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bWo Halloween Hell 2021
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10-30-2021 06:44 PM

[Image: halloweenhell.png]

The camera pans over city streets where we see 4 city blocks barricaded off with thousands of people surrounding a wrestling ring set up right dab in the center of it all! Fireworks pop off from the turnbuckles as the camera pans over the roaring crowd.

Tommy Slavino: "Hello and welcome to HALLOWEEN HELL! I'm Tommy Slavino, and with me as always, my broadcast college, Bama T!"

Bama T: "Hello B-W-O! Bama T coming at you live from the scariest place on Earth, baby! New York City!"

Tommy Slavino: "What are you talking about Bama, New York is an amazing city and not scary at all!"

Bama T: "You didn't live here through the seventies, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Up next is our ten-men battle royal to determine a next contender for the bWo World Title, but first a word from James J. Dylan of the bWo championship committee regarding tonight's main event!"

We cut backstage to see JJ Dylan standing by with a rolled-up stack of papers in his hand. They're crumpled from the stress evident on his furrowed brow.

JJ Dylan: "The whereabouts of Miss Fury have been a mystery to myself and the bWo staff for weeks now. We have no idea if she plans on being here tonight to defend the bWo world championship, and as such, we at the championship committee have deemed it necessary to take precautionary measures in order to protect tonight's main event. There are ongoing discussions as to how to properly handle this situation, but I want to ensure the bWo fans that tonight's main event WILL take place one way or another. Hopefully, I'll have more to share soon!"

We cut back to an overhead shot of the ring showing nine of the 10 competitors already in the ring warming up.

Bama T: "You hear that Tommy, Miss Fury has ghosted the bWo!"

Tommy Slavino: "I just sent her a text. I hope she's okay!"


Tommy Slavino: "I'm not sure what gives here. This is supposed to be tonight's mystery competitor, but it seems production is having trouble finding the correct theme?"

Bama T: "Now Tommy, you don't know that's the problem. Folks, it could be as simple as the Warstein deciding to take the night off just like a champ, baby!"

The talent in the ring looks around confused when nobody comes out. Suddenly all the lights in the area go dark!


Tommy Slavino: "Bama, any idea who this could be!?"

Bama T: "No sir, but I hope they get the power back up soon! I've never seen the city this dark, and I'm spooked, baby!"

Suddenly the backup lights kick on giving us a dimly lit view of the ringside area.


Tommy Slavino: "Wait a minute!"

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Bama T: "Holy shit! It's Michael Myers, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Well, obviously it's not ACTUALLY Michael Myers, he isn't real!"

Michael walks to the ring, slowly, methodically. The talent inside of the ring laugh and joke as they mock whoever is wearing the Micheal Myers costume. Myers stops at the end of the ramp and stares up into the ring as the wrestlers inside of it continue to mock and laugh.

Tommy Slavino: "I'm sure that whoever this is was looking to make a dramatic entrance with the Halloween costume, but I don't think it's working out quite as they had planned!"

Nobody seems to notice or care when the shape withdraws to the shadows.

Johnny Miami -vs- Bo Hawkings -vs- Owlman -vs- Strawberry Delight -vs- Fernanda Teixeira -vs- Taylor "Pork Roll" Hamm -vs- Terry Borden -vs- HGH -vs- COCKPUNCHER -vs- The Warstein
Battle Royal
*The "Warstein" indicates an unnamed competitor.

Michael Myers reappears behind everyone in the ring. Noticing this, Referee James Sampson signals the start of the match!


No sooner does the bell ring before Michael Myers stabs his kitchen knife downward into the skull of Taylor "Pork Roll" Hamm!

Tommy Slavino: "WHAT THE FUCK!?"


Taylor Hamm reaches up and feels the blade protruding from his skull with both hands as the rest of the competitors look on in horror. Michael rips the blade out of Taylor's skull and watches him fall to the mat limp.

Tommy Slavino: "H... He just killed Taylor Hamm!"

Bama T: "Who!"

Tommy Slavino: "The dead guy!"

Bama T: "Seems to me there's a ton of them in the ring, baby!"

Michael begins slashing at the other wrestlers as they narrowly avoid his blade! Owlman, being the hero that he is, jumps on Michael's back with a modified rear choke. Micheal simply stabs Owlman in the eye with his nine-inch blade, causing him to fall to the mat dead.

Bama T: "Holy shit, Owlman is dead, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Good!"

Suddenly the remaining 7 men gang up and begin attacking Michael Myers from all sides! They quickly take him to his knees where they circle him and begin kicking and stomping wildly and without remorse! Eventually, Michael becomes motionless. Everyone tries to figure ut what to do next, everyone except Bo Hawkings and HGH who both move to cover one of the dead men. HGH covers Owlman while Bo Hawkings covers Tylar Hamm!

James Sampson counts both pins at the same time!




Eliminated - Tylar Hamm and Owlman

Tommy Slavino: "Two down and 7 to go before we crown a new number one contender!"

With Myers down, a brawl breaks out between the remaining competitors. Cockpuncher takes it to Bo Hawking while Terry Borden sets his sights on HGH!

Strawberry Delight and Fernanda Teixeira begin to argue and it leads to a brawl where Strawberry Delight backs Fernanda into the corner and begins working her over. Johnny Miami leans into the corner and watches the action unfold.

Tommy Slavino: "Now we have a match!"

Bama T: "Oh yeah baby, too bad it's to the death!"

Tommy Slavino: "It's not!"

Terry Borden tosses HGH over the ropes, but he doesn't notice HGH holding on as he sets his sights on Johnny Miami and rushes the corner with a lariat that catches nothing but air as Miami rolls under his meaty arm and rushes back in with a dropkick to the small of Terry's back that sends him down to his knees riling in pain! Miami hits the ropes, but he is caught by a revived Michael Myers who grabs his head in both hands and begins crushing as Johnny Miami lets out a blood-curdling scream!

Tommy Slavino: "Fuck Johnny Miami!"

With a sickening crack, Johnny's skull cracks and brain matter oozes from his eye sockets.

Bama T: "Michael Myers isn't capitalizing on all of the punishment he's dishing out baby!"

Cockpucher takes it to Michael Myers straight on. Michael absorbs every blow he throws. Out of options, Cockpuncher does a split and throws a fierce right hand directly at Michaels's balls.

Tommy Slavino: "THE COCK PUNCH!"

Michael Myers no-sells it like a champ.


Michael Myers then grabs Cockpuncher by his head and twists his head all the way around before letting his lifeless body hit the floor!

Tommy Slavino: "EW!"

Just as before, Bo Hawking and HGH play cleanup as Myers stalks the ring. HGH covers Johnny Miami while Bo Hawking covers Cockpuncher.





Bama T: "What is Terry Borden thinking, baby!?"

Sure enough, Terry Borden appears behind Myers with a 2x4! He swings it like a baseball bat and cracks Myers across the shoulders! Myers stumbles and falls into the corner. Borden continues his assault, not letting up, not giving Myers a chance to recover!

Tommy Slavino: "He's kicking ass Bama! GO TERRY!"

Bama T: "Didn't he ALSO quit BOB?"

Tommy Slavino: "... Fuck you, Terry! Get him, Michael!"

On the other side of the ring, Strawberry Delight nearly has Fernanda Teixeira over the ropes, but Fernanda is holding on with everything she has! Until HGH and Bo Hawking work together to dump them both over the top rope!


Tommy Slavino: "We are down to the final four!"

Borden is wearing out, but still hitting Michael Myers with his now broken 2x4, and Myers looks dead! HGH and Bo Hawking are developing a strategy as Terry finally relents with the weapon. Terry takes a knee and tries to catch his breath. HGH and Bo Hawking begin to stalk behind him, but as Michael Myers springs back to life and grabs Terry by the neck, HGH and Bo jump back in fear and cling to the ropes! Terry's eyes bulge out of his head as Myers squeezes with all of his might. All of the AMERICAN MANIACS come to life and cheer their hero on!

Tommy Slavino: "What the hell is this! He sold you, idiots, out!"

Bama T: "When he joined BOB, he's not in BOB now, remember!"

Tommy Slavino: "Yeah I remember, that's why he wears that stupid mask, to hide his face from the shame!"

Terry feeds off of the energy from the crowd and smashes his forearms down across Michaels's arm, breaking his grip. Terry stumbles back holding his throat as Michael Myers tilts his head to the side curiously.

Bama T: "Terry Borden just outpowered Michael fucking Myers, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Michael Myers isn't real!"

Bama T: "He looks pretty real to me, baby!"

Terry charges in with a big right hand that rocks Myers, followed by a second, and a third! Myers is reeling! Terry whips him into the ropes and catches him with a big boot that knocks him clear off of his feet! Terry then cups his ear to the wild crowd here in the New York streets before hitting the ropes himself and flying in with a leg drop!


Avoiding the blow altogether as Terry riles in pain from the missed leg drop! Bo Hawking and HGH watch from a distance as Myers stands back up and palms Terry's face, pulling him to his feet and beyond!

Tommy Slavino: "Michael Myers has Terry Borden suspended in the air by his face! HIS FACE! I've never seen anything like this!"

HGH and Bo Hawking agree to make their move! They rush in towards Myers from behind, but no! It was a trick and HGH hangs back! Bo hit's Myers with a forearm. It does little more than annoy Michael Myers. He slings Terry out of the ring and turns towards Bo.


Myers grabs Bo Hawking's head with both hands and shoves his thumbs into Bo's eye sockets as blood rushes out around Myers's thumbs. Tommy Slavino begins audibly vomiting as HGH turns white as a ghost watching on.

Bama T: "Good God, baby! This is a damned massacre!"

Bo Hawking screams in agony, begging for him to stop. Referee James Simpson calls the submission!


Myers continues the assault until all life has loft Bo's body. He then lets the carcass fall to the mat before turning his attention to a scared shitless HGH.

Tommy Slavino: "This is it! One of these two men will become the number one contender to the bWo World Title!"

Myers steps towards HGH, and HGH yells "Fuck this!" just before diving over the top rope and exiting through the crowd!


Michael Myers tilts his head curiously as HGH disappears through the crowd.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender - Michael Myers!?

Tommy Slavino: "Well, add this to the list of things that you never thought you would say. Michael Myers is the new number one contender, to the bWo championship!"

Bama T: "Are we just going to ignore over half of the roster getting killed?"

Tommy Slavino: "Not at all, I'm texting Miss Fury right now to tell her to go ahead and stay home!"

Bama T: "Hey wait! Where'd Michael go!?"

Indeed, The Shape has vanished into the shadows.

bWo Horror Recommendation!

We cut to the “backstage” area where we see Steve Sayors.

Steve Sayors: “Hello fans, I’m St…!”

Steve realizes he just fucked up and quickly digs into his coat pocket and retrieves a fake mustache that he frantically sticks to his upper lip. It’s slightly crooked.

Pete Playa: “Uh-Ahem! Hello fans, I’m Pete Playa! Never mind my prosthetic mustache or uncanny resemblance to long-time XWF interview Steve Sayors. Who is that guy anyway!?”

Pete with those shifty eyes!

Pete Playa: “Anyway, I was called here to the locker room of JT Washington to get an exclusive update on his future here in the bWo!”

Pete Playa knocks on the door before entering.

Pete Playa: “Hello!? JT!? It’s Pete! Pete Playa! Are you… OH MY GOD!?!”

Pete’s jaw hits the floor as he gawks into the “locker room” for a moment before turning tail and running scared! The camera pans back to the “locker room”.

[Image: Gore-1024x580.jpg]

To reveal the gruesome fate of yet another bWo star!

Tommy Slavino: “What the hell is going on here tonight!?”

Bama T: “I dunno, baby, but it looks like someone’s targeting bWo guys to me! I feel like this is a good time to announce that the people over in the XWF were real impressed with yours truly, and-”

Tommy Slavino: “No! What are you saying Bama!?”

Bama T: “Yessiree! After tonight, Bama T is XWF baby! See you suckers on Anarchy!”

Tommy Slavino: “If you make it through the night…”

Bama T: “What did you say!?”

Tommy Slavino: “Nothing! Up next folks, the Mini’s Battle Royal! This should be interesting!”

Bama T: “No seriously, what did you say?”

bWo Horror Recommendation!


Muscle Midget, Shorty The Shocker, and Baby Gravy -vs- Morbid Mini's Hellions!
3 on 4 or 1 1/2 on 2! This is a mini handicap match, so take a piss, hit the concessions, and get ready for your MAIN EVENT!

Nobody 100% knows what happened here. Everyone took a piss break, as advertised. Even the production team. Lots of screaming grunting and begging could be heard along with some super wicked laughter. Once the pleas for mercy and cries of punishment all died down, all that was left was that laugh one final time.

Once everyone returns and the camera comes to life again, we are shocked to find the bloody scene in the ring. Blood and mini bits are everywhere, but no bodies, just tons and tons of blood-soaked gore.

Tommy Slavino: "Well damn..."

Bama T: "I know, Tommy. Words can't even begin to describe the scene that we're looking at."

Tommy Slavino: "I'm just in awe of the fact that the minis apparently went all out with a match that's aftermath suggests that it may have very well stolen the show, and none of us stuck around to watch it. I don't even know who won!"

You can see bWo ring crew with push brooms, scraping blood and chunks out of the ring of the gallon.

Bama T: "I bet it was Michael Myers again, baby! Thinking about it, it's probably best that EVERYONE took a "piss break" during this match! Else they might be scooping US up in buckets too!"



bWo World Championship Match!
Miss Fury -vs- Doctor Spleenripper
Ambulance Match! A bWo Ambulance match is unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen! The fight will start in the back of an ambulance. The object of the match is to hand-deliver your opponent to the local ER! The first person wheeled in loses!

Tommy Slavino: "We are moments away from the start of our main event, and we still don't update on the whereabouts of Miss Fury!"

Bama T: "What a joke of a way to lose a title! What's wrong, did Miss Fury lose her smile, baby!? At least the Championship committee had the good sense to add Centurion to the match, otherwise, there wouldn't be one, baby!""

Tommy Slavino: "What gives Bama!? You're supposed to be pro-BOB, but you've been hostile all night!"

Bama T: "What BOB!? BOB imploded and Miss Fury went MIA! I don't even know if I'm getting paid for tonight, baby!"

Tommy Slavinio: "Good points... Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to the parking lot where the action is about to begin!"

The camera cuts outside to the parking lot where we find Referee Ari Silversteen standing by with Centurion and Dr. Spleenripper. Ari seems to be going over the rules of the match. Dr. Spleenripper has a malicious grin on her face as Centerurion stares back at her unflinching.

Bama T: “Centurion has been chasing this title shot all year, but Miss Fury has done everything in her power to keep him away from the title, but not tonight baby!”

Tommy Slavino: “This main event is a farce! It doesn’t matter who wins! If Miss Fury isn’t here to defend, then we’re just crowning a paper champion!”

Ari signals the start of the match. Centurion and Dr. Spleenripper pace a circle as they size one another up. Centurion calls for the doctor to make her move. Spleenripper pushes in, tying up in a collar and elbow with Centurion as the two of them struggle to gain the upper hand.

Tommy Slavino: “What a boring way to start off such a match! Seriously! Anything and everything is legal! Grab a damn weapon and finish it!”

Centurion transitions the doc into a side headlock. She struggles to break free, but Cent wrenches on her neck, tightening his grip.

Bama T: “Some say boring is Centurion’s middle name. I’m not sure what his last name is, baby!”

Tommy Slavino: “Cortinovis.”

Bama T: “So his name is Centurion Boring Cortinovis? What a stupid name!”

Dr. Spleenripper locks are arms around Cent’s waist and snaps back with a modified suplex! Cent crashes hard into the concrete and favors the back of his head as Dr. Spleenripper pushes up to her feet. She lays the boots on to Cent before checking her surroundings. Something catches her eyes as they light up. She grabs Cent and pulls him up from the ground, leading him by the hair, she whips him into a black limo where he crashes into the driver’s door back first, cracking the window. Spleenripper rushes in with a high knee, but Centurion ducks it as Dr. Spleenripper’s knee finishes the job on the window! Centurion struggles to his feet as Dr. Spleenripper tries to pick glass shards from her leg.

Tommy Slavino: “High impact and high risk! That knee didn’t do the doctor any favors tonight!”

Bama T: “The knee did wonders, baby! It was the automobile that just ruined her night!”

Centurion moves in towards Dr. Spleenripper only to get caught with a surprise eye exam! (eye poke) Cent stumbles back, vigorously rubbing his eye as Dr. Spleenripper steps forward and kicks Cent in the groin with all of her might!

Tommy Slavino: “THE VACECTOMMY!”

Bama T: “Right about now, Centurion is wishing he was born with lady parts, baby!”

Tommy Slavino: “Who said he wasn’t!?”

Dr. Spleenripper grabs Cent and tries to set up for the Spleenripper, but Cent deadweights her and fights back, breaking away from her grip with some well-placed elbows to the jaw!

Tommy Slavino: “The doctor is in trouble!”

Centurion whips her towards the ambulance, where she crashes into the back doors and slides down to her knees. Centurion rushes in with the Busaiku Flying Knee, leaving her forehead impression on one of the metal ambulance doors as she collapses to the asphalt! Centurion quickly moves to open the back doors to the ambulance and begins pulling and dragging at Dr. Spleenripper, trying to shove her into the back of the vehicle!

Bama T: “She’s out of it right now baby, but how is he supposed to drive that thing to the ER should she come to?”

Centurion seems to already have the answer to that question as he begins strapping Dr. Spleenripper to the gurney in the back of the ambulance!

Tommy Slavino: “That’s how! What a sleazeball! He’d never get away with crap like this if the champion was here to defend!”

Bama T: “Speaking of, did you get a text back?”

Tommy Slavino: “No…”

With Dr. Spleenripper secured and unable to move, Centurion makes his way to the from of the ambulance. He opens the door leading from the back to the front cab, and when he does he’s met with quite the shock.

Tommy Slavino: “Holy shit, it’s Miss Fury!!!”

Sure enough, Miss Fury was waiting in the driver’s seat the entire time. Shocked Centurion doesn’t have time to react before Fury smashes him right in the kisser with a brass knuckle-loaded fist! Centurion flies back to the floor as Miss Fury follows suit, wrapping a seatbelt around Centurion’s neck and choking him with it!

Miss Fury: “Did you think that you were taking my belt that easily!?”

Fury continues to choke Centurion as Dr. Spleenripper struggles to break free of her restraints.

Tommy Slavino: “Miss Fury IS here, and Centurion is finding out real fast that he’s not cut out for the bWo!”

Miss Fury slings open one of the many drawers on board and retrieves a roll of medical tape that she uses to wrap around the seatbelt and Cent’s throat, leaving him struggling to breathe as she climbs back into the driver’s seat and starts the ambulance’s engine and speeds out of the parking lot! Aerial footage of Miss Fury speeding down the road is shown in the picture-in-picture box as we cut live to our announce team!

Tommy Slavino: "You never should have doubted Miss Fury! Of course, she was ALWAYS going to be here, and OF COURSE, she was going to have a plan to give herself the advantage! You should feel like a real jackass right now Bama because Fury is not only here, but she's in full control and just a few measly blocks away from retaining her championship, like always!"

Bama T: “ME!? No way! You're the one who's been pissin' yer pants all night like a wuttle baby, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Oh please! I've never once doubted our boss!"

Bama T: "Your boss! I'm outta this dump after tonight, baby!"

The ambulance begins to swerve and drive erratically.

Tommy Slavino: "You know, I always knew that you couldn't be trusted!"

Bama T: "Oh yeah?"

Tommy Slavino: "Yeah! Snake in the grass! He'll fuck us the first opportunity he gets! That's what I told Jess day one, just ask her!"

Bama T: "Well thanks for the glowing recommendation, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "recommend... What!? No, you idiot! I'm saying that-"

Bama T: "Oh that thought, baby! Something's happening!"

The ambulance cuts a sharp left and jumps the curb as it turns into the hospital entry! Still driving erratically, the ambulance stays mostly on path to the ER, but does manage to take out a light post and a bench along the way.

Tommy Slavino: "Somebody must have gotten free!"

Bama T: "Well no shit, Sherlock! Why didn't we install cameras INSIDE of the ambulance!?"

Tommy Slavino: "I... I... Uh... Well... I don't know..."

Suddenly smoke begins rolling out of the ambulance. It cuts right sharply as it spins and kinds to a halt. The back doors fling open as Centurion basically falls out to the asphalt choking and coughing on smoke. Moments later Doctor Spleenripper crawls out. Cent and Spleenripper lock eyes and seem to come to some sort of understanding as instead of fighting, they both put some distance between themselves and the now visibly burning ambulance.

Tommy Slavino: "Wait, where's Miss Fury!?"

Bama T: "She's still in the ambulance, baby!

[Image: ambulance.gif]

Tommy Slavino: "No! No! Are you sure she didn't escape!?"

Bama T: "I didn't see her come out, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Maybe you missed it!"

Whatever truce Dr. Spleenripper and Centurion negotiated earlier comes to an end as Spleenripper attacks Cent from behind! Hammering shots across Cents shoulderblades as she leads him towards the ER doors! Cent fights back, gaining the upper hand with a series of body shots capped off with a 1000 Mile Slam!

Bama T: "Holyshit! I thought Atty had it, but Centurion still has some gas left in the tank, baby!"

Centurion takes a moment o the ground to recover and catch his wind when the loud crashing of the two double doors on the back of the ambulance slamming open draws his attention!

Bama T: "No way, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Oh please, oh please, oh please!"

[Image: fire.jpg]

Centurion's jaw drops at the sight of Miss Fury walking through the flames.

Tommy Slavino: "SHE'S ALIVE!"

Centurion climbs to his feet to meet the challenge head-on as Fury paces, studying her opponent.

[Image: firewalker.jpg]

Bama T: "How is this even possible!?"

Tommy Slavino: "BOB-Tech? A deal with the devil? A deal with something worse? Who cares!? She's alive!"

Miss Fury charges for Centurion and the two lock up! Centurion tries to lift Fury, but she hooks her leg and deadweights while firing off rabid forearms to the side of his neck! Cent loses his grip and stumbles back! Fury charges in-


Tommy Slavino: "NO!"

Miss Fury arches her back in pain as Centurion pushes up to his feet! He leads her to her feet, but she pops him with a LOW BLOW! Cent sells the move with a slow drop to his knees and an eventual tumble to his side. Fury holds up her fist and laughs.

Tommy Slavino: "40 years in the business, and he didn't see that coming!?"

Bama T: "I think you got your math wrong there, baby!"

Miss Fury ignores Centurion and grabs Doctor Spleenripper by the ankle. She begins dragging her towards the doors!

Tommy Slavino: "She knew that she had to drag someone into the ER, it only makes sense to go after the lighter of the two!"

Bama T: "She's only a few feet away from retaining the bWo Championship, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Damn right she is!"

But Doctor Spleenripper comes to life and starts kicking at Fury. Fury breaks off. Spleenripper pushes up to a knee! Fury tackles her back to the ground! The two rolls and tussle with Spleenripper gaining the upper hand! In the mounted position, she rains down heavy sledgehammer blows that Fury desperately tries to deflect to mixed success! The Doctor stands, wrapping her arms around Miss Fury's waist. She deadlifts Fury off of the ground!

Tommy Slavino: "Oh no!"

Bama T: "Oh yes, baby!"

The Spleen Ripper
[Image: tumblr_pu56jjRf8f1tidzcfo1_400.gif]

A devilish smile creeds onto Doctor Spleenripper's face before she heads into the ER.

Tommy Slavino: "Remember, you have to throw your opponent through the front doors of the ER. Simply walking through will not cause the match to end!"

Bama T: "Okay, sure, but why'd she go in there, baby!? Just win the match!"

Doctor Spleenripper sets the chair up in the doorway entering the ER!

Bama T: "Oh, that makes sense! She's setting up for The Waiting Lobby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Come on Jess! Get Up!!"

Doctor Spleenripper kneels down over Miss Fury and grabs her by her mask and fires off a stiff right to the temple. She then rips the mask away revealing Jessica's sut covered face to the world.

Bama T: "I think she wanted to make sure there was no question who she's about to beat, baby!"

Spleenripper rips Fury up by her waist into a belly-to-back and snaps back with force, throwing her towards the chair!

Tommy Slavino: "NOOOOO!"

But Fury somehow manages to land on her feet! Doctor Spleenripper falls off balance trying to quickly react to Miss Fury's recovery and is easily taken down with the Judas Effect!

Tommy Slavino: "Fuckin, Hell yeah!"

Miss Fury taunts and celebrates her outcome changing counter-

-right into

Fabula Nova Crystallis

Tommy Slavino: "Whaaaat!?"

Bama T: "Oh crap! Centurion with the Fabula Nova Crystallis from out of nowhere!"

Centurion takes a second to get back up. He's winded and wounded, but determined. He grabs Miss Fury by the arm and drags her up to his shoulder. He steps over Doctor Spleenripper and right across the threshold into the ER, where he immediately drops to a knee and dumps Miss Fury's unconscious body to the floor.

Tommy Slavino: "No! Noo! This isn't right! This can't be how the match ends! Get JJ Dylan on the phone! Call Theo!"

Bama T: "Sorry baby, but it's clear as day and right as rain. Centurion is your NEW bWo World Champion baby!


Ari Silversteen appears with the bWo title and drapes it over Cents shoulder. Centurion pushes up from his knee and walks out of the ER towards the camera. Ari raises his hand and then Cent shows off his belt as in the background Miss Fury rises to her feet! With a wicked laugh, she produces a gun and trains it on Centurion as he turns around to see his life flash before him.

Miss Fury: "Did you really think that it would be that easy? Dead men can't hold championships!"

As unbeknownst to Miss Fury, firey holes in the Earth open up behind her.

Tommy Slavino: "Wait, what's happening behind her!?"

Bama T: "Something BAAAAD, Baby!"

Then this happens!

[Image: ezgif-com-gif-maker.gif]


No sooner than those words leave her mouth, do the chains rip her to pieces in an explosion of gore and drag those pieces down to Hell as the wounds in the Earth heal behind them.


Bama T: "Welp, Centurion is champ and this shows over. That means it's time for me to fuck off! See ya, on Anarchy, baby!"

The final shot is Tommy Slavino popping up behind Bama with a kitchen knife!

Fade to black - and copyrights!

bWo Halloween Hell
Copyright 2021
All Rights Stolen
Because BOB
Sue us!
We dare you!

[Image: 1invQS6.jpg]
[Image: BOBClub.png]
#JoinBOB #JoinbWo
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