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Saturday Night Savage 11/13/2021
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MrBig Away
XWF Management
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(has an old school wrestling mentality; no nonsense; less appealing to some younger fans)

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11-14-2021 07:18 AM

[Image: V3i33MC.png]



Savage will be holding a one night tournament to decide the #1 Contender for the Television Championship recently won by Betsy Granger. The winner of the tournament will face the current champion at Bad Medicine!

The RP Rules remain the same, one suggestion is to focus your first piece on your first round opponent, then use your second to predict the path you'll take to the finals! I will be posting a bracket of the tournament later to give you all a visual. There will be no re-seeding, winners will simply move to the next bracket.


Charlie Nickles
- vs -
Osira Themis
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

- vs -
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

Reggie Estrada
- vs -
Cage Coleman
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

Victoria Strader-Knox
- vs -
Ciela Luiz
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

The Ultimate X-Kimo Snow Battle Open!!!
All XWF roster members are welcome including anyone already booked and those who are not opt'd in! Post 1/500 word roleplay about how you're the quickest, slickest hand in the snow and be the LAST X-KIMO STANDING!!!!

- vs -
Singles - Polar Plunge!! Competitors will battle atop a squared, ring-sized platform over a tank of sub-zero water!! Whoever takes the plunge is eliminated from the tournament!!

- vs -
Singles - Polar Plunge!! Competitors will battle atop a squared, ring-sized platform over a tank of sub-zero water!! Whoever takes the plunge is eliminated from the tournament!!

The Disintegrators
- vs -
Vita Valenteen & Centurion
Arctic Tornado Tag Alaskan Street Fight - No tags necessary in this no holds barred, Alaskan Street Fight. Competitors will start off in the ring and can take the match anywhere!! One-fall.


- vs -
X-Kimo Lumberjack Match!! In the finals of the TV Title Contendership Tourney, we will have the ring surrounded by a half-dozen, unbiased Anchorage natives to keep the competitors in the ring!! The winner will face the XWF Television Champion at Bad Medicine!!

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

Betsy Granger©
- vs -
Thebe Nwadike
15 Minute Time Limit - Television Title Match. Betsy may choose a snowy related stipulation in her first roleplay!!

OOC: All matches are 2 RPs with 3k Word Limit. You must post 1 cold open RP before the soft deadline (Friday, 11/5 @ 11:59pm board time) if you wish to post 2.

Savage is LIVE and our scene pans around a very chilly arena……..

HHL: “Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska for another edition of XWF Saturday Night Savage! I’m Heather Hallowell and I’m here with my colleague, Pip Collins, and do we have a night for YOU!”

The fans seem dressed for the weather as this arena doesn’t look like it’s being heated at all. As cold as it may be, it looks like the only one it seems to be bothering is Pip.

PIP: “I have two questions Heather. One, who do I talk to about turning up the heat in this place. And two, who’s idea was it to have an EIGHT person tournament in one night? How many matches do they think I want to sit here for tonight? I’m freezing!”

HHL: “It’s rumored that XWF Management and Powers That Be requested the arena to remain cold during the show. For, I dunno, the full effect, I guess…”

PIP: “The ten hour flight from New York was pretty effective…

HHL: “We’ll see Vita Valenteen teaming with Centurion taking on the Disintegrators and the NEW Television Champion, Betsy Granger, in action defending in our MAIN EVENT against newcomer Thebe Nwadike! Both competitors are hot off a win… Thebe's including XWF legend Centurion!! Pip, you mentioned the tournament that’s going to determine a NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to face the XWF Television Champion, whoever that may be, at Bad Medicine… And we’re going to find out who that is… TONIGHT!”

[WhitePIP: “And what a line-up… Hey? Oh no… what does HE want?”[/white]

There is no music, and there are no flames. There is just a man standing in the middle of the ring, with a heavy chunk of gold draped across his shoulder.

There is Alias.

And the raucous roar of the crowd receives him.

HHL: That right there is the XWF Universal Champion! And he is set to defend his championship at Bad Medicine against the ONLY person to have defeated him all year, Lycana!

There is Alias, and there is a microphone.

ALIAS: One year.

He speaks over the crowd. It’s not enough to quieten them, so he raises his gloved right hand into the air, asking for their attention. With a murmur, they give it.

ALIAS: It was one year ago, near to the day, that I crawled back out of the hole I was stashed away in. You know that story by now; I don’t need to repeat it. But you’ll have to forgive me if I do give a little history lesson tonight, because I want to make sure that there are no misconceptions about what’s going to happen at Bad Medicine.

See, that first night that I poked my head out of the cave again… well, it was more or less the polar opposite of what we’ve got going on tonight: a battle royal in the desert as opposed to a tournament in Alaska just as winter is coming. And on that night, I was unsuccessful. On that night, I had to learn a very valuable lesson about how to fall upwards. Fast-forward to the very next Pay Per View show, and the X-Treme Championship was in my hands. I never once shied away from what I intended to do with that, and I never once changed my ultimate goal! I did, however, get distracted along the way. And it cost me. The thing is, the very same night that the X-Treme Championship left my position, I fell upwards again. I. TOOK. THIS.

Above his head, Alias raises the Universal Championship to a loud cheer.

ALIAS: Did I do it the honourable way? Hell no! I FUCKING TOOK IT! And since then, no matter who has been thrown in my direction, not ONCE has it really looked like anyone else would TAKE it off me.

Again a cheer. Alias even manages a smirk.

ALIAS: While I appreciate that sentiment, I also know that the real reason why you in turn appreciate what I’m doing, is because you know that I will not stop fighting. I don’t believe that I’ll have the Universe in the palm of my hands forever. Hell, come Wednesday, we may very well have another 24/7 Briefcase floating out in the world, and if that’s what does me in then so be it. But YOU know, that I won’t go down without swinging for the fucking fences. And I’d like to invite the perfect example of what I’m talking about into MY Universe, right now.

Her name is Lycana.

Silent, Alias turns to face the stage.

HHL: Alias is calling out Lycana right now! Could we be about to see a preview of Bad Medicine?

He continues to wait. But the answer eventually comes.

The howl of a wolf shatters the stretch of relative silence as the X-tron lights up and Lycana’s music hits the speakers.

Purple and lime green spotlights zig zag wildly over the crowd to hit the entrance just as the Dark Vixen of Violence emerges through the curtain and onto the stage. She pauses for a moment, her eyes locked onto the figure standing in the ring. She waves her music away before she starts down the ramp, all business, her gaze never leaving Alias. She hops onto the apron, stepping through the ropes before approaching her former nemesis, stopping a scant few inches away from him.

She motions for a mic, and one sails through the air, into her outstretched palm. She lowers it to her side and waits.

ALIAS: You made it. Great.

His voice is wry and cynical. Her head tilts, left eyebrow arching slightly upwards, her own vocals emerging with a sarcastic lilt.

LYCANA: Was there ever any doubt? I always answer when I am called. Just like you answered my challenge.

ALIAS: I want to point something out for you, right now. There are no smoke and mirrors around us. The lights are still on and nothing’s on fire. It’s just you and me here. And that… that’s something that you wanted, right? No Marf, no cages, no gasoline, no blowtorches. Can’t promise anything about no bloodlust, but this is as close to just you and me as I can offer. And not to be the guy who points out the obvious, but there’s a reason why, when we strip everything away, the one person to have slowed me down this year is the one having confidence issues. You know, as well as I do, that with all of the other stuff put to the side, this dynamic has changed drastically.

LYCANA: You have me all wrong Alias. Much has changed, but I have not. Not in the ways that make a difference, not enough to change the dynamics you speak of, and certainly not for you to count me out. As for the rest… Confidence fluctuates. I am looking at you differently than I did at Leap of Faith. There will be no extra trappings. No other bodies to get involved. All are changes in dynamic… but so is our relationship to one another. Our dynamic is not what it was back then. No death wishes. No veil across your eyes. No mere curiosity on my part. So yes, while much has changed outwardly and in circumstances, it doesn't matter. It simply means I have that much more to prove.

And so much more to gain.

Her eyes flicker to his shoulder and back, her meaning clear.

ALIAS: The thing is, this right here?

He looks at the Universal Championship.

ALIAS: This has changed the dynamic. This. Is. Mine. And in my hands? It means something different. When I invited you down here, I was very deliberate with what I called this space we’re standing in. Lycana… Tavora… this is my Universe. You want to take it from me? You’re gonna have to FIGHT me for it. And not just here.

He smiles, as a white glow begins taking over. Lycana, no stranger to the absurd herself, still seems taken a little aback.

PIP: What the hell is going on here? What’s this freak doing?

The white conquers all, and soon, the scene is changed. Alias and Lycana stand in a Dagobah-like swamp. Pip and Heather are there too, seated at a table hanging from a mangrove.

PIP: What the hell?

HHL: Where are we?

Alias smiles, and everything turns white again.

It opens in a technicolour plasma field of matterless matter. Both competitors stand on a kaleidoscope of nothing. The same material props up Pip and Heather’s desk.

PIP: What the f…

Again the white takes over. It opens atop a mesa, reaching up towards the clouds. Alias stands, alone (except for Pip and Heather at their desk), looking down at the ground below.

HHL: What’s that in the distance?

The blue of Lycana’s hair stands out against the background. At the bottom of the mountain.

It all turns white.

Alias, Lycana, and even Pip and Heather, return to the Sullivan Arena.

HHL: I have no idea what just happened.

Alias does.

ALIAS: You want the Universe? Come and fucking get it. Because when you fight me? When anyone fights me. It’s going to be under Universal Rules. Wherever. Whenever. The Universe will lead the way. And I. WILL. FIGHT. Point fucking blank.

Her bewilderment fading, Lycana schools her face into blankness.

LYCANA: I wouldn't have it any other way.

The two stare steadily at each other, neither blinking or moving an inch.

ALIAS: See you at Bad Medicine.

A smile from Lycana is his response, as she backs away. She rolls over the top rope, dropping to the floor. She nods at Alias as she walks backwards up the ramp, his eyes boring a hole into her the entire way.

HHL: "I'm still not exactly sure what went on back there. Are you feeling alright, Pip?"

PIP: "I'm still pretty dizzy… I think I need to sit down…"

HHL: "You are sitting! Don't go anywhere, Pip… The first match of our one-night tournament is about to begin!"

PIP: "I'm fine, I'm fine…. Bring on the snowmen!"

HHL: "And snow-women!"

[Image: xX3iYoq.png?1]

Charlie Nickles enters the chilly arena and walks immediately over to his snowman. He inspects it up and down before wiping something off of the snow-Nickleman's cheek and heading to the ring.

HHL: "Charlie is one of the two former Television Champions who have entered the tournament, Pip."

PIP: "Right… and he wants it back in the most disturbing way…"

Osira's music plays, but there is no Osira. The music stops, then restarts. Charlie remains in the ring for just a moment until he decides he's going to take advantage of the situation and get up the ramp!

Charlie Nickles
- vs -
Osira Themis
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

HHL: "It doesn't look like Charlie is going to wait for Osira…"

PIP: "Well, she IS late to the party l, Heather!"

Charlie reaches the stage and holds put an arm as he charges past the Osira Themis snowman and clotheslines the head clean off of it!! He makes a wide turn through his jog and faces the snowman again. Getting down in a 3-point stance, Charlie mimics an NFL lineman and charges the frosty Greek goddess, but not before a loud blast could be heard from behind him!!

"What was that?!"

From the backstage area it can be heard again! Charlie turns around and everyone focuses on the entrance when flames shoot out from the doorway!!

PIP: "Fire!!"

"What is going on?!”

From backstage, Osira walks out wearing a pair of mirrored black goggles, carrying a flamethrower!!

PIP: "Woah!! Look out!! Osira is armed!!"

HHL: "Osira made it very clear earlier in the week that she is not interested in a title, but she's looking to wreak havoc and make short work of Charlie!!

Osira ignores Charlie's snowman and just goes after him with it. She blasts it and the flames tickle Charlie on the ass as he quickly turns and tries to escape a fiery death. As Charlie flees, she turns it to his snowman. After staring at it through the goggles for a moment… She raises the barrel and fires flames across the snow-Nickleman… but it doesn't appear to be melting it like it should. At most, the snowman begins to sweat.

PIP: "That's a, uh, pretty unique snowman to be able to withstand flames like that…"

HHL: "Something's not adding up here…."

The X-Tron then lights up above our heads and shows Charlie sneaking through the halls of the arena and into catering where the kitchen and freezer would be.

PIP: "When was this?"

HHL: "Hard to say, Pip… Earlier today, I would guess?"

PIP: "Where is he going?"

Charlie is seen carrying a spray bottle as he looks around for anyone before entering the freezer. The camera switches to one inside the freezer, where we see Charlie spraying his snowman with misty water!! The tape reveals that Charlie stopped into the freezer several times over several hours making the snow-Nickleman basically indestructible!!

HHL: "Well no wonder Charlie's snowman isn't melting immediately into a puddle!”

PIP: "Charlie came here tonight with ONE thing on his mind, Heather… The XWF Television Championship… and whatever it's going to take to get it back!"

Osira turns away from the snow-Nickleman and points the flame thrower at her own headless snowman where Charlie is hiding behind. Osira sends a blast as he dives out of the way and the top portion of her snowman vaporizes instantaneously. The power of the flame kept Osira occupied long enough for Charlie to get behind his opponent and the moment she let up with the flames, Charlie took her out with a forearm to the back, following a quick DDT!! Osira drops the flame thrower and lies on the stage after getting planted. Charlie tosses the flame thrower off the stage and quickly goes over and kicks the rest of Osira's snowman down into nothing.

PIP: "Well, that'll do it."

HHL: "While I think Osira had her own intentions coming into this match tonight, Charlie Nickles still went above and beyond to help guarantee his victory tonight. So, Charlie is the first in our tournament to advance to the second round!!"


Schism butts a cigarette out on the floor and rises from a seat in the audience nose-bleeds. They make a nonchalant descent through the stadium, over the guardrail and under the bottom rope into the ring.

PIP: "The only wrestler with an entrance more casual than that is our Universal Champion!"

"Lights in the Sky" hits as the fans start to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He looks back to the two snowmen that have just been brought out before his entrance and doesn’t seem to like them either.

HHL: “Marf made it pretty clear that he wasn’t too impressed with the match stipulations in this tournament.”

PIP: “I don’t know why! An opportunity is an opportunity… And Marf has had a few of them already!

Marf marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. He rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

HHL: "Marf certainly makes more enemies than he does friends."

PIP: "I can't imagine why!"

Marf looks eager to go as his opponent casually leans in the corner. The ref checks with Schism to make sure he's good and, with a wave of permission from the newcomer, he calls for the bell.


- vs -
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

The crowd responds as Marf and Schism stare across the ring from each other before they charge like two raging bulls towards each other meeting in the middle of the ring where right hands start to fly for the first several seconds before the larger Marf drives a knee across the midsection of the smaller Schism. He clobbers him across the back dropping Schism to one knee. Marf delivers a boot to the face knocking his foe back to the mat.

Marf starts laying the boots to Schism on the mat to boos from the crowd before reaching down where he picks him up and hurls him through the ropes and out to the floor. Marf is out after him. He picks him up where he looks to fire him into the steel steps, Schism reverses and it’s Marf crashing into the steps!

HHL: “We know the drill at this point. Who is going to destroy the other’s snowman first?”

”PIP: It looks like Schism is going to start doing it now.”

Schism walks up the ramp and makes his way over to Marf’s snowman. He pulls the left arm off the snowman before being blasted from behind by Marf. He takes Schism back towards the ring where he shoots him into the ring apron! Marf turns and kicks the right arm of Schism’s snowman off! He turns back around where he rushes towards Schism who throws a right boot to the face of Marf sending him stumbling back down the ramp. Schism rakes Marf across the eyes before taking him and bouncing him face-first off the ring post!

HHL: “Schism is a scrapper! He’s not going to stop coming at you.”

Schism comes around the ring where he takes a mount on Marf before hammering down with right hands! He brings a fist down where Marf catches his arm where he rolls out twisting Schism’s arm driving him down into the floor. Marf is back up to his feet where he picks up Schism and delivers a headbutt dropping Schism back down to the floor.

Marf directs attention back towards the snowmen.

He heads back up the ramp to the stage where he smashes the left arm off Schism’s snowman’s left arm. He reaches down picking up some snow just as Schism reaches him and smashes it into his face!

PIP: “Schism has to find a way to get back into this. Marf is like a man possessed on taking one step closer to an attempt at reclaiming the Television Championship.”

The two of them work they’re way back down the ramp towards the ring again.

HHL: “These guys are back and forth! Up the ramp, down the ramp!”

Marf brings Schism back around the ring where he looks to drive him head first off the ring apron, Schism blocks and counters with an elbow strike to the ribcage which breaks the grasp of Marf. Schism hammers away with a right hand before bouncing Marf head first off the ring apron. Schism turns back towards the stage and Marf’s snowman and he rushes towards it, knocking its head clean off with a lariat! The crowd roars as we’re one step closer to this one coming to an end.


Schism spins back around to Marf driving a boot to the midsection where he looks to deliver a pump handle slam! Schism slides down the back of Marf, shoving him from behind, sending him forward up the ramp! Schism rushes towards Marf who spins around with enough time to land a T-Bone Suplex on the ramp!

PIP: “That’s a human body smacking on steel! Neither one have any give to them!”

Marf is the first to work his way back to his feet. He turns towards the snowmen where he walks over and knocks the head off Schisms followed by the middle!

HHL: “Marf only has to bust that last section and he will punch his ticket to the next round and a possible return match with Betsy for the Television Championship!”

Before Marf can smash the last bits and take the win, we see Schism spin Marf around where he thumbs him in the eye. Schism opens up with a series of right hands to Marf where he yanks him away from his snowman and back down the ramp. He scoops up Marf and slams him down!

Schism drops an elbow down on Marf before dropping down choking Mark with both hands across the neck! He chokes away as Marf manages to gouge Schism in the eyes, breaking the choke. Marf works his way to his feet where he picks up Schism and hurls him back into the ring. Marf slides back into the ring where he gets to his feet, sizing up Schism who negotiates his way back up to a vertical base where Marf comes forward locking him up with a full nelson where he hoists him high in the air, driving him down with a full nelson slam!

PIP: Marf’s size and strength on firm display.

Marf gets back to his feet where he gazes down at Schism before picking him up. He shoots him towards the ropes, Schism latches on to the top rope! Marf charges towards Schism looking for a lariat over the top rope! Schism drops down while yanking the top rope down, sending Marf spilling over the top rope and out to the floor.

Schism rushes across the ring bouncing off the far side ropes gaining a full head of steam where he dives through the top and middle ropes with a Suicide Dive onto Marf driving him back against the barricade! Schism takes his opponent by the head and they both follow the ramp back up to the stage… Marf attempts to fight back with a couple of jabs to the gut, but Schism knees him in the head then tosses him forward into his own snowman busting it apart leaving the final section which Schism destroys!

HHL: “Hey! That will do it! Marf has been eliminated from the tournament! Schism will face Charlie Nickles Round 2 in a Polar Plunge match!”



The smoke fills up with red on the stage, as the arena lights flicker. Then once we see "The Rebellious One" on the X-Tron, then we hear the voice of Bone Thugs and Reggie walks past the snowmen and down to song. Then we see him with walking down the ramp, and stop at the camera gives it the finger. Then he rolls into the ring, and goes to the top rope and poses. Then he jumps down, and chills on the corner as his theme cuts off.

PIP: "How big would a TV Title shot be for Reggie Estrada?"

HHL: "Huge. To go through the talent we have here tonight would be a statement in itself; let alone beating Betsy for the belt!"

As the Instrumental version of the Power Rangers theme song begins to play, the stage parts like the Red Sea as the crowd waits with anticipation. Up from below rises none other than Cage Coleman, wearing a modified version of Saiyan armor and a green Power Ranger helmet. He holds his arms in the air with excitement before punching the air in front of him, sending fireworks shooting up the entryway.

The Traveler then makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with random fans and pumping them up as he passes by. Once at ringside, he jumps up onto the apron and over the top rope, inside the squared circle. He runs the ropes a few times before taking off his entrance gear and preparing himself mentally for the match ahead.

PIP: "Cage Coleman coming off a loss to Mark Flynn in his XWF debut. Though he lost, he made quite an impact with an impressive performance against one half of the Tag Team Champions!"

HHL: "Coleman looked good, he could be a potential dark horse in this Tournament."

PIP: "The same could be said for his opponent, as well."

With both men anxious to advance to the next round, the referee calls for the bell and the match is underway!

Reggie Estrada
- vs -
Cage Coleman
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

Cage acts like he's about to lock-up with Estrada, only to fake him out and immediately head for the snowmen!

PIP: "Cage Coleman isn't wasting any time! He's looking to end this match quick so he can stay fresh for the next round!"

Reggie follows Coleman up the ramp, eventually catching up to him before he can reach the stage. Estrada turns him around and delivers a HARD Haymaker that forces his opponent to retreat towards the barricade. Rather than follow him, Reggie heads for Cage's snowman and begins kicking at it.

HHL: "Looks like it's gonna be Reggie who'll be fresh for the next round!"

PIP: "Not so fast! Coleman's headin' right for him!"

Before Estrada can do any real damage, Cage comes up behind him and goes for a Dragon Suplex. Reggie blocks it, and reverses into a standing switch, ending up behind his opponent where he attempts a Killswitch! Coleman slips out and shoves Estrada towards his own snowman but, luckily, he's able to stop before making contact with it.

PIP: "Reggie just about lost himself the match!"

Estrada turns around, only to see Cage Coleman rushing right towards him! Determined to protect his snowman, he stands his ground and hits a brutal STO Backbreaker, before pulling his opponent back up for a Neckbreaker!!!

HHL: "Great combination by Estrada! He seems a lot more fluid in his movements tonight."

PIP: "Everybody's gotta step their game up if they wanna earn that shot at Betsy Granger's Title!"

Reggie Estrada heads over to his opponent's snowman and begins punching away at it, receiving a positive reaction with every shot. This doesn't last long, though, as Cage Coleman hurries to his feet and blindsides Estrada with a vicious Superkick! The shot sends him into the stage backing, causing him to bounce back into Coleman's arms, allowing him to connect with a Belly to Back Suplex! He hurries to his feet and goes for a Standing Moonsault......................... which Reggie avoids!!!

PIP: "Cage Coleman crashes and burns at the top of the ramp!"

HHL: "The stage is made of solid steel, he could have a broken sternum!"

Cage grabs at his chest as Reggie works his way to a vertical base. He takes a step towards Coleman's snowman, but his opponent desperately grabs onto his pants and prevents him from moving any further! This prompts Estrada to turn around and begin hammering away at Cage's face, eventually forcing him to let go. Rather than continue for the snowman, Reggie decides to go for the finishing blow; leaving him waiting patiently for Coleman to get back to his feet.

PIP: "Reggie could be looking for Mashful!"

HHL: "That should put Cage down long enough for Estrada to finish demolishing his snowman!"

Reggie Kicks at Cage the instant he goes to get up, but Coleman catches his leg and counters with a Dragonscrew! He then gets back to his feet and lifts Estrada up onto his shoulders for an Around the World. As he goes to hit it, though, Reggie escapes and responds with a Bloom-Ace attempt! Cage shoves him off and tries to catch him with a surprise Superkick.................................... which Estrada ducks! Unfortunately for him, though, Coleman connects with his snowman, knocking his head off and sending it crumbling to the floor!

PIP: "In an effort to save himself, Reggie helped his opponent damage his snowman!"

HHL: "Thankfully, the rest of it's still intact, keeping him in this match!"

Cage Coleman turns around and gets dropped with a surprise DDT that plants his face into the unforgiving steel of the ramp!

PIP: "Cage Coleman's gonna need plastic surgery after that DDT!"

HHL: "Considering he wasn't that attractive, it'll probably be an improvement."

Coleman looks out as Estrada stands up and laughs at him. He takes a few steps towards his opponent's snowman, only to turn around and head back for the ring.

PIP: "What the hell is he doing?!?"

Reggie reaches ringside, where he lifts the apron skirt up and begins searching underneath it. He eventually comes back up with a Kendo Stick, garnering a positive reaction from the audience.

HHL: "Looks like he's getting a little help!"

PIP: "I wanna know if that's for the snowman, or Cage Coleman?"

HHL: "Looks like we're about to find out!"

Reggie Estrada makes it back up the ramp, where he whacks his opponent in the shoulder with his weapon before turning it on his snowman! Estrada hacks away at it like a tree, sending pieces of snow flying all over with every swing!

PIP: "This one isn't gonna last much longer!"

After taking about a dozen swings, Reggie has his thirteenth one stopped! Cage Coleman wraps his arms around the Kendo Stick, preventing his opponent from using it anymore. This causes an enraged Estrada to furiously pound on the back of Coleman's head with his fist!

HHL: "Reggie's frustrated! He knows how close he was to moving on to the next round!"

The flurry of punches causes Cage to let go of the Kendo Stick, allowing Reggie to yank it away and swing at his head. Coleman ducks it and lifts Estrada up onto his shoulders, a look of determination on his face. He then turns towards his snowman and hits a modified Around the World, sending his opponent crashing all the way through it, sealing the victory!


After the bell rang, Reggie gets up off the pile of snow and grabs a chair from the front row. As Cage is busy celebrating, Estrada hits him with the chair in the back.

HHL: “Oh no! What’s Reggie think he’s doing?!”

PIP: “It looks like he’s seeking revenge and making sure that after Coleman beat him that he’s not going to make it much further in this tournament….”

Cage turns around and he pleads with Reggie to spare him, but he ends up hitting him with the chair to his dome as hard as he could. He then hears the boo's flooding the arena, and he places the chair on his ankle and he goes to the top rope.

HHL: “Don’t do it Reggie!”

JB appears out of nowhere to stop Reggie from doing more damage on Cage, Reggie and JB argue but Reggie ends up Pillmanizing Cage's ankle. Then Reggie leaves the ring with JB who congratulates him, as they head to the back as the show hits a commercial.

HHL: “Welcome back, fans… I don’t really know what to say about that last segment OR if Cage Coleman is going to be able to compete later on tonight. He could potentially have two more matches this evening and with a bum ankle… He’ll clearly be at a disadvantage…”

PIP: “I DID mention how absurd it is to have all this happening one night, didn’t I?”

HHL: “You just don’t want to be here, right now. Anyway, I believe we’re ready for our final match for Round One!”

The two snowmen for VSK and Ciela Luiz are displayed on each side of the stage as Ciela makes her way out from the back! She stops at the top of the ramp and looks around the stage for a moment….

HHL: “I wonder what Ciela is looking f--- Oh no.”

PIP: “Flamethrower!!!”

Victoria Strader-Knox
- vs -
Ciela Luiz
Singles - Abominable Snowman Deconstruction!! Like a Flag Match, there is a snowman in each competitor's image outside the ring by the stage! First competitor to destroy their opponent's snowman wins and advances to the second round!

Ciela claims the flamethrower that was left on the side of the stage by the ramp by Osira earlier in the show.

HHL: “I don’t think Ciela is even going to wait for Victoria to come out!!”

Ciela closes her eyes tight and pulls the trigger! A huge flame blasts out and vaporizes VSK’s snowman in a few short seconds!

PIP: “Now THAT… was effective. What a good match.”

HHL: “You’re ridiculous, Pip! That was nothing! There wasn’t even a punch thrown! There wasn’t even an opponent!”

PIP: “Effective!”


The Ultimate X-Kimo Snow Battle Open!!!
All XWF roster members are welcome including anyone already booked and those who are not opt'd in! Post 1/500 word roleplay about how you're the quickest, slickest hand in the snow and be the LAST X-KIMO STANDING!!!!

Some guy stands in the middle of the snowy tundra that was designated for the Ultimate X-kimo Snow Battle Open.

"Who's that?"

HHL: "I'm not certain, but I believe Steve Sayors knows him. Apparently he was the only one that got the memo regarding this."

PIP: "Yeah, that or he's the only one who understands what an open invitation is. Oh well, call it, Nipsey!"



[Image: 0BfDjtp.png]

HHL: “Okay fans, we’re ready to begin Round Two of the tournament! These matches will be Polar Plunge matches where the competitors will fight atop of a scaffolding and whoever takes the plunge is eliminated for the tournament and going home!”

PIP: “And the other is going to the finals to see who will be going to Bad Medicine!”

HHL: “And it looks like our first two competitors are ready to begin, folks! Let’s have a look!

Charlie Nickles
- vs -
Singles - Polar Plunge!! Competitors will battle atop a squared, ring-sized platform over a tank of sub-zero water!! Whoever takes the plunge is eliminated from the tournament!!

Charlie Nickles and Schism stand opposite each other on the scaffold with joists in their hands while the massive tank of sub-degree water underneath them awaits one of their fates. They start to walk out towards the center of the scaffold where they touch the ends of their jousting instruments before Charlie smacks Schism in the side of the head. Schism no sells and smacks Charlie in the side of the head in response. Charlie and Schism look at each other and nod before throwing their jousting instruments down into the water below where they start throwing right hands to the roar from the crowd!

PIP: “It certainly didn’t take long for these two to start throwing hands nearly thirty feet in the air!”

HHL: “Charlie Nichols is looking to get back into a title picture while Schism is looking to take down a hardcore icon. It’s a win/win for us!”

Charlie blocks a right from Schism where he gouges him in the eyes! Charlie boots him in the midsection where he looks to deliver a Double Arm DDT on the scaffold! Schism counters with a double leg take down! He mounts Nickles before hammering down with a flurry of right hands in his own right before he starts biting Charlie across the forehead!

PIP: “There’s no rules when you’re that high in the air!”

HHL: “I just wanna see someone do a cannonball!”

Schism steps back up to his feet where he picks up Charlie and attempts to hurl him off the scaffold only to see Nickles put on the brakes while delivering a side suplex on to the scaffold drawing a response from the crowd. Charlie returns the favor with a series of right hands across the forehead of Schism before he rolls him onto his chest and starts driving him face first into the scaffolding several times before throwing out a BANG! BANG!

PIP: “Charlie has been stifled for a bit, this tournament could be what gets him back to Championship gold.”

HHL: “All eyes of everyone are on that title shot at Bad Medicine either against Betsy Granger or Thebe.”

Charlie rolls Schism towards the side of the scaffolding where he attempts to roll him off the side! The crowd roars as Schism hangs off the Scaffolding! Charlie starts hammering with right hands to the forehead! Schism manages a gouge to the eyes!

Schism climbs back up on the scaffold where he is able to take him down with a running clothesline! Charlie gets to all fours where Schism kicks him in the ribs knocking him over the side of the scaffolding! Charlie hangs on the side as the crowd roars with anticipation.

PIP: “Schism could be moments away from punching his ticket to the finals of this one night tournament!”

HHL: “Talk about a feather in the cap of the newcomer if he is able to take that next step here tonight.”

Schism stops on the right hand of Charlie in an attempt to break free. He stomps a second time, this time Charlie moves his hand before picking the ankle causing Schism to lose his balance and fall backward to the scaffold. This allows Charlie to climb back up onto the scaffold himself as Schism gets back to his feet where he nails him with a right hand, Charlie comes back with a right, Schism comes back with a right, Charlie lands a right. Charlie blocks a right before gouging Schism in the eyes, nearly sending him stumbling back and off the scaffolding. Schism fights back and hits Charlie blindly with another right hand, sending Charlie back and holding onto nothing but the cable, keeping the scaffolding in the air… Schism rubs his eyes and moves in for another attack, but Charlie kicks him in the gut stopping him in his tracks! Charlie reaches down his pants and…

HHL: “Oh my God… What is Charlie doing?”

PIP: “I don’t know. I can’t look.”

HHL: “Wait! What are those?!

Charlie produces a pair of wire cutters from inside his pants and cuts the cable causing the scaffolding to flip to one side. Charlie braced himself and was able to hang onto the scaffolding, but Schism didn’t have the same luck and took the plunge into the icy water below!

HHL: “This one’s over! Charlie had another trick up his sleeve tonight!”

PIP: “Or in his pants, right?”


Ciela Luiz and Cage Coleman are shown atop a platform over a miniature lake of freezing cold water.

PIP: "For those of you just joining us, we are in the middle of a one night Tournament to determine the #1 Contender to Betsy Granger's TV Title at Bad Medicine."

HHL: "That's right, Pip, we're currently in the 2nd Round where Cage Coleman, who defeated Reggie Estrada to get here, will be facing Ciela Luiz, who beat Victoria Strader-Knox to advance after a very interesting first round"

PIP: “Charlie showed us that he’s about to do whatever it takes to win this tournament and fight for the Television Championship at Bad Medicine! He will be awaiting the winner of this match in the finals!”

HHL: “Ciela should still be feeling fresh as she had her first round match won before her opponent could even make it out to the arena!”

PIP: “And how is Cage Coleman going to be on this scaffolding with that bum ankle thanks to Reggie Estrada?”

HHL: “The odds are NOT in his favor, Pip!”

PIP: “It looks like they’re done re-attaching the cable to the scaffolding to get it hung back up again. Thanks Charlie!”

With both competitors in position, the referee(who is merely there to confirm the fall) calls for the bell.

Cage Coleman
- vs -
Ciela Luiz
Singles - Polar Plunge!! Competitors will battle atop a squared, ring-sized platform over a tank of sub-zero water!! Whoever takes the plunge is eliminated from the tournament!!

PIP: "Remember, the winner will be the first person to force their opponent into the water, by whatever means necessary and will fight Charlie Nickles in the final!"

HHL: "You gotta wonder how Coleman's leg is doing after that attack from Reggie earlier."

Cage and Ciela meet in the center of the platform, where an injured Coleman begins berating Luiz and ordering her to eliminate herself. As he does this, Ciela puts her head down and turns around, before slowly heading towards the edge.

PIP: "She isn't ACTUALLY gonna give Coleman the win.............. is she?!"

Cage applauds Luiz as she reaches the end of the platform and peers down into the icy, cold water below. She then looks over her shoulder at Coleman, who motions for her to jump before crossing his arms impatiently. Ciela then takes a deep breath and...................................

.................................... runs back at Coleman, hitting him with a surprise Superkick that causes him to go limp and drop!

HHL: "Guess not!"

PIP: "I can't believe he fell for that!"

HHL: "You almost fell for it!"

Luiz brings Coleman to a vertical base and begins dragging him towards the edge. Before they can get too far, though, Cage comes to and shoves Ciela off of him, retreating to the center of the platform afterwards. He motions for her to come at him, which she happily does, only to get rocked by a Jumping Knee to the face. She takes a few steps back, allowing Coleman to grab her from behind. Cage goes for a Dragon Suplex, but Ciela slips her arms out and responds with a Pele Kick! The shot rocks Coleman, causing him to drop to a knee. This allows his opponent the opportunity to attempt a Shining Wizard, which he ducks and counters with a Snap Dragon Suplex!!!

HHL: "Cage Coleman just dropped Ciela on her neck! If he can get her to the edge, it might be as simple as rolling her in!"

Cage begins rolling Luiz along the platform with his foot, but she eventually puts her hands and feet out to stop. An annoyed Coleman picks her up and cracks her in the jaw with a vicious European Uppercut before lifting her up onto his shoulders and continuing for the side of the platform.

PIP: "He could be looking to finish her with an Around the World like he did Reggie!"

Coleman reaches the edge but, before he can even THINK about tossing Ciela off, she fights back with a combination of elbows and knees to the side of his head. The shots allow Luiz to slip behind Cage and push him off of the platform for the water below!

PIP: "Ciela's the winner!"

HHL: "Not so fast, Pip! Coleman's hanging on by the tips of his fingers!!!"

We see a shot of a desperate Cage holding onto the platform for dear life. Luiz approaches him and goes to Stomp on his left hand, but Coleman moves it at the last second and grabs hold of her ankle! This causes Ciela to fall backwards, allowing Cage enough time to pull himself up and run back to the middle.

PIP: "That's about as close as you can get!"

HHL: "You gotta applaud Coleman's effort."

PIP: "Let's not forget, both of them already competed in a match earlier, and one of them still has one more to go!"

HHL: "Excellent point, Pip."

Ciela hurries to her feet and meets Cage in the center of the platform, with neither of them wanting to make the next move. They circle each other a bit until, finally, Coleman comes in with a tie-up. He uses his size to easily push Luiz back towards the platform's edge, getting her to the point where her heels are up in the air.

PIP: "Ciela Luiz is teetering! Just a little bit further and Cage'll have her!"

Coleman goes to push Ciela off, but she uses his weight against him, diving out of the way at the last second, causing him to nearly tumble forward off the platform! Luckily, he's able to balance on one foot and wave his arms frantically enough to prevent himself from falling. Luiz hurries over and tries to shove him off, but Cage sidesteps her. She almost falls off, but shifts her weight backwards, allowing her to land on her ass, instead.

PIP: "This is making me nervous!"

HHL: "Me too!"

Coleman goes to finish Luiz off with one final push, but she desperately wraps her arms around his legs and refuses to let go. Cage tries to shake her arm, but ends up losing his balance and falls off the side with her still holding on!

PIP: "Who fell in?!?"

HHL: "I don't think either of them did!"

We see Cage Coleman, once again, holding onto the ledge, as Ciela Luiz hangs onto him. The two of them dangle over the water, with Cage trying his best to pull himself up, but struggling thanks to the extra weight. Knowing they'll both fall if she doesn't do something, Ciela pulls herself up by Cage's tights enough to grab hold of the platform, too. They both hang onto the side, Kicking at one another until they each pull themselves up, to the amazement of the fans!

HHL: "I can't believe NEITHER of them fell there!"

PIP: "Just goes to show how badly they want a shot at Betsy Granger's Title!"

The two competitors can't even make it back to their feet before they're already exchanging blows. One right hand from Coleman gets met with two from Ciela, and vice versa. As they fight, they eventually DO make it back to a vertical base, with both of their legs looking like Jell-O.

PIP: "I think this is it!"

HHL: "But who's it gonna be?!"

Cage Coleman ducks a Superkick from Ciela and tries to lift her up onto his shoulders for an Around the World, but she escapes! He blocks a Pele Kick and goes for a German Suplex, only for an Elbow to back him away. Luiz then goes to kick Cage, only for him to catch it and pull her backwards with a Dragonscrew that sends her plummeting, for good, into the water below!!!!!!


HHL: "Cage Coleman wins with a Dragonscrew out of nowhere!"

PIP: "How impressive was THAT? Not too often you see someone win with a Dragonscrew!"

Cage Coleman celebrates atop the platform as Ciela Luiz desperately tries to swim her way out of the ice cold water below.

As Megadeth shrieks through the arena, "Dangerous" Dave Mustang and Johnny "Twisted" Steele roar down the entrance ramp on their twin Harleys.

PIP: "And we're set for Tag Team action with one of the baddest teams in XWF, The Disintegrators!"

HHL: "Bad is an understatement, these guys are terrible!"

PIP: "Hey! You're looking at the future World Tag Team Champions, Heather, show some respect!"

HHL: "Respect is earned, Pip, and I'm still waiting for these guys to do something to earn mine."

The duo circle the ring once and then park their bikes on either side of the ramp before strutting to the ring, giving each other a massive high ten once they are on the apron together. Mustang gets in the ring first and waits for their opponents to make their entrance.

As the opening riff of "Wicked Child" tears through the arena, the crowd jumps to their feet! Vita makes her way down to the ring, taking time to interact with her adoring fans along the way. Once at ringside, she stops and waits for her partner, as the Disintigrators try to bait her into entering the squared circle without him.

Centurion's music hits, sending the crowd into a frenzy. After a moment of it playing, the new Anarchy Champion steps out onto the stage, causing the crowd to make even MORE noise.

PIP: "As we saw last Warfare, Centurion defeated Latina Submission Machina to win back the Anarchy Title."

HHL: "Cent's gotta be riding high after adding yet ANOTHER Championship to his illustrious history."

PIP: "Just a shame it wasn't one that matters."

HHL: "You better hope Vinnie didn't hear you say that."

PIP: "I'm pretty sure it's past his bedtime, so I should be good. Speaking of which, how is Centurion awake right now?"

Cent makes his way down the aisle, eventually joining VV at ringside. The two of them look at each other before sliding into the ring simultaneously, sending The Disintegrators running as the fans cheer.

HHL: "This crowd is hot for these two tonight!"

The referee makes Centurion and Vita retreat to their corner, giving their opponents the space to climb back in(though they take their sweet ass time). Once they're in, the referee turns to the time keeper and calls for the bell.


The Disintegrators
- vs -
Vita Valenteen & Centurion
Arctic Tornado Tag Alaskan Street Fight - No tags necessary in this no holds barred, Alaskan Street Fight. Competitors will start off in the ring and can take the match anywhere!! One-fall.

HHL: "Don't forget, these are Tornado Tag Rules, meaning all the competitors will be in the ring at the same time."

PIP: "In addition, anything goes AND the participants may fight all over the arena, first fall wins."

The Disintegrators immediately charge their opponents, with both Centurion and Vita ducking their Clotheslines. Johnny Steele turns into a Superkick from Valenteen as Centurion sends Mustang through the ropes with a V-Trigger. He follows "Dangerous" Dave to the outside as VV quickly covers "Twisted."



Vita drags Johnny to his feet and goes to Irish Whip him into the corner. Steele reverses, changing course and sending Valenteen, back first, into the nearest turnbuckles! He then grabs hold of her and hits a Backdrop, before rolling over top of her for a cover of his own.




On the outside, Cent' and Mustang exchange shots to the crowd's delight. Centurion connects with a flurry of punches, only for "Dangerous" Dave to respond with a stiff Knee to the gut. He takes hold of the Anarchy Champion's hand and goes to toss him into the steel steps, but Cent' reverses it!

PIP: "Dave Mustang could have a separated should after that!"

HHL: "I'd sympathize if he hadn't been trying to do the same thing to Cent'!"

Back in the ring, Johnny Steele brings Vita Valenteen to her feet and goes for a Stump Pull Piledriver, but Centurion slides in and Clotheslines him from behind, allowing VV to flip him over her head! The two of them pick the Disintigrator up and Whip him to the ropes, but he ducks their Double Clothesline attempt, bounces off the other side, and takes them BOTH down with one of his own from each arm!

PIP: "Let the record show that was a Clothesline, NOT a lariat."

HHL: "They're the same thing!"

PIP: "Not to The Disintegrators!"

Johnny Steele pushes Vita out of the ring with his foot as his partner climbs up onto the apron with a chair. He shows it to Johnny, who gives Dave a thumbs up before bringing Centurion to his feet and holding him in place. Mustang climbs into the ring and charges at Cent, swinging full force with the chair............................................ only for him to duck!!! This causes Dave to smash his partner in the face, instantly dropping him. "Dangerous" Dave looks down at Johnny in awe, allowing Centurion to come up behind him and hit an Olympic Slam to the audience's delight!

PIP: "1,000 Mile Slam! This could be it for the Disintegrators!"




HHL: "I'm surprised Dave kicked out!"

PIP: "Well it's not like he was hit by a chair!"

Cent' heads towards Mustang's legs, grabs hold of them, and attempts to lock in the Fall of Rome. Dave refuses to turn over, flopping around on the mat until he's able to shimmy his way to the ropes and grab onto the bottom one. Centurion refuses to let go, that is, until Johnny Steele crawls over and smacks him across the back with the chair from before.

HHL: "I'm surprised he didn't miss."

PIP: "Dangerous Dave didn't miss, Heather, Centurion moved!"

HHL: "Much like comparing a Clothesline to a Lariat, it's the same thing."

The Disintegrators get to their feet and take turns using the chair for batting practice, with the Anarchy Champion playing the roll of the ball. After a couple swings, the duo turn and see Vita Valenteen flying at them with an Eat Defeat for each of 'em! Johnny Steele ducks out of the way, but Vita connects with Dave Mustang and rolls him onto his back for a cover.




PIP: "I'm surprised Vita even went for a cover after missing Johnny Steele."

HHL: "She probably assumed her partner would have her back."

The camera shows Centurion wincing on the mat, still reeling from those vicious chair shots.

PIP: "Seems like a bad assumption to me!"

Johnny Steele goes to pick VV up, but she fights back with a Knife-edge Chop that instantly leaves a mark on her opponent's chest. She then runs to the ropes and back, only to get caught with a Sidewalk Slam! Steele leans back and lifts her legs for a cover.




HHL: "He's got her back now!"

PIP: "Took him long enough!"

Centurion picks the chair up off the mat and begins wailin' on Johnny Steele with it. As he's preoccupied with that, Dave Mustang sneaks up behind Vita and rolls her up with a Schoolboy!




As soon as Vita kicks out, "Dangerous" Dave turns and nearly has his head taken off by a shot from Centurion......................... which he luckily ducks! Cent' nearly kills his partner instead, but manages to pull back JUST before making contact. He then turns around and avoids a Big Boot from Mustang that, unfortunately, turns Vita inside out! Johnny Steele then surprises Centurion with a Shoulder Block, sparking a new sense of confidence for The Disintegrators!

PIP: "Steele and Mustang are ridin' high! They could put looking to put Cent' and Valenteen away right here!"

Dave Mustang lifts Centurion up onto his shoulders in an Electric Chair as Johnny Steele climbs out onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckles.

HHL: "I think you might be right! They're looking to finish Cent' off with Total Disintegration!!!"

Once he reaches the top rope, Johnny Steele dives towards Centurion, who slips behind "Dangerous" Dave and takes him down by the legs. This causes Johnny to crash to the mat, allowing Vita Valeteen to hit him with a Canadian Destroyer and cover as Cent' simultaneously locks in the Fall of Rome of Mustang!!!!!






PIP: "And just like their groupies, The Disintegrators go down!"

The referee brings Centurion his Anarchy Championship, prompting him to show it off as Vita celebrates with him.

HHL: "You gotta appreciate their ability to work together and overcome an established Tag Team that's been together alot longer than they have."

PIP: "Absolutely. Contrary to what you said earlier, The Disintegrators are no joke, and getting a win over them is no easy task; especially for a random pairing like Vita and Cent'."

[Image: taLsNkr.png]

A half-dozen Eskimos make their way out from the back and surround the ring, each with their own personal weapon of choice in hand.

PIP: "And here we go, folks, the Final match of tonight's Tournament to determine the #1 Contender for the Television Title at Bad Medicine."

As the Instrumental version of the Power Rangers theme song begins to play, the stage parts like the Red Sea as the crowd waits with anticipation. Up from below rises none other than Cage Coleman, wearing a modified version of Saiyan armor and a green Power Ranger helmet. He holds his arms in the air with excitement before punching the air in front of him, sending fireworks shooting up the entryway as he makes his way forward.

HHL: "The newcomer continues to impress, defeating both Reggie Estrada AND Ciela Luiz to get here."

PIP: "Neither one of those is an easy task, let alone in one night!"

The Traveler heads down the ramp, slapping hands with random fans and pumping them up as he passes by. Once at ringside, he jumps up onto the apron and over the top rope, inside the squared circle. He runs the ropes a few times before taking off his entrance gear and preparing himself mentally for the match ahead.

As his theme song plays, Charlie Nickles come out from the back and makes his way down the ring.

HHL: "Cage is gonna have his hands full with Charlie Nickles."

PIP: "Absolutely! Former TV Champion, and probably the most unstable member of the roster, Charlie's gonna do ANYTHING in order to win that belt back."

Charlie takes a moment to check out the Eskimos before rolling into the ring and taking the fight directly to his opponent as the referee rings the bell!



Cage Coleman
- vs -
Charlie Nickles
X-Kimo Lumberjack Match!! In the finals of the TV Title Contendership Tourney, we will have the ring surrounded by a half-dozen, unbiased Anchorage natives to keep the competitors in the ring!! The winner will face the XWF Televison Champion at Bad Medicine!!

PIP: "And Charlie Nickles is right in Cage Coleman before the bell even rings!"

Charlie traps Cage in the corner, hammering away with Fists and Knees until Coleman drops to the mat. Nickles then drags him to his feet and pulls him to the center of the ring, setting up for a Double Arm DDT. Before he can hit it, though, Cage Coleman escapes and cracks him in the head with a vicious Knee! He then runs to the ropes, but Nickles quickly recovers and meets him there, Clotheslining them both over the top rope and out onto the floor.

HHL: "I don't think EITHER of them want to be out here!"

The xtreme Eskimos hurry over to the competitors, where they begin laying a beatdown with their various weapons. One whips Charlie over and over again with a chain(though he appears to like it!), while another chokes Cage Coleman with his ice-fishing pole! A third comes up and tries to stab Cage with a harpoon, but he narrowly avoids it, causing the object to cut the fishing line and free him! He hurries to his feet and slides in the ring, with his opponent not too far behind him.

PIP: "I don't think they're gonna do THAT again!"

HHL: "Not by choice."

As soon as Nickles slides in the ring, Cage is right there Stomping away. After a couple of 'em, Coleman brings Charlie to a vertical base and whips him towards the ropes. Cage bends down to flip his opponent over his shoulders, but Charlie stops short and hits him with a Piledriver! He rolls over top of Coleman for a cover.




PIP: "I thought he had him there!"

HHL: "You gotta wonder how much either of these men have left after wrestling two matches already!"

Charlie picks Cage up and hits a Scoop Powerslam, demanding the ref to count another cover after.




An irritated Charlie grabs his opponent by the face. He presses his thumbs into his opponents eyes and gouges them as Cage Coleman screams.

PIP: "We're about to become the first promotion to ever have a blindwrestler!"

Coleman begins blindly swinging away, connecting with a few shots to the side of Charlie's head. This only infuriates Nickles more, causing him to grab Cage by the hair and throw him under the bottom rope, outside the ring!

HHL: "Here we go, again!"

With an Eskimo on each side, Cage Coleman rushes to his feet and back into the ring, narrowly escaping being harpooned.

PIP: "That one with the harpoon sure is feisty!"

Charlie grabs hold of Cage and Irish Whips him into the corner. He follows close behind, only to get backed up by a Boot to the Face! With his opponent's back to him, Coleman approaches him gets into position for a Reverse DDT. However, instead of hitting it, he grabs Charlie by the tights and flips him backwards into a Stunner. With his opponent dazed, Coleman kips up and knocks Nickles into the corner with a Superkick. His back hits the turnbuckles, sending Charlie back into Cage's open arms, allowing him to hit a Belly to Back Suplex before doing a Standing Moonsault into a pin attempt!




PIP: "What a combination!"

Cage signals for the end and picks Charlie up onto his shoulders.

HHL: "He may be trying to finish it right here!"

Before Coleman can hit an Around the World, Nickles escapes and connects with a surprise Double Arm DDT as he does so!!!!

PIP: "Devil Hook Drop! Devil Hook Drop! Charlie Nickles is about to become the #1 Contender!..............."

HHL: " the TV Title."

Charlie rolls Cage onto his back and hooks a leg for the cover.



FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie angrily slaps his hands on the mat, before calming himself down and getting back up. He brings Cage with him, lifting The Traveler up onto his shoulders with a slick smile on his face.

HHL: "Is Charlie going for an Around The World???"

PIP: "Yes, I think he is! Oh man, I love it!"

Before Charlie can hit it, though, Coleman slips off his shoulders and lifts him up onto HIS!

HHL: "Looks like someone wants to show him how it's done!"

Despite barely being able to stand, Cage Coleman hits his opponent with an Around the World................... but is unable to pin him!!!

PIP: "A missed opportunity here for Coleman. Every second that passes is more time for Charlie to recover!"

Cage lays on the mat for a lot longer than you know he would've liked, but eventually is able to crawl over to his opponent and drape an arm across his chest.




HHL: "He took too much time and it cost him there."

In a desperate attempt to escape his opponent, Charlie Nickles rolls out of the ring, where he's met by some annnnnnnngry Eskimos!

PIP: "I think in all the excitement, Charlie forgot what was there waiting!"

HHL: "I think you're right!"

Two of the Alaskan Lumberjacks begin hitting him with their weapons, one a baseball bat and the other a hammer made of ice. The one breaks his ice weapon over Nickles' head as the other smacks him in the back with the bat! Once again, the violent-ccentric Eskimo with a harpoon hurries over, craving blood now more than ever! He goes to stab Charlie with it, but the former TV Champion ducks, causing him to impale the one with the bat in the face!

PIP(simultaneously): "Holy shit!"

HHL(simultaneously): "Holy shit!"

As the one Eskimo collapses, dead, Charlie hurries back into the ring before he can suffer a similar fate. Nickles gets up up runs at Coleman, who lifts him from the side into a Spinning Piledriver! He only manages to rotate twice before his opponent's weight gets the better of him, allowing Charlie to fall backwards and actually HIT Cage with his own finishing maneuver!

PIP: "The Spiral Driver! Charlie Nickles might've just ended this match with one of his opponent's moves!"

Charlie makes sure to pull Cage Coleman away from the ropes before hooking both legs for the cover.





HHL: "Charlie did it! He's the new #1 Contender!"

PIP: "Cage Coleman is humiliated! Charlie Nickles absolutely embarrassed him tonight!"

HHL: "There's no shame in losing to your own move, Pip. If anything, it shows how good it is!"

Charlie Nickles begins celebrating, stepping over Coleman's body and running around the ring with his arms in the air.

PIP: "I think Charlie's excited for this one, he's been wanting to get his TV Title back ever since losing it; and now he's one win away from achieving that goal!"

HHL: "Cage Coleman put up a helluva fight, but in the end, Charlie Nickles will be the one facing the winner of our Main Event at Bad Medicine."

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

Betsy Granger©
- vs -
Thebe Nwadike
15 Minute Time Limit - Television Title Match. Betsy may choose a snowy related stipulation in her first roleplay!!

HHL: “Okay fans we’re going to take you offsite from the Sullivan Arena and to Alaskan Fracas!”

PIP: “And I thought it was terrible in here… These idiots are fighting in a cave!!”

The scene switches to the icy cave made into an arena that has been prepared for the main event… The cave the XWF Television Champion, Betsy Granger, chose for the match up had no fans, no stands, no ring announcer, no commentators ringside, and no poPIPorn for sale.

HHL: “The setting is Hell on Ice, for sure, ladies and gentlemen!”

The cave is set up enough to pass as an arena; however, the ramp entering the dome is made of ice and the canvas of the ring is iced and frosted over, as well. There are stadium lights set up high in the air covering nearly all inches of the icy arena and in the center of the ring stands one of the XWF’s own X-kimo referees.

PIP: “Like it wasn’t bad enough that we’re stuck in THIS ice cave… We have to remotely call a match in an actual ice cave?”

HHL: “Champs pick the stip, Pip! And Betsy was just following the vibe!”

PIP: “I’m not ‘vibing’ with this at all, Heather.”

The lights dim and a spot light shines to the arena entrance as “I’m That Type” by Pharcyde plays and echoes, shaking the walls of the cave. Thebe Nwadkye walks into the arena in a parka and thick snow pants and stops at the top of the ramp. Looking out around the arena, he shakes his head and heads towards the ring.

PIP: “See? Thebe thinks this is bullshit, too!”

The challenger slides into the ring and begins testing the ring ropes and canvas for sturdiness. As he does so the music clicks off and the focus switches back to the entrance. “Blinding Lights” by Fame on Fire plays and it shakes the cave once again.

HHL: “Here she comes! The XWF Television Champion!”

The arena is pitch black when Betsy Granger emerges from the entrance! She’s dressed head to toe in leather with her hair braided Viking-style and the XWF Television Championship wrapped around her slim waist.

HHL: “The Ice Queen is here!”

Betsy stops at the top of the ramp and admires her creation before slowly and carefully making her way to the ring. She climbs up the icy steps to the ring apron and steps inside.

PIP: “Nipsey obviously didn’t make it there, Heather, who’s introducing our contestants?”

A roar is heard through the cave and in comes, riding a polar bear on the back, Micheal Buffer dressed in X-kimo gear!

PIP: “Awe! Not this guy again!”

HHL: “He’s one of the most renowned announcer’s in the world, Pip! What more could we ask for?!”

The two competitors take their place in their proper corners and Micheal Buffer takes his place in the center of the ring. A microphone drops from the sky out of nowhere and drops into his hand and the spotlights all shine on him.

“As Saturday Night Savage comes to its conclusion… We have now reached our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!”

HHL: “These fans are electric!”

“For the millions watching at home and the thousands in attendance in the Sullivan Arena… Ladies and gentlemen…… IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT’S……. TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!”

The crowd goes wild in the Sullivan Arena as they all watch this go on inside the ring via Jefferson Jackson’s recently purchased augmented reality simulator.

“The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and a 15 MINUTE TIME LIMIT and it is for the XWF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! In the first corner, the CHALLENGER! From Oakland, California….. Weighing 197 pounds…. THEBE NWAAAAAAAAAAADIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!!”

PIP: “Thebe says he’s never seen snow before…”

HHL: “Right, growing up in California you wouldn’t, Pip!”

PIP: “I’m just saying… Betsy being this Ice Queen… She sure seems to hold an advantage over Thebe tonight!”

HHL: “They call it the champion’s advantage for a reason, Pip!”

“And his opponent… From Toronto, Ontario, Canada… Weighing 130 pounds……. She is the reigning… defending…… XWF TELEVISION CHAMPION………. PRESENTING……….. “IL VIADANTE”......... BETSY……. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAANGER!!!!!!!!!!!”

Betsy takes a bow and hands her title over where the X-kimo referee hands the title over to the official X-kimo time keeper and the bell sounds!!



HHL: “And our Main Event is underway! The winner of this match, if Betsy retains or Thebe wins the championship, the winner will face the winner of our tournament tonight, Charlie Nickles, at Bad Medicine!!”

PIP: “Charlie had some weird ‘My precious’ vibes going on there this week. It kinda creeped me out…”

HHL: “You and me both, Pip!”

The two competitors tie up within the ice covered ring and Thebe immediately knees the champion in the gut and slams down a forearm on her back sending Betsy to the mat. Thebe wastes no time and drags her back to her feet back her braided hair. He picks her up and bodyslams her down to the mat, then immediately plants an elbow down onto her chest. He grabs a leg for a quick cover. The X-kimo referee is in position!



Kickout by the champ!

PIP: “Thebe must be cold, too! He’s looking to end this early!”

HHL: “Not only that, Pip, I think he’s got the gold on his mind, too!”

Betsy tries to roll away, but Thebe grabs her by the hair again and pulls her to her feet. Betsy throws an elbow back into Thebe’s gut and pulls him over with a snapmare! The champ pulls herself the rest of the way to her feet and kicks Thebe in the back of the head. She moves quickly around him then plants an overhead kick on top of his head!

PIP: “Oh man. Thebe WAS asking about Betsy’s kicks…”

HHL: “Looks like she’s showing him a couple to satisfy his curiosity!”

Betsy plants a side kick across his chest, then another, then another! Thebe folds up and rolls away, but Betsy steps over him, jumps up to the middle turnbuckle and falls backwards with a sentan bomb! The champion rolls from the challenger and under the bottom rope to the outside.

HHL: “Remember fans, Betsy also deemed this match a falls count anywhere match!”

PIP: “They’re wrestling in a cave, Heather… Isn’t that already the idea?”

HHL: “Well, there’s still a ring there.”

Betsy lifts the curtain on the ring apron and disappears for a moment under it. When she emerges again she drags out a snow shovel, an ice pick, and another blow torch!!

PIP: “Oh man! Not another blow torch! We saw Charlie take advantage of one of those earlier in the night!”

HHL: “We saw Charlie take advantage of a couple of things this evening, Pip…”

PIP: “And now he’s the number one contender, Heather! You do what it takes!”


Thebe is to his feet now as Betsy slides into the ring with the snow shovel. The two meet each other in the center of the ring and Betsy strikes first! She swings the shovel overhand and misses Thebe as he dodges to the right! Betsy swings it across and Thebe ducks, hits her in the head with a pele kick, and Betsy goes down! Thebe kicks the shovel out of the way and walks around to Betsy’s feet and puts the champ in an ankle lock!

HHL: “Thebe has the advantage now and is working the ankle of the champion!”

Betsy struggles to get away and even manages to grab the rope, but in this no disqualification match it does not matter! Thebe tries to pull Betsy away but she holds on tight to the bottom rope and refuses to let go! Thebe relaxes allowing Betsy to turn out of the move and kick Thebe away and get out of the move.

Thebe goes right back after her! Betsy hops on his shoulders and brings him down with head scissor takedown then transitions into a sleeper hold by locking the hold! Thebe kicks his feet and struggles to escape! They’re lying in the center of the ring, so there’s no ropes to pull onto or gain leverage with… Thebe was on his own! The X-kimo referee is in position and checks the status of the challenger… Betsy rolls Thebe to his back with her legs, pinning his shoulders to the mat! The official makes the count….



Thebe kicks out, but doesn’t break the hold. He continues to lie still as the champion cuts off the blood circulation to his head with her legs. Betsy rolls him back over for another cover!




Thebe kicks out again and this time he manages to kick hard enough to roll out of the hold. Betsy takes a corner and allows Thebe to reach his feet. Betsy reaches the middle and leaps in the air, but she’s caught by Thebe and tossed over the top rope! She lands on the apron and quickly kicks Thebe in the head! He stumbles back into the corner then back out again as Betsy, still quick, pulls herself with a single leap up to the top rope! She jumps off and catches Thebe with a spinning hurricanrana!

HHL: “Big, high-risk move from the champion, Pip!”

Thebe hits the mat hard and rolls to the edge of the ring. Betsy follows up with a baseball slide that sends Thebe soaring off the side of the ring and to the frozen ground!

PIP: “Ouch! There’s no mat outside of the ring like there is in normal XWF arenas.. That had to hurt!”

Betsy rolls out of the ring and finds the ice pick and blow torch she left on the ground. She picks up the blow torch and ignites the flame! She turns it on Thebe and the flame blasts out, but he manages to duck and roll away from the flame! Betsy blasts again and misses again! Thebe grabs the ice pick and whips it towards Betsy! It twirls in the air and heads straight for the champion’s head! Betsy, with her quick reflexes, deflects the ice pick and it flies up in the air and gets stuck in the cave wall causing it to crack! The cave rumbles a little bit more, but no one seems to notice.


Thebe runs over to Betsy who is trying to drop the now broken blow torch and hits her with a running knee! The move connected, but she managed to get the blowtorch in the way of the move and cracked it against Thebe’s knee instead of her own skull… Both of them suffered from the impact and lie on the frozen ground at the base of the ramp outside of the ring. Betsy manages to crawl to her feet first while Thebe continues to nurse his knee. Betsy watches Thebe then marches over to him. She grabs him by the head and lifts him to his feet then guides him out along the side of the ramp to a more cave-like area of the arena while the referee does his absolute best to follow.

Betsy takes Thebe and throws his head under her arm, then suplexes him into the cave wall beside them. Thebe bounces off of it and wrecks his hurt knee on the way down. He nurses it for a moment, but Betsy doesn’t allow him to rest for very long before she’s dragging him… slipping on the ice all the way….. And slamming his head against the different ice stalagmites sticking out of the ground and walls. She takes both of her hands and slams Thebe’s head down on one hanging across right in front of them. It cracks and Thebe hits the ground! Betsy notices it breaking and kicks it, busting it off at its base, and picks it up.

PIP: “Betsy’s got an ice club!”

She winds up and swings, missing Thebe and smacking it against the wall, shattering it! The cave shakes again and the snow and icy stalactites from above come crashing down! The entire cave appears to be coming down!

PIP: “Avalanche! I mean-- Cave-in!”

HHL: “Oh my--- GET OUT OF THERE!!”

The scene switches to outside of the cave where Michael Buffer rides out on the polar bear with the X-kimo referee holding onto a rope skiing behind the bear. The entrance gets buried in ice and snow without the two competitors exiting from the cave.

HHL: “Now what?! We need a winner!”

PIP: “If no one survives does that mean Charlie immediately becomes Television Champion?”

PIP: “Don’t talk like that, Pip! I’m sure Betsy and Thebe are fine!”

There’s some movement from under the snow near the entrance.

PIP: “Holy--- Look!”

A black, leather gloved hand pokes out of the snow followed by another. Beside them, Thebe pokes his head out and the rest of his body follows. He looks down and notices Betsy’s arms, he grabs them and pulls her out.

The referee zips by on his skis and stops in front of Thebe… He looks down at the frosted over champion then back to the referee who points to his watch………. and goes for a cover!!!!!

PIP: “We still have 3 minutes left before time runs out!”

HHL: “Here’s your chance, Thebe! Do it for your grandparents!!”

Thebe lies in the snow and pulls back on Betsy’s leg….




HHL: “There is STILL fight left in the champion! This one is NOT over!”


PIP: “Thebe looks like a deer in headlights! He can’t believe Betsy kicked out!”

Betsy pushes Thebe away from her and begins crawling away. Thebe slowly gets to his feet as he is still shaking away the cobwebs from being buried in the cave-in. Both of them, battered, bleeding, and bruised, reach their feet… Thebe takes a swing at Betsy and cracks her right in the side of the face. She spits blood on the snow from out of her mouth and responds with a high-kick to the face that catches Thebe right under the chin. His eyes roll into the back of his head and he starts falling backwards, but catches himself and swings again and nailing Betsy across the other side of the face!


Betsy reaches down, grabs a handful of hard snow from the Alaskan tundra and wacks Thebe in the face! The snowball explodes and he spits red snow out of his mouth, too, and blinks the rest of it out of his eyes. As Thebe stumbles and gets his vision back, Betsy catches him with a big round house kick across the head that takes the 6’3 man and flips him off his feet! Betsy screams at him to get up as he sits on his hands and knees, bleeding from his mouth and nose, breathing heavily into the snow. The referee yells down the time to him...


HHL: “Thebe has to do something if he wants to walk away from this warzone with the championship… If the time limit expires, the match ends in a draw and Betsy will retain!”

Thebe grins through his bloody teeth and stands toe-to-toe with the champion again. He swings, but misses! Betsy with another kick to the back of Thebe’s leg causing him to drop…. Betsy leaps on his shoulders and plants him head first to the icy ground with a hurricanrana driver!!!!!! She leaps onto him for the cover……….





HHL: “It’s all over ladies and gentlemen! Betsy has retained her championship and will face Charlie Nickles at Bad Medicine!!”

PIP: “What a crazy night to lead into one of the biggest events the XWF has to offer!”

HHL: “Tune in this Wednesday fans for the XWF debut of Peter Vaughn and the return of Thaddeus Duke!”

PIP: “And Jim Caedus will be putting his Xtreme Championship on the line against Micheal Graves in the Main Event!”

HHL: “That defense means a lot going into Bad Medicine, folks! Jim could walk into the event with not just the Xtreme Championship…. But a 24/7 Briefcase, as well! And that could spell bad news for ANY champion!”

PIP: “So, can we go get warmed up now? I’m freezing!”

HHL: “Sure thing, Pip! Thanks everybody! Have a great night!”

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