it won't be personal when we win against you guys."

He smirks as he fans his wad of money

"It's just what's good for business."

He smirks.

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11-29-2021 10:28 AM

ooc: Jesus Christ..

This entire show is outstanding, everyone turned in unbelievable work. Thank you to all involved and the match writers, you made this an incredible PPV. I highly recommend anyone who has the time to check it out top to bottom, especially anyone outside the fed linked to this on Twitter. I'm not gonna spoil the segs but those are all worth your time as well

👇I'm Sorry So Long Version

-I'd already read the Bourbsy match the other day but it's a fantastic read if anyone missed it

-The Anarchy match was super high energy crazy and hilarious, I always dig the added content (nice to hear Miss Cleo again lol)

-Mercy/McBride fun read, especially the cameo of, well, spoiler free 😂

-Thias/Ozzy another fun read and spoiler free congratulations

-Whoever wrote the Tag Title match, that was an amazing translation of the hype cycle btwn the opponents and the addition of each individual teammate's characteristics/kayfabe. Thank you for that match <3 (and to you Mark, you're a brilliant writer and opponent. It was an honor brother) (Main, it's good to be back tagging with you brother, also an honor)

-The second tag match(Cashe/Riddle) I understand had to be written according to an unfortunate event recently but you did a fantastic job anyway fam. Segue into a very cool surprise segment

-Atty/Fenix epic. Like Iron Man Woman Match epic.

-Vaughan/Archyle intense af weapon smorgasbord, another very cool surprise segment

-Ciela/Rampage/Graves (I'm sorry I'm legit going match for match) this was another fun read

-TV Title another match written very well in translation with the emotion and character involved. I want to point out that I think Betsy and Charlie went very hard at eachother and both did very well from their respective sides. I really hope we can all see another round out of them

-Adi-Kat & Marf-Schism both classically presented and very satisfying 💯

-Thad/Corey the most emotionally charged match of the night. I'm sold, that was a fuckin war with a sweet surprise at the end

-Alias/Lycana and on the subject of wars...every Alias match is magic. This was no less so and these two came at eachother so fuckin hard in the hype cycle... Incredible work from both of you and here's to hoping this isn't the last time we see you two face off. Explosive.

I'm proud af to be a part of the XWF 💙

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OOC: So much funny stuff. Love the It's Always Sunny call out in particular. Great work fellas.

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11-29-2021 10:53 AM

We cut to a shot of Charlie Nickles seated across from the television championship at a very small, circular table. There is a candle with green wax sitting on top of a red table cloth. Charlie reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter before he proceeds to flame the wick of the candle.

"It's so nice to have the rest of the night to ourselves, Goldilocks. We've been apart for so long, but we are together forever."

Charlie kisses his finger before reaching across the table and pressing his fingers onto the championship nameplate which still reads Betsy Granger.

"We're going to have to get that little tramp stamp changed, baby. But first......."

Charlie stands up at the table and we can see that he has attached a mistletoe to the button on his jeans. As he stands up he looks at the mistletoe, then at Goldilocks who is positioned below his waist.

" looks like you're standing under the mistletoe, baby, and we all know what that means...."

Charlie smirks like a sicko as he unzips his jeans and walks over to the TV championship belt.

"Mmmmmmm yeah, I've missed your golden lips so much baby."

The camera cuts tastefully away before anything else can be seen or heard by the audience.

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11-30-2021 04:50 AM

(11-29-2021 07:18 AM)Peter Vaughn Said:  

*We cut to a backstage clip from the Barclays Center, sometime after the main event of Bad Medicine. The camera is focused on Peter Vaughn, who's getting patched up by the doctor in the back. The doctor's mumbling to him about possibly needing stiches, but Vaughn just ignores him, glaring off into the distance. An XWF interviewer walks in, seeing his opportunity to get a few words with the wrestler.*

Interviewer: Excuse me, Mr. Vaughn, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on what happened earlier tonight...

*Vaughn turns to the interviewer, seeing the mic getting placed in his face. He stands up, turning the interviewer's way... and then grabs the man by the arm, suddenly dropping him with the Keyholder! The interviewer is on the ground, shuddering, as the doctor quickly waves to his co-workers to get out of there. They all flee, as Vaughn gets up, reaching down to pick up the mic, a bloody bandage hanging off one spot on his head where the doctor didn't finish.*

Peter Vaughn: So, you want to hear my thoughts? You want to know what I'm thinking??

*The interviewer doesn't answer. Obviously. But Vaughn treats it as if he did, turning to the cameraman, who bravely doesn't run away..*

Peter Vaughn: I'll tell you what's on my mind. I think those Apex boys should be renamed the Sore Losers Club. You see, per the rules of the match, I CLEANLY defeated Drew Archyle. He ended up in the closet, he lost, I won. Per the rules of their match, Bam Miller CLEANLY won the Xtreme Title from Jim Caedus. He pinned him, 1, 2, 3. I said beforehand that it's not always about strength. It can be about strategy. And I proved once again to be a master of strategy. So much that I had the Universal Title in my grasp.

*Vaughn is pacing back and forth, stopping every so often to kick the interviewer in his side. That's likely going to be a fine, but Vaughn doesn't care.*

Peter Vaughn: Did you notice how Apex didn't arrive until AFTER my plan was in motion? I can see it now, Jim Caedus standing there in the back, telling his fellow Apex members "Please, guys, please, for me, don't rush the ring yet. Let them take care of Alias first, I can't handle him, he's too strong, I won't win my title without the Exiles' help". What a gutless coward. He had to wait until Alias was down and out before making his move, showing Apex to again be the gutless bullies of wrestling.

*After lowering his head for a few seconds, Vaughn turns, yelling, and kicks over a cart nearby, spilling medical supplies across the floor. That's not enough for Vaughn, who picks up the cart and throws it to the side, smashing it into the wall. After a few seconds, Vaughn turns back to the camera, seemingly completely composed again, as if the outburst helped him control the rage.*

Peter Vaughn: Well, Apex, you won tonight. Congratulations. But I'm telling you right now, I'm not going away, and neither are those who believe in the fight. You have to be stopped, no matter what it takes. Tonight only confirmed that once again. So you boys have a good party. You go off and celebrate Caedus' win. But you'd better not separate yourselves. You'd better stay together 24/7. Because if not... you never know where we might find you.

*Vaughn walks off-camera. The cameraman seems to breathe a sigh of relief, then starts to step towards the interviewer, only for Vaughn to reappear and kick the man once more, sending him groaning onto his side. Vaughn then turns and stomps off, slamming a door behind him.*

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