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You Could Never Take My Soul
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11-22-2021 06:11 PM

They say there's hell to pay
You can keep the change if you want
When you're standing face to face
With the devil taking you on
Hit me with your best shot
You can't make my heart stop
Is that the best that you've got?


He stared at her from the doorway as she remained standing silently. For one perverse moment, she contemplated plopping down on the lawn like a petulant toddler, saying something about admiring the cute cottage she called home, and communing with nature. Just to be a bitch. And that’s what stopped her. She didn’t want to be a bitch, especially now that she had just gotten home. They would have plenty of time to rub each other the wrong way, like they had been. She had hoped things might be different or magically changed, but that didn’t appear to be the case. With a soft huff, she gives herself a mental shake and starts forward across the crunchy, now browning grass. She treads up the steps to the small porch, and stops before him.

He doesn’t move for a second, then a short, lithe figure squirms through and leaps into Lycana’s arms.

“You’re back!”

Lycana gives Reika a tight squeeze, pressing her cheek against the side of her head, breathing in the sweet smell of her strawberry shampoo. She grabs ahold of Lycana’s hand, making Marf step back as she drags the blue haired vixen through the door, cheerfully chattering about how she drew the perfect picture of a rainbow and was going to go get it to show her. Lycana can't help but chuckle as the exuberant adult toddler gallops away and up the stairs full speed to do just that.

“Only four days this time, huh?”

Her face falls somber once more as she turns her head to regard him. “I texted you this time.”

“I hardly count ‘Alive’ as a meaningful text in any way.” he shakes his head, quieting as Reika comes flying headlong back down the staircase, mutual agreement not to fight in front of her kicking in.

“Look Lycana!” Reika waves the piece of construction paper, nearly placing it in Lycana’s cornea so to be sure she saw all the details, like the approximately twelve pounds of glitter that coated the masterpiece. “It’s gorgeous!” Lycana exclaims, truly meaning it. She had a deft hand at capturing things. Even if she did insist on coating everything in glitter and stick-on sequins.

“I want you to have it.” Reika grins, hugging Lycana close once more. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too Rei-Rei.” she plants a kiss on top of her head, her smoky hued eyes flickering to Marf. “Can you go draw me another one, while Marf and I talk?”

“What should I draw?”

“Whatever you want. Surprise me.”

“What do you think Marfy?”

“How about palm trees and the beach. Like you can find in California.”

Lycana gives him a hard side eye, as his face remains stoic, betraying nothing.

“Okay!” Clearly pleased by the idea, Reika skips away, hopping playfully up the stairs before disappearing from sight once more. Lycana whirls. “Really?!”


“You know what.”

“C’mon Ly, you gonna tell me that’s not where you were again?”

“Why are we always fighting?” she poses her own question quietly. He blinks, then sucks in a deep breath, letting out in a long sigh. “I don’t know Lycana. How about we just...” he waves his hand in the air, not knowing the right words. “How about we just go with, what did you do while you were gone?”

She rubs her temples lightly. “I’d prefer if we waited on that one, I just went through this whole big thing with Arcana and Jimmy....”

“You were with Caedus and Arcana again?”

“Not exactly...”

“You were in California. And you literally just said you were.”

“Yeah, but that’s not why I was there. I went to see John Caedus, and apparently Arc put some kind of tracking spell on me and they came to rescue me after I escaped from Jim’s homicidal maniac brother...”

“Rescue!? Homicidal!? What the FUCK happened Ly!?”

“The short version, because I really don’t want to get into it again, is that Alias told me about John. I went to ask about Baph. He tried to kill me. Told me weird shit. I escaped. Arc and Jimmy picked me up. Here I am.”

“Let me in.”

“Huh...” She stares, her own words from weeks ago shot back at her.

“I said, let me in.”

He was choosing his words deliberately, mirroring what she had done and she knew it. She nods, unlocking the doors to her mind. She feels the light pressure as he pushes his way in, and sees what had gone with John Caedus. She feels the heavy presence of his anger, slamming through her like an unstoppable tidal wave. Her skin prickles with goosebumps as he hits a fever peak watching her get strangled. And then an abrupt lurch as he rips himself from the confines of her head.

Marf just stares at her, an unreadable look on his face, but rage swirling like lava in those bold blues. He opens his mouth, then closes it without a sound, shaking his head again before a short bark of laughter emerges from his throat. “You didn’t want to get into it again.” He gapes at her. “All that shit I just saw, you were just going to casually dump that you were almost murdered, and you didn’t want to get into it again?”

“I just got into an argument with them about it and...”

“And now you just don’t want to deal with me, is that it?”

“Well... I wasn’t going to put it that way.”

“Of course, you weren’t. Jeezus fuck.”

“I would have talked to you about it later Marf, it’s not like I was going to hide it from you.”

“You already did Lycana, by not telling me everything when you went out there. When you didn’t let me come with you when I could have protected you.”


“No buts Ly. What am I to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly how it sounds Ly. I know what we are supposed to be, but lately it doesn’t feel like it. Shit, it doesn’t even feel like we are decent roommates at this point. How are we supposed to fix anything if you won't talk to me and let me help you?”

With a small noise, Lycana closes her eyes and leans against the wall. “I’m trying Marf, I’m not good at letting people help.”

“No shit. You think I haven't noticed that after almost a year? We have been together almost every damn day for a fucking year. You let me into your fucking head, but you slam as many fucking doors as you can otherwise. You say you trust me...”

“I do!”

“... but you close yourself up whenever you think it’s something too much to handle. Meanwhile I have been here through it ALL with you. Djinns. Werewolf war. A fucking incubus and his whore. A dead girl in our bed Ly, who turned out to be some sort of sweet banshee who can still kill us with a fucking scream. I’VE BEEN HERE FOR IT ALL. I haven’t gone anywhere. What the fuck is it going to take?”

His voice increases in volume during the tirade, his muscles growing tense, a vein in his neck starting to throb as his fury starts to get the better of him.

“I’m sorry.”

Two words, soft, dragged as a ragged whisper from her seems to take all the wind from his wrath's sails. He visibly freezes, eyes flying to her face as he gets himself back under control.

It was always her.

For whatever reason, she was the only thing able to tame that temper of his. A word. A touch. Her mere presence when she wasn’t the cause of it.

“I’m sorry Marf.” she repeats the words, daring to take a small step forward.

“I know.” he raises his gaze to meet hers. “I know. Why don’t you go grab a shower, and then if you feel up to it, we can talk. I can go find something in the kitchen if you’re hungry.”

“You don’t cook...”

“I’ve managed while you were away. Someone had to take care of Reika.”

She cringes, knowing he was right. Of all the things she had done, being away from Reika was the one she harbored the most guilt over. She had done a lot wrong, but that one... that one took the cake. She had known that he would take good care of her, he always had ever since he stepped up to parent her with Lycana but still... “I...”

“No Ly, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. Or maybe I did. I don’t know anymore. Go shower. I’ll... be here.” he reaches out as if to touch her cheek, his hand hovers for a moment, and he gives her shoulder a brief pat instead before turning and slowly making his way into the kitchen, the set of his shoulders telling her far too much.

He was hurt.


Both of them were getting far too good at doing that to each other, along with all the fighting.

She turns away, dragging herself up the stairs, her muscles feeling leaden from the bone weariness that was taking over. It wasn’t even all from her adventure. Stress and worry were eating her right down to her very soul, making her mentally exhausted too. That one, she wasn’t going to be able to shake any time soon. There was some tired that could be fixed by sleep, but there was some that could only be fixed by peace.

And that wasn’t likely going to be appearing in her life anytime soon.

She peeks into Reika’s room as she passes, seeing the mess of the art desk, the work in progress in the middle, giant tub of multicolored glitter ever present and ready. But Reika wasn’t there. It appeared she had gotten distracted with her plushes, and was now curled up in a ball among them, mouth hanging open as a small snore escapes. Lycana tiptoes in, draping a blanket over her tenderly, whispering "I love you." before shutting the door on the way out, then entering the master bedroom.

She pauses, eyes on the bed. Their bed. Hers and Marf’s. They had spent many a night in it by each other's side, long before they even became a “thing”. She had comforted him through countless numbers of nightmares, and he the same. And now, she slept in it alone, his side a veritable ocean of cool sheets and regret for what was happening to them. Trouble was, she didn’t know how to fix it. Each time it seemed like they were starting to figure it out, something would happen or one would snark at the other and it would all fall apart yet again. It seemed they weren’t good at this sort of thing, neither of them really knowing how to navigate the intricacies of their emotions towards one another, and now with the hurt that hovered between them. There had been apologies, talking, spending time together, and more... but it was like putting tape over gaping cracks in the wall.

She slowly pulls the heavy sweater over her head, tossing it towards the hamper as she mulls over life with all its problems present, and upcoming once he found out she had yet another avenue to explore. Her eyes wander, taking in the small little details, noting that she should probably dust sometime soon. She walks over to a tall shelf, stretching up on her tiptoes to pick up a carved tourmaline wolf statue, noticing a small, glass bottle, knocked onto its side and out of view behind it. She places the wolf back, reaching back to pluck it from its dust bunny nest against the wall.

She runs her thumb over it, cleaning the thin layer of grime from it, frowning. The bottle was tiny but ornate, small bumps dotting the outside of the neck, while gentle swirls were raised on the glass of the body. It was a rich, dark wine color, transparent in nature. All capped off with a small sphere on the lid. She holds it up to the light, seeing the liquid inside slosh around, perhaps three quarters full. Why didn’t she remember having this? She carefully pulls the sphere, uncorking the bottle and lifting it to her nose. She reels, flashing back sharply to the werewolf war and the dagger that had been laced with this very thing.

Gorgon venom.

It had almost killed her. She quickly but carefully pops the cap back on, holding the little vessel of doom between her two fingers. She didn’t even recall how she had gotten her hands on such a thing. Gorgons were rare, nevermind being able to harvest venom from one. Odds are, she had probably pilfered this from her time living in the confines of Hecate’s compound, where the rest of the disciples lived before she had traversed off to North Carolina to be in charge of the wolves. It was fast acting and deadly, potent of smell but not of taste, easily masked when mixed with something. Especially since all it took was a drop. Lace a weapon with it. A dart. She had taken it during her time of heavy anger and rage, likely as a backup plan to get rid of someone. She goes to place it back, then realizes with Reika around, how unsafe it really was.

She pulls back, walking towards the bathroom with it, intent on disposing of the liquid down the drain, followed by a heavy cleaning and taking the bottle far away and getting rid of it somewhere. Halfway across the room, she pauses... a thought intruding.

It could kill you... but it also had a strong effect on the brain. In her case, it had propelled both her and Damien into her past. If had done that... what if it could enhance a spell, to see even further back. One... long before she was even a twinkle in her dad’s eye? One that was ingrained in her DNA. A time traveling, pedigree poofing, flashback fuckery of a spell, where she could see where it all began... exactly what John Caedus had been speaking about. If he had been telling the truth. If he hadn't, she was about to do something really stupid, for no reason.

But that seemed to be her thing these days.

She could figure it out and get all the answers she needed.

Or add on more.

Or die.

If she was smart, she would continue on with her plan to dump it out. Her eyes drift to the petite vial. Nobody had ever accused her of being the brightest, especially when it came to her own mortality. Her fingers close around the cool glass, whirling on her heel to scamper out of the room and down the stairs, shower forgotten. She zips through the kitchen, her fingers just caressing the knob of the back door when....


Her head snaps around, blinking as she stares at Marf, at the table with a bottle of water set before him. She hadn't even noticed him in her dash out of the house. “Oh, uh... sorry.”

“Where are you going?”

“I was going to go out, to the cabin, and do some things to try and... figure shit out.”

“What aren't you telling me?”


“If you were thinking about lying, please don’t.” He gets up and comes to stand before her.

“I wasn’t. I was just going to say that it’s... well, it’s not the uhhh...”

“Spit it out Ly.”

“The safest?”


She offers a smile.

He gives her a scowl.

“How bad Ly?”

“Well, I've never done this before, so I really can’t say.” she hedges.


“I’ll be back! I gotta go get set up before the moon comes up. Please Marf, I need to do this.”

“By doing something dangerous right after almost getting your ass killed?! Fuck Ly!” he swipes a hand down his face, looking like he wanted to say more, but instead nods. “Alright, go.”

“Thank you.” She wavers, not sure if he would welcome a hug from her given all that had already gone on since she appeared on the front lawn. She settles for laying her hand on his bicep for a second. He looks at it, then back to her as she pulls it back. “I’m telling you this Lycana, if you aren’t back by tomorrow night, I am coming out there, and so help me...”

He lets the threat trail off as she feels her own rancor rise to the tip of her tongue, urging her to make a snippy remark. She swallows it down. They had fought enough today. She wanted to do better, be better. Make them better. “Okay.” she agrees instead, looking up at him, offering another small smile. His eyes soften slightly. “Okay.”

He steps back and she opens the door, slipping out into the brightness of the late afternoon sun.


“Oh, here we go indeed.




Alias, I said I was just starting to warm up, and I meant that.

You know, it’s funny the way you say that you don’t need to rely on twisting people's words, then go right ahead and do so with mine. I’ve used ever forward to describe my journey before, I gave this nifty explanation back then as I was talking about it. You wanna receipt? Cause I’d be happy to provide the footage for you. I just thought I’d bring it up to you now and well, there you are... purposely turning it. Tsk.

Of all things you wanted to hone in on and try to use against me, that is what you decided on?

A saying.

Or are you just being deliberately obtuse?

I’m not really sure which is worse here. Because the first one just means you are grasping at straws, trying to come up with anything to latch your teeth on and give a few good shakes, seeing if you can score a wound. Hate to tell you honeybear, you didn’t even scratch the surface with that one.

The second, purposefully getting it wrong, so that you can twist it is something I had not expected from you. Especially since you were just trumpeting that you didn’t have to do something like that.

Hmm, what could it all mean?

I don’t know, but I certainly feel the need to clarify the whole, ever forward thing for you, since it meant so damn much to you. You spent an awful lot of time harping on it and acting like you managed to do something with your little monologue, I caught a taste of Page in there. You didn’t have to go through so much trouble hun, that wasn’t an insult. Shit, I even complimented you. Admitted my failings. But I guess that would take away you trying to twist it all around huh?

You know, like you don’t do.

My ever forward refers to never giving up, to always putting one foot in front of the other no matter how many times you are knocked to the ground. It means always keeping your eyes front, not looking back on anything that can drag you in reverse. You know, since we both decided to go with the rollercoaster reference, let’s keep right on that, okay? All those loops, and curves and bumps in the track... and what does it keep right on doing Alias?

Going forward.

Wow. That took some rocket science right there.

Those cars keep barreling right along on the track to where they need to get to. All the obstacles they encounter, they don’t stop them. And that’s what I do Alias. All those damn losses, all those damn setbacks, all those times that people see as failures? I kept right on going, no matter what. Did I stop? Nope. Give in? Nope. What did they lead to? Me, standing here before you, the top guy in the fed right now, set to take you on at Bad Medicine. So, what were you saying about “no matter what”? About “ever forward”? What were you saying about it not applying to me?

Yeah, it was a pretty cute try though.

Props to the floatie reference. You might need a pair yourself with all that bullshit your spilling around yourself.

But that wasn’t the only thing you tried to twist around, was it?

Saying that I wanted the Universe strapped around my waist. While indeed, it would look rather fetching after I had a little work done to it, that’s not why. I actually said why right in my first promo. “It's everything that it represents.” Ring a bell? Or is this another shining example of you being deliberately slow on the draw? If you would like to deep dive a little further into that, I am more than happy to oblige you. We talked about that match at Leap of Faith, how neither of us really needed the X. Sure I walked away with it, and it was a gain, but what was more important, was that win over you. Those are bragging rights. That little notch in my bedpost, that was the bigger take away. In the past year, how many people have held that belt?


It has changed hands seven times, over six people.

And how many people can claim they beat Alias?

Wait for it.....

We’ve been over this too....


Just me.

So, which was the bigger prize?

There are reasons I do what I do and say what I say Alias, but come on and just keep trying to spin them around to suit your needs.

Hey this is fun, are you having fun?

It makes me wonder though, what could it all mean that you are twisting things that you know all about? Why are you acting dumb about certain subjects, when I know you are not? So much of this should be common sense, visible to those paying attention, or right there, laid out for you in blunt terms.


Oh Alias.

Baby, are you...

Are you... nervous?

You should be.

For someone who talked a whole damn lot, your cutting points leave a lot to be desired when it comes to this sorta thing.

Hey Alias, I said I survived too, wanna take a stab at that one?

I’m not talking surviving all the weird paranormal type things that seem to follow us all around, between all the beasties, I’m pretty sure that you and I probably have the whole gamut covered. I’m not even talking when I set you on fire and you survived, which I did that too after that jackass Shawn Wylde kidnapped me and stuck me in that shed. No, I’m talking about our failures Alias. How nice you were, to lay that little term out to Doc, since I got the other one all wrong in your eyes.

“Yes there have been failings. A grand total of three of them. I can count them on one mangled hand. But each time I’ve fallen, I’ve survived.”


By that argument, I can say the same thing. Because it isn't the number that matters there, it is simply the fact that when you have fallen, you have gotten back up and pressed forward with your path. Right?

At least I can say that without fear of being persecuted over the way you meant it right? Not like Ever Forward where it means a forward momentum no matter what...

‘Cept Alias, you were using that long before I met you at Leap of Faith right? You said so yourself. Annnnnd we have already established that I beat you, therefore stopping the momentum of your win streak... regardless of your cash in, because that happened after. What mattered was what happened in that moment, and for it... your momentum was killed. Forward no matter what, right?

And you kept right on with it after that loss, so you sort of just ate your own words there. Fits with all the other eating you’ve been doing I guess.

Oops, there I go again. Just kidding!


I was the period in that sentence for you, before you picked up the pen and kept writing your story on Ever Forward. I made you have to sign your renewal on that contract. Perhaps next time, you’ll learn to think a little bit more before you speak and hand me a little bit of rope.

Hey Alias, can you feel my fingers tightening around your nuts? How's that for twisting?

Sheesh, and all this could have been avoided if you just took that damn compliment the way it was intended. What I say Alias, I mean. There are not always going to be subterfuge and deviousness things behind every little word, you don’t have to creep the nuance of everything I utter. When it comes to me Alias, I will deliver whatever it is I need to, with a full ladle of honesty. I said that to Page, and I am saying that now to you. I don’t have to hide behind fancy trappings, if I want to call an ass an ass, I’m not going to dance around what four hooved animal I think you are. You’ll know it.

And that’s why I’m going come right in and say that you are a liar.

Oh no... Ly has gone and done it, she said the thing that someone else said!

I did.

Because in this case it is the truth, and part of the honesty.

Because it lines up with the way you cover up being that way. With consistently inconsistent. It’s a nice way to say I like to lie, or say things and then pretend that I have forgotten all about them. Even when the events occurred not too long from one another. What was it that you said to me, as an argument with what I had accomplished again?

Oh, that’s right; “You turned me to ash... but you didn’t kill me.”

Seems your forgetful little mind is at it again Alias, because you told Bourbon a whole two and a half weeks earlier, that being killed was the ONLY somebody stopped you all year.


Not only that, you told Page “You’ve glossed over the fact I died right before I cashed in on your ass.” Quite a few times if my own memory serves.

You admit that you can be a bad guy Alias, of all people far be it from me to try and hone in on that like it was something to try and get you on, but if you are that... fucking own it. You say that you own what you are, then own that you are willing to lie and twist shit around. Don’t pussy out and try to put another pretty little label on yourself with being inconsistent. Say it like it is, and embrace it.

Otherwise, you just look kind of pathetic with it when you get called out.

I’m not really sure how you are going to twist this one Alias, but I’m pretty interested in seeing how you try. Is it going to be saying whatever you need to, even if you said the opposite to someone else?

That’s not inconsistent Alias, that would imply you had principles to vary to begin with.

Just, why not just be blunt about it from the onset?

I don’t know. I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me, one of the things about you that I don’t get. One of our many differences. Like I said before, whatever I say I mean, even if it doesn’t make sense to you or anybody else. I can explain it and how I feel, but I can’t make you understand it. I don’t have that power. Sometimes, I wish I did. You think I want the Uni because other people do?

That’s one of the stupidest things I have ever heard from anyone in this company's mouth, and I’ve sat through the words of Page, Wish, and Demos.

I don’t, I want to beat you again to prove that I can and it wasn’t a fluke. Along with that little word you don’t want me to say. I’ve been saying it, it's not something I’m going to waver on because unlike you, I don’t need to lie, be inconsistent, or stretch the truth. I say it like it is. I am who I am and I don’t really give a shit if you understand my reasonings or not. Oh, and since you brought it up... them tag matches? Marf and I literally said every trip out we were in it for the fight and the chance to take away something that the Bastards held dear, just to spite them. It became a thing, a pleasure to annoy the fuck out of them having to see my face across the ring. Clinging to them like the barnacles on Bobby’s bloated butt cheeks. I loathe them and have never hidden that. Each time the opportunity to beat the fuck out of the ugly faces of the shriveled cock with the greasy mullet and his shamefully shitty at smack friend reared its head, I would grab it with two hands.

Cue Betsy Granger.

She knew I wasn’t about to say no when she approached me. What do you think one of the reasons she even looked at me in the first place was? It certainly wasn’t our history of being best friends who pinky promised they would be there for each other forever. Pretty sure she even stated her reasonings on the path to Relentless.

So, there you go babe.

I mean you said it “Some things are just as they appear.”

You wanted to toss me a bit of something to chew on, in the form of a question. What if our paths needed to cross? Well I did. I sat, and I ran that one through my mind in a bunch of different ways. I obviously see your point, and have accepted and even embraced the part I play in your various turning points, turning into the better man you are today, the one you won’t thank me for but lay all the praise on my doorstep anyway. You’re welcome anyway, again. I see it, it would be hard not to really. That’s kind of why I took that stance during Leap of Faith and brought it up to you... and then you yelled back something along the lines of I can’t claim anything from the Left Hand, since I wasn’t a part of them anymore.

But I mean, there you were saying you wanted to make me a fur coat for the part I played in the Left Hand.

And here you are now, saying my part which includes those days, made you better... like I said all along.

So, which is it Alias? You were contradicting yourself back then and now contradicting yourself once more, by giving me the praise that I simply took before. I have always taken a bit of glee in my role. I was an asshole back then and I have no problems admitting it. I did what I did, I own that. Why am I nonchalant about a lot of it? Well, because I do what I have to do Alias. I do what I need to. You know all about that. I highly doubt you would have held an In Loving Memory event and headed the eulogy if you had been the one to use that blowtorch on me.

So what does that mean for me? What have I gotten out of our paths crossing? I guess we could argue that you set the entire Left Hand in a certain direction. If it were not for you, perhaps things would have been different. I can't even begin to list all the way how's, but in the long run it was you. We can say Leap sparked something. You can say a lot really. Maybe you had a hand in my own growth, within all the twists and turns it's taken to get my in the mindset I am in today. You set the Dissentients off with a crash and burn of a loss, but we left you behind with a bam and splat, unconscious and chained to a table with your head better acquainted with concrete.

But my part has not always been to lose, now has it?

No, there were plenty of time beyond the biggie that we would play out our little games of one upmanship and we stepped out the winners.

What if this new path that your divine Lycana is about to set you on, is another loss, and a faceplant into humility?

That would suck.

For you.

But I mean, it’s a good thing you aren't here for glory or championships. Or the money and accomplishments like you told Page. Hmm. I seem to recall hearing someone else saying something like that.... I could say a whole lot about you seeming to go after titles like the X and then taking the Uni, but I’ll be the bigger person here and just take what you say about that at face value. After all, you could just argue back that getting into title matches were what came out of them and how you grew afterwards. Or that it wasn’t about the belt at all and that wouldn’t contradict anything you’ve said about anyone else, right?



Maybe you should grab a mirror yourself Alias, and take a good long look. Are you really better, or are you just getting better as spewing the lies and actually believing them? Kinda like spraying Glade after way too much Taco Bell. You think it’s covering up that stench, but fuck the poor soul who comes along behind you. Apparently though, we have a lot of nose blind people on this roster, and that has just enabled you to keep right on rolling along unchecked with all this nonsense. Either that or they step up to you and just start tripping and stumbling over their own words because you get them all twisted up. Too bad none of that shit works on me. I’m fucking bulletproof. Because I don’t try and twist shit first. I take the shit you try to twist and sling around my neck as a noose, and just start unraveling it.

So, what is your next move?

I could say I bet I know, but that’s a Corey Smith move, in case you didn’t know. We aren't supposed to do that or some shit. Wouldn’t want to play the “I know what you're gonna say” game and be predictable. So, I’ll just ask nicely.

You going to try to unscramble everything I just weaved together into a nice bow, or are you going to pick through my words and try to twist them around for me to play with some more?

Either way, I’ll be ready... because there is a lot more where that came from that I’m sitting on for us to play with.

Maybe this little back and forth we have to do before the real main event is worth it after all.

As for me, I’m just going to keep right on bringing my fire for you to eat.

How’s it taste boo?”


I can bleed, I can hurt
Knock me down in the dirt
I am strong I'll show you
Even when I'm black and blue

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