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PART TIME: Occasionally Involved Wraith
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11-05-2021 02:16 PM


In-Ring Name: Wraith

Wrestler's Real Name: Sabin Spencer

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Returning.

Wrestler Date of Birth: 11/20/2003

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Personality: Outside of the ring, he tries to have fun and just play around. Inside of the ring, he is serious. He doesn't have a bit of an anger management issue, and is very protective of his mother.

Looks Description: Brown hair, with the ends dyed in various shades of blue, starting dark and going lighter. Usually has it braided or tied back

Ethnicity: White and Alaskan Native.

Pic Base, if any: Alexander Høgh Andersen

Strengths: Ferocity; he is relentless with his attack, and will aim to break his opponent if he must. Pain threshold; is capable of withstanding a lot of pain. Endurance; can keep going. Alaskan. 'Nuff said.

Weaknesses: Young; there are certain things that you can only learn from being inside of the ring. The same ferocity; he may end up getting himself disqualified by pushing things too far.

Entrance Theme Music: "The Joker" by Damien, Terje Tylden

Special Entrance (if any): The lights throughout the arena go out row, by row, by row, until the arena is shrouded in absolute darkness. The lights come on and Wraith is standing in the center of the ring — in unison, the crowd let’s out a heavy gasp. He tilts his head back and forth, eyeing the crowd, while waiting for the match to begin.

-Butterfly Lock
-Cross Armbar*
-Diving Reverse DDT
-Dragon Sleeper [w/ Grapevine if one-on-one.]*
-Drop Toe Hold
-Fisherman Suplex
-Front Dropkick
-Fujiwara Armbar [Will try to use this as a transition to keep the arm locked, and switch it to Cross Armbar.]
-Full Nelson
-Guillotine Choke
-Half Nelson
-Headlock Takedown
-Heel Hook
-Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
-Knee Drop / Targeted.
-Knee Strikes
-Missile Dropkick
-Moonsault [v. Sitting or Standing] [Springboard or Top Rope]
-Northern Lights Suplex
-Rear Naked Choke
-Russian Legsweep
-Samoan Drop
-Shoot Kicks
-Sitout Jawbreaker
-Shining Wizard
-Sleeper Hold
-Sleeper Slam
-Suicide Dive
-Surfboard Stretch
-Tornado DDT
-Underhook Suplex
-(Various Springboard Attacks)
-(Various Suplexes)

Trademark Move(s) and Description(s):
1. Absolution - Figure Four Leglock, or Armlock.
2. Figure Four Necklock [Illegal: Will hold it for the allotted time permitted before disqualification, unless the match has no disqualification. Then he will hold it as long as he can.]
3. Lights Out - Go To Sleep
4. Mirror Image: Will use one of his opponents trademarks or finishing moves against them. Not usually done as well, but more for the mind games.
5. Ode to Aphrodite - Flying Bicycle Knee
6. Shiranui / Sliced Bread #2
7. The Phoenix Triangle - Triangle Choke Hold
8. Whisper in the Wind [Used to set up The Howling.]

1.. ‘Genocide Kick’
2. ‘Gogoplata’
3. ‘The Fallen One’
Coffin Drop
4. ‘The Howling’

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: He will usually wear arm covers and wrap barbed wire around them, then just pummel his opponents; if he's not using that, he will opt for the Singapore Cane.

Additional notes:
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